Wednesday, September 01, 2010

14 million UVs

Salam Bro

Congratulations for hitting the 14 million mark. Proof that your unflinching dedication to ethical, factual and truthful blogging is paying huge dividends. Truly enjoy reading your blog and all the comments therein, inane or otherwise. As surely as this blog makes my day, it also makes nightmares for the haters, the cynics, the hypocrites and all other types of lowlifes.

Am sure more million hits are already winging their way here.

Warrior 231

12:54 PM (Sept 1)

Thank you, Warrior 231, for the well-wishes. The next million UVs* (unique visitors) are dedicated to all the Skodengs out there.

* Sila baca Beza antara hits, page views dan unique visitors oleh Remgold


Kenn said...

Is this considered as a SKODENG's piece too and be liable for suing by Tony Blair?


AnnoyinglyAnonymous-LemanPulut said...

Yo Bro!

Itu Hassan Skodeng Silap Taji
Mahu Joke tapi tak reti
Perlu tukar dulu Nama kepada NameWee
Barulah boleh Dikenali
Bukan setakat lawak gitu gini
Malah boleh caci maki
Sebab Melayu semua tak der gigi
Hanya berani kepada bangsa sendiri
Dah kalau nak tahu lagi
Baca Rap aku di sini.

Yo Warrior 231!
Long Time No see
But Once See
All KuikuiKiasui Cabut Lari


eddy said...

Congrats Bro, here's to millions more unique visits and interesting comments.

Napoleon Bonappetite said...

Congratulations, but the hit counts alone does not speak the truth about the popularity of the blog.

We need to see the rate at which hits are made.

From, the website ranking site, it is apparent that Rocky's Bru's popularity is declining -- the rate of increase in the hits you make is slowing down.

According to Alexa also, you used to be within 1000th most popular blog in Malaysia; now, you are outside the 1000th, hovering close to 1300th.

This is the uncomfortable reality behind your 14 million hits.

A phenomenally popular blog, called Tukar Tiub, has surpassed 9 million hits lately although it started much later than yours.

Tukar Tiub now ranks in the 300th++ most popular blogs in Malaysia.

It is therefore also the most popular Malay-language blog in Malaysia.

Tukar Tiub is superior for its refreshing take and occasional, original analysis of Malaysian politics and the Malaysian condition. Your blog fares poorly in terms of analysis and clarity on the political condition on the ground.

Crucially, Tukar Tiub is the anchor blog for a huge proportion of young Malay Malaysians -- an influential voting bloc in the coming elections.

You need to work much harder still to influence this bloc and other Malaysians to support the existing government if your blog is to remain a relevant public relations tool in the coming future.

Anonymous said...

Little Napoleon,

How much you get paid by that Hisham Tukar Tiup aaah?

That man ran off leaving his friends to be captured and rotted in prison during the hey-days of student power in Malaysia.

Like Raja Petra now, he went to London to hide. Jadi hippie, sometimes hobo.

Now back for good in Malaysia and enjoying good life thanks to his hated Mahathi.

Now Hisap Tukar is writing anti-BN and anti-UMNO stuff. Hwaah, like big hero!!

But that's easy, meh. When bro Rocky was going against the Pak Lah government, he made such a big impact with Jeff Ooi who is now MP.

They brought down the Pak Lah government, my dear friend.

Your friend and idol Hisap Tiub is nowhere close to Rocky or Jeff Ooi.

Hisap Tukar Tiup only succeeded in inspiring Raja Petra to run, like he did in the 70s.

The truth is painful, my friend.

Anonymous said...


Tony Blair duk nanggis tersedu2 dalam buku biograpi dia, menyesal tak habis2 dan roh mangsa2 perang duk menghantui otak dia siang dan malam..

Mana dia ada masa nak saman orang?


Do Re Mi said...

Warrior 231 = "Congratulations for hitting the 14 million mark. Proof that your unflinching dedication to ethical, factual and truthful blogging is paying huge dividends."

Aiya Latuk..... he is just joking aaaa... why you take it seriously..... we all know u kasi twist sama itu fact kasi nampak bagus sama itu UMNGOK.....

You Malay Mail punya top editor kan? ini hali punya berita, lu punya olang bawah "A Malay Mail editor was charged in the Sessions Court here today with publishing false information".

Truthful and ethical? My foot lar......