Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Malaysia's new affirmative action

NEM's helping hand for 40% relative poor. In this country, 4 out of 10 wage-earners are paid a monthly average of RM1500 and below! These are not hardcore poor; they are what is called the relatively poor. And they are the ones who will benefit most under the New Economic Model.

PM Najib, who announced the proposed NEM this morning, told a closed-door meeting recently that the future of "affirmative action" would involve helping these 40 per cent improve their earnings and enjoy better living standards.


“To break the logjam of vested interests through political will and leadership”.
This is the most important line in the PM's address on the NEM framework according to Jebat. Find out why from his Brief Analysis on the New Economic Model.

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  1. mazlan7:04 pm

    Lots of nice lofty goals in Najib's speech and which all would want.
    Now we want to know what are the action plans how does he intend to implement them.
    Until then....zzzzzzzzz

  2. How will the goverment help them? Poured money or give an axe to cut tree and sell as kayu api to earned extra income.

  3. Pune Deck7:21 pm

    Something must be done about overly exorbitant salary of corporate leaders particularly the GLCS after they are being described as failures in the NEM blueprint.

  4. tok..saya sokong..tapi tak payah lah JUAL petronas

  5. sekarang mari kita dengar apa pula kata mereka yg mahukan DEB dimansuhkan sebab rasis.

    ps: bro, read my latest post on our current economy model. tq :)

  6. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Rising the income to US$15,000 per annum? But for some who left Bolehland is already getting US$15,000 per month.

  7. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Merdeka 53tahun,,,6 PM, kerja dah 25tahun,,da nak pencen pon,, dengan tiba-tiba,,,nak buat gaji kita orang melebihi rm1500.

    Bangla di Malaysia gaji lagi banyak dari kita orang.

    Cakap saja bole,,,REALITI nya,,,kita tengok,,!!!!!

    Tak sangka yek,,,5 PM yang lepas BODOH-BODOH,,,!!!!!!


  8. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Rocky, bukan 'New' affirmative action,tapi nama saje yg tukar, 'action' masih sama !!

    Pasal tu Ibrahim Ali tak lompat-lompat nak cekik Najib, relax aje dia !!

    Perkasa dan UMNO cuma buat wayang aje, dah la berapa lama lagi nak tipu rakyat !!

    Rocky pon sama, pusing-pusing cerita nak tipu pembaca, rakyat tak bodoh lagi tahu !!

  9. Anonymous9:59 pm

    if we can stop the leakages, we should be at the proposed target incoem per capita.

  10. Anonymous10:31 pm

    NEM means Never Employ Melayu?
    Haha, just a bad joke lah!

  11. The Govt's BOLD moves in terms of scripting country's future towards a determined well-being and high-earning country of the future.. IS HIGHLY COMMENDABLE!!!

  12. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Dear *,
    You can call it whatever fancy names NEP, NEM, or MEB using whatever economic calculation or theory. The point is, at the end of the day, the average rakyat will know, how much he earn, how much he has to spend for goods, how much leftover for entertainment if any. If there isn't any change and in fact more decrease....the rakyat will vote out BN. It's that simple, really.


  13. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Datok Rocky,

    I dipped my toe into the lake of NEM, I could feel the chill reaching my backbone. Oh, the Mighty Lord.. shelter thee the urban brown skin natives from being the Abroginees of the Oz, or the Inuits of the Canada Or the Sioux of the USA. Are we going to get holed up for ever in the PPRT Reservation of Kg Abdullah Hukum......

    Prof Awe Kecik

  14. Anonymous5:20 am

    Rocky, your brother on Al Jazeera

  15. simplyhent7:13 am

    People, the NEM requires the contribution and participation of everyone. Please be reasonable.

  16. Anonymous8:28 am

    Here are some helpful clues:

    1. Do not assume that price of goods and services will not increase.

    2. Do not assume that the earnings of those already have do not increase.

    3. Do not assume that the whole world stop and let Malaysia do catching up.

    4. Do not assume that staying in the current education policy is sufficient.

    5. Do not assume that the world will learn your Bahasa and you do not need to learn foreign language.

    6. Do not assume that Tun Dr M was the best PM, he is the worst PM. He does not have a clue but only to make his own son the richest in Malaysia.

    7. Do not assume that the government can continue to give handout like previously. This will only bankrupt the country.

    8. Do not assume that we do not need foreign investment, we need even more.

    9. Do not assume that the numbers of working hours we put in will be the same, we need to work harder, smarter and more hours.

    10. Do not assume that Allah, God, Tuhan will help you. They can't help you if you do not help yourself.

  17. Anonymous8:59 am

    Sour grapes, empty heads, armchair critics go ahead ...

    Dearies, this is what anwar and company are afraid of, WORK in PROGRESS.

    Yeah, Najib the intellectual has spoken. With Tun Dr M, you get the raw take, warts and all.

    With Najib, you have to exercise that upstairs grey dept a bit more - things are not as clear as glass.

    But if I am not mistaken, he was overcome with emotion at the end of his presentation, at the point when he mentioned 1Malaysia.

    That is a GOOD indicator - he cares for his AGAMA, BANGSA dan NEGARA.

    P.S. Yeah, anwar's contract is on the line for renewal? For his supporters, enjoy his poetry …

  18. Anonymous 9:30 PM @ Mangkuk
    QUOTE: " Rocky pon sama, pusing-pusing cerita nak tipu pembaca, rakyat tak bodoh lagi tahu !!"

    Memang rakyat tak bodoh - itu engko punya area.
    Cuba tengok TAJUK post ni hal apa... kemudian pergi BACA links yang Rocky sertakan kat sini... Kemudian GUNA OTAK, FIKIR. Lepas tu barulah TULIS. Ini tak tahu apa benda; tapi nak comment. Patut lah tak tulis nama, pakai Anonymous aje - tahu pun MALU bodoh-bebal Heheh!

  19. Waiting eagerly for how you going to respond to Ibrahim Ali's Perkasa's response to the NEM as so far reported. Also of course the Tun's take on it.

    I am betting that Muhyiddin will be the first to say something to pascify the Tun and his lot. After all MY has not exactly been on the same page as Najib since the beginning.

    So, Najib has thrown the dice, and lets see how you also keep changing your stance as the dice rolls.

  20. Dear Old Fart,

    Yet another proof that outside of Pakatan there is room for intellectual discourse and general disagreement, don't you think?

    The NEM framework unveiled by the PM contained proposals made by the NEAC. It's up to us the stakeholders to provide the government feedback. Which is what the Tun and Ibrahim Ali are doing. The government does not have to listen to them, or to you or me, but the PM's a good listener.


  21. NEM theorectically is a new model for economic development cum affirmative actions for Malaysia taking into consideration race , needs and merit.Looks a bit confusing if all three factors are given the same weightage.Affirmative actions for the lower 40% of the income groups irregardless of race but based on needs and merit sound fair.But, then race based affirmative actions will only be slowly..very slowly...done away with.This sounds vague.Why should the majority of the average income malaysians of all races continue to "subsidize"
    rich malays in the buying of properties for example?After all, if a large section of malays are in the lower income group, then it follows that they are the ones who will benefit.Racial quotas should be discarded now and not slowly...very slowly..removed!Another factor to consider is the implementation.The NEP was also OK theorectically but the implentation has resulted in a rent-seeking culture among the malays and croynism and corruption with devastating effects on Malaysia and Malaysians.Not enough information is available at this point in time....yet we have politicians, including those from the MCA, singing praises for it. Is'nt it riculous!

  22. Anon 8:59 am,

    You said, "Dearies, this is what anwar and company are afraid of, WORK in PROGRESS."

    We should all be afraid of 'work in progress' type ideas. Malaysia has had its fair share of them and they all turn out to be half-baked measures that were never fully fleshed out.


  23. skilgannon10663:39 pm

    Plenty of egg on the faces of the Perkasa wannabes, warrior xxx, anti whatever, perwira etc.....

    Now, who's gonna call the PM out on his NEM agenda?

    Will Dr Mahathir choose to remain silent or has he irretrievably nailed his colours to the Perkasa mast?

    Or will the right-wing "ultras" take on the forces of pro-globalisation and pro-competition?

    Let's see if warrior xxx can bring his version of economic analysis to bear on the PM's speech and the views of the NEAC.

  24. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Yeah Old Fart

    Najib will uplift the Malays economic level, but here's the beauty - the non-Malays cannot condemn coz it is based on needs not race.

    heh heh, got it?

    Both TDM with Ibrahim Ali thru Perkasa are on the same side as Najib.

    But they are playing the role of bad cop good cop.

  25. Anonymous8:11 pm

    We should all be afraid of 'work in progress' type ideas. Malaysia has had its fair share of them and they all turn out to be half-baked measures that were never fully fleshed out.

    -Vish @ 3:07 PM

    Vish honey, would you prefer the melodrama and poetic messiah of 916.

    "half-baked measures that were never fully fleshed out" - yo, if you can use food as illustration, we can safely assume you have 3 square meals a day under the UMNO govt.

  26. Anonymous3:27 am

    A hugely disappointing policy document that will be instrumental in rolling back the gains of the last 4 decades and further aggravating the income disparities, both inter-ethnic and intra-ethnic. By 2020, the Gini coefficients will be skewed beyond repair save for a seismic proletarian revolution. There are a few things our policy makers are pretty ignorant of:

    1. Ownership and participation are two different things. 1)You may be involved but not own (which makes you a mere wage earner)or 2)you could own and be involved (which gives you complete control over your destiny) or 3)you can own but not involved (Ali babaish but still better than 1). the trick would be to reduce (3- which is reducing anyway) and move to (2) "equilibrium" but certainly not a 360^ turn to (1).

    2.Hiving off the family jewels is going to dilute Bumi ownership further and its a no-brainer to do so.What we need to do is to analyse the core functions of the GLCs,streamline the entities, put in practical reward/punishment systems, focus on improving efficiency, productivity and delivery and reap the rewards rather than wringing our hands in despair just because a bunch of nincoompoops have messed things up.What is there to stop any purchaser from asset stripping the entity or do things inimical to national interests, anyway?

    3. Education needs a revamp and that should be the core of this model. I have spoken about the need for 3tiered secondary system wherein science, mathematics, technical subjects be allowed to flourish, English prioritised yet Malay valorised with disruptive vernaculars marginalised under the 1sekolah unruk semua system. Fast forward, a revamp of post-secondary - pre-university system with more focus on industry needs + university and postgraduate revamp are also needed. I foresee an environment in which innovation, creativity and "criticality: is allowed to flower at all levels. I visualise evaluation based not on exams alone but on the conduct of innovative projects based on sound R&D. I envisage the acquisition of sound fundamentals, of knowledge pertaining to good management/entrepreneurship, of knowhow related to engineering/technical content like JIT, product modularity. CAD etc in classrooms at secondary and post-secondary onwards. Kindies should feed good products into primaries which in turn should mould quality output for secondaries who in turn produce excellent products for tertiaries/postsecondaries. I have many things to say on this yet space constrains me.

    4. a streamlined bureucracy structure that is biz-friendly would be great. Look at the WB report in the Star today. What does it say vis-a-vis Thailand, South korea. Why must we be so bureucratic which burns money(higher costs) and time (time= money too!!!). Streamline and decentralise bureaucracy, exploit technology, empower the employee, enrapture the "investee" all to make money.

    Have the NEM policy wonks considered the vast differences in Bumi-NonBumi wealth holdings and how the latter can leverage on that to his advantage in the new scheme of things. Can u blame the Bumi for being forcefully entrapped into low value enclaves by the British (an acre of land in KB is not the same in Georgetown)for rice and fish production purposes that accounts for his Low capital=limited investment=lower income = lower socioeconomic trap.

    I have enumerated a few other suggestions on taxation,green tech etc under the WCK post below but much of it has not been incorporated in the nEM. Instead we seem to bending over to please the non-bumi and no wonder they are cockahoop. There is no need to jettison affirmative action yet. It has not been the bane of Malaysia as claimed or we would be in the dumps now.But there is a need to be more efficient,proactive competitive and productive.

    I love MALAYSia minus the useless, parasitic pendatangs..so I will let the cheapskate taunts of SG1066 pass.

    Warrior 231

  27. Anonymous10:24 am

    Good Plan indeed.

    Hope it will address these (by Frustrated Citizen) when implemented.


    Yes, I know it is not enough ! What do I get for paying high toll
    every day? Have to Q also to follow traffic jams after the toll !

    Now I have to pay an extra RM50 for each credit card. For what?

    Extra GST (goods and services tax). Again, how does that benefit me?

    Look at the long list:

    I have to pay for security guards because the police are hopeless.
    I have to install filters because the water supply is dirty.
    I have to watch satellite TV because the government broadcasts
    crap....all pro-government & religious programmes !

    Many kids have to go for tuition or to private schools because the
    government schools are bad and the teachers lazy & inefficient !

    We have to pay IPPs (independent power providers) because the
    government cannot provide consistent electricity.

    We have to pay Indah Water to clean up the sewers.
    We have to pay very high taxes on foreign cars because Mahathir wants
    to keep his dying local car industry alive.
    Most have to drive because the government cannot provide good public
    transport...stupid & inefficient planning of LRT and trains services !

    We have to pay to sustain the government's affirmative action
    policies....lots of rhetorics rubbish !

    We have to pay for private health care because the public hospitals
    are overcrowded to the brim....waiting for hours to be treated !

    We have to pay more for our goods because of corruption.....all our
    tax money goes to Government politicians' pockets and the Royalties
    "shaking legs"...."gaji buta" !

    All in all, we have to pay a PREMIUM to stay in this country!

    And all this while we have to shout, 1Malaysia Boleh ! DAMN IT !!


  28. Anonymous7:24 pm

    PARAMESWARA @ 10:24 AM

    Poor poor dearie

    It's time for you to migrate to India mari, and experience the social impact of the caste system.

    Money makes the world go around, haven't you heard.

    Tsk tsk tsk, spreading your frustrations all over the cyberworld

    Take control - go for anger management course

    P.S. - dig into your roots and ascertain as to why your grandpa chose to leave his birth country

    And be more like warrior - come up with solid ideas that will help consolidate 1Malaysia, refrain from being such a cry baby

  29. Anonymous9:38 am

    a new economic model?? ok, let wait and see first. does this model will really increase our income? or just for those who are rich? every year count the salary only just for those who r rich, but we? can get anything from government? although v pay HASIL every year...

    Little Twitty