Friday, October 15, 2010

Ma, my Toughbook's back!

You want this too, Rais? My old Panasonic Toughbook, which I sent for servicing last month, came back last night. The timing is divine, I must say. I don't think I'm going to see my Acer Ferrari, which was taken by Rais Yatim's MCMC to help them investigate my posting that so offended the Minister, ever again. Just as Shamsul Akmar, the guest writer of the article Jernihkan kekeruhan dengan blogger (see pic), does not expect to get back his camera and other items seized by the Israeli during his Rachel Corrie's ordeal.

Excerpts from Shamsul's article in the Utusan today:
"Kerana itu, tindakan Rais dan SKMM terhadap Rocky dan jurublog-jurublog lain di atas isu ini tidak harus berlaku. Bagaimanapun, ia terlah terjadi dan Rais serta SKMM harus mencari jalan menyelesaikannya dan menjernihkan kekeruhan tersebut. Jika tidak banyak lagi "jambatan" yang akan terbakar dan Rais tidak akan mampu memadamkannya."
I'd like to thank Big Dog for his Notebook campaign for Datuk Rockye and Tony Yew for his promo here. Big Dog has explained to those who actually came forward on his blog to give me their hard-earned money to buy me a new laptop that the campaign was a just gesture of protest against Rais Yatim's action against the bloggers. I know who they are, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I won't need a new laptop as I have the faithful Toughbook. And if Rais wants to take the Toughbook, too, so I would be intimidated and dismayed, I'm sure I still have a couple of other old laptops lying somewhere.

There are attempts to get me to see Rais and bury the hatchet. I had to decline.

Like A Voice wrote in Rais' Skodeng reminded of Mexico
"Rais had initiated an action to make a police report. (A handshake) will not reverse police and MCMC investigation. Do they think that by a handshake, police and MCMC should stop? What kind of a third world country do they think Malaysia is?"
Don't ask me why A Voice was going on and on about Mexico. 
"Is there more than midst the eyes? My Anger here think so.
Oh, Mexico
It sounds so simple I just got to go
Go Guadalajara!"

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Meanwhile, here's to my Acer Ferrari. On its tombstone, the epitath:
RIP. A victim of VIP stupidity. 


  1. Anonymous6:49 pm


    Stupidity is an understatement. Rais Yatim is turning out to be quite the spineless dipstick. At the end of the day, despite his law degree, PhD and other crap he turns out to be an immature kampong idiot who became a Minister.

    This reminds me of that other idiot who ordered that journo girl arrested under the ISA and then released her in 18 hours. That was stupid too.

    Rais is still living under his mother's sarong in whichever kampong he crawled out from.

    Throughout thr world Blogs question, insinuate, criticise, take potshots at the ruling classes. The modern world calls it transparency, open-ness and freedom to question.

    The idiots stupid reaction : throw you in jail. Does Najib seriously think that he can waltz thru the General Elections with village idiots like this in tow? Please think again.

    I dont know about you bro, but I think Bujai's call for the Bloggers to boycott Galas and Sapi is striking home.

    Here we are Blogging day and night, fighting for the party, the Govt and the Malays and this monkey wants to put us in jail. We face enough risks of being sued by the Opposition fellows like Anwar or anyone else. One would expect that even if our own side cannot fully support us, at least they will not come after us for the stupidest of reasons.

    Rais has proved beyond doubt that he is an idiot. Menteri bodoh.

    Hj Hoe

  2. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Under Najib's budget :

    375 native English speakers to be recruited from United Kingdom and Australia to improve teaching of English.

    Service tax to be increased from 5% to 6%. Government proposes to impose service tax on paid television broadcast services

    RM15.86 billion for Prime Minister’s Department. It was RM14 billion in 2009 and RM12 billion in 2010

  3. Anonymous7:11 pm

    ... that's what I thought you were using when I first saw you ... quite some time ago of course ... heh heh heh ... nice to read your stuff again and also didn't know you a datuk bru ... guess you the only datuk I really don't mind being seen lepaking with ... ha ha ha ... :D ...

  4. Anonymous7:17 pm

    tsk tsk tsk..
    i too, share your sadness when seeing your ferari gone. I always thought and still think that my laptop is an extension of my other half.
    Dont worry rocky. nowadays you can actually put some accessories and your toughbook can be as fast and maybe better than that ferarri.

    p/s as for rais, my jelebu friend always reminds me of these proverb
    Alang Tukang kayu terbuang
    Alang Bijak binasa Adat
    Alang Alim rosak Binasa

  5. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Allah rocky, small matter! Did you read utusan paper today. What is the front topic- it is A SHAME. Stupid utusan, I cannot buy because I don't want my kids to read it! Crazy and shame from the malay paper!


  6. Datuk,

    Good for you.

    Unlike you, I don't hv spares at home. I lost my brand new faithful Compaq this week. And I surrendered my other Compaq back to the HQ in JB when I lost my job in June.

    I am now blogging from the missus's iPad, which is such a cumbersome effort! Lets not go on that!

    Even if I had my Compaq, I would probably have to surrender that one to the Police when the MCMC or the men in blues come for me, which I expect next week since the king week is over.

    Any spare notebooks lying around, so that I can use?


    Yes, like Bujai mentioned in his blog, I did say that it was pointless for anyone to mediate between you and Dato' Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim Ph.D since the Police report has already been made.

    Nice to see you blogging normally again.

    Let me take this opportunity to thank my brother bloggers and Mr Shamsul Akmar for their suppport and solidarity shown.

    And also huge thanks to the readers who had shown their support for you.

  7. Rais Yatim berani buat pasal diri dia kena hina, bila blog hina Islam, Melayu, Najib dan lain2 dia tak kisah

    Ternyata, kepentingan sendiri lebih penting! HAMPEH!

  8. No tears for the Ferrari Bro, Toughbooks are used by the US Military, you are in good company.

  9. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Rais and his blondie wife albeit his shakesperean melayu(english literature la bro as in shakespeare), is full oh humbag.Cakap macam learned la konon. Pegi sekolah kat negara omputih untuk menyambung pelajaran, ye ke, balik kampung halaman ,tak praktik yang dia pelajari, yakni a fully democratic country, freedom of speech .Bila kena batang hidung sendiri baru buat polis repot.Macam mana dia ni ex-wisma putrans, foreign ministries, bolih merapu gaban. Patut lah kita Malaysians tak di ambil pot. Mungkin bila cakap dengan foreign dignatories dia dictate ngan orang , waolang negeli sembilan ada adat pepatih loh, kena itu undang mau consultations dulu mah. wah kah, wah kah, macam ronald mc donald lah pulak. Feel free to take my typewriter cos my pc, it aint worth it comparing to your MP seat bro.

  10. Dato,

    Looking at all this unnecessary episode, I kinda felt sorry for this Minister.Why u say? Well he said he has been in politics for 40yrs and what has he got to show? NOTHING! ZILCH! If he resigns today nobody will remember him tomorrow. That's how insignificant he is.

    But u on the other hand Datuk has contributed alot since you started blogging. Just look at d number of visitors to your site. You provide an alternative platform for others to hv their say.

    I think what u have been writing so far are neither slanderous nor defaming. You are only conveying what the rakyat are feeling.

    If they (PM Najib and BN) keep this kind of attitute Im afraid BN will lose badly in the next election. We in JB kinda sick with the present Govt but the alternative are no better. Well we are doomed. If only there are other reliable alternative.

    To Minister Rais don't feel too bad because you are not alone. My opinion (if it's any worth to BN)is that 90% of the cabinet members are way below par.

    Ciao n hv a nice day. Dont worry Datuk Im with u. I support fully the boycott on the two by elections by all bloggers.


  11. Anonymous9:56 pm

    you ll never walk alone,big bro....

  12. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Get a Mac.

  13. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    If Hj Hoe's comments are any indication, it does seem like your unfortunate experience has stirred up an angry hornet's nest in cyberspace. You have my sympathies in your hour of distress.

    It is not wise for any politician who depends on the vote of the rakyat jelata for his exalted position to treat members of the public in a haughty, arrogant, and dismissive manner.

    Have you seen the Youtube video of the guy giving a shockingly rude and unbelievably arrogant response to a reporter during a press' question-and-answer session? Any politician who displays such towering arrogance and pomposity and biadab-ness doesn't deserve our votes.


  14. Anonymous12:00 am

    If they take this one too, email me and we go shopping for a new

  15. Anonymous6:17 am

    when najib is slowly getting support from the voters, come one stupid fella like rais who will make people take a few steps back. ppor najib. goodbye, rais. people will remember this as his last act of stupidity as a minister before he steps down.

  16. Anonymous9:04 am

    'theres more to it than 'midst' the eye....meets not midst

    sorry off topic

  17. Warih229:12 am

    Condolence dato', but I must say one good looking Ferrari !

  18. Anonymous11:31 am

    Masaalah sekarang Rakyat, takder tempat untuk salurkan informasi dan cadangan.

    Sekarang bukan saja belalang, siput, tikus, burung yang suka makan padi, pagar besi pun suka makan padi..

    Aduns/MP kat Dewan pulak asyik cara mereka melalak, yang opposition pula excuse mereka, walk out..bulan2 makan gaji kutip alaun.

    I suggest bloggers get together dan adakan PETI ADUAN dan CADANGAN.

    Macam ni baru berkesan kut..


  19. Anonymous2:33 pm

    tambah sikit ya Datuk,

    Peti ADUAN dan CADANGAN bloggers, pakai transparent materials.

    Jangan pakai PETI BESI, takut nanti peti besi pun mula pandai makan kertas pulak.



  20. Bro,

    Is this the Rais Yatim who wrote one thing about the ISA to get his post graduate degree during his "sabbatical" from UMNO and then when he was back again turned 180 degrees from the position he had taken in that thesis/dissertation of his?

    If so, really you are wasting your time on a loser don't you think A loser with a pretty harmful toy to play with unfortunately. (Toy as in being the Minister of whatever it is he is a Minister of)

  21. Anonymous9:31 am

    Don't tell me you cannot buy a new one immediately. Or you can appeal in your blog like Jade Y some years ago stating the colour,brand and model.

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