Friday, April 09, 2010

BN's Hulu Selangor, or so says Kit Siang

Updates, Sat 2pm:- Kit Siang's Overnight Tweets - Chew Mei Fun, Rocky's Bru and BN Cybertroopers

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Winds of Change? There seems to be a very, very subtle change in the Malaysian Insider's editorial direction since ex-NST/Business Times/Reuters Jahabar Saddiq made CEO recently. That, or I'm imagining things about the portal that I've been fond of describing as rabidly and blindly anti-Najib. Perhaps MI's own approval ratings of the Prime Minister have improved along with the Merdeka Centre's recent findings?

In any case, I totally agree with the MI's latest angling of Kit Siang's running commentary on the upcoming Hulu Selangor by-election. Simply because it's a fair assessment of things.



By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal and Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

KUALA LUMPUR, April 9 — Barisan Nasional (BN) appears on track to retake the Hulu Selangor constituency, with leaders from the incumbent Pakatan Rakyat (PR) conceding it was an arduous task to retain the seat in the face of high approval ratings for Datuk Seri Najib Razak and a confident Umno.

The April 25 by-election is expected to see a straight fight between BN’s MIC candidate and PR’s PKR candidate. Both rivals have yet to announce their candidates ahead of the April 17 nomination day.

“It is an uphill battle for Pakatan Rakyat in Hulu Selangor. Najib is throwing every resource, skill, and trick to win the votes,” DAP strongman Lim Kit Siang told The Malaysian Insider.

Read the full report h e r e.
Parpukari has a more or less similar take, BN tidak akan tewas ..., here but his is a more personal view. He does have an interview with an Umno leader who's all for an MIC candidate in Hulu Selangor.


  1. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Rocky, you quote 'Parpukari' ???

    Siapa tu Parpukari aka Salim ???

    In blogsphere, he is only known as the most 'Maki-Hamun' guy in the country !!

  2. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Najib's approval ratings mostly syiok sendiri...hehehehheh

    Merdeka Centre's 1000 respondents hardly reflects the real sentiments on the ground.

    NST, TheStar, and a few other portals can go all the way n lick Najib's balls..hehe..

    btw.. perhaps people started liking Najib because they are already fed up of hating him...hehe

    Baru satu tahun.... Najib's the PM with zero expectations.. the political scene is getting quite boring... huh.. damn.. no more daily dramas like when sleepy head was ruling...

  3. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Teruskan Mimpi di siang hari bangang-bangang BN,,,,,taborkan lah PROJEK MEE SEGERA di Hulu Selangor,,,!!!!!

    SELEPAS 50 tahun di bawah BN,,MELAYU di PARLIMEN tersebut masih papa kedana,,,tiba-tiba nak jadikan mereka INSTANT JUTAWAN.

    Syoknya,,,adalagi MP mati(SIBU) lagi satu Pilihan raya kechil,,kalu tiap-tiap bulan macam ni,,,,TAK PAYAH ADAKAN MALAYSIA PLAN, takpayah bentangkan budget,,,it serves no purpose coz the INSTANT PROJECT akan diUMUNKAN!


  4. Anonymous4:20 pm

    Corruption prevail in this land so you know who will win.

    Great pretender.

  5. tika ini, team najib masih di hadapan mendahului. najib ini penuh muslihat.

  6. wandererAUS4:51 pm

    There is a GOD!
    If PR were to loose Ulu Selangor, there is a very strong possibility for DAP or PR to take Sibu. If both fall to PR, GOD is too kind and generous!

    It will be a dream come true...and, Najib's Camelot!

  7. Anonymous5:23 pm

    sah roki bru dah jadi macai kpd parpukari jamban

  8. It's quite one thing for one to put out $23 million (but we won't know how much until the contract expires - Nazri??!!) APCO PR propaganda BS and another matter to believe in one's own smokescreen BS!!

    But note that contrary to the EC's rules, Rosemajib was the 1st to start campaigning before nomination day. True to form its "we are truly independent and not a lackey of UMNO/BN" BS utterings, the EC has not reprimanded or fined him or Noh Mohd or DPM!!

    True to form also, Rosemajib has started with the much failed UMNO standard policy/ploy/con job of trying to buy votes. Now he's promising housing when it was clearly BN's duty to provide that between 1957-2008 and failed to do so!!

    Watch and see. UMNO/BN will fail at Hulu Selangor. That is guaranteed with UMNO abdicating to Samy Velu's blackmail to field Palanivel - a born loser if ever there was one. No Indian will vote for a MIC candidate!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  9. Anonymous8:15 pm

    with najis strong support for perkosa & his deputy i'm malay first...

    it will be an uphill task for najis regime to regain this seat.

  10. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Hello LKS,

    Musim buah saya jual durian tepi jalan, tak pernah nampak mu lalu lalang kawasan kami pun?

    Lain kali singgah2 beli moktan, durian, pulasan, nangka, cempedak hasil tanaman Malaysian Malaysia... fresh dan kasi support sikit dengan buahan Malaysian Malaysia,

    asyik duk kupaih Mandarin oranges saja, tu kasi support sama Chinese China kurang molek!

    Hai, jangan sekadar musim election saja tunjuk muka, lepaih tu memandai nak bukak mulut!


  11. Anonymous9:09 pm

    amno's arhmat mail of pp is a gay fler...?

    it seems amno flers loves assholes too.

  12. Before you can say cheese, I have marked down this particular post which you have so positively put up and when the results are announced, we shall see.

    Intelligent Forecast or Overspin ?

  13. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Dato Rock,

    Why you tak kisah pendapat orang UMNO sendiri?

    What say you about this observation:

    "dalam pilihanraya kecil HS, saya melihat ia sebagai pilihanraya yang mungkin bermasaalah untuk BN."

    So said Dato' Mohd.Ariff Sabri bin Hj. Abdul Aziz. (aka known as SAKMONGKOL.

    Kenapa you tak mahu bagi balanced reporting lah?

    Just because the online news page under the former Maxwell School student wrote something that was appealing to your current masters, you quickly give credit.

    And also gleefully quote what Kit Siang is saying. This may actually make the BN fellows complacent, you know?

    But when UMNO members like Dato' Mohd Ariff say something of a different taste, you do not want to update your piece.

    You are taking us on neutral ground or want us to blindly accept all that you perceive for your new bosses?

    Make up your mind and be frank, honest and declare upfront your ploitical leanings once and for all.

    We will still respect you as part of the large 1Malaysia family.


  14. Dear Rocky!

    Winning Hulu Selangor does not help PR in anyway or another. If I am PR, I would use this as a bait to let BN feel comfortable and call for a snap GE13

    Shiok Guy

  15. Anonymous11:53 am

    It is just another oppoaition red herring designed to enegender a sense of false complacency in the BN.

    And MI is playing the tag along as the target is to get the BN to field a Hindulen , fritter away Malay goodwill and lose the elections. The reports and commentaries are replete with reverse psychology and kidology designed to get BN to put up a Hindulen. Simple arithematic will tell us that the seat while 52(Bumi);48 (pendatang) in permutations had always beena BN stronghold on the strength of the Bumi vote. 2008 came about because the Bumi vote split over angst about the candidate and PKR romped home courtesy of the dissidents, the parasitic Chingkie whorekids and of course Makkal sakthi fueled Hindulen mobs.Put a Malay candidate and win 75% of the Bumi vote swatting away the chingkie pigarse flies and the hindulen mobs with 1 fell swoop. But then our pollies are too dumb and their advisers even dumber to understand this simple reality. Why should I care then.........

    To Dildoed Pundek Pariah aka DPP

    Dei Chakilliyar arsewhore, after 3 days, you come up with an old scrap about my socalled trannie fixation.

    Where does it say so, here, Chakilliyar liar:

    That salvo was a warning to someone unprincipled not to squirm about like a split-personality fiend, hence the allusion to trannies if you get the drift.. but then i dont expect you do given your imbecility. You cant even understand English, dei chakilliyan peon, its time to go for tuition classes.

    Oedipus complex? hahahaha...fuck your mother is just to get across the message that she deserves a right old fucking from you for having shat her piece of constipated shit instead of aborting the scum and inflicting us the pain having to endure the likes of morons like you . U know, the idiotic whorepiss peppering blogsphere with worthless, inane shit.

    Warrior 231

  16. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Part 2

    So fuck your mother parian pundek means exactly that to give that bitch her just desserts.

    3.Using your perverted logic regarding my socalled trannie fixation,:

    1. I hear a certain Sighfool has the contacts! But be careful coz the price may be having your backside torn for that kind of scholarship

    2.Pink lipped service again? You betcha that Sighfool's unpenetrated ass!!

    So you are a closet homosexual fiend, Dicking Pantat Parian. It is replete in those two gems you unburthened to us all- your penchant for backsides, your hankering for Saiful's butt that has metamorphed into a yearning sigh - hence Sighfool (sic: sighful)- now that the pinkie arse you luisted after has been torn apart by your esteemed leader and no way you dare to rival HIM for a sightful of pink butt or a piece of an arsehole for that would be blasphemy!

    You are no different from your estemeed leader, An(us)whore. But then again why should you be as the majority of followers in the oppsition gutter are open or closet arsewhores themselves.

    Thanks for coming out, DPP for that would caution Bru from ever letting you to walk behind him lest you work his behind, hahahahaha. Sighfool tak dapat, bru free pun jadilah, Datuk pulak tu...hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.......oh i can stop laughing

    I almost died laughing too about how u accused me of teaching Bru to consort with whom etc for I plainly said this (caps on for your benefit):

    "You are AT LIBERTY TO CONSORT with whom you please, bro, DPP included, its your PERSONAL CHOICE but I reckon u are streetwise enuff not to fall for that pariah mongrel's whines and tricks.

    and me gatekeeping when YOU said this:

    "You have the fucking cheek to come to Rocky's own blog and pose a racist question to him as though Rocky is your tranny lap boy??!!"

    Read properly idiot or get someone knowledgeable in the language to help you. that will help you to understand what is gatekeeping etc are all about.

    In part 3, I will expose you as a barefaced liar.

    Warrior 231

  17. Seri Warna1:42 pm

    Breaking News!

    Mahathir and PERKASA gets blasted really painfully:

    "Perkasa does not stand for the poor, disenfranchised Malays or Bumiputeras. It stands for the Malays who have gotten rich and powerful based on the corruption of the New Economic Policy’s and Article 153’s just ideals. If the Malay agenda means supporting the impoverished Malays, then Perkasa stands for everything opposed to the Malay agenda.

    I want the disenfranchised and powerless to have the opportunities they need to succeed and lead lives of dignity. If that makes me a supporter of a Malay agenda, a Bumiputera agenda, or a Malaysian agenda — whatever you call it — so be it.

    But Perkasa, with its obsession over policies that mean little to the nelayan or petani — its agenda is about as anti-Malay as can be."... go hear to read the rest.

  18. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Palanivel tidak buat kerja semasa jadi MP Hulu Selangor. Siapa peduli apa Palanivel tulis dalam website? Sesiapa pun boleh tulis dan letak gambar apa apa dalam website. Jika sudah ada 2 perkara mudharat- rakyat tidak hendak dan awak tidak berkerja, macam mana Palanivel mahu menang? Orang India pun akan menolak calun MIC.

    Si Kitol

  19. Anonymous3:15 pm

    Lim Kit Siang is an old senile man. He has lost all his senses. That is why he always talk nonsense. Ha..ha.ha.

    Bro Bru, the fact that you are attracting a lot of criticism and negative comments in your blog means that these PR supporters are getting jittery and very desperate. Please continue what you are best at. And it gives me much pleasure reading their negative comments. You hit them bullseye.

  20. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Bagi peluang kedua, cuba sekali lagi.”
    “Jika tidak berpuas hati, (anda) boleh buang dalam pilihan raya (umum) tahun 2012,” demikian rayu Timbalan Presiden MIC, Datuk G. Palanivel .

    Why is this man BEGGING?????

  21. Rambo3:55 pm


    Lim Kit Siang said "BN must b very desperate 2enlist Rocky’s Bru 2spin 4victory in Hulu Selangor. I said “uphill battle” but never said BN will win ~ 09 April 2010 23:03"


    Rocky, dah kena lesing dgn Kit Siang, nak menyorok muka di mana skang Rocky?

    Kah.. kah... kah..!!

  22. Anonymous5:03 pm

    "We will still respect you as part of the large 1Malaysia family", so said PARAMESWARA @ 11:21 PM

    aisehman, like Rocky needs your approval, sheesh his blog is the most popular even without your vote

    get off your high horse, param

  23. Anonymous5:11 pm

    seri warna

    that chap looks like a retard if you were to remove his glasses

    we don't need a-below-average-IQ chap who burns midnight oil to claim "success"

    give him a real problem, he will run to his textbook (10year series) for an answer

  24. Anonymous5:17 pm

    woi rambo

    why not refer to other blogs that also "spin" for UMNO/BN?

    this is evidence that Rocky Bru has reached the masses

    sour grapes, eat your heart out

    you also can't stay AWAY from RB


  25. Wasnt the notion of the Barisan Nasional built on the premise of a cooperative coalition of parties ? if the argument that a malay should be fielded over an indian since HS is a malay majority constituency, then no indian would ever be fielded in any of the 222 constituencies, since none of them are indian majorities.

    therefore in the spirit of BN cooperation, the seat is given to the MIC to field. whether palanivel is the best candidate, remains to be seen, but the MIC will and should claim the seat, if it is valued in the BN coalition.

  26. Anonymous11:44 pm

    this parapoo kari, wan to be like u die-die oso wan to jilat najis balls to get a latukship

  27. Anonymous2:49 am

    Digging Pantats Pundek aka DPP

    You are a typical arsewhoring SOB who lies through his teeth in the true toddy drunk keling tradition.

    Arsewhore, you claim that you dint want to get me banned in RB or at PP, well the facts prove otherwise. Lets look at PP for starters:

    1.I don’t believe in banning him or anyone. But they must be civilized in their comments.But Warriors 231’s vile, filthy, obscene, racist and religious bigotry rants are something to behold, and as close to the KKK type of posturing and bluffing as we are likely to get locally.

    2.Here’s Warrior 231’s ‘reasoned, toned down’ response to Rocky’s call for moderation on 22/08/09 in the month of Ramadan. He can give but cannot take! I rest my case!

    Comment: Well pantating moron, as usual you start of by claiming in thru your high falutin moral grandstanding that you are loath to violating the sanctity of free speech. But in the very next sentence, in true-blue Keling twisttalk, you slander me as a vile person deserving of a ban.Your subtext is reeking with a prohibition call and it doesnt need a rocket scientist to figure that out for us.

    And to further butteress your infernal designs, u cut and paste from RB and like some fawning teacher's pet, you report to your fellow chakkiliyan, HI about my purported misdemeanours and why I should be banned.

    Well it dint work, twatleech, for I garnered so much support that even your "great" HI, wary of the repurcussions, restraind himself from following your inane childish demands. Looks like the sewer lawyer sawyer got a 1% more sense than your 0!

    So there u have it in anutshell, barefaced liar, be a decent person for a change and admit you wanted me gagged. But then again, i dont expect homos like you to admit your guilt when they cant even admit to the sins of their arselusts.

    Warrior 231

  28. Anonymous3:15 am

    1. In principle I'm against censorship.But young children and schoolkids may read your blog and come acroos Warrior 231's racist, obscene and vulgar language.The standard you should apply in comment moderation should perhaps be 'Would I allow this to go into print in my Malay Mail'.

    2:43 PM

    2.I have rarely comes across such racist and one-sided comments elsewhere, but that may be due to my not being able to read all the blogs out there.I am not suggesting censorship at all. Far from it. What puzzles me though is why all thes Warrior 231 and Mapuk Mung and others need to come to your blog and shit?

    Both from:

    Comment: Dei shitface, u are so full of your condescending self that you cant remember the shit u are carrying from blog to blog. Like in PP, you claim to be above censorship but the next moment drag in little kids etc as if you are so concerned about their morality, to support ur contention that I deserve a ban. In (1) u know full well that my views will not get printed in MM due to censorship laws yet you plug the blogger to use a similar yardstick to lynch me into oblivion.In simple language, you have been both gatekeeping and calling me to be banned. Admit that like a man, but then given that u are a homosexual pervert (using ur logic) i doubt if you got the guts to do that, trannie scumbag.

    Now get outta my face, buttfucking and arsedicked, cocksuckling piece of shit and better not be dismissive of anything from now onwards for lo behold something will befall you from Allah knows where, arseaddict.

    There, in 12 hours, i have exposed you as a gay, barefaced lying fiend whose tongue is as forked as any snake. Tengok keling dan ular..pukul mana dulu.. never sounded better, dont u agree sutunakara pundek kalathai thaioli kuthian chakkiliyan nai.

    Warrior 231

  29. Anonymous11:55 am


    LKS tu you perasan tak selam 50tahun, terkodek2 sendirian.. melalak pun siapa tak dengar?

    Amboi... sejak TGNA dan DSAI huluq tongkat sakti, buru dapat bersuara?

    Hudud ler, Reformasi ler, segalanya tibai dan telan selagi tongkat SAKTI tak ditarik balik!


  30. Anonymous1:00 pm


    dpp claimed to have a booooteeefuuull wife

    had asked for a million bucks to have her photo made available when challenged to prove that she is really bootiful

    had asked to ban Warrior 231 coz he has been whacking him point by point

    had also called Saiful - sighfool, Rosmah - Rosmajib, PERKASA - Perkosong

    Ssoooooo, who is petty, childish and garbage-producing polluter???

  31. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Salam Datuk Rocky, izinkan saya memberi komen pertama julung saya diblog Datuk. saya akan mulakan berhubung Hulu Selangor dengan fokus pada PAS dan PR

    Saya ajak kalian mengkaji hujah manusia? bernama Khalid:

    Khalid dengan penuh lunak bermadah bahawa DAP dan PKR telah mengorbankan kepentingan parti masing2 demi keutuhan PR.Benarkah begitu?

    Hakikatnya kamu BERDUSTA Encik Khalid, dengan madah berhelah kamu yang disulam dengan racun bisa buat membuai penyokong PAS agar tetap lena diulit mimpi indah. 6 contoh dibawah jelas mengisyaratkan secara gamplang bahawa hujah Khalid adah sedangkal kail sejengkal

    1.Lihat sahaja perjuangan DAP menegakkan Middle Malaysia yang merupakan tempelan nama sahaja keatas Malaysian Malaysia yang dilaungkan sejak tahun 60an lagi.

    2.Lihat bagaimana DAP telah mengasak PAS sehingga mengugurkan tuntutan Negara Islam supaya sehaluan dengan pandangan sekular chauvanis DAP yang tidak sekali kompromi dalam mengugurkan Malaysian Malaysia mereka.Pas digertak dan PAS akur, DAp pernah diperlakukan gitu?

    3.Lihat bagaimana PAS telah diasak oleh PKR dan secara tidak langsung DAP untuk menerima penggunaan kalimah Allah oleh golongan Katholik walaupun mencanggahi prinsip akidah seperti yang dinukilkan Presiden PAS, Haji Hadi Awang dalam buku beliau : AQIDAH MUSLIMIN terbitan CG Edar (1989).

    4. Lihat bagaimana Hassan Ali dipaksa dengan penuh aib tunduk kepada runtunan nafsu Ronnie Liu (DAP) agar arak dijual secara berleluasa dikerusi Parlimen kamu, Shah Alam, yang rata-rata didiami golongan Muslim tetapi pada masa yang sama DAP bertelagah dengan PAS dan kerajaan PR di Kedah berhubung rumah penyembelihan khinzir haram di Alor Setar sehingga sanggup keluar Kerajaan demi mempertahankan kehendak bukan Islam.

    5.Lihat bagaimana, kerajaan PR pimpinan Khalid Ibrahim (PKR)memaksa penempatan rumah berhala Hindu dikawasan Islam yakni Shah Alam demi menjaga hati bukan Islam
    walaupun ditentang oleh penduduk Islam disitu.

    6. Lihat bagaimana PAS kulailayu apabila peguam DAP, M.Kulasegaran meperjuangkan hak Indira Gandhi mengetepikan kepentingan seorang muallaf Islam bernama Mohd Ridhuan. Dimana PAS membela keptgn muallaf yang merupakan 8 asnaf?

    Kalau hendak dinukilkan banyak lagi contoh "pengorbanan" DAP dan PKR untuk keutuhan PR, rasanya perlu lautan pixel dan ruang komentar yang berekar luas.

    Jadi mamadailah dengan 6 diatas untuk menunjukkan bagaimana lembu yang dicucuk hidung seperti Khalid Samad, Dr Zulkepli, Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang, Husam Musa dan seangkatan dengan mereka telah mengkhianati kepentingan perjuangan parti kerana nafsu serakah politik.

    Moleklah kalau disimpulkan bahawa PAS selama ini meletakkan Islam dibahu atau diikat pada lutut untuk dibuang ketepi bila panggilan pungguk kuasa politik kedengaran sayup-sayup dalam kepakatan malam dibawah sinaran rembulan.

    Sepatutnya, Khalid tidak payah memerah otak untuk berdusta sebegitu rupa, cukuplah mengakui bahawa hakikatnya PAS kini telah meninggalkan perjuangan asalnya dan lebih merupakan sebuah jemaah opportunis yang menggunakan laungan palsu Islam bagi memikat pengundi Melayu-Islam agar membantu pembentukan sebuah kerajaan sekular yang bakal mendokong kepentingan rasis/chauvanis Cina. Sebuah kerajaan yang akan melanyak kepentingan Melayu-Islam tetapi bermatian mempertahankan kepentingan minoriti.Mungkin itu sebenarnya yang didambakan PAS selama ini!

    Harimau Arif

  32. truth be told, i dont give a rat ass who win. the time have long come to put politics aside. drive the opportunist to the sea and let those who wants to assimilate be embrace with open arms. This is MALAYsia, and hell yes i am a bloody racist! not like you lot! so sue me. may god prevails and protect those he deemed righteous

  33. Warrior 231

    Whoa, what "proof"? Everything you have quoted proves I never asked for banning or censoring you on anyone else in any blog. If you read nuances where none exist, go get a life!

    But it's clear. You will believe what you will. You are a saint and everyone else is a sinner!!

    But what else can we expect from a twisted, warped tranny and Oedipussy fixated sicko mind of a racist bigot who will continue to thrust himself like a 2 bit bitten and infested whore upon others and appoint himself as their gatekeeper and spew out much unwanted personal conduct "advise"? It's clear you are suffering from delusions of grandeur.

    If you can delude yourself that you have "proven" I am homosexual, then it's clear only a vacuum exists in your (numb)skull !!

    And your command of obscene Tamil words suggests you may have an Indian or Indian Muslim background yourself. So, don't try to be a holier than thou PERKOSONG-type race, religious and supremacist bigot and end up insulting your own ancestors and ancestry!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  34. Anonymous5:10 pm


    You tengok berita kemaghain dulu GRO kena cekop, konon mai sebagai pelancung kat Malaysia?

    Taksatni pun, lagi berita GRO kena bungkus...

    hmmm macam tu ler zaman '50an dulu.. Pening kepala. Berapa dari mereka terlepaih dan sekarang duk pakai Mykad Malaysian Malaysia agaknya?

    Cekup, jangan tak cekUp, halau keluaq. Satni 50tahun akan datang, anak cucu mereka duk memandai ajaq anak cucu warga Negara practice free sex kangkang, macam sekok Adun Selangor!!


  35. I may be a PR supporter, but enough said. BN to win Hulu Selangor by a majority of 5,000 - 7,000. While BN may retain Sibu by a majority of 2,000.

    I CAN BE PROVEN WRONG THOUGH. But yea, the best to both sides in winning over the votes. Hehe.

  36. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Dei kaninamah linkun lanchiau chou chibai Digging Pantat Pundek aka DPP arsewhore who has got no lan hoot but who loves to suck his momma's neh and licking the keh's chee bai as well as dicking pink virgin pantat supplied courtesy of An(us)whore after he had torn them to shreds. Folks, ask DPP how come he knows about his Sighfool's pink arse unless he was there too...hahahahahaha

    What a pondan porikee trannieboy of an office peon who cant own up to the truth of his own words, talking garbage about nuances, double entdres etc, coward barefaced homosexual lying fiend. Be a man for a change and own up to the fact, not shifting blame and ascribing nonsense to others like a typicla tonguetwisted keling pariah scum, chakkiliyar porikee, bangsat yang terbit dari puki busuk ditibai kepala butoh busuk pak hang.

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    Your ni na bu must have taught her dirty arsewhoring chee bai bain all the twists and turns of pariah keling talk well given his astute twisting of facts.

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    Warrior 231

  37. Anonymous11:47 pm

    And one more thing gayboy aka Dicking Pantat Pundekkalathai

    1. who has been giving advise to Rocky on what he should allow in his blog but you:(caps on for your benefit):

    The standard YOU should apply in COMMENT MODERATION SHOULD perhaps be 'Would I allow this to go into print in my Malay Mail'.

    Come on, if that is not unsolicited advise of the "appoint himself as their gatekeeper and spew out much unwanted personal conduct "advise"?" variety, pray tell us what is in your mentally warped universe.

    2. shit. It is plain for all to see that you were out to gag me in RB and in PP. Only thing, like the vaciliating trannieboy you are, you went about in that typical keling chakkiliyan pariah modus operandi of beating about the bush, pathetically insinuating the obvious.

    3.If you can delude yourself that you have "proven" I am homosexual, then it's clear only a vacuum exists in your (numb)skull !!

    It is alright if you can "prove" me as "a trannie fixated, oedipussian" but when the barb is returned, scream blue murder.
    "He can give but cannot take! sounds ironical now, doesnt it?

    4. Well gayboy,this sound pretty hollow now:

    "If you can delude yourself that you have "proven" I am homosexual, then it's clear only a vacuum exists in your (numb)skull !!

    for it is clear to all and sundry who is brain vacuumed for u started the game, dint you.

    Finally, talking crap about "We are all of 1 race, the Human Race" whilst at the same time upbraiding me for dissing "your own ancestors and ancestry". That takes the cake for it disrobes you entirely as a bigot doesnt it for in your perverted mind anyone with a knowledge of Tamil cussowrds must be an Indian and in ur bigoted universe an Indian must not put down aniother indian (you)in the name of racial solidarity......hahahahaha you made me laugh by ur asinine deduction.

    Fuck your dad's arselah and cocksuckle grandpalah and eat your shit outlah gayboy, for truth of the matter is I am as Malay as Tun Perak and will not play your Keling Kitto,Mudaliar and Naina Chattu characters for all the manna in the world. And remember this is MALAYSia and your pendatang bigotry aint gonna work here, get it chakkiliyan nai. Now go and wash grandpa's arse before u dick him and dont forget to tell us whether it is as pinky as Sighfool.....hahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  38. Anonymous4:34 pm


    terlupa nak habaq, you got see TV3 news, pasai PATI kena cekop duk keluarkan dokumen palsu kat Negara ini kemaghin dulu?

    Agak you, dalam 50tahun lepaih, berapa agaknya PATI yang berjaya duk KELENTONG sana sini guna IC/MYKAD/PASSPOT palsu Negara ini?

    Maklumlah, gaya, rupa, bau busuk badan, adat, makanan dan bahasa harian SAMA saja. Bila cakap BM bokbuat golek golek kepala! hehe,

    Bila tanya pasai sejarah asal usul diri bokbuat tak faham..

    Alamak! Cekop jangan tak cekop.

    Satni 50tahun akan datang, anak cucu mereka mesti memandai nak ajaq anak cucu Najib how to run this country!!


  39. skilgannon10663:06 pm

    Heh, heh - we must pity the likes of warrior xxx, perwira and anti whatever. Because, whatever their raison d'etre, they are all running s**t scared about globalisation and competition and what that means for those couched in the cosy lap of protectionism and affirmative action.

    Why? Because these "losers" will shrivel up in the fire of "brutal" competition (to quote a certain Deputy Menteri), once they are exposed to it's flames without any protection!

    Hence the whinging pleas for continued protection and the pathetic caterwaulings that Malaysia is a blessed land that is somehow exempt from global realities.

    At least, warrior xxx has some basic notions that make economic sense, as seen in his posts about tax policy, GST, subsidies etc - but that has been submerged in a subliminal urge for protection and exemption.

  40. Anonymous9:51 am

    What are we to make of MUkhriz's call for the people of Hulu Selangor to support BN as a show of support to his father Dr Mahathir? I like this slip of the tongue and relapse of the brain which clearly shows that MUkhriz is a non entity whose legitimacy and existence depends on keeping the memory of Mahathir alive. It confirms the general perception that Mukhriz is shallow.
    Thamby, this is about winning a by election promoting and defending the leadership of DS Muhyiddin.

  41. Anonymous8:46 pm


    Waaaa... Ingat lu sudah lama terbang jauh sana tempat yang lu asyik duk teliang meleleh air liuq?

    Lu apa lagi tunggu sini?


  42. Anonymous6:53 pm

    the comments i read here shows how low a person go to condemn people of other races or religion.

    It also shows how their ancestors, who should mostly be uncivilized behaved.

    In the name of politics i see hatred and condemnation at its worst.

    Warrior 231@ Don't you ever call 'People of Indian Origin' like that as we were already civilized thousands of years ago.

    Pendatang who? this country belongs to the asli people not you . For that record Raja Raja Cholan was here 1000 years before your ancestors!

    I hope GOD punishes you with severe outcomes.

    Still, i pray that GOD blesses you that you may repent before it's too late.

    'Valzhga Vallamudan'
    -raja parameswara-

  43. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Rocky Bru why approve comments that are above the limit?

    I thought your blogs are suppose to be fair?!

  44. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Warrior 231@ knows Tamil vulgar words very well.

    another pretender of the mamak fraternity who wants to evolve into an ultra M.... and eventually dream on to (u know).

    Trying to be smart eh? When you are down and out God will send a tamilan to lift you, and yes you'll be sorry that you cursed this particular historically rich community!