Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bugger off, lawmakers Down Under!

Protest against interfering Aussie lawmakers

Wednesday 17 Feb 2010, 10 am

at the Australian High Commission, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur

Who should attend?
Any bugger may attend.

Peaceful Protest. In the land of OZ, buggery was a crime once upon a time, but now it's OK for consenting adults to bugger each other Down Under. Mind you, though, this was a recent phenomenon - Tasmania was the last state to de-criminalize sodomy in 1997, just before Anwar Ibrahim's Sodomy Part I trial. Tasmania went on to become the first jurisdiction to recognize same-sex couples.

The action of the 50-or-so Australian lawmakers last week demanding Malaysia stop the Anwar vs Saiful sodomy trial could be seen as a show of support for Anwar or - and I think this is more the case - a collective effort to put pressure on a country where sodomy is "shamefully" (says the Washington Post here) still a crime.

I'm not sure who the organisers of this Wednesday's "peaceful protest" is but Bujai was the first to blog about it h e r e. Malaysian lawmakers have also expressed their objection to the the Aussie MPs' interference.


  1. Am not a bugger cannot attend! I suppose this is one of those demonstrations that does not require police permits.

    I shall recommend to the Australian Embassy to lodge the strongest complaints possible including hauling up the Malaysian High Commissioner in Canberra and give him a telling off about the inconsistencies in the application of its laws on Police Permits even if one was given as most definitely this sounds to be more violent, considering buggers have been invited to attend, than the candle light vigils by women, old and young men and children singing lullabies!

  2. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Datuk Rocky,

    After seeing picture on Bujai's blog, I believe the Ozzies are upset coz Kit Siang and Zollo calling this a "kangaroo" court.


  3. Mazlan11:33 pm

    I dont think these Aussies are complaining about the issue of sodomy. They are protesting about what they believe is a political trial being put together to bring Anwar Ibrahim down.
    And based on editorials by diverse newspapers such as the Washington Post, Guardian, BBC, Aljazeera, the Nation, Wall Street Journal etc..- I think the whole world feels the same.
    And based on Saiful's testimony - the trial is fast making Malaysian 'Justice' look like a joke. Can we forget classics such as I was angry and refused to have sex with Anwar but then went and undressed anyway... or I did not pass motion for 2 days.
    So lets not get into this whole issue of whether sodomy should be a crime or not - but focus on the fact of whether the trial itself is a crime.
    So Rocky - please get off your 'moral' high horse and actually look at this trial for what it is.
    And to compare Malay Mail and NST to the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal is like comparing a piece of crap to a fresh fruit.

  4. Anonymous11:50 pm

    well well well

    does this mean that anwar is really a confirmed sodomite??

    if he can't get acquitted, then make the crime a non-crime

    so then he will be found innocent

  5. Anonymous11:55 pm

    hey mazlan

    the so-called progressive nations could do well to get back closer to god

    and give others the freedom to live their lives as they see fit

    never impose one's values onto others which is the basic principle of FREEDOM that they value so much

    some double standards

    p/s I doubt you are Malay

  6. Anonymous11:57 pm

    In the land of OZ, buggery was a crime once upon a time..


    Well it ain't a crime now because civilized people do 'advanced'.

    Only in Bolihland do fools (saifools) retained their spermatozoa in their anus for 3 days.

    we should teach da aussies a thing or 2 about real buggery as we seem to have master the gay art.

    I will be attending this demo.. butt this time I will be coming from the rear end of the building.

    Mr Tilam DeVoli.

  7. Anonymous12:02 am

    what is the big deal about his buggery...

    every where in the kampong, everyday you can find a goat bugger, cow bugger, duck bugger or chicken bugger.

  8. Anonymous12:03 am




    sSheikh Al-Jubur

  9. What if a `saifol' is a son or relation of somebdy else?

    ada kes tak?

    what if osama is a gay and has sodomize an american...ada kes tak?.

    What if karzai sodomize a staff afganistan?..ada kes tak?

    What if campX prisoner get sodomised? ada kes tak?..

    a kangkaroo court ada di ozzie court..with 40 juries, all homo
    and an accused a homo...judge homo no kes,,, habis cerita

  10. Ya Bro, Aussie MPs butt out of Malaysia's affair. Go clean the streets of Australia from racially motivated murderers who stab Indian Nationals to death. Go clean your backyard first before interfering in our affairs.

    Any other people who supports external interference on Malaysia by other foreign countries are disloyal citizens and should apply to migrate there also.

    For those Malaysians who still thinks that the Anwar sodomy trial is a show trial please wait until the full evidences as outlined by the Prosecution has been adduced in court and not comment on the Exanination in Chief that was reported only, please remember that some crucial evidence given by Saiful were given in-camera on Anwar's request so the exact details are not known.

    For those who have been to a high court for civil or criminal trial they will know that it is not easy to defend a lie, if the witness is lying he will be ripped to shreds by either the prosecution or defense lawyers. Saiful if he lies will be ripped apart by Karpal, but why is Karpal delaying cross examining Saiful but instead put the trial judge on trial? So there are still much unanswered questions. The opposition and the foreign press are putting the cart before the horse and being judgmental.

    This trial is just not about Anwar OK, its also about Saiful who allegedly got buggered by Anwar. Saiful the complainant also demands justice, this case is not just about Anwar. The truth will prevail in court.

  11. Anonymous12:21 am

    Mazlan, I think it's anwar's job to prove whether saiful is making it up. It's long overdue.
    Aku pernah tak berak 3 4 hari, & so does many people will experience it sometime in their life.

    And you need to understand the dominance situation between two people, couples and to lesser known situations, homosexual relationship.

    Go visit porn websites, there are many examples of sexual submission, dominatrix, sadomosochism etc etc.

    If you know any psychologist, ask him or her to explain why characters like saiful submit to anwar.
    Why some employee afraid of their bosses though the employee is physically stronger.
    Just like some parents rotan their kids. How many fought back instead of submitting ?

    Anwar played the dominance stance against saiful and he has a lot of advantage being the boss. But a predator must first identify his prey. Once locked in, he'll play the game, shower with gifts, money, perks, etc
    once the bait bitten, it's all simply to submit.

    Happens a lot to women. Many endure abuses, some have the strength to walk out.

    Politics is politics.
    Crime is still a crime.
    Anwar is a politician, & so does the Aussie lawmakers.

  12. Malaysian MP tells Australia to join the human race before criticising others

    read this EXCLUSIVE HERE

  13. Anonymous12:26 am

    one fler from perkosa said it is blardy 'biadap' for them to poke their filthy dickhead into our affair...

    just like the isrealis telling those perkosa flers... can i fcuk you today, anyday

  14. Anonymous12:29 am

    All these buggery are boring.

    BTW, did we lost the billion ringgit submarine's engine as well? LOL!

  15. Tamingsari12:38 am

    There are more gays in Australia than anywhere else. Even the kangroos are joining. To them its as normal as separating children from their parents . Thats what they did to the natives of Australia. Yes sir, they are proud to be gays. Why?
    Let history speaks...

  16. Anonymous12:39 am

    MM and NST = piece of crap?

    You are too gracious!


  17. Anonymous12:58 am

    Anon who loves the submarine that cannot dive,

    Every time you made fun about the submarine, say thank you to Datuk Rocky because it's Malay Mail under him which made the exposure on the submarine.

    The foreign papers all HAD TO followed up on the story and that Zahid big-mouth Anwar's machai Hamidi went and confirmed the submarine can't dive BUT it's not a problem according to him. What an arse!

    If that is what a crappy paper does then it is damn good crap, eh Niaseng?

    Even the foreign media had to report what Malay Mail reported.

    Give credit where it's due. Don't get so personal that you become blinded. Do your masters' bidding by all means but don't get buggered by them, Niaseng.

    - Ex-mAlAySiAn insider.

  18. Jimmy Tan1:00 am

    aiyaa rocky it seems to me after reading your blog and some others .. you guys nowadays are no longer - neutral and is actually playing up to the BN government's wayang- esp after receiving an award/ position. very bias opinion thus nowadays i hardly go and read your blog and few others... .. the time of the neutrality and un-bias reporting and opinion of bloggers are no longer .. available .. !

  19. sokong tamingsari1:22 am


    The whole world think the same? What a grand statement. Just because a few stupid papers of US origin support Anwar you jump to the conclusion that the whole world think so. This is our land and we make the rules and execute them with a fair trial. Of course not in a kangroo court.

    We have not legalise homosexual activities and never will.God created woman for man. Not man for man.

    This suject has nothing to do with comparing The Malay Mail and NST with The Washington Post and WSJ.
    This trial is about sodomy. A crime under Malaysian law and the religion of the Malaysian people.
    Perhaps, when Anwar is made the prime minister,sodomy will be legalised. But no one can rewrite the law of the holy books. To The Almignty sodomy is crime.

    And to compare the Washington Post
    and WSJ to the Holy Books is like comparing a piece of crap to a fresh fruit.

  20. nstman2:06 am

    I urge the silent majority to come out in support of the Austrlian MPs.

  21. Anonymous2:25 am

    The demonstrators must make it a 2 in 1 demo : to tell the convicts down under to butt out from our internal affairs and secondly, the foreign affairs committe in the kangaroo parliament should use whatever little brains they have to address the issue of ill treatment and murder of Indians in their country. We should highlight the second point as strongly as the first to show the Indian diaspora that we Malaysians ACTUALLY care for them, and its surprising ( or its not? ) that not a sinle Indian organisation in Malaysia have spoken out on this issue, but have come out strongly to condemn the Sri Lankan govt for the treatment of the Tamils there. Why? Still have that " white man is right " mentality ? Come on Malaysian Indians, if you care for the Tamils in Sri Lanka, show that you believe in fair play and justice re the Indians in Australia. Or maybe you don't care ?



  22. Anonymous3:36 am

    well, well, well...

    these aussies... they ought to out their own house into order before they meddle with other people's business - teenage drug junkies roaming the streets in broad daylight, blatant and institutionalised racism, maltreatment of aborigines, etc etc etc.

    typical behaviour lah these aussies... land of offsprings of convicts.

  23. Did you make any noise when that fella ( now in Washington) jarjis- jarjis some bontot?

  24. Anonymous6:29 am

    is a BJ an offence in Malaysia?

  25. Anonymous7:43 am

    The world is now one "borderless" place. Malaysia, too have condemned other countries where there were instances of human rights abuse. Please revisit Burma, Israel, South Africa. Progressive countries do not prosecute their political opponents selectively on flimsy grounds. We ignore the world's opinion at our own peril.

    sri hartamas

  26. Anonymous8:16 am

    when others protest peacefully...they say....street protest is not malaysia`s is illegal assembly....they even arrest 74 yr old man walking along the street....bla bla bla.... wonder word HYPOCRACY must have originated from malaysia

  27. Teh Panas8:51 am

    Dgn ramai kenalan luar negara, Anwar Ibrahim dan rakan2 bisa saja mintak bantuan luar.

    Lihat saja bagaimana wang penyangak matawang, George Soros digunakan utk bantu kempen pilihanraya parti mata satu, Keadilan pada 2004.

    Ini diakui sendiri oleh Raja Petra :

  28. najib manaukau9:00 am

    Before I go on please be advised that I am neither a supporter of Anwar or the corrupted
    Umno government.
    After reading Saiful's interview with the media and his testimonies in court, I am most surprised
    of the kind of inexperience and with the little education this man has was even 'employed' by AI.
    But who am I to pass judgement on anyone when 60 Australian M.P. think otherwise ! May be Wisma Putra can do a better job !!

  29. Anonymous9:08 am

    Hai ya,,!!!!!

    Baru 2 ari Cina Tahun Baru,,Belum lagi CHAP GOH MEI,,mau ajak demo,,DEPAN KLCC lagi,,!!!

    Ada patuk ka?????
    Jalan talak JAM ,,??
    PELANCUNG ada suka tengok OLANG gaduh-gaduh,,!!!!

    Ini SIAL punya kerja,,,SUEY loh,,!!!

    Ini OLANG tatak kerja ka,,lanti itu Halimau,,AUM,,,Baru tau,,,!!!


  30. -Sincere-OPINION=9:09 am

    and i quote: "and I think this is more the case - a collective effort to put pressure on a country where sodomy is "shamefully" (says the Washington Post here) still a crime."

    Rocky, do you really, REALLY believe this? I myself am not sure of Anwar's innocence; but just look at the timing, the effort put in by the government, and the various political involvement of this case, the sensationalized "swearing on Allah's name" (on NATIONAL TV, no less).. no one doubts the political hand behind it (i.e. UMNO), regardless of Anwar's innocence.,

    While i think buggery is the stupidest thing Mankind has ever come up with (come on! even a non-living three pin plug knows to go only into a three pin socket!), i don't think what the Aussie MPs are concerned abt is the crime itself; rather, as they have clearly pointed out, it is the 'political motivation' BEHIND it....

    but, i do agree that the Aussies should be knocked into sense for saying sodomy should be de-criminalized..

    Rocky, you are NOT THAT lembap, aren't you? you're intentionally routing your readers into thinking that it is the issue of foreigners meddling into our law concerning sodomy rather than their concern abt the political hand behind the case..

    you sure have lots of guts for insulting our intelligence!

  31. Mazlan9:39 am

    Anon 1155. If because I don't support UMNO I can't be Malay - then I have news for you - that means those of us that voted PAS can't be Malay as well. So being educated and progressive means one can't be Malay? Have you forgotten the thousands of Malays who have emigrated to places like Australia and the UK. The reason they left are for better lives where their talent is rewarded.
    As for those UMNO morons protesting outside the Aussie High Comm - I can see it will be hypocrisy.
    How many Ministers and UMNO warlords have second homes in Australia, send their children to school there and send their money there; and have weekend jaunts for golf and gambling.
    It would be funny to see their visa cut!

  32. Eddy needs some lessons on criminal justice. It is the onus on the prosecution to prove guilt.
    And I still don't understand how one can be buggered when 4 sets of Doctors see no evidence of penetration. As for Saiful being somehow 'forced'. Aiyoo a 62 year old man with bad back can somehow force a younger taller fitter man to just bend over? Terror mind control!
    And why would the first persons I see after being buggered be Najib and Rosmah? Amazing they can rightaway meet a perfect stranger. Any of you try to meet them - lucky if you get an appointment within a year.
    Malaysia truly boleh!!!

    Melayu boleh

  33. Rocky,

    I think turnout might be poor - because all the UMNO buggers will be in Australia during CNY holidays. You will probably find them on any golf course around Perth or the Gold Coast. Some will be at the Crown Casino in Melbourne or at Burswood Resort in Perth. Others will be at their palatial bungalows dotted around Sydney or Western Australia.
    A few less well off may be staying at the apartmenst they bought for their kids studying in places like Melbourne.
    Since they will all be there why don't they protest at the nearest courthouse and show the Aussies how patriotic they all are!
    As a even more patriotic sign of protest why don't they refuse to set foot in the US, London or Australia again!
    Rosmah can stop shopping there and try going to Masjid India for a change - that way she can help reduce the national deficit...

  34. Anonymous10:25 am

    Australians do not get upset when third class people in a third class country want to protest. They are only upset when first class people cannot get a'permit' to protest. If you are protesting what's the need for a permit?

    Only communist and fascist regimes makes stupid rules for permist to protest. So let this buggers protest. If they want sodomy, it is ok. Just make sure they know how to spell Australia. Otherwise Austria will get upset.

  35. Anonymous10:35 am

    Haiya, forget about the Aussies whites..

    Great Britian had no suitable court to try them those days..

    so they sailed those hard core convicts as far away as possible from their homeland, never to return, to the land of the Kangaroo.. The Kangaroo Court!!

    I am pretty sure amongst them are serial rapists, sodomists, murderers and whatever crimes on earth sampai kena buang NEGARA..

    Imagine, today, these decendants have the cheek to open their mouth about law and justice??


  36. Jolly Tan10:47 am

    Yo Jimmy
    Who's neutral? Can you name me one. I bet you read Malaysia Today because it's neutral. Or yes, Malaysiakini is damn neutral. Zorro is @##**ing neutral.

    Go fly a kite.

  37. Anonymous10:47 am

    Bujai organising for the cause or trying to create a platform for Khairy who has been dormant and weak as Ketua Pemuda.

    Enough la Bujai

    The guy you supported is incompetent and you have been duped. Take your money and run.

  38. Anonymous10:50 am

    Viva Australia!! Land of Pedophiles! where judges, lawyers, priests and respectable people are protected exercising pedophilia!!!

    hahahaha! now they are trying to bring their pedophile justice to malaysia!!

    this is to distract their citizens from their own ills and internal problems!!!

    hahahaha southern cross aussies!! slave and convicts of the brits and the US. no change from 200 years ago. never a free land, free people!!

    -viva pedophile australia-

  39. Anonymous10:55 am

    would you turncoats bugger off palestinian affairs?
    no, you all cant coz its the rite thing to do, aint it?
    so are the Aussies on the same premise.
    who am I to argue?
    you would never understand, turncoat. afterall, for a few dollars more, what would you not do, rocky? still eyeing for the Nasty pee top post? No, its gonna be a bridge too far for you.

  40. Anonymous10:58 am


    sure, there are racists in Downunder.

    But its not institutionalised like in Bolehland with BTN in tow.

    you never ashame, eddy the racist. Whats the final solution to racist like you? I dont know but may I ask you to check with the Mother of All Racist who regretted that the Nazis didnt finish their job. Darn.

  41. Anonymous11:02 am

    Hi, Datuk,

    Is it true that people intending to join the demo are advised to wear nothing other than an angry look on the face and to get their pair of butt cheeks painted a whiter shade of white?


  42. Punedeck11:03 am

    BN or no BN, no country has any fucking right to tell Malaysia what we can or not do in our country?

    More so when liwat is a sinful and unacceptable act to Islam or other religion or any culture.

    I am surprised that typical barfly and perpetual complainer Old Fart who has been ridiculing our judiciary for claimed executive inteference would allow a foreign country to interfere?

    His logic and critical thinking is lost when it comes to Anwar. He instead divert issue elsewhere. It seems everything and anything is OK when it comes to Anwar.

    Old Fart claimed he is not a bugger but I fail to believe so. I think Anwar have been buggering his frailing old black ass that it has lost it's spring.

    You see Old Fart is also an old bancuh minum boy untuk Anwar? For a kaki mabuk keling cakap banyak, dia dulu bancuh todi masam untuk Anwar.

  43. Anonymous11:05 am

    In Australia when Whites were attacking and abusing the Indians their Government say its not racist attacks. Ha.ha.ha. But if it is the opposite they will quickly accused the perpetrators as being racists. When they purposely displaced the Australian Aborigines from their rightful birthplace the Government claimed they are merely protecting the Aborigines. Now they go one step further, it is their White supremacy right to interfere in other country's legal system. Like Tun Mahathir used to say they are acting as Deputy Marshall on behalf of the Americans.

  44. Anonymous11:17 am

    Australia was once a land for the British to get rid of convicts, because they were so bad, even the jails did not need them. Out of sight, out of mind.

    But the convicts re-grouped and had wild unregulated sex parties producing off springs out of wedlock instead. They continued going forth and multiplying until they had a population big enough to form a community.

    They then went on to kill the Black natives in a cleansing excercise to take over this country now called Australia.

    They now proudly proclaim themselves "poofters" and want the whole world to follow their preaching. Poofters are given the same rights as any other Great White Aussie, and the original natives are surpressed to the core, together with Asian migrants all because they do not subscribe to carnal diseases.

    The history is long but to cut it short, the Aussies want Malaysia to legalise sodomy, so that they can come over and try out some Malaysian arses, inter alia, vice versa.

    Hey think about how much revenue could be exchanged if Malaysia opens up and legalise arse shops, instead of hiding under the guise of massage parlors or health spas.

    That is exactly why they want Brother Anwar as PM. So they could create 'bi-lateral and bi-sexual' trade relations.


  45. Anonymous11:28 am

    Of course,we can tell anyone anything in this free world.

    Just as they can tell us.

    That why we ourselves are able to tell people half acroos the world what we feel is the "right" thing to do and so on and on.

    Sometimes we even take time off to do all this just to make our point, while making a racket and inconvenience to those around us.

    So, yes, of course we can always tell other people "what not to do" just as we tell other people "what to do" even as they tell us "what is right or wrong" according to their understanding of the situation.


  46. Anonymous11:32 am

    If 3 different doctors can conclude there's no penetration, how did sodomy happened? I trust Anwar did not put it in but "they" are gonna ram this case thru.
    Any how the Australians point has been made. Many others will want to also.

  47. cheryllee11:34 am

    one thing you must know, bro -- and is believe you do already -- Anwar and his people are doing a fantabulous job drumming up support for him -- disregarding the process of law.

    look at the foreign articles posted in anwar's blog?

    who the F... do these ozzies think they are?

  48. hey Niaseng,


    if you anti-Rocky, sure you say Malay Mail crap-lah.

    NST also crap? of course-lah.

    you cannot accept whatever written in NST...

  49. ocker ozzie12:03 pm

    Freaking funny!
    We got great beaches, top class univerities and a real democratic society where justice is fair and just and a public service that delivers without us having to bribe anyone. And we also put our corrupt politicians in jail.
    Malaysia has universities that are at the bottom of world rankings; cops, judges, politicians, public servants and politicians who would see their granny for a buck; public transport that goes nowhere and where jet engines disappear, submarines that can't dive and Prime Minister's murdering models.
    And you want to protest over the fact that we think you buggers are acting like a tin pot banana republic by going after someone with trumped up charges that the whole world thinks is a joke.
    We have hundreds of thousands of Malaysians of every ethic group migrating here and most of your corrupt politicians have large freaking homes here.
    Tell you what - instead of protesting why don't these morons just boycott Australia, sell their homes, pay the debts they run up at our casinos and stop sending their kids to our schools!
    And then you can get all moral on us. Otherwise just shut the fuck up!

  50. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Hey, Australia has a lot of kangaroos ma. And these kangaroos are very special to them and very proctected.

    BTW their courts are also having the reputation of being called "Kangaroo Courts". Why? Because their government of the day can direct these courts to stop any prosecution and release any buggers immediately!

    Ha Ha the so called kangaroo nation. Good day mate.


  51. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Dgn ramai kenalan luar negara, Anwar Ibrahim dan rakan2 bisa saja mintak bantuan luar.

    Lihat saja bagaimana wang penyangak matawang, George Soros digunakan utk bantu kempen pilihanraya parti mata satu, Keadilan pada 2004.

    Ini diakui sendiri oleh Raja Petra :


    ya .. akhir nya, siapa yg ambik duit Soros - umno members!

  52. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Datu Rocky
    You are a true bn propangist. And you do it shamelessly. What About all the rhetoric about good governance and fairplay that were the themes of your blog when you first started? You think all of us have short memories? What the Aussies are doing is right. Didn't we protest (and rightfully so) when the Israelis attacked the innocent in Gaza? Or did we not protest when the Burmese junta persecuted Su Kyi? It is human nature to stand up for righteousness. The more you protest against truth the more you expose your ass to buggery...oh what am I saying, Rocky you are already doing it anyway on a daily basis.


  53. Anonymous1:29 pm

    MB said - "Aiyoo a 62 year old man with bad back can somehow force a younger taller fitter man to just bend over?"

    Hello MB, not believe a 62 year old can do that hah? Dont worry, cialis/viagra + KY jelly will help. Then offer yours lah to that 62 year old man, ada berani...

  54. Anonymous1:52 pm

    we are making fools of ourselves in the eyes of the world! What a Bodoh land to be!


  55. Starwars2:55 pm

    Ocker ozzie,

    Stupid idea. Disguising yourself as a kangroo. Smell like one yes. No guts, Keep changing nicknames. But the smell stays.

    We have thousands of foreign student in our universities. We have more than a million foreigners seeking fortunes in this country. We share our wealth with rich investors as well as to the poor foreign workers. We never sent our soldiers on a mission to kill muslims under the pretext to destroy weapon of mass destruction. And without shame share the spoilts of war.

    We do not have a foreign master and we dont share the Head Of state
    of another country.

    In this country even the ungrateful
    lives well.

  56. Anonymous3:26 pm

    I suggest the Aussie give the Malaysian Ambassador a good spanking.

  57. Fair Dinkum4:33 pm

    Malaysia has no right to moralize us. Australia has moved into the 21st Century - we have built upon our democratic and liberal ideals. We have recognized our past mistakes and try to rectify them through dialogue and investment in social services. We have built a world class education and health system and are a beacon to thousands of migrants every year.
    We settle our political disputes through the ballot box and through a fair and just political process. We don't use the levers of powers and corrupt our police, judiciary and civil service to cling to power. Our politicians generally live within their means and those who don't get sent to jail.
    Look at Malaysia: corruption extends throughout the entire political process, your cops and judges can't be trusted, you have substandard education and health services. Your newspapers are propaganda sheets for the government. You only move up because of who you know and not what you know. The smart and talented Malaysians are leaving for places like Australia by the planeload.
    The other thing about Australians we can see a joke trial a mile away. Our MPs tend to be a lot smarter than yours (admittedly amongst Australians we don't think they are that smart...) and know what the sodomy trial is all about - its an attempt to railroad someone who is a threat to the current political establishment.
    And I find it amazing you can moralise us about sodomy but ignore the fact that the people moralising us are in fact the most corrupt people on earth who probably spend their ill gotten gains in Australia......
    Grow up! Recognise the fact that Malaysia is a non entity in the world now....until you as a nation get your act together.

  58. Anonymous6:09 pm

    ocker ozzie and fair dinkum sounds like the same chinese racist person. No Real oz speaks like that.
    I know a Msian couple who went to Australia to migrate in search of a better life. His wife ended up as a nurse cleaning hospital patients filthy arses and the husband from a lawyer in Msia to a lorry driver in melbourne. Better life my foot. All the chinese migrating there ends up working in a chinese restaurant.

  59. Anonymous6:16 pm

    Fair Dikum
    Autralia the greatest nation in the world?
    My ass!!
    I know why you like sodomy. Because of you ancestors who got that death sentence and sent "down under" and n and must be long for a good "woman". So any lubang will do.
    yeah.. down under trying to give advice to the world.
    stupid dikum

  60. Anonymous6:27 pm

    hahahaha fairdinkum true blue arse pusher!! hahaha

    a country that murdered 12 indian nationals in a series of racisms attacks, very recently, trying to tell us WHAT is bloody right and wrong? hahahahaha

    a bloody racists nation, KKK brand and White supremacists, killing whole tasmanian abos like dodo birds, dared to say they have evolved and improved?? moral example? hahahahaha

    what a bloody matha fakah mentality!! must have been eating koala shits since small!!!! hahahahaha

    father with beers on one hand, and kangaroo shits on the othah, bringing up kids that are better?


    what a joke!!!

    -what a shit true blue killers-

  61. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Good one starwars - your lack of answer to Ocker Oz sort of proves his point.
    I don't think he said Australia is the best place on earth; he said it is a fair and just country where corruption is not tolerated. They are lucky they also have a free press which can highlight and investigate corruption.
    And saying we have millions of migrants here is a dumb statement - our migrants are mostly illegal manual workers with little or no education and have not added value to our economy. Australia get highly skilled migrants like Doctors, Lawyers, Researchers and so on - a lot of the best Malaysian brains go there. So their economy improves with innovation and ours is stuck in a rut.
    Get some economic education then you'll understand why the Australian economy was one of the best perfomers globally the last couple of years.
    We lose billions in PKFZ and so many crony deals and they add Billions by having a clean well run economy.
    Let's get our facts straight as Malaysia's standing has shrunk to Zimbabwe levels.

  62. Anonymous9:31 pm

    nstman 2:06 AM said...
    "I urge the silent majority to come out in support of the Austrlian MPs."


    1st get your spelling right
    2nd fat hope
    3rd eat your heart out
    4th the pro UMNO blogs are stronger


  63. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Those poor Australians trying to teach others?..

    Everyday having to say "gOD die" instead of "good day"..



  64. Anonymous9:47 pm


    a lot of retards here pretending to be brilliant

    #1 - Saiful claimed being sodomised against his wishes

    #2 - anwar refused to swear on the Quran, he chose to defend himself in court

    #3 - let the court prove who is guilty, after all anwar himself SUE others using Malaysian courts

    #4 - what similarity has this with speaking for other countries that have been oppressed

    #5 - many retards compare speaking up for Palestinians with the OZ lawmakers speaking up for anwar, DUHH ...

    a mass brain scan is needed here for degenerative brain cells

  65. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Specially for Fair Dinkum

    Australia - A Safe Haven for Sri Lankan War Criminals?

    By Dr. Victor Rajakulendran

    “Hundreds of suspected Nazi war criminals living in Australia will never face a jury, with the nation’s strongest prosecutions case stamped ‘closed’. A Latvian-Australian man accused of being part of a death squad involved in World War II genocide has been granted freedom from prosecution. Jewish leaders in Australia said at least 300 war criminals were living in Australia, safe in the knowledge that lack of political will would see them safe from prosecution”.
    - Charles Miranda in Canberra; “The Advertiser” [17 March 1997]

    “A Nazi war crimes suspect, thrown out of several countries on suspicion of participating in mass killings arrived today back in his adopted home country, Australia. Konrad Kalejs arrived on a Singapore Airlines flight in Melbourne’s airport, where dozens of Jewish students gathered to protest what they said was the government’s failure to do more to investigate the allegations against him. He was helped through customs, by airport officials. A spokeswoman said, and ushered away without passing through any public areas. But that did not deter protestors. ‘We are here to prove to that he is not welcome here in Australia,’ said one demonstrator, Josh Gladwin.”
    - Associated Press, New York Times [January7, 2000]

  66. Anonymous9:58 pm

    Tag: Law, Crime and Justice
    Video Audio Photos

    13yo charged over school stabbing

    12-year-old stabbed to death

    Ringtone scams on the rise
    Fight puts man in hospital

    Armed robberies 'linked'
    Two injured in Brisbane knife fight

    Police appeal over Maddington death
    Three killed in US university shooting

    Man linked to bomb victims faces court
    Bikie laws appeal bid

    A 13-year-old boy has been charged with murder after the stabbing death of a student at a Brisbane school.

    A woman has been stabbed outside a school in Sydney's west.

    Tags: law-crime-and-justice, crime, assault, australia, nsw, sefton-2162, sydney-2000

  67. Anonymous10:00 pm

    (AFP) – Feb 21, 2009

    SYDNEY (AFP) — A rebel Catholic priest in Australia, who was sacked for blessing gay couples and allowing women to preach, defied his archbishop and led mass on Sunday, media reports said.

  68. Anonymous10:04 pm

    CANBERRA, Australia (Reuters) -- A Roman Catholic priest who unleashed a torrent of expletives and racist abuse against skateboarders outside his Australian cathedral, only to have the outburst filmed and placed on YouTube, has been put on leave.

    St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne.
    The Reverend Monsignor Geoff Baron, the dean of St Patrick's Cathedral in Australia's second biggest city, Melbourne, was videotaped swearing at and abusing a group of teenagers using the cathedral grounds as a skate park.

    "Move, you f------ fool," Baron tells one skater in the video, slapping one of the group across the head and prompting a torrent of abuse in reply.

    Pointing to a skater lying on the ground, Baron is heard telling the youth "Little foreigner there, look at the sleepy eyes, black hair".

  69. Anonymous10:16 pm

    UK wants Australia, former colony, to keep its criminals By Charles Miranda From: PerthNow January 02, 2010 11:47PM

    TWO hundred years ago its worst citizens were transported to the other side of the world, creating Australia in the process.
    Now cash-strapped Britain wants its former colony to keep its criminals again.

    In the past 12 months, dozens of British-born paedophiles, rapists and career criminals, many in their late 50s and 60s, were deported to the UK after finishing their sentences in Australian jails, despite having lived most of their lives Down Under.

  70. Hello Fair Dinkum....

    Wow, the world is now very interested in a butt fucking criminal case trial in A NON ENTITY country!!....

    IT is either you are very stupid or the world is REALLY BUTT FUCKING FETHIST,OR this BUTT FUCKING in A NON ENTITY country is very arousing......

    Anyway, ONLY PEOPLES WITH THE SAME INTEREST,show interest in `things' like this....

  71. Anonymous1:11 am

    someone, who is definitely a PKR cybertrooper, wrote..."If 3 different doctors can conclude there's no penetration, how did sodomy happened?"...

    Anwar Ibrahim is a premature ejaculator, mah!

    "Can I duck you today?"

  72. Ocker1:34 am

    Starwars mate,
    You did not answer the question: how come all your corrupt politicians buy large homes here as well as send their kids to school here. How did they manage to make so much money on their salaries?
    If they are so damn self righteous - why don't they just pull their money out and boycott Australia?
    Millions of immigrants in Malaysia? What are they - the world's best and brightest or just a whole load of maids and construction workers?
    As for starting wars - the Australian voter got rid of that Prime Minister who went and joined George Bush in his misadventure in Iraq and our new PM withdrew our troops from Iraq. That's called democracy mate!
    Believe it - most Malaysians will willingly take up residence here given half a chance.
    As for sodomy - it looks like your government has been giving its citizens a right old screwing up the jacksie for a long time. You must be one of the few who willingly takes it.....

  73. Anonymous2:21 am


    poodah to u too! u r nobody but a lame crony feeding on milk supplied by other ppl.

    Go find a cow will ya for a change!


  74. Anonymous8:18 am

    hahaha....another gathering organised by Ibrahim Ali & The Gang.. good..then our country's image will be further deteriorating. Looks like Malaysia gonna be like Zimbabwe & Uganda in the coming years.Malaysians just wanna learn how severe the damage inflicted before by Anwar Ibrahim die-hard fans..and right here we have a country top blogger calling up people to join this kind of stupid gathering. Knowing Oz, the gathering gonna resemble a famous Malay proverb "Bagai Anjing Menyalak Bukit"

    - Dicko

  75. Anonymous5:01 pm

    kpd 'najibmanakau', budak kiut saiful tu diemploy sebagai coffee boy ada faham ka? AI ni manusia/boss yang tersangat 'manipulative' , pi dengaq ceramah, hang boleh tau siapa AI sebenarnya. He is a man of 'many faces'

  76. Anonymous5:26 pm

    someone wrote, ..."Australia has moved into the 21st Century - we have built upon our democratic and liberal ideals"...

    OK, ok... maybe Saiful shouldn't have accused Anwar of sodomizing him... instead, Saiful should have accused Anwar of sexual harassment, which should be more palatable to those who have moved into the 21st Century.

    "Can I duck you today?"

  77. Anonymous9:54 am

    anonymous dicko 818am, siapa yang anjing, siapa yang bukit?

    sejarah selalu mengingatkan, david & goliath, size doesnt matter.

    bigger empires than aussie land of 25m population, had collapse, shamefully to nothing....

    dont oversestimate your white god lah brader. you are nothing but specs of dust in the universe...

    -dah lah bodoh, bongkak pulak tu-

  78. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Ooi,,,, apa mau demo-demo,,!!!!

    BangsaT BETUL ahli Parlimen Malaysia,,turut serta berdemo,,!!

    What happen to KLSE,,,dah jatuh da,,!!!!


  79. Anonymous3:15 pm

    U ROCKS,

    too many malaysians believe whatever good thing about anwar n gang until they r blinded by the fact that he was the one who created so many bad things..politically and economically...lets pray for betterment of the meantime here is something to think article from malaysia today..


  80. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Congrats Datuk Rocky for being so brave. Now that you are a titled man, I am sure that you will be participating in many similar rallies in future. What a brave man you are, indeed!

    sri hartamas

  81. Anonymous2:07 pm

    The Aussies could'nt care a dammed if you bloggers and those umno youth puks demonstrate till kingdom come.This bolehland has been buggered by the ruling umno puks for 52 years and enjoyed at the people's expense so who cares?
    So Roc you tell us who is buggering who now??