Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Malay Empowerment, Stupid

Not supremacy, maybe primacy, probably leadership, certainly empowerment. The article by Rashid Yusof on Ketuanan Melayu, the concept coined by an ex-ISA detainee and today championed by another ex-ISA detainee, is refreshing. The NST Associate Editor's attempt to come up with an exact definition of the phrase "ketuanan Melayu" is brave and noble but I'm afraid he won't have the support of many, certainly not from those who are gaining (political mileage) from the misunderstood concept and certainly don't want anyone, least of all the Malays, to know any better.

Excerpts from his column that appeared in the NST on Wednesday:

The term "ketuanan Melayu" has had the misfortune of attracting the English translation of "Malay supremacy".

Malay supremacy tends to be loosely and harshly associated at some levels with white supremacy and that of right-wing movements across the world.

Really, the overarching, unifying theme of ketuanan Melayu had been "empowerment" or, as an inspiring writer from a different time defined it, Malay sovereignty -- chronicling the self-determination of a people brought under colonial rule for four centuries.

Perhaps the equal of ketuanan Melayu is Black Empowerment that greeted the end of apartheid in South Africa.

During the early days of Perkasa circa post-March 2008, there was already a concern that the phrase "Ketuanan Melayu" might be used against the Malays. In one Perkasa forum that I covered, a professor (now deceased) told his audience that the concept did not mean Malay Supremacy. "Try Malay primacy, it's perhaps a more accurate translation," he said.

Syed Zahari, one of the longest ISA detainees in Singapore or Malaysia, once told an interview that it's not Ketuanan Melayu that the Malays (or UMNO) should be concerned about. It's Kepimpinan Melayu (Malay leadership), he said.


Read Rashid Yusof's The realities of politics and race.


  1. Who is stupid, maybe you, we live in the 21Century. Every nation is moving forward, not interested in petty issues of racism.

    Leaders guide their people on the path to success. What has the past got to do with us, no one is oppressing any here in Malaysia, maybe with the exception of BN lead by UMNO. why is Kelantan or east coast not developed as good as west coast???

    It is UMNO who didnt help the Malays, Mahathir is the man, if any, should take the blame. Till today the oil royalities for kelantan is not handed.... why dont you and all the other so called spinners ask these question to DPM and PM.... kalau iklas nak bantu Malays.

    Jelak la, baca blog you... you ingat you semua pandai sangat la tu.... i dont like RACIST.

  2. Someone did moot the idea to Rais Yatim,during an NGO sponsored seminar, to charge those,including newspapers, that purposely use the term 'Malay Supremacy' under the Sedition Act, because the term is misleading and detrimental to society.

  3. Anonymous6:11 am

    Without :

    1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
    2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
    3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

    ;for the other races, Ketuanan Melayu becomes APARTHEID - Stupid.

  4. yes Rocky, this country is named
    MALAYSIA as pointed in APANAMA
    -the base of the country's name is MALAYS
    MALAYS-ia (malays - in action)

    and this country is not named

    The chinese and indians are already given by Allah their own places.

    Tanah Melayu is MALAYSia in english.

    Indeed it is kepimpinan melayu.

    Why don't history being properly taught in MALAYSia ??


  5. Anonymous7:09 am

    it doesn't matter what branding you want, if a skewed politicians saw it, they will always come up with something.
    i know for a fact, malay empowerment is not a proud concept for nik aziz. KETUANAN ISLAM would be better.
    and for nazri bodoh, KETUANAN MALAYSIA should suit him.
    just sad to see malays who actually not proud of being a malay but reaped the profits of being one.

  6. Anonymous8:10 am

    Tiap bahasa ada keunikan tersendiri, mana boleh translate word for word.

    Nak terjermah Quran word for word pun, sampai bila tak akan selesai.

    Apek pun bukan tak faham, Mandarin, pun cannot simply just pick any word. Must know the right picture to get the right word to form the right sentence.

    Mat Salleh pun sama. Bayangkan, their "if you see a snake..."
    takkan depa suruh ketuk semua hamba Allah tu!

    Faham sama faham ler.

    Betoi tak skillyannon+13, the twinkle twinkle little star Singapore die hard cutie.
    Apamacam cerita Mas Selamat?



  7. ketuanan melayu, malay supremacy, malay empowerment or call it whatever you like but the reality is they have been in power for the last 50 years and they have been proven to be incompetent, corrupted and have misgoverned this country to the point where it is becoming a failed state.

  8. vinnan10:02 am

    'Perhaps the equal of ketuanan Melayu is Black Empowerment that greeted the end of apartheid in South Africa.'

    'Ketuanan Melayu' can never be the same as Black empowerment. The anti-apartheid movement NEVER asked nor implemented a racial constitution. The Malaysian constitution today is the only constitution in the world which mentions a particular race and religion as its basis. What 'empowerment' is needed when the Malays control ALL the instruments of government and the banking system which is the linchpin of any economy. Welfare for the poor? Yes. 30% shares for someone who drives a BMW 740 is nothing but plain greed. Never ever equate your 'Ketuanan Melayu' rubbish with the noble anti-apartheid movement which embraced all groups as equals in South Africa. There are no 'special rights' of the blacks in South Africa. Mugabe the Idiot tried a 'Black Special Rights' rubbish in Zimbabwe on the advice of The Greatest Economist In The World Mahathir. Mahathir 'forgot' to tell Mugabe that Mahatirnomics worked because he he could suck money from Petronas and there is a large entrepreneurial population in Malaysia which paid most of the taxes. Mahathir's advice was so effective that Zimbabwe today is using The USD as its currency. 'Ketuanan Melayu' is nothing but a racist instrument used to perpetuate UMNO rule and that is all it will ever be.

  9. Anonymous10:08 am

    tak faham lah bang apa dia tulis.

  10. AA!
    It's me again!
    At last! The proper meaning has surfaced - rightly so EMPOWERMENT is the singular most vital issue - and this applies across the board - all of us need to be empowered - within ourselves to have Faith - Imam as Yushaimi says, and with this empowerment/faith , we then go out of ourselves & take on the challenges & obstacles.
    I am of the Blood group O -ve { universal Donor} and have always "notified" detractors{complainers} that I my blood is required for an emergency , I am duty bound to give , be the recipient black, brown,yellow, or with polka dots , be the recipient Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Taoist or whatever.
    But I also believe, AA , that we have been evolving over the lat few years and as I daily scan/surf the net, I am sensing that the ferocity & cutting remarks are beginning to somewhat cautiously subside & taken over again somewhat cautiously, by a more "enlightened" perspective{there are of course the usual exceptions to the rule!}
    And as Rashid says - which community has lost what since independence?!!!
    As my departed mom used to say: BE THANKFUL FOR THE LITTLE GRACES OF LIFE!

    Chiao & Godspeed.


  11. attila11:09 am

    The reason for the strong backlash against Perkasa is that the mainly Chinese groups are worried about a resurgent strong Malay force. Since March 2008, these groups have become uppity and like vultures, can sense the smell of defeat permeating UMNO/BN. So that's why all these issues and anti-NEP, anti-Bumi etc talk (which were damped down when UMNO was strong) have risen to the surface like scum on a pond after a downpour.

    As for the Indian groups attacking Malay rights, let me tell you from experience that the Indians will get better chances under a Malay-led govt than a Chinese one. Go see how many Indians and Malays fare in Chinese-owned companies, apart from being drivers and general workers. Just look at the ads for jobs -- racist in its way by saying must be Mandarin-speaking because dealing with Chinese customers.

    My Chinese mum can speak Malay, pasar version but still able to converse and fill in forms. The thing is, when the so-called non-Malay "brain drain" goes abroad, you don't hear them lamenting must learn the local language and that their children have to attend Christian prayers etc. I suppose, Mat Salleh country can lah, only in Malaysia cannot.

    As for that Mr Magoo-lookalike adulterer trying to arm-twist the govt by outdoing the DAP, I dunno, I cannot trust a man who cheated on his own wife and family, the people who trust you the most.
    I was incensed to read how more Chinese schools will be built with govt allocation in Chinese-majority places. Not enough ah? Alienate yourself from the majority at large and get rewarded!

    UMNO leaders are deluding themselves by thinking if they pander to the non-Malay vote, they might scrape through the next GE. Who is feeding them this nonsense?

    When I was young, I was told that the Malays were very good because they allowed the Chinese and Indian migrants citizenship. Who told me this? My OWN PARENTS who were born before WW2, themselves children on immigrants. My mum's family part from Bentong and she will spit on Chin Peng from what she tells of the Commies. She also partly grew up in Petaling St and told me what she knew first-hand of how May 13 started, about that infamous procession etc.

    But one thing I must stress for the Malays is for the govt to PLEASE CONTINUE MATHS AND SCIENCE IN ENGLISH!! My Malay husband and his generation, their English is good, but younger ones, so sad, they can't get jobs because stymied by poor English. Very clever and articulate in Malay but tongue-tied in English and get dismissed by exployers are "bodoh."

    English will get you jobs. How many times in my line of work, I have come across foreign employers or even non-Malay bosses who reject Malay applicants because of poor English skills at the interview. The non-Malays get hired because they are not shy of speaking bad English, it's communication that counts, not a quiet mouse.

    The reason I want the Maths/Science in English to continue, is I've noticed Malay kids who studied these subjects have lost their fear of the language. Admittedly, rural kids have a problem, but when English is the medium for studying a subject and not a language in itself, the hoodoo is gone. My young Malay nephews and nieces are willing to "tembak" in English unlike the uni grads who "segan lah." My husband when he went to the States to study said initially it was so hard for him to learn the English terms.

    Tun Mahathir, whom I admire immensely, knows this and much more. UMNO, please get off your high horse and listen to the wise old man.

  12. Anonymous11:56 am

    It is interesting that there is a diversity of interpretations regarding "ketuanan Melayu". I have also written on the term "ketuanan Melayu" though I take a different stance than Rashid's empowerment or the good proffesor's primacy. ketuanan melayu goes beyond that in my opinion. it has a metaphysical angle to it which is very difficult to elucidate let alone to be understood by dense, prejudiced Non-Malays. And contrary to the mistaken perceptions of Islamic obscurantists like the Niks of this world. I will give a hint; "sopan santun", "budi bahasa" 'adab' bebudaya" are a few of the many pulses of Ketuanan Melayu. Only a illiterate bumpkin will carp they are inimical to Islam. Ketuanan Melayu is a palpably living tapestry woven with the silk of Islam and embroidered with the lace of refined culture.

    Cosmopolitan Malacca of yore was the embodiment of Ketuanan Melayu. The Johor-Riau empire was suffused with the virtues of ketuanan Melayu and so were all those Malay kingdoms harking back hundreds of centuries ago. Scratch the surface of time, look beneath the bones of history and you will the pungent frangipani of ketuanan melayu permeating the air of deserted Istanas to that of the humble pondok

    An ethereal yet elusive object of exquisite social beauty, KM defies racial pigeonholing because it is beyond all prejudiced, petty profiling that only maruahless dogs like the non-malays can comjecture.

    The Noon Dude.

  13. Anonymous12:21 pm

    And pray tell us, this proposed definition - how will that ensure fair treatment and equitable distribution of opportunities plus freedom of worship and construction of worship places by the other ethnic groups in Malaysia?

    But its a bit too late lah, to dwell on this.

    This nation is Malaysia, and the Bumiputeras are not just Malays.

    It includes the Orang Aslis and the Dayaks, Muruts, Melanaus, Kadazans, Bajaus etc in East Malaysia.

    These Bumis are not wholly Muslims.

    The NEP mentioned affirmative action for Bumiputras and not Malays.

    But so far, the NEP has been hijacked by the 'chosen ones' who sometimes are not even Melayu asli, but the celop types, who incidentally are greedy still.

    Even the actual Malays have been left out from the NEP all tehse while in such matters.

    And we have Utusan taking racial 'instigation' to international levels when its Senyum Kambing cartoon yesterday (23/9) made reference to Batak Christians of Indonesia who were demonstrating against Malaysia.

    Is that also a 'must have' trait of the so called 'primacy' or 'leadership' or 'empowerment' that is being proposed? Disecting to ethinicity when it suits Utusan's agenda?

    Why not Utusan say - half negro Christian President Obama is meeting Najib?

    Sudah lah.

    The whole world is moving towards equality for all, but here we have such outdated thinking and we all have to continue toleratings such nonsense.


  14. -If Perkasa has drained the national converstation of structure and provoked competing interpretations, then it has been more successful than Nazri in quelling PR's campaign.

    -Malays are numerically dominant and allowed immigrants in on the assumption that their soveriegnty will not in any way be diminished as a result of immigrants coming in. But we see that economically they are still deprived and a minority and this is a threat to peace and stability. Whatever word we use has to address the problem and be context relevant. Can the Malays be empowered when economically they are a minority? So, they have to use whatever sovereignty they have politically to address the problem. Perkasa is fighting for the reality of Malays to be Malays, not abstract words, although it might appear so.

    -We have our histories and prejudices, and the more credible arguments and stories, be it online or mainstream, will win the day.

    -MCA (and UMNO and MIC, etc), without any wholy thought, has sympathised with PR's manifesto and all the 'freedom' labels that lead PR's campaign to (unwittingly?) subject the Malay people.

    -Who is MCA to dictate the format of our NEP, when the problem is ours?

    -Agree with Rashid Yusof "Distancing from Perkasa...lends credence to racialist tendencies", "fact centric professionals " are dysfunctional, and "newpapers better equipped moderate", and that we need to "accentuate multiracial outlook of Umno" and key question is "how exactly have the communities lost?"

    Only such a critical questions can focus the debate on performance, not Idris Jala's circus. We haven't learned from years under Dr Mahathir - performance without talk.

  15. Empowerment? Supremacy? Rights? Privilege?

    Why bother with words and then look for examples that would best fit its description?

    After 53 years, and the several years of actions and motivations we should, rather than appropriating a term that sounds nice and hoping it generalises the aspirations of all those actions, be looking at the outcomes that have been achieved and that proponents are striving to sustain, and then look for the label that best fits.

    Like I could for instance provide you this descriptive. An electric motor that turns a tub and that is all encapsulated in an aluminum casing, with a few control buttons with plumping for inlet water and outlet water. Ah, well..before you go cracking your head about what it is I am trying so hard to describe, I am trying to describe a bloody washing machine la.

    You see, the descriptive derives not so much from the constituents of that product, but by the outcomes it achieves.

    In Ketuanan Melayu, the intent is already laid down. Of course everyone you speak to gives it a colourful descriptive of, maybe, one aspect of what its aims are or might be. Speak to someone who feels victimised however, and he might give you a meaning that may not exactly find pleasure amongst its supporters.

    This NST writer is probably playing around with semantics. So who cares if it were supremacy or empowerment or rights or whatever. The attributes and properties are still the same. The outcomes to date cannot be changed or reversed.

    Should we, like the washing machine, not be looking at the outcomes to date to see what label best fits it? Because, I can assure you the outcomes have impacted, on those who the "ketuanan Melayu" intended to benefit, quite differently, depending on whether you are an UMNOPutra or you are just an ordinary Malay. The champions of Ketuanan Melayu are of course the UMNOPutras. And I plead with you guys not to assign to that cause any English labels until and unless it best describes the intended outcomes. Like the washing machine!!

  16. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Rocky - is it wrong to have malay supremacy in their own country...why are the malays trying to camouflage this all the time.

    take back the country....and run it the way the majority of the malays are the majority anyway and we are a democracy where majority rules!


  17. What nonsense! Why are you all so engrossed with this? Ketuanan, primacy, leadership, empowerment etc. Why are we wasting our time in this? Stop this nonsense. There is no ketuanan, primacy, leadership, empowerment or whatever else you can think of, if you are not good enough to improve this malaysia that we so greatly love. There are more pressing matters that we have to do, and you Rocky, there are many things that you can contribute to this civil society than talking about this nonsense. W

  18. The Ketuanan Concept is certainly a stupid concept as it cannot be defined.Perhaps it was somebody's fanciful idea that a particular race defined by the Constitution as the Malay race should be the "tuans" of the country!
    As we all know a Mamak, a Chinese, an Indian , and an Arab etc. can be classified as a Malay if he fulfills the the requirements as stated in the Constitution.We are all Malaysians and the peoples who are marginalized are the Orang Aslis the real "tuans" of the country as they have been here since time immemorial.Ketuanan Raayat would be a more imaginative and meaningful concept!

  19. Anonymous10:57 pm

    A cow do not need extra power if it is a lazy cow sleeping whole day, right? If a horse willing to run extra mile don't you should empower her?

    God is fair, hard work pays.

  20. Interesting issue today. Dr M also mention about it today,saying that the malays will lost their rights/power if the opposition comes into power.
    He displeasure towards Abdullah Badawi is so intense that he even quoted saying that 'sometime we need a strong oppositon,to tell us that what we are doing is wrong or right"
    That being said those who owe alot to Dr M for making them rich thought they will not give their one vote to Abdullah just to spike him and show of support to Dr M.
    Dr M got his wish now,what is he bitching about?
    AXN channel on Astro is screening a 5 second clips using Dr M quote with an image of a young lady quoting him on us having a strong opposition.
    The funny part is the west has never any high regard/respect for Dr M and yet a spending a lot of money to air his famous quote to tell the Malaysian that we need a strong opposition.Guess our saudara Anwar and his western buddies are ahead in the media spin game for the next coming election.Got to thank Dr M for opening the pendora box!

    On the malay rights or Perkasa issues I think the Umno media spin doctors can learn a thing or two from the Jews.The Jews have mastered the art of media spin untill to an extend that any remark regardless how small, is considered 'ANTI SEMETIC' and its politically unacceptable if you are label as one.

    The malay activists must make similiar spin,that anybody who is against the malays demanding their rights is either 'ANTI MALAY' or PRO Classical Imperalist. Only then the malays can express their opinion without being label as racist.

  21. Anonymous12:48 am

    Malay supremacy has been exploited by the non-malays opposition. The malays have never viewed ketuanan melayu like what they implied. But you know what, if one is not a thief, and 10 people say that he is a thief.. other 100 will believe he is a thief.

    Foolish oppositions.

  22. Anonymous12:48 am

    Malay supremacy has been exploited by the non-malays opposition. The malays have never viewed ketuanan melayu like what they implied. But you know what, if one is not a thief, and 10 people say that he is a thief.. other 100 will believe he is a thief.

    Foolish oppositions.

  23. Saudagar Minyak Atar1:22 am

    I don't see much difference between the nomenclature supremacy and primacy. But why are we trying to be apologetic anyway?

    The fact of the matter is we'd set ourselves a very high target which is not likely to be attainable anyway. And the non-Bumis know that, too.

    We had the NEP for almost half-a-century and we're still status quo economically and become weaker politically. It's become a sin for us to defend the constitution while others are allowed to try to wreck the same.

    How more submissive do we want ourselves to be? Or are we trying very hard to maintain that tag given us by the Mat Sallehs: the world's perfect gentlemen?

  24. Anonymous1:56 am

    yeah and if you don't like it, there are other chinatowns all over the world ...

  25. Anonymous1:59 am

    Let's call PERKASA the Brown Perjuangan.

    The wannabe colonial masters have changed skin colour from white to yellow ala Malaysian Malaysia, in cahoots with the Melayu liberal and the Melayu alat.

  26. Datuk,

    I am retired and just started blogging for a living. I do that by providing stories about my farm and some entertainment on my blog. So whenever you and your readers take a break from all these political stuff do hop over to

    Btw I did mention your site in one of my postings. Thanks for your support

  27. Anonymous4:49 pm

    What do you expect from the "Longest detainee of ISA"?

    A successful brainwashed mind I would say. lol


  28. In the Malaysian context,it's definitely not similar to 'Black Empowerment' which the author tried to mislead and convey.The reality of 'Ketuanan Melayu'is derived from an inferiority complex due to the affirmative policy which is so good yet so demeaning.

  29. Anonymous7:53 pm

    this got to do with the title "Its Malay Empowerment, Stupid" reminds me of one incident at a village warong. Its not the title or the subject but the word STUPID. A man, lonely and poor, went to a village warong and shouted ' Kopi Satu! Roti Bakar dan Telor setengah Masak!" before the Chinaman could answer he shouted again, Cepatlah!. and put some cash on the table. A friend asked him, hei banyak duit hari ini. The man said and loudly, "apa ada pada duit?" then someone said "Anak dia balik semlama bagi duit sikit. Hari ini dia jerit lah sbb ada duit." the moral of the story is, Rocky's shouted the word STUPID after Najib made him the BOSS of Malay Mail..... ow dia senang ada kerja dia boleh jerit lah... Melayu masih tak sedar diri. Tak ada ke perkataan lebih lembut nak guna...bila ada kerja, gaji besar, panggil org semua STUPID!

  30. No balls to post comments Datuk?

  31. Anonymous7:08 am

    'Taib: I'm not stepping down...'

    Empowerment? Nah! This is blardy arrogant, stupid

  32. Anonymous8:41 am

    Depends on who do you compare with, if you compare Malays with the Islamic state in the middle east or Africa or those in South Asia than Malays are doing better than most but if you compare it with the Europeans, Chinese, Americans, East Asia than Malays are like a failed race. Having wasted 53 years, how many more years do Malays need to catch up? You don't see a problem, is all because of those Malays who walk the corridor of power, fish always rot from the head.

  33. There you go....
    Talk must be Malay this Malay that...
    Why not Malaysian this or that?....yet Najib said "1Malaysia" is working.
    Naturally you ca expect Rocky to be a racist and hero worship Najib and Mamak as long as he is CEO in MM.

  34. There you go....
    Talk must be Malay this Malay that...
    Why not Malaysian this or that?....yet Najib said "1Malaysia" is working.
    Naturally you ca expect Rocky to be a racist and hero worship Najib and Mamak as long as he is CEO in MM.

  35. Anonymous11:25 am

    Dr hassan ahmad: Utusan Malaysia.
    ‘kuasa Melayu’ tidak bererti kuasa untuk orang Melayu yang berkuasa melakukan apa sahaja
    menurut nafsu mereka, memperjuangkan hak dan kepentingan Melayu dan memusnahkan hak dan kepentingan bukan Melayu.
    Kuasa Melayu bererti kuasa untuk mentadbirkan negara dengan cekap, adil, bijaksana, bersih, bertanggungjawab untuk
    kepentingan negara, bukan untuk kepentingan etnik atau kepentingan golongan dan orang-orang perseorangan yang
    berkepentingan peribadi. Kuasa Melayu tidak bererti kuasa anti-bukan Melayu, atau hanya kuasa pro-Melayu,
    tetapi kuasa untuk semua rakyat, kuasa untuk mewujudkan kemajuan, kesejahteraan, kemakmuran untuk semua rakyat.
    Kalau ini maksud kuasa Melayu, tidak ada sebab mengapa rakyat mesti takut kepada kuasa ini. Yang kita takut ialah,
    jika kuasa Melayu ini diberikan kepada atau jatuh ke tangan orang Melayu yang tidak layak menerimanya dan tidak
    mampu menggunakannya dengan sebaik-baiknya untuk kepentingan negara.

  36. Anonymous4:49 pm

    A rose is a rose is a rose!

  37. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Say Malay Supremacy and don't pretend otherwise. That's why there is no need to apologise to the inferior races and no transfer for both Guru Besars.

  38. Anonymous6:21 am


    Alamak! Don't tell me when you travel overseas you have to do that?

    I am PARAMESWARA, Malaysian Indian not India Indian.. or

    I am PARAMESWARA, Malaysia Chinese not ROC Chinese?

    Susah juga nuuu, terpaksa convince orang dari mana lu mari eh?

    Monsterball Lau ren, Malaysian Chinese not ROC Chinese, you test test kopi, gula susu tak cukup stock ker? Unker Lim dah tak lalu minum kopi you ker? Missssss you like crazy!


  39. Anonymous7:28 am

    Orang Melayu are just greedy and ungrateful lot. When they are in power, they squandered all the money. When almost all posts in Gomen, GLCs, universities, Petronas, any contracts and etc, are all given to Malays, they are still demanding endless more.

    Such ungrateful race to lead the country. God is blind.

  40. Anonymous8:32 am

    When will you all wake up and realise that you can't have supremacy or primacy without brains or leadership ?

    Shameful lah to insist on such things without leadership and brainpower. That's why the rest of the world laughs at UMNO.


  41. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Pemberitahuan - Majlis-majlis Haul Imam Al-Haddad
    Siri Majlis-Majlis Haul Imam Abdullah bin Alawi Al-Haddad sedang di selaraskan di beberapa bandar di sekitar Malaysia selain dari di Lembah Kelang mulai 09 Oktober 2010 hingga 24 Oktober 2010. Tamu terulung dari golongan ulama' antarabangsa terdiri dari Al-Allaamah Al-Habib Zein bin Ibrahim bin Semait dari Madinah, Al-Allaamah Al-Habib Umar bin Muhammad bin Hafidz dari Yaman dan Al-Habib Abdullah Attas Al-Habshi dari Makkah. Selain mereka, beberapa lagi ulama' dari Malaysia dan rantau ini akan sampaikan kata-kata hikmah, sebahagiannya dari kalam Imam Al-Haddad berkaitan dengan tajuk tema tahun ini iaitu 'YAKIN' dengan selingan ghasidah dan nasyid masyhur dari ratusan syaír nukilan Al-Imam.


    Zon Utara (Kumpulan A)
    Zon Timur (Kumpulan B)

    09 Oktober 2010
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    Masjid Kapitan Keling, Pulau Pinang
    Masjid Pasir Mas, Pasir Mas, Kelantan

    13 Oktober 2010
    Masjid Al-Bukhary, Alor Setar, Kedah
    Masjid Besar Geliga, Cukai, Kemaman, Terengganu

    14 Oktober 2010
    Masjid Saiyidina Abu Bakar Assidiq, Bakar Arang, Sg Petani, Kedah
    Masjid At-Taqwa, Pekan, Pahang

    Zon Sentral

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    Yayasan Al-Jenderami, Dengkil, Selangor

    21 Oktober 2010
    Yayasan Assofa, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan
    Masjid Layang-Layang, WP Labuan

    Zon Malaysia Timur 1 (Kumpulan E)
    Zon Malaysia Timur 2 (Kumpulan F)

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    Masjid At-Taqwa, Miri, Sarawak

    23 Oktober 2010
    Masjid Bandaraya, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
    Masjid Baitul Aman, Kuala Lumpur

    24 Oktober 2010
    Masjid Habib Abdulrahman, Tawau, Sabah
    Madrasah Darul Faqih, Jalan Gelang Cincin, Segamat, Johor

    Nota: Majlis Utama di Masjid Sultan Salahudin Abdul Aziz Shah pada 16 Oktober 2010 akan bermula pada jam 5:00 petang tepat. Selain itu, semua majlis-majlis di seluruh Malaysia bermula pada 5:30 petang tepat. Diharap hadirin dan hadirat dapat bersama majlis-majlis ini sebelum waktu mula tersebut. Semua Muslimin dan Muslimat dijemput hadir. Diminta Hadirin dan Hadirat mematuhi halal/haram, sunnah/makruh dan adab semasa didalam majlis-majlis ini.

    Majlis di Melaka belum dipastikan lagi.

    Sila santau semula jadual diatas kerana kemungkinan adanya apa-apa perubahan yang terpaksa dilakukan.

    Sebarang pertanyaan boleh di kemukakan ke

  42. Skilgannon10665:03 pm

    Perwira 8:10 AM

    Wow, u still around, ah? Thought you would have retired to contemplate your self-inflicted wounds and to ask for "inspirasi" how to remain relevant in this wide and wonderful world where "ketuanan" of any kind means sweet all!

    As for Mas Selamat, he's been put back in the Whitley Road Detention Centre (hopefully with better security arrangements this time around).

    If I were to subscribe to conspiracy theories, I would have thought that the timing of Mas's deportation to Singapore was entirely fortuitous, seeing as it came after the KTM land swop deal was done.

    Of course, the only people who know what happened actually are the Msian SB and the Spore ISD - and they are not talking, no sirree.

    Back to the question of "Malay Empowerment", how will these persuade the Googles, eBays, Facebooks, Microsofts, IBMs, Hewlett-Packards, Intels, Ciscos and Oracles of this world to cast a sympathetic eye on Malaysia?

    Or where the country is going to find RM1.44 trillion for investments between 2011 and 2020?

    I say - forget about "empowerment", if it is not backed up by transparency, good governance and meritocracy. Let's do "dual citizenship" instead to get global talent flows running in our favour.

    Oh, I forgot - we don't need talent; we have plenty of the homegrown kind - freshminted with insularity and rudimentary English already built-in!

  43. Anonymous5:29 pm


  44. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Just Say...The Chinese wants everything..ruling power..control the economy..all the wealth..and leave the Melayu's to balik kampung.
    No need to pretend to fight for equality, meritocracy bla bla....
    As Ibrahim Ali said it.. Don't Talk Shit!!

  45. Anonymous8:36 pm

    As long as the constitution stays, the Malays will be empowered

    detractors can howl, whine, grovel for all they want

    Tanah Melayu will always be in existence for the Malay-based culture

    others can choose to come on board or float out to sink or swim

  46. Anonymous8:41 pm

    india not ready for hosting the games, collapsed buildings, poor hygiene etc etc

    china universities NOW offering courses on how to tackle graft


  47. Anonymous8:53 pm

    high time to be WISE

    forget abt being NICE

    coz these swines cannot appreciate the pearls you cast

  48. Anonymous11:38 pm

    We don't want non-bumi in Malaysia, they can balik tongsan. We should start a sweeping program, sweeping non-bumi out from Malaysia. We don't need and want you, you can get LOST.

    1 Malaysia is a Malaysia with out the immigrants.


  49. Anonymous4:32 pm




  50. Anonymous12:30 pm

    We are afterall a BANANA republiK what!!!. Here Rocky have a BA NA NA . . . . . . heheheheh. Why is Najeep in the US for? He should be in developed capitals such as Khartom, Harare when Sgt Pepper first thought the band to play ma!!!!
    Are we in the US to lick Obama and uncle sam's arse? Naji Says one thing, while his BTN machai says Chinese atr mata sepet and Indians are kaki botol.
    Mahai, Najip is either a two faced snake or truly a powerless leader.
    I'm all for Malay empowerment, Chinese empowerment, Indian empowerment, Punjabi empowerment ect ect.
    What I am against is why is it, if and when you want to empower your race, you have to degrade other people's race?
    Have you even seen a 100 meter race on TV? Do you see contestants pulling down the other runners off the track, so they can win, or do you see them just trying to run as fast as they can?
    As for Rashid, after is PRESS RELEASE for Halim $aad, I DOUBT if he really wrote the article. HEHEHEHEHE.

    Teuku Zakaria Teuku Nyak

  51. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Hey anon 4.32 & the likes,

    The only people been treating the indians like pariah in Malaysia are their very own indian kind..the like of high class divine godlike samy vellu and the money laundering lawyers for examples..

    you fuckhead never bother to go after them, don't you? but dare to jump straight with guts attacking the malays & malays' institution as if we're the easy scape damn & very daring you are, eh..? wait and see soon..

    fuck you pigbrain for blaming everything on the malays..wanna break some bones with us, hah? Maybe you need to learn from the chingkies..

    Hey, if your forefathers never migrated to Tanah Melayu, we will never have the opportunity to discourse this issue.. illiterate, malnourished, no where would you be?

    Of coz not end up like Mittal or the like etc.. coz you're a pariah descendant, the high caste did not migrate coz they enjoy enslaving & worshiped like god by your pariah kind back home, of course lah! hehehe..
    Instead, you'll be spending your life collecting cow dungs, serving the brahmins & ksatrias and nite time sleeping by the kaki lima longkang , train station, road divider with sky as the roof..

    tapping rubbers for the white would be much more honorable than any of the top, at least you get your tamil schools here funded by you asslicked European estate masters..

    ever been to your own origin land fuckhead? not yet? you better go..
    stop cursing other countries lah bodoh, especially the one you thrown your foul shit in/out..

    and one thing..stop testing the malays' patient ok,
    u ungrateful fuckheads..migrate to UK, USA, S'pore if you got what it takes and shut the fuck up, ok pariah..? you wanna live with the whites? try Australia for a start..hahahahaha..



    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  52. Anonymous3:01 pm

    This is one of the times I'm very disappointed with blogsites. Racist, hateful & bigoted comments are published for all to see and get upset with.

    And yes, the blog owners will argue that it is "good" and "healthy" and whatever ridiculous excuses to justify their lack of discretion and insensitivity.

    More animosity is created, more hatred and disgust are nurtured and these things fester...

    Good job, Rocky...

    - Karim.

  53. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Anons, 6.28, 8.36, 8.41, 8.53 amd koko

    My sentiments exactly. Time to sweep and wipe out this yellow evil. These bastard mother/whorefuckers (for their mothers doubled up as whores back then and sometimes stii do) pillaged and looted this bountiful land to enrich theimselves and now are preparing to run away with their ill gotten gains. I say lower the gantry at all exit points, herd these swines into open air pens.Rip every ringgit, dollar? and sen off them and throw them like cattle into C140 transporters and dump them like toxic waste in their homelands. After all, the ad nauseum oft repeated empty boast was that their forefathers came here in tongkangloads with only their shirts and shitsoiled underwear on their backs. see whether they can live up to that empty arsehole talk, pigcocksuckling, dog dickjuicing scumbags.

    P/s: Once these bastards are detected to be out to scram, freeze their assets, expropriate all their wealth and make sure they are made to grovel like pigs till the day of their permanent bansihment.

    Warrior 231

  54. Anonymous3:20 pm

    What golden goose laying vermin? Mabuk todi ka?

    Its more appropriate to classified as the British systematically implanted viruses under their divide and rule policy, that was why they were ready giving away the Independence just via negotiations..they already destroyed the fundamental of the nation - the social fabric disease..similar to all their non-white dominant ex-colonies..

    these viruses dormant for a few years and always strike again whenever the host (the pribumi) antibodies are weaken..

    These aliens disease mutated every 20-30years to new strains (e.g. Malaysian Malaysia to Middle Malaysia)..Just like the case of swine flu H1N1!

    Now even the Malays top political institutions also badly infected with new syphilitic diseases called 1Malaysia & Fuckatan Riot etc. causing them to diminish slowly to rot..Anwar Ibrahim is an exception to infection coz he himself a vector and the virus vault, enjoy transmitting viruses in/out the hole to whomever he persuaded for an ass-play..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  55. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Anon 4.32 PM

    Heloooo kawan..

    Aney sini 200taun dulu mali to serve and slave for your British masters lor.

    Semua itu harta karun dia olang kasi angkut pulang lia punya Negeli, sama kongsi2 itu chattiar dan Apek2 sampai sekalang makan tak habis.

    Hindraf tuntuk SHARE berapa trillion POUND sama lia olang, sudah dapat ker? None of our business, go and demand there la!

    Sekarang lu orang pun mayak tak pandai terima kasih, tumpang subsidy hasil Petronas.. Hari2 makan nasi berapa mangkuk? Naik kereta lembu pergi kerja ker? Compliments from PETRONAS, OK.


  56. Skilgannon10664:06 pm

    Anon 6:28 PM, 8:36 PM, 8:41 PM

    Question: just what has the Umno-led federal government been doing since August 31, 1957?

    Any answers? For the linguistically-challenged amongst us, better make those answers short and simple.

  57. Anonymous4:54 pm

    KUALA LUMPUR: National Civics Bureau (BTN) deputy director Hamim Husin is no longer fit to hold his position and should be sent for counselling and retraining, MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said.

    He said Hamim did not understand the concept of democracy when he proclaimed Malay rights as a mandate to rule the country.

    "He obviously does not know what democracy is all about. In a country that practises democracy, it is the rakyat who determines who rules the country," he said after the party presidential council meeting at Wisma MCA here Tuesday.

    p/s:::KENAPA CHUA SOI LEK dan MCA tak hentam NAMAWEE habis-habisan??

  58. Seolferwulf7:08 pm

    Meanwhile..."Govt agency veers from bumiputra agenda. UDA chairman: soaring land costs forcing it to become market-driven to ensure it's viability in long run"

    UDA chairman Nur Jazlan Mohd: "This new economic reality forces UDA to depart from the usual practice of setting fixed quotas for bumiputra ownership in our projects...It's business model now will have a more optimal mix of purchasers with greater purchasing power to ensure future appreciation of the value of the properties..."

    "Having non-bumiputra and foreign investors in the development (the proposed Pudu Jail redevelopment) would enhance it's value and allow UDA to subsidise the retail portion taken up by bumiputra entrepreneurs."

    Apparently, Nur Jazlan has belatedly realized that while you can run from the market, you can't hide from it.

    Empowerment, ketuanan or whatever comes up against cold, hard and stark economic realities!

    But he is still talking about "subsidies". Looks like he hasn't fully understood the real world.

  59. Anonymous12:15 am

    To the retards here, read this, from

    “Chinese people are highly reluctant to admit their errors, and can produce a myriad of reasons to cover their mistakes.

    There’s an old adage: ‘Contemplate your faults behind closed doors’. Whose faults? The guy’s next door, of course!

    “The Ugly Chinaman (醜陋的中國人)–delivered at the Iowa University in the U.S. a quarter of a century ago. – was published the following year in 1985 as a book together with his other essays and translated into English in 1992, Bo Yang asserted boldly, “Chinese people are the same everywhere.”

    The Ugly Chinaman and the Crisis of Chinese Culture [Paperback]
    Po-Yang“Bo Yang (柏楊, born 1920) is a Mainlander-born writer based in Taiwan.One of his best known books is The Ugly Chinaman (醜陋的中國人).

    During his imprisonment, Bo Yang wrote a number of works on Chinese history.

    Po Yang writes—

    Over the past 4000 years, China has produced only one great thinker: Confucius. In the 2500 years since his death, China’s literati have done little more than tack on footnotes to the theories propounded by Confucius and his disciples. Rarely have they contributed anything original to the body of Confucian thought, simply because the traditional culture did not allow it. The minds of the literati were stuck at the bottom of an intellectual stagnant pond, the soy paste vat of Chinese culture. As the contents of this vat grew more and more putrid, the resulting stench was absorbed by the Chinese people. Since the many problems in this opaque,bottomless vat could not be solved by individuals exercising their own reason and intelligence, the literati had to ape other people’s way of thinking, or be influenced by other schools of thought. A fresh peach placed in a vat full of putrescent soy paste will soon wither away and turn into a dry turd.”


    Told you all already long, long time ago....No wonder they are so bahalol! They can never understand anything that you tell them. They know only how to copy and 'potong jalan'. Go on and ape away laa, gonna make my day, retards!

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  60. Anonymous3:45 am


    Short and simple.

    1. Kecik2 kasi lu makan moi bermangkuk-mangkuk,
    2. Kasi security your anak hisap "lead-free milk powder" sampai besar sihat.
    3. Make sure you are no longer forced to hisap OPIUM
    4. And each day, put a bowl of rice on your table.

    See, compare to 50yrs ago, so many things UMNO helped you..


  61. Anonymous7:13 am

    Yeah for the linguistically challenged for us is to come back another nick and post a verbal diarhoea of cut and paste.

    Cut and paste is all right for the Chingkie bastard but a nono for anyone else. Pooorah, chingkie pundek pariah pukilicking, batangsucking scumbag. Your lies are legion and you better get ready to be disembowelled after wifey, daughters and sistas are raped before your very eye,bastard shitbag.

  62. Anonymous2:16 pm


  63. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Hoi Karim@ 3.01pm and the like of lost soul malay out there,

    Where have you all been circa Pak Lah premiership period and post March 2008?? only recently learn what is an internet and blogspot kah? so why blame Rockybru now, hah?

    What we have here now, are just a good payback time..its kick-ass time..its a high time WE taught these racist chingkies and hindulens bastard their very own hard lesson for what they already started in the first place..

    No turning back lah..takutkah? mau jadi serupa pariah hindraf yg kecut telur skrg dgn Perkasa kah? dulu bukan main bongkak berani, skrg hanya berani tuduh Perkasa rasis..? Minta simpati utk halang Perkasa dgn pertolongan kerajaan BN?
    gelap sgt sampai tak nampak rupa sendiri di cermin ke??
    ROTFLMAO kah..kah..kah..!

    Better drown yourself lah if you already missed the ship..stop spoiling our good time mood..We are slowly gaining our antibodies momentum and soon we're gonna eradicate all this ultra-virus alien disease fever forever..

    Why stowaway on board these pendatang tongkang's now and assume they are your saint savior..?

    waste of malay sperm indeed you are..better be a apologetic & pathetic..spare your moral preaching craps for now, already past expiry..again, you already missed your time.

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  64. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Desperate replicating swine virus..
    try to show that he is not a stand alone looser..pathetic chingkie..every time come in pair with its imaginary friend..sure kantoi..same-o-shit only different name branding..

    Skilgannon1066 ,


    last time ivanhoe, shitdrinker wtf..

    read the last posting it kantoi itself here..

    :D muhahahaha

  65. Skilgannnon10665:26 pm

    Warrior xxx

    You mean you have surfaced again - like a bad case of the pox?

    Care to comment on Seolferwulf's post - the one about the UDA chairman talking about the "new economic reality"?

    Btw, for those semantically-challenged, "Seolferwulf" means "Silver Wolf" - a term of honour amongst the Danes and Norsemen of Arthurian times. Very apt, I think!

    I don't see you holding out the begging bowl for RM1.4 trillion of investments, unless you think that this amount is a figment of the government's imagination!

    Oh, btw - care to comment on why Maybank has decided to locate regional private banking and wealth management operation in Singapore? Has Abdul Wahid Omar lost the plot? Or has he succumbed to the "new economic reality" syndrome?

  66. Seolferwulf7:08 pm

    Wah, this anti-dll guy so cheem, one!

    But, like bullies everywhere, he is carefully selective about the targets for his invective.

    Note that he does not
    - call for MNCs to be thrown out of the country
    - call for all the bilateral FTAs to be torn up & bonfires
    - question foreign banks & companies recruiting the best based on merit
    - advocate that all investment promotion missions overseas be stopped with immediate effect
    - question the estimate of RM1.44 trillion needed in investments over the next 10 years or where these funds are coming from

    Like I said, he is carefully selective about his targets.

    Not exactly the stuff of ketuanan now, is it?

  67. Anonymous9:20 pm

    Anon @ 4:32 PM - foreign workers can work for million years, they will remain foreign workers

    tenants who rent a room will always be tenants no matter how much rent they pay and for how many years

    special status as GUARANTEED in the constitution will remain as special status no matter how it is translated

    so eat your heart out, you got citizenships right, what more do you want??

    adopted children will NEVER equal own blood children

  68. Anonymous9:34 pm

    in your face skewedmoron

    just what have you done since you get subsidised citizenship in Malaysia unlike citizenships in the white countries and oh the red dot

    they believe in a LOOOOONNGGG list of criteria to grant you a teeny space in their sovereign countries

    such a wasted sp**m - descendant of a mere pig-tailed malnourished illiterate impoverished coolie kang

    out to ROB the gentle, warm, gracious, kind, cultured, peace-loving, contented, civilised, skilful, creative, talented and refined genteel race

  69. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Skewedmorn aka sillywulf

    Quick, rush to SGH with Guntor in tow and shake your dicks dry into arsefucking, cunthumping, throat ramming Harry's gaping mouth. For once, that will the tables on him and who knows, will serve him as his last drops of insanity before he konks out and burns in hell. Good riddance to bad chingk garbage never sounded better.

    Warrior 231

  70. Anonymous3:39 am

    Anon 5:29PM said..


    Memang betoi tu.. Apatheid...

    Aliens landing on this beautiful land and squeezing everything out of the land and tearing apart the peace and comfort of the sons of the soils,

    seize and steal property.. torture...beat... then stab victims to death... burn and scatter the ashes, bones all over.. mass murdering the sons of the soils.

    Just like South Africa before and Palestine today..


  71. Anonymous9:58 am

    I like the word Stupid..keep it Dato !

  72. Seolferwulf6:47 pm

    Warrior annus horribilis

    I am honored to be deemed to be in the same frame of mind as Skilgannon. I am sure that she will be just as chuffed to be in such illustrious company!

    If u are so "gutsy", tell the govt that it doesn't need the RM1.44 trillion in investments as that would make the country forever beholden to foreign investors.

    Why yammer on about "ketuanan" and ethnic launderising when you are begging for foreign investments? Got no shame, eh?

    Even Dr Mahathir, in spite of his diatribes against free markets and capitalism, didn't call for foreign investors to be thrown out!

    Lee Kuan Yew went one better, of course. Which is why GIC has assets of US$200 billion+, Temasek has assets of S$270 billion and the market caps of Singtel and SIA are S$50 billion and S$19.5 billion respectively and why Singapore has AAA ratings from credit rating agencies.

    That is true empowerment, based on solid economic facts. Not spurious feel-good tripe like that dished out by certain quarters in this blog and elsewhere.

  73. Anonymous12:53 am


  74. Anonymous12:57 pm


    Without Malaysia's Tongkat, for the last 50years, none of what you twinkled will be made possible right?

    Our "WATERS" help nourished their their brains to be able to function and live to a ripe age of 80+.

    With all the billions yet still MUST depend on Malaysia's Tongkat?.



  75. Anonymous1:55 pm

    didn't know skewedmoron is female

    lky is reaching expiry of shelf life when he said that singaporeans are mostly chinese and indians

    and they are hard-striving and hard-driving

    hhmmmm ... wonder if that is compensation for LACK of REAL talent plus insecurity plus greed

    great theory huh??

  76. Seolferwulf7:10 pm

    Warrior annus h

    So, is The Star report that Dr Mahathir is warded in Melbourne with a chest infection true?

    If it is, then I wish Dr M a speedy recovery.

    Unlike your expressed sentiments about Lee Kuan Yew.

  77. Ermm...shouldn't it be SAID ZAHARI and not "SYED" Zahari?

  78. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Where is my 4 am bazooka to skewedmoron? Why is it very difficult for me to comment here? Each time< I try the comment thread disappears into thin air. I thought the problem was on my site but I deconfigured the whole thing, reset it and the problem still persists. The technical data points to server related issues at your end.

    Are you in cahoots with Skewedmoron so he can bash me with my hands "electronically" tied? How much did they pay you to cross over to the darkside of Godfather's backside? hahahahahahah.

    Just kidding bru, u r still da best but I am still wondering where are my comments?

    Warrior 231

  79. Skilgannon10664:54 pm

    Warrior xxx 6:05 PM

    You should get yourself on to Singtel's Singnet broadband service - sure got no problems, one! This particular connection is chirping away at 10Mbps (the stuff of dreams in the peninsula). And there's a 100Mbps upgrade waiting for me to sign on the dotted line!

    In any case, all the points that you have tried to make are moot. As they say, when all is said and done, it's all in the numbers - who has done well and who screwed up bigtime.

    You can waffle on about conspiracy theories and the threats posed by resurgent "mata sepets" and "Hindutulens", but that's all it amounts to - waffle. Which masks, I think, a deep and abiding inferiority complex born out of insecurity and a bone-chilling fear that the more unsavoury aspects of the "ketuanan syndrome" face an unhospitable environment in the region.

    More on this in subsequent posts.

    Meanwhile, rest easy. The sought-for RM1.44 trillion in investments is a piece of cake, a veritable walk in the park!

  80. Skilgannon10665:03 pm

    Perwira 12:57 PM

    To the point, perhaps, that the Singapore government is donating the water treatment plant in Johor, gratis and in good working order, to the Johor state govt next year?

    (Btw, what is the rate at which the Johor state govt buys treated water from Singapore and what is the domestic water tariff in Johor Bahru?)

    And that, come 2061, the second water supply agreement between Singapore and Malaysia will lapse, with Singapore becoming 100 per cent self-sufficient in water?

    That's pretty good empowerment, right - becoming self-sufficient in water? And being able to export water treatment expertise to China and the Middle East? The Arabs are picky customers, after all!

  81. Anonymous6:25 pm


    Kesian dengar kelohan APEK ni. Take it off your


  82. Anonymous7:33 pm

    "I am honored to be deemed to be in the same frame of mind as Skilgannon. I am sure that she will be just as chuffed to be in such illustrious company!"


    what we have here..flip-flop fiasco of a schizophrenic multiple identity disorder.? typical pendatang disease..tengok..tanya sillywulf skilmoron jawab & vise versa..cina ni memang sungguh gilababi..hahahaha.

    How stupid and low a chingkie pig can be? Well, this pigbrain is the art of such manifestation..hooray skewedmoron a.k.a sissywulf!

    Pathetic eh..see how this babi doing its damage control?? kah..kah..kah..

    You know can share a same mind frame, no problem with that.. but to have the exact elaboration of ideas in a way so monotonous, exact illustration and verbatim et verbatim & yet trying hard to prove it is different is sooo obviously annoyingly stupid & self-ridiculing..

    and to refer the exact gender of a deemed anon..? is just like shooting own foot..stupig.. kah..kah..kah..

    kantoi..memang cina singapore celup sorang ni bodoh mcm babi...a waste of shit for singapore indeed..
    mengalahkan org singapore..lebih sudu dari kuah saja..lowlife sus-barbatus cretin..

    sudah tukar jantina kah skewedmoron bapuk? Ohh..itu kerja utama di Geylang ya? hahahahaha...bro Warrior..your turn to kick-da-pig, brader..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  83. Anonymous11:17 am

    Part 1 : Dei skewedmoron aka sillywolf
    arsefucking, cuntlicking, dickwater drinking piece of chingkie shit.What moot are u talking about, bastard pigarse fucking dogcockslurping douchebag!. U think u got this effing fucking air that there one law 4 u and another 4 d others, kanianiamah chou chibai. Tiuniamah linkun,pukimak smooching bastrd, you listen real carefully here:

    a. The etiquette behind good commenting demands that you debunk my contentions if u r responding to me.When I quoted wiliam keng on your chingkie shithole's discrimination to back my point, you debunk HIS methodology, His theoretical framework etc, not take the pondan route of shooting at me. I find his academic paper perfectly lucid, (FYI,2 other sporeans academics tried debunking him and got shitsplattered). His paper is backed by other facts as the UN rapporteur report on racial discrimination in spore and the Sporean Malay MPs lament attest. I repeat; Singapore is a Chingkie racist stronghold and Harry Lee is its architect. The Malays in Singapore are the pathetic underclaass conned by cocksuckling, throatrammed, arsefucked apologists like the Guntor dog. I quoted from the Strait Times ( which you say is a trusted source, now you wanna lick back that shit..too late its already up here)about the MP. The ST is berita Harian sister paper in the SPH stables. Dont waffle like a pondan arsefucking sissy faggot that Guntor wouldnt know about all that. Tell that to your grandma as you rape her while grandpa drool salive all over.

  84. Anonymous11:26 am

    Part 1 : Dei skewedmoron aka sillywolf
    arsefucking, cuntlicking, dickwater drinking piece of chingkie shit.What moot are u talking about, bastard pigarse fucking dogcockslurping douchebag!. U think u got this effing fucking air that there one law 4 u and another 4 d others, kanianiamah chou chibai. Tiuniamah linkun,pukimak smooching bastrd, you listen real carefully here:

    a. The etiquette behind good commenting demands that you debunk my contentions if u r responding to me.When I quoted wiliam keng on your chingkie shithole's discrimination to back my point, you debunk HIS methodology, His theoretical framework etc, not take the pondan route of shooting at me. I find his academic paper perfectly lucid, (FYI,2 other sporeans academics tried debunking him and got shitsplattered). His paper is backed by other facts as the UN rapporteur report on racial discrimination in spore and the Sporean Malay MPs lament attest. I repeat; Singapore is a Chingkie racist stronghold and Harry Lee is its architect. The Malays in Singapore are the pathetic underclaass conned by cocksuckling, throatrammed, arsefucked apologists like the Guntor dog. I quoted from the Strait Times ( which you say is a trusted source, now you wanna lick back that shit..too late its already up here)about the MP. The ST is berita Harian sister paper in the SPH stables. Dont waffle like a pondan arsefucking sissy faggot that Guntor wouldnt know about all that. Tell that to your grandma as you rape her while grandpa drool salive all over.

  85. Anonymous11:27 am

    b. Andy Xie is on indelible record that Spore's FDI inflow correlates to slush, dirty money from Indonesia flowing into Spore's coffers. He was right. Time series data analysis show a correlation between the two. It is the same with myanmar and fromthe chingkie triads in Asia. Now write to the paper and debunk this if your got the cockmuscle and clarify that red dot does not indulge in that stuff:

    For that matter, it tallies with what these articles say here and here/ These stuff is also carried by alternative media like Temasik Review, Temasik Hedge and other sources. By the way, MSM has also a similar but somewhat discreet line here. Looks like the Euro and Yank mafia are heading this way too. Come on chingkie shit, debunk and dont waffle like the sowcunt licking, pigdickjuicing chingkie shitbag you are. For we (me , my blood brader aniti- and the rest of us melayu bermaruah) are sick of spore kencing this, spore berak that stuff u put on. If you cant destroy our comments for want of intellect, then dont harp on them. This place is big enuff 4 u to put up ur glass of urine and for alternative views like ours to thrive. Just put ur shit up and fuck off and let the readers be the judge, manfucking, big dickjuicing pervert scumbag!! or r u 2 dense for that. Dont hide chouchibai pukimak lanchiau kaniniamah like during the FDI thread. Suffice 2 say, ur momma/whore ( my selfimposed embargo rgdg her is off, bastard)deserves a bayonet stuck up her cunt n a grenade lobbed into it for her to be blown up to smithereens for bringing Chingkie shit like u into dis world!and for that matter all the other Chingkie whore squaws as well!

    Warrior 231

  86. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Warrior, your comments are 'Wow'...

    I had inserted many links in RB for Sillygannon and his ilk to read and analyse but apparently they are too stupid to even understand anything. Look at the way he rants, real mouth-frothing. If the red dot is damn bloody good, then why stay in M'sia....I hope he is not a Malaysian.

    SSS Supporter

  87. Skilgannon10664:15 pm

    Anti whatever 7:33 PM

    Your point being what, exactly? That Skilgannon1066 and Seolferwulf are avatars of an hitherto unknown person/persons?

    Dream on! Who knows what you have been smoking?

  88. Skilgannon10664:33 pm

    Warrior xxx

    Ah, yes - the much-vaunted Andy Xie.

    You didn't mention that he is currently an independent economist based in Shanghai, and that he was formerly the chief Asia-Pacific economist for Morgan Stanley.

    Or that "he left abruptly in October 2006 when an internal email that he penned was leaked out. He derided Singapore as a money laundering centre for Indonesia, and the ASEAN group of nations as a failure." (from Wikipedia).

    So, rather than stand up in public, take responsibility for his expressed opinions and justify them, he chose to abruptly quit his job with a Wall Street major!

    How very convenient!

    Of course, since October 2006, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and the other major Wall Street investment banks have substantially boosted their presence in Singapore. Not very indicative of a loss of confidence in the city-state, is it?

  89. Anonymous11:57 pm

    There you go again, shiteating arsefucked babi. You cannot debunk his contention that is validated by the data so what's the next option? Ad hominem the guy. Make him out to be coward for upping and running away in a hurry. Dei pondan shitface, your crap doesn’t detract from the other stuff you hid from us which is available by just wikiing his name. Read about that in the Wiki entry. He has lost no skin off his nose as far as credibility unlike u, skewed wanker with multiple personalities/nicks. Why andy was even in the Starbiz column last week.

    It also doesn’t speak well for you when you CONVENIENTLY failed to mention that your favie dying cock harry Lee and his bastard henchmen dint bother to follow up on him. You know, arrest him and throw him into some cell for daring to reveal a badly kept global secret. U know they can go after anyone with a suitcase of suits or go after a pipsqueak for scribbling some graffiti or even arrest an anti-death penalty canvasser but they dare not touch Andy Xie. Strange isn’t it or he took the slow tongkang to Shanghai ala Mas Selamat …U know Spore security setup is damn stupid!!ROFL Why the sudden touch-him-not by the Spore hoodlums? Shrunk balls cos they knew if they touched him, shit hits the fan as the WSJ report here intimates (look at the portion I capitalized for your eyes):

    “Morgan Stanley's popular star Asia economist resigned suddenly last Friday, and now it's becoming clearer as to what might have prompted his decision: a leaked private email that included derogatory comments about Singapore:
    The sudden departure of Andy Xie from the investment bank Friday was precipitated by the leak of an internal email he wrote Sept. 18 containing disparaging comments about Singapore. The nine-paragraph note, with the subject line "Observations at the IMF/WB Conference (internal)," included an account of a private dinner hosted by Singapore's prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong, during the World Bank and International Monetary Fund annual meetings last month.
    "I thought that the questioners were competing with each other to praise Singapore as the success story of globalization," he wrote, according to a copy of the email reviewed by The Wall Street Journal and confirmed by Morgan Stanley. In contrast, he cited "money laundering" as responsible for Singapore's success. "These western people didn't know what they were talking about," he wrote.

    Speaking by telephone from Guangzhou, in southern China, Mr. Xie said the email was written at "the spur of the moment" and some of the language was "not appropriate" for public consumption.
    "When I write something for the public eye, I choose the wording carefully," Mr. Xie said. But he added: "NOTHING, I WRITE, IN PRIVATE OR PUBLIC, WILL EVER CONTRADICT EACH OTHER ."...

    Full report here:."

    Full email about Spore the shithole is here

    Unlike you at least Andy Xie has got some cajoons to call a shithole a shithole. Who are u anyway? a cocksuckling chingkie pigdog bred for regurgitating the world over the sporean shit he swallowed from the Lees’ unwashed arseholes . Just to earn a few extra cents, a daily cocksuckle and a free Lee shit eating session from his very arse, eh bigdick hankering filthy johnjuicer?
    (*TBC with facts that will tally with Andy’s open secret revelation)

    Warrior 231

  90. Anonymous4:28 am

    woi skewedmoron

    the red dot will be drinking recycled WASTE water dol ...

    Carol Cheng of Hong Kong SHUDDERED at the mere thought, she expressed her thankfulness for being a HK citizen which means she need not drink sewage water!

    Imagine years and years of air jamban, brain retardation is expected to be the consequence ...


  91. Anonymous4:35 am

    Dedicated to

    Warrior 231,

    :D muhahahaha -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-,

    and PERWIRA

    You guys sure got STYLE and PERSONALITY

    Can't say for skewedmoron and the sillywolf whose trademark is "cut and paste" from some business times or trade magazines

    no real debating talent - just quote from "experts" to prop up their benang basah argument

    hardworking but NO real talent

  92. Skilgannon10666:37 pm

    Warrior xxx 11:57 PM

    Wow, twisting logic, are we?

    The fact of the matter is that the Andy Xie email was never made public; it was never published in the mainstream media. Otherwise, the Singgie govt would have gone after Morgan Stanley and Mr Xie in court, as they did with The Asian Wall Street Journal, the International Herald Tribune and the now-defunct Far Eastern Economic Review.

    As for Mr Xie, after that supposedly notorious email, he has not surfaced with any thought-provoking comments on the Singapore economy - comments that can be debated and rebutted. Why so coy, all of a sudden?

    And don't tell me that a US-trained economist like Mr Xie couldn't land a job with another Wall Street investment bank in Hong Kong, Tokyo or Singapore after quitting Morgan Stanley?

    As for the "Temasek Review" that you are fond of quoting, the Singapore "New Paper" recently did an unflattering expose on it (check out the report in the 9 Oct issue of the paper) which questioned the Review's credibility. Perhaps Pak Rocky is aware of this particular report?

    Though what all this has to do with "Malay Empowerment" beats me. Perhaps it's the fundamental insecurity showing - nobody out there loves us!

  93. Anonymous7:34 pm

    Dream on! Who knows what you have been smoking?

    Is that all you have, skewedmoron?

    Your very own schizophrenic identity disorder of NAME(S) is already an insult to the whole thinking faculty and to the word integrity..what else left inside that diarrhoea shit-filled pighead of yours, tell us?

    A shameless pig self-duplicating it existence in desperate attempt to breed, but end up only to produce obvious similar pigshit product from his own gene pool..none real talent & real style at all..the whole world see except for this poor blind piggy..mass production of rubbish, eh? what a waste!

    Cheap chingkie asshole selling for SGD1 per entry anyone? Now with a surgical made cunt! Aawww!! what a bonus..two pigs but with one head..

    bukan saya cakap lorr skilmoron..your unknown twin did say you're a bitch & u don't even bother to deny that in debating your very own hallucinating existence..surprising, how stupid..smoke my dick, bitch, need to say no more..kah..kah..kah..! ..|.,


    :D>-< muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  94. Melayuman3:19 pm

    After the independence of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu or Malaya, the Malays thought that appointed Malay leaders through UMNO would fight for their rights and enhance the economies.

    However due the limitations of their thoughts processes it was never successful. It is too much to expect Tunku Abd Rahman to come out with a blueprint within a decade. Tunku had done his part in driving the English out. This itself is a mighty feat.

    But the danger of chinese and indians supremacy could not be contained and this exploded in 1969 when DAP thought that with the British out of the way, they and other ex communists race, now let out from their Chinese new villages can gain control of Malaya. A state of emergency was declared again.

    Mahathir was given the chance but he too had his limitations letting the Chinese monopolised the sugar trade for Kuok who now gather a staggering 40 billion assets equal to what the whole Malay owned PNB.

    Under Mahahtir too he conspired to let Ananda Krishnan amast 40 billion, Vincent Tan 10 billion through organised and license gamblin, Lim Goh Tong 20 billion through licensed monopoly casino. All these are openly available through Forbes and these are just the top 10 richest men in Malaysia.
    The Malays call Mahathir Tokeh Judi terbesar! The head of the biggest organised gambling in Malaysia as most countries made casinos and gamblin illegal.

    The Chinese corruption of Malays leaders and head of department continuese with the illegal award of WIMAX frequencies against the Federal Constitution by Lim Keng Yaik and now the 4G by Rais Yatim himself and the SKMM.

    Thus it is left to Malays NGOs like
    PERKASA to uphold and fight for the Federal Constitution of the Federated Malay States to ensure the rightful rights of the Malays and Sultanates remain intact.

    The action plan is
    1. to curb Chinese monopoly in natural resources which are against the Federal Constituiton
    2. to curb organised gambling leaders like MCA and Vincent Tan and Ananda Krsihnan from buying over Malay leaders with Yacht or Pavarotti concerts.
    3. transfer the ownership of frequencies to National Cooperatives so that the maximum spread of wealth is achieved.
    4. Ensure the policies to attain equal wealth distribution so that only 30% goes to Chinese and Indians interest.
    5. Nationalise Astro,and Measat from Ananda which was given out unconstitutionally.
    6. Form a Royal Commission to bring to justice Malay leaders who connived with the Chinese to defraud the Malays and act against the Federal Constitution.

  95. anonymouse5:32 pm

    To Indian Anonymous 4.32 just because Indian labourers and Chinese labourers work in tin mine dont qualify them for citizenship.

    Kuwait, Saudi Arabia all have very high level of Indian and Chinese working as labourers.

    All the beuatiful buildings are built by Indians and Myanmar etc.

    Are they going to be given citizenship of Saudi Arabia? Not in a thousand years.

    Uganda is poor because they dont have natural resources. Saudi is rich because they have oil.

    Nothing to do with Indians. The poor Uganda now dont have to contend with greedy Indians.

  96. well don't drag sabah into yer malay supremacy plan...we are not tanah melayu...and by the way...malays cheated us sabahan of our 20 points. If u wanna pursue this malay supremacy thing... let us go first..or we will let ourselves out.