Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BN's candidate for Galas by-election on TV3's Soal-Jawab tonight?

Sheih Azidi aka Kickdefella was one of the biggest socio-political rebels to emerge from the Malaysian blogosphere during the retentive period of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's short-lived term as prime minister. About a year before the fall of "de fella", Sheih went on to work for PAS' Husam as a media adviser and set up a state-of-the-art comm infrastructure aimed, among other things, to defeat Tun Dol's army. It was not to be a happy outing as, after the general election of March 2008, Sheih discovered all sorts of hanky-panky going on around Husam and in the party. Inevitably, Kickdefella re-emerged except this time the "punching bag" isn't Tun Dol but Nik Aziz, the so-called spiritual leader of PAS. Thanks to Sheih, many of us now know better. Before Sheih's series of exposes on Nik Aziz and his son-in-law, many thought the PAS vet really was a saint.

Now, I'm sure that Sheih has not spent all bullets against Nik Aziz. You see, this blogger is also a seasoned politicians, having been a local Ketua Pemuda for years until he was disillusioned by Tun Dol. If there's going to be a by-election in Galas, Kelantan, which has just lost thier Adun, I don't see why Sheih Azidi should not be considered.

This guy, for sure, will scare the hell of the holy men in Kelantan.

Sheih will appear tonight on TV3's Soal-Jawab at 11 pm. The talk show is hosted by seasoned journalist and blogger Ahmad A. Talib. It will be an all-blogger affair, with Dr Ridzwan Bakar, who blogs as Doctor 2008, and Munirah Hanin, who blogs on parentingm as the other guests on the show.


  1. Rocky, I support the idea of Kickdefella being a candidate for the Galas state seat.It would be better if Kickdefella contest the election as an INDEPENDENT candidate.Good Luck Kickdefella and Terima Kasih for all the exposure of Tok Guru Son in law.

  2. Anonymous9:07 pm

    that fella may have loads of bullets but he is easy meat to fuckatan. a sure loser...mark my words. gosh has bn ever learnt?

    why use a thief to catch a thief?

    he may be valuable to bn now but certainly isn't worthy enough to be a YB. he should learn to be a good soldier first before dreaming of becoming a general.


  3. Anonymous9:42 pm

    berukrocky bru...

    peduli apa aku de fella ke fella design ker...

    yg penting agenda menjatuhkan UMNO...BN dan sekutunya...

    ha ha

    Dollah Salleh

  4. hadi aziz10:07 pm

    peduli apa kau peduli apa

  5. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Hoi si Dollah Salleh,

    Engkau ni memang bangsat la! Poorah Fuckatan Rakyat supporter!

    Sedap panggil org beruk! Engko tu pasangan si liwat! Patut la suka sangat Fuckatan!

    Anti Liwat

  6. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Kickdefella swings from BN Youth to PAS and now back to BN. In addition, he had accumulate bullets to bring someone had trusted him.

    I have followed his blog before, he was so sure of the evil in BN and was so emotional. Suddenly, "U" turn?

    Hmm.............sounds like a Ibrahim Ali clone in making!

    Whichever party he's in, people will be suspicious! Better stick to his film making........

  7. Anonymous11:09 pm

    this sheh kickdefella is under mahathir's payroll like you rocky

  8. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Nice strategy.

    Make that fellow a sacrifcial lamb.
    If he wins, UMNO takes credit and instigates him to give hell in the state assembly.

    If he loses UMNO says 'we have adhered to the request not to put up an UMNO candidate, now can we renew Malay unity talks'.

    And Tg Razaleigh has to shut his mouth on the Kelantan oil royalty issue. After all, he is the UMNO Director of Operations for this by-election.

    What if Tg Razaleigh just leaps over to Pakatan now?


  9. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Mamat ni da jadi ahli UMNO ke???

    Silap-silap hilang juga duit DEPOSIT,,!!!!!


  10. Anonymous1:18 am

    I'm sure Pakatan are shaking in their boots...........
    If he is a righteous man why under the BN banner?
    Better as an independent


  11. Anonymous2:09 am

    Bro Rocky Dato,

    I think in the whole Kelantan, Gua Musang and Jeli area is a much better developed part of the State, and the community in this area is beginning to urbanize a lot faster, a lot easier than the rest of communities in other parts of the stale State.

    It is from the efforts of BN, and the an assuming leader, or leaders, who were quietly institutionalized urbanization and modernization in this area, to present a stimulus growth for the Kelantan Malays who have been denied of such livelihoods for 20 years in other parts of Kelantan.

    Because the area is nearer to developed areas of the states of Perak and Pahang,Kelantan Malays who left the state now are back.

    It is a choice for a leadership to lead this growth. It cannot be any person, it must be a person with vision.

    My opinion.


  12. Anonymous2:51 am

    Penciplak boleh jadi YB?

  13. Anonymous7:19 am

    I think BN should fall.After 50 years in power,it did more harm than good.

  14. Anonymous8:08 am

    dedahlah yang benar sahaja. jikalau mengumpat, ingatlah balasan Allah azzawajalla amat berat utk di tanggung kelak

  15. Anonymous8:56 am

    Dalah tu Rocky xpaye nake lobi. Kickdefela tu, x ubah mcm Brahim Ali - KATAK. Kick dulu org UMNO, lepai tu tikam bertubi tubi burek UMNO. Masok pulak ke PAS, tapi bila dianaktirikan oleh Nik ajis, si Kick nake sgt tikam si ajis. Anu, menang dah muak dgn politik MAmAk.

  16. wavedancer9:40 am

    please..if bn wants to win in galas don't even bring that fella there. let him shoot from elsewhere. kelantanese cannot stand people who work for both sides although that fella may be useful to their struggle.

  17. Anonymous10:27 am

    Arlida Ariff's contract will not be renewed as reported in The Star today, but shouldn't she be charged for corruption as well? It is a known fact that she's been giving projects to her husband and cronies (not only in IIB, but also PutraJaya and KLCC), and after stealing million of ringgit from taxpayers, Khazanah saved her with early retirement. Where is the justice? MACC should do something about it.

    Thursday September 30, 2010

    Iskandar may get new CEO

    Khazanah to discuss it in a meeting next month

    PETALING JAYA: Something is brewing in Iskandar Investment Bhd (IIB), the company tasked with bringing investments into Iskandar Malaysia in Johor, and in Khazanah Nasional Bhd.

    Government-linked Khazanah would hold a meeting late next month to discuss the position of IIB president and chief executive officer Arlida Ariff, sources from Johor said.

    DRB-HICOM group director Datuk Syed Mohamed Syed Ibrahim has been tipped to head IIB.
    In the meeting next month, Khazanah board will discuss whether to re-appoint Arlida, whose three-year contract will end on Dec 31.

    Arlida is currently abroad and unavailable for comment while the man in question, DRB-HICOM group director for properties and infrastructure Datuk Syed Mohamed Syed Ibrahim, declined comment.

    Talk has been rife in Johor Baru in recent months that Arlida would be replaced. Besides Syed Mohamed, other candidates include senior executives from Khazanah, IIB and other government-linked companies.

    Arlida Ariff’s three-year contra ct as IIB president and CEO will end on Dec 31.

    Speculation on IIB’s top position surfaced following Tan Sri Muhammad Ali Hashim’s decision to relinquish his position as Johor Corp (JCorp) president and CEO in August.

    After Ali’s departure, the pressure moved to Arlida whose contract is up for renewal at the year-end.

    Iskandar Regional Development Authority (Irda) CEO Ismail Ibrahim was also rumoured to resign despite only taking office from his predecessor Harun Johari on Jan 1. However, Ismail told StarBiz in July that he was not leaving Irda as he still had unfinished business in Iskandar.

  18. Anonymous10:37 am

    we sud choose the best candidate to serve the nation. unfortunately he does not possess those qualities. we need to move on with bigger agenda. go Kelantan

  19. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Batu Bru

    Any youtube link uploaded?

    Tv3 don't be stingy

    Zahida Rafiq can upload takkan Tendang De Fella tak boleh upload

    - Ikan Tongkol -

  20. Anonymous12:36 pm

    he can win? wanna bet ke?

  21. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Things turn sour for Kickdefella when the going gets tough! He had a big fat salary but at least keep your honour.When you squeal you lost your honour and your diginity.He was paid for a job , his silence but vengeance got carried away.He sold out his master.

  22. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Calling Tun Abdullah like that just reflecting your immorality

  23. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Sila baca TheStar hari ini, 30 Sept 2010, bahagian StarBiz, muka surat 1, jika anda ingin melihat muka Arlida Ariff, penyangak no 1 di Johor yang telah memberi projek2 kerajaan yang bernilai berbilion-bilion kepada suami dan kroni2nya. Diharap pihak MACC akan segera menangkap lanun betina ini.

  24. to Dollah Salleh the BERUK

    why badmouthing rocky... we might not agree with him, but surely we are adults enough to respect differences in opinions.

    however, since you started it, then i guess it's not wrong for me to call you BERUK.

  25. sir.
    regard to you.
    my name is Mohd syafik from Uitm Malaysia.
    How may i contact you?

  26. Kicking Kickdefella8:40 pm

    The only person who deserves to be kicked is Kickdefella himself. I won't encourage UMNO to nominate this born loser as their candidate for Galas. If they did, I'm sure Nik Aziz & co. will kick the shit out of this useless fella, who can neither think straight nor clearly. Yes Niki ain't no saint: if someone needs to be kicked real good, he'll do it, and effectively too.

  27. this sheh kickdefella is under mahathir's payroll like you rocky

    11:09 PM


    Dear Anonymous,
    I'm sure Sheih will be proud to know that someone thinks he is on Dr Mahathir's payroll. Being under Mahathirs' payroll does NOT pay, my friend. You end up paying! Ask RPK. He was under Mahathir's "payroll" for a whole year, finally gave up and went back to Anwar Ibrahim!

  28. Anonymous9:16 am


    very vicious comments here... Yeah about Sheih runs for candidancy and see if he got the mettle to be a political YB.

    Turun Padang and start walking the talk.

    Keturunan Jebat

  29. UMNO Kelantan kuat chah keting.. Tak boleh menang punya. Ku Li dan Annuar Musa.. raja chah keting. jangan percaya. UMNO Kelantan pengkhianat pada UMNO sendiri.

  30. Anonymous3:24 pm


  31. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Beri sajalah percuma kerusi tu kepada parti yang menang dulu. Lagipun pru tidak lama lagi. Nanti mengundi lagi. Baik gomen guna duit undi tu buat pembangunan di kawasan yang orang-orangnya sokong gomen... lagi faedah.

  32. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Rocky, think you did no wrong in trying to lobby for your friend "kickdefella".

    It can even be Ku Li of whom may promise to return the 'oil' money to Kelantan.

    PAS may just nominate "Charlie fm Mad Magazine" and he gets my vote!

    We have to remember, Kelantanese are used to be deprived. No need to bait them with all these worldly stuffs.

  33. ahahaha i laugh out loud..rocky and fuckdedella i mean kickdefella...birds a feather flock togather...enough said...

    god i hate malaysian politics! ESPECIALLY umno politics... too many evil people in this umno shithouse...

  34. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Datuk Rocky,
    You should have recommended your former friends like Haris Ibrahim or Zorro. They are at least people with principles. Can you trust a person who was kicked out of his job but started badmouthing his former boss? You should go to Down under to see your boss. Maybe you will lose you job too very soon.

  35. anak muda hanya memerhati pelbagai konspirasi politik belakang yg hangat dikawal selia oleh blogger blogger sebenarnya. hebattt!