Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"...come near me, I'll throw this chair at you ..."

SC wanted to bodysearch lady reporter. Dalila Abu Bakar told me the Securities Commission investigating officer wanted hto subject her to a body search. They wanted her handphone and refused to believe her when she said she had left it at home. The IO brought into the room a lady officer by the name of Mastura, who is physically ok to pat down Big Dog, if necessary, of so I imagine. The body search was called off after Dalila told them to go on a make her day. "I asked her what if I had my phone in my undies, and she said she will come and get it from me. That's when I lost it. I told her if she comes near me, I'll throw the chair at her".

The SC sounds desperate to me. But it said in a press release this morning that "the investigation is above board". I'll get a copy and publish it later.

The Centre of Independent Journalism is coming into the fray. I'll publish their Press Release here also.


  1. Anonymous12:30 pm

    hehehe... SC...SC... siapa dibelakangmu SC... ada berapa billion lagi nak korek?? Terus korek pada orang politik la... kan orang2 politik yang banyak terlibat dalam urusan2 melibatkan SC ni... ye tak Zarinah...

  2. This is the first time I heard that SC is body searching a reporter. I thought only Police are doing that. By the way, it is not uncommon to see the enforcers especially the police acted as though they are above the law. Shame on them.

  3. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Eeks! TBH case comes to mind.
    Mana bos diorng, mana lawyers, tak ada org bersama Dalilah ke?

  4. Go for it Rocky. We'll back you all the way!!

    We may not have a USA-type Constitution and the 1st amendment guaranteeing freedom of the press, free speech etc., I don't really know.

    But journalistic freedom, integrity and the right to protect sources must be defended at all costs by all against the barbarians at the gate.

    Let the lazy SC get off its arse and do proper investigations for which it has very wide powers and the reach of KLSE to assist it, instead of harassing and trying to bully reporters.

    Shame on Zarinah and the SC!!! Hats off to Dalila Abu Bakar; she should have thrown the chair anyway!!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  5. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Well done Dato. Do get more. We'll chorus your call for action. Any time.

    They cannot and must not behave like goons. The SC must show decorum in their actions. There must be discretion applied.

    Sue them for intimidation. The law must provide room for press freedom. Their is not a matter of national security. Even the ISA is very rarely applied. Certainly the laws governing secrecy of SC activities are not that rigid.

  6. Anonymous5:06 pm

    weh Bro,
    Do spell check before publishing la next time.
    Apa lah

  7. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Sounds like they've taken over MACC and begining to take over the Gestapo.

    Something's brewing and the kitchen's burning.


  8. Anonymous6:51 pm

    I say, man...knowing that woman zarinah...she sees Malaysian journalists as just cattle and sheep. To her they are just an uneducated/unthinking lot...not like the western press that she looks up to...

    NUJ: Just boycott SC!

    -Stalag Journo-

  9. zee zee7:39 pm

    Aw...common you journalists. don't be such a wimp! It can't be that bad, being questioned by these sc softies. What's a bunch of hours being questioned if you have inside connection to ishak's wheeling and dealing compared to answering police or special branch interogation? That woman siddhu is of particular interest to sc becos she's the one with the insider info. Did she abuse it? you won't know until you ask the the tough but right questions. so she whined about being questioned for so long...so what! the sc is doing its job, the same way it will question ishak or any other ceos making money illegally. Jurnalists are no different when it comes to this. just be tough instead of being pampered babies! where is the opposition parties in this? ha ha ha! anwar won't make noise becos ishak is his financier/crony from the 1990s. but from where i stand, it looks like the bloggers are making hay while the sun shines, using the reporters whining as excuse to expose the shit that zarinah had been doing protecting dubious ecm libra-avenue takeover. but that is ok. zarinah deserve it!

    zee zee (ex-journalist)

  10. They say I was a communist. NO 1 stood up for me. I hope Rocky you are NOT the last journalist(whatever) standing, I am not sure I can depend on u.


    Imagine a journalist being treated like a striptist
    But being chair creative can still manage as escapist
    Though it's tough to be a professional escape artist
    The professional work must go on in the cause of justice

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 290610
    Tue. 29th June 2010.

  12. Anonymous11:07 pm

    SC doesn't allow witnesses to have their own record of what was said? Then what happens if the SC claims something was said which incriminates the witness but it was a lie? How to prove who is telling the truth? Is the SC the Gestapo or KGB of Malaysia now? I thought only PDRM had that reputation!

  13. Mastura can body-search me anytime.

  14. Anonymous1:19 am

    normal ppl like us also kena interrogate by sc, tarak hal la..dont understand why the reporters are getting all excited..

  15. Anonymous3:21 am

    SC guys must be thinking of Lara Lee when they insisted on body searches?

    Habis la Rocky, your turn nanti mesti depa duk fikiaq2 Kevin Neish, semua body parts kena raba2!


  16. ABC 1239:42 am

    Anon 5:06pm

    lapse in spelling or shortform or deliberate mis-spelling OK kot. Yg penting grammar, bnyak bloggers without the aid of sub-editors (who exist to make poor writers ...and you will be srprised who they are...good!) show their true colours - writing in der England very trabor...blame it on the education system, their own laziness bla bla bla...in this age of instant this cepat that, no time to refer to spell check, yg penting is to get the msg across...but plse guna grammar btol kay!

  17. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Anon at 11.49

    CPC doesnt allow witness' to make copies of own statement,it will only be reproduce in courts, if need be.

    aiya..u ppl mau hentam2 tapi citer tarak tau...

    itd be interesting to see what sc has to say bout this , weve only heard 1 side of the story.. i thought reporters are suppose to verify and check first before publishing stories..

    either the reporters or sc is lying here; but then again reporters are above the law no?

    find it hard to believe that sc IOs does body checks and are as nasty as portrayed by the reporters..

    but if the IOs were really that nasty and Sc acted ultra vires..then by all means the reporters should sue SC..see if the reporters can walk the talk..