Saturday, June 26, 2010

In Malaysia, business reporters interrogated for hours

Kuala Lumpur, Mon 27 June: Malaysian Reserve's Dalila Abu Bakar is the third journalist to be interrogated by the SC at its headquarters in Bukit Kiara at 11am this morning.

A Voice's latest posting here urges journalists to boycott the SC. Excerpts:
"Financial journalism under Securities Act

Despite the mainstream newspapers "assisting" SC to cover their incompetence and impropriety under pretext of public relation, SC treated these business journalists badly and all MSM newspaper should boycott and blackout SC in protest.

There is no basis for SC to subject the journalist for such long and suspiciously abusive interrogation. They are merely reporting the event and are not suspected offenders."

updates: Zarinah: "Gangster" of Bukit Kiara

Big Dog digs up a bit about the SC chairman's record ..
1. Reports were made to the SC against the ‘merger’. Nothing avail. At least 17 reports were filed by minority shareholders alone. At best, the complainants got an acknowledgement for their complaints. Even three police reports were filed. The commercial crime policemen did the proper thing; They forwarded the police reports to the subject matter expert: The Securities Commission. Guess what? SC did nothing. SC allowed the highly controversial and irregular merger to go on.

2. The more recent is the case about One of the players whose company comprises part of consortium which provided service for the online service provider for Malaysian Government counter services, one Singaporean Mr S K Ong pleaded guilty under Singaporean Sect 97 (1) of the Securities Industries Act in 1999. And yet S K Ong as a white collar criminal was an active shareholder and partner of Paxelent Corporation Bhd. How could SC allow such a person hold position in a plc, moreover which provide wholesale online services on behalf of the Federal Government? This was notified to the SC but then again, non avail
 Original article:

Securities Commission gets rough with journos. Ms BK Sidhu, the Star's seasoned business journalist, was hauled in for questioning for eight straight hours on Wednesday. This is unprecedented. Another journalist Azlan Abu Bakar from the Business Times went in the next day. Two other journalists, Dalila Abu Bakar (not related to Azlan) and Ishun P. Ahmad of The Malaysian Reserve, will get their turn on Monday. 

Their "crime"?
All have been reporting on Kenmark lately. This company saw the re-emergence of controversial corporate player Ishak Ismail of the KFC fame recently. We know the SC and Ishak have crossed swords, the latest just last week when the SC obtained an ex parte injunction against Ishak here.

Malaysian journos don't normally mind being at the wrong end of an interrogation. We don't turn our backs if we know we can help in an investigation, especially if it's to solve a crime.  But no need for the high-handedness lah. The SC investigating officers must also remember that journalists not only have the
responsibility of telling the truth but they also need to protect their sources. If we don't protect our sources, who'd want to talk to us? And if people don't talk to us, how are we going to our job?
pixs of Ishak and SC chairman Zarinah Anwar.


  1. Anonymous12:03 pm

    You are correct in your comment to protect your source. But you must also be cock sure that your source is dead sure of the facts otherwise you go to Sungei Buluh. or face liable suit. hehehehehe Good luck. you are doing a good job.

  2. Anonymous12:17 pm

    rocky, when will SC and KLSE take action against Berjaya for buying ASCOT at RM500million before the government issue about gaming license. if anything about the malay, english paper pick-up fast, but if Chinese businessman- keep it P&C


  3. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Nasib baik le si Zarina ni bukan Menteri Dalam Negeri. Kalau tak korang reporters dan porters semua masuk ISA !!!

  4. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Under what power or authority can the SC summon any jourmalist for questioning? What type of country is this where every second rate gomen dept can summon people? May I suggest that the reporter sue the SC for harrasment and maybe wrongful detention. Please advise the other journos NOT to go to the SC. Tell them to fly kites.

    If jounos write wrong things, the comnpanies (Kenmark etc) have the right to protect themselves in Court (sue the newspaper). It is NOT the business of the SC to check out the veracity of what is writen by newspapers.

    Zarinah Anwar is a left over anak mami (the sister of Zainah Anwar). Another Nor Mohd crony who was put in the SC by Nor Mohd Yakob. Doesnt know if she is coming or going.

    A leftover bumi quota human resource staffer from Shell. Hi Zarina, this is the year 2010 ok. Last year it was 2009. Next year will be 2011.

  5. While they are in the mood maybe the SC want to revisit the ECM Libra Avenue takeover/merger. Plenty of people out there who needs investigating tak payah panggil journalists lah.

  6. Anonymous2:02 pm

    There are many things that SC have to protect including Insider Trading and others. Any misreports that would harm the image of the corporate would resulted the decision of the investors thus harming the organization itself.

  7. Bro

    It should be a simple matter for the SC to get all the information it needs on Kenmark from Ishak, the remaining directors, top managers, their auditors and company secretary.

    More than that, it should be an ever simpler matter for them to get info on trading patterns through the KLSE and its affiliated remisier/brokers. The info from these sources should be sufficient to reveal if Kenmark and Ishak did a number on the other shareholders and if there was insider trading.

    The SC should also head for Taiwan and get co-operation from its law enforcement agencies to bring the fugitive, scurrilous and fraudulent Kenmark founder members/shareholders to book for absconding from M'sia after selling their shares secretly and leaving several hundred M'sian staff jobless in the blink of an eye!!

    This hounding of our reporters is a draconian misuse of the SC's powers. I doubt the lazy SC has the legal powers to force reporters from divulging any info.

    The Press Corps should challenge the SC on this legality issue and not just take it lying down!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human race

  8. Anonymous3:19 pm


    You got the source(s). You can get the juice. They are your buddies or comrade-in-arms. Get the facts from them lah. The most important facts: who, how, why exactly and what were being asked of the journos.

    We need those facts not to edit, but to be able to contribute to a meaningful discussion, my friend. You are already doing a good job letting us know. But do dig in sommore lah.

    Don't tell me the journos have been made to sign a gag order. Or threatened with a long-term no-entry pass to SC premises. Even so, we still need to know so that we can help wallop those fellows, Akop's cronies or whatever.

    How can like that? Where got freedom of information? This does not involve national security, does it? Damn. (Despite the fact she's a pretty woman in your photo).

  9. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Under what power or authority can the SC summon any jourmalist for questioning? What type of country is this where every second rate gomen dept can summon people? May I suggest that the reporter sue the SC for harrasment and maybe wrongful detention. Please advise the other journos NOT to go to the SC. Tell them to fly kites.



    Section 134 (1) (B) of the Securities Commission Act 1993, according to the Investigation Office, allows the SC to haul in the reporters "to be examined orally in relation to an investigation into an offence under the securities The National Union of Journalists MUST take this up immediately with the Home Ministry and the SC.

  10. Mazlan3:53 pm

    Ad you can see Rocky - the SC has a very selective memory and investigative process.
    Look at the Berjaya and Ascot License case. Not one word from the SC about a clear case of insider dealing and lies from either Vincent Tan or the PM.
    Kenmark is a clear case of SC not acting when given clear evidence of wrong doing.
    The list is endless. SC has no balls nor teeth to act or no brains to see clear evidence in front of their face.
    Is it any wonder that KLSE is not on the radar for major listings anymore.

  11. Anonymous5:44 pm

    ....According to regulatory filings, has found that Goldman Sachs sold 4,680,822 shares of BP in the first quarter of 2010.

    The chief executive of BP sold £1.4 million of his shares in the fuel giant weeks before the Gulf of Mexico oil spill caused its value to collapse.....

    Suspicious jugak kan?

    SC should not get rough with journos but should cooperate and act at the slightest of news from outside their circles.

    SC kena dengaq2 juga bisikan dari luaq (news gossip etc) and act fast… Satni benda dah jadi macam BP baru nak korek… susah le…


  12. Anonymous7:07 pm


    I read in the newspapers that the sc has been very busy lately, charging people and investigating hanky panky in certain companies. that means it must be talking to a lot of people - big and small - to get the information. And why reporters think they shld be treated differently? the press people shld be helping in the investigations if we really really want to clean up corporate malaysia. plse wake up.

    Buluh betung

  13. Anonymous7:17 pm


    Bila ada skandal korporat, orang ramai minta SC siasat. tapi bila tak tangkap, orang surat khabar yang bising kenapa tak tangkap dan tak dakwa? macam mana nak tangkap bila wartawan sendiri tak nak bagi kerjasama dalam siasatan?

    Serba salah

  14. Anonymous7:17 pm


    Bila ada skandal korporat, orang ramai minta SC siasat. tapi bila tak tangkap, orang surat khabar yang bising kenapa tak tangkap dan tak dakwa? macam mana nak tangkap bila wartawan sendiri tak nak bagi kerjasama dalam siasatan?

    Serba salah

  15. Anonymous7:23 pm

    wow all this while the journos have been clamouring for justice equality etc, but i suppose when it comes to them...............oops they are above the law.
    there are always two sides to a coin unless in the case of the journos both sides of the coins are same!
    if there is nothing to hide them say and be damned.
    very sad now rocky also one person proscecutor and judge!

  16. Anonymous8:04 pm

    ishun reporter gagap

  17. Anonymous8:16 pm

    WTF this zarinah and abuse by SC! Condemn their act as hard as we can! It makes us look like Korea Utara pulak!

    Public nowadays is 110% well aware of selective amnesia, double standards, sweep under the carpet, and questionable transparencies on the way SC & zarinah handled things. It is not rocket science these days to see when things just don't tally.

    Wonder what the big boss sees in her, that makes her able to keep the job.

    Go on boss, keep on keeping the wrong guys/gals, and umno gonna pay a very very dear price for it when the time comes. i would love to be wrong for the sake of the country.

    rakyat celik sekarang ni. SC and zarinah actions a set back indeed...

    without shame i declare my love for umno the party and the struggles, but umno needs to change. dah jauh menyimpang, since zaman che det lagi...

    -Luncai Lunyai-

  18. Anonymous9:42 pm

    susah betul. SC buat kerja salah, SC tak buat kerja pun salah.

    suruh MM jer lah

    Enforcement Div, SC

  19. DistressedNyen12:39 am

    My god, you actually have your common sense that you have since lost for more than 1 year back.

    But for how long? ;-)

  20. SC taikucing12:07 pm

    donplaypuks is spot on. securities commission don't investigate journalists or/and other individuals who aren't themselves involved in the securities business, it should extract the info it needs from the companies. in the case of kenmark, the sc should go to kenmark to verify the news reports or analyses, NOT harass the reporters whose job is to merely report or comment on the business of kenmark.

    similarly, the sc should go after ascot/vincent/berjaya in the issue of the sports betting license. it should not try to intimidate the pm for making the statements he made with regards to the issuance (or not) of the said license.

    come on SC, come on zarinah. do your job.

  21. Anonymous1:22 pm

    K of Enforce Div, SC : isunya bukan pasal buat atau tak buat kerja. Tapi jgn buat kerja tak betul. Hari tu u punya boss kata nak saman Blogger Rocky. Err . .guna duit sendiri ke atau guna duit SC? Duit SC tu duit rakyat. Kalau nak saman pakailah duit sendiri. Rocky tak sebuat pasal SC. Yg jadi isu Zarinah, bukan SC.

    Masa kes salahguna kuasa ECM Libra ambil alih Avenue Cap, jelas bhwa all the rules were broken. Sampai org buat 17 Laporan Polis. SC tak buat apa pun. Kes ECM Libra jelas kes CBT. SC diam saja sekongkol sebab menantu PM, Kalimullah semua involved.

    Satu hari nanti, isu ini akan kita "revisit" tapi di Mahkamah. Ingat baik2 - SC tak boleh masuk penjara. Orang saja yg boleh masuk penjara. Jika SC telah 'tutup mata' dlm membuat atau tidak membuat kerja, then better watch out.

  22. Anonymous4:52 pm

    What?? i thot bro rocky all AOK for gomen agencies 2 question people 4 lengthy hours? why got about face?

    Oho! mebbe bcos his own ppl now kena. hahaha. Hayo, don't worry man. This SC only. not like u will be defenestrated from a high window.

  23. hi rocky, why don't you round up all the chief editors and file a formal complaint. each chief can use their respective mouthpiece to shout back. what SC has done could trigger a dangerous precedent that journalism can do without. we need to stand our ground or get stomped on. anita

  24. Anonymous10:29 am

    Ishun reporter gugap. I S H U N- Ini Surat Hantar Untuk Neraka ( I S H U N)

  25. The relevant section 134(1)b (not 1B) allows the SC to require any person to give information (written out by the SC officer and signed by the person)under the threat of a RM1 million fine , 5 years jail or both. This warning is stated in the invitation letter!!

    There is also a similar penalty for not giving any information or giving false information. Good luck.


  26. Anonymous11:09 am

    jornalists are not above the law. while i believe journalists have to report ethically, accurately and without bias, it looks like SC is practising high-handedness here
    ...disgusting, if that's the case


  27. Anonymous12:34 pm

    DPP, you are such a dograped bitch that you purposely overlook or conceal the facts regarding the powers of the SC.

    Apart from Section 134, there are other provisions within the same Act that facilitate such evidence gathering procedures. Moreover, there are safeguards within the Act that vitiate any abuse of power. In any case, any journalist so interrogated can contest the said provisions in a court of law to determine whether they are ultra vires of provisions in the Constitution. Of course, he must be represented a good counsel not any longkang effluent lie Haris....aaaahhhchoooom.... Abraham

    Dei stupid fellatist, read the Act carefully before spraying this blog with your mouthful of cockjuice like an overexcited bastard, fresh from a dicksuck session. Here are the relevant provisions for your perusal....

    1. Section 134
    2. Subsection 5(d) of 134 provides penalties for non-compliance.
    3. Section 136 provides for safeguards i.e via the Public Prosecutor.
    4. Section 137 : Further explication about penalties
    5. Section 139 : Power vested by the PP to compound.

    134 is also expressly augmented by Section 151 and Section 152(1). FYI, moron, even evidence adduced in foreign jurisdictions by the relevant regulatory authorities is deemed admissible as prima facie evidence.

    Hence, your proposed "evidence extraction" is nothing but pure shit from ur'anus,not the seventh plnaet, though...hahahahaha

    Point B; Zarinah Anwar is a piece of shit alright given her record on ECM Libra etc. But to expect anything much from a piece of shit, linked by anal goo to another piece of shit called Zainah of the SIS piss sorority of notority, is preposterous to say the least. In any case, the issue is about Kenmark NOT Vincent et al., so dont bolt your stables like a madmare in heat. Rein in your jaw muscles for a change as not all dicks out there are game for ur juicing..hahahahahaha. What a stupid fellatist and a wasted sperm this DPP wannabe is when he is nothing more than a Dildoed Pundek Pariah!! Now go play with ur pecker, peon!

    Warrior 231

  28. Anonymous1:55 pm


    Support the idea of Union of Journalists to act. Act hard, act steadfastly, within the law but make a loud bang and more bang. Until those buggers ear drums reverberate. Even capitulate. We'll support you. Here and everywhere.

    I can do it on line. Anytime. Guarantee you will write in every so often when such action is taken. Sudah melampau. Tak boleh dibiarkan.

    Mereka lintah masyarakat. Naik kepala. Sombong bongkak. Gelak ketawa sebab tidak ada siapa ambil tindakan. Kita gesakan supaya pihak berkuasa ambil tindakan. Bising bisingkan. Ramai ramai.

  29. Anonymous8:29 am



  30. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Bloody arrogant SC. They are behaving like Nazis. How can that stupid woman heading SC behave like a witch.

  31. malar8:01 pm


    ayoyo...clearly a dickhead here!

    And to you K of SC enforcement division: don't be stupid lah. ini bukan kes buat kerja salah. nak info dari reporters tu nak mudahkan kerja SC officers-lah!
    Kalau SC buat kerja betul-betul, no prob!
    we know and you know that banyak kes yg patut SC prosecute, di sapu masuk dalam carpet!

  32. Gary Lim10:07 pm

    i was going thru our YB WCK revealing on SC misconduct, I would like to point out there is an error on of the issue raised with regards to online e-government player, it did some background check & found it was note Myeg Services, the actual company is KOMMS, konsortium multi media swasta, a wholly owned subsidiary of Paxelent Corp. who is also a concessionaire for e-government. you can take a look at bursa’s announcement

    wonder where did YB WCK got his source from ?? sama sama pening