Monday, June 28, 2010

SC threatens to jail reporter 5 years, fine RM1 million

Selective prosecution. The Securities Commission continues to harass reporters over reports their newspapers published on Kenmark Industries Co (M) Bhd. Malaysian Reserve reporter Dalila Abu Bakar reported at the SC's headquarters in Bukit Kiara not once but twice - at 11 am and again at 6pm. The SC threatened Dalila with some Clause under some Act which could land her in jail and a RM5 mil fine if she did not surrender her handphone and SIM card to them. That's intimidation.
And Najib said he would give more leverage to the Press?
Now please read the Free Malaysia Today's commentary here and tell me the SC isn't a bully.


  1. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Datok Rocky,

    High Income Economy? My foot

    Prof Awe Kecik

  2. Anonymous10:56 pm

    welcome to Malaysia....apa-apa pon boleh jadi mah....Teoh Beng Hock pergi bantu sisaat MACC pon mati jugak !! Apa heran sangat,Rocky ??

  3. Bro

    Sorry to digress.

    I think as many as possible should act to stop a miscarriage of justice from taking place in the mACC vs Rosli Dahlan case as reported by Din Merican here.

    It appears some crooks have manipulated a change of judge in the midst of the trial with ominous implications for Rosli.

    Trust you can highlight it as a separate blog to get max publicity!.

    Thank you.

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  4. Anonymous9:07 am

    Relax Bru,you may invite a charge of subverting the cause of justice and your IPhone?, IPad whatever will be seized for their innards to be examined while you might even have a hot rod (not a Harley!!) stuck up get you to fess up.......hahahahahah

    The regulatory provisions cited to compel a witness to provide the requisite testimony are contained within an Act drafted and enacted in 1993 during the tenure of one, Anwar bin Ibrahim as Finance Minister.

    The Act facilitated the formation of the SC a self funding statutory body vested with investigative and enforcement powers and which reports to the MoF and whose accounts are tabled in Parliament annually.

    The Act was amended several times, beginning with Act A926 in 1998 with the latest being P.U (A) 69/2006. The relevant provisions appertaining to the journalists were part of the original Act, sanctioned by one Anwar bin Ibrahim, champion democrat par excellence on the public stage and I suppose, champion arsedicktator numero uno within the bedroom closet.

    Hence, until the said provisions are repealed or amended to circumscribe the unfettered powers vested in the Commissioner, I am afraid any individual and I mean "ANY" can be summoned to provide eviidence even on the "remotest feeling" of suspicion.

    Therefore, we should allow cheapskate, classless, tacky tarts to wield the law and observe the culmination of their investigation and draw our conclusions based on who gets the short end of the stick: the actual perpetrators of the fiasco or the innocent, objective reporters of the fact. Equity demands that the law be retrospectively applied in the ECM Libra- Avenue Capital scandal but since the then MoF was an assehole, the law accordingly brayed like an ass in unison.

    Finally, why should the people mentioned in the FMT commentary raise a din? After all, its a fellow Wahabbi in the dock and Wahabbis can be secular and worldly braders and sistas in Islam under Jaringan Industri-Masyarakat framework, cant they? Ask Osama's son in California and the Saudi billionaires...hahahahaha

    P/s: after a RM391million bailout plan was sketched out late last year, Talam finally exits PN17 status? Any links between proposed bailout and simmering coup d'tat?

    Warrior 231

  5. Anon 10:56pm, you have a magic crystal ball eh? Are you saying that MACC has got something directly to do with TBH death? Got evidence ah? Or its just your imagination playing with your mind. The inquest is not over yetlah and lets not politicise this purported SC investigation which looks and sounds like bullying shall we, this is about journalism and the sanctity of protecting a journo's source of information.

  6. Dear Dato' Rocky,

    Itu lah namanya perjuangan. Kita terpaksa menghadapi berbagai rintangan.

    Teuhkan semangat !!
    Tetapkan fikiran !!
    Kita tuju satu jalan, PERJUANGAN!!

    Untuk KEJAYAAN !!!

    Semuaga perjuangan akan menemui KEJAYAAN,


  7. Anonymous10:43 am

    tak berani pukul yang besar besar, berani pukul yang kecik kecik je nak tunjuk buat kerja.

    nak hantam biznes men besar besar tak berani, nak hantam politician lagi lah tak berani, so zarinah pilih hantam journalist je lah!


    zarinah style of kill the messengers!

    DSN, apa nak jadi ni? is this your style of management?


  8. Anonymous10:46 am

    my prediction is, umno will split into 2 before next PRU. too obvious lah the development.

    then again, its only prediction....

    pls bookmark my comments and re-visit it 18 months from now tq...

    -berangan nak jadi bookie-

  9. Anonymous11:07 am

    Banana or is it mango republic. Malaysia is well on the way to become Zimbabwe.

  10. In Malaysia's Bolehland not everything is boleh.There are too many sensitive things which are protected by whatever act they want to quote.Lawyers may favour these as there are ample room to make maoney...

  11. Anonymous5:38 pm

    5 years? 1 million bucks?

    Now we kno no ex MACC officers are working at SC. muahahaha