Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Form Royal Commission on Missing Jet Engines

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Original posting:
While some politicians whine for a Royal Commission to investigate the RM100 billion "squandered" by Dr Mahathir to build our highways, ports, KLCC, etc., our fellow blogger The Scribe is calling for the setting up of such a Commission to bring to book those behind the missing jet engines is made by seasoned journo-blogger The Scribe.

Why only an internal inquiry? Why not a full-blown investigation and trial by a civil or military authority?

Why not a court martial? If these people could steal and sell their own equipment, what is there to stop them from surrendering to the enemies when their lives are at stake?

Something is amiss. Where was the Minister in-charge when this alleged crime was committed? Where were the generals, the secretary-general and the internal auditors? Sleeping?

Something is fishy. Why just an internal inquiry? Why just gave them the boot?
This is an act of treason. Why were they not court-martialed?
Read the whole Missing Fighter Engines - A Fishy Explanation h e r e.

It's impossible not to feel and share The Scribe's concerns. Last night after dinner with several editors, the first issue we discussed was the missing fighter jet engines. "For all we know, this could be the tip of the iceberg," one said. We don't know that but like the Scribe says this is treason and what we know is that in some countries it is punishable by death. Najib must send the message that 1Malaysia does not treat treason lightly, or kindly.


  1. Assalamualaikum.

    I was thinking the same. Why the double standards?

    Such a theft and subsequent sale of the nation's Royal Air Force assets tantamounts to an act of the highest treason and those responsible must be court martialled and when convicted be punished by the ultimate penalty!

    Death by firing squad!

    No other options!

    I was just about to publish something along the same line of thought when I happened to stop by here.

    This is treason and all those who are involved must be court martialled!

    The problem is that we have a fibbling PM who dares not rock the boat or really bang his hand onto the table so to speak?

    That's what happens when you have those who are born with a silver or golden spoon in their mouth take over power as the Prime Minister!

    No guts to call a spade just that and to uphold true justice!

    I'm getting fed up with all these pussyfooting by the man!

  2. Anonymous12:35 pm


    Quote-"Najib must send the message that 1Malaysia does not treat treason lightly, or kindly."

    And TRAITORS must be NAMED!!!!!

    You brave enough to publish names of all those sacked? Me thinks you have the resources and little whispering birds .

    My guts tells me, you won't dare.


  3. Anonymous12:42 pm

    There was a practice firing of an Exocet Missile (about RM5.0 mill each) which misfired - also when Najib was Defense Minister. Then in Nov this year they fired another one and they say it worked ok.

    Now an F5E engine was stolen and sold. It was stripped down and then resold as spare parts to the RMAF for profit. So the engine never left the country. It is possible it never even left he airbase.

    This is only talk about South African arms dealers, South American connection etc. I dont believe that. Melayu tak lah pandai sangat. I think they just took the engine out, removed all the parts, sent it out the back door, then received it back through the front door as "new engine parts". Since the supplier of F5E spare parts are well known, I think if we find the supplier, we will solve this mystery. Suppliers of aircraft parts are usually well connected people, Datos or Tan Sris. It may even go back to the politicians in power. So I dont think there will be any Royal Commission.

  4. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Saya setuju dgn Mahaguru. Kita sudah boleh nampak Najib lembik. Bini Najib ada pejabat sendiri di Pejabat PM. Tak lama nanti bini PM akan lebih berpengaruh atas urusan negara. Najib memang nampak lembik dan tidak dapat mengambil tindakan yg berani utk mengawal keadaan.

    Menteri kontroversil dan skandal masih kekal dlm Kabinet. Wakil Rakyat Bung Mukhtar sibuk juga kahwin artis muda - malukan juga. Hal rakyat macam mana? Asyik ke overseas saja. Inilah persepsi rakyat terhadap kerajaan pimpinan Najib.

    Ekonomi pun tak lah ghairahkan siapa pun. Lembap juga. Melayu juga makin susah. KRA, KPI dan entah apa lagi - tak ada nampak pun kesan.

    Yang jadi kaya orang kenamaan yg curi injin jet F5E. Yang kaya Dato menteri juga dan kroni-kroni.

    Sampai bila depa nak telan duit rakyat. Rakyat dapat apa? Sepuluh sen, dua puluh sen saja. Kroni joli saja - dapat jawatan besar, gaji besar berpuluh ribu sebulan, kerja sikit, hidup senang, takde tension.

    Najib dengan Dollah Badawi apa beza? Rakyat biasa juga.

  5. Anonymous12:58 pm

    1. is there such engine at the first place? for all we know, there was an invoice for RM50mill but it was actualy "pocketted" by someone. Oh, the distrust.

    2. If the Ministry of Defence/ RMAF lost a huge ass expensive machine, seriously, we are putting our lives in their hands? They are safeguarding our country? yikes.

    3. We should trust women more, y'know as men are prone to lost stuff and not seeing things; you guys can't even find your socks in the drawer and let's not mentioned the lost of car keys. Lame.

    4. The person who was the Minister of Defence back then should resign. it's RM50MILL! not 50 sen!

    ~anon 11.55

  6. Anonymous1:07 pm


    You finally came up with this posting. Better late than never.

    The assholes involved MUST be made to answer some serious charges.

    Jet engine thefts has never happened in any country. My foreign colleagues are indeed apalled.

    Najib, you want your GTP to have any credibility, here's a chance.

    And Najib, you owe Malaysians an apology for helping keep the thefts a secret for so long.


  7. Anonymous1:15 pm

    If this happen in China, the culprits would have been hung by now. If our leaders are going to be lenient on the serious matter, stealing from the government will go on unabated. Corruption will go on until our beloved Malaysia is bled dry. What a shame on our ministers and to all of us. Not too long ago there was some talk about a small neighboring overruning us in a matters of hours in time of war. I was sceptical, but now I can believe this scenario can be true. I will not be surprise if the Generals are the one to run away and surrender first before the soldiers.


  8. Anonymous1:15 pm

    'Back in 1995, PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad was quoted as saying 'lama-lama kapalterbang pun hilang juga' when he was asked about a gold heist...
    Dr M also said that Malaysia is a half past six country.

    Even Zimbawae Ahead of Malaysia (EZAM)

  9. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Cerita betulnya:
    Itu 2 enjin mahu dihantar baikpulih ke syarikat McDonald Douglas kat USA. Tp kosnya mahal sekitar rm15 juta jd dihtr ke syarikat yg berpengkalan di Amerika Selatan (Brazil) dgn kos yg murah sekitar rm10 juta shj. Tp dlm DO ttap tulis rm15 juta dan dihtr ke Brazil maka org yg handle urusan itu buta2 dpt rm5 juta. Mc Douglas dh repot yg mereka tk terima enjin tersebut maka itu kes ini meletup pada 2008. perlu diingat enjin dihtr pada 2007.2008 kita mengalami tsunami politik jd kes ini selamat seketika. skrg timbulah balik kerana cuba fikir 2008 dah buat laporan polis apsal bru skrg kita tahu. itu rm5 juta dh ada berlegar dlam itu org punya akaun bank maa. dan itu enjin yg hilang ha sudahpun diterima dan dibaik pulih pun. soalnya skrg enjin tak hilang tapi ada org dalam dh makap rm5 juta dan ada yg tak puas hati pasal dpt syer sikit.
    itu la citer dia. ada mcm karangan budak darjah dua tak...


  10. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Ah, Rocky the dark knight, now you're talking...make sure you stay the course and follow it to the end. Jangan main-main. There's some hope to reconvert you to the right side of the Force.


  11. Anonymous1:25 pm

    where is NAJIB's responsibility in this shameful loss by the RMAF, when the 2007 chief of the air force has recently been promoted to become the chief of the three services (army, navy, air force)?

  12. Anonymous1:33 pm

    that jet engine was probably not worth rm50 million and was probably sold for just a few thousand ringgit to some drag racer. watch out for a jet propelled proton car at sepang soon. lol! lol!
    kalau ada lagi enjin lama lama janganlah scrap atau buang. jual lah kat kami. supportlah local motorsports sikit. enjin jet tebuan pun jadilah.

    - The HITMAN -

  13. Anonymous1:33 pm

    As the politicians lose their balls....the military lose their jet's engine.That's just great. And Najib still fucking think that he got credibility.

    Day by day the whole fucking cabinet is becoming kindergaten students.Shameless crooks!

  14. mazlan1:38 pm


    You do realise who was the Defence Minister in 2007? Do you honestly think he would now want an open inquiry on this matter?
    Like you said if they can move a bloody great jet engine, what other equipment has gone 'missing'.
    Of course the PM has to clearly answer for this treasonous activity and take responsibility and name names.

  15. Anonymous1:49 pm

    You fellows really make me laugh. Stealing a jet engine is treason. Stealing from the rakyat a la PKFZ, collapsing buildings, cracked roads, etc is not treason.

    Is it because the funds from the sale of the jet engines didn't come back to UMNO that it is classified as treason ?

    There won't be a BN at the next elections because you guys try too hard to justify BN's actions (or inactions).


  16. Anonymous2:10 pm

    No cover up , says PM. I will say that it's a bullshit. He was the Defence Minister when it happen in 2007 and not a word was mentioned.If not for Zahid Hamidi that make the revelation, no one will know about it.
    Now, think why Zahid wants to make the case known to the public? Ask KJ. A sort of blackmailing?
    Sick of corruption.

  17. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Pergi check kat perniaga besi buruk lah...

    -satu rawang-

  18. Anonymous2:44 pm

    The buck stops at the PM desk.

    If no royal commission then you know a major cover up involving some people very close.

    That means this government has ZERO CREDIBILITY to rule this country.



    I hope Yang Di-Pertuan Agong who is commander-in-chief will do something.

    This is His Majesty rightful duty to call for Royal Commission investigation.

  19. Anonymous3:00 pm

    The case of 2 missing (stolen)jet engines is not something new for the Ministry of Defense. Remember the Al Maunah incident where almost a lorry load of weapons were stolen right under the nose of the Generals. Remember too the case of the empty cannon shells. Apparently, lessons not learnt. Surely, other pilferages and missing inventories went unreported.

    Establishment of a Royal Commission should be positively considered by the authority.

  20. Anonymous3:14 pm

    kerana duit ringgit mereka ini sanggup jual harta negara. bayangkan kalau negara sedang diancam musuh atau diserang tentera asing, kemungkinan mereka akan jual negara. orang seperti ini hendaklah ditembak mati...

    senapang patah

  21. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Just take the air force general and put him in front of the firing squad.
    No trial. Just shut him dead. I guarantee the next one will be on his toe.

  22. Anonymous3:50 pm

    tuan, kesemua pendapat2 ini patut disalurkan kepada KERAJAAN terbabit. Pencari keuntungan mudah ini adalah PENDERHAKA dan PENGKHIANAT NEGARA dan BANGSA. Hukum mereka sampai mati, dirampas segala harta mereka. Celaka punya manusia....

  23. Anonymous3:50 pm

    The culprit should be sent to kamunting under ISA.

    Md ISA Abdullah

  24. Anonymous3:58 pm

    Anon 11:55am

    Its not RM50mil anymore, its RM100mil!!! Its 2 engines not 1 you know! Now, where r we heading, my God. This is preposterous, ridiculous, outrageous, unbelievable, absurd, outlandish and so on and so forth.

    Please by all means, do not let those responsible walk free as an act of treason is being committed here. If nothing is being done, it will surely reflect on the Government especially to PM Najib. Do something now, do not let any more comments come out from Min of Defence, AG, KPN or anybody else. Damage control must be activated.

    Don't you think the US will issue a statement after this? Don't you think PR will use it to the limit? Please, our lives, the rakyat, are at stake here. Punish those plunderers, criminals and thiefs.

    Hantu Siber

  25. Rasputin Beliong4:13 pm

    Won't be surprised come one fine day Minister of Defence finds his balls stolen. Malaysia boleh!

  26. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Missing? What's the problem?

    Just file an insurance claim and let the ask for a replacement. What's the matter? No insurance too?


  27. Anonymous4:37 pm

    people and bloggers, let us put more pressure for najib to delivers things. now he seems to put lots of plans here and there but no significant output so far. we want economic to go up, street crime reduce, public transport improve, corrupted person n leaders charged, kick out nonperformance ministers and civil servant, etc. for all issue, we want to know the truth stories, solution, action take, what, who, when, how, etc. deliver now najib!

  28. Dear Rocky,

    All these comments were made as if they are so dumb. Especially the Mahaguru58..."Death by firing Squad". Is he using his small head between his legs to do the thinking!!
    Let's wait and see. Charging someone should be done with all the might of the law. Is everyone harping about this just because Najib is the Defence Minister then?
    To me, questioning the Malay special rights is treason of the highest order. because they are questioning the Constitution of this country. And these people should be shot and thrown out to sea....


  29. Anonymous5:20 pm

    WOW and the police take more than a year to investigate this case. However, DSAI's case, police give top-most attention. What are the police doing? This investigation should have been wrapped-up by now (definitely long time ago) between police, military intelligence, defense ministry and prime minister’s office. Many departments sleeping? Come-on Rocky, let MM become the investigative paper it once was and discover all these mismanagement and corrupt practices. U owe this not only to Malaysian but to your children and grandchildren (unless you intend them to migrate). Lead the newspapers to walk the talk! We need change and anyone that helps towards the change of good governance we will support, however we need many agents of change. We have enough of slim-balls and balls-carriers and YBs'not interested in helping our people.


  30. Anonymous5:52 pm

    is Rocky calling for his master to be shanghaied?

  31. ableedingmalaysian7:05 pm

    This is another reason why I love my 1Malaysia more.

    Anything pun boleh.

  32. Anonymous7:33 pm


    Macam saya tulis kat blog pak kadiaq....

    Jual Lagi! Jual lagi 1 Malaysia...

    Cheap sale....military equipment second hand from Malaysia.

    Slogan je bro bukannya benda baru...

    Keturunan Jebat

  33. Anonymous7:56 pm

    Tn Mahaguru,

    what do u expect.....DS kan macam beholden kat orang-orang dia. Dapatlah tu bini QC. Tak nampak ke gambar turun dpd kapalterbang dlm berita di copenhagen. Bini dia turun dulu bukannya PM. Mana ada ketua negara kalau ikut protokol bini turun dulu?

    Macam say tulis kat blog Pak Kadiaq, DS Najib banyak baggage....

    Keturunan Jebat

  34. Bro, This goes beyond robbery this is more than high treason this is waging war against the Agung and our nation. The only suitable punishment for all these perpetrators is to be hung by the neck until they die.

    It was also reported that beside the jet engine, even the engine's maintenance records from a safe was taken too. I cannot imagine how the huge jet engine can be taken out in a lorry through the tight security of the air force establishment and then transported out of the country. This is indeed a precise and very well planned operation. God knows what else is missing from the Armed Forces store.

    Remember the Al-Maunah gang who impersonated as army officers and men who easily raided the Army's armory in Perak in July 2000. Fortunately these extremists were surrounded and they surrendered to the ATM Commandos and Rangers at Sauk. The AlMaunah leader and his assistants were hung in 2006 after being found guilty of waging war against the Agung. I think the armed forces as a whole have not really learned from this experience, that is military hardware security is a 24hrs 365days/year job.

    Internal enquiries and sacking and sweeping this serious breach of national security under the carpet just would not do, as such:

    1. All those involved be caught and charged with waging war against the Agung and the nation. It does not matter who the guilty are, whether they are Air Force officers and men and their civilian counterparts. The guilty one should be hung until they die or at least given life sentences.

    2. Tok Kadir is right, a Royal Commission of Inquiry should be called to investigate, study what happened and what else was lost and recommend tighter procedures in dealing with storing and movement of military hardware arms, spares and parts.

    This jet engine robbery event is a disgrace to the entire Armed Forces, while the investigation is ongoing the TUDM top brass and officers incharge of Logistics and support and security should be relieved of their command so that others more competent would take their place. Yes, this is the time for pointing fingers and fix a national security leak situation. Let this be a lesson that robbing military hardware is a National Security matter and is high treason punishable with death.

    Bro, I applaud the many commenters here who serioussly see this as breach of national security but somehow there are always these irritating commenters who just love to politicise the issue, well any issue actually. In their haste to politicisise any issues against the BN Government, they are lost and cannot see the wood for the trees.Pitiful bunch really.

  35. Anonymous8:24 pm

    I am really mad at whoever the culprits are. Here I am being squeezed by civil servants on any services for the govt in the name of saving money for them and you have these monkeys short of selling the the country.

  36. Anonymous8:28 pm


  37. Is it not astonishing that in a matter actually concerning national security, not a single person has been arrested under the Internal Security Act?

    Reporters have been ISA'd 'for their own safety' and MP's on a lie supported by scurillous MSM. Last week the police again warned NGO's not to gather for harmless candle light vigils.

    Yet 2 years after the loss of 2 jet engines costing RM 50 million from a maximum security RMAF base when PM Najib was our long-standing Defence Minister, there have been no arrests.

    They are still talking about investigating the theft and we have no clear statement from the Minister who is quoted as stupidly saying:

    "Zahid also reiterated his belief that the RMAF's logistics system was foolproof. “I stress that the record and inventory system of all national services is satisfactory including the Royal Malaysian Air Force." MI.

    Satisfactory? His ass!!

    Has anyone seen a copy of the police report purported to have been made? I bet they "lost" that too!!

    Wonder what else is "missing" from our nation's defence equipment. When was the last independent audit done?

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  38. Anonymous9:30 pm

    yahoo, najib will be hung to dry for losing a jet during his watch. rosmah to be PM soon! Weeeeee.

    We are phark!


  39. Jenggg X39:44 pm

    ka ka kah... enjin jet tudm pun kena curi... ka ka kah

    woit, tak payah takut pada singapura

    thai dan indon pun usah ditakuti

    takutlah maling maling dalam tentera kita... ka ka kah...

    bila perang... enjin untuk jet pejuang takde... ka ka kah...

    bila perang... roda untuk trak dan apc takde... ka ka kah...

    bila perang... peluru pun sudah takde... ka ka kah...

    woit, siapa jadi mentari pertahanan semasa tu?

    woit, apasal zahid nak umno pulau pinang ambil alih?

    woit, lu selesai isu jet curi dulu dey...

    nanti kalau jadi Cif Menester... ka ka kah... habis Komtar kena curi...

    jambatan PP hilang kena curi... ka ka kah...

    pasir kat batu feringi pun habis dicuri... ka ka kah

  40. Anonymous10:42 pm


    Fuck you lah!

    Why the fuck do you scold Mahaguru?

    Is it becos yr beloved Najib Sotong was the Defense Minister back then?

    Mahaguru is just saying that the fuckers who stole the engine must be shot for treason!

    What lanciao Malay sentiments are you talking cock here for?

    People are pissed off becos this theft was done in 2007 yet no heads rolled becos of this and here you are barking at what Mahaguru suggests?

    Kanninabo chibay ey lang!

    No wonder the fuckers are so blardy happy with suckers like u around!

    Go screw Najib lah fucker!


  41. Anonymous10:48 pm

    In the case of one of the engine, the shipping documentation was changed to another destination so instead of landing where it was supposed to be it was sent somewhere else.
    As for the second engine, it was believed that it was broken into smaller components for easier transport and later shipped overseas as sccrap.

    You Know Wholah!!!!

  42. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Tu pasai bila depa beli rumah kediaman, serentak sekali gus, beli kat semua anak2 dapat.

    Bila sekok anak nak BM, serentak, semua anak2 lain tukaq kereta BM...

    Tak sedar diri depa semua nih, sebenarnya PENCURI?

    Timah kena curi, getah kena curi, kelapa sawit depa curi, BALAK depa curi, projek depa curi, TANAH depa curi, Port depa curi, Pasir depa curi...

    sampai enjin JET pun depa songlap!!

    Hai Polis, takkan sekadar nak tangkap pencuri kereta saja kuttt?


  43. Al-Sadr11:33 pm

    Sdr rocky;

    Ini semua yang hilang ni (USD100 billion sama enjin jet perjuang ) kerja David copperfield bukan kerja kita...Kah..kah..kah

    Kerja kita makan padi aje , hah harap pagar pagar makan padi gitulah kerja kita..he..he lepas ni apa yang akan hilang? kereta kebal? atau kapal selam ?? LOL

    Jangan mara , gurau je...

  44. Anonymous12:08 am

    "Won't be surprised come one fine day Minister of Defence finds his balls stolen. Malaysia boleh!"

    Now, he has to keep checking every minute.

  45. Anonymous1:11 am

    mirror, mirror in the wall... who is the greatest idiot of them all?

    first, standing in the right corner is The Scribe, a seasoned journo-blogger, with:

    1. Where was the Minister in-charge when this alleged crime was committed? Where were the generals, the secretary-general and the internal auditors? Sleeping?

    ...err, dumbo... for that matter, where were you?

    fyi, he is only the Minister in-charge... not GOD.

    could somebody please explain to this seasoned journo-blogger-idiot that, as with all crimes all over the world, only the perpetrators know where they were when they committed their crimes... as for the rest of us mortals... well, we would only become aware of their dastardly, shameful, treacherous deeds... A-F-T-E-R the F-A-C-T.


    2. It defies logics.

    yes, idiot... of course, it defies... because the noun, logic, doesn't exist in the plural form.

    and to think that this seasoned journo-blogger-idiot was once the Editor-in-Chief of an English-language daily... pathetic!

    so, Scribe, let's have a full-blown investigation into this as well, eh?

    then we have, on our left, the Malaysian Insider, with:

    1. The fact that not one but two fighter aircraft engines could go missing from the Royal Malaysian Air Force's (RMAF) inventory is not just a normal case of theft. It involves national security.

    ... err, dumbo junior, are you implying that it were only one fighter aircraft engine, then it would just be a normal case of theft?

    so, not involve national security, ah?

    finally, also on the left, we have Arty Farty, with :

    1. If RPK had insulted Islam, what about those who had walked after Friday prayers with a bloodied and severed cow head while policemen stood by the side doing nothing for fear of "making the situation worse"?

    err, dumbo, are you a Muslim?, a Hindu? a lawyer?

    if you are a Muslim or a lawyer, then it would be obvious that NO laws, both Shariah & Criminal, were broken... but, then again... no, I'm not rasis.

    2. Nowhere is safe. Not even in the police lock-up, as Kugan found out the hard way. Not at the MACC office either, if reports of death and torture are to be believed.

    err, idiot... ever hear of people dying in the comfort of their beds?



    so, why didn't you include this piece of fact instead of rumour-mongering "...if reports of death and torture are to be believed..."

    but, then again, this would spoil the B-grade Tamil-movie script of which you and the PKR merry-men are desperately trying to sell us.

    speaking of the the usual PKR suspects... they all sound the same, don't they?

    their line of argument is always... yes, A-L-W-A-Y-S the lesser of two evils.

    it does give the impression that they are being coached by the same all-ways GURU, doesn't it?

    anylorong, I say, evil IS evil... no matter who, the duck, does it!

    theB O L Danon

  46. Van Petrol1:29 am

    VAN, lu cakap =

    WOW and the police take more than a year to investigate this case. However, DSAI's case, police give top-most attention. What are the police doing?


    What la you. DSAI's case easy, the target has been identified and mengaku pulak tu. Lepas tu kan, ada DNA.

    Kes enjin jet ni, dia bukan boleh tarok kat belakang. Tak de track record dan DNA tak relevant ...

    Ada faaaaham?!

  47. Anonymous11:34 am

    What la you. DSAI's case easy, the target has been identified and mengaku pulak tu. Lepas tu kan, ada DNA.

    Kes enjin jet ni, dia bukan boleh tarok kat belakang. Tak de track record dan DNA tak relevant ...



    Ada faaaaham?!

  48. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Some morons here are so damn confused with the term 'treason' and mixed thing up with all those politics corruption matters..as usual, those pigbrainers.

    Pls ask your all time favourite lawyer pusing keliling pening the Karpal Singh on his legal view to clarify the legal different between the term TREASON & CORRUPTION.

    When things involved national security, soverignity and any sensitive leakages involving the military facilities, intel or assets, it is tantamount to treason.
    i.e fraud, breach of trust, putting at risk & stake things against the Federation of Malaysia and YDP Agong..
    Guess who is the army big boss, the Field Marshall? the Agong of course.. those goons do fit to be court martialied, no 2nd way about that. Firing squad.

    To those idiots who still failed to understand this treason concept, better deport them back to China...their forefathers had migrated way too early before they had the chance to learned all this "treason" thing from the Communist..that explained their kind of perspective on this serious matter.

    I want to see some heads roll now..not Najib's balls roll..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  49. Anonymous5:17 pm

    dear people,
    the man behind all of this is even more superrior than the ATM's generals.. well you see, i think there is connection with the former defence minister.. the question is, why it been kept secret for all these years until now.. the truth is out there..! by the way, all my thanks to the people discover this case.. thanks a lot..

  50. Let us get real. UMNO leaders are certainly completely unshaken by this theft of jet engines. So what if this ends in sanctions by the USA for instance. Even that they will not care or worry about.

    Now just imagine if this was a theft of FRU's arsenal of water canons, personnel carriers, trucks, their tear gas guns and their shields and batons. Which of the two do you think will worry UMNO and its BN?

  51. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Anak aku, kalo hilang jet mainan dia, melalak tak lalu makan mintak beli ganti serta merta!!

    Hai, enjin JET NEGARA lesap 2tahun pun hampa boleh tiduk nyenyak, pi mai pi mai buat muka loaiii ajer?

    Gaji elaun songlap masuk poket bulan2 hangpa mengayan sewenang wenang duk collect every month??

    Tak lama lagi kami dah kena bayar cukai tanah dan segala cukai.. duk pi kat penyamun rupa rupanya....

    Sori Rocky... surat saya antara Jabatan telah mengambil masa 9bulan baru dapat dikesan! Memang kurang ajar mereka mereka ni duk buat kat kita, makan gaji buta jadi penyamun..



  52. Anonymous8:01 pm

    Anon - 11:34 AM

    Just to let you know, F5E Tiger II was Vietnam War era, as been categorize as light fighter due to limited load and range. Northrop has stopped the production for sparepart and now most of F5E operators facing difficulty time to search for parts.

    The engine size, depending upon additional equipment and specific model, weighs from 300 to 500 pounds (140 to 230 kg) The basic engine design is quite small, about 18 inches (46 cm) in diameter, and 45 inches long (114 cm). Only required twos person to carry the engine.

    Most on TUDM staff try to made big buck before retired, I believed this syndicate involved small group of people from TUDM and contractor.

    Apa hang dok melalut tu apa pasal, kes ni pasal engine hilang bukan pasal DSAI, Tun M, DSNR. Macam ni, kalau kakitangan kerajaan negeri Selangor balas duit hang nak salah YB Khalid – Bodoh punya orang guna la OTAK sikit.

    Setahu aku banyak orang sue Tun M, termasuklah DSAI. Sekarang Tun M nak sue LKS, Malaysia Kini dan Beruk Mat Saleh. Aku nak tengok LKS jadi percacai bila dia kalah..

  53. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Anon - 11:34 AM

    Just to let you know, F5E Tiger II was Vietnam War era, as been categorize as light fighter due to limited load and range. Northrop has stopped the production for sparepart and now most of F5E operators facing difficulty time to search for parts.

    The engine size, depending upon additional equipment and specific model, weighs from 300 to 500 pounds (140 to 230 kg) The basic engine design is quite small, about 18 inches (46 cm) in diameter, and 45 inches long (114 cm). Only required twos person to carry the engine.

    Most on TUDM staff try to made big buck before retired, I believed this syndicate involved small group of people from TUDM and contractor.

    Apa hang dok melalut tu apa pasal, kes ni pasal engine hilang bukan pasal DSAI, Tun M, DSNR. Macam ni, kalau kakitangan kerajaan negeri Selangor balas duit hang nak salah YB Khalid – Bodoh punya orang guna la OTAK sikit.

    Setahu aku banyak orang sue Tun M, termasuklah DSAI. Sekarang Tun M nak sue LKS, Malaysia Kini dan Beruk Mat Saleh. Aku nak tengok LKS jadi percacai bila dia kalah..

  54. Anonymous1:46 pm

    After this, no responsible country will dare sell any nuclear technology to Malaysia. We are pariah.

  55. Anonymous2:37 pm

    After this, we will be able to contract with N Korea for nuclear technology, and we will be able to buy oil (after 2014) from Sudan, Iran and Iraq. This is such good company !


  56. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Dont get over excited over the missing jet engines because I am not too sure whether this shocking revelation has anything to do with PKFZ scandal. The whole population cries foul over the missing jet engine and we start forgetting the PKFZ scandal!!! MCA issue is no longer in the front page....... political parties keep on throwing stones at each other...what next??

    However the fact remains that there is NO compromise for treason and corruption.We should be enforcing ZERO tolerance at every level,regardless of who and status.

    An Armed robber,thief or burglar will escape the gallows because he was only charged for robbery,theft or burgalry but an ordinary person who possesses a bullet can be hanged upon conviction. I stand corrected.

    With or without RCI,if the main culprits get away scot free,then the prediction of 2012 will become a reality in our beloved country.
    Heaven forbids.


  57. Anonymous12:14 pm

    If buying 2 Subs can bring in
    Euro 114mls back handers what the problem with RM50/ Jet Engine ??
    Its lead by example. A precedent has been set by the top so can we
    blame the Rank and Files ??


  58. This thing about missing items in the RMAF, and the Armed Forces as a whole, is an ongoing thing and there seems to be a lack of effort by the people in authority and power (not just those in uniforms) about stopping them. Perhaps they are in cohort with the culprits, or they are themselves the culprit.

    Pilferage still occurs in the Armed Forces today (Army, Navy, Air Force and The Police Force) and there’s no sign that this is going to stop. We are losing a lot of RM millions due to this. Now, the recent loss of two F5E engines cases also received the same action – a Brig Jen, some officers and some men were sacked. This doesn’t help solve the problem. I am quite sure, the two Brig Gens that were sacked in the former and the latter cases, didn’t mind, well, they lost face alright but they are rich. Some of the sacked officers are in the business supplying parts and services to the RMAF! Can you beat that?

    I can’t imagine what would happen if the country is at war. I bet you none of our fighter aircraft; the Sukhois, Hawks, F18 Hornets, etc. will be able to fly, not because our well-trained and committed fighter pilots, including that one very courageous woman fighter pilot, are scared but they just won’t be able to get their aircraft to take-off. I think, by the time the technicians manage to get the aircraft ready, the whole airbase and the rest of them around the country would have been bombed by the enemy aircraft, bombers, missiles and heavy artillery already.

    In my short period of active service, I discovered that most, if not all, of the weapon systems and the other military hardware purchased in all the three services are not the ones specified by the users (yes, we, soldiers) but were purchased for the convenience of some people and many, if not all of these people, have zero knowledge about defence planning. (I am sure you know what I mean here and why it was done in such a way).

    There were many cases of equipment purchased worth millions of RMs which just couldn’t be used and they eventually had to be scrapped. Some people, of course, became very rich after that. So, the more frequent purchases were made, more people who would become very rich and some of the very lucky same people who were at the right place and at the right time would also become very very rich.

    Unfortunately, this is still happening now!

    To add credence to my claims, let’s ponder those past Armed Forces ‘under the carpet’ cases and issues. The ‘Panhard APC’ case, the ‘V 150 APC’ case, the ‘HK 5.56 mm rifle’ case, the ‘Mini Grenades’ case, the ‘Styer rifles’ case, the ‘Skyhawk Fighter Bombers’ case, and many more. And I don’t understand why we must have two different makes of 155mm Howitzers in the service? Next to be categorised as ‘under the carpet’ issue is, yes. none other than the ‘F5E Fighter/Interceptor’ case.

    Yes, fortunately, we always had and still have excellent brains amongst some of the officers we have in our Armed Forces especially those with the ranks of Majors and Lieutenant Colonels or equivalent in all the three services. Anything below major or equivalent would be too inexperienced and their knowledge would still be insufficient and officers above the rank of Lt Col or equivalent are, mostly, waiting to retire or they have already lost their determination to do things and they lack commitment. The other Lt Cols would be too busy working for themselves to get promoted to higher ranks and fight for, cleanly or using dirty ways, who gets the stars placed onto their shoulders first.

    By the way, Rocky, we met sometime before when you were with BT; how do I get onto your bloggers roll. I very much like to 'mix' with you interesting people. Thank you.

    Here's my site: http://hak55.blogspot.com/

    Best regards.

  59. Here's something that I heard 'from the grapevine' this afternoon during lunch at Lake Club. The source is definitely reliable.

    The two missing F5E engines were actually marked for disposal a long time ago and they cannot be used except only for cannibalising. In the books, they both have been depreciated to zero value, or to make the books a bit nicer, at RM1 each. Both are waiting for the next process to dispose them by open tender. However, the actual tendering process is so cumbersome that it would take years for items like these to be physically disposed off and this process, as far as the RMAF or even the government is concern, does not take priority. That's why, if you go and visit military bases, especially those logistics stations including those that belong to the Royal Malaysian Police, you will find tons and tons of items waiting to be disposed including old vehicles, furniture, computers, etc.

    There are many more items in the RMAF store which are already marked for disposal or scrapping or even to be written off. These items are stored at a location with the lowest security grading and even if someone takes out one or two items, nobody would bother and that includes the two engines. Nobody cares!

    How they came out with a value of RM300,000.00 each is a mystery.

    So, what's the big deal?

    Best regards.