Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nazri to shut the duck up!?

Last Sham-urai. I just left a comment at Jalan Sudin, about how Nazri has succeeded in telling the whole world two things:-
1. that Najib is dictatorial (for tellng him to shut up about BTN or argue about it with Dr M) and 2. that Najib is fearful of what people think of him and is even more fearful of Dr M ("... the Prime Minister is very concerned that some quarters may think that I am being used by the leadership to criticise Dr Mahathir...").

Mangkok hayon betul mamat ni. Sorry, I can't find the equivalent in the English language.

Read Joceline Tan's report Nazri to back off from attacking Dr M after talk with Najib h e r e. The sub-head for this posting, "Last Sham-urai" is in reference to Miss Tan's analysis on Friday Of civility and the last Samurai h e r e .


  1. Kenapa mahu marah dgn nazri , gila ka , bukan kah apa yang nazri cakap itu betul

  2. Anonymous4:37 am

    the world does not need nazri to tell them that. najib can think for himself, and i guess by doing what he (najib) did, he (najib) should know that he could well indeed be dictatorial and scared sh** of mahathir.

  3. No Bola6:03 am

    is that all najib?

    if you are so afraid of oppositions, the least you can do is to exert power on your ministers.

    aiyeahhh ... rosmah sudah simpan telor dalam laci ka? mintak kunci sama dia lah...

  4. yeah rocky! mamat ni memang mangkuk hayun!

  5. Anonymous8:27 am

    Nazri came from a well to do family in which arrogance is included in their values.

  6. Anonymous8:35 am

    Dr M should shut up from now, he had spend our nation wealth in all those failed Mega project in the darkest 22 years of the country history.

    What is Multi Super Corridor? What happen to Perwaja?

  7. Nazri still tries to come out of his meeting with Najib with what he probably thinks is a positive spirit. Whatever happened in the meeting, the action imposed by Najib is clearly against Nazri. That's negative, pure & simple. What's possibly positive is that Najib said it to Nazri behind closed doors. That's common courtesy on Najib's part, something probably too much to be expected from Nazri. But then Najib comes from a good Malay family, and with that a good upbringing. That sort of family says "respect your elders, speak well, be grateful." The sort of thing BTN should teach, if they haven't done so. "I have the right to my opinion" works both ways. Respecting the opinion of others takes courage and some class. That's why the worst insult you can give to a Malay, really,is to say that he has poor upbringing - "kurang ajar". UMNO leaders must improve on public civility, at least, and not let all their talk about good community values be rendered meaningless by outbursts of complete vulgarity by the Nazris of poor upbringing. Just think, if an UMNO serving Minister can utter those words to a former Prime Minister who has served his Country for so long,imperfect though he may be, who had in fact helped in that Minister's political career in the past,how much lower can he go with his opinion about others ? And Najib better remember the Minister's public statement - "I give my undivided support to the PM of the day."

  8. Anonymous9:31 am

    We have seen during Kutty's time that Cosmetic(everything is big but hollow inside) at it's best but Morality was rotten to the core not to mention Rapid-corruption and justice-denied.

    You get what you sow so dont blame anyone if you were treated rudely cos thay dont know what they did is wrong.

    The respect is deteriorating each and everyday as he open his big mouth and exposed his own weaknesses to those once admired him but no more !!

    One shud be older the wiser but he is on the reverse.

    Great Pretender.

  9. Anonymous10:21 am


    totally agree on the mangkok hayon part. some people must learn how to keep their mouth shut. inilah dia bila simpan pak menteri ada otak tapi tak pakai. nama aje belajar tinggi tinggi ijazah luar negeri....

    Letihlah pak ngah....

    keturunan jebat

  10. Kenyataan Mulut longkang kedua daripada Nazri Aziz.

    Nazri., Nak bertau hang sikit.

    Semua orang tau, hang kat JPM tu makan gaji buta. Jaga ajalah Bangunan Perlimen tu. Bersyukurlah, dapat kemudahan Menteri walaupun cakap senang nya tugas you setakat Genitor je!

    Kalau nak dapatkan perhatian pun, biarlah kena cara.

    Minggu lepas hang sakat Tun Mahathir. Apa hal?

    KEnyataan Longkang kedua dalam seminggu hang pulak “the bad attitude of our taxi drivers is worse than our filthy public toilets”

    Hanya nila setitik, semua teksi kat KL nak di label sebagai sebegitu.

    Hello Brader, Tengok diri tu. Hang sedar ketidak, Dik kerana orang macam hang ni dalam UMNO habis rosak UMNO semuanya. Kalau Setakat gaji Menteri, tanpa side kick daripada kuasa menteri yang ada, you tak semewah tu !!. UMNO hancor kerana orang munafik macam you. Hang tentu marah kalau orang beritahu macam ni. Memang aku cakap main pukul rata. Macam hang balun pemandu teksi tu. Apa punya mentality lah kau ni.

    Semua aorang tau, Najib simpan kau sebab kau berbakat jadi pencacai. Bukan mudah orang lupa peranan kau semasa era Dolah Suka Loqlaq dan Tun Mahathir. Siapa yang kuat mencacai. Jangan ingat orang mudah lupa macam you brader!

    Sudahlah tu. Hang memang jenis mudah basah, tak yah duk dalam UMNO.

    Tak ada beza nya you dengan Anwar. Hipokrit/Munafik.

  11. Anonymous11:22 am

    Almost all the problems in this country can be traced back to Mahathir's time.
    And he just can't see it!
    Maybe bcoz of all the apple polishers around him who are more than willing to sing his praises.

  12. Mangkuk hayun as used in areas within five kilometres of Buckingham Palace is "Dunce"; with "Blockhead" and "Numbskull" the common terms beyond that right until Yorkshire. Unless someone from the British Council says otherwise, let's just assume this is factual:-)

    Nazri has been infected by "grandstanding-itis". When he heard the cheerleaders praising him to the sky as the best thing to happen after the invention of roti canai, he becomes even more `galak', as the Kelantanese say.

    I hear there's a painful withdrawal when it comes to the tailend of this condition.

  13. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Hmm, Nazri again...

    whatever happened to the thousands of taxi permits which embroiled him controversy sometime back?

    Heard he conveniently 'disposed' of it via proxies and are now in the hands of a Chinese operator...

    Well, Nazri who saved your skin then? And you have the audacity to act beyond reproach, huh?

    Remember the clandestine party trips to China sometime back?

    -fifth columnist-

  14. Anonymous1:33 pm

    bloody bastard he is! Najib should terminate him as this mangkuk hayun not to be a leaders since he is not mesra rakyat! Yeah bloody bastard he is! Dzul pekida melaka

  15. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Actually YB Nazri is right. If Mahathir can talk nonsense, he can do it also.....Mahathir cannot poke his nose anywhere or anytime as he like to comment on sensitive issues. I think he is trying hard to look for publicity since he is "nobody" today. What's wrong with him, he can call Najib anytime if he feels like wanting to give advice on any specific need for any big hoo haa..

  16. Anonymous2:29 pm

    wow ! seems like that mamak kutty more powerful than the pm!

    can still tell the pm to go fuck his people...

  17. Anonymous2:46 pm

    ooooppss ...

    this loud ignoramus should offer our apology to the Japanese

    the baldy may have unintentionally disgraced the Japanese for calling himself samurai


  18. Rocky's,

    Nazri Aziz is a lawyer by profession, a lawyer were trained to see the thing in black or white. That why he being so dumb until cannot see the colors of the rainbow.

  19. Ampatuan Jr.4:41 pm

    Anon 2.29pm
    Anon 1.42pm
    Anon 11.22 am
    Anon 9.31 pm ( great pretender? huh!)
    Anon 8.35am:


  20. Anonymous5:07 pm

    it seems there are a lot of DAP cybertroopers in this least rocky u practice democracy compare to their controlled blog or news site like malaysia insider,malaysia today where no opposing opinion are allowed..Dont try to deny it..I've try several time to post opinion but not allowed..wolveray

  21. tun cuma mempertahankan btn..maksudnya tun mempertahankan btn dari d serang.dahlah nazri ni tak pertahankan btn malah serang tun sbb pertahankan btn...pembangkang ke ape dia ni..tapi dia memang kurang ajar!

  22. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Politicians of Malaysia,

    Please don't equate yourselves to Shoguns and Samurais. You all are none of the above. No honour, no integrity, liars and cowards.

    The Man made you what you are and you can use that kind of language on him. Ungrateful sod.

  23. How about Bollocks for "Mangkuk ayun"?

  24. Anonymous7:39 pm

    nothing was right baut this 'sametomurai'' jirk...and Tun Mahathir name he is not kutty u jokers pakatanist here..what i want to say is nazri u should resign and can joint that bloody zaid sleep on the same bed with anwar beraim! Pakatanist Jirk. Dzul pekida melaka

  25. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Hi Rocky, how's the free MM doing? Maybe I am wrong, but I think the distribution strategy can be improved. You have to encourage innovative distribution tactics to get the MM into the hands of the people.

  26. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Don't kid yerself ladies n gents... Jibby is using Naz as a proxy to whack Madey. Owise, you can expect Naz to get fired already.

    That way he embarrasses Madey w/o striking directly & making it too obvious, makes Team Mukhriz/Madey look like a bunch of racist conservatives, n Jibby gets to project himself as some Great Mediator.

    You've all been played...

  27. Rafa's Revolution9:31 pm

    mangkuk hayon - stupid ass

  28. Anonymous9:32 pm

    Cuba kita duduk kejap dan fikir... kalau ini zaman Mahathir dan yang kata itu former PM.(macam yang berlaku era 80'an yang ramai orang tak tau sebab diaorg semua masih budak). Rasanya Mahathir nak biaq ka?

    Dulu zaman 80'an Tunku dan Hussien Onn pernah kritik Mahathir... I still have the tape...tapi taklah macam Mahathir ni masuk campurnak kritik smapai hina PM... semua org kata jangan masuk campur Tunku dan Hussein. Mahathir pun diam saja, takda pun dia panggil juak2 dia masa tu suruh Tunku shut-up... Masa Mahathir buat semua ok zaman lepas dia, dia buat semua tak ok...

    Dia peluk Musa Hitam depan press tunjuk konon takda masalah lepas tu Musa Hitam blah orang kata dia bijak. Pak Lah buat org kata hipokrit. Adakah kita fair ni dgn PM kita lepas Mahathir?

    Ini org tua sudah lebih, macam negara ni bapak dia punya. Negara ni bukan bapak dia punya sorang saja. Orang lain pun ada contribution. Tapi kita semua cerita macam dia sorang saja contribute nak bangunkan negara ni. Cuba kita duduk dan semak balik, masa zaman dia projek apa yang betul2 dari idea dia berjaya? Proton gagal (walau sesetengah kata berjaya padahal ia berjaya kerana domestik subsidi), Perwaja (gagal), MSC (hidup segana mati tak mau). Yang berjaya bukannya braincild dia tapi zaman Tun Razak dan diasaskan oleh Kuli seperti Petronas, PUNB Felda, Sime Darby. Dia cuma berjaya dgn persyarikatan Malaysia yang memberi ruang untuk ekonomi digerakkan oleh sekumpulan Melayu terpilih atas nama Melayu. Dia guna DEB utk justify sekumpulan Melayu ini kononnya ia hanya penafsiran semula tapi berapa ramai Melayu yang dapat faedah direct sepertimana FELDA yang bagi keuntungan pada Melayu secara direct. Mana duit2 ni semua?

    Kalau zaman dia, Mahathir nak semua diam dan ikut sekarang ni zaman orang lain dia ikutlah. Orang lain pun tak setuju jugak dulu bila dia ubah Akta OSA untuk meliputi dokumen2 kerajaan selain keselamatan yang memberi ruang kepada rasuah. Konon buat atas nama Melayu jugak. Tapi mana Melayunya selain dari orang2 tertentu saja?? dan zaman dia juga tukar nominee syarikat UMNO dari nama pemegang amanah kepada nama2 Tajudin Ramli, Halim Saad. Hasilnya kita langsung tak dengar nama Syarikat UMNO Hatibudi Sdn Bhd, dll. Semua dibuat atas nama Melayu tapi dua tiga kerat Melayu ni saja yang betul2 senang. Itu pun orang diam.

    Ingatlah Mahathir, La ni bukan zaman hang, dulu orang ikut cakap pasai hang PM dan hang pun nak org ikut cakap sebab hang PM. La ni hang bukan PM lagi, tak payah lah nak usaha nak jadi power behind the throne. Retire and do what you want the former PM's to do when they retire. simple aja, practice what you previously preached...Kalau ikut tu semua selamat...Kalau tak semua hancuq.

    Penanak Nasik

  29. Anonymous11:05 pm

    ARe you privy to Najib and Nazri?Did you think that Nazri is an idiot to challenge that mahakutty ? In broad daylight whacking ? Come! come! there ia always a motive for someone to tell that old nut to keep his distance. Any wrong answers he is going to be challenged !Why because he still thinks he is the pm.He got rid of bodowi and got away with it and he expects to call the shots, but somebody had to tell him nicely.Old man kutty should know how to back off !


  30. CommonerNinetyNine1:11 am

    in normal circumstances, when one is armed, and attack his/her unarmed opponent, it is called foul or coward.

    translate this into nazri, a current minister with power plus absolute power backing by his boss, attacking dr m, a retiree, as a 'samurai'?! 'fearless'?!

    i'm truely amazed by how this is playing out!

    jantan, nazri? bark while dr m has power, not after he retired! coward little ass kisser!

  31. Anonymous2:34 am

    Stupid and very rude of Nazri....Yes TDM did mistakes..but he also did big contributions to this country....No one perfect...but between Liar Anwar and Racist DAP...TDM still consider ok...

    Only TDM can make Anwar Liar shut up...and he knw how to handle racist DAP...Beside TDM, Liar Anwar doesn't has any problem to control other UMNO leader...

    ANd Nazri used to be a lawyer...pls check the situation of country where lawyers control the politic...SUCK!

  32. Anonymous4:28 am

    Bru, my observation

    1. It does not matter if Nazri was attacking Tun M on his on or on Najib's order;

    2. Tun M's still has many supporters, among them in Umno. They may not take kindly to Nazri demonising him. They may not vote BN or not coming out to vote in next GE;

    3. On a national matter like BTN, how can a minister like Nazri claimed that he was making a personal stand?

    4. He is a member of Najib's cabinet. Either he gets the order from the PM or Najib concurs with his views.

    5. As a Umno supporter, my stand in plain, either Najib rein in Nazri or drop him from the cabinet, I treat his attack on Tun M as an insult to me;

    6. Or maybe Nazri dares to attack Dr M because Dr M is not yet readmitted into Umno; and

    7.What take Najib do long to readmit him into Umno?


  33. Anonymous7:38 am

    The writing's on the wall. Nazri is preparing to jump ship and join Party Reject.

    But, please give him credit for pointing out the truth about our taxi drivers. He is 150% correct about the rowdy and ruthless taxi drivers who hold passengers to ransom.

    Our taxi drivers should be sent to the army disciplinary school before getting a licence to drive.

    Apart from that, let him fight his own political war.


  34. Dear Rocky,

    1. I dont know if you have read or heard about this...

    2. It is regarding the latest Penang State Govt scandal of employing a scammer to become the man in charge of the FDI for the state of Penang!

    3. It seems there is a chap name Suresh Shannon Cyril who is employed by Penang Govt to handle the FDI of the state but the bloke was involved in a SCAM in 2005.

    2. He scam not businessman but teenagers!

    3. Link to The Star Report

    4. Look here for ...Business Card

    5. Also he has a website where he asked people to donate to the "party"..LOL!

    6. Is this how PR get its money to fund its activities? LOL

    7. So much for CAT...

  35. If Nazri thinks he is a "Last Samurai" then the baldy may want to perform Seppuku for embarassing and bringing shame to his latest master, PM Najib. At least perform a political seppuku and get out of UMNO and resign from the cabinet.He is a liability who does not know how to control himself.

    Nazri's behaviour like some vocal and antagonistic Pakatan MPs reminds me of guard dogs which snarls and barks violently at outsiders from inside his masters compound(Cabinet and Parliament) but are just timid puppies when they are outside the master's house.

  36. Anonymous9:46 am

    To Anon. 8:35am - Dr M should shut up from now, he had spend our nation wealth in all those failed Mega project in the darkest 22 years of the country history.

    What is Multi Super Corridor? What happen to Perwaja?
    I'm most curious, what "failed Mega project(sic)" we are talking about here...
    The North-South Highway (and all other highway projects) which has done wonders to travelling, business, transportation, movements etc to the people from all walks of life?
    Development in Langkawi - is LIMA a failed project although it brings in money to the country?
    Would one consider SIC and F1 failed projects? And KLIA too?

    One has the right to criticise others one does not approve of, but I think it's morally wrong to deny a person's contributions in whatever capacity - whether a statesman or a common citizen.

    I certainly disapprove of numerous things done by politicians from either PR and BN, and would never want to be associated with politicians. But I certainly am grateful for the developments that Malaysia and Malaysians have experienced throughout Tun Mahathir's years as Prime Minister.
    There's so much to be thankful for being Malaysians, there's so much richness in our multifarious existence as a result of wisdom in leadership and tolerance in accepting diversity among Malaysians. But why are we - as common citizens - fighting the war of politicians - unless of course those Anonymous contributors are politicians or their supporters out to confuse the common people?


  37. Anonymous11:09 am

    nazri tak belajar ke masa sekolah rendah dulu tentang peribahasa "kerana mulut badan binasa!"?

  38. Anonymous11:38 am

    Ah, Rocky the Mahathirite.... always championing the Mamakthir who wasted hundreds of billions of the country's money with his grandiose schemes, with his typical "spend first, worry later" attitude.

    Nazri was wrong only on one count - your former boss isn't racist. He just pulled the race cards in order to instill the fear into your fellow Malays. He instilled the fear into you, Rocky, so that you will forever be his slave.

    Slave to the dark side of the Force.



    It's so easy to talk the talk
    But never truly to walk the walk
    How to drive the 'Fiat' car around
    When it's removed from the ground

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 141209
    Mon. 14th Dec. 2009.

  40. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Bro Rocky

    Iakah dia tu the last samurai? ada kah? hey, I thought he was the last pak dogol, you know, wayang kulit in Kelantan, the character seems similar or very much the same. You know when Sri Rama (Shogun)sleeps Pak Dogol comes out with dirty words to make people laugh. People are laughing now anyway.

  41. Anonymous12:58 pm

    A short note to En Zainal Mokhtar...

    Looks like the whole thing had come one full circle.

    It wasn't too long ago when what you just wrote was written about TDM. It was a time when TDM was a young politician and his outspoken opinions of his perceived weaknesses of YM TAR. It was a rough time then - you recall ?

    Our Past do come back to haunt us.


  42. skilgannon10664:20 pm

    Well, Tengku Razaleigh didn't have many flattering things to say recently about TDM, especially with regard to how Petronas' monies have been used.

    In fact, if what was reported was correct, what TR said could be interpreted as an open attack on TDM. And TR's statements, as reported, are considerably more hard-hitting than Nazri's school playground vocabulary!

    Or take what Bursa Malaysia chief executive Yusli Mohamed Yusoff said at the fourth Malaysia Day, a forum in Singapore co-organised by Sias (Securities Investors Association of Singapore) and Bursa Malaysia:

    "As long as Singaporean investors are trading on the same market as everybody else, I can almost guarantee we won't have a situation similar to what happened with Clob...I don't see us ever having another Clob, not in that kind of form anyway."

    Now, wasn't TDM the architect of the capital controls imposed in 1998 at the height of the Asian financial crisis, when, among other measures, trading of Malaysian stocks outside Malaysia was banned (referred to then as the "Clob debacle")?

    So, are the TDM loyalists now going to go after TR and Yusli?

    And is Nazri a "voice crying in the wilderness" or a herald of bigger things to come?

  43. Anonymous4:46 pm

    This minister Nazri has been known as loudmouth judging the way he hold press conferences or giving statements. This is how politicians gain political mileage & influence by being naturally loudmouth to air their view. From the way I see it, clearly he is anti Mahathir or don't seem to favour him much. Mahathir supporter should take heed even he said it is not good to have 100% people supporting him, because he cannot listen to the view of the dissenters to know what he did wrongs so Nazri is the opposition. To me, youngster who rebuke the elders are usually frowned upon as a form of disrespect, but generation view changes. However, you don't see this in Singapore where a minister openly rebuke Lee Kuan Yew. Doing so, would invite maybe sacking or court action from Harry Lee himself.

    Ah Lam

  44. Anonymous4:53 pm

    I really hope Nazri, Mahadir, both just stay out of the picture, berhenti mengganggu current PM to do his job.

    kalau ada idea idea bernas yang membina, jumpalah PM separately, behind close doors, as good statesman advising role.

    why choose cheap open media comments macam ni? both nazri and mahadir, macam budak budak, seeking attention, and seeking limelight. pelik, tapi benar.

    What does nazri-anwar-badawi have in common? these were mahadir choice of men, and choice of leaders...

    yep, the NA mulut longkang, the AI yang hipokrit, and the AB yang teramat incompetent; all were mahadir's choice of pelapis & leaders.....

    what are they doing in common? merosak kan Umno, merosakan BN...

    -why Tdm Why?-

  45. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Bangang ngang ngang ngang Nazri
    Konon nak jadi HERO

    Bangang ngang ngang ngang Nazri
    Konon nak tunjuk dia ni lagi berakai dari TUN

    Bangang ngang ngang ngang Nazri
    Konon nak kaut cinta dari pembangkang, manalah tau nanti dah kena tendang adala tempat nak bermanja

    Bangang ngang ngang ngang Nazri
    Sebenarnya patut dah lama meniaga juboq aje sebab memang tak ada kegunaan langsung pun dalam UMNO, BN mahupun Negara dan Bangsa (Lagi jahanam adalaaa)

    Bangang ngang ngang ngang Nazri
    Haii apa lagi nak kata kalau otak dah ZERO tapi nak jadi HERO!

    Dei belahhlaaaa!


  46. KEPOCHI5:15 pm



  47. Bro,

    More pics in regards to the scandal :

    1. Picture of Shannon with Ronnie Liu Assistant 1:

    2. Picture of Shannon with Ronnie Liu Assistant 2:

    3. Picture of Shannon with Salehuddin Hashim:

  48. Me dun know no last Samurai but I do know the last murai..chuckles

  49. Anonymous12:02 am


    Stupid Nazri,....Viva TDM...He is the only one can make Anwar the Liar and Lim Kit Siang racis to shut up...

    No wonder..PKR & DAP afraid of TDM...heh..heh...PAS did admit TDM as someone with brain...Tok Guru Nik Aziz admitted that...

  50. Ole day saying :"do not bite the hands that feeds you"!

    How wrong!

    WE must do the RIGHT THING first all the time & every time no matter what or who it is!

    Even if he is your father, if he kills somebody, rapes somebody, murders somebody are you gonna shut the fark UP????



    The mothers do not believe the daughters story!
    May I sincerely ask who are they?

    From where is this teaching coming from? What school and varsity is teaching this syallabus?

  51. Anonymous9:04 am

    I always tell my children that this country was once Tanah Melayu and Nazri was once a cow.

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  52. Anonymous9:36 am

    Why is our current PM so afraid of the former PM and have to ask "Nazri to shut the duck up!?"

  53. Anonymous9:51 am

    rock cock...

    lu tamo komen on berita ini ka??

    KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 15 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s debut Budget 2010 was nearly scuttled by the Pakatan Rakyat late last night when it barely got through by a 66-63 vote margin at the third reading in the Dewan Rakyat.

    Najib and Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat saved Barisan Nasional the blushes when they turned up to tilt support to the ruling coalition which lost its customary two-third parliamentary majority.


  54. Anonymous10:08 am




  55. Anonymous10:46 am

    Nazri is no last samurai,neither is he the last asshole from BN. Asshole like Nazri are plentiful in UMNO.

    Before Nazri one asshole from UMNO already joined PKR. Hope this latest edition of asshole will jump to PKR like Zaid.PKR is a party that will take any UMNO asshole cos'the leader is the greatest asshole of them all!

  56. Anonymous11:05 am

    If that baldhead moron wanna be a Samurai, he should perform the code of honour like samurai do.

    Do a harakiri/seppuku for being a stupid minister..the least a real samurai would do is to live in disgrace. Ini Nazri mana ada malu. Lanciau samurai.

    Clearly Nazri does not understand what honour (maruah) means.. similar to those big mouth unresourceful alien bastards over here in Malaysia. Nazri can join the club with the like of Samy NoValue.

    I'm waiting for Nazri to perform the harakiri now! Idiot.

    p/s: that included the skilmoron fella up there.. kah..kah..kah..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  57. skilgannon10664:59 pm

    Heh, heh - anti whatever seems to be getting hot under the collar. Wassamatter, bro - afraid to face up to reality?

    At least, the PM gives the impression that he calls it as he sees it and that he recognises the realities in the region. So he said in an interview with Reuters on 13 Dec.

    What does the PM want to do? According to a report of the interview, he wants to:

    - 'accelerate economic and political reforms in Malaysia in a bid to woo back investment and regain political support'

    - consider the possibility of opening the Barisan Nasional to direct membership, 'which would fundamentally alter Malaysia's decades old race-based political party system

    "Accelerate economic and political reforms"? I wonder what Utusan M will have to opine about that. Or people like anti whatever and their ilk.

    "Allowing Malaysians to join the BN directly without having to join its race-based component parties"? Whither, then, Umno (or MCA or MIC)?

    I think the PM came back from the recent Apec summit in Singapore with his mind and thinking focussed on the economic and political realities in the region. One of which is that Malaysia cannot continue to pursue policies that deter investments and talent from coming into the country and creating jobs for Malaysians. His face-to-face meetings with his Apec counterparts would that driven that home loud and clear.

    So, no matter how much anti whatever barks, or Utusan fulminates, they all do so with an abject sense of futility in that the rest of the region doesn't care a flying fig about them or their views.

  58. Anonymous4:31 pm

    "Heh, heh - anti whatever seems to be getting hot under the collar. Wassamatter, bro - afraid to face up to reality?"

    Yeah right moron..define your 'reality'..which 'reality' are u in now? Is it in some other world pig sty or somewhere deep inside a blackasshole near a galaxy far2 away?

    Pls waived the 'bro' part coz i didn't fuck your sister yet, did i? waa..what's with the out of blue moon offering now?
    :D muhahaha..

    "So, no matter how much anti whatever barks, or Utusan fulminates, they all do so with an abject sense of futility in that the rest of the region doesn't care a flying fig about them or their views."

    Mind having a mirror for yourself moron? so where are you then? hehehehe...

    Speak for yourself lah alien bastard..

    So, honourly you want a pisau potong babi, kapak beliung or a parang panjang to go for you harakiri, skilmoron?
    Or you prefer to waive the maruah part & have it fast (like typical chinks always do) with a 9mm like the army did in Bukit Pelanduk not long time ago?

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  59. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Khun Pana aka johanssm aka binatang, kenapa bendera malaysia tu upside down. Kurang hajar lu! babi!


  60. skilgannon10665:48 pm

    anti whatever is desperately p*****g in the face of the wind, hoping that some odoriferous droplets will infuse other similar minds with the same deliberate ignorance of regional and global realities which apparently pervades a certain section of the intelligentsia in Malaysia.

    I note that u have carefully refrained from commenting on what I posted about the PM's views, as articulated in the Reuters interview or on the statements he made at the Apec summit in Singapore. Why, pray tell? Are u not qualified, in the light of your apparently superior intellect, to discourse on such matters? Let's not evade this issue, shall we?

    Let me also point out the geo-political and demographic realities of Asean. Besides the big gorilla Indonesia (whose take on Malaysia is decidedly ambivalent), there is the Philippines, Brunei (who is a lot closer to Singapore than it is to Malaysia), Myanmar (which is a law unto itself and which probably only listens to China), Cambodia, Thailand (and you know what Thais in general think of the separatist movement down south), Laos, Vietnam (the next emerging tiger?) and Singapore (yes, the only good kid on the block and whose leaders can hob-nob with the likes of Comrade Hu, Obama and Manmohan Singh).

    Who, in this pantheon of Asean countries, has the time or the inclination to pander to, or sympathise with, the racist meanderings of the Neanderthal intellects that propound some quaint notions of hegemony and supremacy based on yearnings for an illustrious past that was brutally betrayed by the colonial masters?

    No, they are all supremely focussed on economic advancement, even if it means learning English (a bete noire as far as some of these N intellects are concerned) or cosying up to multinational corporations or attracting foreign direct investments (the more the better).

    Which is why commentators like those who abound in the pages of Utusan and their like, or in fora like these, are fighting a losing battle to maintain any semblance of relevance in an era of open regionalism, globalisation and free trade agreements.

    Their sense of futility, paranoia and irrelevance in the regional and global scene drives them indulge in frenzies of verbiage, none of which matters anyhow in the overall scheme of things.

    And, to take on your comment about
    "having it fast", let's see if your bravado still prevails when the big brothers (carefully and deliberately undefined) come calling (as they will in an Asean that aims to be the centrepiece of any regional free trade or security setup). I kinda suspect that it will wither away like the bashful dew facing the onslaught of the morning sun.

  61. Anonymous5:52 pm

    Skillmoron the fuckhead..

    Well, like bro Warrior 231 really fit as one fucking "unorgasm housewive"..
    so full of gas..yet no real substance..

    Hey fuckhead..what make you think i care and bother about what Najib said? That fella cannot even command his wife and his cabinet.. far from be able to command my respect..this country can survive in auto-pilot mode..thanx to the fundamental built by the LKY alter-ego : Mahathir.

    Those talking about Indonesia, Philipines, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos et. al... are they gonna materialized before next Christmas or even 4th of July next year fuckhead? So, what gonna happens to the tiny red dot then the moment everybody are equal in "potential difference". Mind to elaborate to me fuckhead economist?

    Thailand has even proposed to work together opening a port in southern of Thailand with the collaboration of Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri what you say about that fuckhead?

    Keep on dreaming in your reality are so pathetic..
    need less to say..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  62. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Where the hell is that stupid pigbrain fuckhead skilmoron now?

    Like usual, a no maruah running away after bitching with no typical of him..
    Living in a delusioned reality

    Here is an example of a reality from the 10th IMT-GT Meeting 2003
    in Kangar, Perlis..something for that stupid pigbrain to read..

    ..everything in this world is so finite including economy, so unfortunate that some 'perasan pandai' fuckhead like this one can never ever understood & some more no maruah to repent..keep on bitching about the so-called undisputed ranking of this country in this and that and in asshole what gonna become of those ranking in say a 10yrs time or even a 100yrs, hah?
    Mind to elaborate on that smartass economist?

    Wonder why the so-called 'lovable' S'pore had been left out from this kind of things by Indonesia & Thailand? Malaysia of course lah..
    The Brunei monarchy are so closed with the kerabat diRaja in Malaysia coz all Raja-Raja Melayu are family related....

    But according to skilmoron, everybody loves Singapore and the rest of the world hates & condemn Malaysia..hahahaha...waa, must be so true then for words that come from the mouth of an unorgasm bitch..keep on syok sendiri lah fuckhead. Memang bodoh..sound more like a self-promoting old prostitute to me..hahahaha...

    Nevermind lah..keep on drowning in self fantasized supremacy mentality, chingkies..Malaysia will not gone vanished from the surface of the earth in 10yrs time..still enough time for us to fuck off those political clowns and those stupid unloyal racist aliens....

    Who cares about them anyway..unresourceful aliens..the least they care is anything about Malaysia..

    ..wonder who are the one that actually really live under siege mentality? Life must be so hard for them, eh..kesian..

    btw fuckhead, ..your 10 ideas on how to improve Malaysia economy pls, again..where is it, bitch?

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  63. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Nazri is not a Mangkuk Hayun... He's just simply a "Dick Head".