Friday, February 19, 2010

Not Homicide

Read The Malay Mail's article here.

Teoh Beng Hock wasn't murdered, according to 2nd autopsy. Our pathologist Dr Shahidan Mohd Noor, who conducted a second autopsy on TBH last Nov after Thai pathologist Dr Khunying Porntip Rojanasunan said that there was an 80% chance that TBH's death was homicide, quashed that theory at the Inquest into TBH's death this morning.

At the High Court this morning, Dr Shahidan, from Sungai Buloh hospital, said his findings from the autopsy concluded that Teoh's death was caused by a fall from a high place with the injuries sustained consistent with the result of a fall.

He also disputed Dr Pornthip's testimony that the bruises on Teoh's neck was a result of strangulation as there was no evidence of asphyxiation or that his anal injury was a penetrative wound.

The 2nd autopsy was conducted on 22 Nov 2009 at 12.45pm at the mortuary of Hospital Sungai Buloh. Other forensic pathologists present during the autopsy were Dr Porntip, Professor Dr Peter Vanezis of the UK, Dr Khairul Azman Ibrahim, Dr Prashant Naresh Samberkar, and Dr Rohayu Shahar Adnan.

Teoh was found dead on July 16 last year at Plaza Masalam the morning after he was interviewed for 10 hours by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), whose office is on the 14th floor of the building. The political secretary of Selangor exco member Ean Yong Hian Wah was reported to have been a witness in an MACC investigation into alleged irregularities in the disbursement of constituency development funds.

The Inquest has been postponed to March 1, at which time Dr Shahidan should be cross-examined and after which the Inquest will also listen to Porntip and Vanezis.

I'm most interested to see how Porntip is going to defend her 80 percent homicide theory. Remember, the Thai forensic expert had formed this theory after examining the first post-mortem photographs, one set of scene of incident reports, X-rays, and transcripts of Dr Khairul's and Dr Prashant's testimony. She was not given 3 DNA reports, toxicology report and two important sets of photographs and, therefore, was not aware of the negative DNA reports and toxicology report. Dr Porntip had agreed that it was important that she be given these reports before coming to an opinion, especially as she did not perform the autopsy, did not inspect the body and scene of the incident.


  1. Anonymous6:26 pm

    You trying to give all of us the 'drift' that there was no foul play?

    Even his fall from 'up above the world so high' was his own doing?

    The government staff's report must be accepted by ALL without doubt?


  2. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Dear Dato',

    why you never post anything on the three women being caned? do you agree with the home ministry this time? did they cane the men also? I thought Criminal Procedure Code do not allow women to be caned. so syariah law reign over CPC?

    I think you will not post my comments caus e you are working for government

  3. the headline is misleading

    saying that TBH wasn't murdered at this stage is a bit premature, isn't it?

  4. Punedeck6:40 pm

    Khalid Ibrahim has an obligation to reveal to the public how much he paid to Porntip.

    AT the Selangor DUN, he claimed he paid but did not reveal the amount. WHen pressured by UMNO bloggers, he said it is for free.

    Fine... expenses????

    How much? Roundtripping kah????

  5. I know this issue has been so severely politicized.
    I want to believe that TBH accidentally fell to his death.
    I want to believe that he was not pushed.
    Because if I were to believe that he was pushed, that means that he was murdered.
    Really...if he was murdered, it is hard to believe that the MACC (whatever the shortcomings of the MACC, i really can't see their guilt in this one) had anything to do with it. Really.
    but I shan't say who'd be the ikely suspects!
    Whatever. Still not good to point fingers.

  6. Anonymous6:56 pm

    So Rocky ,when are you going to join the Team CSI?

    Dr. Porn

  7. dr TIP7:03 pm

    that dr porntip is not proessional enough in making he conclusion.

    perhaps she's better off as a PORN star!


  8. Anonymous7:09 pm

    see, I told you so

  9. Anonymous7:35 pm

    he was corrupted & he jumped thru the window after macc officer was making a cup of coffee for him.

    yes Rocky we are behind your prof view.

  10. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Kalu ANWAR boleh tumbuk mata sendiri,,,!!!!

    Altantunya membunoh diri sendiri dengan C4,,!!!!

    Teoh Beng Hock MESTI terjun sendiri,, silap-silap ANWAR yang tolak diA,,!!!!

    MALAYSIA boleh masuk The Guiness Book of Record,,,,LAWAK TERBANYAK dalam sebuah negara,,,!!!!!!

    Bil nak DEMO lagi,,????

    Tengok katun CALVIN & HOBBES lagi seronok.


  11. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Most important is the fact that Dr Shahidan was requested by Tricia Yeoh of the Selangor Menteri Besar's office and Gobind Singh Deo, lawyer for the Teoh family to do the post mortem.

    CSI Kampong.

  12. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Dr Porntip should also be employed as anwar's defence team.


  13. Li Huat Chai8:25 pm

    hi bru, i beg to differ, ask yourself who is more reliable more experience and more reputable.

    Dr Pornthip is a world renown pathologist and who is this Dr Shahidin from Sg Buluh Hospital??? Your good friend, maybe!!!

    If the marks are not from strangulation, then, what causes the marks on the neck then. Dr Shahidan seems silent on this.

    Wait till cross examination from Gobind Singh, I hope Dr Shahidin will not break down like some doctors do during cross examination.

    I and the majority of the public do not believe that Beng Hock killed himself bcause he just had no reason to do so.

    I find it very strange after buried for 3 to 4 months and Beng Hock's body was still lying beautiful.

    Bru, that tells something, God is watching... and revenge is His.

    No one can fool God, the Almighty.

  14. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Dear Rocky 'FoxNews' Bru,

    Hope you would have such a 'fair and balanced' approach when covering Dr Porntip's explanation. From past experiences, you would cover her comments and 'pepper' it with loads of other refuting or disparaging remarks from other blogs, or simply do it yourself.

    Oh and btw, remember when you questioned her credibility a couple of months ago citing conflicts and holes in her cases in Thailand? Mengapa tak buat sama dengan pathologist ini? Why no study of his history? His grades for his degree ker, experience.. etc etc. Kalau bagus sangat buat journalistic digging dengan Dr Porntip, why is that element vacuous with regard to this dude?


  15. Anonymous8:29 pm

    why the need for forensics? Our great MACC fella already said it was suicide the moment he saw the body. We hv few great UMNO fellas also can tell whether it was suicide or homicide just by taking a peek at the body. If UMNo says it is suicide then it is suicide.

    And how come no UMNO goons go parade around Thai Embassy jumping up n down like a kangaroo for accepting this job from PR? Shouldnt the Thais mind their own biz?


  16. Sounds like the court of appeal's " I agree with the prior judge's judgement". Wonder what Nezenis would say.

  17. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Wait for the cross examination, then you will have your tail between your legs.

    Do you do everything prematurely, spin lah spin lah, come GE13 we will spin you

  18. Fairness9:06 pm

    I subscribed to that belief from Day One.

  19. Now... will they be asking for another autopsy... another autopsy...till kingdom come?

  20. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Baru Dr Porn mari
    Punai sudah kecut
    Telor lama hilang
    Ganti telor baru

  21. Anonymous9:30 pm

    KAPAL SELAM 'PEJUANG MELAYU' DAH BOLEH SELAM KA BELUM? kah kah kah kah..kah kah..kah kah


  22. Anonymous9:31 pm

    makin panas.
    makin tegang.
    hampir terpancut.
    ini baru 1 perempuan siam mari

    mana mau lari.
    mana mau konar.

    konar jangan tak konar.
    konar selagi boleh konar.
    cari akal lagi
    kasi konar 360 darjah

    konar supaya tak terpancut.
    kalau terpancut basah 1 spender.
    nanti aussie tau, us tau.
    malu satu dunia.

    kah kah kah
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    1 bulan lagi
    3 jantan pulak datang
    mau kasi bogel dna jubur
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    satu kali terpancut ok lagi
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    basah spender basah kain
    malu dua kali ganda
    ausie tau, us tau
    mana nak letak muka
    tampal dengan spender

    pikir jangan tak pikir
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    kalau nampak malu besar
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    malu tahap global

    kah kah kah
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  23. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Nah, who on earth will be paying for the cost of all these enquiries and all those experts fees?

    I am sure it is going to cost them so much. Claim from his parents and siblings?

    Memang sudah di agak dari mula. Ini mesti mendiang kena gertak dengan siPolan2 Samseng yang berkenaan, and at that spur of the moment, drove him to such fateful act.

    RIP Teoh.


  24. VP Biden9:41 pm

    Not murder...saYs who?The Gomen...u think they gonna say he murdered....!!
    no need to write BS la roki....u will be next chief editor of NST...u hv l*cked enough ballz of UMNO

  25. Anonymous10:03 pm

    The ghost of teoh will move from Plaza Masaalam into your house.


  26. As usual, govt pathologist opinion had been whacked by the PR Cyber trooper in MalaysiaInsider. I think is time that Dr. Shahidan considered to sue MI becoz it allow the inquest statement to be judged before trial.

  27. Gosh can the Pakatan people take all this? Everything happening at the speed of light spiraling towards their inevitable downfall. I wait with bated breath. And glee.
    Joy is not a BMW. (well..maybe it is)
    Joy is proving Pakatan wrong.

    Tunggu orang Selangor jati, kita tunggu Pakatan jatuh.

  28. Wonder what your headlines will be after the Thai doctor testifies.

  29. Anonymous1:55 am

    Datukship for Dr Shahidan Mohd Noor.


  30. Anonymous7:52 am

    These days rocky's bru sounds like English version of Utusan Malaysia..


  31. Yang Berbahagia Dato Rocky,

    Mungkin Dato serta rakan seperjuangan Dato, Saudara KJ boleh anjurkan satu demo di kedutaan Thai untuk menyelar post mortem repot Dr Porntip.

    Sandiwara mesti diteruskan!

  32. Anonymous9:36 am

    People still believe it is Homicide not suicide!


  33. Li Huat Chai11:54 am

    O ya Dr Bru, i agree with you now, Beng Hock licked himself, punched himself and strangled himself, sodomised himself and he jumped like a superman...

    Beng Hock's soul will not rest till the one(s) who killed and responsible for the killing be punished...

    Beng Hock's ghost will come back to haunt these people as his blood is with them...

  34. "I m not San Miguel share owner", claimed Mahathir son.

    Is that your intention?

  35. Salam Tuk Bro!

    Kalau tak ada kes bunuh diri?. Apa agaknya sebab kena bunuh diri?..hehehhe

  36. Anonymous2:05 pm

    50 years ago people said: Malaysia is very good, better than Hong Kong and even Japan.


    30 years ago people said: Malaysia is not bad, comparable to S. Korea and Taiwan. (No mention of Hong Kong and Japan any more).


    20 years ago people said: Malaysia can do lah, at least better than China and Thailand (Cannot compare with Taiwan and Korea lah)


    10 years ago poeple said: No matter how bad Malaysia is, cannot be worse than Vietnam and Indonesia . (China is already in a different category).


    Today, the economic growth rate of Vietnam and Indonesia already far exceeded Malaysia, Social activity and intellectual development of the country is also better, the gap between us and them is closing up.


    Why worry? There are still Philipines, Cambodia and Myanmar behind us.

    Mr p0rnoT1p

  37. betul juga sangkaan gua rupanya!

  38. kiasu4:50 pm

    Dr Shahidan told the inquest that he had been reluctant to conduct the post-mortem on Teoh’s remains.

    Tricia Yeoh from Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s office had called and requested him to conduct the second post-mortem followed by a similar request from Teoh’s family lawyer Gobind Singh Deo the following day.

    Dr Shahidan said he carried out the post-mortem after DPP Mohd Abazafree Mohd Abbas informed him that the court had ordered him to carry out the task.

    Psssst....after this Lim Guan Eng & Lim Kit Siang will accuse Khalid Ibrahim and Gobind Deo of conspiring with Dr Shahidan for making such conclusion. One could imagine how these monsterball goons would scream foul if Najib was the one insisting for the appointment of Dr Shahidan, not Gobind Deo and Khalid.

    See these ultra hipocrites and ultra kiasu at work!!! Pathetic!!!

  39. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Nik Aziz halalkan ‘nikah dengan yang dah mati'?

    Jika Beng Hock membunuh diri, jelas sekali beliau mengalami banyak tekanan hidup terutama sekali kekecewaannya dengan rasuah dalam DAP. Tapi krisis yang lebih besar baginya adalah permainan ‘kayu tiga’ yang melibatkan bossnya Ean Yong dan Soh Cher Wei.

    Jika Beng Hock dibunuh pula, beliau memang menjadi sasaran Ronnie liu, Ean Yong dan Tan Boon Hwa kerana sanggup menjadi ‘deep throat’ yang boelh musnahkan riwayat politik DAP dan Pakatan Rakyat.

    Baca lagi di:

  40. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Hospital Pusrawi boleh saman Anwar

    Watch the Video

  41. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Dr.PORNtip ni betul ke pandai. Tengok personaliti dia mcm tak betul je.

  42. Hello

    But that is what our Malaysian, the UMNO led Government paid pathologist says. Right?

    Maybe somebody else will say something else? Then how are you going to headline it? Surely you might say something like, broken English speaking Porn...ahh....tip said this or that....

    By the way Bro, did you guys have to read the manual written by Goebels?

  43. What about public opinion about this?

    Killing himself for what?
    Guilt? Really?

    Shiok Guy

  44. cont....

    May be he was killed by the guilty party? not MACC? DAP?

    There has to be a motive for anything right? Like what is the motive for the 3 policemen who suspect of killing the Mongolian Woman?

    Shiok Guy

  45. Anonymous9:33 pm

    God knows what happened to him. Yes, there will be devine retribution.Ralalx

  46. Anonymous12:50 am

    What makes you think our so called experts are that good?Half baked yes and mind you all three having the same conclusions.It stinks with this sap kow pathologist as they missed out so many things.look we have three blind mice leading us on.This government pathologists made themselves so stupid .


  47. Anonymous6:56 am

    still not publishing comments from your loyalist blog readers?? or the ghost of TBH had haunted your sleep? my advise is just let the soul RIP. FYI, even MACC had now relocated its operation from Plaza u got what I meant..bro?


  48. Anonymous8:57 am

    hmm.... komen la latuk locky....aiyah...

  49. Anonymous10:36 am

    Hey bro,

    Joint corruption between UMNO dgn kerabat raja-raja betul ke?

    Coba baca kat sini... I pun pening la......

  50. Anonymous11:38 am

    The fact that Pornthip was not allowed within sniffing distance of David Carradine's body should speak volumes of her much hyped abilities.That she cared to comment at all with the customary "I am not 100% sure caveat" is hardly surprising:

    "He could have been be trying auto-erotic asphyxiation to gain sexual pleasure and may have accidentally suffocated, Kunying Porntip said. Other evidence supporting this theory included a penis shrine inside his room.She did not believe anyone else was involved, but admitted she could not be 100 per cent sure."

    Any idiot can tell that a lorry laden with bodies piled high is a sure sign that suffocation was the leading cause of death as in the Tak Bai case and identifying drowned bodies in the wake of tsunamis is a lark in the park.

    All of which brings us to conclude that only overrated idiots will yap without all the available evidence and we are sure staring at a moron in the face, complete with its weirdo hairdo. But then again only morons and idiots will consort with the same kind, dont you think so fuckatan faggots?

    Warrior 231

  51. Do you think this Dr Shahidan who works for the same agency as those who conducted the first autopsy was going to contradict his colleagues?
    And he is paid by the same government coffers as the MACC....
    Remember the Foresnics and Police did not dare identify who beat Anwar up in custody when they all knew who did it!
    After whats been going on in this country with multiple deaths in police custody - can anyone can trust what the local forensics people say.

  52. So if the Malay Mail says so - it must be true????
    Yeah right!

  53. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Dato' Rocky,

    can u do a much greater spin like the one Dins Merican did over HERE>>>>>

    i can bet to my last penny of EPF savings Din Merican will be conferred Dato' Sri Panglimaship the very next day his political master Anwar Inrahim become PM. Really an excellent spinning works fm Din Merican bro!!! You are not anywhere close to him.


  54. Why is it that recently Dato' Rocky has always been accused of spinning? And suppose he does, this is his blog, isn't it? If you don't like his writings, so don't come back.

    I did that to many pro Anwar and DAPig blogs and also PAS's because I don't like their writing style... but never did I accused them of spinning even though it was as clear as sunlight on a sunny day.

    I'm not backing Dato's Rocky, but if you don't like his writing, go away and don't come back, instead create your own blog or blogs and write all you like. Damn it.

  55. You gave your game away Rocky when you referred to him as "OUR" pathologist. Got to be more careful if you intend to show some balance in your writing. Or has that ship sailed already ?

  56. Ram, you must be new.

    "OUR" pathologist means "Malaysian" pathologist lah. Hehe. You see, Ram, that's why my more seasoned commenters do not fall for this kind of thing.

    Why the need to emphasize "our' pathologist? Because there are foreign pathologists involved, mate. Porntip is Thai and Vanezis is British.


  57. Anonymous8:16 pm


    I wont get away from this Rocky's bru so long as he keeps on publishing my comments. He is one kinda of rare blogger out there took no sweat how nasty his reader comments are. May God bless you, Dato'!


  58. Dr Pornthip's reputation is also here on the line.. with Dr Venezes overlooking her report.

  59. Anonymous8:38 pm

    My theory;-

    THB killed himself by jumping down.


    Underworld element, he dare not open his mouth to MACC due to safety of his family.

    Why not MACC?; -

    Simple, what is the motive? What they will gain?

    What is the role of Fuckatan Riot?:-

    Create an issue so that people hate goverment, later win vote. Real motive, underworld, who care? they not going to win vote if they focus on that.

    Simple and logical.


  60. Anonymous8:43 pm

    It doesn't matter wht you say or what the "OUR" gov pathologist say.. it is what we believe that matters to us.

    You can say what cock you want.

    Mat chendol

  61. Rocky, you seemed to have taken quick offence to the interpretion of 'OUR". Struck a nerve my friend ? If you asked TBH's family their "OUR" would be Ms. Porntip I reckon. But I can understand your slip up and your attempts to justify it.

  62. Anonymous10:11 pm

    Govt doctors only say what they are told to say. No balls to tell the truth. I dont trust govt doctors.

  63. Tamingsari10:24 pm

    Salam Dato Rocky,

    Dr. Porntip said there was 80% chance
    TBH'S death was homicide. She gave a 20% discount. Why cant she be 100% sure?

    I am not a medical person. Therefor I rest my case. No furher question.

  64. Dear Old Fart,

    Both Dr Porntip and Dr Vanezis will have their moments. I can't imagine how their opinions could differ greatly.

  65. At the very least, Old Fart, I don't think Dr Porntip will repeat her 80 per cent homicide stunt.

    In fact, I don't think she would even make any reference to it.

    Let's hope the prosecution brings the 80 per cent up. That will probably give me my headline.

    Thank you.

  66. Dear Jonathan,

    And they conveniently disregarded the fact that Tricia from the MB's office requested for Dr Shahidan for the second autopsy.

    Camna tu?

  67. Kill Kenny11:01 pm


    Saya ingat awak betul2 lah orang Irish. Dari cara komennya yang marahkan si Warrior, jelas Nigel ni dari Irish pub!

    -- Kill Kenny

  68. Anonymous11:02 pm

    it's sad ever since rocky joined MM, the blog has end up like this. for the last few months i been monitoring. today will be the last time i read rocky's bru. been reading for few years daily. that's what money and power do to some people.

  69. Anonymous11:42 pm

    "Dear Jonathan,

    And they conveniently disregarded the fact that Tricia from the MB's office requested for Dr Shahidan for the second autopsy."

    This is precisely their problem, Bru. They purposely disregard the FACTS and instead grasp on the LIES. It is a sad and tragic scenario but hardly surprising. For you see, the Fuckatarts are just exhibiting a syndrome called Post-traumatic embitterment disorder (PTED). Just like poor folk conned of their hard earned dough have trouble living down that traumatic loss, PTED afflicted Fuckatan supporters are having trouble coming to terms of having been conned of their trust by the Fuckatan "charlie pollies" (charlatan politicians).The only way out is to perpetuate the illusion they have bought into,(i.e live the lie) hence NO amount of truth will disabuse themselves from the psychological coccoon they have spun around themselves. Report them the facts, they will twist it, feed them the truth, they spit it out as a LIE, flash them reality and they retreat into illussion. Nothing will change them unless they change themselves which given their state as reported here is a very difficult process indeed.

    Warrior 231

  70. Rocky is always right. Please do not question Rocky. He only speaks the truth. We are all so proud of his achivements and wish there are many more "Rockys" out there to help us Malaysians. ali

  71. Anonymous12:25 am

    These days rocky's bru sounds like English version of Utusan Malaysia..
    -Dicko 7:52 AM

    In case you do not know. our new Dato was actually paid huge sum of money upon he is employed back by the same company with tampah kaji.... So do you know what opportunist is all about?

  72. Somehow they conveniently disregard that Dr. Shahidan was asked by Pakatan Government. Some even goes saying that the Thai Dr is much more capable than Dr. Shahidan, simply because Porntip attracts more attention and her headline-grabbing appearance that makes the good looking Freddie Ljunberg pale.

    Grow up pakatan people. What's with the "We against the World" attitude??? apa la you all ni...

  73. Dr Shahidan must have some sort of an independent streak if the likes of Tricia Yeoh and Gobind Singh wants him to perform the second autopsy on behalf of the Government. It seems he would make a credible witness in the eyes of the Selangor Government.

    So now 3 pathologists agreed that TBH died from a fall from a height, it would be interesting what Dr Porntip and Dr Vanezis would say at the the inquest after having witnessed the second autopsy and read the full lab dna and toxicology reports and the autopsy reports by Dr Prashant and Dr Khairul made available to them by the Government.

  74. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Our local PATHETIClogist are very capable people. I wonder if they did the mongol woman case. And god knows what was their verdict.

    Rocky intend to retire in a few years. So gv him his opportunity to cari makan. Other before him already rich ppl now. Nothing wrong in him walking the same path. To hell with the rakyat. Spinning is good money. Jaga buntut sendiri first is the wisest thing he has done.

    We shld get CSI Las Vegas to come and investigate this case. Make it into a show as well. Malaysia will be famous!


  75. Anonymous1:19 pm

    I saw many male Muslim drinking openly drinking..proudly at La Bodega ... Bangsar , Laundry ( Curve ) as early as 5pm.
    So caning for male because they are more superior ?
    Be fair man.Minister that drinks should be cane too.Many regular UMNO members are not comfortable with these so called modern,liberal Malay etc.Both camps are guilty of this.
    If the rakyat has proven evidence either by video or un-photoshoped-ala Tian Chua picture that Ministers consumes alcohol in public, will they willingly set example by dropping their pants and be whipped?

    Watch out , camera phone are very active and alert now.

    Dah Panas

  76. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Some of you guys are going overboard with your comments.

    So what if it was Tricia Yeoh that requested Dr Shahidan to conduct the autopsy?

    It is his professional opinion that the injuries on the neck was not caused by strangulation.

    That's all.

    Same goes for Dr. Porntip. It is her professional opinion to the contrary.

    I don't believe either the two were bought off by any parties. Stop casting aspersions on them, ok?

    As for the title, that's premature, Rocky. The coroner's court is still in session. Let the court rule on it.


  77. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Anon @ 10:03 PM says ...

    The ghost of teoh will move from Plaza Masaalam into your house."

    Haha, this anon will visit Rocky's home to burn joss-sticks and ask for 4D numbers.


  78. Anonymous11:54 am

    Why dont MACC hang its guilty officers. That would end the story. Why bother with the inquest. Just hand them.

  79. Anonymous12:43 pm


    I believe you should apologise to Ram. He IS a foreigner, and thus, doesn't identify with "our" pathologists....

    Send him a Hallmark card, a bouquet of flowers...and some Levi's undies...

  80. Anonymous6:45 pm

    now shadidan was shattered to pieces by gobind singh ha ha, tiuniaseng

  81. I happen to know Din Merican in person.

    I refer to the comment from Anon that Din Merican spins for Anwar Ibrahim, or PKR . He is bipartisan, as his postings show. If the government does the right thing like fighting corruption, he will the first to say well done. He answers to no one and not on anybody's payroll. He too no longer in or sympathizer of any political party

    In the case of Dato Ramli and Rosli Dahlan, the MSM does not give any coverage. That is how one sided the MSM is: they spin for the government. He won't be conferred any Datukship, so do not waste your money betting!

    Please do compare Datuk Rocky to Din Merican, they appeal to different target readers. Datuk is a professional journalist while Din Merican is a political economist , writing and blogging at his spare time.