Wednesday, September 01, 2010

SHOCKING! In Malaysia, laughter is the latest crime

The Government of Malaysia vs  blogger Hassan Skodeng. A few days before April's Fool Day of 2010, blogger Hassan Skodeng wrote this satire about "green terrorists" and a "seething" TNB boss who called on Malaysians to say no to the dark and fight for their lights, and who screamed "POWERRR EXTREME!!" at the end of a fictitious press conference.
Yes, it's a parody. A satire. A joke?
But the people at the MCMC obviously don't think so. And the people at the A-G's Chamber must have concurred with the people from MCMC because they are charging Hassan Skodeng in court tomorrow. Yep, these are the same guys who dragged Tun Ling Liong Sik for deceiving the Cabinet recently!
Not just that, as in Ling's alleged deception, Hassan Skodeng's satire is being classified a CRIME; this ain't a civil case, bro!

More about Hassan Skodeng later in the day.
For now, do read his piece and form your own opinion.
But laugh at your own peril.

[A reQuest, if you wish to republish Hassan Skodeng's masterpiece below, please attach a disclaimer to say that it's a JOKE/SATIRE/PARODY, otherwise the TNB people would lodge another complaint with the MCMC and who knows this time the WWF may want to join the fray and take Hassan Skodeng to the international court for poking fun at it and the Earth Hour!].

By Hassan Skodeng
TNB to sue WWF over Earth Hour

KUALA LUMPUR — Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), Malaysia’s premier energy provider today announced that they were taking legal action against the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) for organising the Earth Hour, a global movement that makes a stand against climate change by turning off all non-essential lights and electrical equipment for an hour every year.

In a Press conference, TNB president and CEO Dato’ Sri Che Khalib Mohd Noh said that the annual worldwide symbolic gesture, which this year would be observed this Saturday at 8.30pm, is nothing more than an ‘arrogant and thoughtless viral movement’ aimed to hurt power companies such as TNB.

CHE KHALIB: These people are inconsiderate. “Obviously these green-minded fellows think they’re really cute, organising such an irresponsible campaign,” said Che Khalib angrily. “They say ‘turn off your lights for an hour’ and people do. I bet that really makes them feel all powerful.

“What these western colonialists fail to grasp is how such drastic action affects the poor companies like us. One hour of unused electricity means an hour of wastage for TNB. Did you know that last year’s Earth Hour costed us millions in unrealised revenue?” asked Che Khalib, seething.

“How do you think that affected our production? We couldn’t exactly turn off our power plants just because a large number of Malaysians turn off their lights at the same time. So imagine all that wasted energy.

“This year, we expect even more people to fall for this global con-job,” added Che Khalib.

“So there’ll be more lights turned off. KL alone would be engulfed in darkness. Yes, sure, it may seem fun to some, running around in complete darkness. But that also means TNB would get less money. Tell me, what am I supposed to say to the kids of this electrical technician when we can’t give bonus this year?” asked Che Khalib, as he pointed to a TNB staff manning the lights for the Press conference.

He added, “In light of such inconsiderate actions by these tree huggers, TNB has no choice but to take legal action against the Earth Hour organisers, WWF. We’ll wait for our accountants to come back with the loss figure after this year’s Earth Hour, and we plan to sue them for that same amount. We may even add a hundred million ringgit or so, to teach them a lesson.”

Che Khalib also reminded Malaysians to ignore the Earth Hour, calling it a ‘cultural invasion, a concerted assault by extreme liberal forces aimed to destabilise poorer nations’.

“We are Malaysians, and we should be proud of our lights. Every night we should go out and see the beautiful sparkling lights in our city skylines. Don’t be ashamed of the lights,” said Che Khalib, as he unveiled a set of pictures showing the Petronas Twin Towers and the surrounding buildings consequently going dark during last year’s Earth Hour.

God knows how many people tripped over things and hurt themselves in the complete darkness, not to mention the number of bad people going around doing naughty things, knowing the authorities could not see them.

“Let’s reverse the order of these pictures this year, and fight for the rights to our lights,” continued Che Khalib. “Let’s unite as 1Malaysia, and tell these green terrorists that we will not go dark! We will not switch off! Let’s tell them that we love our lights!

“POWERRR… EXTREME!” he screamed, as powerful clusters of foglamps flooded the conference room with ultra-bright and hot light, temporarily blinding everyone present, and signalling the end of the Press conference.


  1. Anonymous6:21 am

    Kesian Hassan Skodeng for making people laugh. The TNB guy got no sense of humour. Loooser la mamat tu.

    And the AG taking action - so dumb.


  2. It's sad Bru!

    Many Malaysians, including those with 5-digit monthly salary, DO NOT understdand jokes and satire.

    Occasionally I wrote satires in by blog, and many debaters took my words literally. In another word, many Malaysians don't get the jokes.

    It does not matter whether it is in bahasa or English.

    When a person cannot joke about himself, he is doomed to live in misery and constant fear.

    Maybe, those earning five or six figure figure salaries and with KPI to worry about, there's no time to joke.

    My life is full of jokes. I even joke when electricity went off and my 15-year old jelawat and rohu were gasping for air. The catfish and kaloi are ok. They are surface breathers.

    One time, when the TNB power supply went off regularly in my area, I called a TNB officer to tell him that if the power was not restored and my fish died, I would send some dead fish to him and inform the Press as well.

    He took my friendly prodding well. He was promoted big time and is no longer at TNB.

    Yeah, perhaps in future we should all write "THIS IS A JOKE" when we are telling jokes because some people just don't understand jokes.

    Ah, to think that Malaysia is 53 years old yesterday.

    Thank you.

  3. Anonymous6:51 am


    Haiya!, why blame the AG. It's fairly clear that they just doing what they suppose to be doing. If they don't act accordingly then people will come up with another story - "makan gaji buta". So, face it, lol.

    Padlock Home

  4. Anonymous7:57 am

    this is just unreal. the 'news' on the first reading already revealed to me as fake. why? no person has that many quotes attribute to him in just a short report. however those quotes are necessary ingredients to make the fake news funny but in real life it just don't happen that way. the clinch is when Che Khalib have reportedly screamed "POWERRR… EXTREME!". Now that is just ridiculous to believe. if at this point you don't get that it is fake just kill yourself. please.


  5. Anonymous8:18 am

    Look at the huge number of outstanding matters & court cases (justice delayed is justice denied) like:

    a. 'Allah' term usage by non-Muslims
    b. Teoh Beng Hock's death
    c. Kugan's death in the police station
    d. Fracis Udayappan's daring 'escape' from the police station which ended him being found dead
    e. Indira Gandhi of Perak being told by her former husband Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah (K. Pathmanathan) that he would not return two-year-old Prasana Diksa to her, even though it was a court order
    f. Former Selangor MB's mansion in Shah Alam
    g. The riches amassed by the Sarawak CM

    Yet the authorities got time for another case about an April Fool joke. Looks like jokes have higher priority for investigation and action, instead of issues like the above that are tearing apart society.

    That itself is a joke all right


  6. Mazlan8:55 am

    Dear Rocky,

    I hope you are pulling our chain!!!!
    Surely AG and TNB can't be that moronic!?

    What am I saying...these are same guys who thoought Teo strangled himself and let one of their officers have an affair with one of their key witnesses....

    It just goes to show what a bunch of morons we have at AG's Chambers and anally retentive people we have running TNB

  7. This is surely a fasting month joke right, Datuk?

    If this is true, then it is surely a legal dementia. The law is an ass. And the even bigger ass is the one who is supposedly enforcing it.

    Good God!

  8. Anonymous11:12 am

    Ok what!!! Banana Republik.... half past six. This aint no Zimbabwe, coz Newsweek said so. Though, those who live here, say so. Robert Mugabe, please eat some wasabi, while I go see the Anti God. Sum people say, Anti God is an acronym for AG.... kakakka kekeke wekekeke

  9. Anonymous11:15 am

    Banyak sangat nak komen tentang AG & TNB nih tapi takut nak tulis sebab silap haribulan kena mengadap dimahkamah pulak nanti.

    'The joke is on me' kata lagu sape ek ?


  10. Anonymous11:23 am

    Rawang villagers from Kg. Terentang (100% Non Bumis - Kpg baru cha ya nun alip), gathered bravely against TNB to prevent high tension cables over their homes,

    Ini joke of the century.. and Rawang experienced blackouts almost 4times just in August 2010 alone.

    Tapi apa bole buat, "anak kera dihutan disusukan, anak sendiri kelaparan"...

    Anyway Skodeng, try teladani cara depa, kumpulkan orang2 kampung you, mana tau kut kut nasib baik bole rasa setitik susu?


  11. Aiyoh... We love satires man... How can they not understand satires? =.="

  12. Anonymous11:47 am

    Boycott TNB. It is a big bad evil corporation.

  13. Anonymous11:50 am

    all the bosses from the power co, the mcmc & the ag... all no the stardee the england ke?

    lol! showing their bodohness... kah! kah! kah!

  14. Anonymous11:52 am

    the country has become a joke...

  15. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Salam Bro

    Congratulations for hitting the 14 million mark. Proof that your unflinching dedication to ethical, factual and truthful blogging is paying huge dividends. Truly enjoy reading your blog and all the comments therein, inane or otherwise. As surely as this blog makes my day, it also makes nightmares for the haters, the cynics, the hypocrites and all other types of lowlifes.

    Am sure more million hits are already winging their way here.

    Warrior 231

  16. when Namewee fuck TNB with his video clip .. what did AG & TNB do... nothing.

  17. ex-teacher1:10 pm


    You intentional left out your godfather, Anwar's Sodomy II case with your godlaywer Kapal Sink, with his actics of `tunda-ing' case.

    Tutup sebelah mata ahh?

  18. Dato' Rocky,
    You just confirmed my thesis, there are so many moron decision makers in this country when laughter is now crime.
    My dream is to be a stad up comedian and poke fun out of all races, Malays and how Malays practice Islam in this cuntry, but of course I will be charged and jailed!

  19. Shocking is too mild Bro, this is real scary stuff.

  20. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Dear Datuk,

    If Che Khalib and MCMC do not have any sense of humour and feel the need to take Hassan Skodeng to court for his satire, I have faith that the case will be dismissed. At worst, Hassan Skodeng will be punished with a slap on the wrist.

    But more than that, what I can't understand is how overly sensitive Che Khalib (and MCMC) to Hassan's satire and yet, he can swallow the vulgarities and profanities shouted by Namewee about the TNB on the YouTube.

    It is so vulgar and uncouth that it is surprising that the security guards and TNB officers Namewee insulted could tolerate it.

    I guess this is where the Malay tolerance is baffling. Indeed there are racial slurs and there are racial slurs but what Namewee said and shouted at TNB is definitely deplorable.

    If you do not believe me, see for yourself:

    I hope Che Khalib and MCMC will look at it too and tell Malaysians that what the brat Namewee did is acceptable to TNB and him as compared with what Hassan Skodeng wrote.

    Fan of Hassan Skodeng But not the Uncouth Namewee

  21. Anonymous2:30 pm

    PASQUALE, you dont talk so much YET. You PROMISED us that the SC chief will be out by this year. It is already the 9th month. You only talk when the deed is done, until then your words are merely hangat hangat tahi aiyaaam.

    Big Aiiiyeeeeam

  22. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Tis Irwan guy deverves it. Maybe not for tis article but for being an all round pig.


    Poetic AMMo.

  23. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Laughter now a crime in Malaysia?

    haiyo, tell that to the obefiend, namewee, raja petra, zunar, patrick teoh, malaysiakini 1-april issue, etc etc etc

    you and your fello blogger memang late lah..


  24. Anonymous6:14 pm

    i blame it on rais yatim

  25. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Walah weh... Itu Namewee kasi maki trus loo... cakap TNB babi... apasal tak dak buat apa2?
    Ini buat double meening, ada selindung2 pon trus kena loo...

    Ini Malaysia manyak Double standard loo.. Itu majoriti olang sudah makin tak dak 'BOLA's loo...

  26. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Dear ex-teacher

    I mentioned 'huge number of outstanding matters & court cases (justice delayed is justice denied)' and stated 'like'... to give some examples only.

    The list was not exhaustive.
    You have every right to add more.

    By the same token, shall we include ALL the police reports made todate... for which no action has been taken for the majority of the reports done so far?

    Try include the reports by Ibrahim Ali too. Join in the fun then, if those too are being actioned.

    In case you did not read fully, the reference to the examples cited was about 'issues that tear apart society'.

    But for the case you 'reminded', its the court's responsibility to pass judgement if there was indeed a 'tear' in one's posterior only and punish the one responsible for the tear. The defence will have to sing all the way and prove that the tear (or entry) was faked. This 'koyak' case has nothing to do with society, ex-teacher.


  27. s.s.seelan11:53 pm

    Holy Crap..thats the word as Art rightly put it! Whats wrong with these guys? A crime to post a joke? Some say one way out is to write in capital letters "This is a jike". Hey wat if the Multi Media guy turnd ard and said ," u r misleading me n the masses by entitling yr article as a Joke wen I cant see the JOKE? LOL!!! Holy Crap...where r we heading to? What next.. a crime to fart?

  28. Anonymous6:30 am

    sad to say, many top top topless people, so called think pad if not tank are stupid at educational jokes like this. they succumb to the arrogant than the to the fact and refused changes and reminders the bottom with less are telling them

  29. Anonymous1:29 am

    Kena paham la... Itu Namawee tak kena sebab dia kutuk TNB. TNB tu entiti kerajaaan Malaysia. penasihat2 kat TNB tu agaknya kata pi mampus la.. TNB. Bia TNB rasa kena kutuk...

    Bab Hassan ni lak, BIG BOS kena goreng! apa lagi... pengampu2 kat TNB tu jolok la cik kita ni... "Mana boleh Boss... u kena kutuk ni... kena tunjuk POWER la boss..."

    Pengajarannya. kalu entiti kerajaan kena kutuk kita sama sama kenyit mata, kalu Big Boss kena... kita Thunder! Thunder!! Thunder Che...!!!!

  30. Anonymous3:25 am

    Hmmmmm...this is joke of the world. Shame on you TNB!!

  31. Hassan Skodeng has explicitly requested that no one spread the parody news around (it was noted in his blog). Of course, the TNB sue is ridiculous, but I hope everyone respects his request.

    ~ From a big of Hassan Skodeng's blog.

  32. Jasmine10:05 am

    Let's hope the judge can see the joke!