Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Skodeng Satire: PJ Sessions Court, Thursday 2 Sept, 8.30am

Updated: Blogger Hassan Skodeng to face charge tomorrow, The Malay Mail, Sept 1

Bloggers For Satire. Many people have been asking me, who is Hassan Skodeng?
Well, Skodeng is a journalist and cartoonist who started a blog not too long ago to help readers not to take themselves too seriously. You may have seen and enjoyed his cartoons published by The Malay Mail. He is no LAT but he's as easy-going, unattached (to any political party), and right now quite down. As an executive editor of The Malay Mail, he also writes the column Uncommon Sense for the afternoon daily.

Last night, we found him a lawyer willing to take up his case for almost nothing for now. The whole of today, Skodeng will be busy trying to raise money for bail tomorrow. But money is not what he's asking from you. He needs you to lend him support with your physical presence tomorrow at the PJ Sessions Court.

I'll see you there.

Skodeng is being charged under Section 233 (1) (A) for sending out false news/info with the malicious intent to hurt. He could be jailed for ONE year and fined up to RM50,000.

Bloggers have come out strongly in support of Skodeng and satire.

1. Holy Mother Crap! by lawyer Art Haron (read also his posting earlier this year No Joke please, We are TNB)
All are classic Malaysian-esque display of moronic orgies. It's like we are all living in a porn of stupidity, where everyday, everyone of us tries hard to outdo each other's stupidity.
For God's sake, that article by Hassan Skodeng WAS A JOKE! Which part of  the word "joke" which we do not understand? Have we all become wet blankets? Or incorrigible kill joy?
I hope the Judge would see the light and dismiss this utterly laughable, ludicrous and not to mention ridiculous charge. 
2. When Satire is crime, Comedians beware by could-be-lawyer Shamsul Yunus
Did he say that TNB is a corrupt monopoly? No
Did he say that YNB victimised Malaysians? No
Did he take personal potshots at TNB bigwigs? No
3. Are Brit-educated Che Khalib and AG and MCMC officers too "bodoh" and insular to understand satire? by A Voice aka Husin Lempoyang
Anyone with any ounce of intelligence would notice that the blog header indicate it is not a serious blog. Immediately upon reading any of it's postings, one can sense Nose4news is a satire blog, just like Husin Lempoyang.

Yes, let me admit that Husin Lempoyang is mine. It is for that not so serious moments. Go ahead Monsterball, go after me if you are still around!
4.  Cyber Police Running Wild! by Apanama

I bet you could laugh over and over again, over this latest fiasco by our very own Cyber Police plus the supporting act of the Attorney General's chambers.
... Hassan Skodeng’s charge is about inconsistency and probable the practice of selective prosecution. Unless, probably the AG is doing his version ‘parody’. It is not likely. Neither it is funny.
6. No Joke! by Op-ED
I remember in mid-1990s enjoying on video the Instant Cafe comedies - someone recorded them for posterity. One was making a comedy out of Anwar Ibrahim the then deputy prime minister as a girly-man, and Dr Mahathir as a haughty boss. This was before 1998 when Anwar became entangled with the courts with sodomy accusations and Dr M became 'MahaFiraun'. Hearty laughter for the paying audience.
No harm done, except perhaps to make everyone loves politicians more because they seem more human rather than idiotic robots.
Errr but now, I think some people cannot take a joke anymore.
Benda gini pun nak bawa gi court. Are you see-rai-ous?
Apa nak jadi nih?
7. Lawak Jenaka adalah Jenayah di Malaysia oleh Amin Iskandar 
  Sila baca sendiri tulisan berkenaan (maaf, tulisan dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Tak faham? Siapo suruh ekau lawan PPSMI dulu?)
8. Sebab nama dia Hassan, kalau nama dia Ah San ... oleh Sheih Kickdefella
Apakah orang Melayu yang duduk di atas-atas sana tak boleh diusik oleh orang Melayu sendiri? Saya tidak mahu ke situ, tetapi nampaknya itulah jalan yang hendak dituju oleh pihak berkuasa kita. Sebelum apa-apa, saya mintak maaf dulu ya. Wee Meng Chee pun boleh berhibur dengan Negarakuku dan mintak maaf….
9. Stop intimidating bloggers! by Ashraf Abdullah
Have our authorities lost their sense of humour? Or is this an attempt by the Attorney-General and Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to intimidate bloggers?
10.  Neighhhh! by Amir Hafizi
IN A WORLD, where laughter is SIN! ONE MAN, or rather, a baboon, dared to make fun of TNB, and TNB has taken him to court for lese mejeste, or something like that. I don't know. I never studied law. All this French-kissing and Latin terms confuse me. Maybe I should refer to the paginarum fulvinarum.

If TNB can sue this baboon, Hassan Skodeng, they can sue anyone. In the interest of preserving freedome of speechless, I say, neighhhhhh!


  1. Anonymous7:11 pm

    The joke's gone too far. Not all people can take jokes, especially when it sounds insinuating. The best is to do nothing. Sit there do nothing, like a statue and offend no one.

    And now back to the definition of democracy......" Do whatever you wish, as long as it does not offend others."

    In this case, someone did what he wished to but it offended other(s).


  2. attila10:27 pm

    I think TNB's going after that Namewee big time.. But in the spirit of "muhibbah" and to deflect accusations that it's targeting the Chinese, this unfortunate Skodeng appears to be the fall guy to fill the Malay "quota."

    That said, TNB's sense of humour rather dim, pun intended.

  3. This is clearly legitimate satire, like any other good piece of satire I read in the West. So, what's the problem?

    How can we build a robust democracy if this isn't allowed? No thinking allowed? This, moreover is a green issue, not racial or political one.

    Why then is the AG's office going against Skodeng?

    I think it has to do with the overrall govt stance on ISA, etc and the use of the law.

    It has been so afraid of using the law against the Opposition trouble rousers and is instead trying to use other laws as it stands to come down on 'abuse'. But the abuse it finds is nominal abuse like Skodeng's, not the real ones.

    The govt in trying to outdo the Opposition's 'liberality' in using the law instead of the ISA.

    So, they don't care if Skodeng is 'collateral damage'

    It sucks.

  4. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Hassan Skodeng is Irwan; MM's cartoonist? I absolutely love Irwantoon!