Monday, February 15, 2010

DSAI, Nor Mohamed Yakcop and a USD8 billion question Down Under

The article that appeared on Merdeka Review last Friday (Feb 12) on Anwar-NMY-Abrar and US$8 b Aussie-Labuan firm is loosely translated here.

Original Article

My "Bugger off ..." posting got me this email from Australia this morning:
You migh want to publicise the fact that these Aussie MPs have all chosen to ignore this report on the ir very own ABC Radio-
Follow the links from that ABC interview and end up asking the US$8 billion Question: Who are these Aussie MPs protecting?

Names like Rahim Ghousse, Anwar Ibrahim, Nor Mohamed Yakcop keep cropping up. Also Abrar, the Free Anwar Campaign, and a few Arabic names as well as an Islamic finance outfit run by Catholics.


Ganesh Sahathevan: I was immediately attacked on the Free Anwar campaign website.

Peter Martin: The Free Anwar campaign attacked you for your work on the Commercial IBT story?

Ganesh Sahathevan: Yes. In fact a director of the Free Anwar campaign, on a related Anwar website, a Malaysia Today website said, this is still on their website: 'Any investigation into Commercial IBT will reflect badly on Anwar Ibrahim.'

Peter Martin: Anwar Ibrahim is a former Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Malaysia. He was jailed on charges of corruption and sodomy in April 1999. Behind the charges was his Prime Minister, Dr Mohammad Mahathir.

Anwar's supporters say the charges were trumped up. He was eventually released from prison in 2004.

There's an interesting cast of characters in the story you are about to hear. One of them is Dr Rahim Ghouse. He ran the worldwide campaign to have Anwar released, and was a political ally of Anwar's from student days in Malaysia and then a factional ally of Anwar's within Malaysia's ruling party.

Rahim Ghouse fled Malaysia for Perth on Anwar's arrest and then moved to Melbourne, where he set up the international Free Anwar campaign. He was the owner of the Free Anwar campaign website at the time it attacked the SBS program.

The ABC radio interview that the Australian MPs chose to ignore was aired in Oct 2006. Last week, a Malaysian Chinese language daily picked up the pieces and made the issue current again. If someone can translate the Merdeka Review's 12 Feb 2010 report here.

Since Nor Mohamed Yakcop is being implicated in these reports, perhaps the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission may want to ask Hasbie Satar, NMY's political secretary, where he got the cash from and what is the money REALLY for? RM2 million is a lot of RM50 bills ....
And here's another reason why the Australian MPs should bugger off:
Mass murder of Aborigines and foreign students

p.s. The Peaceful Protest against the OZ lawmakers has been moved to 10am on the same day (Wednesday 17 Feb) and same venue (Australian High Commission in KL).


  1. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Rock, what are you trying to spin this time? Your are really hard at work and hoping to get your Tan Sri soon?

  2. Anti-Homosexual Sodomy2:47 pm


    Sniff, sniff, sniff ... Follow the scent of the ringgit and it all goes back to Anwar Ibrahim.


    And Nor Mohd like Rahim Ghouse the Ghost are Anwar's faithfuls.

    US$ 8 billion! No wonder boleh try beli BN MPs to become PM on 16/9!!!

  3. Try Google translate @ Not perfect translation but sufficient to gauge message

  4. nstman3:11 pm

    Rocky, you can spin till kingdom come. You can spin till the cows come home. But the people know who you are. You are a born again Umno acolyte. In the meantime, Australians have joined in the people's struggle against lies, idiocy, stupidity, cronyism, thuggery, bigotry. We welcome the brave Australian MPs to our struggle. Waltzing Matilda.

  5. Anonymous3:19 pm

    What about the roomfull of RM 500 and 1000 notes? How did they leave the country before they were de-registered as legal tender? Who was the Finance Minister then?

    Anyway,since the cat's out of the bag, why not trace how and who were involved in converting the tons of cash hidden in some VIP homes from floor to ceiling?

    Well, part of the money was used to organise mass rallies (mess rallies).

    Any Aussie expert on this?


  6. Anonymous3:20 pm

    ooo i see... nmy and dsai tu brother and a half sister la yerkk... heehee .... dont trust any of the political guy. Be it Bee End or not, shame on you and your party... why bother to vote? All goes stupid... they are the actual betrayal of the country.. they did mistake and ask rakyat to responsible....


  7. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Rocky, can go dig 'Mahathir and Sons co' fortune ar ?? guess would be more than US$ 8 Billion, dude !!

  8. Anonymous said...

    Rock, what are you trying to spin this time? Your are really hard at work and hoping to get your Tan Sri soon?

    don't you have anything better to say except for personal attack to Dato' rocky ?

    typical loser...

  9. Anonymous4:27 pm

    To translate use google translate|en|

    Choose language to translate and type in the website


  10. NMY now an Anwar crony?
    Who next? Rosmah?
    Tried to follow the trail you started Rocky but still cant see the connection?
    Since this was 2006 - what has happened since? Anyone linked to Anwar charged or gone to jail?
    So? Whats your spin?

  11. He he he he! I love it, its happening! Yahoo!

  12. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Elo MAT SOM(Rocky),

    Apa you mau korek,,korek,,korek,,!!
    The Commercial IBT story is cerita katun,,,,!

    BUSOK nya cerita itu sama seperti busok nya KAKI KAMU,,buka kasut and CIUM your socks,,!!!!!


  13. Anonymous5:28 pm

    ini kes ketuanan melayu bro.. ketuanan untuk menkayakan orang umno. so they expect the malays to believe in their ketuanan melayu slogan... poodah

  14. Salam Datok Bro Bru,
    Yang menghairankan nya ialah, pengomen2 yg datang, bukan komen pasal topik, tapi suruh kita buat kerja lain seperti korek2 harta benda Tun Mahathir dan anak2 dia, kalau depa ada sumber untuk implikasikan Tun sila2lah bagi tunjuk mai, supaya Datok Bro Bru boleh siasat pi tengok.... apa kata pengomen2 sekelian? A good man does nothing? hahaha lawak kenyataan ni... kalau eksiden tepi jalan a good man does nothing kerr? isk isk isk

  15. Anonymous5:43 pm

    What are u doing? You are spinning out of control. Sudah mabuk ka? Your overlords must have said your previous cerita-cerita are not dramatic enough. Another spin from the budak suruhan. I'm sad at what you have become. If we can help you in any way send us a smoke signal.


  16. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Datuk Rock,
    You see we know you are JJ @ Bontot molester's errand boy. We also know JJ did not take it lightly when he was replaced by NMY as Finance Minister II by Dr M. Is this JJ's payback? Because these are very unlikely allies you are grouping together.


  17. Anonymous6:10 pm

    sudah la anwar and the gay band. it's time for you guys to face the music.
    Stand up for you believe in.
    Takkan takut mati kot?
    kata lawan tetap lawan, takkan suruh org lain lawan utk mu anwar.
    kata sanggup berhadapan peluru,
    takkan nak suruh org osterelia tolong kan?
    kata di pihak yg benar dan tuhan sentiasa melindungi mu? Takkan masuk mahkamah takut? kan ada mahkamah rayuan?
    sudah la osterlia, negeri kau pun di panggil "down under" atau "bawah buntut".

    nikky azizun

  18. Salam Datuk,

    It always amazes me when there's something detrimental or negative about DSAI, its all karut by his acolytes.

    No rebuttal, just comment karut and thats it.

    Am really shaking my head.


  19. Anonymous6:40 pm

    aiyah $8 billion war chest kacang putih lah..

    UMN0 has a war chest of 500billion collective dollars in Singapore and haven like Caymen and Jersey.
    500 billion also sap sap sui lah.

    But i think it;s bullshit because if PR has that much money then those kataks wouldn't have lompat in the opposite direction.

    Hee Yit Foong nowadays drive BMW around Ipoh. STupid woman with no brains dont know how to conceal her wealth.

    Kinta Man.

    p/s A GOOD MAN DOES NOTHING. Except shaft bontot.

  20. Anonymous7:16 pm



  21. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Aiyyo Rocky, Dato, Ahiruddin, Dato Atan, Anney, Macha, Bro:

    This time u hit the mother lode bro. Mutha-load beb. Please do get the Merdeka newspaper article translated and re upload it here bro.

    I could not find any mention of those names Rahim Ghouse, Reezal, Nor Yakcop or even Abrar.

    But these are the mamaks again bro. I saw the word hawala - this is the mamak money changer connection bro. Nor Mohd is well linked to these guys bro.

    Rahim Ghouse was Nor Mohd's sidekick in Abrar. Or maybe Nor Mohd was Rahim's sidekick. Depan belakang sama saja. Both were cronies (are cronies) of Anwar.

    Bro, why is Najib so dumb? Why make this obvious crook a Minister? His pol sec has been arrested with RM2.0 million in cash in his apartment at Teluk Air Tawar.

    Kalau Najib ada testicular gumption bro, suruh mamak ni resign saja besok. Lagi lama dia kekal lagi bodoh kat Najib saja.

    Hj Hoe.

  22. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Datuk Rocky!
    I remember this story well. There's this dude who goes by the name Adrian Ong Chee Beng who was somehow the director of this Commerce IBT Bank which operated out of Labuan. The Australian Securities Commission (ASIC) were looking high and low for this chap. Anwar, Rahim, and a few others of their inner circle were somehow interconnected and there were allegations that they were channeling money to Islamic insurgents across the region, not to mention for themselves. Apparently billions of money were wiped-out within days when ASIC started coming after them.

    You know what Datuk, funnily enough, YB Husam Musa of Kelantan did pose this question to the then Minister Of Finance (who else but our brother Anwar) in the parliament about this whole thing.

    The questions remained unanswered till this day. But this Adrian guy was arrested in Australia probably 2,3 years back (he jumped bail). When arrested he promised to make a big expose' involving several high-profile figures(I'm guessing Anwar and geng), but it never happen.

    Can somebody dig further into this? One thing for sure, if you find Anwar and a snake, beat Anwar first.


  23. Those who underestimated Najib Razak ought to have their heads check!

  24. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Anon 2:43, nstman, anon 4:05, aizley shahar, Ali, Bodo and other mutha fuckas like you.

    What the fuck is your problem dickheads? Rocky is quoting from an Australian Radio program as well as a long article that came out in the Chinese paper Merdeka whatever.

    How come you dont find fault with the Australian radio report or the Chinese newspaper report but you want to criticise Rocky?

    Apa punya pundek ? Lu punya otak sudah kena liwat kah?

    Since an Australian radio has spoken about it, a Chinese newspaper has written about it and now a Blogger has written about it, why not investigate if it is true or false and then decide if you still want your mutha to masturbate ? Is that a fair suggestion? Mutha fuckas.

  25. Anonymous8:07 pm

    how much are you being paid to get rid of Finance Minister, turncoat?

    wow, WHAT HAS THis mamak gotta to do with Anwar now? word in the street is that Najib and gang (Nazri) want to throw him out. So, his political sec has to be sacrifice to send the message across. He has no choice but to go after this scandal.

    not that i like him;how can one after he lost billions in the forex market for the country!

    rocky, what will you not sell for a few dollars more? your soul? Go Judas, your inner self will rot.

  26. Anonymous8:12 pm

    The IBT story was asked about by PAS & DAP`s Jeff Ooi had a posting on it too. Earlier MggPillai had written on it.

    In Parliament the BN Finance Minister et al replied that it was all above board. Lofsa & RAM gave it high ratings. BNM gave it approval and defended it. Who was the Finance Minister - NOT ANWAR.

    This of course after Anwar had already been in prison and released.

    So, what is Ganesh talking about?

    "I always have the impression that the AU$6 billion that Ong is associated with smells
    of laundering of political funds. Ong captured my attention when I was alerted that
    his investment bank, CIBT, remained listed on Labuan Offshore Financial Services
    Authority (LOFSA) when its parent company in Melbourne was busted and operating
    permit withdrawn in 2004.

    Ong's company, Commercial IBT Labuan Branch (CIBT), was still listed on LOFSA's
    website at the time I blogged this. Ong's designation reads 'president director'."


  27. Anonymous8:18 pm

    And I remember MggPillai writing that he walked out on this when he found out that Ganesh was in the "plot to frame".
    So there, Ganesh is not exactly a pretty bird whistling.


  28. con fused8:33 pm

    Errr Rocky?
    Tak faham lah.. Where's the trail to Anwar?
    Don't tell me PKFZ now can be linked to Anwar?
    What about Khir Toyo's palace in Shah Alam - did Anwar pay for that as well?
    You getting pretty sad in your journalism dude... Not heard of fair and balanced?

  29. Anonymous8:34 pm



    By G.Knight

    A Sydney Buses cleaner, Mr Ganesh Sahathevan, is facing dismissal from Sydney Buses after complaining and going public on the dangers of a chemical cleanser cleaners are given to use on the interior of buses. Mr Sahathevan began his campaign against the cleaning compound manufactured by Polo Citrus, when he began feeling ill last year. Mr Sahathevan claims he was suffering from respiratory problems, asthma, headaches and in the most severe case, vomiting. The Polo Citrus product, manufactured by a company called B.R. Mining Services (which in itself has a very interesting background), contains the chemical tubitutoxyethanol. Other workers at Sydney Buses have complained from the side effects of using the chemical and being exposed to the fumes. Mr Sahathevan said he was not only concerned for his own health, but other cleaners at the depot (including one who does not speak English at all well) have complained of illnesses and symptoms that are similar after having used the chemical. Mr Sahathevan also said his concern was the depot was a major centre for school buses and he felt the children travelling on the buses when they have been freshly cleaned were being exposed to fumes from the cleanser. Mr Sahathevan took his complaint to the depot management and then to RTBU (Rail Train and Bus Union) - the relevant union.

  30. Anonymous8:37 pm

    A very brief summary of the entire sad saga about Ganesh Sahathevan and CIBT and others are as follows:

    1. When Commercial IBT first commenced business in Labuan in April 2003, they received unprovoked and unsolicited emails from one named Ganesh Sahahtevan. These emails were also Carbon Copied (C.C.) to various media organizations in Malaysia and Australia, various authorities and regulators.

    2. Until today, these emails continue at the rate of average 4 a week and CIBT now possesses a substantial number of emails from Ganesh Sahathevan.

    3. The emails began with aggressive interrogations on the organization that the organization is not legally bound as CIBT is neither a retail bank with depositors funds nor a listed company

    4. After a few emails, when Ganesh began personally attacking, thereatening and criminally intimidating the directors and their families, it was then CIBT sensed something very wrong and legally asked Ganesh to cease and desist - to which Ganesh refused.

    5. CIBT then requested certain authorities and reporters to investigate this person named Ganesh Sahathevan.

    6. Researches provided a long list of criminal activities including false personation, false evidence and information, defamation, extortion and others as per the Penal Code. Internal Security as well as the relevant ministries in Malaysia were well aware of his criminal activities.

    7. In the emails, Ganesh first linked CIBT with Tun Daim Zainuddin, the former Finance Minister, then Ganesh links CIBT with Tun Gafar Baba, then implied Samy Vellu, the Marcos of Phillipines, then Suharto of Indonesia, Morgan and Banks of Australia, CIA, then finally to Anwar Ibrahim and Al-Qaeda, etc
    His victory comes when some naïve reporter or authority/regulator takes the bite.

    -ganesh fun

  31. Anonymous8:38 pm

    8. For PAS and Keadilan, Ganesh falsely alleges CIBT to be linked with UMNO and the Public’s monies; for the UMNO boys, he says CIBT holds Anwar's monies;
    to the Australian authorities he talks of money laundering and terrorism.
    Ganesh is expert in lying appropriately to his target audience.

    9. Ganesh requested one of his partners in crime MGG Pillai to publish blatant misinformation on MGG’s website. This was followed by blackmail and extortion of CIBT by Ganesh trough MGG Pillai and a Siva Rajendram, lawyer in Petaling Jaya. This happened at the fateful and now infamous meeting at the UMNO man’s house in the later half of 2003 when presumably Ganesh and Pillai were still on talking terms, which I am made to understand they have fallen out.

    -ganesh fun

  32. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Ali said...
    NMY now an Anwar crony?
    Who next? Rosmah?

    Najib too. In fact the UMNO Supreme Council is hand-in-glove with Anwar.

  33. Anonymous8:58 pm

    What to do..

    Birds of the same feathers fly together!


  34. Anonymous9:03 pm


    Birds of same feathers fly together eh?


  35. Anonymous9:25 pm

    rm8 billions only ke?

    should be 50 billions or so... one billion for each lawmakers la!

    think they are like those cheapskate lawmakers here ke? for one camry can also prostitute herself.

  36. Anonymous9:44 pm

    A fool and his money gets top Malaysian rating by mggpillai (decd.)


    A FOOL AND HIS MONEY, THE APHORISM goes, are soon parted. But not, it seems, if the Malaysian ratings agency, RAM, and the Labuan financial offshore authority, LOFSA, has anything to do with it. A Malaysian business man in Melbourne, Dr Adrian Ong, set up a company called Commercial IBT Pty Ltd, operated it from a business service centre there, built up, RAM and LOFSA confirms, shareholders’ funds of USD 6.9 billion, successfully kept hidden from Australian financial institutions, its regulatory authorities, its financial press of this financial giant in their midst. Not RAM and LOFSA. Both gave CiBT their seal of approval, and this non-existent Australian bank is now a deposit-taking financial institution in Labuan. Mark you, RAM and LOFSA investigate all applications as stringently and thoroughly as the best of its counterparts elsewhere in the world. So it claims. In Bolehland, that must be taken with a hefty pinch of salt. So it turns out.

    A routine check with any reputable banking directory would have revealed to RAM and LOFSA that CiBT is not a bank or financial institution. CiBT is owned, from Australian company search records, by two equally mysterious companies, one of which, RG Management Pty Limited, with a paid-up capital of AUD 10, owns about half the shareholders’ equity and which appears to be all but wholly owned and controlled by Dr Adrian Ong; the other by two members of the Ong clan, though it is not known if they are related to the self-styled banker. This would give him, at the very least, a net worth of USD 3.3 billion, which should make him Australia’s richest individual, displacing the media magnate, Mr Kerry Packer, who is worth a mere USD2.5 billion. This would also put him amongst Asia’s richest, equalling or bettering the fortunes of Malaysia’s Mr Robert Kuok, Mr T. Anantha Krishnan, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong and others. Surprising then that he does not make the cut of Asia’s richest that magazines like Fortune and Forbes lists annually.
    Now more serious questions must be asked. Is he fronting for Malaysian parties so powerful that RAM and LOFSA are reduced to do what he asks for? Or for non-Malaysian sources? Which leads to yet another. Was it an attempt at money laundering? To protect their reputation, would RAM and LOFSA reverse its ruling? Or at least check with the Australian regulatory authorities if CiBT is what it claims to be, and what its network in Australia is? A decade ago, Dr Ong was a business facilitator. If he controls funds as he insists he does, why does he operates out of a business service centre, whose secretaries assume the persona of Dr Ong’s secretary if someone calls for him? Or was it a scam? As more questions are raised, he ignores them or is now remarkably tongue-tied.


  37. Anonymous9:45 pm

    just like in mm, you spin like crazy,

    just to cover up all the evil doer arses on...

    the mongolia thing, billions ringgit submarine that cannot submerged, sweeping of the port klang fiasco under a carpet as big as putrajaya & blah, blah, blah.

    seems like saifool juboh is damn important to you & is of national interest but...

    you are ok if a bunch of your master arseholes keep squandering & milking billions from the country.

  38. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Seems like all your spins on PR always end with Anwar sodomy case & Saiful shithole.

    Think your readers have enough of Saiful sorry state of shit hole to last a year or two.

    But if you would care to enlightened us on AMNO/BN, hell! at your position you could have enough materials to come up with 1000 & 1 interesting tales to last a generation.

  39. Anonymous10:37 pm

    INVESTIGATE Nor Mohamed Yakcop FIRST.

    Badrul berkata, ketika Ezam masih bersama di Gerakan Demokrasi dan Anti-Korupsi (Gerak), mereka telah menemui beberapa bukti mengenai gejala rasuah Nor Mohamed dan beberapa individu penting dalam kepimpinan negara.

    Menurutnya, tetapi selepas penemuan itu, Ezam telah dijatuhkan hukuman penjara dan bukti itu berada di bawah simpanannya ketika itu.

    “Selepas dibebaskan, isu itu telah didiamkan dan selepas Ezam menyertai UMNO pada 2008, dia terus mendiamkan diri.

  40. Anon 4:05 PM

    Rocky, can go dig 'Mahathir and Sons co' fortune ar ?? guess would be more than US$ 8 Billion, dude !!

    can ask barry wain to dig it, write a book, publish it, and then keep quiet without any prove whatsoever like a complete wanker@dick@pig.

    there you go!

  41. Hey fellas,

    Suppose if i keep 1000 and 500 ringgits bills in bank vaults, ACTUAL PHYSICAL bills....

    NOW `tak laku' to make it `laku'????

    IF I keep alot of this bills, how to be rich with `tak laku' 1000 and 500 ringgits bills???...

    I want to be PM and MOF....bolih start trading digital and physical
    ringgits, onshore and offshore,no limit,semua bolih goreng sampai mampus ringgit and doomed malaysia!!!...

    Guest who will assist me getting the job....peoples like soros, buffet,gate and etc...many-many of them all over the place,these vultures pakai baju batik dan songkok/ketayap pun ada juga!!!!....

    Go on quarrell guys and sell you country...

    Later sell your body....

    Next sell your soul....



  42. Anonymous12:18 am

    "What about the roomfull of RM 500 and 1000 notes?" Anon 3.19

    What about it? It was never mentioned in any report, so wtf are you trying to mislead people for, scumbag?

    A good man doesn't lie. A mtf always will!!

  43. Anonymous3:57 am

    Rocky ..


    of course when you talking about Anwar Ibrahim and PKR..these stupid paid people will said something fishy about Malay, UMNO, BN and is Anwar job to do that...he got a lot of money and if he can influence the people inside and outside to back him..he can also ask people inside and outside to discredit you blog, your post, your comments and so on..

    My opinion is simple...if you all think Anwar is so 'angel' prove it!!! don't keep accused Rocky is spinning...UMNO , BN, Malay even Tun Mahathir bla bla bla....we're so boring reading your statement all the time...PROVE IT Brother!!

    and to remind all of you...we're as a malays is hurts enough with all your stupid statement and accused all the time..if you'll think in PRU13 you will be success....we are as a malay is building our strength and we will prove it to you in PRU13..noted!!..either you will believe it or not..up to you...we're had enough even we are the majority and keep tolerating all the time. We will not declare war or creating havoc as you'll expecting and provocate us like in 69 and hope we will slaughter people so you can say "ha..looks..I told you!!this is malays" but we will prove that we're united...believe me.

    We have enough of and we also know that whenever there is a statement on DSAI in Rockly will be flooded like a 'spam' on accusing Rocky spinning....WE DON'T BELIEVE IT ANYMORE brother...!! we just watch and enjoy the reading the rubbish from all of you...TIME WILL TELL!!

    Rocky.....we will be united and keeps your good job!!


  44. The funniest thing is, that the supporters of Gay Boy sets up a fund to collect donation for the so called conspired sodomist during the time of the 1st trial and after he was sacked from the post of DPM.

    How much money was collected for the Gay Boy or is the money spent by the Gay Boy now is from the fund he received from the Jews.

  45. USD8Billion? That is a hell lot lot of money, compare to Malaysia's top two richest men Robert Kuok with USD10billion and Ananda Krishnan USD7.2billion and to think that these men had to work very hard for their money over decades and have to run multi giant corporations to get to where they are.

    Seems certain politicians and ex-politicians will have a lot of explaining to do. Carry on with the expose Dato' I think all Malaysians will be interested in the money trail where it ultimately lead to. TQ.

  46. hanuman11:16 am

    anon2:43AM : don't be a dronggo, man.
    open your eyes-lah. if there is a wrongdoing, there is a wrongdoing.

    NSTMAN: for once, stop being prejudiced! stop being bigoted.
    this Hasbie guy was found with RM2 million cash in his house.
    doesn't that arouse your curiosity? suspicions?

    get your hatred of Umno out of your system.

    if rocky wants to spin -- let him!this is his blog.

    but is he spinning?

    or just laying the info before you?

    whaaat? you think it's ok for foreign lawmakers to interfere in our affairs?

    NSTMAN --- i sense your prejudice, your angst, your hatred, your one-sidedness -- all the time...

    so, you are in no position to tell Rocky to be this and that!

    you reek of prejudice and bigotry!!! and frustration!

    go start a blog with your REAL name --- kalau BERANI!

  47. clear&lucid11:17 am

    con fused :

    you are one confused bugger!

    don't know how to read? or have no sense of history, or what happened in the past?

  48. Biasalah orang surat khabar NST ke , Malay Mail ke, Utusan ke kalau bukan kroni man ada tempat dan boleh naik di sana. hanya bezanya dia tu naik kapal mana....bila dah di situ pandailah jaga hati tawkay nanti miss soru pulak..

  49. rasputin11:27 am


    wow... get a load of all the machais vilifying you!

    Rocky, my boy! you are frightening them. scaring them.

    when they start calling you names and insulting you -- and i knwo you are having a grand good laugh -- you know they are so so angry. though you care a crap what these coward commenters say.

    i suggest that asshole who said your posting is as busuk as your kaki -- to see you personally.

    as i have said before -- semua ni pengecut! ada yang jealous!

    spin after spin after spin that you are Umno's lackey-lah, Najib's machai-lah, JJ's errand boy -lah.

    it shows, bro -- memang these assholes have no idea what you are.

    Kalau Kalimullah yang berkawan baik dengan (mantan) Perdana Menteri Pak Lah takut dengan saudara, sehingga siap saman saudara dibawah naungan gergasi NST -- siapa-lah mamat-mamat disini yang dimachai-kan Pakatan????

    (Kalimulah, not good example-lah, he is the biggest, spineless coward!) coward SOBs...go see Rocky yourself-lah, kalau berani, and say it to his face!


  50. VP Biden11:33 am

    Wow using Anwar to get rid of Khairy and Pak Lahs left overs !
    Got to give it to u mate.....!
    maybe u can write about what UMNO Youth really wants at their closed door meeting...KJ out Mukhriz in..

    C U In Hell mate !

  51. Anonymous11:53 am

    Dear Pasquale,

    Malaysia needs a "strong man", always have and always will.


  52. Anonymous12:05 pm

    So now Hasbi Sattar has resigned - says Nor Yakcop. Here is some interesting news : Teluk Air Tawar is Nor Mohd Yakcop 'kampong'. He grew up in Teluk Air Tawar area. The apartment where Hasbi was caught with the RM2.0 million cash is in Teluk Air Tawar. Hasbi is a Sarawakian. What was he doing in an apartment in Teluk Air Tawar? Does the apartment belong to Hasbi or does it belong to Nor Mohd Yakcop?

    Bro, Najib is looking for trouble by keeping this parasite Nor Yakcop in the Cabinet. Orang UMNO sendiri tak suka dia, pasal apa PM dunggu sangat? Fire the corrupted fellow yesterday. Kenapa Najib bodoh sangat?

  53. con fused12:16 pm

    Seriously I am trying to connect the dots. But still don't see how NMY and these fellas are linked to Anwar?
    Its all very tenuous. Maybe you can spell it out for us.

  54. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Fair suggestion for Malaysian...

    setup a Royal Commision to investigate:
    1. Mahathir Mohammad
    2. Nor Mohammed Yackop
    3. Anwar Ibrahim

    then we will clean this country
    i wonder why Penangite/Kedahan Politician are so powerful and corrupted?
    They are some kind of 1 gang in different ideology.... are they Freemason or Illuminati? we know Kl and Penang are this country centre for that kind of movement

  55. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Kalau la they are willing to give out 30% (ill gotten money from corruption) to those who help expose and recover, pasti ramai akan tampil memberi maklumat.

    Ramai akan jadi full-time private investigators. Rocky pasti jadi billionaire.. Best kan?


  56. Anonymous1:22 pm

    simper ...

    they hate Tun Dr M, no matter how much sacrifice Tun had given to Malaysia over the years

    they detest Najib coz he has the ruling class blood and he is capable

    they luv paklah coz he sleeps thru his responsibilities

    they rejoice in kj coz he is (in the words of tommy koh) a fine young politician with potential

    which means he is good for singapore but not Malaysia

    they put anwar on a pedestal coz he can hurt Malaysia the most

    see guys SIMPER heh heh

    nothing else matters

  57. tok SPRM ni nampak macam kebal...
    ..apa khabar hasan USAM..

  58. Anonymous4:09 pm


    Check this Ganesh Sahathevan out. He contributes to a blog called ""

    Guess who he cavorts with? can you say "Israelis"

    ganeshfun is right, man.

  59. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Depa punya conexion masih wujud lagi : Anwar, Rahim Ghouse, Nor Yakop, Reezal Merican, Faris Rizal, Arab financiers, Abrar entah apa lagi. Semua arab terrorist conexion. Sampai hari ini Nor Yakop ada cpnexion lagi. Kuwait Finance House semua tu ada conexion juga. Semua arab tak guna, semua penipu, semua sudah ditebuk ulat CIA.

    Inilah al kisah menteri yang dulu mainkan duit negara berbilion ringgit. Bagus lah suruh Najib naikkan pangkat dia lagi. Siapa yang bodoh? Nor Mohamed Yakop dan Anwar yang sudah kaya atau najib yang kasi pangkat kepada mereka semua? Siapa bodoh?

  60. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Anon said:
    setup a Royal Commision to investigate:
    1. Mahathir Mohammad
    2. Nor Mohammed Yackop
    3. Anwar Ibrahim

    then we will clean this country........

    If you want to do a clean sweep and bring Malaysia back from the brink of self destruction then I would guess we would need a few more names to that list, including Pak Lah and Najib

    Maybe what Malaysia needs is a truth commission...I sense that we are all treading a dangerous path at the moment

  61. Anonymous8:15 pm

    For fukcc sake, get someone efficient to do the translation!!! Not depend on google translate. That machine can only translate word for word. Hey try google translate "air mata" see what it gives you . "Water eye?"

  62. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Ra ra Rasputin,
    you must be real evil as your nick. We are not afraid, but merely calling a spade, spade. We want the people to know the real Rocky brew. FYI I'm apolitical , no affiliation whatsoever. But I'm sick of rocky the dicko's spin and lies - all done to please his political overlords. Be neutral like he was in the beginning and write objectively like a good journalist and we'll applaud him. So no need to get worked up boy. Stay calm and have a discuss like a civilized person. Stop yelling.


  63. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Just blame Anwar for everything. Kan senang. Tak payah nak cerita panjang2. Lepas Anwar masuk jel, blame KJ. Lepas tu Paklah.
    Melayu kan bodoh mcm lembu. Apasal nak pikir banyak2. Janji cukup bulan dapat gaji, bayar Along, pi pub mabuk,main 4D. Jgn gusar pasal benda lain. Bapak2 Menteri kita kan berkaliber. Kalau tak caya, baca blog ni. Kalau nak percaya lagi baca Big Dog or Parpu Kari. Semua ni aku dapat selepas menghalusi blog Pasquale, Melayu terbahol terbodoh terlembu seantero dunia.


  64. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Dato' Rocky,

    It looks like your speedometer on your spinning machine gonna hit 8000 rpm pretty soon.I'd never drive even beyond 5000 rpm. Too much spinning may also caused brain damage...stay cool!

    - Dicko

  65. Anonymous10:29 pm


    just bcos locky got latuk, u r learning vely fast to jilat his bolas.

    wtf? locky need a dobi boy like u to clean up his mess ke?

    sit boy sit!

  66. Anak Permatang Pauh10:48 pm


    I second your propostion and dare to this NSTMAN (and the likes). We're tired of your comments. If your really have balls, start your own blof with your real name and will see whether what you have to say/write has merits. Otherwise, stop this `baling telor sembunyi tangan' business.

  67. Anonymous10:58 pm

    aiyah, why want to screw this 3 buggers?

    when all the amno/bn mps also live like kings la, like this fler...

  68. Shariff11:06 pm

    Was the translation in English?
    It was even more fucking confusing than in Chinese......
    Rocky - if you don't even know how the dots connect - how the hell are the rest of us going to figure it out.

  69. Anonymous12:16 am

    PR Penang greatest legacy – prove right policies can make Malays and Malaysians compete and succeed against the best

    by Lim Guan Eng

    Pakatan Rakyat Penang’s greatest legacy to Malaysia and greatest threat to BN’s stranglehold on power is to prove that the right policies can make Malays compete and succeed against the best in the world.

    Ever since the Pakatan Rakyat Penang state government took power in March 2008, we have made integrity and CAT governance(Competency, Accountability and Transparency) the hallmark of financial administration.

    New measures implemented includes competitive and public open tender, payments directly to recipients without going through middle-men, priority given to Penang contractors, e-tender through the internet and a 2 week objection period to ensure that successful contractor no longer need “political cables” but “computer cables”.

    There is no doubt that competitive open tenders saves costs and improve quality.

    Many contractors have been liberated with the implementation of open tenders at all levels. For Class F contractors which is only open to bumis, open tender system has allowed non-UMNO linked contractors in Penang to get contracts for the first time.

    In the past contracts are usually reserved for UMNO cronies and those outside the state. Clearly the competitive open tender system of PR is more transparent, accountable and beneficial to the people compared to the negotiated tender system for BN cronies.

    What is more surprising is the outcome of the open tender system open to all races. Instead of perception that Malays cannot compete and that the non-Malay contractor would win all open tender contracts, this is not true.

    Since the new PR government took over, Penang Development Corporation(PDC) had issued 23 tender awards, of which 7(30%) were won by non-Malay contractors and 16(70%) won by Malay contractors.

    Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang(PBAPP) had issued 66 tender awards of which 22(33%) were won by non-Malay contractors as compared to 44(67%) by Malay contractors.

    The performance by Malay contractors in an open tender system with non-Malays proves that Malay contractors can compete with others and win tender awards on their own merit. Clearly it is not the race that is an issue but failed policies that encourage dependency especially when it helps BN maintain the status quo and its grip on power.


  70. dia kena LETAK JAWATAN...


    mengapa ALLAH turun bala kepada kiya tok..
    saya sedih.. AMANAH YANG BERI DIA KIANAT..
    "hilang pertimbangan sebagai KETUA"


  71. Anonymous2:00 am is confirm by SPRM that RM 2m found in Hasby Satar apartment not a real money. It just a 'duit palsu' for CNY celebration.

    1Malaysia anything can happen.....

  72. Anonymous2:25 am

    'Najib is looking for trouble by keeping this parasite Nor Yakcop in the Cabinet'

    nak buat macam mana bro, najib tetap kena simpan mamat ni bab semua resit komisen kapal selam ngan kapal terbang ada kat die.

  73. Anonymous8:09 am

    first of all why is the 50 MPs so KPC (Kea Poh Chee - jaga tepi kain orang)?
    We need to define clearly what is Sodomy and what is Anal Intercourse? But to my understanding is you can whack which ever holes that you like or want provided that the other party don't lodge a police report. That means it's a willing Buyer willing Seller case. Things will be very much different if the other party lodged police report. Basically you are violating that person private human rights and you whacked his anal without his will.
    To me Anwar don't have a case if Saiful did not lodged a police report. A easy as that. But once Saiful lodged a police report then he is in deep trouble. We, Malaysians must all unite to protect our law and orders at all cost. Maybe the 50 MPs os Australia is a willing party to be whack their backside.
    Lu hantam wa punya buntot kalau wa takla leport, Lu manyak syiok tapi kalau wa lepot Lu mati la.

    Satu hari alkisahnya, si Karpall Tanya Anuar, "Hoi Nuar apa Lu buat? Anaur nawab, "lubang gali la". Karpall kata "memang la gua benggali". Begirulah jadinya dalam politik, dahulu Beria-ia nak buka tapi sekarang Beria-ia nak tutup.
    Jenaka oleh si Lubang Buka Lubang Tutup.-

  74. >>Any investigation into Commercial IBT will reflect badly on Anwar Ibrahim <<

    Ok now pro-bn, show me the money.

    Pls dig for more information on DSAI and less of us (PKR) will support him. Most of his support is due to the fact that we believe he is immensely less corrupt than the rest...

    so show us the SDs & evidences like our freedom figher laughing matter though.

  75. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    You have hit the mother load when you have many people sending you hate comments. From my own seminars if its the truth... two things will happen-you upset people they get unhappy or those who are not directly involve would usuually laugh because they too recognize the truth.

    Memories are short... Remember the 6.2 B so called paper forex losses? NMY was the head of Treasury in BNM. He is responsible for that. ABRAR launched their trust fund took a lot of public $ n was wound down. I can confirm all this events coz I was in the financial system then. You ain't spinning are just getting closer to the truth and it is making lots and lots of people uncomfortable because old skeletons are coming out of the cupboard....

    Just do it....coz we need more people who have the balls to expose the truth. Haq tetap haq!

    Please congak the next PRU. I really hate the PKR under DSAI. He is not clean. He already blew his chance to make a difference. It does not mean I love UMNO either especially not with all the cancerous crap of rasuah that is in their veins. The rakyat, meaning lay people like me on the street tired of all the drama. Believe me, we are not stupid neither are we buta hati. This are all power play.

    Keturunan Jebat

  76. Rocky oh Rocky! What is happening?
    Your credibility is going down by the day!Imagine Nor Mohhamsd Yakcop, a Mahathir crony, turned Anwar Crony! Is this believable?Some more, Nor is still a Minister in Najib's Cabinet!If you must spin, spin-lah with a bit more credibility!

  77. Anonymous2:02 pm

    Sdra Rocky,

    Kami dapat tahu bahawa apartmen di Teluk Air Tawar it di mana terjumpa wang RM2 juta, adalah kepunyaan isteri Tan Sri Nor Mohd Yakcop.

    Soalannya apakah SPRM (MACC) masih tidak boleh siasat penglibatan Nor Mohd dan ahli keluarga? Apakah jawapan Dato Seri Najib? Perlukan bukti yang lebih jelas daripada jelas ke?

  78. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Equalizer @ 8:51 PM says

    "But I'm sick of rocky the dicko's spin and lies - all done to please his political overlords."

    Then why oh why still visit his blog eh?? You must be psycho to torture yourself this way??

    Seems more like bipolar rather than equalizer, some sick people really don't know they are sicko.

    Kes benci tapi rindu kot!!

  79. Al-Sadr12:31 am


  80. soldier_of_fortune7:26 am

    hai biasalah rocky,

    kalau libatkan Anwar Berahi'm, semua spin aje. Kalau pasal Najib ke, BN ke, hah diorang ni yang pertama sekali menokok-tambah. Ni takde kerja orang lain dah selain daripada PKR cybertroopers ni.

  81. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Where does the terms KANGGAROO COURTS came from? Of course from the land where the kanggaroos lives - Ozztraliar. No wonder they, the 50 mp's got so frutrated the malaysian court is not behaving like one.
    Why Ozztraliar nic DOWNUNDER?
    Well, my guess is they love to bugger whatever there is downunder..!! goodday mate.!

  82. "Where does the terms KANGGAROO COURTS came from? Of course from the land where the kanggaroos lives - Ozztraliar." Seruling Senja.

    Not really. The term is probably of American origin. You can google it and find out. Similarly, "Lion's share" does not come from Africa or India and neither does "Whale of a time" from Argentina or Norway.

    "Bugger" is derived from French and a Bulgarian practice of sodomy.

    But do remember what goes around, comes around. After all our Govt has been demanding Burma be more democratic and hold free elections and that sympathy be shown to Muslim Separatist terrorists in Southern Thailand. That's not intefering in the internal politics of other countries, but Oz MP's and US Senators asking M'sia for fair trial and justice in Anwar's case is? How so?

    Don't unpenetratingly bugger yourself with KY Jelly, mate!! Muahaha!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  83. Anonymous11:39 am

    "But do remember what goes around, comes around. After all our Govt has been demanding Burma be more democratic and hold free elections and that sympathy be shown to Muslim Separatist terrorists in Southern Thailand. That's not intefering in the internal politics of other countries, but Oz MP's and US Senators asking M'sia for fair trial and justice in Anwar's case is? How so?" wrote DPP.

    LOL. THIS is how a real SPINWORK looks like!

    Do you even have a clue to the difference between a Govt to Govt dialogue (pressure) and that of a bunch of loose coalition of foreign MPs' demand from our Govt??

    "Don't unpenetratingly bugger yourself with KY Jelly, mate!! Muahaha!" wrote DPP..

    This is intelligent discourse..? How so?

    I'm not of the same race as you, the dumbfuck human race.

  84. Anonymous9:21 am

    dpp auta intellect for all to read

    50 aussie mps coming to ONE ex-convict's defence is equivalent to Malaysia showing concern for a larger group of people??

    dpp is really one auta fella - no capacity for GENUINE intellect.

    Hoi aneh, this is called vested interference for the sake of only ONE former jailbird - not based on any worthy principle, in fact can be termed as "obstructing justice."

    Why don't you migrate to australia and see how long YOU can survive there, HEH HEH HEH

    We would love to see if they ACCEPT you as 1 human race.


    Try not to get into any mishaps.