Saturday, December 19, 2009

"On Pakatan's big day, Najib looks the winner"

"It is well and fine to blame BN and the media controlled by the ruling coalition for “manipulating” public perception against PR parties. But the fact is PR parties have not done much to shake off the perception that they cannot rise beyond an “opposition” mindset. And so long as they see themselves as the “opposition”, the “opposition” they shall remain."

Ah, Leslie Lau! Someone pointed out to me that Leslie Lau, the consultant editor of The Malaysian Insider, is uncharacteristically critical of Anwar Ibrahim and the Pakatan Rakyat today.

So I read the piece.

Here's what I think. I think it's good, free advice for PR. Harsh in places but sound advice all the same. Pakatan has been a bit too much about politicking (and I say Anwar's stupid 16/11 attempt to take over the Federal Government via mass defections from BN started it) and very little focus on the economy. Instead of concrete proposals, Leslie writes, PR is offering "a vague, watered down commitment to provide better social justice, uplift the judiciary and be less corrupt". Leslie's point is quite simple, as I see it: the issues that helped PR won their seats in March 2008 are no longer enough. They have to do a lot more but they aren't.

To make matters worse, Najib seems to know that it's all about the economy, Leslie says:
Najib’s strategy is clear and simple — put enough money in people’s pockets and not only will all those problems like race relations go away, the public will back BN again in big numbers. Well, achieving high economic growth will be the tricky part. But at least Najib knows that it is all about the economy.

Perhaps Anwar and PR knows it is about the economy too. Perhaps Anwar and PR are hoping the economy will slide so badly again that the public will vote out BN. Isn’t that the “we are not as bad as BN” strategy? Is that all PR stands for? Is PR merely defined by the fact it is the “anti-BN?”

The public will have to be forgiven if that is the impression they get.

Read Leslie Lau's piece On Pakatan's Big Day, Najib Looks the Winner here.


  1. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Well, well, thought they can't do it but finally they got this Lessie boy too.

    Wonder how much he got for selling out his soul.

  2. Anonymous8:09 pm

    HA! HA! HA........!


  3. I openly admitted I voted for two PAS candidates during the last GE

    The reason was extremely simple - I was extremely pissed with Abdulah Ahmad Badawi and UMNO Supreme Council for letting a Budak Hingus in Khairy Jamaluddin flushing UMNO to the drain.

    Nothing to do with anything about the opposition.

    Nothing to do with Mahathir critism - only a dungu can accept UMNO then!!

    So if PR think they are better than BN - think again!

    I can't see anything positive about them currently after given the chance to prove themselves - except some rhetorics about how great they are!

    But Najib can really help them by appointing Khairy into his Cabinet - that will immidiately neutralise the existing of idiots like Zaid, Perak N's, DAP L's and TalkOnly Anwar

  4. Anonymous10:16 pm

    HA!HA!HA! THE TRUE LESLIE LAU SHOWING ITS COLOUR NOW! Another gasing spinner on BN 's payroll.
    You smell them miles away and thats is when they twist their tongue! That's life man!


  5. Well this Leslie Lau fellow musta be under BN/UMNO laa!!

    Just like those allegation they put upon you..Bro.Rocky...hee hee hee!!

  6. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Shock horror Rocky... you are quoting for a news site which you allege is owned by your arch nemesis Riong Kali and your favourite whipping boy KJ.

    I guess you got bored of the usual impartial sources like Bernama and NST.

  7. Dear Matdeboq,

    Precisely. They should be thanking LL for the frank views but instead they will try to crucify him. But not everyone's like that. Even the pro-PR bloggers are getting more critical of their leaders of late, which is good.

    Damansara, same boat except I voted against Ling Liong Sik's Jr. I was also genuinely rooting for our young Cikgu Bad from PKR in Rembau, the whole of PAS in Kelantan, DAP's Jeff in Penang, and Umno's Mukhriz in Kedah.

    PRU13 will be different in many ways.

  8. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Pakatan rakyat is just racists in diguise. They just can't spin their myths anymore

  9. Disgusted1:10 am

    The comments in Malaysian Insider is sounding more and more like the comments in Malaysia Today

    people who dont understand freedom of speech and can't "agree to disagree"

    anyway, when PR won the 5 states, i was kind of happy because i was pissed at Pak Lah and the fact that BN was becoming more arrogant in the way they operate, and when the idea of a 2 party govt was raised, that made me more happy as i can see that the check & balance will surely work this time and keep everyone on their toes

    but then my happiness started to turn into hatred when PR just didnt seem to have the capability to stop politicking, its like they had no "stop" button after the GE. the way i see it, they're gonna blow out their engine even before the next GE

    for someone who's been criticizing the govt a lot, i guess i was expecting at least a clear direction to where they are heading. for a new developing alternative, i did not expect them to perform much, but at least i would like to see that the focus is there.

    is that too much to ask? these people are getting paid to work, instead they choose to blabber and incite more hatred.

    now i think im even more pissed at PR then how i was at BN. what a fucking disappointment you guys turn out to be

  10. Anonymous1:21 am

    Anonymous said...

    Shock horror Rocky... you are quoting for a news site which you allege is owned by your arch nemesis Riong Kali and your favourite whipping boy KJ.

    I guess you got bored of the usual impartial sources like Bernama and NST.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha, this is so true and that's very much about Rocky, isn't it .. No?

  11. Anonymous2:44 am

    Anonymous above

    "Wonder how much he got for selling out his soul",

    ha ha ha, PR goons really have no other idea, its either

    i) cyber-trooper,
    ii) chance to the dark side,
    iii) sell his/her soul,
    iv) paid commenter,
    v) etc...

    is their reply if they read comment not to their liking.


  12. Anonymous2:49 am

    Rocky & Damansara, I also openly admit to that I'm in the same boat with you, I vote for PKR, ... next GE will be different.


  13. fadli3:56 am

    "PRU13 will be different in many ways."

    you got that right.

  14. glassman4:17 am

    He did try once to put the govt in a bind when he increase interest rates on the advice of world bank or something, causing many companies to fold and all etc etc, remember rocky?

  15. Anonymous8:30 am

    I had three choices in the last PRU:

    1. to vote for a Pak Lah man in my area,

    2. vote for pas,

    3. line up and gave a spoilt vote for BN.

    My choice was better. I did not vote but helped other credible BN candidate. He won!

  16. Oh wait, I think it got confused with Joan Lau

  17. big cat11:18 am

    well leslie, if u r reading this, i m sorry for u. the way the opposition supporters hantam u in Malaysian Insider made me feel for u. when they called u an umno lap dog, i almost fall off my chair for laughing too hard. i know u since college and i can remember what a staunch supporter of the opposition (DAP to be exact)you are. i know how loyal u r to DAP even way back when u were in school. u even joined Dapsy back then eventhough u hate the socialist word. guess its time for u to wake up and realise that among the pakatan ppl, there is no room for critical views. so much for pakatan's claim of championing freedom of expression.

  18. Anonymous11:25 am

    PAKATAN baru setahun jagung,,compared the FUCKING BN,,52years but all SHIT.



  19. Anonymous11:36 am

    Hahaha, Rocky, we don't need you to spin for us anymore. We got your friends at Insider to spin for us now.

    What should we do about PKFZ scandal ? Got big fishes caught yet ? Khir toyo mansion ? MB of Negeri remitting millions overseas ? Billion ringgit martrade centre ?

    Ah, I forget. These are small potatoes. Sap sap sui...let's keep voting in the proven thieves.


  20. Anonymous12:02 pm

    I hope BN politician dont get carry away with PR Politician with "Oh Bangau"and "suka selak kain orang" disease.Spend your time with rakyat well being. Malaysian is mature enough to differentiate the right and wrong and the good and bad.


  21. I asked KJ's cybertroopers to list just one good thing that he has done for the country and Umno... if you want to read the list they sent (its quite funny, the list) follow the link

  22. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Rocky, after being with The Malay Mail for a while it became a FREE paper, what an achivement.
    You guys keep harping that Pakatan is short of this and that. What do you all expect when they are hardly 2 years old.
    I say it again, anyone is better than umno. (Except for that few frogs.)

  23. To K-Pay-Me (comment not published), sorry this is about Mr Lau, NOT Mrs Lau.
    Pity, that bit about N9 MB is interesting ...

  24. Anonymous3:58 pm

    "On Pakatan's big day, Najib looks the winner"

    u & lassie boy make it sound like...

    "On Pakatan oversize underwear, it looks like Najeed headgear"

    Rocky, u r damn funny, just know when to tickle our funny bone... u r the man!


  25. Sunday, December 20, 2009

    Konvensyen PR - Antara Penipu, Penakut dan Hipokrit?
    Sejumlah peserta dalam Konvensyen Pertama Pakatan Pembangkang (PR) yang agak kecewa apabila 1 Polisi Untuk Semua PR dilihat tidak menterjemahkan aspirasi dan retorik politik yang dijanjikan selama ini kepada mereka.

    Misalnya, apabila pernyataan polisi ini masih mempertahankan peruntukan Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang mereka anggap bersifat RASIS, terutamanya dari aspek untuk melindungi kedudukan istimewa orang Melayu dan Raja-raja Melayu. Ini jelas amat bertentangan dengan prinsip persamaan dan assobiyah yang mereka pegang selama ini.

    Polisi ini juga dilihat sebagai masih meneruskan agenda Negara Islam Barisan Nasional (BN) apabila turut mempertahankan kedudukan Islam sebagai agama rasmi Persekutuan, sedangkan yang mereka harapkan adalah agar negara ini dijadikan sebuah negara sekular dengan kedudukan semua agama adalah sama tanpa ada sebarang perbezaan.


  26. Good post Rock, have to agree most people, especially the malays lately, are not really interested to find the whole truth. They do, however, like to know a partial of the truth and run amok emotionally with it. With the pakatan rakyat, now, it is hopeless. Was there with them this weekend and felt disappointed and somewhat disgusted. Democracy truly dead, the leaders syok sendiri, whenever someone have an argument anything, they demonized him, saying he is an umno agent and then used emotional sentiment to kill the debate. Karpal is still saying there are no such thing and never will be under his watch, as a negara Islam, pak nik said there might be if friends(pakatan) agree to it and hj hadi said that pas is and will forever be fighting for it.

    Don't really feel the best that we sent overseas are really the best anymore, nowadays, they can easily be influenced by some sentiment that may not be even true or half-true. Seen it before in my times, with all those nik nazmis and shit. The so called well educated or western educated ended up not being educated at all.

  27. Melayu Asli5:39 pm

    Anonymous(-BANGSAT-11:25 AM)said...
    "PAKATAN baru setahun jagung,,compared the FUCKING BN,,52years but all SHIT.

    This is a typical language of PR goon. And you expect this kind of people to be civilised in their deeds, when their words are so animalistics. People, go on vote for PR and we'll soon an animal kingdom.

  28. skilgannon10666:41 pm

    BN or PR don't amount to a hill of beans. Both are equally inept.

    PR doesn't have any semblance of an economic programme, even with the number of whizkids they have in their ranks.

    And the BN's concepts of economic management are basically built on the tenets of spending and subsidies.

    The debacle in Dubai and the current travails of the Spanish and Greek governments should be a wakeup call for both BN and PR. Have they learnt from it?

    I doubt that the average BN or PR backbencher or state assemblyperson knows about what the problems in Spain and Greece are, let alone Dubai.

    And these are the "brains" entrusted with the task of pulling Malaysia out of the economic doldrums, improving it's competitiveness and bringing in the FDI needed to kickstart the economy and provide jobs.

    Where we have ministers yammering on about subsidies and the need to check petrol tanks and petrol stations is an indication of the intellectual capacities on tap in the corridors of power.


  29. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Yes it is abt the economy no doubt. When rakyat's pocket is not empty there wont be revolt. there wont be unhapinnes on the ground.

    BUT HELLO! Is stealing RM10bil and then giving back Rm1bil into the rakyat's pocket shld get us to celebrate thanksgiving?

    Stupid economics and only stupid rakyat will fall for it!


  30. Anonymous8:49 pm


    The mutherfucker Pundek Anwar bin Fucking Ibrahim wants to uplift the judiciary? What does this mean? The sodomy charges against him will be dropped? If Pundek is charged then it is a bad judiciary. If Pundek is set free only then it is a good judiciary?

    What happens to Saiful? Does he disappear in the nite? In 1997 the Pundek got the Police to make Ummi Hafilda disappear in the nite too. Lets not forget that.

    Will sodomy be legalised, like what Kua Kia Soong has suggested? Will the Pundek set up sodomy parlours all over the country?

    Leslie Lau does not know one simple thing - Pundek Anwar bin MUtherfucking Ibrahim does not know jackshit about the economy. He does not know the difference between the economy and his asshole.

    His economic advisor Prof Mohd Ariff of the MIER is another idiot mamak who does not know anything.

    The real problem with Pundek is that he is a dud - a kampong fler who has conned the backsides (literally) off the kampong pl.

    Nutin more than that.

  31. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Good spin...Why not spin on something that is more interesting. The disappearance of the 50 million Fighter jet engine..How could this happen? This will make Malaysia more famous.

  32. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Pakatan finally getting their act together, and Najis looks the whiner.

  33. Al-Sadr11:14 pm

    With this type of low quality politics and politician that we are having right now none will emerge a winner @ anytime.Only loser will emerge in next GE. Trust me :)

  34. Anonymous8:35 am

    Say, do and deliver. That should be the focus of the rebellious lot.

    Lots of promises that are too good to be true have been spurted and many were duped into believing 'street salesmen' type of politicians.

    Prove your worth, Pakatan Rebels. Then perhaps people will believe you. You called for change, but are you changing? Nope, not one bit. Still harping on the past, hoping to open history schools and museums.

    Remember the time when they opposed Putrajaya? One rebel even said Putrajaya will be put up for 'lelong' if they win. So why the race to get there now?

    What about the Penang Bridge, Nort South Highway, Twin Towers, KLIA etc? If these history buffs care to open the books, why not look at these few ? It was predicted by the great opposition that we were on the way to becoming another Mexico.

    So, PR dudes, don't simply talk cheaply.

    Try using progressive campaigains instead of regressive bull shit. It may work, if people still believe you.

    And no, I have not sold my soul, but am waiting for an offer, and you bet, I will take it.


  35. Anonymous10:23 am

    Hey Rocky,




    Come on Rocky, come clean lah....

  36. Anonymous10:53 am

    Aiya Rocky,

    How can your boss be the winner ? Remember the thread on the PKFZ arrests that I said I would eat my hat when there are really big fishes to be charged by the (corrupt) gomen after the first 3 arrests ? What did your boss do, Rocky ? Charge the project waiting for them to charge the messenger boy too.

    You see, Rocky, in this gomen's eyes, money talks. You got money, everything also can kow-tim. If you have no money, sorry will be the sacrificial lamb.

    Corruption has permeated so deep into the BN gomen that there is only one way to get rid of the cancer. Radical surgery and nothing less.

    Cakap saje buat ape ? We have to convert you back to the right side of the Force.


  37. Leslie Lau wrote an article that really hit the hammer on the Pakatan arrogant head. Pakatan strategy is just demonising and create anti Barisan Nasional hate by creating myths and rumors and spewing hatred and unsubstantiated accusation on the Judiciary, Police, the MACC even the BTN courses are not spared.

    The tragedy is that Pakatan leaders and supporters started believing in their own propaganda and think that all that is needed to win the next GE is to make people hate Barisan Nasional and any Institutions remotely connected. The problem with this kind of dirty tactics is that after a while the people get used to it and will think that anything brought up by Pakatan are mere propoganda shit to smear the Barisan Government.

    Under sleepyhead and his son in law KJ, the political strategy could work, but Najib now helms Barisan and knows his onions and understands the pulse of the country. Even if 50% of the Ministries KRA/KPI's are achieved, Najib would still make the people who voted for Pakatan out of spite towards Barisan come back to vote for them in droves.

    Definitely the first Pakatan Rakyat conference is something that Zaid wanted but failed its objective to show to Malaysians that it is indeed ready to become an alternative Government. It is just a show of false unity with all three leaders from PAS,DAP and PKR trying to outdo each other to impress the Pakatan crowd. In fact Hj Hadi of PAS in his post conference comment was reported to have said to delay the official Pakatan Rakyat registration until all three parties are "ready", I suppose a watered down "common platform" is not good enough and akin to sweeping the myriads of complex political problem under the carpet.

    If Zaid and Anwar fan boys hoped that after the Pakatan Conference, Anwar emerged as a clear leader to Pakatan Nasional and annoited as the next Prime Minister if the coalition of PAS,DAP and PKR wins the next GE, certainly he will be dissapointed as none of the leaders emerged as clear leader to carry Pakatan.

    If anything, the conference was a failure and a bust and it showed clearly the disunity of PAS with their Islamic ideology and DAP with their chauvinistic secular agenda and PKR as instrument for Anwar's ambition to become the next PM. A PKR leader said that Pakatan is only a few kilometers away from Putrajaya, seems to me like its light years away.

    Yes Bro they are damn good as Opposition and in keeping BN on their toes, it would be great if they start thinking and act like the opposition instead of fooling themselves that they are the Federal Government in waiting and heartily politicking everyday away.

  38. Anonymous11:06 am


    Why don't you write about the loss of the jet engine, military specs, from Sg Besi airforce quarters ? Too scared to write about it or already been told by your masters not to write about it ?

    Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin, so how to be a winner ?


  39. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Everyone can have one's own opinion.

    With no/limited funds from the federal govt the PR-led states are doing well and coping with prudent spending. Of course you will never get this reported in the MSM including MM.

    What's happening in the UMNO/BN states? Pathetic. The funds are poured into them. Look at Trengganu. Where's the billions of ringgit.

    Please do not hoodwink the public. We are very aware.

    You think Najib is filling the public pockets. It is still the same. We work harder.

    He is filling his own and cronies pockets with mega projects.

    More corruptions are reported but where's the arrest and charges. Please not the small fries. The big money stashed away overseas through illegal means. It's now open and named publicly. Where are the arrests???

    Anyway thanks for the prompting on PR but we already are very aware what's going on. There are ambitious people amongst them.

    But what have you guys done? Write continuously and expose more on the corruptions of the fed govt without fear and favour i say then you are really good. Apart from that you all remain cowards or selfish and opportunists.

    You watch the billions of ringgit stolen. RM340billion! This is the NEP monies. You what I mean. It supposed to go to the majority race in this country. But look BEYOND around you who are the majority deprived ones. Then look around you who are those you rub shoulders with. Of course the datuks, tan sris, tuns etc enriched from the RM340billions.

    Of course I'm a supporter of PR for now. But if they are found corrupted I'll boot them.

    So do not think we are blind supporters unlike those who keep supporting UMNO/BN when they should question where's the RM340Billion and more adding up by the days!

    Like I said earlier we are all entitled to our own opinion.

  40. Yup!

    PM Najib himself once cleared Razak Baginda and Perimekar Sdn. Bhd. for the payment of RM550 million to them vis-a-vis 2 Scorpene Submarines purchased by the Navy.

    He clarified that it was NOT A COMMISSION, but a fee for 'facilitation, admin and support services'. Now it's been disclosed in Parliament that the annual maintenance cost of the 2 Submarines with a price tag of some RM3.4 billion, will be RM290 million.

    RB/Perimekar's fee amounts to an incredibly whopping 16% of Sub's cost!!?? Gaji Buta or what? In the last 2 years RB spent most of his time in prison or swotting over hos PhD thesis. What services did RB/Perimekar provide to secure such an unbelievablly large fee?

    I believe 1 of the Submarines has yet to be delivered. Yet RB and Perimekar received their money in full even before the Submarines were delivered!!!

    With last week's $5o million jet engine fraud at RMAF, thievery by MB's, Ministers, politicians, fraudtrepreneur businessmen and wives of PM's in illegally siphoning zillions of $ out of the country via the havala moneychangers' system, and MCA and MIC in total disaaray, it sure looks like PM Najib is winning all the way to a unexpected premature ritirement! Yes sirree, it sure does!! Corruption is thriving like never before.

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  41. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Hi Rocky

    Heard you loud and clear...

    There is a 3rd group of people out here who will not vote BN because they are, for want of a better word, TIRED of the sham.

    Up to their nose ....suffocated by their shallow political wringlings.
    Not to mention grafts and idiotic so-call leaders.

    Nobody 's saying PKR any better. God knows what substance they are made of. But they have done well enough, for novices, in the 4 states.

    It so happens they are our only other option.


  42. Anonymous2:36 pm

    But you did not want to comment on what an UMNO guy said in his article, "The Brahmin Bumiputera vs the Pariah Bumiputera"?

    Why cannot read and comprehend the English of an UMNO guy?

    Try lah...just once....go to and see if this merits mention in your blog.

    Even if you do not understand the message, Damansara, matdebog and Disgusted, will tell you what it is all about.


    P.S - And of course, why Bank Negara is not going after the fellows who used mamak moneychangers to siphon off money from the country without going through proper not an issue for you, right?

    You too did this remittances through mamak moneychangers who were protected by a mamak MOF2 then?

  43. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Rocky, you read the comments also on this article by Leslie Lau?

    That is the balance to Leslie's article, but you do not want to dwell on how the majority feel about the matter (especially Leslie's article)?

    Come on, your creative juices seem to be running dry?

    Dah tua dan dah kering ke?


  44. Dear Parameswara and Godfather,

    Don't shout guys, boleh pekak telinga saya tau. Hehe. You guys hot dengan Leslie Lau, janganlah marah saya. I know, the truth hurts but that's what Malaysian Insider published, I was merely re-publishing the article. Like I said, it's sound advice from Leslie, if you don't agree, go sue him (that's what you guys are fond of, anyway).

    As for bro Sakmongkol's piece, I read and enjoyed his article on Brahmin vs Pariahs. But after the 21 police reports lodged against the Malay Mail for our caste politics, I think I'll stay away from caste issues for now. But because Sak wrote about Brahmin bumis and Paria bumis doesn't mean there are Brahmins and Pariahs in the Malay society. There are classes but likening these classes to the Hindu caste system may hurt some people in this country and we shall not hurt.

    Thank you.

  45. Ah, appreciate the confidence you guys have in me BUT, really, this blog can cover only so much. And sometimes by choice some articles are better carried by The Malay Mail ...

    Got your copy today, Param & Don Key? There's a story on Najib on "No cover up" re the missing jet engine.

    Thank you.

  46. Anonymous3:45 pm

    In all honesty, I'm quite sick that the government consistently chooses to let big fish off the hook. The small fish like Teoh Beng Hock always get on the receiving end of the punishment, while big fish like Anwar and Raja Petra living the high life.


  47. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Yeah, Rocky, there is a statement from your boss saying that there's no cover-up. Ask lah the next pertinent question as a blogger: if no cover-up, why wait until end 2009 to report on a matter that happened in end 2007 ?

    Just like the PKFZ scandal, they will charge some corporals and sergeants in the airforce together with some truck operators who helped transport the engine to the ship. OMG, it could be someone from PKA who helped load the engine on to a ship heading for South America !!

    Hehehe, Rocky, spin this as fast as you can for the dark side of the Force.

    Don-key Godfather

  48. Anonymous4:09 pm


    I love one comment on another blog regarding the missing engine:

    What else is missing ? Can we contact our new submarine ?

    Best (sick) joke of 2009 for an event that happened in 2007 !


  49. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Dear 'Disgusted',

    I feel exactly the same way.


  50. matrimn5:59 pm

    Actually both BN and PR parties need to shake up and reform. The rakyat are no longer a 'Tidak Apa' people and they are demanding more proper governance. we are losing ground to upcoming developing nations like Vietnam and Indonesia. If the powers-that-be in both sides take a look in the crystal ball, they should know that the party that reforms first will gain the upper hand on GE13.

    So the ball is in both sides' court. PR should appreciate the criticism from Leslie Lau or any other ppl including BN themselves. The same applies to BN parties as well. A party that listens will gain more. Always know that the rakyat are greedy and they want the reforms now with all the economical benefits minus the pain but that should be expected. A true party leader should know how to swim in this environment.

    Conversely, the rakyat also should know the capability of our political leaders. Some issues could be too radical for it to take effect now and the parties will have to take time to process and implement certain reforms. Even mindsets require time to change. Here, the idiom, you can't teach old dogs new tricks, is held fast here. If the old dogs are willing to learn new tricks then there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Hopefully, some equilibrium will come from this and I think everybody should agree that our dear tanahair is growing up and these are just growing up pains.
    If everything goes well, all of us will enjoy the benefits of a reformed nation.

  51. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Najib's the winner, Rakyat's the loser......more and more money again, and again Rocky is quite...50m jet engine and 100m by Dr M.....what a sham!

  52. How can he be the winner when it also is revealed on the same day that he lost during his watch at the Ministry of Defence a jet's engine?

    Ah, but then again the loss of a jet engine or for that matter a jet does not necessarily endanger the security of the tenure of UMNO's BN does it?

    Najib and UMNO would have been worried if, lets say, the FRU lost the use of its water canons and trucks and personnel carriers for instance. The way things are going it would seem like losing the country to a foreign power might be better than UMNO losing its grip on the government!!

  53. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Ha Ha Ha...After 1 year of lodging a police report by the authorities on the jet scam, NO ACTION yet!!

    And Rocky, you defend your no-jet posting on Najib's reaction saying no cover-up..

    You have become disgusting lah..your journalistic ethics have reached rock bottom. Where's your conscience man, asking us to read Najib's no cover-up statement. That statement is typically Barisan reaction. For God's sake Rocky, please get back your sanity to where it belongs.

    Right now it's in the orifice that smells like shit. Stop giving us the kid stuff response. Period.

    Your no-jet posting is a typical attempt to protect your idol Najib, who wasthe defence Minister during the RM50million theft of our money. Got it?


  54. Anonymous11:06 pm

    "With no/limited funds from the federal govt the PR-led states ...."

    PR dude above said... come-lah, stop bluffing people, PR control the RICHEST AND SECOND RICHEST STATE IN MALAYSIA. If you think people are smart, ... and this people also smart to detect between bluffing, blaming and excuse given by PR and their goons.


  55. Anonymous3:40 am

    I guess all the excitement is beginning to sink down... all the noise, yet their pockets makin koyak rabak??

    Where la all that cakap bongkak Eng Guan? New Projects elek ker? Are investors confident enough in your abilities?

    And Selangor.. New projects elek ker?

    Lamanya jadi opposition, dalam satu tahun pun takleh tarik good projects in ker?

    Poor PR voters, jadi kaya dengan air liuk ajer nuuuu.. hehawwww


  56. salam saudara, maaf menyimpang sedikit, mungkin kita boleh membantu mereka ini;

    terima kasih bro.

  57. Anonymous10:12 am


    Thanks for your swift response. avoid treading on mainstream media issues that will expose the big guns in BN who are behaving as though they are above the law.

    And the trend within the law enforcement seems to be making some scapegoat pay the price for such incidents.

    Remember, once the current IGP lamented, 'Why come after the police only for bribery offences, what about those who are giving?".

    In the case of the illegal money repatriation, its always the moneychangers who get their licences revoked/suspended, but then what about the big guns who actually ask the moneychangers to do the job?

    IGP also keeping quiet here!
    (Because it is not involving the police?)

    Thats why, I mentioned earlier in your response coloumn as follows:

    "And of course, why Bank Negara is not going after the fellows who used mamak moneychangers to siphon off money from the country without going through proper procedures.. is not an issue for you, right?

    You too did this remittances through mamak moneychangers who were protected by a mamak MOF2 then?"

    So what is your take on this subject?

    Or you want to blatantly protect your BN godfathers who gave you a new lease of life in the mainstream media?


  58. Anonymous10:21 am

    See how the law acts fast on a 'party' incident? News below refers.

    But it does not whimper about the illegal money repatriation despite the fact that manistream media reported it and Bank Negara has details?

    So much for 'fair law enforcement' which boosts foreign investor confidence about this beloved country of ours.

    And your 'free' Malay Mail (the Paper that Cares) does not care about such issues after all but wait for some 'reassuring but PR statements' from those in power and publish it!!!


    BENTONG, Dec 21 — 29 people, including seven women, were detained at two parties held at separate blocks of the Amber Court Apartments, Genting two days ago.

    Bentong police chief Supt Rosli Abdul Rahman said 10 of them, including a woman, aged between 19 and 25, were detained on the 6th floor of Block A at about 2.45am.

    He said they included three private college students, including the woman, and three public servants.

    “Urine tests were conducted and the nine men tested positive for cannabis,” he told a news conference here today.

    He said police also seized a few types of drugs and liquor during the raid.

    Rosli said another raid was conducted an hour later on the 22nd floor of Block B at the apartment, which resulted in the arrest of 19 people, including six women, aged between 16 and 27.

    He said 10 of them tested positive for drugs.

    The suspects, except two students, were charged today under Section 15 (1) (A) of the Dangerous Drugs Act, he added.

    Rosli said the suspects were mostly from Kuala Lumpur and met at the apartment units, which were rented for RM200 to RM300 a night. — Bernama

  59. Anonymous11:18 am

    Leslie, please tell me how Najib's strategy is putting money into people's pockets? Name me 10-20 ways he is doing that. How come since 1997 financial crisis till now the economy has not pick up? Let's not talk about some bullshit figures! Go down to ground level, listen to the ordinary people talk.

    Forget all those who make easy money, corrupted money and received hands out. Try starting an ordinary business and see whether you could survive and make heaps...then you are talking right, Leslie!


  60. Anonymous11:24 am

    No cover up , says PM. I will say that it's a bullshit. He was the Defence Minister when it happen in 2007 and not a word was mentioned.If not for Zahid Hamidi that make the revelation, no one will know about it.
    Now, think why Zahid wants to make the case known to the public? Ask KJ. A sort of blackmailing?
    Sick of corruption.

  61. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Hi Leslie.
    we dont think as what U think. It is not about putting the peoplle pocket with a lot of money.
    Dont insult us with that cheap ideology.

    And Leslie, pls dont insult yourself with that level of thinking.

    We r not living in the 60-ies or early 70-ies. We know Umno is fully corrupted party - dulu, kini dan selamanya, corruption.

    Has Umno changed? Umno - kick the bucket

  62. Darryl Khoo5:31 pm

    I personally think BN is going to bury themselves. U need economic issues to incense the rakyat periodically. What better way to continue reminding like the credit card tax & fuel subsidy removal in year 2010 and GST in year 2011. Hopefully, that should keep the anti BN fire burning towards the next GE.

  63. jeremy10:38 pm


    it never fails to amaze me how tiny the minds and brains of these goons of commenters like parameswara are.

    but for sure, they're giving you a lot of credit. they're so stupid that they don't realize that their attack on you shows that they have so much faith in you to deliver more than you can give in this blog of yours.

    they expect you to blog about so many things and if you don't they get so sorely disappointed.

    they think Rocky's Bru is a news portal or what?


    they make me laugh.

    but you are good, bro. you let a lot of clowns comment.
    makes me feel so clever.