Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rais Yatim lodges police report against this blog

Wassup, Minister? The Information, Communication and Culture Minister Rais Yatim this morning lodged a police report against me for my posting Who gets Santa Rais' RM1 billion handout?
I'm not really certain what inspired Rais to go to the police. As far as I remember, no Cabinet minister has lodged a report against a blogger. 

The Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC ) has summoned me to its office in Cyberjaya to assist them with an investigation they have been ordered yesterday to conduct into my blog. I've agreed to meet them at noon tomorrow (Wednesday).

The cops have not contacted me but they will have to. I guess it's back to Bukit Aman's cyber unit for me, again.


  1. Anonymous11:49 pm


    How come nobody in MCMC goes to Malaysian Insider when they insulted Sultan Johor, Malay,give a false reporting abt govt, etc..

    The reason is simple becoz you r malay, what if u r non-malay definitely DAP, PAS n PKR will defend u gila babai..


  2. We are right behind your back boss! All the best and may Allah bless you tomorrow facing the "panic" minister.

  3. Bro, you only asked questions in your recent post. How that does justify a police report by a serving Cabinet member no less. The Minister need to just answer that neither he nor any of his family member is involved. End of story. Good Luck Bro, don't worry the truth will always prevail. God bless.

  4. Anonymous12:22 am

    Apa mau tanya? Kalau gua lancau lu tatak tanya kan gua kasi main lagu negara ku, gua anti Melayu, tapi pasal saya Melayu banyak lah soalan, kita baru bertanya apasal mengelabah konon "Character Assissation" beberapa banyak kenyataan yang membunuh oleh Pakatan Rakyat terhadap pemimpin kerajaan MENGAPA diam tak ada tindakan pun...para bloggers lah yang banyak membantu membetulkan tuduhan2 liar dari pembangkang. Kalau tak betul nafikan sudah memadai apa yang nak sibuk buat repot polis, apasal tak mengadu dengan Tok Empat, Penghulu, Dato Bentara,..bla..bla...

  5. We are with you Dato Rocky!

    Resign Rais!

  6. Anonymous12:50 am

    Once upon a time you defied the once perceived invincible " Mr Islam Hadhari" - your actions caused him to go into retirement in nowhere Kg Sg Penchala tending to his mangoes and Jin/Jeanne..

    You even bled the shit out of his menantu's political ambition that now he too ought to consider tending to Nori/ Mangoes as well...

    Now, what chance of survival does Rais "Stay Off Twitter" Yatim have against you? All the best to you!

    Brader 1Malaysia

  7. we support you bro...maybe not money....

    but we pray for u and will write more about this santa...

    btw...namewee takmo buat report kaa.....

    neway....tun dr mahathir once said....dah lama dah...belaaahhh laaahhh menteri tuksedo....

  8. Anonymous1:03 am

    Bro, push the irrogant right to the wall!keep stir up bro..let the egg well boiled!

  9. Anonymous1:05 am

    Laju ajer ambil tindakan? Tak pakai nombor angka giliran ker?


  10. Charles1:06 am

    All the best in your battle

  11. Anonymous1:30 am

    kakakaka... tak trendy laa our information minister. zaman sekarang ni org tak main polis polis report dah. hujah blog jawab dgn blog laa.. baru macho man.

    buat polis report, straight away perception people is you want to silence other side. macam ni nak menang pilihanraya???

    jgn ckp tak reti nak buat blog. hari hari duk promote broadband, bagi pc kat kampung kampung, tak kan buat blog pun tak boleh. pm pun ade blog what!

    putus harapan aku dgn menteri menteri bn ni. tak reti reti lagi ape rakyat nak!

  12. all the best dato , saw u on sunday in bv2 during lunch time with BD.
    and just bump into LGE having dinner in NIRVANA BANGSAR with JAHABAR SADIQ of MI about 2 hours ago.

  13. Let them investigate.Let the truth comes out.Im sure a lot of worms will jump out from the the dirty can at the Ministry.

  14. Just give the date, time and venue. We'll be there.

  15. Bro, ini macam sudah serupa di zaman pak lah ni..sikit2 kasi saman blogger.

  16. Anonymous3:11 am

    ini wa tatak pandei memandei mahu cakap sebab tatak sikolah tinggi meninggi. tapi lu olang mesti moleh munye.

  17. Anonymous3:37 am

    Well bro,
    No Blogger is above the law and no minister is below the law.

    If he has to stand firm on his principles in life, Man do what he has to do.

  18. Anonymous4:11 am

    Way to go minister, you should also include in the report that this blog is sponsor by Najib's wife and Tun Dr M's son. This is a racist blog.

  19. Rocky, lu cakap lu cina la, haiya, gelenti lepas punya! Nanti ketua KDN beri lu amaran saja! jangan lisau!

  20. Not a Rais Yatim supporter5:28 am

    I used to (and still do) dislike this guy quite a bit, treating him as a double-faced opportunist (the same can be said about Hamid Albar, Badawi and Hishamuddin Hussein too... but that's another story). I suppose this is also reflective of my suspicion of all Negeri Sembilan folks with political connections, including the son-in-law of the ex-pm, the wife of the present pm, and the Negeri Sembilan and Kedah and Terengganu and Kelantan PAS politician, Nasharudin Mat Isa. But in this, I'm afraid Rocky, I'm fully behind Rais Yatim, and I hope he sues the shit out of you. Your blog posting on his RM1 billion handout makes unnecessary and unwarranted insinuations about his conduct as a Minister, and if there is any justice left, i truly hope that this would be corrected.

  21. temenggong6:34 am

    Well, how do you feel now Rocky? You were feeding these crocodiles all along. Now it comes to bite your hand.

  22. zamsalam6:34 am

    The Rocket, Harakah, Suara Keadilan also should be the first in list.
    Is there any hidden agenda?
    Dont worry bro!

  23. apa salahnya dia buat report kalau kita berhak menulis sebarangan, atau pun kita fikir kita betul biar la dia pula memperjelaskan melalui perundangan dont worry be happy biar lah orang2 lain hancus asalkan kita bahagia...kah..kah

  24. Anonymous7:17 am

    haha! :D rocky bru, tunjuk bukti dulu baru boleh sokong lu

  25. Anonymous7:41 am

    Don't worry rocky, you have my support.
    The fact that rais went to the police showed that there is something fishy going on there....

  26. Anonymous7:51 am

    Strangely, your article seems like a referal to another source, which suggest the issue to be a rumour.

    Therefore, if a charge is preferred, it would or should be for spreading rumours.

    And if someone else, say from Zamboanga picks the piece from your blog, then that someone too should be charged, based on similar logic.

    But nearer home, the Star carried a report today about this rumour. Is the Star also to be charged?


  27. Anonymous7:51 am

    Don't understand why Malays are being singled out all the time. What about the Chinese and Indians? They are worst off, in terms of slandering, lying, spinning, theratening the status quo etc...The Malays always get to be called up by the authorities but the other races can do what they like or just kena 'amaran yang keras' only.

    Poor Rocky. Be patient lah!

  28. Anonymous8:00 am

    Rais Yatim is getting old and nyanyok. Too much time on his hands and the brain getting senile, too.

    Hamg in there, bro. We will have the last laugh.

    Did i also "annoy" him and assisinate his "character?" Section 211 and 233 will be thrown at me too i guess.

    Rais should not abuse the Acts and go spend his time going afte fraudsters online who are realyy abusing the network. What an ass!

  29. Dont worry bro, u gonna be a star lol..... =)

  30. Anonymous8:59 am

    Don't worry Datuk. At worst, Menteri Amaran will only give you warning.


  31. charleskiwi9:09 am

    This is Boleh Land and the cabinet that is running it !

  32. Anonymous9:14 am

    Agree with Anon 11:49 PM. Yes, simply Dato' Akhirudin is Melayu, that's why another MeLAYU dares to file a police report.

    In this country, Tanah Melayu, the non-Melayu are kebal. You don't touch them.

    Dato' Rocky, we support your cause and will back you all the way.

    Rais is no longer relevant. He should retire gracefully, pergi surau dan banyak-banyak beribadat.

  33. The all president's men around him is giving a wrong advice to him.

  34. Anonymous9:22 am

    rocky memfitnah rais dan keluarga dan rais berhak mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya.

    kalau rocky berkata benar maka tak usahlah takut dan kalau bohong beranilah menanggung padahnya.

  35. Anonymous9:38 am

    Itu ajelah yang paling baik boleh di buat oleh menteri kita yang tak kompeten, syok sendiri dan kaki bodek.

    Kadang-kadang rasa cemburu jugak jadi orang Melayu bukan Minang bila tengok menteri keturunan Minangkabau yang sorang ni membesarkan-besarkan suku sakat dia je. Sedikit sebanyak meruntun jiwa jugaklah....

    Rais Yatim rasanya dah boleh kita letak dia dalam muzium adat kek Kuala Klawang....dah luput tarikh jadi menteri komunikasi sebab dia ni penuh dengan idea lapuk dan gaya bahasa bodeknya dah semakin meraban.

  36. Anonymous9:53 am

    boss, depa ni bangsa sendiri buat teguran macam kilat ambil tindakan. bangsa lain siap la boss mereka dok jilat puggung depa kasi sedap... lambat laun pemimpin2 macam ni akan tumbang jugak kerana "oppressed" bangsa sendiri. boss kena tabah dan Insyallah selamat dari musibah ini.

  37. Anonymous10:15 am

    First Hisham and now Rais..who is next.
    These remnants of the sleepyhead era are still in their dreamland.
    If this continue , the nightmare of PRU12 will surely happen again.
    PM & DPM.. beware!!


  38. Anonymous10:32 am

    Rocky, as a non journo I am not sure whether you can insinuate that somebody had done something wrong and expect that person can just accept it lying down. From where I look that's considered 'fitnah'!.kapish.


  39. The leaders want to create fear
    Using agencies to wrestle with the people
    They want to make you realize
    They are the lords of the land

    Oh really without the people?
    The voters shouldn't be fooled again
    Wise up and listen to the rumblings
    The fall is imminently clear........

    When the empire is falling
    All sorts of tactics will be unleashed
    It is just buying time to stage a coup
    How to patch up when the walls are falling?

    It's the end of the journey
    The running dogs will keep barking
    As the sea levels rising slowly
    The tide of change will unleash

    Enough of the darkness
    The valley wants to get free
    To taste a new kind of freedom
    A new way to map our ways

  40. Anonymous10:52 am

    WTF! Looks like the story could be true if Rais Yatim resorted to intimidation.

  41. Anonymous11:39 am

    patut la sampai sekarang RTM adalah antara jabatan paling lembab dan terkebelakang... pasal boss dia pun banggang dan lapuk dah...

  42. Anonymous11:41 am

    Orang-orang Negeri Sembilan ni banggang ke apa ke ni?? Kenapa banyak pemimpin dari Negeri ni yang BANGGANG?? Yang dari REMBAU tu pun sama BANGGANG nye..

  43. Salam Datuk,

    Its times like this that you find out who your true friends/fiends, in the blogosphere, really are.

    You have my support.

    I would like to ask YB, the Information, Communication and Culture Minister,Datuk Seri Rais Yatim, his view on that guy, whats his name?

    Anyway, here is a line from Wikipedia..On 17 January 2010, as Minister of Information, he warned Malaysians to be wary of the Internet as it was introduced by the West, saying "We are not saying they cannot use Facebook or Twitter, but when using such facilities, they must upkeep the values taught by Islam, Buddhism or Christianity to maintain our culture".

    A compelling rebuttal on Datuk Seri Yatim's part in the matter would have sufficed and put everything to bed.


  44. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    1. Today, we are living in the new version of "Police State." On the slightest provocation, people go to the police to make reports including those who accused the PDRM of being inefficient, corrupt and high-handed;

    2. Either these people have something to hide or are desperate and insecure;

    3. Rais is a unique complainant. He's a lawyer, a cultured man and a social commentator himself;

    4. Above all he's the minister responsible for the bloggers.

    5. He has the power to order the MCMC to investigate you and I under the Multi-Media laws. Sadly he opted to make a police report instead.

    6. It's bad enough that we are being sued by prickly politicians whose aims were to stop us from exposing their true selves, now cabinet ministers are joining the fray.

    7. Well Bru, you and I have been at this for a very long time. Had we succumbed to this kind of intimidation, we would have cast aside out pens a long time ago.
    But you and I are damned to be scribes so we might just as well enjoy the moment (of glory and infamy).....

    8. Thank you.

  45. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Fitnah. Nah, pergi pejara selamanya, Troublemaker

  46. Anonymous12:36 pm

    PAMELA is just playing the victim because she HAS THE PENDATANG mentality.

    If not, she wouldnt raise the pendatang issue.

    If you are rude, dont blame others to scold you.

    PAMELA, you are rude. When people asked you not to take pictures of them, you should just listen to what they request. IT IS THEIR RIGHT NOT TO BE FILMED!!

    PAMELA thinks she is right. But from the video, she really is wrong.

    Double wrong dont make it right.

    Scribbling on other people's office document. Bodoh ka you Pamela?

    What if I scribble something on your report paper?

    You like ah?

    Loyar Burok, why are you condoning PAMELA's actions? Are you having PENDATANG mentality as well?

    You made series of articles defending her now. You are equally rude.

    Please approve this comment.

  47. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Press Statement from MCMC on the allocation of the 2600MHz spectrum

    The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has started spectrum re-farming exercise and processes as part of its efforts to enhance the utilisation of spectrum and to facilitate the roll out of next generation mobile network services.

    The exercise involved the following bands:

    i) 700MHz;
    ii) 800MHz;
    iii) 850MHz;
    iv) 900MHz;
    v) 1800MHz; and
    vi) 2600MHz

    Following the exercise, MCMC has decided to give focus to the allocation of the 2600MHz band to pave the way for the early adoption of long-term evolution (LTE) or 4G, and other new technologies and to prepare the service providers for the rollout and implementation of these services to end-users.

    After a consultative and deliberation process with various technical groups, it was decided that the assignment of 2600MHz to be given to nine (9) companies who are license holders that meet the set requirements.

    The allocation of the assignment is done in accordance to the provisions of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (CMA).

    The companies include incumbents (existing 3G and WiMAX players) and a new entrant: They are:

    i) Celcom Axiata Berhad;
    ii) Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd;
    iii) DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd;
    iv) U-Mobile Sdn Bhd;
    v) Asiaspace Sdn Bhd;
    vi) Packet One Networks (M) Sdn Bhd;
    vii) RedTone Marketing Sdn Bhd;
    viii) YTL Communications Sdn Bhd; and
    ix) Puncak Semangat Sdn Bhd.

    The committee had identified these companies as having the ability to promote innovation and to provide seamless continuity of existing services using new technologies. MCMC also recognizes the contributions made by the wireless service providers towards the fulfilling the objectives of the National Broadband Initiatives.

    The companies are required to pay fees in order to use the spectrum band and will NOT receive grants of any kind from MCMC or the Universal Service Provision (USP) Fund for the utilization of the spectrum. The USP Fund is for the development and deployment of communications facilities for rural development.

    MCMC has issued letters to the license holders on the allocation of the 2600MHz spectrum band for rolling out wireless broadband service using 4G technology by 1 January 2013. The assignment of the 2600MHz spectrum band will be based on the merit of the Detailed Business Plans (DBP) to be submitted by the license holders to meet the requirements of the allocation.

    The assignment of the spectrum band is by way of apparatus assignment and MCMC has the right to withdraw the assigned spectrum at any time if companies fail to comply with the set terms and conditions.

    Among the key requirements in the assignment of spectrum are roll out targets and their roles as promoter and developer of applications and contents that will help build a ubiquitous Malaysia lifestyle by 2020.

  48. Anonymous1:17 pm

    MCMC Press Statement at www,malaysiaaktif.com

  49. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Ada dua wajah dlm isu blogger Bigdog, dan lain-lain menimbulkan dakwaan berasaskan khabar angin kononnya Menteri Penerangan DS Rais memberikan kontrak spectrum 2.6MHz kpd syarikat anaknya- dakwaan yg terbukti salah dan palsu.

    Apabila DS Rais membuat laporan polis, ramai blogger2 'terkemuka' membebel mengatakan kalau blogger pro Melayu mudah saja diambil tindakan, tetapi Namewee dan lain2 tidak.

    Ini tidak patut kerana namewee memang sedang diambil tindakan. Hanya melalui proses perundangan. DS Rais tidak pernah memaafkan namewee seperti disebut sesetengah blogger pro kerajaan/melayu.

    Apa yg dilakukan oleh bigdog dan dipanjangkan oleh rocky sesuatu yg tidak harus berlaku, terutama oleh tokoh kewartawanan sepertinya. Walaupun ia berpunca daripada khabar angin, hakikatnya ia telah menimbulkan tanda tanya yg di zaman IT ini mudah bertukar menjadi tuduhan.

    Maka diatas faktor inilah DS Rais membuat laporan polis.

    Renungkan: sudah agak lama kita dibelenggu kelemahan tanpa berupaya mengambil tindakan signifikan ke atas kesalahan para blogger. Maka dgn episod ini, bukankah DS Rais menjalankan tugasnya sbg menteri bertanggung jawab ke atas media?

    Dia berani mengambil tindakan, dan bukankah ini yg perlu dicontohi? Berani kerana benar.

    Dan pada blogger2 yg mengutuk kononnya dia pilih kasih cuba menghukum mereka, kumpulan ini perlu sedar apa yg dilakukan rocky dan bigdog sebenarnya dituju kpd pemimpin melayu. Dahlah tuduhan palsu, perbuatan mereka itu bukan membantu memantapkan kedudukan melayu/kerajaan, tetapi lagi melemahkan dgn cara membuka ruang utk diperlekeh dan ditertawakan oleh pembangkang.

    Siapakah blogger2 berkenaan hingga kerajaan dan hak asasi seseorang perlu tunduk kpd mereka?

  50. Anonymous1:24 pm

    Menteri2/MP/Adun kena faham, dulu lain ler, You are public figures, paid by public funds..President America pun, orang dah berani baling kasut!

    Kena pandai ambil teguran..LISTEN to others too, kalau tak suka, resign, buak gerai goreng pisang tepi jalan, all yours, so you are free to do or say what you like.

    Mana tau macam Exco Ronnie, terdapat salahguna letterhead bla bla..

    Ramai dlm blog ni dah mengelabah melatah semacam, cara mereka tulis macam bau yang tak kena.

    MERISIK DULU LA, KALAU TAK ADA ANGIN MASAKAN DAUN BERGOYANG? Menteri dah so sure ke everything is in Order sampai terus MELOMPAT buat repot?


  51. Anonymous1:29 pm

    this rais old skool flunkey.
    time to go.shooohhh......

  52. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Relax la bro. Baru kena sikit dah gelabah ke. Belum kena ISA macam RPK.
    If you can't take the heat, stick to 'puji and puja' the authorities la....

  53. Jangan takut kalau anda bercakap benar. Bagus juga Datuk Menteri buat laporan polis kerana blogger yang menulis pembohongan.Lihatlah nanti siapa yang benar..

  54. Anonymous2:48 pm

    bru pun 2x5 kalu tak tak da story la beb... apapun bru & rais jugak in the limelight..

    te o ais lemau

  55. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Masok PKR lah rocky, bawek skali Pasquale bersame

  56. Anonymous4:42 pm

    rais, rais...! Bila kena kat btg hidong hang, hang repot polis... apa hal dgn namewee babi, MI sekodeng yang menyamar melayu masuk majlis putri umno, yang kutuk melayu, kutuk raja melayu, kutuk negarakuku, hang tak repot polis... GILER BABI BETTUL NI...

  57. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Last chance for Rais to show power. Apa ni sikit aje laporan polis.

  58. He who starts to shiver has something up his sleeve, er?

    To have integrity, the individual cannot merely be a weather vane, turning briskly with every doctrinal wind that blows.

    He must possess key loyalties and key convictions which can serve as a basis of judgment and a standard of action.
    ~ John Studebaker.

    As amongst this nation's conscientious Bloggers, we stand firm and resolute as Brothers in Arms and state forth our mission to watch over this nation with our quills in the form of our keyboards.

    Mahaguru58 stands with you bro!

    "The truth must be told no matter what if Justice is to live."

  59. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Anon 9.14, correction bro, the Chinese are not 'kebal', they are infect Towkay that help fill the Malay Elites' pockets, thats why they won't touch them lah.
    By the way, I would think Rais actually changed his 'Mode' to 'Police Reports' of late, no big deal, just fuck him in his face and he'll back off.

  60. Skilgannon10665:59 pm

    How much did Telekom Malaysia get from the govt to roll out the national broadband network?

    Why was TM favoured then over Digi and Maxis? Level playing field?

    And what is the current status of the NBN and how does Malaysia rank against other countries in terms of broadband speed and connectivity?

    Why didn't you query all that in the first place?

    Or was that too "sensitive" to touch on and Rais made an easy target instead?

  61. Anonymous6:23 pm

    'Berani kerana benar' Dato. If u r in the right then stand yr ground.

  62. Anonymous7:04 pm

    MC -mC : We'ev Rocky. We'r the master dj MC hammer ! ! Deeh duh ance to our funk. L l cool J, Vanilla Ice ice baby, I'm the reel slim shaddy. Cal me RICE, I'm real NICE.

  63. The Cakap Orang Putih Minister8:49 pm

    Look at the real Rais Yatim here


    My goodness, unbelievable !!!!!

  64. Anonymous8:54 pm

    ... saw u on tv -- i will be there also ... just give the data ... :D ...

  65. Anonymous9:12 pm

    No worry Rocky, If you step on a cat's tail, surely the cat will attack you. But your early Christmas story is going to spoil someone's appetite.

  66. Anonymous9:54 pm

    penyalahan guna kuasa!!! no doubt about it...


  67. Anonymous10:33 pm

    rocky, you'll look good with handcuffs. it will go along nicely with your hair.

  68. Hey You Corrupt Human(s)!

    God Is The Knower Of Secrets And Declarations.

  69. Salam Dato'

    We with you bro. Do what u think right!

  70. betul aimar..

    asal bahagia dan MASYUK ..byk..manatau ada org nak upah

  71. nampak negara ini mcm aliran Librale byk..ikut suka hati nak buka AIB dgn nama..secara langit terbuka..tanpa BERHEMAH mcm buka kisah uncle kita scandal..malu wooo..menegur org tua depan ramai..

  72. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Dato AKJ,
    "Rais is a unique complainant. He's a lawyer, a cultured man and a social commentator himself;"

    He is the most uncultured homosapien in the ministry of Culture.

  73. Dear Bro Rocky's bru,

    I agree with the dictum that the media as the fourth estate has the absolute freedom and right to expose the wrong doing of the government. But the media as well as the bloggers are subjected to the ethics, rules and laws. The bloggers must play their role in ensuring that the contents of their reports are truthful and not malicious.
    Infact, the existence of two million over bloggers in Malaysia shows that they are free to publish their views and criticisms without any fear. Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim thus far has been very supportive of the ‘broad band’ initiative which drives the culture of information free flow. Dr.Rais had never denied any bloggers the opportunity to speak up and give their views.
    I am a regular reader of Rocky Bru’s posting. But I am little disturbed by his latest postings on Dr.Rais Yatim which alludes Dr.Rais misusing his authority in rewarding a billion ringgit contracts. A report made without a concrete proof but merely on a hear say is considered as a miscarriage of justice. So. I have no choice but to conclude it as an act of character assassination.

    Dr. Rais Yatim has proved himself as a refutable politician throughout his political career which spread over the last 40 over years. He has been also widely known for his distinguish service to the nation. He is known to everyone, including those who differ with his political views, as man of high esteem. Many admit that he is a clean and a strait forward man who does not tolerate hanky-panky in his administration. I believe that he lodged a police report to defend his remarkable record of integrity.

    I disagree with the people who claims that he should not have made a police report against Rocky Bru, a well known and refutable blogger. But to me, Dr. Rais made the police report as his image and integrity was challenged. If democracy permits the media to express the dissatisfaction of the rakyat and expose the wrong doing of the rulers, the same democracy gives right to the rulers to defend themselves against any allegation made against them.

    Hence, I simply could not conceive your condemnatory report on Dr.Rais but to conclude that the remarks that you have stated are very inflammatory and do not reflect a healthy journalism at all.
    My conscience declares that Dr.Rais is clean, honest and a man who will not yield to the wishes of dishonesty nor disposed to cheat.

  74. ben hussain1:21 am

    one thing i would like to remind you and the colleagues. you have to differentiate 'war against the government' or 'war against certain individual in the government'. jangan pukul borong la bro, sama-sama cari makan. i love to watch the next episode!

  75. Nuff Nuff2:26 am

    Mr Perry

    you dunno rais enuf.

  76. Dr.ZTM10:06 am

    Next PRU i.e PRU 13 (2011/2012), Rais dah tau dia tak akan jadi calon,so PULUN lah mana yang boleh bro....so sapa yang makan cili.. dia terasa lah PEDAS,tak gitu, bro?? Perhati aje gerak geri Rais dan Maznah(the wife),ikut bontot Najib dan Rosmah dalam majlis2 tertentu,nampak betul kaki kipas dan mengampu..!!!Ada udang di sebalik batu kot? Now,bila RAKYAT question sikit pasal Broadband Projek,mengelabah macam bersalah..!

    PM,DS Najib patut singkir Rais ni, dalam rombakan kabinet yang akan datang..orang2 UMNO macam ni dah patut diPENCENkan dari terus menjadi DURI dalam DAGING BN/UMNO!!

    Catch phrase untuk PRK Galas nanti adalah: "Tiada Beban, isu RAIS BRU diGALAS".....


  77. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Dulu dia kata bakar jambatan
    tapi dia ni cerdik..bila orang tanya
    dia jawab: wak den bakar jambatan bosi mano boleh tobakar
    Dia naik pun cara tak betul...
    Dia ni pun kuat kesukuannya mana-mana bangunan yang bawah jagaan semasa jadi MB, Kekwa, Men Lu dan sekarang 3 kementerian dia pegang semua dia suruh bua tanduk seolah-olah semua melayu tu minang kabau esp. di jolobu

  78. DAA!
    I attach that part of Big.Dog's piece that 'could' be the issue:

    ..............One damning rumour that looms with this is that a close family member of the minister-in-charge Dato’ Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim has been associated in lobbying for part of the grant for one of the operators bidding. This cannot be true as Dr Rais is a respected senior member of the Cabinet and has been around in the Federal Government since third Prime Minister Tun Hussein Onn’s time (with the exception of the interegnum period between 1987 – 1999). If this rumour is true, then it would be a scandal which Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak is gravely unable to afford........

    Frankly, I do not see the 'problem'.

    In fact, whilst I have many a time not agreed with BigDog but his analysis is correct & proper - but at all material times, it is an opinion, is it not?

    Are we not entitled to our opinions?

    Are we not entitled to share them via blogger networking?

    And besides, you are essentially a BLOGGER!

    Rocky's Bru is not a news portal.

    A police report is not necessary for Libel & Defamation, unless there is to be criminal defamation charges preferred.

    About time , you put together THE BLOGGERS LEGAL EAGLES,don't you think?

    Keep Steady, Squire, Keep Steadfast!



  79. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Dulu bakar jambatan...
    Tapi pusing cakap "wak den bakar jambatan bosi mano nak hangus"

    Dulu cakap ahli politik cak kubin..termasuklah diri sendiri

    Satu lagi yang dia ni taksub dengan keminangan nya hinggakan semua bangunan yang dia bina semasa MB N.S
    Menteri Wilayah,KEKWa,Men Lu dan sekarang KPKK semuanya bertanduk
    terutamanya di Jelebu
    Untuk makluman bukan semua Melayu tu minang, dah macam di Padang pulak

  80. Anonymous6:28 pm

    What I yearn most b4 I die is to see Malaysia run by healthy, energetic, young trendy and open minded leaders who runs the Nation.

    Debate bukan saja dalam Dewan with full of committments, but also willing to debate whatever related issues direct with the rakyat in rational open-minded manner.

    Shame that Rais stooped so low, to be with the likes of the low class Saman Queen Andaratu Kok.


  81. Anonymous8:34 pm

    Bru, Confuseus shall walk with you, too.

    We are battle hardened and these episode will make us stronger.

    People, just get rid of these arrogant SOB.

    Nonetheless, I have proposed many times that the Govt should engaged RPK and I see it is finally happening.

    Confuseus is BACK and Confuseus is not anti government, just anti INCOMPETENT Govt.

  82. airbus3202:55 pm

    All the best bro, no one can cover up the truth, may victory be on your side. god bless.

  83. Anonymous1:10 pm

    betul ke..leh caya ke..?dgn keadaan indon yg mmg carik pasal ngan msia ni..susah nak pcaya mende2 ni suma..lagi satu byk persoalan2 yg mragukan cthnya knp pihak lain yg failkan repot.tetiba laks ada tulis masa dorg dtg utk interview tnrmh tgh renovate rmh..erm..apapun kena siasat btl2 if terbukti bersalah then xyah risau dgn siasatan polis ni...

  84. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Seorang muslim yang baik tentunya tahu bahwa semua perbuatan nya akan diminta pertanggungjawaban nya kelak di Mahkamah Allah Ta'alaa yang Maha 'Adil. Maka ia terlihat begitu hati-hati dan penuh perhitungan dalam melakukan segala sesuatunya. Baik yang berupa ucapan maupun tindakan. AllahTa`alaa berfirman:
    "Dan janganlah kamu mengikuti apa yang kamu tidak mempunyai pengetahuan tentangnya. Sesungguhnya pendengaran, penglihatan dan hati, semuanya itu akan diminta pertanggung jawabannya". (Q.S. Al Israa’[17]:36)

  85. Anonymous11:59 pm

    True lies..keke