Sunday, December 13, 2009

Basement Tapes on the Bureau (Biro Tatanegara)

BTN and Ai. In my previous posting, a blogger called Panglima Perang Cyber left a comment and pointed me to a site that has put up a 16-year old clipping supposedly of Anwar Ibrahim when he was UMNO, still Dr Mahathir's blue eyes, and in charge of the BTN (which he and followers now label as racist, etc).

Watch the 6-minute tape and listen for yourselves. There are subtitles too. You can watch it on YouTube h e r e or go to, which is not a pro-Anwar blog. The latter carries a commentary underlining some of the things that Anwar has probably never said in public, like calling some people "pendatang".

And I hear there are 40 (forty) such tapes in all.


  1. Taktau nak cakap apa dah ke? Nanti aku cari tape Reformasi yang aku kasi bapak aku.

  2. Anonymous4:21 am

    this is a decade old incidence.
    time has changed and so have people. let the present speaks for itself.

  3. Anonymous4:33 am

    move on people. this is OLD story. situations then were different. don't dwell on the past.
    i'd rather evaluate him on his more recent actions.

    - "Neither an anwarista nor a najib-ista"

  4. Anonymous4:52 am

    Dari dulu lagi org dah kata..depan melayu..dia ckp lain..dpn cina..dia ckp lain..dpn india..dia ckp lain.Yg aku heran....why only now baru nak ungkit pasal btn.Masa engko dlm umno dulu..pasal apa diam?

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  6. Sirajudin_Kalimudin8:12 am

    Bru, tengok laa nanti, the spinners from m***kini (aku taknak kena saman!!) akan cakap Anwar dah insaf. Percayalah cakap aku!!

  7. Anonymous8:14 am

    You are simply dump Whiskey on the rock dan stupid. Don't think others are stupid.
    Ap la lu nak membelit pun tak pandai, dengar la betul betul...telinga dah cuci ke???? poraaahhhhh la lu bengap.

  8. mind you, it was 16 years ago. It doesn't prove anything. What matters is now. Who is defending BTN and still use the word 'pendatang' to non-muslims in this country?

  9. Anonymous9:44 am

    The problem with the Umm-no is that they dont rectify own weaknesses but go to great length to find fault of others to justify themselves.

    Just like a kid trying to defend himself by telling the other kid you stole 3 items but I only stole 2 items.Which means he is better off though it's wrong to steal.

    Let it be Pakatan or Umm-No, a wrong is a wrong.Be sincere and avoid making blogging as a national-passtime.

    Neutral eyes.

  10. Father of Racism9:49 am

    Its not the special rights of the Malays that are being questioned, its the special rights of the Mamaks, who abuse everything for their own gain. Tell me why is it that Mahadey's sons get preferential treatment in business? Why is it they can amass so much wealth. Are they more Malay than others. No they are more mamak and its the prostitute Malays that do their bidding

  11. Bro,
    Skil orator anwar agak tinggi.
    Walau dah terhimpit ke sudut, dia mampu creat seribu hujah dan alasan untuk melepaskan diri.

    Tugas kita ialah memberitahu rakyat kebenaran, siapa anwar sebenarnya...

  12. The past has a way of catching up on one, doesn't it?

  13. carpet seller10:44 am that time i was at the other side of the river and words does not match with perjajian keramat,keramat tu kepercayaan tahyul beb!!!

  14. :)

    After the video was released, Anwar is soooo quiet. Pakatan too.

  15. Anonymous11:03 am

    that was before he got whacked by rahim noor, see now how and what he says ,totally different from last time before got whacked,hahahhaha and rahim noor also after came out from prison,his girlfriends "divorce" him ,lost the pencen and dignity and now says chin peng the communist can come back to malaysia!!!! people especially politician is like chameleon i.e hiprocrite ,have u all not heard about those malay who married chinese but hate chinese race???? just because this malay wanted to proof to the chinese that he can "rampas" their chinese girl. no big deal lah as this shows the mentality of the malay, because chinese mentality dont have this selfish thinking!

    Van damme "death warrant"

  16. Anonymous11:27 am

    Anwar should explain or apologise for this. However, this should not distract people from the core issue : Does BTN promotes racism?


  17. Ye la. Betul la tu. Sekali air bah, sekali pasir berubah.

    Semalam lain, hari ni lain.

    Kejap ada, kejap takde.

    Lembu dipegang pada talinya. manusia dipegang pada erm... alat sulitnya kot? Apa harga kata-kata?

  18. ok lah, that is the past, but when u guys whack BN, u keep harping on the past, wtf!!! Come on la, be fair ok...

    he's real chameleon, kaki putar belit and he's one really 'gila kuasa' maniac, his goal is only one, become PM of malaysia, nothing more...

    becuase the power crazy of one man, the whole nation has to suffer....

  19. Ma-Chai (Malay-Chinese)12:53 pm

    Oi van damn death warrant,

    You kata 'that was before he got whacked by rahim noor, see now how and what he says ,totally different from last time before got whacked' ... You mean satu penumbuk lalu you punya DSAI tukar haluan? Macam tu meh saya bagi sebijik penumbuk saya, biar dia nampak cahaya terang bersinar dari arah sini. Bingkai la you ni van damn!

    Lepas tu, you cakap pulak 'have u all not heard about those malay who married chinese but hate chinese race???? just because this malay wanted to proof to the chinese that he can "rampas" their chinese girl.' ... Terkutuk lah you ni van damn, malay married chinese? Man marries woman, boy marries girl not Malay marry Chinese. Don't try to flame racial hatred here, won't work.

    The issue is, How come your DSAI speak like this one?

  20. Anonymous1:04 pm

    A decade old incidence, huh? DNA, principles, and personality traits such as that of the uncouth former DPM do not change.

    A chameleon is a chameleon no matter how many shades it changes in camouflage...


  21. What is Ketuanan Melayu?.I invite all of you, whether you are the proponent or the opponent of the concept Ketuanan Melayu to express your thoughts here-

  22. Anonymous1:43 pm

    gembiranya si Omar Goh Wei Liang !!!

    nampaknya Omar Goh sudah kena kaw-kaw 'BTN'...asyik menyokong UMNO, tak kira betul ke atau salah !!


  23. Anonymous2:24 pm

    time change la...

    what the fuck, 10 years ago we voted for mca but now look at those greedy lancau peoples grabbing for power...

  24. Anonymous2:34 pm

    hee hee hee

    the anwaristas are still in denial mode

    their LAME excuse is "that was past - he's now changed"




    once a chameleon, always a chameleon and the frog always jumps to where there are pests ooops flies ...

  25. Anonymous2:39 pm

    I have always wondered how to coin the right Word that links Non-Malay Citizenship in exchange for Malay Rights.

    Thanks to Brother Anwar, the correct term is "Perjanjian Keramat" or the "Sancrosanct Agreement".
    Sancrosanct means -
    1)extremely sacred or inviolable or
    2)above or beyond criticism, change, or interference

    I hope the DAPigs and Peng-AhSengs listened to their opposition leader and not keep questioning the "Sacrosanct Agreement" less they lose their citizenship.

    PS: got to hand it over to that Malay Literature student to come up with this fancy terms.


  26. Anonymous2:41 pm

    This BTN issue won't be the last to crop up in super-exciting Malaysia.

    From hero chin peng to altantuya murderer, there will be another series of issues to occupy the media and blogosphere ...

    the only common thread is to WHACK the Malay-led government as much as possible and as long as possible until d-day comes

    paklah with SIL almost serve this scenario on a silver platter ...

  27. Anonymous2:42 pm

    glad you put up those clips.

    unlike all the stinking assholes still stuck in the blardy amno shit bucket, the guy decide to repent.

    got a feeling you are still rooting for anwar.

  28. Yo bros, ada apa dengan klip ni?

    a)He is seen repeating the goverment's policy line then (as you do, being a minister and all). This policy is recorded in history. The idea back then was that by supporting the already successful, there would be a trickle down effect, and thus breed further successes. This 'affirmative action', as he calls it, was supposed to be granted only to those with proven track records regardless of background, but as we are only too aware now, this did not happen.

    b)Anwar's thoughts on affirmative action have changed somewhat. Presently he is less kind on subsidising the rich, focusing instead on the needy. What has remained consistent is his expressed framework for affirmative action. One only needs to compare this video to the numerous other recent ceramahs to know this.

    c)Unsurprisingly, he sidesteps the issue of questioning what today is termed as our 'social contract', or here in his typical bravado as 'Perjanjian Keramat'.
    Presently, he not only asks, but almost insists on non-Malays questioning their place in Malaysia. It would make me too much of an apologist to argue for him here. So make of it what you will.

    d) I have to say the screencap is somewhat misleading and is not representative of the content.

    e)It truly is a sad world to live in, where one is never aloud to change one's mind.

  29. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Anon @ 2:42 PM

    anwar repent HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    this has got to be the best JOKE of 2009!!

  30. Abdullah bin Abdul Razak5:44 pm

    Anwar is a great leader who is able to change. I wasn't a fan of this guy, but the more I look at him, the more I appreciate the tremendous changes he has made to his own outlook to lead this country. God bless him!

  31. Anonymous6:07 pm

    They are actually shit-heads who believe Anwar repented.

    Somehow I do not think these shit-heads believe it either, but they just want to have a counter arguement to continue the Malay bashing.

    I don't think they give a faquhar about Anwar either.
    After all in DAPigs We Trust.
    Once he outlives his usefullness, Anwar can go rot in Sg.Buluh for all they care.

    DAPigs Logic

  32. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Dei bodoh..past ke..present doesn't matter.What the video clip trying to imply is...the true behaviour of this so called..PEJUANG KEADILAN..which is..DATUK SRI ANWAR IBRAHIM TALAM DUA MUKA...PENIPU..lancau punya olang!!

  33. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Politicians are like that regardless from which side they are. Rais Yatim should know better especially after he "burned" the bridge more than a decade ago, tak gitu YB?????

  34. Anonymous8:24 pm

    This is very good.
    Likewise go back to your own postings and dig out what you said about BN/UMNO before 8 March 2008 and recap for us - as a refresher.

    If you can lay your hands on 18 year old stuff (and using it now to say that Anwar was like that before and hence should not be trusted)...then do one for yourself too.

    What is applicable for Anwar is also applicable to you.

    In any case you have just given us proof that UMNO is the actual breeding ground of thoughts like what you have presented us.

    See now, Anwar does not speak like that anymore after he left UMNO.

    Its the institution called UMNO that is the force that should change its attitude and eliminate such views among its members.

    Its not the individual.


  35. Anonymous9:27 pm


    what the fcuk are you barking at?

    ya maybe the DAPs are pigs...

    but aren't you pariah behaving like a pack of mad dogs, showing your puny dicks & urinate in all public places...

    with the whole world watching you idiots uncivilised acts in youtube, pls spare us all the ketuanan this & that... what a joke...

    'perbodohkan' you guys? look like you idiots are doing a pretty good job by yourself.

  36. Anonymous10:05 pm

    This video proves that BTN is racist and the people from Pakatan have the guts to say it and try to change it

  37. Anonymous10:15 pm

    oi ma-chi 12.53pm

    kau yang bingai kot,buatbuat tak paham ke? setelah tidak sebulu dgn mahathir dan ditahan ISA,ucapan DSAI memang sudah jauh berubah bercorak anti BN,kalau kena penumbuk kau mungkin bertambah lagi perangai dia jadi macam pendekar dalam lagu semerah padi..lagi satu hal pasal malay married chinese,itupun kau buat tak erti bahsa,nak putarbelit man married womanlah,boy and girl lah...aku ingat kau sorang je yg mangkok hayun di sini sengaja nak cari pasal...aku bukan nak cetuskan api perkauman tapi berdasarkan contoh melayu tertentu dalam umno(skarang dah pencen)yg bini dia keturunan cina,berucap depan melayu UMNO membenci cina untuk meraih undi umno melayu...belakang makan babi ,orang kampung bukan tahu apa tapi tuhan tahu...siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas...

    van damme

  38. Anonymous10:31 pm

    i heard rumours years ago when mustapha ong a chinese muslim converted decided to tell mahathir about what DSAI did in USA,about his keeness to sodomize young man like afghanistan dancing boy, boy who dress like a girl etc, somebody told me that omar ong(still a teenager at that time of incident,now petronas director) who is mustapha's son almost been sodomize by DSAI !!!!,DSAI touch omar ong's buttock ,fondle his private part and sondol sondol his buttock(time and location not known)...whether it's true or not only God knows!!!! and that is why mustapha ong took revenge on DSAI and the rest is history.

    Chinese muslim

  39. Anonymous11:59 pm

    hahahahahaha........sooner or later constipated shit will have to be purged nonetheless and its pong never will the perfumes of this orb ever mask.

    The problem with holier than thou folks is that the holier they get the hollower they become until they are devoid of any form of filling be it grey matter, conscience, honesty or morality itself.hollow men and women leading meaningless hollow lives. Once mired in this self made gutter, all their cumswamped,shitblocked brain summon is rubbish which they spew through their cocksucking, cuntlicking, twattonguing upper orifice, gutter slime to be lapped up by equally brainless bastards and sundry shitmunching cocksucking born loserrs...u know the woemen cockdead types and their unorgasmised she-hens who will be foreever mesmerised by the smell of shit. Let them be, bru for they are not worth it at all.Now i wonder what the pendatangs will say or have I guessed it already...hahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  40. Anonymous12:18 am

    This spin won't work anymore.
    Anwar has learnt his lesson after six years in jail.Who are the people behind him all these while?

    Time has changed...and it has to change for the better...Rocky- write from your heart and not just for money..

  41. Anonymous7:26 am

    Res Ipsa Loquitur - as the facts speak for themselves.

    The PR fellas continue to walk with blinkers, unable to see left or right but now argue that harping on the past is not productive. If so, why are they only interested in digging and questioning past deeds of others?

    Their modus operandi is to blame others for past deeds and their national motto is "He who blames first is a saint".

    The Pakatan Ruckus fellas do not have development plans but only dwell on past issues, and crying over spilt milk.

    Perhaps they should change their battle slogan to " Let's Destroy The Country", because they excel in that field.


  42. kalau jumpa ular, karpal singh dgn anwar ibrahim, pukul anwar ibrahim sampai mati dulu...

    mulut longkang, penuh kemaksiatan. banyak kulum benda2 tak elok, tu yang jadik macam tu...

  43. Anonymous10:47 am

    tapi yg prtikai hak org mlayu adalah team ameno jugk kan... MCA...

    aper istemewanya klu...byk kondo org mlayu,cina,india yg miskin di KL mula diruntuhkan atas alasan pembangunan smula dan didirikan PPRT org kaya....

    ayuh...bersama membina malaysia baru...tinggalkan BTN

  44. Anonymous12:40 pm

    aku pun orang melayu. melayu tulen/sejati. tapi aku tak puas hati, sangat tak puashati. tahun lepas, aku bayar insuran+roadtax motor RM65 je, tapi tadi bila aku pergi bayar, tuan kedai tu kira dah RM 135. aku bayar juga lah. aku takut kena saman oleh bapak polis nanti kena RM 300. aku cakap kat tuan kedai insuran tu, kenaikan sebanyak RM70 @ 100% lebih ni tak membebankan ke?. Dia diam je. INILAH KALAU SISTEM EKONOMI MALAYSIA BUKAN SISTEM EKONOMI ISLAM. Yang kaya makin kaya, yang miskin makin ditindas.

  45. sick&tired1:56 pm

    Look who's talking! The biggest sellout and hypocrite calling Anwar a sellout!!??

    At least his turn around can be justified by the fact the was thrown in jail and got his a$$ screwed. And it has been about 1

    How about you? last year you were staunch opposition supporter, and now you are screwing the opposition, and licking najib's balls.

  46. Anonymous2:03 pm

    ayoyo rocky rocky.. that was long time ago when he was in umno.. move on la.. if he can bring change now.. why not?

  47. Anonymous2:25 pm

    So, confirmlah yang BTN tu dari dulu sampai sekarang, adalah amat racist. Time for a change.

  48. Anonymous2:32 pm

    yg berlalu biarkan berlalu
    jgn diungkit nanti malu
    membujur lalu melintang patah
    lawan ttp lawan
    bagi jubur aku sesah

  49. Yang Melayu cakap pasal cina, pasal india, pasal pendatang tu hang sibuk tapi pasal cina dan india cakap pasal melayu, pasal islam . pasal bumiputra hang tak sibuk. Koreklah tape ke , disk ke, apa-apa ke yang samy velu ke ling liong sik ke limj kit siang ke cakap fasal melayu pula. Takut ke isu sensitif.

  50. Yang Melayu cakap pasal cina, pasal india, pasal pendatang tu hang sibuk tapi pasal cina dan india cakap pasal melayu, pasal islam . pasal bumiputra hang tak sibuk. Koreklah tape ke , disk ke, apa-apa ke yang samy velu ke ling liong sik ke limj kit siang ke cakap fasal melayu pula. Takut ke isu sensitif.

  51. Anonymous4:29 pm

    mankok hayon tol rockcock mabok todi punya orang la lu nie..

    ko gi cari tape ko kencing berdiri atau ko tgh mabok ada tak?

    iskarang rockcock dah tak mabok lagi kan?

    anne...todi onne...


  52. Anonymous4:34 pm

    To be fair to Anwar, I have not heard him currently made any personal statement on BTN issue. Perhaps at one time, he also supported the BTN module under his charge. So, he should very well know what BTN is about and as this video also show him defending the BTN, albeit 16 years ago. Time has changed, media is open now. If something that cannot be openly & properly show 16 years ago, defintiely it tells something is very wrong with BTN. Why hide something? even your conscience tell you it is wrong. Time changes a person, repent & seek forgiveness. Do what is right and what is good to enjoy the fruits in the after life.

    Ah Lam

  53. Anonymous4:55 pm

    You look back to history to change yourselve and not comparing the extent of damage you have done to self-console.

    Just like what we have learned not to take certain poisonous food after the monkey had gone thru it.

    Everybody make some kind of mistake one way or another and the sincerity to change that counts but not pointing finger.

    Dont bother to waste time to look at the old tapes but ready to change for good.


  54. Anonymous6:41 pm

    I was at the forum some years back when AI shouted that the Chinese can all go back to China.I can still recall that moment till my dying days !
    Has he forgotten what he said ?
    Is it because now he wants us to give him the votes and support that he is saying a different story ? Can a leopard change its spots ? I want to be your coffee boy.

  55. Anonymous8:16 pm

    It's right time also to dig out Najib's bunuh Cina speech in the Kampung Baru in 1987.

    Najib is better to make sure all archived clips with the local media are blown out with C4.

    The crux of story is UMNO politikus are Malay racists.

  56. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Haha...that time he was doing what Mahathir asked him to do lah...tak kan Tun not involved kot...he was the master, Anwar was just the puppet.

  57. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Haha...that time he was doing what Mahathir asked him to do lah...tak kan Tun not involved kot...he was the master, Anwar was just the puppet.

    rakyat yang dah celik

  58. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Some stupid said Anwar repent?! ... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..... let me wake you first, its politic bro, he cant' join UMNO back, what choice does he have? If he can join UMNO, you will not heard him saying what you have heard from him. He'll say what YOU WANT TO HEAR, can't you wake up from your dream?

    Anyway, some foreign journalist said Anwar is a chamelon, are you going to be stupid saying this foreign journalist was being paid by BN like other PR goons?!


  59. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Shit lu la Rocky...Masa demam PRU 12 masa tu lu belum dapat kerja Malay Mail setelah kena 'buang' macam macam lu kata kat PakLah...

    Sekarang lu pun dah 360 pusing. Sama jer lu ni ngan Nazeri dan Mamak yg liat tu.

    Masalah sebenarnya isi BTN tu. Kalau nak buat supaya orang tahu sejarah tanahair jangan la api apikan Melayu benci kaum lain. Itu yg rasis.

    Kemudian masa KuLi dalam S46 BTN diguna kutuk dia termasuk Shabery Chik pun kena.

    Masa ni Anwar pulak kena kutuk. Macam la BN tu bagus sangat.

    Ni tak setiap kali ada perbincangan kumpulan mesti pembangkang yg buruk saja. Apa pasal tak cerita tiris sana tiris sini dan bazir sana bazir sini.

    Lu ni cakap macam itu buntut ayam.


  60. Anonymous12:06 am

    why pick on anwar? what about speeches by other umno leaders?

  61. Anonymous1:24 am

    Gitulah melayu mudah lupa. Mudah Terpedaya dgan politik b supremasi kaum sendiri sehingga 'pintu belakang di takluki' Anwar spt ahli politik yg lain cakap syok depan , depa main belakang sampai terkangkang ...LOL Kesian saifool

  62. Anonymous4:00 am


    perjanjian keramat!

    historical facts!

    hoi kula ...
    hoi kor ming ...

    ada faham ka?


  63. At least Anwar admitted his fault.
    But your Tun Mamak never changes.

  64. dewadewa7:10 am


    whatever-lah people want to say. especially those who attacked BTN because Pakatan attacked BTN. And then Selangor got SPIES. Same what?
    You think BTN is bad, SPIES also bad. Any form of brainwashing bad.

    BTN was relevant long time ago. But not many people had to go through it. The curiculum ok. Some of the instructors maybe excessive.

    But...if you thought it was Nik Nazmi..why didn't complain last time?

    Nik Nazmi -- I know he is such a frail-looking fella..must have been traumatized by his BTN experience. Can imagine he kecut gila. Why didn't make noise last time? Why now?
    Also Nik Nazmi PNB scholar, right? Broke his "contract" and didnt want to pay back his sponsors, right? Maybe he paid already.

  65. sylvester7:12 am



    Is that all you can say?

    Blame Rocky.

    Kill the messenger.


  66. apa yg peliknya...dulu dia no. 2 plk tu... padan la dia cakap mcm tu...itu satu lg bukti yg btn mmg racist...manusia berubah...dulu umno sekarang pas...dulu umno sekarang keadilan...biasa la tu...fahaman politik x kan sama sampai bila2 sama je...tu pun x reti ke?

  67. apa yg peliknya...dah masa tu dia umno...timb. presiden plk tu...maka najis dari usus besar umno tu terpalit sama la kat dia...itu lg membuktikan bhw btn sememangnya racist...dan fahaman politik blh berubah..dulu umno skrg pas...dulu umno kini keadilan..apa masalahnya? (cuba pasang tape rais yatim masa s46 dulu apa dia kata)dan skrg org semua dah sedar bhw cara tu x betul...mcm nazri kata nak tipu apa lg semua org dah tau...

  68. Anonymous9:28 am


  69. Anonymous9:37 am will be fun to have Najid's video too....

    Steven Seagal

  70. Anonymous10:00 am

    karpal singh, anwar ibrahim, dan madey....suma dari india jugak la thamby...

    'tok guru' nya madey lah..banyak kulum benda2 tak elok, tu yang jadik macam tu...

    wek wek

  71. terima kasih bro atas siaran video di blog tuan.

    ia satu penghormatan juga kepada saya kerana mendapat link dari blog yang saya begitu kagum ini.

    tuan diharap dapat menjadi mentor kepada blogger pembela negara untuk menjadi blogger yang mampu menulis dengan baik dan menarik.

    jika tidak keberatan barangkali kita boleh berkenalan dengan lebih dekat melalui yahoo messenger

    terima kasih..

  72. Anonymous12:46 pm

    We would prefer someone who make mistake (make you wiser)and having the urge to change which we dont see in the UMM-NO .

    Good or bad it's still worthwhile to vote for a new party with A RAY OF HOPE rather than the Great Denial Party who continue to plunder the nation's residual resources to the last drop WHOM YOU DONT SEE ANY FUTURE IN IT. It's a pity we are lagging behind compare to others just like a kid who makes nothing out from the Rich Dad.

    Not mentioning the like of Ezam the Kotakman who had tried hard to discredit him with the old tales but to no avail. To many , it's just another old fashion love song playing on the radio.

    We are more concern about the future right now and not the Grandpa stories...The Rakyat are wiser now and not easily influenced by 1 or 2 aging tapes.

    No Eye See.

  73. Anonymous2:01 pm

    time have passed.. and make the thing in the history.. human with better skill and wider thinking, will only looking forward on how to improve the things around us, and not look back on the things that already wrong, but still deny and keep repeating the wrong thing which ONLY BENEFIT TO CERTAIN GROUP OF politician and not the majority nation. why? Rocky? WE GOT TO MOVE ON, NOT LIVE IN THE PAST AND SHOW THE OLD GLORY AND DO NOTHING! JUST ask a answer this question in your heart: "WHY WE ARE SO FAR BEHIND FROM S'PORE, where they don't have any natural resources, why? WHY ALL THE LEADER IN UMNO POLITICIAN ARE WEALTH AND OWN RESORT STYLE OF HOME? too many why..

  74. Anonymous2:53 pm

    you must have hit the ceiling jumping with joy. Habislah Anwar.

    Now that we've seen Anwar, can we see others from UMNO now? For good measure show us the one where Najib wanted to bathe in blood of certain non Malay group.

    Baik Tendang Najib(BTN)

  75. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Clearly, he clarified based on history and facts, I dont see any racist comment given out against any race in malaysia. You have to be open and mature to understand what is being delivered. I am no fan of anyone but im amused and proud, i dare any minister could came up with such good lecture on history like that. Doubt any of them could.

    People, like i said, with the simplest english i can, if like to watch this lecture, watch it like an adult and mature.

  76. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Yes ,How about the Many Untold and Unseen trailers of UMM-NO tapes..

    You scrath me and I scrath you and it's a never ending story.
    Honestly , who are we without natural resources ? We are now in a situation as The saying goes- Saliva more than tea.(nothing concrete being done).

    BTN- Better Than Nothing ? You only can afford to say that if you have extra cash in an investment.

    God knows.

  77. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Rocky Bru;

    Anwar Ibrahim .. an Indian descent fella.. If I am not mistaken his grandfather was a Muslim convert (formerly Hindu) .. of course he can speak very well like most Indians do..I am not surprise at all..if he twisted this fact too.

  78. Anonymous10:29 am

    Hi Bru , Tapah MP saves the day for the BN for the passing of bills.This show how serious they are in the nation's interset.

    We cant see any reason to defend a party which have our children's future at stake. We too cant see why THOSE who die die (does not matter right or wrong) also want to defend them .

    Now it seems acceptable in our society to get anything by hook or by crook. No thanks to the Kutty's legacy.Rotten to the core well said by him..very ironic.

    Son of the pretender.

  79. Anonymous10:40 am

    Dont waste times on those old tapes as I see many will also question the tape concerning to bath the Keris with....if there is any.So the list goes on..

    Let's wait for the final count down- 13th GE.

    Or everything will be over by 2012?

  80. Anonymous10:56 am

    We are not interested in the Past and wud support ANYONE who erred but sincerely want to change for good.

    The question is UMM-NO ready for it ? Sorry we dont mention Be End cos it's just a name of formality as all knew it.

    We may see more and more aging tapes coming out in your blog and we wud just treat it as free passtimes in this season of economic downturn.

    So far we dont see anything concrete afer so many hoohaaa and TBH wil be just another GONE BY THE WIND.-

    Dead silence on Truth.