Sunday, January 17, 2010

Former MB wanted to be YBK boss, too!

Khalid wasn't the only one who wanted it. Abu Hassan Omar tried to take over the Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan years before Khalid Ibrahim's awkward attempt to become the BOSS of the foundation that's sitting on valuable landbank and a RM300 million project. I'm not sure what YBK had at that time that turned Abu Hassan on but the 12th Selangor chief minister [1997-2000] was firmly told by the state legal advisers to stand down.

By the way, to the two Anons who left comments (NOT published) on my previous posting that Selangor's biggest GLC Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Berhad has been late in paying the salaries of its employees, I've checked with my source who said that your claims are "utter rubbish".


  1. Pune Deck1:49 am

    Abu Hasan Omar is the former MB that block Khalid Ibrahim's attempt for a party position in UMNO Ulu Selangor.

    Why are these Ulu Selangor people fascination to takeover other people's effort?

    Memang ulu punya orang ...

    But thanks to Abu Hasan for stopping that idiot from getting position in UMNO.

    It is now PKR's burden.

  2. Ah Lah6:48 am

    What is wrong rocky? Why don't you aim your gun at the dentist? The multi-million riggit house he is staying now? Is those money clean?

  3. Bro, is there any difference between basmi kemiskinan and basmi orang miskin? Or should we say, basmi peruntukan orang miskin? Or is it basmi tanah orang miskin?

    Wow.. now I am really confused!

  4. Anonymous9:01 am

    But he did not threatened to shut down any ybk projects did he?

    interested to be the chairman is normal but blackmailing to cause serious financial loss unless you are appointed is something else.

  5. Anonymous11:26 am

    Yo, Rocky.....tak habis-habis lagi ke dengan Khalid ????

    kan MB dah jelaskan tujuannya, pergilah tekan sama YBK untuk laporan kewangannya, nampaknya ada curiga.


  6. Disgusted11:36 am

    Damn, i was kinda hoping it was toyo, haha

  7. Anonymous12:07 pm

    For those interested in the details of YBKS be read here....

  8. Honestly, that Rights2Write wordpress blog provides much more salient points than the Malay Mail report did.

    But it's okay, at least Rais Yatim still thinks that the newspapers are relevant.


  9. Anonymous2:02 pm

    Nobody cares about YBK or Khir Toyo et al. We only care that Khalid made a boo-boo and so did the former MB. The difference between the former MB and Khalid?

    a) The former MB did not follow through with his plans
    b) Khalid did not check if YBK had audited accounts before opening mulut.

    This kind of leader want in Selangor ah? I feel like moving back to KL! Maluuuuu...


  10. Dear Vish,

    Yes right2write's piece is very good, especially because the blogger tries to be fair in his analysis and conclusions (something which you can aspire to be, I see).

    The Malay Mail does not do such an analysis, that's for analysts to do Vish. What we at The Malay Mail do is break stories, do follow-ups, and pressure both sides to come up with statements, etc.

    Without The Malay Mail breaking the YBK story, you would NOT know about YBK, especially about how the MB tried to make himself Chairman of YBK.

    Betul tak?

    right2write did his analysis based on the numbers he took from ybk's website. I hope someone in the YBK can respond to that.

    The good thing is that the blogger right2write deemed as a gray area the Trustees Act. But, I quote w2r:

    "Certainly black mailing the current YBK trustees is not the professional way of doing things. The state should work within the ambit of the law. If not, in my book the MB is no different from the previous head of the government. The MB must explain."

    See? R2W does not just do an analysis questioning YBK's numbers, he's also saying that the MB needs to explain his action with regards to making that demand to be Chairman or else YBK would have to stop the project in Serendah.

    Now, if there was indeed a precedence in the case of Abu Hassan Omar (something I'm sure the Malay Mail will be following up, Vish - do scramble for your copy tomorrow) the State officials should have informed Khalid.

    If they didn't, we want to know why. Diorang ni nak sabo Khalid ke?

    But if they did (I was told the Abu Hassan attempt was raised during a State Exco meeting, so there should be records, minutes of meetings, etc), now that would be so interesting: WHY did Khalid still demand the Chairman seat despite being told of the Abu Hassan precedence??

    Aha! You following me Vish?

    There are two different issues: 1. MB nak jadi boss YBK and 2. YBK's affairs, accounts, audits, etc

    The first issue was the story WE (the Malay Mail) broke. Khalid has not really answered it. Saying it's for transparency and all is bullshit, and we all know that.

    The second issue was brought up as part of Khalid's strategy to defend his demand to be Chairman of YBK. It's a totally different issue. BUT - and I've always maintained this - if it's true that YBK was not doing what it was supposed to be doing and that there was mismanagement, misconduct, misrepresentation, and whatever else missing .... Khalid should have reported YBK to the authorities. He did not. Instead he wanted to be make himself Chairman of an organisation that he later accused to be, er, dirty.

    You still here, Vish?


    Ah Lah who wrote the comment below, pls help Vish, boleh tak?

    Ah Lah wrote: "What is wrong rocky? Why don't you aim your gun at the dentist? The multi-million riggit house he is staying now? Is those money clean?

    6:48 AM
    Kamal, kau pun tolong sikit jawab.

    Kamal wrote: Yo, Rocky.....tak habis-habis lagi ke dengan Khalid ????

    kan MB dah jelaskan tujuannya, pergilah tekan sama YBK untuk laporan kewangannya, nampaknya ada curiga.


  11. Bro,
    Hassan Omar yang lanyak Khalid di Kuala selangor (bukan Ulu. Slgor), sampai dia jadi sasau macam sekarang. Gila talak nak jawatan penting dalam UMNO tak lepas, bergabung dengan kumpulan desparado.
    Nama mereka akan tertulis sebagai orang yang melukakan orang Melayu.
    I yakin, Dato' Zainal Sakom tabah dan bijaksana menghadapi kemelut itu.

  12. Rocky,

    Fairness? Isn't that something that a newspaper should aspire to?

    Full credit to the Malay Mail, they broke the story - but how did they do so?

    When it comes to the MSM, 'fairness' as you describe it , seems to be tiptoeing around issues involving the government of the day while taking pot shots at the opposition.

    Take a look at what Rights2Write did - he (or she?) asked, "Why?"

    That is the question that so often seems to get 'lost' when it comes to the MSM, at least when it selectively pursues certain topics, while closing one eye and pretending that some others don't exist.

    So the question now is, 'Why' did no one at the Malay Mail think to ask that question?

    It smacks of ignorance to describe the issues as two separate issues.

    How can they be?

    A company with what appears to be dodgy accounts is almost blackmailed into letting the MB of Selangor become it's Chairman and you describe it as 'separate issues'?

    Gee. Rocky, what rock are you living under?

    And after your initial arguments about 'fairness', it is nice how you resort to the good old, "Saying it's for transparency and all is bullshit, and we all know that."

    Do we?

    Do you?

    And here I thought fairness somehow encompassed the idea of innocent until proven guilty.

    Don't get me wrong, the entire episode is highly suspicious, and Khalid has certainly acted in a manner that does not appear to befit his station.

    Perhaps he just wanted a payday by exploiting the already dodgy accounts of the organization?

    Perhaps he really was acting solely in the interests of transparency?

    I don't know what his motivations are.

    But the fact that you think you do speaks a lot about your 'fairness'.

    Next time you want to rant, try to at least make sure your arguments leave you with some footing to stand on.


  13. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Dear Pune Deck,

    Check your facts before comment on anything. None of them from Hulu Selangor.

    It shows your shallow thinking..of NO value.

    Batang Kali Voter

  14. salam, isunya pasal tanah,nak majukan pelannya kena lulus pbt/ker ngri, ker ngri kenakan syarat...2. cukai tnh tak bayar dan ker ngri boleh rampas.. 2 isu tanah ini galang gantinya mb jdi pengerusi..ybk itu ngo dan biar ngo urus.ok

  15. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Check whether Khalid's decision was his own or "saya yang menurut perintah" economic adviser ...


  16. Anonymous6:34 pm

    Since you are at it, perhaps you can start another war with Nik Aziz on the Bazaar. Don't leave Sheikh alone

  17. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Rocky wrote "What we at The Malay Mail do is break stories, do follow-ups, and pressure both sides to come up with statements, etc."

    I am sure you guys here agree with Rocky. How about seeing more breaking news on the affairs of the DBKL, FT Ministry, Selangor and FT police, all Selangor State agencies. Good to be impartial
    Hey guys, NSunT today...."Child Abduction Raise Concern" , (it also stated...occurred just days after the second anniversary of the disappearance of Sharline Mohd Nashar - Rocky has her photo at his website) maybe Rocky can get the MM to probe the progress of the police investigations on all other child abduction cases including poor Sharline, what about corruptions and abuse of power etc in other agencies....
    Only newspapers can lead us back to good governance


  18. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Rocky, we moving towards the borderless races in Malaysia and yet you still hopping on race issue. YBK is meant to help the Malay Bumi only and what will the non-Malay get. YBK should be dissolve already since there is Zero hardcore poor on Selangor.
    You see how Lim Kit Siang said that Guan Eng successfully eradicate hardcore poor in Penang within 2 Years compare to 51 years by UMNO led BN. Is he implying that more non-Malay be given important post? PR should also announce that if they win Melaka then a non-Malay will also be appointed as CM? Maybe Betty Chew? Gods decide.
    In YBK case maybe there is lots of treasure in it coffer. That's why many Buaya try to get hold of it.
    Kick off the Buaya leaders and appoint someone with high integrity like Guan Eng because in just 2 years he is able to eradicate hardcore poor in Penang. Appoint MB or CM or even PM based on merit.

    DAP members said ......

  19. Anonymous9:45 pm


    Bila jadi Chairman YBK, boleh lah hijack projek UITM Serendah bagi kat TALAM, YBK jadi window dressing je. Rodziah Adun Buta Tiga baru lah justified nak sit dalam board TALAM according to Penasihat Ekonomi Selangor yang dilantik si gagap tuh.

    Haji Sudin
    Bekas Noja Surau Desa Anggerik

  20. Vish,

    Hehe. Thank you for agreeing with me. Was that so hard?

  21. Rocky,

    I guess it wasn't particularly hard - but if we agree, why did you argue against me in the first place?


  22. Anonymous11:54 pm

    dear rocku,

    It is so sad to know how people are blinded with what is right and what is wrong...

    Is it so wrong to be truthfull..

    A foundation that is already 20 years in eradicating poverty..and want to more is being deprived from their rights to develop a university on their own land and plan to have more programmes for the poor..and have tried to be sincere in their being bully by the MB..

    fair ke..

    changkat lobak..

  23. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Rocky's Bru said...


    Hehe. Thank you for agreeing with me. Was that so hard?
    10:45 PM

    The fact that you can only come up with a 1 liner like that, assures me that it must have been most difficult for you.

    Now read Vish`s comment 10 times, so you can understand it, digest it and come up with something that is not inane.


  24. Anonymous11:17 am

    I don't trust that Dr Gigi with publik money. You just have to see his palace & say "hhmmmmmm where is all that money from"

    Another poone Deck

  25. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Khalid has a real fan in Vish, I see...

    Vish, on the other hand, is being blinded by assumptions...

    If he had cared to follow the issue, then he would know that to date, the Sgor state government has not found any dubious dealings on the part of YBK.

    This was both verified by the state govt and the Hulu Langat district council...

    The issue then becomes this: why do you come in USING the excuse of transparency when, in your own words, YBK had not been found to have done anything wrong?

    That would mean you are punishing someone by anticipating a bad deed? Can you punish a man growing tobacco because you fear that he might grow ganja?

    If indeed YBK had been dubious in its dealings, then by all means, expose it.

    Why not EXPOSE first, and justify the move to take over?

    Why the "silent" deal? Give me the chairmanship and you can proceed with the UiTM project? Anyone can deduce that there was NO INTENTION to expose anything dubious on the part of YBK until it REJECTED Khalid's "request" to be the chairman.

    And on Rais' statement that the newspapers are still relevant: they are. Didn't you refer to a newspaper report on this and compare it to online? A newspaper is a medium...where do you think the online newspapers get their journalists from? even if newspapers cease to be a medium, you cannot run away from the fact that they will always be relevant....

    it will always be a matter of perception. if you agree to what online newspapers are saying, then you agree with what the journalists and editors are putting up in their sites.

    if you care to check, they all come from the same background: all newspaper people....

    -defender of the faith-

  26. Pune Deck1:20 pm

    DAP supporter

    DAP eradicating poverty in Penang in 2 years?

    Off course it is easy.

    You throw the Malays and Indian out of their homes and send them somewhere else to Kedah maybe.

    Let it be Kedah problems???

  27. Anonymous2:00 pm

    DAP member,
    Nah! For Malacca, we should have one Indian CM. Since the arrival of Pakatan Rakyat, we have people from other races being elected as Speakers. CM of Malacca for Indian. Better still, lets have a Orang Asli PM
    It's not sarcastic joke. Why offsprings of pendatangs like Khir Toyo & Admad Ismail to take all the credits? Lets us becoming true Malaysians

  28. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Kenapa la Ketua Setiausaha Sulit MB Selangor banggang tak sudah...

    Semua laporan kewangan YBK ada dalam dia punya website la..

    Dan satu lagi kepada MB Selangor jgn ingat ko besar sangat nak minta maklumat dengan LHDN.. ini nampak sangat MB SElangor tak faham UNDANg-UNDANG.. bangang betul!!

    Dia ingat senang-senang nak dapat maklumat daripada LHDN.. Semua penguatkuasa POLIS,KASTAM,SPRM,Bank NEGARA ke sapa ke seua nak MAKLUMAT kena ada WARRANT DARI MAHKAMAH..

    Kepada KEtua Setiausaha Sulit MB Selangor soooo sorry la..dont you think you are ABOVE the LAW because you are the Government.

  29. Anonymous11:07 pm

    "Semua laporan kewangan YBK ada dalam dia punya website la.."

    Kahkahkahkah ini la dia pelajaran mahathirnomics "laporan kewangan" ke tu?

    R U B B I S H

    -Apa Lagi

  30. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Selangor government demands audit report from YBK

    SHAH ALAM, Jan 12 — The Selangor government has asked the Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan (YBK) or Poverty Eradication Foundation to prepare an audit report detailing its financial flow and asset management.

    Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, political secretary to the menteri besar, said based on the state government’s monitoring, YBK had never issued an audit report on its financial accounts and administration over the past five years.

    “In fact, YBK has not issued any report on how the money allocated for the poverty eradication programmes was spent,” he said in a statement here today.

    In view of this, he said the state government is willing to provide an allocation to enable the audit report to be prepared immediately since hundreds of millions of ringgit in assets and financial aid had been given to YBK.

    He said the state government also hoped that all non-governmental organisations (NGOs) would support the effort to ensure that YBK would implement its programmes in a more transparent and responsible manner.

    “We are now trying to ensure that YBK’s poverty eradication programmes are properly implemented to benefit the deserving regardless of their race, religion or political sentiments,” he said.

    Prior to this, the YBK is reported as having disputed the Selangor government’s imposition of a pre-condition for the approval of a Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) campus project on a piece of land owned by the foundation in Serendah.

    Its chairman, Datuk Zainal Abidin Sakom, is reported as saying that the dispute arose after Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim asked the NGO to appoint him (Khalid) as the new YBK chairman as a pre-condition for approval of the project.

    Zainal Abidin said the state government also demanded that YBK pay up arrears in quit rent amounting to RM6 million if it did not agree to the pre-condition. — Bernama

    Lelong tanah tu kalo dia tak bayar cukai. PKNS boleh beli.

    -Apa Lagi