Monday, April 12, 2010

Is this actually why Pornthip won't come back?

Not 80 per cent sure. The Unspinners claim to know why pathologist Pornthip has decided to no longer appear at the Teoh Beng Hock's inquest.

In their latest posting, these anonymous bloggers published the above pic, which seems to be a page from Pornthip's report or observation of the 2nd autopsy (which I believe has not been made public, if there's one in the first place).

The paragraph the Unspinners want us to pay attention to seems to suggest that Pornthip is unable to back her claim that there was an 80 per cent probability that Teoh Beng Hock had been murdered.

Could it be the case? And does Gobind know of this? I would not risk being in contempt of court by discussing the merits of a case so read for yourself the posting Gobind trying to coverup Pornthip report that did not show 80% possibility of murder.


  1. Anonymous2:34 pm

    GO WARRIOR 231!!!!!!

    I am with u Bru. Come back bitch and lick up the cum u spilled thanks to your narcissitic fingering. You owe a dead man's family an explanation for slicing up his innards twice
    + the nation an apology if you screwed up bigtime. Got the clit for that? i wonder....


  2. Tip of the porn from Porntip. An excuse has been manufactured by the singh who is not king. It isn't easy to admit one's own lie so its best to shift into low gear and try another lie. Gobind the Singh is aware that Porntip is unable to back her claim that there was an 80 per cent probability TBH had been murdered. Allegations by him and the gang against SPRM is a pack of lies.

    This is truly a classic conspiracy
    to save face by the opposition.
    Cakap banyak besar tapi semua bohong punya cerita. Sekarang ada malu kah? Mesti lu punya orang juga bikin kerja kasi mati TBH.

  3. Anonymous4:40 pm

    "16. In my opinion, based on the observation I have made, I believe the skull fructure was caused by a blunt forced injury to the head on the left side which could have been inflicted by a fall or beating using a blunt object."

    What Dr Porn has not commented is if the circumference of the blunt force injury on the head DOES NOT match the circumference of the blood stain on the cement where TBH was found. This is called purposely witholding information.

    In this case the circumference of the injury matched the size of the blood stain on the cement - proving that it was impact with the floor that caused skull deformation.

    Dr Know.

  4. Anonymous4:45 pm

    beruk bro ,

    MB selangor kata boleh buat video testimony . kan bijak tu . dari dengar org2 Bodoh Nasional (BN)

  5. Anonymous5:52 pm

    even blind freddy knows he was murdered. only those with high spirits will deny this... but hey don't go to the bathroom at night because TBH's ghost is gonna get you... see those flers moving out of Plaza Maasalam quick fast.

    Locky you sure you not scare.


  6. The unspinners who make public this piece of classified information do not even know how to respect the dead. For political reasons, some Malaysians can do anything even against their own religions.

  7. Sinatra_z6:11 pm


    Everything is crashing down on our beloved Najib.

    The MyProcuments website is showing a lot of illegal and unusual money transaction.

    Check this out, amongst others.

    Rocky, if this is just the tip of the iceberg, imagine how much of squandering of public money must have occurred in the last 20 years of BN rule!

    The mind boggles!

  8. Unspinners spin - a load of crock!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  9. Anonymous7:34 pm


    nampaknya ada udang di sebali Mee

  10. Anonymous8:00 pm


    Definitely everyone is interested to know the truth about the TBH case. Most of all his family! Let the truth prevail!

    Dr Pornthip MUST return and testify! At least to support her claim that TBH was murdered! No one should stop her from doing so. It is absurd that the Malaysian Government tries to prevent her from coming to Malaysia to testify. This is utter nonsense for anyone to think and believe.

  11. porntit8:06 pm

    Typical Anwar style:)

  12. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Unspinners is just a load of bulls dropping.

  13. Anonymous10:09 pm


    The Unspinners have no respect for the dead...Lawak lawak...seriously, that is so damn funny...

    When it comes to revealing sensitive documents, we have the Opposition calling for transparency (heck, RPK is a hero for his exclusive but-I-can't-back-up Altantuya claims)...YBK is a good example of how the PR govt is so clean and accountable, and a white paper must be revealed to all and sundry...

    But when you produce a report like this, very quickly it is shot down. No respect lah, all that crap. Why bother having an inquiry if you've already made up your mind then? No matter what transpires, you are already convinced he was murdered - why the fuck do you bother to attend the inquest..

    Let me tell you why...for Gobind and the gang - mileage la...nobody said anything when Gobind handed that so-called MACC officer's letter claiming the pengarah had beaten Beng Hock up, and pushed him down. That was hearsay, but the Pakatan fellas were screaming for blood.

    Today, Gobind took the cake when he was quoted as saying that the government should show proof that Pornthip was not Bernama.

    I claim that I have been told by govt that the Msian govt will not let me testify. I tell the world I am not coming because of that. And other party must proof that I was not harassed. It's like asking the family of a girl who got raped to prove that she's not easy...Beautiful spinning..

    You know what, this is not about Beng Hock...this is about toppling the government, this is about Malay bashing, this is a bunch of politicians who say one thing but do the other (Tian Chua used to take the cab, and now, two of his cars (a Camry and a Merc) were involved in two accidents...Gee, didn't know MP allowance so high ma...

    I have been pretty liberal about a lot of things but I have had it up to my neck with all these anti-Malay ruse. The sooner the Malays realise this the better. Umno needs to buck up, but it is not under its rule that my rights and positions would be compromised. Neither is it under Umno's rule that my future generation's. I know it is this present bunch of hypocrites who brand others racists but are racists themselves. Is Muhyiddin Malay first, is Karpal Indian first? Peeraahh....Go back to the archives and there has not been a single case of him saying anything nice about the has always been about the non-Malays, for the non-Malays. If that is not being a racist, I don't know what is....

  14. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Warrior 231,
    With you all the way.
    May the chingkies and hindulen convert to be malaysian.

    As for the malay liberals,too late for them. Depan belakang, sama saja.


  15. Salam Datuk Rock..,

    I'm too, very anxious to know and ever ready to digest her claimed when her day's at court come..!!

    And yet now she wanna to back-off with very lame excuses which only the stupid client's of her will buy those of yet another wild allegation that she have made to save (her) face's..!!

    Or rather she wanna to be treated like a "pop queen's.." or something that style thou !!

    I do hope the court will make a kinda statement...guarantee her and her soul safety.. while she are here to represent her client's..!!

    With all fairness to whom the matter concern ...lets give her the benefit of doubt's.

    Let us hear what kinda "figures " she will come with ..this time around..!!

    Hidup...KeAdilan..reform..must be seen..or reformbasi..!!

  16. Good one anon(10:09pm). Gobind and the DAP lackeys is trying desperately to spin Dr Porntip's no show, really pathetic how they now try to put the blame on the Government. This is what Nazri said recently as reported by themalaysianinsider:

    “That is why I said that she(Dr Porntip) is a liar. I do not believe that the Malaysian government and our officials would harass her and stop her from coming because we know that if she has been allowed to enter the first time then why should we stop her from entering the second time. The date was also delayed to allow her to come.

    “In her earlier testimony, she has said something that was sensational. It would be obvious that the government is trying to hide something if a high level government official would try to block her entry. It is certain that we would get criticised by the international community if we would have stop her from entering the country the second time,” he said.

    Nazri stressed that he would have known if it was a high government official that had forced her not to testify.

    “If it was a high official then I would be the first to know but I do not know and never once has the Attorney-General met with me to discuss about this. I feel that she is scared that her testimony in the inquest is false and she cannot defend it now. Therefore she trying to find excuses for her not to attend the coming inquest,” he said.

    He also ridiculed Gobind Singh Deo after the Puchong MP labelled his statement as “contemptuous”.

    “Let him say it. Is he that smart? If he was really smart then he would have been ejected from parliament so many times. Nothing that he says is law. He may be practicing law but a lot of rubbish has been said by him,” he said. End quote.

    Nazri really hit the nail on Gobind's head, I must say.

  17. Agree 1000% with Anon 10.09pm - this is all about Malay bashing by Gobind and his cohorts.Its really nothing to do with THB as Gobind knew exactly what happened to him. Gobind and DAP is now on damaged-control mode.Steady la bai.
    And wow...! I wish I can write like Warrior 231.Alas,I dont have the 'clit' for that.

  18. wah, since when you should not tell the truth because truth = no respect for the dead?

    p/s sometimes this fuckatan drama appears more like the Combat television series which we 'trusted' during those naive growing up days. whatever happens, the Americans are the heroes and the Germans are the nasty guys.

  19. Anonymous1:05 am

    pornTIP cari makan bro. many casualties in Bangkok, so the pornqueen got customer ma'.the dead red-wave demonstrators are her kind of meat, presenting a golden opportunity for the publicity-crazy- shrinking TIP.

  20. Jason King1:09 am

    ha..ha... berapa ramai dah kena tipu ngan pornstrip ni, org nak kasi duit si porn ni pon ambil lah, kalau aku pon aku bedal..hi..hi..

  21. Mat Jam1:13 am

    Other posssible reasons porntip wont come back :

    i) Her request for 5 star Hotel was declined by S'ngor gov. Instead, PKR only agree to put her in Rumah Tumpangan.

    ii)Her request for high fees to be paid in advance was not agreed by PKR.


  22. Rocky famous twisting and turning...telling half truths.. have earned him a Datukship.
    This spinning can really the delights of his UMNO masters.
    Should be UMNO BARU's future candidate for 13th GE.

  23. Anonymous2:23 am


    Wah.. Belit jangan tak belit...

    Proof the British theory right!!


  24. nstman4:37 am

    Rocky can say anything, but the people will believe Pontip one million percent. The truth is, Rocky's spin is too predictable. We have had enough of lies from the shameless propaganda of Rocky and his ilk. We will continue to expose the lies.

  25. Anonymous7:32 am

    Unspinners, Warrior 231 and all UMNO scumbags and wild pigs are trying to run Porntip down because the Najis and fat mama are involved and afraid she would testify. Unspinners, Warrior 231 and all UMNO scumbags trouble makers should be placed in powder keg packed with C4 and blast to smithereens in the way they blasted Altantuya! Go to Hell UMNO scumbags, the worst pariahs in the world! Long Live Khunying Porntip! Justice for Teoh Beng HOck! Hidup Rakyat!!!

  26. Ha ha ha ha !!! another crap ,
    What are you trying to proof here
    bru ? The whole are moving ahead
    and you and a bunch of your idiot
    follower still stays far behind.

    Wake up and join the practical
    group instead sleeping with the
    dreamers.You are old enough to
    see the world.

  27. Puk U Donplaypuk8:32 am

    WTF you talking no respect for the dead?

    DAP and PR dok jaja si mati sebagai alat politik tu abenda?

    Bukankah bukan Melayu dan Melayu sesat PKR dan PAS dok tuduh SPRM padahal bukan untuk kepentingan SPRM untuk melihat TBH mati.

    Tan Boon Hwa yang bunuh tapi semua diam saja. Bukti2 menghala kat dia.

    Kenapa si keling pencen kutip botol donplaypuk tak mahu perakui dan bincang pasal Tan Boon Hwa?

    Pasal dia akan spin botol2 yang dia kutip. BIla bincang, dia kuat spin.

    Suka guna fakta yang lari dan berpilih2. Kalau fakta tak memihak pada hujah dia, tidak akan diambil kira.

    Sudahlah pariah. Pasal dia low class maka dia rekalah 1human 1race.

    Biarlah banyak2 race, asal kita tahu menghormati sesama kita. Bukan macam pariah low class donplaypuk yang anti melayu.

  28. Anonymous10:55 am

    This is the trouble with politicians doubling up as lawyers, vice-versa. It is like mixing oil and water.

    Either become a politician and remain focussed on improving your constituent or just focus on your court cases. Ethically, it does not augur well to juggle both jobs.

    Now, the rakyat has a right to know how much money has been spent on this witch hunt. Both PR and BN must come clean on this.

    And of course, the last person to have seen TBH alive could shed more light, rather than giving vague and contradictory statements.

    Porntip has bungled big time by betting on the wrong horse.


  29. Anonymous11:24 am

    I tend to believe the good doctor than anyone one from the govt. It is a matter of trust.

  30. Anonymous2:34 pm

    @ Ani at 10:09 PM

    Aku sokong hang +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 e+1000000000000000000000000000000........

  31. Anonymous3:07 pm

    reading some of the posted comments really upsetted me. imagine TBH is your son, brother, father or a close relative who die for an unknown reason, and in a place where he shouldn't be dead! ask yourself one simple question, how would you feel?

    i am no pro BN nor PR, who cares! to me, why and how TBH die in the wrong place is the main point!

    dear frineds, please respect the dead. TBH's family is suffering for more than we can imagine.

    if we were not a jack of all trades, let and respect the person who can do the job right for us.


  32. Anonymous3:14 pm


    Of course to you it is Lawak. Lawak because it doesn't happen to someone close to you or someone you know personally, wait until one day such thing happens on someone you know, then you decide whether it's lawak no lawak.


  33. I hope Dr.Porntip comes back and finished the job she had started!

    Or how else do we know the truth if its not mentioned by the so-called specialists like Dr.Porntip?

    And I hope there is no threat behind her decision not to come back here?

  34. Anak Permatang Pauh5:34 pm


    Go tell the porn star, Pornthip the Pathological Liar, Gobehind Singh, and all the PKR fanboys to learn to respect the dead. They are the one who cry foul and want the second autopsy. Now, eat your guts out.

    This pornthip thing has taken all the stupid Selangor government, TBH family and PKR fanboys for a ride. Padam muka orang selangor bayar ratu porno for nothing. May be Gobehind Singh got to taste her clit and anus, right singh, was it goooodddd? Looks like she has menopause.This Singh has no taste whatsoever, pantat menopause pun bantai.

  35. Anonymous6:13 pm

    The usual talk crap to get reward from Rosmah Botox......Pity you gadaikan maruah...Just like you tak malau lagi tak maruah Curi Hak Istimewah orang Asli..the TRUE Bumiputera....Siapa Hina Allah??

  36. Anonymous8:32 pm

    heh heh

    kerana mulut (besar) badan binasa

  37. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Sigh ...

    This is what you get for lying to cover up earlier lies, you get so caught up in the web of deceit, you trap yourself in it.

    gali lobang tutup lobang
    tipah tertipu lagi
    bila warna rambut jadi ukuran bukan kebijaksanaan otak

  38. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    What say you regarding the RM76.8 million paid to APCO for their one year contract ? Are you going to find out who the local intermediary is and how much was the commission ?

    Or are you gonna protect your boss by withholding this piece of information ?


  39. Never mind Pornthip. We still have the highly regarded Peter Vanezis to come to shed light on TBH's death. And she might yet be persuaded to change her mind.

    What about permanently foot-in-mouth Nazri's disclosure in Parliament today that Rosemajib/UMNO/BN spent RM 76 million on fees to APCO and not RM 28 million as indicated before??!!! Nazri claimed he had earlier been unsure if it was US 28 million or RM 28 million??!!

    I mean Dr.M only forked out RM7.6 million to go kiss Bush's ass, but Rosemanib's outdone him by miles with this RM 76 million and we are not sure if the meter has stopped or is still running?

    Can you believe that Nazri actually said:

    "..the money we pay is worth it, it is giving good returns to us...I am not sure of that information... but dictators who have got the money will use the best. So what if they use APCO? It means that APCO is bloody good!!”

    So, the misleading and lying continues in bolihland and the Rakyat are being taken for another ride. Was anyone, like a (in)famous consulting co paid a commission to introduce APCO?

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  40. Salam Datuk,

    The circumstances and the cause of TBH death has to be ascertained.
    His demise rightly deserved an inquest.

    Sadly this inquest has turned into a political sideshow.

    The DAP has taken full advantage of an unfortunate incident for maximum mileage.

    As usual LKS is screaming Putrajaya, Cabinet, all and sundry for an explanation for Madam CSI's absence.

    Tin kosong as usual and barking up the wrong tree.

    This is mind boggling given that the PKR Selangor Govt were the paymaster for her expertise and whatever reason for her absence, Khalid and Co should have been informed in minute detail by Madam CSI.

    Says much for her professionalism and as well as DAP's usual antics.


  41. Anonymous1:30 am

    I don't even bother to read the full pages of your "statements". However, one thing I know for sure, what goes around comes around.
    Don't play play with the Thais. They can be extremely nationalistics. Don't ever think that Thai security forces don't read what happenings back in Malaysia. With Porntip as respectable person back in Thailand, I suggest Malaysia forces should refrain from wondering across Southern Thailand accidentally, I don't think Thai forces would be that kind to Malaysian forces especially your spin on Porntips.
    Siam has been dying to get even with Malaysia.....Rocky & Warrior 231, don't give the Thais damn F opportunity....

  42. Anonymous1:48 am

    Electoral decisions should be based on ground realities for Malaysians in general are not moved by policy rhetoric, ideological constructs or issues pertaining to anything beyond bread and butter and a peaceful and harmonious lifestyle. It is this reality that should shadow any decision pertaining to a candidature. Put up the right candidate and you come up trumps as in Bagan Pinang, put up a nincompoop with extra baggage and you reap the chaff as at Permatang Pasir. It is that simple yet pollies love to take the complicated route to collective perdition. What are the ground realities at Hulu Selangor (HS).

    1. In GE 2008, the collective vote of the three winning BN ADUNS were 26264
    yet Palanivel only reaped 22979 votes, a deficit of 3285. The aggregate vote of the three losing PR ADUN candidates were 20088, yet their main man, Zainal Abidin garnered 23177. Now where did arwah Zainal’s extra 3089 come from.? Yeah, you guessed it right! from 3089 disaffected BN voters from that 3285 pool. In fact, tally up 3089 + 223 unreturned ballots = 3312 ballots.

    2. In all three ADUNS, turnout averaged :74.88 (73.21%= Hulu Bernam + 73.61
    (KKB) + 77.82 (Btg Kali = 224.64/3) just slightly shy of the HS parliamentary
    seat turnout of 75.24%.

    3. Now to the racial breakdowns, Hulu Bernam :Pribumi: 67.7% ; Pendatang: 32.3%
    result BN victory (majority; 3549). KKB : Pribumi: 32.3% ; Pendatang; 67.7%:
    result: BN scraps through as Pribumi vote holds by 448 votes.
    BK : Pribumi: 59.4% ; Pendatang : 40.6%:, result BN win by 2179 votes.

    What does 1, 2 and 3 say to us:

    a. Put up an ethnically alien and ineffectual candidate, and the Malay ground revolts by either voting for the Malay alternative, spoiling ballots, not returning the ballots or simply by not voting at all.

    b. KKB is a good illustration of the non-pribumi desertion of Barisan in droves and by the looks of it, they aint gonna come back anytime soon unless on their terms.

    c. The Malay ground will remain solid if a Malay stands in the area as amply demonstrated in HB and BK. In fact in KKB, it was the Malay vote that saved the BN chap from the repercussions of collective Chingkie and Hindulen treachery.

    All of which brings to the ideal choice for a candidate. Go for either of the 2 ADUNS, being local, they can use that clout to good effect against a fucktart of a traveling minstrel, Zaid, the ideal condescending, talkdown snob to chase away simple, unassuming folks. Remember, the state government isn’t in BN hands so they are at liberty to run a local ADUN for HS.

    Issues: Keep it bread n butter, local oriented, land driven etc; focus on the economic recovery, the influx of FDI, strenghthening RM etc and ignore playing to the arsewhore tune. In fact, if APCO, Israeli agents etc are brought up, tell the crowd that Arsewhore was a signatory of a document recognizing Israel’s illegal existence and calling on the Arabs to capitulate, so why the playacting. Ram home the fact that the current PAS, PKR hierarchy have given up the ghost on Islam by their support for the Kalimah Allah thingy and capitulations over Shah Alam beer and temple issues. (if only some smart aleck had not conceived the interfaith panel in the first place, things would be easier).

    Put a Malay candidate, run a tight ship and spank arsewhore’s latest libtard of a tubful of slimy lard into oblivion. But if you are hankering for the masochistic pain of defeat, look no further, put up PV, watch the malay ground melt away and say vel, vel, to your chances. But then again, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is no mean feat…hahahahaha LOL

    Source of data : SPR and Utusan

    Warrior 231

  43. Bunnies10:38 am

    Everybody is missing the point la... Read carefully la.. understand it, think about it and if dont understand, take dictionary and check the meaning!

    Porntip is saying that she has been told by Thai government that our government has stressed that she should not testify in TBH's trial as it would hinder her work in southern Thailand. Now, we know that she is passionate about her souther thailand work and if she have to chose, she will not want anything to hinder her southern thailand work. In short, she is being blackmailed.

    For a woman who had to face death in the form of cancer and now in remission and have gone to work at a very dangerous place like Southern Thailand, it would be very queer to think that she is afraid for her safety. I should think that safety is her least concern.

    And of course, people like Nazri the amok and some of you people in here who missed the point and start shouting that all sorts of profanities against her.. it is really uncalled for and I must say, reflect greatly on how you people are brought up. Tsk! tsk! tsk! dont you people have mamas around when you were growing up? Or perhaps you people have been raised by apes? Wait.. that would be an insult to apes right? Spawn from the devil perhaps would be a better description of you people!

  44. Anonymous11:09 am

    The current situation here is like a pond which smelled stagnant.

    Let justice run like water and Righteousness like a mighty stream.

    Righteousnes follows when truth springs into action.

    Sadness , sadness when most of us are in a state of defending the Darkness where evils smile in delight.

    Day by day we pretend to pray but with evil in our mind.


  45. Anonymous2:27 pm

    Hi .. I do something like htis in my blog too but it's in mandarin... for people who dont understand alphabets can always visit my blog =)

  46. Lovesing Lopo3:58 pm

    poorahhh.... sape yang bunuh teoh? Killing our friend!

  47. Anonymous7:34 pm

    bunnies, people say "you are what you eat"

    and rabbits eat their own shit, so that makes you ______ !!

    pls fill in the blank ...


  48. Anonymous1:31 am

    Ya lor Bunnies,

    ...Tsk! tsk! tsk! dont you people have mamas around when you were growing up? Or perhaps you people have been raised by apes?..

    Macam itu 3yr old Jasmine Lee..Mana keturunan latang ini ape punya mama..

    Maciam mana anak sendili dalam sendili punya lumah pun bole mati? Dalam lumah pun bela APE?

    Apa lu tatak panggil ini Porntip bedah siasat sama lia?

    tst tst tst..


  49. Anonymous2:40 am

    Dei looes74
    Look like your toiletbrain is jammed with shit and needs a flush damn badly. Fucktart, munching on shit lately, eh? No one is bothered about a pipsqueak army intent on butchering unarmed civilians in Bangkok. in fact, that army has got its plateful of unresolved local issues to bother about picking a fight with Malaysia. The very fact it cannot put down a festering insurgency in the Kra is indicative of its much vaunted capabilities.

    So think before you speak unless you want shit oozing thru your mouth given that your arsehole is probably plugged with arsewhore/gayboy's cum.

    For others here,

    Comprehending what is written is a fault plaguing many vernacular educated descendants of whores. Not surprising given the poor quality of English teaching and the mindless rotelearning methods employed in these shitsplattered ghettoes masquearading as schools.

    In simple English, Mrs Porn* said that she was pressured/intimidated not to come. In fact, Hisham is seeking a clarification on this score here

    No one but the lady and her local legal "goons" here created the brouhaha, plain and simple. So for citizens like me to demand the cuntfly to show up is within my ambit for one cannot simply spout garbage about suicides and run away when challenged.Additionally, Mrs Porn's sudden aboutturn is indicative of how cuntflies hop from one unwashed cock to another in search of leftover goo.

    The point of Mrs Porn's socalled devotion to her work in Southren thailand is laughable. 6 years on since Tak Bai unfolded, this is the outcome:

    "May 29 by the Songkhla Provincial Court in an inquest into the Muslim deaths at Tak Bai. Judges Yingyut Tanor-Rachin and Jutarath Santisevee concluded that the Tak Bai victims had died from asphyxiation ......., no charges have been brought against the top officials who oversaw the suppression operation."

    and pray what she is doing there as extrajudicial killings, torture and dissapeareances have increased as exemplified in the article available

    serving as the offical apologist?

    Being a moron does not entitle one to drag others into the depths of imbecility especially when one is a descendant of a whore, or worse, was conceived in a shitstrewn hutch by a pair of moronic inbreeds.

    P/S : I have dispensed with the "Dr" for this grandma sounds as if she is anything but one.

    Warrior 231

  50. Anonymous8:52 am


    In the first place, Pornthips has now whatsoever merit to testify on the 2oth April. My opinion was based that the second autopsy was done by Malaysian doctors at the Sungai Buloh hospital. She was there merely as an observer. She didn't do the autopsy and why should the Court wanted to get her findings????

    It is wrong to ask for her "findings" on the second autopsy because she only observe the autopsy done by the said Sungai Buloh Hospital Doctors.

  51. Anonymous9:24 am

    so u couldn't sensationalized the issue of porntip non apppearance in testifying TBH case, just a piece of paper, u oledi make irrelevant assumption, is this how news work?

    curiousity mal

  52. Anonymous1:01 pm

    TAMAN Negara in Pahang has been chosen as the location site for a foreign pornographic film, reported Kosmo!

    Msia BoLE bole

  53. Anonymous2:50 pm

    Warrior 231 and his abang abang are clear examples of what the NEP will get you. Rempits only.

    Fan of Warrior 231

  54. Li Huat Chai9:29 pm

    En Rocky, please read Azmi Sharom's article in today's star - relating to Beng Hock's death.

    Guess, u r very far behind Azmi Sharom, u need to urgently learn from this upright man.

    A true gem indeed in this bodoh land !!!

  55. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Electoral decisions should be based on the wish and want of rakyat and not skew by any racism manipulation with selfish agenda.

    Let us take a look at the rakyat wish and want referring to HS voter breakdown: Malaysian = 70%; Malay+Chinese+Indian = 30%. Therefore PR made a wise choice to put in a Malaysian candidate, and we know BN will continue their rhetoric and argument whether to select a Malay first Malaysian second, or Indian first Malaysian second1 or Indian first Malaysian second2 or perhaps one Indian first Indian second Indian third Malaysian last to be candidate? Hmmm…getting more and more interesting.

    Opps, am I in the wrong thread again? Never mind la, hijack thread is now part of Malay+Chinese+Indian habit.


  56. Anonymous1:32 am

    Apek Li,

    Waa tulisan pun lu mau ajaq Dato tiru sama lain olang punya style?

    Apek dari keturunan memang mayak pandai punya olang, pandai TIRU pandai Kelentong.

    Ini hari berita lu tatak dengaq? Apek punya sepupu, kasi seludup 12K Jersey masuk South Africa?

    Haiyaaaa tamau itu maciam..nanti South Africa pun lu panggil bodoh land,

    Apahat, asal nama maciam APEK Li, mana dunia pergi, asyik mau kelentong orang saja?


  57. skilgannon10663:58 pm

    Warrior xxx

    The fact that the Thai Army is seemingly unable to resolve the insurgency in Southern Thailand should be praised as an indication of their restraint. They could go in, level the place, implement a scorched earth policy and intern all the suspected Muslim extremists in camps, just like what the Brits did during the Emergency in Malaysia. I am sure that the US would back them up if they chose to do so. And foreign investors would pour in money to rebuild the region following the annihilation of a militant Islamic movement.

    There is a precedent here in what the Sinhalese-dominated army in Sri Lanka did to the Tamil separatists in the LTTE.

  58. skilgannon10664:22 pm

    Well, it seems that the US govt (or the Obama administration) has laid down a pretty clear marker on this subject.

    As per Kurt Campbell, the US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, speaking at a forum on US-Malaysia relations organised by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC:

    "Let's be clear that the two sides try not to avoid the issues on which there will be continuing discussions, perhaps some difficulties and challenges, and any good relationship is able to deal with those issues...

    "We must say, it is well known to all of you, Anwar has many friends in the United States - very high level friends, people who care about him and we want very much for his treatment to be just and we are watching carefully in this regard." (as per an AFP report).

    It appears that Mr Campbell made these remarks at a forum where the Malaysian PM and various Malaysian dignitaries were guests.

    Now, will there be outraged howls of protest from Wisma Putra about US interference in Malaysia's domestic affairs? Will the crowds show up to protest outside the US Embassy in KL?

    What seems to be clear, though, is that the Obama administration has apparently indicated that the policies of former PM Tun Dr Mahathir are pretty much irrelevant as far as they are concerned. and that the onus is on Malaysia if it wants to take it's ties with the US on to a new and more cordial footing.

    The bigger picture is that as far as the Obama administration is concerned, Indonesia is the main player in S E Asia, with a supporting cast of Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and the Philippines. Malaysia can choose to be either "in the game" or out of it. The larger "game" in Asia involves the US with China, Japan, S Korea, Australia, India and Indonesia.

    Now, sit back and let warrior xxx and his/her fellow travellers go into a paroxysm of helpless rage at the insolent effrontery of these US apparatchiks......

  59. Anonymous6:26 pm


    China + Iran Vs US + Malaysia? Where is the West/US and Western media aficionado? You people must be very glad we finally get back to Uncle SAM after all the “poor” diplomatic skill of our astute statesman.



  60. Anonymous2:18 am


    I dah berapa kali cakap..

    US buka saja mulut pasai Anwar, you tolong hantar kat US Secretary of State, Hillary CURUT satu kotak.


  61. Anonymous3:35 am

    As rabbits love eating shit especially their own, whatever comes out will be double shit because they eat worms, other type of shit from other animals, insects and so forth. No wonder their brain becomes dead and non-functioning and they talk shit! tsk tsk tsk...

    For you shitty rabbit > ..!..

    With compliments from

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  62. Anonymous6:09 am


    You duk kelentong apahal sini pasai US dan ghata2 cerok Negara luar nih?

    Why can't you spend you time go help the authorities cekop all the Chinese prostitutes.

    Dah naik chemuih, tiap hari dalam berita asyik kerja duk tangkap and all people, your distant cousins!!

    Skilly tolong calculate sikit, sejak 50tahun, agaknya berapa ramai dari mereka nih dah duk kelentong jadi Malaysian Malaysia?


  63. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Dei stupid pundek SG 1066 moron

    Looks like you have to scrap the sewage of your imagination to tar me.You seem to revel in your faggoty notion that I am afraid of the USlah, chinalah, Sporelah, of competitivenesslah blah blah blah. Guess its part of your transferance psychology, u know your cockless cowardly self projecting and insinuating its fears and insecurities onto others.Fact of the matter is you are whole load of crap bullshit who got pwned bigtime by even your countryman. It also seems to me that you always have the prostitute's descendant in tow -u know the unmasked LIAR, another pondan trapped in its China coccooon - to rhant away like a madwoman in tagteam fashion.

    Well, i have got no time for pondan Liar rhanters and I will let that rhanter wallow in his own pigshit suffice to say he tried to get a Prof AK for some intellectual discussion on the China Yuan manipulation thread and hardly drew a response save to see his dirty retractable prepuce hide itself in shame...... hahahahahaha what a stupid fellatist scum!

    As 4 u SG, let this be my last missive to you, cocksuckling idiot. Of of all the chingkies i have come across and pwned, you must be the most moronic of the lot with Rhanter propping you up.

    1. The only insurgency that was snuffed out in SEA was the chingkie commie insurrection here in Malaysia (1948-1960) + (1970-1989). I was involved in part 2, 1980 onwatds..and boy you must have seen how shitsplattered, urine drenched chingkies were emerging from the piginfested hovels and surrendering themselves in droves given their cowardly nature and fear of death. Come to think of it, i enjoyed that stint as I was involved in blading a few resisting bastards apart from ferreting out quite a number of pigpee in my stint in the special forces and later in Intelligence. I would have no qualms of doing the same in the name of race and country!Ah! the joys of military life......

    2. All other insurgencies, involving committed and fearless Moslems are continuing to fester: Phillipines (Mindanao/Jolo etc). Thailand (Pattani), indonesia (GAM- which only ceasefired due to the tsunami)

    Moral : chingkies are pondans who goaded the malays under Shamsiah fakeh, rashid mydin, musa ahmad to do all the fighting while they whored their days away in comfort in Beijing, capitulating once the malay vanguard melted away.

    Malay/Moslem jihadis..thats another proposition as the hapless Thais and Filipinos armies are finding out much in the same way them Yankees found out in Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia,Phillipines, Pakistan etc. Each a fiasco.

    And idiot, the Thais have better sense than you fuckhead than indulging in a scorched earth policy lest they want their butts blasted to smithreens in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiangmai et al. In fact, Fonseka from SL was here to get tips on our insurgency before he unleashed that putsch against the Tiger kelings. If you study his methods, you will see certain similarities.

    So stupid idiot, stop bleating like a moronoid on issues you know nothing about and get urselves some popcorn as the Yanks and the Israelis engage the Iranians next, which will be the father of all conflicts.

    Warrior 231

  64. Anonymous6:48 pm

    and SG 1066 bastard piece of shit,

    such is your hatred and fear of MALAYSia that you contrived conveniently to forget that, West MALAYSIAsia straddles the LONGEST sealane in the world (while East malaysia also borders the South China sea ) as if the Yanks are ignorant of that. And it was made obvious by your deliberate leaving out of MALAYSia from the equation while including your pipsqueak Spore and nincoompoop Indonesia and Thailand in your socalled US strategy. I reckon they have a far better knowledge of geopolitics and geography than to trust idiotis nutcases like you.

    Or have they been trusting nutcases like u all this while which explains their failed strategies elsewhere?

    and Anwar? hahahahaha...standard Yank speak which echoes exactly what Gore and the State Department were saying in 1998 with little or no cockmuscle to walk the talk

    Warrior 231

  65. Anonymous10:17 am

    Hahaha ada yg kata bedah siasat kedua dibuat oleh doktor kerajaan tapi si dr thai nie tengok jea...kah..kah...kah

    Bedah siasat tu dibuat bersama..hehehhe

    Kalau dah si kapal sinkand co dia tak tahu nak membelit lagi...paling senang dikatakan kena tekanan kerajaan. sedangkan masa mula2 bagi tu berani pulak...heheheheh

  66. skilgannon10666:11 pm

    warrior xxx

    Malaysia straddles the longest sealane.....? Gee, what about Indonesia? And what's at the 2 ends of said sealane, eh? India and Singapore! Each with more capable navies and air forces than Malaysia! Go study your maps again, brudder. Or maybe they didn't teach you geography in whatever educational institute you attended?

    Fact of the matter is that if the US Navy or the Chinese Navy chooses to carry out "escort duties" in the Malacca Straits, there isn't a damn thing that Malaysia can do about it, apart from invoking international law.

    On the matter of competitiveness, it looks as if the present Malaysian administration is running scared. Economic realities, brudder. "Brutal" competition, even.

  67. Anonymous8:59 pm

    to skewed moron

    for all the hype abt singapore's efficiencylah, transparencylah, meritocracylah, democracylah, disciplinarylah blah blah blah

    guess who captured Mas Selamat and one-eyed dragon

    not singaporeans heh heh heh

    you see the eunuch culture comes from china

  68. Anonymous9:37 pm

    “Yanks and the Israelis engage the Iranians next”
    Don’t leave Malaysia out of the equation, which is now the dedicated supporter of Obama administration hahahaha....


    PS/ I personally would say China should appreciate Malaysia role to keep US out of the Malacca straits, this I have to praise our astute statesman for his “astute” understanding of world affair. However some US devotee like that trollior would rather have the gweilo to expand their influence here and wish Malaysia to be another Singapore by looking at his silence on how our present PM handle the Iran sanction. No time? I think no face la.

  69. Anonymous2:39 am

    The 'Pondan' Liar, a prostitute's whorepiss incarnated as a scum human is twisting again to get attention now that no one bothers to engage a lying 'pondan' let alone a dirty whorepiss of a devil.

    In his puny, cockless worldview, anyone who speaks ill of Chingkieland is a gwailoh lover.Any information not sanctioned by the politburo of triad gangsters, cheats, liars and murderers are hogwash.

    He claims to possess superior wisdom and understanding but his cannabilised pronouncements rendered in broken, inchoate "rhants" reek of a brain soaked in his momma's filthy cum. He would do us a favour by reading comments carefully, armed with a dictionary instead of fondling his unwashed, slimy, dead "dicktionary" while loitering in this blog like a salivating, mangy mongrel looking for imagined meat and bones. Then he will understand difficult words like "fiasco", "afraid" etc. That will also help him not to twist comments like a 'keling' pariah (probably he has this fiend's genes in his blood after momma was probably fucked by the pigsty farmhand)such as me being a Yank affociando when I never said anything of that sort in my previous comment.Additionally, he could do us a big favour by fucking his mother for bringing a moronoid piece of shit like him into the world to plague our collective sanity instead of promptly aborting him once the gynae confirmed him to be suffering from hereditary Mongolism.

    But then again, I doubt the 'pondan' liar will ever understand even the basics of decent and honest behaviour given his stubborn belief that the world should revolve around his puny Chingkie cock.

    This is a classic example of a stupid fellatist who is also a liar with a penchant for mindless rhanting, a chingkie devil who will die suffocating on his own lies, hypocrisy, arrogance and imbecility.

    All said 'the more we ignore his rhants, the better'.

    "A Chingkie who rhants is a piece of shit not even worthy of being plant fertiliser"- Confucious the Confused

    Warrior 231

  70. Anonymous3:28 am

    Sorry ya Dato Rocky,

    Dah naik lemaih dengan Skilly ni..

    Apek skilly, lu mayak kelentong ciakap pasai National security?

    Berapa kerat lu punya gang/ keluarga berkhidmat dalam ATM/PDRM/Immigration/Bomba? lu anak mau masuk PLKN pun sulah manyiak kereyau..

    Haiya lu duk tiam2, tami hingak2..


  71. Anonymous4:22 am

    One of the reasons as to why you, rhanter + the other chingkie pigs carp about me 'cutting and pasting" is because my so-called cut and paste refute your lies and expose you lot as nothing more than whore descendants peddling the same sort of lies, your whore ancestors and their hubby pimps peddled to hawk their (those whores') cunts.The following few links will expose your garbage as nothing more than lies, pigarsewhore!

    Read this ;this ; this

    and find and read the pdf of this:

    "U.S.-Malaysia Security Relations and the East Asian Region"
    by Ambassador James Keith
    Armed Forces Defense College
    Kuala Lumpur April 16, 2008

    before you open your pigsnout and gob like a madarse. Then fuck your mother and exchange mothers with Rhanter for mutual fucks as well to give ur mums their just desserts for bringing mongolism afflicted scums like the both of you to Earth.

    Remember, what I have given is just a tip of the iceberg stuff. And no more do I want you to heckle me with regard to your spore suckling facts, so-called economic data etc for they are nothing but more garbage that even you know nothing regarding their content and implications. Seems to me you and your ilk who are running scared given that the Melayu bermaruah have awakened to your asinine tricks, lies and dastardly cheating. Just a matter of time, sheer demographics overwhelm you lot and slit your goddamn throats in the bargain.

    Now go fuck your mother and get her to suckle your puny cock,sonofabitch before you put a steel dick into your chancred throat and pull the trigger....

    Warrior 231

  72. Anonymous10:52 pm

    By looking at the cordial relationship of Malaysia and US, no doubt our trollior would volunteer himself for the war in Afghanistan, Iraq and perhaps Iran? Good to hear that trollior is finally willing to abandon the axis of evil. Brotherhood!? Hahahaha.


    PS/ Knowing trollior fixation toward mother by disclosing the same illness again and again, my advice is that please go and see a reputable psychiatrist to cure his Oedipus complex. Don’t burden the readers into having too much worry of his mother lapse of grace and honor.

  73. Anonymous11:46 pm

    U seemed perplexed like many including Nazri as to why she wouldnt want to turn up. Well, here is a possible reason:

    "Pornthip Rojanasunand of the Central Institute of Forensic Science said that although she knew it was "not scientific equipment", she believed that forensic scientists could still use it effectively: "We won't buy more, but we won't stop using them either."[5]

    Now folks go and read about how 'scientists' trust the GT200 with their lives:

    1. "Pornthip used a GT200 device to conclude that the protester injuries were not caused by IEDs and concluded that faulty tear gas grenades caused the injuries, leading to the removal from office of the national police chief.[10]

    and use it to implicate innocents:

    2. Pornthip found "substances and chemicals found that can be used in explosives" in one of the boats, leading the military to link the refugees to Islamic insurgency in the South of Thailand.[11] She did not reveal what devices or techniques she had used to detect the substances.
    When news of the fraudulent nature of the GT200 devices became public in 2010, Pornthip defended the use of the devices, even if they were proven ineffective.

    (1) and (2) from here

    and then go over here to get a candid picture of the scientific divining rod itself, even Musa as's tongkat sakti will admit "defeat" to this one.

    Hey folks, remember not to rely on Wiki alone as it is a western sponsored site and anti-chingkie in orientation, so it would be good if you google all over on GT 200 + get some info on Chingkie earthquake divining beasts in the bargain...hahahahahaha LOL

    Hey, b4 I forget, now u know why the Chingkies,the kelingkiaks, the Gobehinds, the S(t)arwars, the Peekayarse,the Passites, the Dapsys et al love Mrs Porn to bits..u see she passionately "helps" Malay Muslims in Southern Thailand in more ways than one ...wink wink,

    Go here if you think I am cutting and pasting...hahahahaha.

    Now use it in HS folks to highlight how PR indirectly supports the persecution of our Muslim brethren with their professional fees.

    Warrior 231

  74. Anonymous12:10 am

    Just for the road. Thought, you folks might be interested in

    I loved that comment by Fry towards the end. Simply brilliant!!

    mmmmm.....China is one of the purchasers so this news report must be part of an antichingkie conspiracy which includes dissing Western "manufacturers" themselves....hahahahahahaha LOl

    Warrior 231

  75. Anonymous8:29 am

    For me, doesn't matter who will give the statement.TBH ..either commit suicide or been murdered, he's already a dead man.

    The matter is,...

    And of course is not MACC, to them either TBH is dead or alive, there is nothing will affect them. Get the same salary, every month, every year.

    The answer is simple, not need to state here.

    But STRANGE, the p**ggies still can spin this story and said that this was MACC's fault.

    Next time, when they hit a people while driving a car, they still can spin and tell people it's not their fault. It's the police who did not clear the traffic on the road for them.