Thursday, January 14, 2010

SatD's trinity

I wanted to take a break from the Allah issue, seeing that it's going back to the court soon but I simply can't resist this one by SatD, in which he takes on Munshi Abdullah, Haris Ibrahim, and Farish Noor all in one go. The blogger's latest posting is entitled The problem of Meaning, Abdullah Paderi and the Pangkor Treaty. The research that goes into his arguments is impressive, almost divine, so be prepared to open up your mind wide.

Munshi won't be responding to SatD's salvos, though.

NOTICE: I have disabled the comment section for this posting. If you wish to leave comments, click HERE. SatD, I'm sure, will be too happy to explain his post.

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  1. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Noticed the major headlines about missing Indians in the media??

    LOL. Is that a distraction or what?

    Notice no major headlines or any headlines regarding MISSING indonesians?? maybe a million or so indonesians are 'missing'.