Monday, March 29, 2010

PKR MP slams PKR "little Napoleons" in Parliament

Ah, Wee Choo Keong. For the MP for Wangsa Maju to lash out at his colleagues at the Dewan Rakyat, he must be fuming mad. I was told that in his speech a while ago YB Wee singled out two or three of his junior comrades ("little Napoleons", he called them) for their over-enthusiasm and "political of deceit" to the extent that they were unable to put national interest above party politics.

I hope YB Wee is not thinking of jumping ship too because I think that's exactly what those "little" ones would want him to do!


  1. "Ah, Wee Choo Keong....little napoleons...unable to put national interest above party politics."

    Who is this self serving UMNO/BN arse licker kidding? After gaji butaing twice at the expenses of the Rakyat with fully paid freebie worthless "lawatan sambil belajar" trips to New York and Washington DC, he's asking others to place national interest above personal politics?

    If he's not thinking of jumping ship, he's sure as hell stuck the knife into the backs of his friends & supporters already!! Unprincipled rotten scumbag!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  2. Salam Datok Bro Rocky,

    Teringin rasanya nak tau identiti
    'little napoleons' dan 'firaun kecil' dalam PKR. Adakah orang2 yang sama? Lama-lama akan dapat tau jugak.
    Mesti muka macam Napoleon dan perangai macam Firaun. Hobi? Biasalah, macam bos dia orang jugak.

  3. Honestly, I too wish Wee CK will just quit PKR. After all he is not member is he? He only squatting on PKR name when he took part in the election isn't it? You know like your friend Ibrahim Ali show squatted on PAS? And then lets see la if on his own Wee can get anywhere at the next election!!

  4. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Aiya Datuk, we all know that Wee wants to be sacked....PKR should not have taken him when DAP got rid of him, or was it when he got rid of himself from DAP. Nevermine, BN can have him for now.


  5. Anonymous4:47 pm

    In Pakatan Ruckus, one must learn to shut their mouths. lest be labeled BN or UMNO agent.

    That is why most other Pakatan MPs keep ultra quiet for fear of being sacked or demonised. As long as they remain in the party, they are the sweetest of angels.

    The moment they step down, they instantly become misfits of society.

    And they call it...... democracy.


  6. Anonymous4:51 pm

    You may not know that when a dog that eats shits, it will forever eat shits, be it human shit or dog shit. No matter how you beat it. That is my experience with keeping several dogs.

  7. Saudara sekelian

    Si Anwar ni memang bahaya, melayu durjana

    tak sudah sudah buat kacau, inilah jadinya bila jiwa songsang

    Anwar cuba nak lagakan Perkasa dengan Istana Selangor sila baca di SINI

    kat sini juga ada pendedahan tentang Kopitiam tak halal dan rasis

  8. Anonymous6:52 pm

    ala...Wee hanya tunggu masa saje nak lompat !! wang belum masuk akuan kot !!

    usah buat wayang la, wee...rakyat dah tahu...


  9. Spin, spin and spinning !!
    Don't blast opposition for everything! C'mon! I'm getting sick of this! As a Malaysian, I'm gave up with current Malaysia's politics! Sir, you've my respect few years ago but no longer! Sorry!

    Why not you write some beneficial & share your ideas in making the Malaysia, a better country to live.

    Aku Anak Bangsa Malaysia !

  10. Anonymous8:24 pm

    SANDIWARA Bahagian 3,,,,,

    Another PARIAH trying to get attention by talking COCK,,macam SPEAKER tau yang PU CHI KONG ini nak hentam rakan dalam PKR,,,???

    Yang PELIK nya tiada siapa bring up the isu on PERKASA threatening the CHINESE,,Ucapan yang racist,,pakai KERIS pulak tu,,????

    PERKASA ada mengatakan ,,,53 tahun MERDEKA yet MELAYU mundur ngapa salahkan other RACES,,,kan SUDAH terbukti MELAYU memang BODOH,,!!!!!


  11. Anonymous8:24 pm

    ohhh si katak wee.

    The next katak off the rank....

  12. Anonymous9:33 pm

    it's not all about jumping ship but more on principles. All MPs must put national interest above personal or party interest. YB Wee must be damned bloody pissed off with this young cikus attitute.
    PR must change their mind set by being more reliable in the sense of knowledge; speech and words

    High hope Malaysian

  13. Anonymous9:51 pm

    His days as an MP is numbering, so is okay to accept cash offer from UMNO to perform wayang in Parliment. Hi is the Chinese version of Ibrahim Ali, a Katak by birth.

  14. salam hormat bro

    they keep playing another guessing game perhaps

  15. tok..jika silap teknik..ISU FITNAH PEMBUNUHAN ANTATUNYA MAKAN TUAN...
    mereka sudah bergendang


  16. Dear Rocky Dato'

    This man is a failure. He has achieved nothing in his political life. Instead he made a mess of everything. First, ne was in DAP. He exposed the MBf boss parking his car in THE PARKING LOT in our Mahkamah when Hamid Omar was the Lord president after the Salleh Abas dismissal. As a lawyer, he never fought for the injustice.He won a seat in Bukit Bintang and thought he was a star DAP. They showed him the door. He started his own party called MDP. Where is it today ? Now that he won in Wangsa maju under PKR ticket,he can never join MCA OR DAP but his animosity does not fade away. He has old scores to settle with every other chinese politicians. Never ending drama.It is easy to bite the finger that feeds you.Please discard him. he is no Hero in Malaysian political landscape.

  17. Anonymous5:50 am

    "Welcome to the Chinese Century - Footwear at the doolstep (sic), chopsticks in hand and alsewipes (sic) on leady (sic).

    Economic theory tells us that portable jobs will migrate to the locations of the lowest wages in a global economy. This has happened, first with manufacturing, but now with R&D, administration and ownership. All this is now happening.

    The fundamental mistake most Americans make is to assume, beyond lower wages and expenses, that working environments are the same in China as that of the USA. Working conditions in China are fundamentally different. Crippled are institutions that provide checks and balances, such as the press (state puppets), courts (ditto), health and safety administrations (crippled by bribery and corruption), food and drug administration (ditto), equal opportunity commission (LOL). For example, the police are sometimes bribed by local Chinese companies to harrass employees of their competitors. While I was there, this resulted in street melees by rival police groups in front of the dwellings of key software engineers.

    Thus people assume that you can just have your kids learn Chinese and they'll be fine. This is incorrect and naive. A better analogy is to think about what it was like to work as an African American in 1920s America, i.e., pervasive racism, organizational leaders accepting racism as part of the landscape and an absence of any meaningful means to address workplace discrimination.

    Here are just a few examples drawn from my own work experience in China:

    - American guy working at a rapidly growing Chinese high-tech company. He was respected for his 10 years experience in his field (business development) as well as his expertise in Chinese language (Masters in Chinese literature) and culture (years on the ground in China). Want to know what they told him when he asked why he was getting a pink slip? "Because you are not one of us." [That is, you are not Chinese.]

    - American guy, experienced product manager from silicon valley, got a pink slip from his Chinese high-tech employer. When he inquired as to why the official story was "We're moving that function to China." But when he asked further he was finally told, "We simply aren't comfortable with a 'Wai Lo' making product decisions."

    - An American guy, a financial controller, working for a Chinese high-tech firm was tasked with making sure the (NASDAQ traded) company complied with Sarbanes-Oxley. He found exceptions, quite a few, and duly reported these up the chain of command. He was quickly 'outsourced' and walked out the same day. His replacement? You guessed it. A guy in China who couldn't even spell Sarbanes-Oxley.

    The list goes on, but the pattern is the same: in the coming 'Chinese century' you can wave goodbye to things like equal opportunity and a decent work environment.

    Santa Clara, California
    March 18th, 2010
    1:59 pm

    + Welcome to China Plaza: A place where what your wan is Mine wan and Mine wan Only:

    Applied Materials has greater challenges, including fighting technological theft, a chronic problem in China.

    The company has taken measures, including sealing its computers’ ports here, to prevent the easy use of flash drives to record data. Employees are not allowed to take computers from the building without special permission, and an elaborate system of computer passwords and electronic door keys limits access to certain technological secrets.

    Courtesy of "Cut and Paste Sendelian Belhad".

  18. Anonymous6:07 am

    Welcome to Intelligent People Lepublic of Chynaah : Where Flaud is Virtue and Tluth a Vice.

    "China’s ambition to become an innovation-oriented nation by 2020 (as outlined in its Medium and Long-Term Plan for the Development of Science and Technology: 2006−2020), will be significantly impeded if it does not make effort eradicating misconduct in science.

    The pressure for “visible” outcomes encourages academic fraud and corruption.
    Recently, Lancet and Nature, two leading international science journals, published editorials commenting on a case in which scientists at Jinggangshan University in China were caught fabricating some 70 papers submitted to Acta Crystallographica Section E.

    The case is just the tip of the iceberg of academic frauds in China. According to the China Association for Science and Technology, the Chinese equivalent to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, more than half of the Chinese scientists who responded to its recent survey indicated that they were aware of incidents of misconduct involving their colleagues.

    The rising scientific misconduct in China can be attributed to several factors, including the pursuit of promotion and other material rewards, the lack of autonomy in the research community, and societal influences."

    Cong Cao is a researcher with the Neil D. Levin Graduate Institute of International Relations and Commerce at the State University of New York and the author of “China’s Scientific Elite” and “China’s Emerging Technological Edge: Assessing the Role of High-End Talent.”

    Walning: Cong Cao is anti-chinese Vietnamese on payloll of Amelican Intelligence agency, "The Pelican"

    Coutesy of Cut and Paste Sendelian Belhad and Tloll Associates

  19. Anonymous7:59 am

    Like Zul he is a mole planted by BN. He can fool the rakyat once, twice but sorry no more third time. So come next General Election he will be back to a nobody.

  20. Erynn9:05 am

    Aaaah! PKR antics..

  21. Anonymous10:05 am

    PKR is just an inconsequential and irrelevant party as are PAS and DAP on the local political stage> Come GE13, you will witness these mosquito parties cum fly by polls outfits standing as individual entities which will be swatted into non-existence by an awakened and now aware majority. Then it is comeuppance time for the real instigators behind these manilla cardboard operations. WCK should know better as he got duped by a charlatan journeyman polly with with an unbridled pompous lust for power, the same type who helmed the Dogs and Pigs some time back. U know the stupid triad type instrumental in butchering Fan Yew Teng, Chan Teck Chan, Kua Kia Soong, Gooi Hock Seng, Chiang Heng Kai, Peter Paul Dason, Lee Lam Thye to facilitate guano's (shit) flaoting up the sewer so that a dynasty can be instituted. haiya, now u folks why the middle kingdom allusions!! Simple to unravel stupid chingkie boys as liars and charlatans...kacang putih stuff.

    anyway before the NEM is rolled out ala a soft launch, here is my wishlist:

    1. the core principles i.e., poverty eradication and restructuring society of the NEP be retained and the malay equity target to be enhanced to 50% commensurate (albeit lower than) with prevailing demographics.

    2. a tax be imposed on all outgoing local investments or alternatively the impostion of limited capital controls + levying a wealth/reparation tax of 3-5% on the local pendatang communities, proceeds to be used for infrastructural and human resource development in Pribumi regions and for Pribumi communities.

    3. the GST or a Retail tax be imposed and the current corporate and personal income tax structure be reviewed in a downward direction.

    4. introduction of a Financial Tax of 0.5-1.0% on all financial transcations conducted by banks, brokerages, currency dealers etc

    5. Government establish a
    Venture capitalist funds for commercially viable innovations. Funding provided with a Golden share scheme for monitoring/control purposes. Preference: Malays + Pribumi first

    6. In tandem with 5, a SME Enterprise Fund be established to facilitate the development of local SMEs in terms of technolgy input, marketing strategies,product development etc. Particular focus be given to entrepreneurs for the halal food sector, agro-based industries, livestock pharmaceuticals, bio-technology etc. Emphasis on Bumi entrepreneurs only. Also review existing incentives for SMEs in terms of tax breaks/holidays, capital allowance etc

    7. Leverage our expertise in Halal certification

    8. leverage on our expertise in Islamic Finance, sukuk?Islamic bonds etc. Provid further incentives to establish Malaysia as a hub for Islamic finance.

    8. Draft a New Automative Policy that entails the removal of protection for the local car industry within a five year time frame commencing 2010. Also attract major car manufacturers to set up assembly plants here.

    9. total revamp of the education system to meet contemporary need. the reintroduction of English for maths and science, technical subjects and a compulsory pass in the subject. a three tiered system at secondary level, lacks in post secondary-university levels addressed, tertiary and post graduate revamp. vernacular and private run schools (exempting International schools-reserved only for expats)to be abolished. the teaching and learning of mother tongues be restricted to POL classes> BM- same status as now...
    (to be continued)

    Warrior 231

  22. Well, I guess UMNO is behind this. Like always. What else can it be? If ANY PKR members said something bad to the party or even 'jump ship', UMNO is to blame. (please read between the line)

    PKR never ever did ANYTHING wrong. ever. They are always right all the time.

    Personally, more people will respect PKR if they sit down and discuss what the heck is going on with the party rather than pointing fingers to others.

  23. Anonymous11:13 am

    [because I think that's exactly what those "little" ones would want him to do!]

    Oh fortune teller, since you can discern what the little ones hope for, how about also saying something about the missing RM52 billion?

    Surely you know about it more than the PM, considering the fact that you can look into the future as well as the past.

    Give it a try.


  24. Anonymous11:32 am

    8.Promote the inflow of long term FDI through liberalisation and the restructuring of tax and incentive systems. Incentivize retooling efforts that enhances productivity and quality. Source for investments in petrochemicals, nanotechnolgy, genetics, robotics and other high tech areas.

    9. Green Malaysia Drive (GMD) : promote the adoption of green technology and the development of a green industry base by leveraging on local and foreign expertise in the area as well as promote investments in solar panel design and development, the manufacture of photovoltaic cells, exploitation of our biomass waste etc.

    10. Scour for companies involved in green tech ventures. Example:

    Small clean-energy companies are headed to China, too.

    NatCore Technology of Red Bank, N.J., recently discovered a way to make solar panels much thinner, reducing the energy and toxic materials required to manufacture them. American companies did not even come look at the technology, so NatCore reached a deal with a consortium of Chinese companies to finish developing its invention and mass-produce it in Changsha, China. “These other countries — China, Taiwan, Brazil — were all over us,” said Chuck Provini.

    11. Remove the petroleum subsidy and allow market forces to dictate price (price to be auto adjusted to daily spot mart prices), promote the use of NGV through opening up more such plants and prepare the infra for electric battery operated vehicles.

    12. Seize back the sugar monopoly from the ingrate Chingkie fuckhead and dump the price control including for all other staples. subsidies in the form of food stamps/vouchers et only for the poor who qualify via a means test. The non-pribumi to be excluded from such a scheme.

    I dont have the space to expound the details as well as on other things such as a National Housing Plan, a new Advanced Industrial Masterplan (AIM), a Comprehensive Oil Production and Preservation Plan (COPP) and of course, a Chingkie Hindulen Incineration By Artifical Intelligence (CHIBAI) initiative...hahahahahahahahaha LOL

    Warrior 231

  25. Anonymous1:23 pm

    He looks like a cool glass of water but he is candy coated misery.


  26. Dato Rocky Bru, who are the little Napoleans?

  27. bagus tuan wee choo keong, mp wangsa maju.

  28. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Wee, the loose cannon, is nothing but a foolish man. This man sucks to evil hell. All he has is empty rhetorics without showing any achievement. Please join UMNO (yes UMNO) for all we care.

  29. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Perangai YB@budak2 PR memang macam boss dia (BABI) Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim..

    Semua orang X betul ! Semua orang Jahat ! IGP Jahat, Hakim Zalim, SPR Cief Penipu.. UMNO Celaka...the list goes on....

    Yang baik hanya BABI, N.Ajis, LKS dan sewaktu dengannya.

    God Bless Malaysia from these MUNAFIKs !

  30. Anonymous10:50 pm

    12. Seize back the sugar monopoly from the ingrate Chingkie fuckhead and dump the price control including for all other staples. subsidies in the form of food stamps/vouchers et only for the poor who qualify via a means test. The non-pribumi to be excluded from such a scheme.

    Hey warrior - i think you're the fckhead and a mighty big one.
    Did the gov just bought over Rob Kuok's sugar business & then immediately raise the price of sugar!!

    Blady fckhead talking thru your rear end again.

  31. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Dear Warrior 231,
    You MUST expand on CHIBAI!

  32. Anonymous12:26 am

    what YB Wee have said were absolutely right but there are some blind followers think that if PR or DSAI is wrong, never mind. Sweep it under the carpet.

    If this is the mentality then God bless Malaysia.

    Clean politic equal of little napoleon: superimpose picture to incriminate people. Are we saying that we should sweep such act under the carpet?

    So far no one have came out to defend what have been said but the only replies were personal attacks. This is that change that we are suppose to look forward to.

  33. Anonymous1:22 am

    It was never easy to grasp the seem significant point from a load of rubbish and low quality writing unless the 3V poet is willing to bold it for easy referencing, and I hope this less than 5% bold would to a great extent helping readers reduce strenuous searching high low for less worthless assertion.

    Though it was never my habit to engage stink trollior knowing that most of his contention would normally be too stupid to merit any response, I always believe that any decent man should shoulder a duty to expose any “arguments” for the stupidity he represent, and the illogical part of it. We must save the world from daft reasoning.

    The 3V poet only way out is to continue googling, cut, paste and troll. And we all know Wiki and Western sources is his pet, but surprisingly, our poet face is not thick enough chanting 67%.

    Wisdom and rational retarding illogical oratory rubbish 308 (interim nick)

  34. Anonymous9:58 am

    A retarded brain is a retarded brain and the level of retardation is inversely proportionate to how "clean" one's genes are from the deleterious effects of inherited syphilis and gonorrhoea from whoring, buttfucked and cocksuckling ancestors. The equation being the less clean the more the retardation.

    Be that as it may, hereditary retardation can also be exacerbated by the socio-cultural environment one is posited in. For instance, by cooping one self up in a racist weltanschung of a shithole and dismissing all other knowledge and information as lies is a surefire way to ensure the aggravation of one's retardation to the point of imbecility and a guaranteed method of bequeathing that moronic nature to one's descendants (a condition to be further aggravated in closed shop vernacular ghettoes conveniently tagged as schools).

    Another way by which congenital retardation is exacerbated is through lying. A liar, by any interpretation, is one who dishonours his intellect and ultimately debases his honour through a deliberate masking of truth. By building an illusionary house of fallacies and shutting the soul's window to Truth, a liar invites mental retardation to cocoon itself in his being. This filtration or total eclipse of truth is effected through twisting, spinning, embellishing, outright mangling and pathological avoidance of Facts.

    The moment the lie is exposed, the retard reacts with panic. He rhants like a mad man with his Rhantings barely making any sense to the reader. Worse, even his paid hack
    ( his English tuition teacher, in this scenario)flees the scene, given that, fulfilling the imbecile demands of the childish Rhanter, are not worth the payment he receives. Hence, Rhanter is abandoned to his own devices in his puny universe of lies, a shithole teeming with pretentious condescension, pompous narcissism, an exaggerated feeling of self-worth. Hide he may but reality scorns him as nothing more than another cheat and liar who has pawned his soul and reason to the devils of bigotry and superiority, a tincan megalomaniac incapable of any original or thought provoking insights but one who whines and rhants like a dirty piglet pestering for more swill. Concomitantly, the sudden flight of the hack also serves to another lie: the pompous rhantings of yore were NOT his own work but a sub-con's job, the minion doing the master pig's bidding.

    The classic signs are all there: others have low quality writing, all westerners are bastards out to skewer the chingkie race, wiki is the product of the CIA, dissenting chingkie analysts are paid whores, the Malays are "stupid" number illiterates, Chingkieland is the centre of the universe, Chingkie currency manipulation is an American joke etcetera ad nausea. Why even ancient chingkie tomes and historians are dissed by the megalomaniac.

    But then megalomania is, after all associated, with neurosyphilis and more interestingly with pigs (swineherds):

    oh the shame of a whore and pimp ancestors' diseased bequest manifesting itself in the progeny. What a stain on the fairy tale reputation of hard work and perseverance ( a cockshit repeated ad nausea in many a cheapskate biography). Yeah, the shame of it all hence the steady slide to anonymity from demented laughter(hahahaha) to inane rhantings to humiliated "non-entitism"and, I guess, eventual oblivion.

    Warrior 231

  35. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Okay, I think we had our say and fun, now get down to brass tact, the less than 5%.

    Low quality means to say writings that are full with hate, insult, vulgar and of course, shit. Westerner are not bastard, I am merely sharing the same feeling of our astute statesman that the West are double standard and hypocrisy. Wiki is a good source for very basic information, cater for juvenile. Dissenting analysts are not necessary paid whores, we shall draw conclusion base on how factual is their writing, Haris, Azly, and Petra are best case in reference. Malay are smart, I wrote this before. Chinese use to believe that China is at the centre of universe, just like many others use to accept that the world is flat. I don’t really understand how to judge whether a country is manipulating their currency, Bergsten said China is keeping its currency undervalued against the dollar, along with Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. Perhaps our trolliar are right.

    QSH unified China, language, writing, currency, measurement, trek and lastly, ideology, is what he did vary with the integration policy of many modern state today? To corroborate burn books to seal mind, we have to ask what type of book were burned. According to QianMu, this comprise history of the warring state QSH conquered, classical/poem (Four books, five classic type) and amazingly, not much of thinkers book from the hundred schools, hence to conclude that it is to seal mind is an exaggeration. An added point is that the clash of two major ideologies, Legalism and Confucianism at that time with the former emerge as winner during Qin, but the former take the lead in the next 2300 years (does democracy/capitalism and communism ring a bell?), convince many academician and scholar to review this part of history knowing that Confucius follower would not say a single good thing of QSH.

    Finally, to label anyone with alternative view of history in a different context and wider perspective a liar is...let me it because they disagree with you?


  36. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Since a liar lives in a self spun illusionary coccoon, oblivious to the reality passing him by let alone the reality of his lying self, it is best to skewer him with his own words and let him stew in his own shit.

    1. Liar Rhants that in no way QSH's burning of books is equivalent to glueing shut the Chingkie mind. He is even dismissive of QSH's antics here. Well, he sid this before and I stand corrected:

    ""Oh btw, QSH burned books that are mostly belong to the Confucius follower and those relate to Confucianism, he hate Confucius ideology and it clique non-stop babbling, his intention was never to seal the people mind." (Rhanter on another thread)

    see how Liar spins :

    1, He says QSH burnt only Confucius. When confronted with proof that QSH burnt out other thoughts, Liar recants his rhants and twists it in amother direction and laughably adds only a few Hundred schoolers to cushion the blow when evidence says otherwise (see below)

    2. A liar is dismissive of anything that exposes reality. Hence the stock mantra of dismissing any source inimical to his reality. Any surprises as to why he dismisses Wiki then. Why does not he go in there and rewrite the stuff, if he is a superduper intellect. Well, folks, liars are cowardly pondans for they know they will be exposed as just worthless rhanters if they deign to do so. Dismissing my writings as shit is perfectly within his prerogative but to pathetically rhant over me calling him a liar (for apposite views) is absurd for he is actually Lying.

    3.In tandem with dissing Wiki, Mr Rhant uses an astute and great statesman to hide behind and throw barbs. But reality says that the great statesman never ever dissed everything Western let alone their intellectual works as hogwash. Yes he had condemned the West for double standards but never dismissed their intellectuals as charlatan shit like what Rhanter does here:

    "hence I find it odd if my fellow countryman subscribe to the Western MYTH......."

    Folks, Rhanter was alright with my comments there, even showering me with some unwelcome and unsought kudos but the moment I touched Chingkieland, he went ballistic.
    U see a bigoted liar cannot take the heat when his country and countrymen are exposed as hocuspocus garbage.In simple language, he is issuing standard cheapskate Triad taikoh threat:

    Toe my line of thought or I gonna skew you for using Facts to undress my lies and destroy my coccoon

    which draws a full circle to QSH, the closing of the Chingkie mind abd legalism and the Lying Rhanter himself:

    1. his chancellor Li Si suggested suppressing the freedom of speech, unifying all thoughts and political opinions.......

    2.Beginning in 213 BCE, all classic works of the Hundred Schools of Thought — except those from Li Si's own school of philosophy known as legalism — were subject to book burning.

    If para: 1 isnt forcible thought control and one track thinking imposed by Rhanter's previous incarnated avatar, QSH on Chingkie garbage, then I dont know what is!! And if 2 is indicative of ALL except legalism then I am afraid the sick minded liar is truly twisted and illiterate. a diseased bigoted megalomaniac reduced to gibbering and rhanting his inconsequential existence into oblivion. I rest my case.

    P/S; Funny that Rhanter calls on me to accept alternate realities (even lies) but is always on the look out to skew me...too mindcrippled to walk the hahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  37. Anonymous9:18 pm

    1.”yada yada yada wiki wiki wiki yada yada yada…..i rest my case.” Eh?

    2. Kudos is often bestowed whenever I am given the opportunity to choose between the bad and the worst, I am a nice guy, sorry not to make this clear.

    3. To offer alternative view is to mildly insinuate the shallow type what is the difference between reading history and understanding history. I don’t mind put forward some free tips here: (1) Why there is no lack of books/thought of the hundred schools in the subsequent Han Dynasty? Even our trollior have no difficulties to recite Laozi and Mencius (2) Emperor Wu in the Han Dynasty carried out a policy of proscribing all non-Confucian schools of thought and espousing Confucianism as the orthodox state ideology. Therefore some so-called history recorded during this period should subject to more scrutinize and study.

    However to be fair, what trollior stated is the common belief, I use to think that this is the ultimate true when I was a KID.

    4. My intention is to expose some illogical arguments, by coincidence and unfortunately, most of trollior comments on China and Chinese fall under this category.

    And lastly, so glad I don’t need any low quality words to convey my opinion.


  38. Anonymous4:27 pm

    After a week's failure of trying to rouse his intellect, Rhanter reappears with a flaccid riposte dripping with spins, lies and halftruths. But what can you expect from a LIAR and MORON whose brain is in the same league as his puny cock, the former from years of sequestering and coccooning himself from truth and facts , the latter from years of undescended testicles. Yeah folks, a thoughtdead and cockdead liar rolled into one pathetic eunuch. It is easy to spot them, like flies on a pig's arse, in the godamned Chingkie crowd. The tell tale signs being:

    1. spinning the tale away from the issue. Note how it shifts from Qin to Han. Pin down Han, it will migrate to Tang, Sung, Yuan, Ching etc in the same nomadic vein like the proverbial homeless, southern Chingkie bastards who ran away from Tanah Melayu all those eons ago to be subjugated by the Northerner. It is in their genes, this lying and cheating as much as is the whoring, pimping, gambling and opium addiction. A useless bunch of bigoted pigs unmatched in depravity.

    2 It is replete in the condescending attitude. The false affectations to critical analysis, rational thought, reasoned argument, logical interpretations + plus the megolamaniac allusions to superior intellect replete in that KID jibe. All that is just the bogus hocuspocus Chingkie shadowplay for in reality the chingkie is nothing more than an insecure, two-dimensional cardboard cutout and intellectual pygmy whose only raison d'etre in life is money, more money and more money. Tell me of any modern invention of his and I'll show you a Dodo. The fact of the matter is, the only good things he is capable of apart from memorising and regurgigating are counterfeiting, cocksuckling, bribing, thieving, and other infernal "-ings".

    3.Ignore and diss all other non-chingkie stuff as garbage unworthy of scrutiny but steal the non-chingkie's ideas, his nuclear secrets,his economic thoughts, his inventions, innovations etc to either counterfeit or exploit cheap labour to produce for money, more money and more money.

    In the end, spin more threads, throw more red herrings, avoid confronting the LIAR within and the vacous Rhanter without and you have the perfect recipe to concoct a real "Ignorance is Bliss" chicken soup for your empty soul.

    Nowonder they call scums like you a PIGhead...refelct on that next and write a treatise to deny it. I am fully expecting it already.....

    Warrior 231