Sunday, April 11, 2010

Come back, Porntip, finish what you started

Updates #2
"Dr Death" said to be under pressure from certain quarters by the Star, Mon 12/4/10
This report quoted Selangor executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah, TBH's former boss, and Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, Selangor government's counsel (Selangor government is the one that engaged Pornthip). Ean Yong was reportedly disappointed and angry. “Dr Pornthip should not be prevented from testifying,’’ he said. Malik said Pornthip had not told him anything. “Maybe she has conveyed it to my clients. I am awaiting their instructions.”

Original posting
Nazri Aziz calling Thai pathologist a liar does not do anything to help us find the truth about Teoh Beng Hock's death. But Porntip doing an MIA or not appearing to testify at TBH's inquest is a crime. She told us Malaysians that there was an 80 percent probability that TBH was mudered and it was this theory that forced the authorities to conduct a second autopsy on TBH together with a foremost pathologist from the UK.

I take the stand that Porntip must come back or be brought back here to finish what she started.

Gobind, TBH's family lawyer, must ensure that Porntip completes her obligations. I would hold him responsible if Porntip refuses to come back.

The Government of Malaysia must also make the necessary arrangements so that Porntip is back here for the Inquest, aside from calling her a liar, that is.

Updates #1
A file pic of Pornthip in action in Thailand.
Her work has taken her to the deadliest of places, so what is it about "government pressure" in Malaysia that she reportedly fears?


  1. Agreed!!

    One way or the other, she must finish what she started, to maintain her professionla standing and credibility and ensure justice for TBH!

    If she's denied official entry into M'sia at KLIA immigration or any other check-point, then, and only then, can we excuse her!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  2. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Quote--"I take the stand that Porntip must come back or be brought back here to finish what she started.

    Gobind, TBH's family lawyer, must ensure that Porntip completes her obligations. I would hold him responsible if Porntip refuses to come back."

    Rocky, you are talking through your nose.

    Who do you hold responsible when RPK skip bail, and who is responsible for failing to bring him home?

    Haha Rocky, you and your double talk, and your headlines is just as misleading.
    Maybe Dato Rocky is able to escort her back to finish what she started? Malaysian will be ever so thankful to you.


  3. The DAP will need to manufacture a second lie to cover-up the first lie about TBH.Not to worry - Im sure Gobind and his accomplices within the DAP will ensure that that second lie is explosive enough to throw everybody off the trail.Way to go Gobind!

  4. Anonymous7:34 pm

    it's safer for Dr Porntip to come to Malaysia than staying in Bangkok at this moment.....


  5. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Mr Gobind might host you to visit the beautiful Hulu Selangor countryside as well after finishing TBH case.


  6. chi kit tech aun7:40 pm

    Look who's talking.

    The NST should finish what they started with you. Perhaps now that you are standing on the other side of the line... so things are different ah? See what money can do. No principle! Disgusting.

  7. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Porntip is not honest. She came here because of money sponsor by PKR to create unrest in our findings. Anway, we know PKR is famous of making false allegation and now the Rakyat know what is PKR is up to. The truth will prevail.

    PKR = Most corrupted party

  8. Anonymous7:48 pm

    I 100% agreed with you. She must be held responsible for the opinionshe gave during the inquest. Gobind must make sure she attend the inquest since her absence will only show that the whole issue has been politicize by the opposition againt.
    She is free to come to testify and go back. Anwar still much alive after the Turkey Embassy hide out. Our country uphold the most of laws and order. If she really don't want to testify then the AG should take the action of law to bring her back to testify.

    Another Wayang by the PKR moron.

  9. If Porntip refuse to comeback and sort ll this TBH punya wayang, than we hope Gobind will be responsible for this, but sadly Dato, we only have Menteri Amaran, so they are free to do any thing, it will only be AMARAN, AMARAN KERAS!


  10. Datuk,

    I wholeheartedly support your call that "the Government of Malaysia must also make the necessary arrangements so that Porntip is back here for the Inquest".

    She must come here and finish what she was trying to say. Then she must be cross-examined by Dato' Razak, the MACC chief prosecutor.

    All reasonable arrangements necessary for her to do so must be made by the government.

  11. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Wow Rocky whiskey on the Rock.... why are you so stupid. She said she is being threaten and there is political pressure from Putra Jaya... loud and clear so get herself to jump from the same building where TBH killed himself so said the Malaysian doctor.
    What a cock are you!!!.

  12. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Anon 8.23 PM,

    What an Anwar stunt la this Porntip. Anwar also under serious threat when he run away to the Turks ha ha ha...

    The truth is She do not know how to spin anymore after the 2nd autopsy.

  13. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Wow Rocky whiskey on the Rock.... why are you so stupid. She said she is being threaten and there is political pressure from Putra Jaya... loud and clear so get herself to jump from the same building where TBH killed himself so said the Malaysian doctor.
    What a cock are you!!!. Can you give here protection idiot?

  14. Anonymous9:00 pm

    Anon 8:28 PM,

    Your IP can be traced . You accuse Putrajaya of intend to commit murder of Porntip ? That is a huge allegation you made , you better well connected to have the proof to back what you said.If not you commit a slander that can caused you to be charged and jailed.

  15. Permanently foot-in-mouth Minister Nazri is alleged by Mkini today to have said Dr.Pornthip lied in court!!

    Surely, if true, this is unacceptably scurillous and totally unbecoming of a Minister of the Govt? The coroner should haul him up for contempt of court!

    If not for Dr.Pornthip, the strangulation mark on TBH's neck would have been ignored and a 2nd post mortem would not have been conducted to enable things to be cleared up re TBH's death. More than that, it's clear the earlier pm was not done thoroughly or professionally!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  16. wandererAUS9:30 pm

    Rocky you never ceased to amuse me.You have moved one step further, involving yourself as an UMNO secret agent.
    So you are trying to bait her return and set a Death Trap to blow her to, a trained C4 expert as well??

  17. Anonymous9:32 pm

    Parpukari, tolong pergi jauh2 main sikit la... badan besar tapi otak sebiji kacang, lalu kuat maki hamun !! apa punya macam orang ni !!

    Jangan risau Rocky.... the truth will be reveal ...but first, Rocky, can you ask your boss to allow Porntip come back ar ??


  18. Anonymous9:32 pm

    a note to Rocky...

    Dr porntip cannot come back to Malaysia due to red shirt demo.


    - bapak jijah

  19. That is a most unRocky comment by golly ! Infact it is a little shade of the old Rocky. But as usual I will take this with a pinch of salt

  20. Anonymous10:01 pm

    only stupid UMNO will do such thing! Let's see if BN government dares to make special arrangement to bring her BACK!!!!!!!!! Let's see, Let's see....a big slap on UMNO's face if they don't dare to do so...!!!!

    Steven Seagal

  21. What's the big deal if Nazri accused this Porn tip of lying. All she need to is come back to testify her 80% simple as that.

    Otherwise, she is indeed a liar thru her skin, and in a desperate attempt to save face, this Govind Deo lauyer already mentioned Porn tip was worried about her safety.

    Nazri contempt of court? Sure why not. But what about Lim Guan Eng's similar accusation that TBH was murdered? Was it not contempt of court too donplaypuks? or you can only see one color?

    So just like Anwar's Turkish delights " Putra Jaya or hired killer gonna kill me, my family, my supporters and God know how many people this killer wanna kill", the DAPigs will be playing the same card as an excuse if Porn tip does not turn up.

    After all, Bangkok is a safer place than KL now....oh yeah?

  22. Anonymous10:08 pm

    I personally think that Porntip sowing a malicious claim and then running away before she can be made to retract that claim....

    is part of the initial plan by certain quarters.

    Just like RPK .


    CSI Kampung

  23. Anonymous10:13 pm

    ya she is a liar...

    and so is hisam-love-anchor-din!

  24. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Dr Pornstar busy doing cover up for Thai government, killing the Red Army in Bangkok (as she has done well in selatan Thai)


    Pornthip shall run helter-skelter to the Turkish Embassy for protection.

    And we Malaysian will cry for the injustice…just like when some of us cry injustice when CLOWN ANWAR went to Turkish Embassy.

    ONLY to realize later that he actually got really scared when Saiful lodged a police report against him…hahahahaha

    Unless and until Pornthip tell use exactly what interference she is talking about the for me she is in the same class with Anwar and RPK.

    GOBIND..Tell us exactly what the interferences are or get her to come here.

  26. selangor tax payer11:03 pm

    Selangor gomen @ rakyat's money paid her a lot to do the job and she better finish it.

  27. Talk is easy11:14 pm

    She had said that informal source had told her the federal government
    don't want her to come. If she come she may be killed!. Do you want her to be killed?. At least if she is alive she can give her testimony in an independent place (maybe international court) although the coroner may not accept, it.

  28. lim kit malam11:14 pm

    anon 8.28
    So stupid la you. Your ip has been traced, shitting in your pants now?

  29. Anonymous11:29 pm

    i hope she has the "kelentit" (read as Balls for male) to proof her professionalism in forensic investigation.

    otherwise, she is just "kelentitless" as go bind is.


  30. Anonymous12:23 am

    The UMNO fanboys have 0 regard to find the truth. Its up to peace loving people to ensure that TBH did not die in vain and Selangor remains in Pakatan hands. Only that will do damage to these subhumans

  31. Anonymous2:22 am

    It is in the interst of Pakatan if Porn does not show up. Then they can say that Porn is afraid that she will be arrested for leaking the autopsy report to the Press etc. Blame the Govt. Why is Pakatan afraid? If Porn concludes that TBH was murdered, the Coroner may order Police to find the murderer.

    This will require the cops to interview everyone all over again - this time more intensely. If the DAP gangsters had anything at all to do with TBH's death, then it is curtains for them. There is some indication in this direction. The last person to see TBH alive was Tan Boon Hwa.

    There is also the 10 page signed statement given by TBH to the MACC. We will see the contents of that statement too. It is believed to be quite explosive.

    Get the popcorn. It aint over yet.

  32. Hello Datok,

    There's news about you in Zorro Unmasked blog. Say hello to him. He must missed you a lot.

  33. Anonymous8:25 am

    Porntip has been portrayed by the media as some who fears not the risks of her job. She's been threatened by the high-ranking army officials and the top cops of her volatile country, what is a veiled threat from Malaysia?! If there was one in the first place.

    I suspect that Porntip refuses to come and finish the job because of one of or all the following reasons:

    1. She hasn't been paid

    2. She wants more money

    3. She knows she was dead wrong about Teoh's death and is cutting her losses in terms of her credo

    4. She wants to max the publicity she gets, which means she will come but after everyone begs her to come and (1) or/and (2) have been met

    Now, I'm not sure what Gobind makes out of it but I think the party is going to be quite happy with Porntip not coming here because:

    1. Now PKR won't have to pay her

    2. PKR has seen the autopsy reports and know that she was so wrong about the 80% homicide bet

    3. PKR can blame her for the boo-boo that forced Teoh to be autopsied TWICE

    4. Good riddance! Really!!

    In the famous PKR tradition (if the party and DAP's Gobind really want to find out the truth), a team should be despatched to Thailand urgently to track down Porntip and bring her to Malaysia safely to, as Dato Rocky said, finish what she had started.

    Tien Chua and Elizabeth Wong can renew, rekindle, re-whatever successful partnership that got them to Taiwan and back not so long ago ....


  34. Definitely Dr Porntip must come here to finish what she started.I am dying to know what she wants to testify in the inquest.

    Unless like dpp say, Dr Porntip is stopped at the immigrations checkpoint, she does not have any excuse not to come to Malaysia. Further, this is a free democratic country where a defense lawyer in a sodomy trial calls the judge a liar but still gets away with it.

    Dr porntip or Gobind, Ean or Kok or you DAP fan boys and girls please do not say it is not safe in Malaysia as our country is a hell lot safer than the South of Thailand or Bangkok at this time definitely.

  35. Anonymous9:24 am

    Ms Porntip must complete what she started. The "political pressure" must be taken off.

    In Southern Thailand, the good lady was protected by the Thai military. In Malaysia, who is going to protect her. With C4 lying around, Malaysia is not a healthy place. Is Nazri willing to provide protection?

  36. Anonymous10:06 am

    Rocky, how low can you go, or has your intelligence desert you?

    Look at the picture, with so many heavy armed guards and most likely a free press tagging along, do you think she is likely to disappear anytime soon, in even the deep south of Thailand?

    Maybe with your influence, you can possibly provide the security as shown in the pic?
    At times, you either make a fool of yourself or trying to hoodwink your hardcore supporters into make believe situations.


  37. Anonymous10:09 am

    You said: Her work has taken her to the deadliest of places, so what is it about "government pressure" in Malaysia that she reportedly fears?

    You also put up an image to accompany this statement.

    Do you see in the image, the 'protection' given to her to enable her to do the job then?

    Is there such protection committment for her in the TBH case?

    Convince us please.....

    And then also tell why Nazri has jumped the gun by saying that she is a 'liar', even before reassuring that there will be adequate 'protection' for her to participate in the TBH inquest.

    Is this a game plan also by the Israeli linked communications agency?

    It boasts of providing 'expert' counsel to governments in managing issues. Is this one the issues that it is providing counsel, like:

    a. Apply G-to-G pressure on her to refrain from attending the proceedings

    b. A minister to 'blare' out a pre-prepared script to state that she is a 'liar'

    c. Guide the public to focus on her decision and the minister's declaration about her 'liar' qualities - so that all concerned need not ask why she is not getting same protection here like what she gets in Thailand to go about with her job?


  38. Anti Liar10:17 am

    Machine guns and denim?

    At least in our country there are no scenes like this one.

    And no Reds killing themselves in the streets like in Bangkok.

    Govt pressure?


    More like self pressure.

  39. Anonymous10:46 am

    Hallo DPP,

    "If not for Dr.Pornthip, the strangulation mark on TBH's neck would have been ignored and a 2nd post mortem would not have been conducted"

    the 2nd autopsy revealed that the marks on the neck was not strangulation but normal bruises due to a fall.

    This is what you get when performing an autopsy just by looking at pictures.

    What a drama queen this Pornthip is!

    Now she doesnt want to come back because it will make her look stupid.

    Siao Syl Via

  40. Anonymous11:19 am

    You know what, just like TunDol Bodohwi made a statement that KJ is genius and brilliant...the same applies to PKR when they said Porntits is brilliant in the area she master...hahahahah

    Actually boths are stupid, not just looked stupid..


  41. Anonymous11:33 am

    The spin doctors are already out in force Bru and their job; to diss you for showing that image of the worthless bitch surrounded by a posse of soldiers.

    I almost fell of my chair laughing reading a comment that talked about the goondah protection she has over there compared to the potentially protectionless state she will be exposed to here.If u are so doubtful of our security people why not hire a battalion of BGs to tail her from cock's crow till owl hoots, watching her every step from local toilets back to Bangkok's Patpong.

    As usual the fuckheads dont seem to get it:

    1. the thai military has been "protecting" schools, civilian teachers, officials etc for years down south and yet the beheading, killings go on unabated.

    Moral: A terrorist especially a commited Jihadi, will get what he wants no matter what and no security cordon the Thais throw around the bitch is gonna protect her from a bloody death if it is so willed. The fact that she claims to have been threatened by police, hit squads etc shows either she is fearless at running the gauntlet or another fucktart spewing selfbravado cumjuice to boost her appeal ratings given her accident-shattered dog mien.

    2.i gueess that the real reason is her fear of being exposed as a charlatan. My source close to the English patho says that that guy's testimony will sink the 80% percentages game and shred someone's credibility to bits like a grandma's torn cunt. So the easy way out to slither away from a sticky situation is to prattle about unknown, unseen or make-believe threats given that, that sort of garbage carries traction with the imbecile Chingkie, Hindulen and pseudo-malay snobs that litter our landscape.

    3. Putrajaya?: we know that the lawyer for the Selangor government has been divining the verdict and angling a theory that a "fixed" verdict would be good for the gov:

    It is elementary that the lady squeals along these lines so that the above materialises and the cocksuckling, buttfucking bastards use it to diss the gov. come Hulu Selangor.

    Alternatively, the same bastards know that their cat is out of the bag and they will be exposed as the cuntlicking, titfucking, cockgobbling charlatan motherfuckers who have cried wolf once too often. So why not delay or derail their drama queen's entry so as to save their puny cocks b4 HS?

    I have repeatedly stressed that this grannie bitch is not an expert befitting CSI standards but more a piece of garbage that surfaced after "solving" obvious cases. She wont come. That's for sure as to be shred apart in the witness box would be the ultimate humiliation and comeuppance.

    I am with u Bru. Come back bitch and lick up the cum u spilled thanks to your narcissitic fingering. You owe a dead man's family an explanation for slicng up his innards twice
    + the nation an apology if you screwed up bigtime. Got the clit for that? i wonder....

    Warrior 231

  42. Anonymous11:40 am


    I dont think she can return la...

    i saw her yesterday...She's busy la...

    Fighting the Red's i guess...

    Maybe that's why Liverpool only manage a draw last night...hehehe...


    I'm in the wrong site????!!!!

    But i thought this is where all the people who think they know politics can just fart away their so called all knowing ideas opinions..?????



  43. Anonymous11:47 am

    she's worry get C4.Maybe our soldier or PDRM should align with her..but oppss...Altantuya killed by police officer too(azirul and co). So, who should she has to put a trust....

    thanks to rocky bru..u're really rock on BN rulling now.

  44. Anonymous12:11 pm

    To All Malaysians wanting to help win Hulu Selangor

  45. Dear Anonymous,

    Your comments are nothing but rubbish. Why don't you reveal your identity? Please do not hide behind an 'anonymous' name. Have some courage man, if you are a man. Otherwise, I think your are a female.

  46. Ong Kian Ye1:10 pm

    "Cannot find prove to back her arguments. Thus, by giving the EXCUSE of her NOT able to come to Malaysia for the trial is the BEST WAY out from HUMILITY"


  47. Porn tit2:24 pm

    Monday, April 12, 2010

    Gobind trying to coverup Porntip report that did not show 80% possibility of murder

    This is politics!!!!

  48. Anonymous7:20 pm

    To all dig head,

    Please stick to the point of discussion.

    Thank You

  49. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Ong Kian Ye,

    ...There's a saying...IF YOU CANNOT FIGHT, THEN YOU GOTTA HIDE...

    BALING BATU SEMBUNYI TANGAN sounds more like it?

    Haiya APEK Ong,
    Dengar berita 2 Malaysian Malaysia Chinese tried to HIDE DRUGS round their waist (konon macam kaki minum perut buncit), was caught by Indon authorities trying to smuggle DRUGS...

    Waaa lu olang mayak suka main ACI sembunyi lor?


  50. Ong Kian Ye9:26 pm

    Even our HOME MINISTER & ATTORNEY GENERAL guarantees the safety of PORNTIP in Malaysia but yet she "GOT NO BALLS" to come.


    Becos' WOMEN got NO BALLS after all. Moreover, her name says it all.....


  51. Anonymous7:17 am

    is there something wrong with u rocky???

    you start of seemingly neutral and then suddenly pull something out of ur arse in the last paragraph. This has become ur style. And then we all realize that u are the arse hole u are.

    Shame on u

  52. Anonymous7:35 am

    All UMNO scumbags like Warrior 231 deserve to be put in powder keg packed with C4 and blast to smithereens! MACC responsible for Teoh Beng Hock's death. Hidup Khunying Porntip! Hidup Rakyat! Keadilan untuk Teoh Beng Hock. Mampoi semua ahli UMNO, terutama sekali Warrior 231! Rocky You also go to Hell for being UMNO lapdog!!!

  53. Anonymous8:16 pm

    The most pitiful will be TBH's family members who may have been taken for a political ride.

    May his soul find peace at last.

    Some people just use others to advance their agenda.

  54. Anonymous8:35 pm

    muhammad arshad raji and warrior 231, UMNO scums of the earth without parallel, no matter how much Najis tries to cover up all the shit on TBH, including the latest trying to intimidate Dr Porntip, it will still stink to high heaven. The whole world already knows TBH was murdered. All you UMNO people will pay and peay heavily for this crime and other crimes against the people when UMNO IS KICKED OUT IN THE NEXT GE,

  55. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Anon 8:35

    Wah, macam desperate nampak to let the world know that TBH telah dibunuh? Dah bunyi lain macam ni kawan?

    Scene One : TBH dijumpa mati
    Scene Two : Quickly point fingers
    Scene Two : Porntip threatened

    Wow, the plot thickens. What's the next scene going to be?


  56. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Anonymous 8:35 PM

    Geram nampak?
    hoi apasal you mayak hot?
    Memang tepat kena batang hidung ker?

    Apahal GE13? Are you sure you can vote? You own MYKAD meh?

    Make sure you check properly, fake or genuine!


  57. Anonymous7:30 pm

    anon @ 8:35 PM

    sounds like u need an electric bolt to ur brain

    otherwise u will die a frustrated homo sapien

  58. Anonymous5:01 pm

    seriously.. i think she wont cone back here even the govt grant her safety. coz she not intend to come back juz to make ppl doubt her professionalism. to all PKR supporters.. u can say wat ever u want but one thing for sure, she wont come back to testify coz she got nothing to prove except for ASSUMPTION and she will only say ` I Think TBH was murdered, I THINK n THINK n THINK without any strong argument or evidence to support the ASSUMPTION