Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life in a glass house on GreenRoad

At Parliament yesterday, was Anwar attacking Malaysia or Israel?
Read his notes here.

The blog AIDC quickly re-exposed the former DPM in a researched Azmin Ali Sahkan Anwar Terlibat Organisasi Taja Syarikat Israel.

And the anti-Anwar Pasquale's Unfounded and baseless allegations by a desperate man.

Like the man said, "People who live in glass houses should not throw stones."


  1. Anonymous12:02 pm

    The Malaysian Mirror in which Kalimoola's brother in law is the big dog, says APCO is a LIAR. Here is an edicted version of the report : –APCO's denial that it ever did any work for the Israeli government has been proven untrue as the US Justice Department show otherwise.
    The international public relations firm "entered into an agreement in 1992 to provide services for the Jewish state.

  2. Anonymous12:36 pm

    salam datuk rock,

    ada beza yahudi di pejabat PM dengan yahudi di luar negara!

    rock never dies

  3. Perahu Betik12:50 pm

    Dr. Mahathir, 2 July, 2001:

    How much longer must the Malays depend on the government and the privileges accorded to them? How much longer must they remain mediocre?”

    "Must we lower the eligibility standard to the point where even useless students can go to the university just so that we can fill up the 55% bumiputra quota in the local public universities?

    “If so, we must remember that some of the students who go to the university in this manner will some day become doctors and engineers. How can we entrust our life to such doctors or what will be the quality of our infrastructures if they are built by such engineers?"

    Dr. Mahathir, kenapa buat U-Turn plak nak perjuangkan PERKASA yang nak merencatkan lagi otak orang Melayu?

    Kah...kah...kah... Mahathir ni ada agenda politik...

    Dulu sebut Melayu kena kuat sebab nak dapat undi.

    Sekarang, tukar irama pulak, cakap tanpa dia dgn anak dia, Melayu akan hancus. Takut org dedahkan kezaliman dan penipuan dia dlm 80an/90an dan nak anak dia jadi perdana menteri satu hari nanti.... kah kah kah....


  4. Dear Rocky

    Anwar did not say its wrong to be associated with Jews. He was just pointing out the fact that your hommies ( e.g UMNO and Perkasa) who has constantly accused him of being a Jewish tool are in fact using APCO who have very strong Jewish and Zionist ties.

    So , you are right, people in glass houses should not cast stones, but you should instead direct it to UMNO and Perkasa. Get it!

  5. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Rocky, janganlah nak pusing-pusing berita lagi !!

    APCO tu kan syarikat Isreal.


  6. Anonymous1:00 pm

    Mr paperman, go home.
    Listen to me.
    Pretend you had a nightmare.
    This island is a hoodoo, there's death in it.
    Give it up.
    We could be living
    In communist china
    Wearing pajamas
    And shouting comrade.
    I'll fix the gull reef
    It will be my salvation
    We're only talking
    A few renovations
    Goodbye to public relations
    It ain't what I do.

  7. Wonder if Anwar had to use Malaysian taxpayers' money to pay RM20million annually to Greenroad?

  8. Coffee Boy1:12 pm

    Sebenarnya, Anwar is a demented politician. Being tormented by full proof accusations,in every aspect of his political clowning,his mental capacity is showing signs of cracking up. His state of mind is being questioned by party strongman.They left the party before they crack up too.

    With APCO and 1 Israel, Anwar's action is likened to throwing the white towel into the arena for his own good. There's no way he could explain himself for his jewish connection to the people. So, he chose to implicate the PM with the same story. The jews are his demigod master. They provide him logistic support and devilish
    advice to pave the road to Putrajaya.

    Beyond any reasonable doubt, Anwar is a jewish puppet. I rest my case.

  9. Masalahnya , ada ke Anwar guna wang rakyat malaysia sebagai bayaran pada pihak yahudi ?

    Kj melinting sbb Omar terlibat sama .

    it's about 1 malaysia and 1 Isreal .

    Have balls to admit ?

  10. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Rocky special bru!!!
    why are you so dunggu? Anwar is not the PM of Malaysia but Najib is the PM and his decision to hire APCo is a threat to national security.
    Why are you so stupid trying to spin thinking that people are idiot like you. Poooorahhhh la,

  11. But then Anwar did not award a directly negotiated (non-tendered out) $20++ million contract to an Israeli and Mossad infiltrated PR org and lumber it on the heads of the unsuspecting M'sian Rakayat and Taxpayers, did he?

    Why does PM Najib and his boys think a foreign HQ'd PR spindoctor like APCO should know more about what's good for our economy and national unity than any of the large local ones? Did they even know where we are on the map before Najib approached them?

    Yes, what's happened to his promise of open tenders when he 1st took office? Pink lipped service again? You betcha that Sighfool's unpenetrated ass!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human race

  12. Anonymous2:50 pm


    I thought it was UMNO that started this by calling Anwar as the Jews proxy.

    Anyway, PAS seems not to be involve with those people at all.


  13. Have you done enough research before publishing this?

  14. Anonymous4:21 pm

    May be can look into this website too.

  15. Anonymous4:54 pm


    That is like you saying Anwar should not be investing in a mutual funds because his mutual fund manager might invest in some company with operations in Israel. Do you expect Anwar to vet every decision made by the mutual fund manager? Do you vet every decision made by your mutual fund manager?

    Secondly, despite having served on the Business News desk, you still can't fathom the difference between Advisory Committee and Investment Committee.

    Investment Committee make decisions on investments.

    Advisory Committee only advises when they are asked or when they head off for their once a year retreat.

    Now for you to say Anwar should not be on this board based on the said investment would imply that the Malaysian govt should kick Intel out because they have a R&D centre in Israel. Clearly, that would be shooting themselves in the foot.

    The main point is, Anwar's involvement in the above company does not expose the country to any danger. However, outsourcing the country's communication capabilities and then denying ever doing so tantamounts to a wholesale sellout.

  16. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Wah this guy. "Pot calling the kettle black" like hell.
    But when people point out that Anwar is in bed with the Zionists (even he admits that he is good friends with Paul Wolfowitz and others), they are being racist.

  17. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Rocky I cannot get to Pasquale on your link!

  18. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Why not send brother Anwar's anti Israel stance in respect to APCO and 1Israel to his Jewish friends and his American pro-Jews friends. Then they will know that Anwar has become a chameleon and is now championing himself as anti Jews.

  19. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Dato document dalam malaysia today macam mana atau itu pun u nak kata tipu.

  20. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Only homosexuals among muslim intellectuals and political leaders were identified to be recruited. The program began in the late 1970s during the Carter Administration. After the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, Secretary of State Zbigniew Brezinski set up special units within the State Department and with the assistance of the CIA, recruited a group of homosexual muslims to head islamic movements in an arc around the Soviet Union.

    The Russian invasion was just a ruse for bigger planning. The idea was to subvert the whole region from the Middle East and across South East Asia so that the US would always be seen by rulers, revolutionaries, monarchs and oligarchs as their saviour.

    The bigger prize was exploitation of resources.

  21. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Very good of you to mention this.

    But as usual, you have an escape 'channel', which is you are just reproducing what others wrote.

    So you are not to be liable for inaccuracies.

    Do go to and check for yourself, who are in the team.

    Then try and tell us, where is the evidence (from your own research) that Anwar has indeed such involvement.

    I know you have been craving that media persons should not be sued...but lets see if you can first provide solid supports.

    Same goes to the 'barking' bird.


  22. Anonymous6:56 pm


    Care to answer, anyone?

  23. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Hey Rocky, don't talk shit !!

    Quote of the decade (by a Towering UMNO Malay, Ibrahim Ali) : DON'T TALK SHIT !!

    3X...come on people 1,2,3...don't talk shit, don't talk shit, don't talk shit !!


  24. Anonymous7:08 pm

    like ibrahim pendek said : don't talk shits! don't talk shits! don't talk shits!!!

  25. Anonymous7:36 pm

    dey rocky... Poodahh!!! Bad and out-of-context spinner

  26. Anonymous8:05 pm

    if you notice the same Anon wrote repeatly condenming you. But they failed to debate with facts. Where an ex-prisoner got so much money to do lots of investment? Use the Anti Money Laundering Act (AMLA) or BAFIA to check this moron. Invoke ISA if necessary to safeguard our country.

    Why the Law cannot be served to this Moron. Fuck Saiful backside also can postpone trial for two years. We really need devine intervention already. That will served him right.

    By frustrated Malaysians

  27. Anonymous8:05 pm

    Malaysia’s influential former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today the country’s current prime minister had yet to live up to promises.
    Najib has delayed the introduction of petrol and electricity price rises, road toll increases and a goods and services tax in a series of decisions that has undermined market confidence in his ability to deliver economic reforms.

    That, Mahathir said, was no way to oversee change.

    “I think that is a very bad way of doing things,” he said. “You make a decision, then you have to implement it, but before making a decision, you should think very carefully about it.”

    Basically Dr Mahathir is saying Najib doesnt sleep on the job, but yet he is FLIP FLOPPING.

  28. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Aku sokong kau Rocky sebab aku ini Zambry Abd Kadir al Keling, dari lumut Perak. Tolong Rocky, Nizar mau pukul sama saya hari ini... saya punya berak pun ada siikit siikit kehluar.

    Zambry Keling

  29. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Muhyiddin is so afraid of Ibrahim Ali striking him off the 'bumiputera privileges status' , he quickly announces to the whole world that he is $$money first..opps.. Malay first, other come second !!

    here you are, the DPM of UMNO Malay !!


  30. Anonymous8:38 pm


    This blog article (Barak’s ‘One Israel’ and Najib’s ‘One Malaysia’) in Malaysia Today features the US Government record which shows that APCO's foreign principal is The Government of Israel.

    Was anyone lying about this?


  31. Anonymous9:35 pm


    ......ask Vincent Tan

  32. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Aiya Datuk late pendatang from SG, you should block on the missing share valued at RM52 billion suppose to be in the hand of Malays.

    Please blog on this, is more relevant.

  33. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Read this book - They Dare to Speak out: People and Institutions Confront Israel's Lobby
    by Paul Findley (Former US Congressman)

    This book has also been translated into various languages including Arabic and Malay.


  34. salam...rasanya tuan hanya memburukkan lg pandangan umum tentang kebodohan kerajaan dan penyokongnya...analisakumbang yang dengan bodoh sombongnya mengambil fakta dari blog yang menyatakan anwar menjadi lembaga penasihat..walhal tiada pun nama anwar tersenarai dalam team generation,,kemudian algore yg melabur 10 juta dikatakannya anwar....terima kasih la bro kerana menzahirkan kebangangan mereka ni..jika sesiapun nak berniaga dengan yahudi dibenarkan..nabi pun berniaga ngan yahudi....yang masalahnya kita dedahkan rahsia negara kt APCO apsal?tak kira la APCO tu yahudi ker aper ker..yg penting depa tu orang luar!!!!!!

  35. Anonymous11:23 pm

    What's the difference? If Anwar got to be PM vide his 9/16 hijack plan, he'd probably appoint the same agency to sell his agenda too.

    It's all about sour grapes.

    Anwar is running short of issues to divert attention, so he wilol simply pluck anything at all.

    Betcha he will now demonise the Perak chap whom he once promised the MB's post prior to Nizar. (Latest expose in DUN Perak)

    Wanna bet?


  36. Ranjan11:33 pm


    I would like to quote Ibrahim Ali: "Don't talk sh*t! Don't talk sh*t! Don't talk sh*t!" to you.

    Why accuse, accuse, deny, deny? Just show the documents and let Malaysians see for themselves how their tax money is being spent. Malaysians are not as stupid as you may think they are. They can read and understand the implications of what is going on. And the bottom line is all their tax money is being wrongly spent.

    Below is the hard evidence which was produced by RPK:

    So, all this while, the UMNO government have been working with the Jewish company: APCO Worldwide Sdn Bhd (851360-p), (formerly known as Mind Teams Sdn Bhd) to fool the Rakyat, majority of whom are malay muslims.

    So, I wonder how are u going to spin this time again?

  37. tebing tinggi12:47 am

    Anything about the jew dont you think that anuar should know better ?.
    Why bother to spin then ?.

  38. Anonymous1:38 am

    wahhh ini vincent tan dua-dua kasi cover aahhh...oppss 3 penjuru coze indy MP included..

    The trident

  39. Rakan rakan semua, kalau nak tahu macamana rapatnya Anwar Ibnrahim dengan regim Zionis Israel sila ikut link di bawah

    GEMPAR; Disini ada bukti terbaru Anwar ada rakan dalam kerajaan ZIONIS Israel

  40. Ibrahim_Balachi7:58 am

    Who started the story about this whole Jew thing? Its Anwar!! He screws the Jews in front of us, and yet he sodomizes them behind our back. How can you ever trust this man?

  41. Anonymous9:36 am

    Good spin Rocky! As always...

  42. Anonymous10:29 am

    Have you done enough research before publishing this?

    3:08 PM by generationIM


    didn't realise that Rocky had written a white paper right here in his popular blog

    the level of intellect of some pro-pakatan commenters can literally kill you some day

  43. Anonymous10:41 am

    Well well well

    I will invest in Najib anytime over anwar.

    You can feel, see, smell, touch, hear and even taste the initiatives implemented by Najib even if they are less than perfect.

    What can we say for anwar, huh?? Oh ya, "We have the froggy numbers, we will take over the govt, we will occupy putrajaya on 916; it is all a conspiracy, Najib is implicated in altantuya's murder, Rosmah actually supervised the blow-up, Najib & Rosmah are practising Hindus, Saiful is UMNO's agent ...

    and then, the Agong, army, police, the whole world approves of anwar as he had been the PM in waiting for TOO long

    Hollywood movies have not come to par with this fantastic plot

    more like a PM wannabe has been - remember his running off to the turkish embassy

    And the most amazing of them all - some pseudo-intellectuals in Rocky's blog actually believe in this guy

    sheeesh ...

  44. Anonymous10:55 am

    "So you are not to be liable for inaccuracies." by Param @ 6:33 PM

    Dear Rocky
    Congratulations, your blog has NOW become a reference point like wikipedia, the new 'bible'

    How intellectually lame can anyone be? but to SOUND self-righteous at the same time??

    aiyoyo, we got ploblem hor, itu olang tara suka sama kelajaan hah, tara otak lo, hali hali manyiak bising hor, manyiak ciakap ciakap, tapi tara bagus itu kappala, ini maciam hah susah gua olang lor

  45. Anonymous11:59 am

    As i said before, this liar doesnt deserve a pixel. so what;s the big deal over APCO, it has offices around the world including beijing and what's the big deal between 1Malaysia nad IIsrael, the former is about nation building,the latter is about political alliances.

    Why not we talk about the Annapolis summit letter that signs off Muslim rights to the Jews or the Foundation for Future which saw a bogus Muslim helps out a Wolf over a sticky cunt situation. I have a long dossier on his Jewish "roots", want me to share it but then again a waste of pixels?

    Anyway, if anyone had been following the cyberags, the arseboy had been talking about explaining something else which he dint. More pertinent Qs that come to mind is:

    1. Y should two shady characters wanna cite him to the House committee when it would be damn easier to cite him for lying/misleading the house during his economic rant.

    2. Y are only two individuals particularly prominent on this and today someone goes after Perkasa.

    We know the records of these two persons. Probably if someone did a tracejob on where those documents, info et al came from, we all will know what a wayang, it was after all.

    Warrior 231

  46. Salam Rocky,

    OneIsrael is about 3 political parties coming together during elections. They include the secularist Labor Party and the fanatically religious Meimad Party. They later disbanded after being fined for accepting donations from abroad (read US). Sounds familiar? More like PR than BN, no?

    Mukhriz Mahathir

    p/s I choose to comment under my own name and not hide behind nicknames like anonymous commentators lacking in cojones.

  47. Should not throw stones? Surely you jest, sir. They are not throwing stones for Pete's sake, they are prancing around in their birthday suits with their sanity conveniently left at home. and I might add that these prancers are from all political divides. So much for political maturity! prufrock.

  48. OpenYourEyes4:13 pm

    The guy just tried to point out that our country is in jeopardy due to the strong involvement of this APCO in our Gs... geddit???i mean ..look at their track record...

  49. JoJo!6:03 pm


    Mengikut "1Malaysia Government Transformation Programme Roadmap" yang dilancarkan Perdana Menteri Najib Razak pada hujung bulan Januari:

    Matlamat 1Malaysia ialah "to make Malaysia a greater nation: a nation where, it is hoped, every Malaysian perceives himself or herself as Malaysian first, and by race, religion, geographical region or socio-economic background second".

    Timbalan Perdana Menteri Muhyiddin Yassin menyebut dia "Malay first".


    Habis! Penipuan! Hipokrit! Pembohongan! Melayu dan Rakyat Malaysia Ditipu!

  50. Anonymous7:12 pm


    Can you use your connection to alert the power that be to take alert of bad press propagate by foreign news channel especially by Al-Jazeera.

    If you see the reports, most of them are untrue, bias, misleading and intent on mocking the Malays and Malaysia. Example is their 101 East program highlighting the refugees in Malaysia. Another example is a report about zoo in Johor in which they claimed selling protected animals to public. Just watch AlJazeera during their Asia time and you will know of this unbecoming behavior of foreign news channel.

    I can think of AlJazeera with their staffs mostly are non-Malays using is as platform to get international community to have a bad impression of Malays and Malaysia that we are bullying them while at the same time concealing the fact of injustices done by colonialist legacy that result in current situation in our country.

    Is AlJazeera Asia also controlled by opposition? Kalimullah?

  51. Anonymous7:38 pm

    dato rocky, pls increase your support for umno so that you can get one more datukship so you will be called dato datuk rocky bru a.k.a umno running dog

    i know your are not going to publish my comments, this is for you only.

    Ibrahim ali puki mak katak butoh, wants to have 67% of wealth but lazy to work

  52. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Did Vincent Tan and Anwar had an affair?

  53. Anonymous10:35 pm

    and you dont live in a glass house? ur a bloody sellout for money, position and ur datukship

  54. What is this Jewish talk in both side of the political divide, the fact is that they are many smart jews around whose intellect and ideas will benefit Malaysia in the long run be it in boosting our country's image locally and globally or anything else for that matter. I'm not Pro-Jew/zionist, heck I'm against their activities of world dominance through economic colonisation and so on and their occupation of the Palestin. Having said that however, it must be remember during the Islamic Civilisation the west and the Jews are willing to learn from us no matter what, they associate themselve with our institutions and work and learn with our top experts, scholars and intellect for the sake of their people's progress and now we must do the same or else we will never progress and forever be enslaved by them. It must be remembered many advancement in economics, technology and so on are made by the Jews, so it will be a waste not to learn from them for the sake of our nation whilst intensely guarding our sovereignity and interests as a nation.

  55. Mustapha Ong11:04 am

    Dear Bru,

    Let's forget about Anwar and his political antics that had confused his own supporters in PKR/PR opposition pact.

    As Najib's 1st year in office is right on the dot, perhaps we should now assess Najib's strength to bring this nation forward after his one year in office of the prime minister.

    On 3rd April 2009, Najib took over the reign of the BN government from Pak Lah as our 6th prime minister. It was a smooth transition of power, though Najib had to face the wrap of his political critics both within UMNO, as well as the opposition led by Anwar Ibrahim,who had been hovering their desire to topple the BN government by all means with the deadline being 16th September 2009.

    Anwar has failed in his attempts to overthrow the government, a price now he has to pay for his political bluff in parliament.

    The first anniversary of Najib as prime minister had been both exciting and full of challenges as he embarks on his second year in office.Najib had been sandwiched between the fanfare of Tun Mahathir from above the political cloud of his administrative supremacy, as well as Tun Abdullah who had conceded his premature political power and governance to Najib.

    What had Najib achieved since taking over from Pak Lah, both as prime minister as well as president of UMNO?It is of public knowledge that Najib's political enemies, especially Anwar had intensified their attacks on Najib and Rosmah.

    However, most political analysts will agree that these slanderous criticisms had failed to dampen the survival spirit of Najib in ensuring absolute political and economic stability of Malaysia in the eyes of the world and the international community.

    Najib's first priority is to ensure that all Malaysians are loyal to this country and stand solidly behind him from his day one in office. His 1Malaysia concept was created to capture the mind and aspirations of the people, both urban and rural community in his determination to change the mind set and attitude of every Malaysians.

    The 1Malaysian campaign is still very much alive, although Anwar is now trying to sabotage the concept and implied that it was copied from 1Israel.By doing so, Anwar should be charged for treason in his attempts to overthrow the BN government by evoking the sensitivity of our international relations with Israel.

    Having said that, is there anything wrong to be friends with Israel in this current border less global relationship? The ongoing 1Malaysia concept is still at its infancy to foster closer and better relationship between the prime minister and the people.

    We are all excited and warming up to Najib's outreach to the people that will help him in turning Malaysia into the Asian tiger again.The prime minister who is also the Finance Minister had seriously engaged to counter the effects of the current economic downturn by liberalizing more than 27 sectors of the economy, through the two substantial economic stimulus packages. Najib also unwind of of the lamed economic program under the previous DEP initiatives, which had failed to address the economic disparity between the Malays and non-Malays of this country for the last 39 years since 1970.

    It is hoped that these new economic liberalization and the recently announced NEM will eventually benefit all Malaysians on a broader economic base, when the initiative is implemented in its entirety by early next year and before the 10th Malaysian Plan.

    Congratulations Mr Prime Minister for your relentless effort to take Malaysia into the next stage of economic stability and prosperity for this nation under your esteemed leadership.

  56. Sick and Tired2:03 pm

    so many people here like to lick anwar's B***s. I think if Anwar says tonggeng.. they would!

    Wot a bunch of idiots...

  57. To me APCO is a non-issue.

    1. From the agreement which was published in the net, it clearly states the role of APCO was to be the lobbyist for GOM in USA. It does not mention about doing PR in Malaysia. 1Malaysia to me is targeted to the locals and not to Americans therefore, there is no role for APCO to play in 1Malaysia.
    2. The agreement between APCO (or GCI) and GOI was done in 1991, and Ehud Barak's 1Israel was coined in 1991.

    So as always, I never believe what ANWAR says, including this one.

  58. Correction: should read "coined in 1999" instead of "coined in 1991"
    typo error.