Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dewan Rakyat to probe PM's pol-sec's conduct

Nazri Aziz to table motion. The Minister in charge of Parliament, Nazri Aziz (pic with the finger) is expected to table a motion in Parliament this morning to initiate a query into the conduct of Shafie Abdullah (below, right) the political secretary to Najib Razak the Prime Minister, who had allegedly confronted an MP over references the YB made to him in the august house.

The MP, YB Wee Choo Keong (with glasses) has accused Shafie of confronting him in Parliament last week for calling him (Shafie) "the de facto Mayor of Kuala Lumpur".

Hop over to Wee's blog to find out details of the committee that will be set up for the purpose of investigating the allegation.

Nazri had met Najib the other day h e r e over his spat with the elder statesman Dr Mahathir Mohamad over the BTN. I don't know if the Shamurai had discussed the possibility of the parliamentary investigative committee with the Shogun. If he did, we can safely conclude that the PM raised no objection.


  1. Anonymous11:19 am

    Another Zaid Ibrahim in the making?.
    But this time, Nazri being an older hand may not be easily apprehended by just a talk down even if its from the PM himself.
    He likened himself to the Last Samurai, but who is the Shogun?
    The link here(without permission) may shed some light: http://archives.liewchintong.com/en/?cat=21


  2. Those working for the Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak must now be reminded again that they are working for the chief executive of the country, a job that needs the supports of all of his loyal men and staff, no one is an independent entity for their conduct will determine whether the Prime Minister will be respected or loathed. I hope Datuk Shafiee will be dealt with fairly, but if he is found to be in contravention of protocol, etiquette or a simple basic rudimentary of his job scope he must resign or asked to be relieved. Similarly if YB Wee Choo Keong is found to be making up a story he should also be reprimanded and given the hefty sentences allowed for such a major faux pas!

  3. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Nfa nfa n nfa this story.

  4. NFA NFA NFA ?????

    WTF is that?

  5. another_anonymous12:24 pm

    despite our disliking towards his behavior, none of us dare to tell straight to his face that this fella should go away. instead, we prefer to be seated in front of our computers, hiding behind our nicknames, taking pot shot at him

  6. Anonymous12:57 pm


  7. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Since the beginning of the episode, we only read and heard MP Wee's complains. Just wonder how does he define 'confronting and rude'. We cant be blindly agree with his definition, let the committee does its work please.

    Fence sitter

  8. Anonymous1:20 pm

    What is going on with the Shogun, with his stable and the Shogunate he rules?

    Is it a poor choice of horse breeds that one uses harsh language on an Elder Statesman, now another is accused of unParliamentary behaviour?

    And the Shogun himself unceremoniously defended the vernacular schools in a ceremony at a Chinese school. Wherefore art thou going with respect to the Constitution Article 152 on BM, O yee, Shogun?

    What the leaders did or didn't do since 52 years ago, what he did as Deputy Education Minister, didn't mean were correct as far as the Sekolah TIGA Aliran is concerned.

    It is highly possible that the Shame urai had discussed with the Shogun on action to be taken on the Pol Sec. But all told, it does not speak well about his Shogunate, does it? Not like his father at all. Pity.

    I fear the peasants and the fiefs will break up in anger at PRU13. And he'll have no Shogunate to rule no more.

  9. 1Skoll1:45 pm

    No further action?

    Wahai Anon 12.08, kalau dah buat parliamentary select committee, kira dah sirius betul lah tu.

    Maksudnya, this is THE action.

    Some people are so unschooled. Mesti pergi vernacular school ni ... Betul tak, Anon?

    Sekian Terima Kasih.


  10. Taxi Boy,

    There is a bigger fish to fry than this pol-sec ! It would pay to just listen and reflect the moment if you aspire for better things ahead.

    Go stand Musa Safri and subject him to the third degree and you might just chart the beginning of a new era in UMNO.

    Do just that Taxi Boy and if successful, this most noble of undertaking will stand you right up there amongst office bearers in UMNO and a tilt for the hot seat.

    Do justice to your father's name just this once and help rewrite contemporary history to restore the right of law in this forsaken land of plenty.

    Again, walk the straight path to rehabilitate yourself (after all, you didn't gain a dime from the sub deal, let alone have anything to do with Altantuya's gruesome death) and I will personally spearhead and grant you amnesty to all your illicit wealth, down to the last penny Taxi Boy.

  11. anon12:57PM:

    i get it i get it.

    but i don't think it will be NFA. I heard got action one. serious action.

  12. Anonymous3:41 pm

    To Shafie, your PM Najib will just wash his hand.
    But Shafie deserves it.
    Rocky the whiskey will take over your place soon!!!

  13. Anonymous1:53 am

    Setting up committee by Parliament is to whitewash and save the pol sec of the PM.

    The PM must realised that his image has been severely damaged by this pol sec of his.

    The PM's pol sec is extremely powerful in DBKL and other government department. If the PM was not aware of this then I am sori for the Pm.

    ah long

  14. Anonymous1:30 pm

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  15. skilgannon10666:20 pm

    Anon 1:20 PM

    Perhaps, just perhaps, the "Shogun" is better tuned into the realities of regionalisation and globalisation than his naysayers. And that may well include certain illustrious paragons of stellar vintage and provenance.

    Are we now saying that the Malaysian education system, as is, is a big factor in the country's competitiveness or a big draw in getting investments into the country?

    Can't have it both ways now, can you?