Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dr M asks Kit Siang to make his day

Lim Kit Siang responds to Dr M via Tweeter.
The following (in italics) are Kit's tweets from Tokyo done in the space of 18 mins. Who'd guess the two political rivals - one retired while the other more active than ever - would trade blows on cyberspace!

Am in Tokyo on private visit. Will give blog response 2Mahathir.
12/23/2009 09:49 PM

Mahathir wants Wain’s book 2b released forthwith. Who really believe Mahathir? Or is Najib or Hisham culprit blocking “Maverick M”’s release?
12/23/2009 09:45 PM

Why Mahathir don’t sue me now if I had libelled him calling for RCI into Barry Wain’s RM100 million allegation in his book Maverick M?
12/23/2009 09:39 PM

Why his suit conditional on outcome of RCI into Barry Wain’s allegation when M will do utmost 2block RCI though claiming support publicly?
12/23/2009 09:35 PM

Why Mahathir reserved right 2sue me 4stmt calling 4RCI into allegation in “Maverick Mahathir” RM100 mil wasted or burned in 22 yrs PMship?
12/23/2009 09:31 PM

Original posting:

Go ahead and form your Royal Commission, but ...
In his latest posting, Dr M tells Lim Kit Siang responds to Kit Siang's call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry by saying that yes, Najib ought to form an RCI to see if he "burned" RM100 billion in his 22 years as PM, as alleged by Barry Wain in the book Malaysian Maverick that's fast becoming the bible for anti-Mahathir activists.

But it won't be Mahathir not to make things more interesting. Find out what his conditions are. In my opinion, these are reasonable requests. All we need is for Kit Siang to convince Najib the PM to agree to set up the RCI.

Read the Old Man's posting Form Royal Probe on Dr M's Squandering
and Kit Siang's 21/12 posting Najib should set up Royal Commission of Inquiry to Investigate Whether Mahathir had "wasted or burned up" RM100 billion on grandiose projects and corruption in his 22 years as Prime Minister h e r e.


  1. Soldier of Fortune1:31 am

    If Dr M 'leaked' RM100 billion in 22 years, every msian should thank him. It just goes to show his efficiency.

    People shld look at how much Spore leaked in 22 years or the US Congress via pork barrel, or even Bodo in 5 years.

    - Soldier of Fortune -

  2. kiasu3:08 am

    Bravo Tun.

    I like Tun's No.10 statement, perhaps should also have:-

    No.10(b) Lim Kit Siang must provide documentary proof of any sum that Mat Wain alleged I had burned.

  3. Anonymous3:10 am

    RM100 billion over 22 years Tun Mahathir as PM, means RM4.54 billion a year or RM379 million a month. Thats pathetic.

    Deduct RM30 billion squandered by Anwar's Bank Negara debacle, that leave RM70 billion or RM3.18 billion a year or RM265 million a month.

    Where is your brain Kit Siang??

  4. no problemo nanti tok mahadir akan jawab saya mudah lupa... saya tak ingat... apanama turrr... last2 senyap gitu je. jgn le buang masa dgn lakonan2 org2 tua ni.

    baik kita tengok lakonan org2 muda. baru ada kelasss. dengar citer org muda mau buat lakonan demo mcm mana itu enjin jet buleh hilang hehehehe. maklum le bukan senang nak yakinkan org ramai enjin jet ni dibaham oleh "budak2 jahat".

    dulu2 pun kita ada tengok lakonan kununnya org apanama tu dok curi senjata kat kem askar nun sana kat grik tu.

  5. Timur Tengah4:42 am

    I don't think it is fair to bundle all RM100 billion to DrM as a single person. I could agreed that there are many leaks, over-priced in certain or may be ALL the mega-project under his reign BUT to bundle all RM100 billion... it is mislead aka malafide by the author (Barry Wain)and Lim Kit Siang.

    Lets say that in his 1st day to the PM's office (back to 1981) DrM target want to come out totally clean once his retired. In order to achieve that he would not use or spent even single of cents for development. Does that sounds logic? A big NO. So don't be stupid to bundle RM100 billion on one shoulder.

    Out of this RM100 billion (so called squandered by him) we Malaysian still can get those benefit and shame to people like Kit Siang (& his supportes in his blog)to continue using these facilities i.e. new KLIA Airport (figure out Subang International Airport if he DrM do not built KLIA), Lebuh Raya Utara Selatan (figure out the old road from KL-Rawang-K.Kubu Bharu-Ipoh-Butterworth, if he DrM do not dare to construct it)any many mores that you and myself can't even count.

    Like it or not we Malaysian benefited from this so called squander. And shame people like Kit Siang (& his supporters in his blog) barking on DrM but still using those facilities. Why not all Kit Siang & his gang to boycott these facilities since it is made from squander money. My question - how long they will last with NO Utara-Selatan Highway, no new KLIA, etc?

    Minus those RM100 billion, it is equivalent to ZERO development, so what Kit Siang wrote in his blog (based on Barry Wain's book) is clearly malafide.

    I felt very shame, many educated people get trapped in Barry Wain's psychology game. For Kit Siang & Barry Wain - the only thing that will make you guys happy where Malaysia remains as third world non-developed country like those in Africa. Kit Siang & his gang should shame to be a Malaysian.

  6. Anonymous5:47 am

    sue lagi, what is happening. suing meng-suing ini. sekarang giliran Tun M pula walaupun at this stage threat of suing saja.

  7. Anonymous6:15 am

    This is the same Lim Kit Siang who fought tooth and barrel when Dr M announced one of his "Mega projects" roughly 30 years ago: the Penang Bridge.

    "It's a waste of people's money", said he.

    "It gives no benefits", said he.

    "It shows the incompetency of the ruling government", said he.

    "Money better be put elsewhere", said he.

    And all Kit Siang's horses, and all Kit Siang's men, and all them types which are in between, nodded in agreement.

    And now, years later, he and his son just couldn't live without them pesky bridge. In fact if possible, they all agree another one should be built.

    And when those other "mega projects" that the BN built was built, they all reap in the products as well. So much so that whenever their next of kins and old saudara-mara would come from China and elsewhere to visit our country, sometimes by the buses, the KLCC, Putrajaya and Stadium would be a must-visit, standing gleefully in front, overlooking these megastructures in the background and saying "Cheeeeeeese" to fake up a smile for them makeshift photographers.

    Meanwhile, a cool westerly wind blows onwards towards the Titiwangsa ranges and word has it that if one listens carefully enough just as about the first dewdrops were to fall in the silence of the mornings, one could hear the faint sounds of sirens weeping ...


  8. Anonymous6:58 am







  9. Anonymous7:01 am

    To say that the book condemning him should be released and he needs no protection from the govt,is a show of true COURAGE!

    a true fighter and a leader worthy of respect

  10. Anonymous7:52 am

    Part of the expenses went to the Penang Bridge, despite the objection of Lim Kit Siang. Dr.M launched the bridge by driving a Proton without road tax and Lim Kit Siang lodged a report about it.

    Lim did not want the bridge back then, hoping to waste or burn more money on inefficient ferry services.

    Of course his memory is failing due to old age and he forgot all about this and now wants another bridge.

    Perhaps he should just burn the bridges, no?


  11. Why not? Certainly makes my day if Lim Kit Siang and that ex editor of the now defunct AWSJ Barry Wain gets sued by Dr Mahathir down to their underpants.

    I hope Dr Mahathir gets his day and get to face a Royal Commission so that he can put to rest all these ridiculous and ungrateful accusations against him once and for all.

    Lim Kit Siang and his Pakatan should do something useful for once and use pressure to bear on the PM cabinet so that Dr Mahathir gets his wish. Kalau Lim Beranilah, otherwise retire from politics do some gardeninglah.

  12. Anonymous8:39 am

    rm100 billion finish in 22y is ok maa coz we can see sepang,klia, klcc,h/way,putrajaya about rm270 billion finish in 5y during PLahnat era. even the corridor itself now full of rubbish. how about rm50 million in 2y by selling jet engine. how about rm1 selling agusta then make profit rm7million. how about pantai how how how how! what about us....ha dh jadi lagu MJackson plk


  13. Anonymous8:44 am

    In Mahathir time - 100bil we had:
    1) Penang Bridge
    2) North-South Highway
    3) KLIA
    4) Bakun hydroelectric
    5) Westport
    6) Komuter & LRT system
    7) Putrajaya
    8) KLCC
    9) Whatever mega project u can name it during his time.

    Then minus the damaged one:
    1) PKFZ
    2) Bakun halfway done
    3) whatever other mega project yo8u think stil cannot materialized

    In Abdullah time - total spending "unknown" , get LKS to dig it out..
    We had:
    1) Corridors project
    2) New executive jetplane
    3) KJ & the 4th floor boys
    4) IDR
    5) Monsoon cup
    6) Crystal mosque
    7) New Terengganu stadium
    8) Pak Lah appointed TNB CEO selling a coal mine in Kalimantan for some 100mil.
    9) 'Faceboard' - everybody everywhere know how our PM & his 'lickers' look like..

    minus the damages-
    1) Unmaterialized corridor project
    2) Lost of Batu Putih
    3) Maybank taking over a junk bank disposed out by Temasik
    4) Collapsed stadium
    5) Underutilised grand crystal mosque - it in an island stupid.
    6) the rising of racist social disturbance movement by the ultra minorities
    7) fluctuating fuel price hike
    8) now TNB has to pay higher price buying coal though once they owned a coal mine..shesh..idiot!
    9) Whatever that make u all sick to hear that you can name it.

    So now folks, used your brain to figure out the average net value
    i.e (total spend - total damaged)/years of tenureship..

    Which one give u a positive & higher value? so..gauged your ex-PM performance..

    So..what do you think Anwar, LKS, Karpal & Nikky Aziz can offer?
    - no spending and just lip services?

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindrap & ultra chingkies-

  14. I support the commission, is about time to bring down LKS and Malaysiakini who like to instigate and publish shitty n farting story. Bring it own, let LKS life goes down like is shitting more thing LKS is a pure coward like to talk cock in front when it is sensational but hide and seek when the thing get harder.

  15. The old man really put his gun all blazing now. Last time he pick up a fight against a certain human being, we all remember how he stepped down from corridor of power in humility and how his name will forever tarnished as the first umno president who solely responsible for the death of umno.

    i think we are about to be see another round of fight. Seat back, dim the light, and enjoy...

  16. US 100 billion is considered cheap for the guy who ruled the country of 22 years. LKS (Shitface)is truly idiot and bark a wrong tree.

  17. Anonymous9:50 am

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is already a living legend as far as Malaysia is concerned. For 22 years he helmed the Nation and turned it into a progressive country an envy of those nations that gained independence during the same period as Malaysia. One needs to visit some of these countries, which by the way are led by dictators, to see the vast differences in various aspects of human endeavour and development. A dictator will concentrate on developing himself first than the nation.
    Human nature is such that they often forget that they have already enjoyed a lot but prefer to make much noise over what the haven't yet got.
    To Tun Dr Mahathir we salute you, do remain resolute for you can be less assured that there are millions more Malaysians out there who are solidly behind you.
    So says Dzulman of Shah Alam.

  18. Amused9:50 am

    Since he can easily list out so many faults of others on his blog, obviously his memory is still in good shape. Now, we wait & see whether he will suddenly kick into selective memory loss mode again when it comes to his own faults upon probes by the RCI.

  19. Anonymous9:52 am

    Gutless Anonymous 3:10
    Anwar did not squander that money. That material person in charge of that was later made one of the most powerful finance ministers in history due to Tun Dr. Mahathir.

    As such that money must be accounted under the RM 100 billion if such an allegation is indeed proven true. I hope TDM can help us by declassifying all the reports about this including WHO GAVE THE DIRECTION FOR US TO BE INVOLVED IN SPECULATION IN THE FIRST PLACE!

    DSAI always wanted the best for the country and could never stoop so low. He is a true hero, a true patriot.

    In my eyes TDM is GUILTY until PROVEN innocent. The stories of KLCC, Penang Bridge, NS Highway and the like are rubbish because those were commercial projects which the public is either compelled to or forced to pay for.

    I have made up my list of documents at

    Will TDM accede to my request?

  20. Anonymous10:09 am

    When LKS made a stupid move, and is certain heading for a check mate, I wonder where the PR supporters comments are? Any intelligent comments? Or you guys going to come up with some lame ass "leaked document", sworn statement and mysterious witnesses? Any new ideas?

  21. Anonymous10:25 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Mahathir has executed a bold move by challenging LKS and Barry Wain to provide any incriminating evidence that DR. M has squandered RM100 Billion.

    I guess the LKS and Barry Wain will be shitting in their pants as to proof how DR. M had mismanaged RM100 Billion.

    Opposition always bark bark bark and bark. The irony is that most of the time they accuse are without facts or they cannot prove it otherwise.


  22. Anonymous10:26 am

    RM 100 billion is considered cheap....oh my my....some people really have Badawi squandered more in 4 years than Mamakthir did in 22 years, so Mamakthir must be a hero.....

    Shameful lah if all these were to come out in a commission of inquiry. I have asked Kit Siang to take up Mamakthir's challenge, then we can see how Mamakthir gave the cream to his cronies like YTL, Vincent Tan, Ananda Krishnan, Syed Mokhtar, etc.

    We will call all these people to describe how they "won" all their concessions.


  23. antupaloh10:27 am

    Ada 16 komen setakat aku menulis ni (last dari jonathan 9:22AM).

    Semua komen-komen yang ditulis tu nampaknya "berisi", maksud aku, bukanlah sekadar mencacai dan menceceh macam beruk tak dapat pisang.

    KECUALI satu komen dari paloibinmulai (komen ke-4)

  24. Anonymous10:49 am

    stupid kit siang punya anak bikin apa kat penang ..stupid kit siang le ........

  25. Anonymous10:50 am

    So the person who loses the least money must be feted as a hero ? "Sir, I lost only 10 ringgit, but my successor lost ten times what I lost, so I must be exonerated."

    Stupid is as stupid does.


  26. Anonymous10:52 am

    wa Lan,,,Semua PM menghabiskan duit rakyat,,!!!!

    Mamak cakap Dollah,,Dolla Cakap Najib,,,Najib cakap Mamak,,,????The ex and current Minister are all corrupted!!!!!

    Siapa Betul!~!!!!??????


  27. Anonymous11:25 am

    Mamak tua ni memang kaki penipu @ belit. Hanya melayu bodoh yg boleh kena kencing dgn mamak tua tak sedar diri.

  28. Proud Malaysian11:35 am

    In life there is always positive and negative aspects of what we have done. As long as the positive outweighs the negative that should be OK. What is NOT OK is a person who DOES NOTHING because he is afraid of making mistakes and therefore chose to DO NO NOTHING. Imagine if Dr. M is such person. No KLCC, no KLIA , no Petronas Twin Tower,no North South Highway, no Penang Bridge,no Proton, no Putrajaya,no Cyberjaya,no Multimedia Super Corridor ,in short nothing to be proud of. Malaysia would probably , in term of development, be similar to Ghana which also achieved its independence in 1957 from the British.

    Kit Siang, do you think multinational companies would have flocked to Malaysia without excellent infrastructure and attractive projects? Shame on you. All Malaysian should thank Dr M for making Malaysia as what it is today.

    Just look at Indonesia. With vast natural resources, large population but without good leadership the country did not develop properly. Look at their stage of development, employment opportunity. Obviously, we are much better than them. Thank again to Dr. M.

  29. Mari kita ramai bakar (hati) Lim Kit Siang n Malaysiakini suruh diaorg sanggup lawan balik Tun M dan akan saman balik dia ke atas dosa Tun M semasa memerintah 22 tahun.

    Nak tgk geng2 cina bukit ni berani ke tak berdepan seorang Melayu yang sangat la tua dan uzur itu (tun M).

  30. Anonymous11:48 am

    Bravo Dr. M . There's nothing for him to be scare of since we the rakyat benefitted a lot for what he did when he was the PM .It's just people like LKS and the PR who talked and opposed a lot but did nothing since they manage to rule the states .And Barry Wain is just a Jewish who just has the predilection to tarnish Dr. M and topple him . Anyway , let Dr M sue and those like LKS, Malaysia Kini and Barry Wain will be bankrupt!.

    Pengundi Atas Pagar

  31. Anonymous11:49 am

    LIM KIT KIT SIANG! Get ready to put your foot in your mouth! Like him or not, TUN Mahathir have brought Malaysia from being relatively unknown to the outside world to global prominence, which in turn brought in more $$$ for our country that changed our lives for the better. LIM can't deny that. If he even remotely squandered any money (which is unlikely) but he made more than triple that for this country.

    LIM KIT KIT SIANG! what have YOU contributed except for RACIAL INTOLERANCE, RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE,CHAOS, MODERN COMMUNISM or in other words NOTHING but SHIT that we don't need after leading a prosperous life for more that 50 years!

    LIM KIT KIT SIANG! I think it's high time and your mouthpiece CRASH and BURN BIG time. Just your foot alone wouldn't be enough to feed your mouth!



  32. Anonymous11:55 am

    Declassify all OSA documents, pertaining to privatization projects,contracts for roads and tolls, bridges and railways and various compensations the government has paid over the years.


    Najib to walk the talk on 1Malaysia?

  33. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Kit Siang should list down his own contributions to this nation, and lets debate those on the list.

    No Statue For Critic

  34. Anonymous12:20 pm

    I think now the ball is in Mahathir court. If najib does not bring this for royal commission, definitely Tun will bring directly to the court.

    So wait for the writer, LKS and Malaysiakini to get summon and be prepared with all facts and evidence to counter act all the instigation.

    On the fence...

  35. Well Tun M is ready, what about the SLEEPY HOLLOW HEAD? Is he ready or he is still asleep?

  36. Anonymous12:54 pm

    It would interesting to compare the performance of the economy during Dr Mahathir's tenure with Singapore's and with what would happen if PR comes into power.

    Let us just look at two kpi's, one economic performance and the other basic medical services, which is sufficient to bring out the differences.

    The economic performance during his times were not only quantitatively competitive, but also qualitatively of higher level because of the range and ingenuity of his projects which without taking away from others created new opportunities for growth for Malaysians and the region and in the process practically wiped out interethnic disparities.

    The basic medical services were also there, providing world class open heart surgery for all and sundry - from prime minister to vegetable vendor.

    Singapore did excel in medical services but their economic growth other than as a trader was unimpressive, run as it was for three generations by a stiff-necked lawyer who knows not why a scenic bridge helps pollution in the straits. This give some idea of what would happen if DAP lawyers run the govt.

    The performance under PR is going to be like what it is in Selangor and Penang with Anwar at the helm - paralysed and unable to do anything substantive, because fundamentalists led by an abuse of power convict can only bring anarchy.

    So, my point is this. What we consider essential or good or necessary spending is subjective. It depends on our objectives, resources, and imagination. If the people gave him the power to run the govt, he had the authority to run it as he deemed fit, according to his politcial commitments, whatever they are. You can't elect a wise prime minister and then after a decade judge him by standards of fool. That kind of judgement is for God to give, not the godless.

    A lot of the economy of the West was built on war. Essential or waste? A lot the western economy was built on Iraq which was built on lies to curtail China and Russian influence. Waste or essential?

    We have to thank God Dr Mahthir is a man or peace and chose to compete with Singapore in the economic sphere and due to his technological genius outbid them.

  37. Anonymous1:06 pm

    The fact that we get something out of it, i.e. Penang Bridge etc does not justify for overpaying for this projects. Yes, things like Plus expressway is a good idea. But overpaying is wrong. Will you pay 3x the price and buy something then justify that since it is a good thing, I will pay 3x the actual worth of the thing? It does not make sense.

    You can't compare Pak Lah and Mahathir. Just because Mahathir allegedly siphon off less money, it does not make him good..

  38. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Lim Kit Siang is only a cacing kerawit and a katak bawah tempurung. A No Brainer. Had to be told by an Australian that while he was sound asleep Tun was happily "burning" RM100 billion. Ah! How I wish Tun Mahathir had burnt a few more RM100 billions.


  39. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Wenger Khairy just made a link between KJ and Anwar

  40. Oghang Ghombau2:09 pm

    wenger j khairy pencacai kj admires anwar ibrahim.

    isnt that proof kj loves anwar?

    apalah uncle anuar kassim? soooo ibvious yr motive.

    kj shd never be minister.

  41. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Wenger mutherfucking Khairy, your ass whacking hero Pundek Anwar bin mutherfucking Ibrahim only had to stoop as low as it took to shove his Wenger into some guys ass.

    And when Azmin's woman was on her back, she did say 'hero, hero, hero...' Yup there is audio. Made by another Indian - Nalla fucking kurappan.

    How can DSAI know what was best for the country when he never knew what was best for his own dick? He found patriotism and his true calling up someone's ass. He used his dickhead but he never used his head.

    Come Jan 25th, the whole world will see just how far up Saiful's ass your true patriot went in search of his true calling.

    Why dont you volunteer your ass to him, if you have not already. You cant be saying all this just for a butt fuck. How much is he paying you muther fucker?

  42. Anonymous3:17 pm

    You moron! Because of you so many people including myself despise Tun. It is all your fault. What can you do? Just hide here and there and baling batu sembunyi tangan!
    See now, you look at any blog, even in the most pro Tun blog, there are comments attacking Tun AND

    I had started a diplomatic mission with RB on the BSR and was prepared to not attack Tun anymore until you and BIG DOG attacked YB Hj. KJ in such a viscous manner. There are now many allegations of how you paid Piggy Singh to sit and squat in FaceBook! All of this so that you can increase your hits and try to extort people!

    Now see what happened.
    Embarrassing - people from around the world are asking a lot of questions about Tun. And its because of you Parpu, its because of you!

  43. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Hah.hah.hah.Lim Kit Siang racist take a wrong person as his target...Yah...PM should set up RCI since malaysia very good in setting up RCI....

    Love to see all govrnment record...not that during TDM but during puppet Badawi...

    Kit Siang racist you aim to wrong person...TDM is not ur level..even Anwar the Liar also not match to TDM...that Y..they enjoy Badawi premiership...who follow Anwar and Racist Lim Kit Siang rytham....

    Let the war started and i Bet the Old Man TDM can easily go thru this war...remember! TDM has when thru worst than this...he is a fighter.....

  44. If we listen to Lim Kit Siang & Co this country has long gone into the drain. The irony is that there is still Malaysians and Malays that worship this good for nothing politician. Perhaps they are of the same kind.

  45. Many stupid people in PKR and racist DAP can't do simple calculation....100 billion in 22 years..Hah..hah...Lim Kit Siang now you look stupid...How do i expect you to combine with ANwar the Liar to rule this country...

    Lim Kit Siang you should put 10000Billion..more interesting...And more lectures will believe you without using brain to use logic if that true or not...even i don't like TDM but I don't believe this stupid statement....Lim KIt SIang..don't put urself so low....nest time use brain and do some home work before make statement...Stupid Lim Kit SIang

  46. Anonymous3:42 pm



    Read MYSTERY: Anwar tukar sampel DNA untuk bukti Afifa anak Azmin?


    Read Terbongkar semula : Anwar arah DNA afifa ditukar ?


    Read Skandal Anwar dan Shamshida


  47. Anonymous3:48 pm

    I suggest we write a petition for Tun to come back. If I read correctly, most posters believe Tun was God-send to us dumb ungrateful Malaysians.

    With Tun back, the good old times will surely follow. More mega stuff although they would in likely hood be inflated beyond reasons, more money to selected Malaysians & foreigners (read the "whatever-Putras"), more bailouts under the guise of patriotism. Putrajaya will rival in size Washington DC.

    But most of all Anwar and his gangs would probably be in jail. Now wouldn't that be dandy. All we have to worry is debate the merit of the winner of the next AF.

  48. Anonymous3:50 pm

    anon wrote:RM100 billion over 22 years Tun Mahathir as PM, means RM4.54 billion a year or RM379 million a month. Thats pathetic.

    Deduct RM30 billion squandered by Anwar's Bank Negara debacle, that leave RM70 billion or RM3.18 billion a year or RM265 million a month.

    Where is your brain Kit Siang??
    Kit Siang otak lembu nkau ni!!!

    Dzul Pekida Melaka

  49. Anonymous3:50 pm

    The only business that do not need capital are lip services..

    Some were saying like this country should not spend its resources on something objective at all in order not to loose a single dime..

    if like that better forever stagnant in the stone age.

    A quote of a retardees:

    "Sir, see.. i'm not loosing a single cents at all coz i'm not spending any on anything. I'm so damn smart & way so good compared to anyone of them.. "

    So pure of idiocy ..idiotic as it is..irrevisible and unhelpable. You know where to find these kind of people here in Malaysia..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  50. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Holy shit!! Where was Lim Kit Siang the last 25 years? Must have gone senile. He was flabbergasted when told by Australian Barry Wain that Tun Mahathir had burnt more than RM100 billion. Reminds me of this joke. A son who failed his study in Australia was proudly telling his father that at a farm he visited he saw a truly amazing thing. When they put a cow into a machine, sausages came out. The father retorted,"Son, when I put my sausage a stupid cow like you came out". See the connection between Lim Kit Siang and the Australian writer?

  51. Kenapa perlu percaya pada seorang pemabuk macam Barry Wain? Nak pertikai apa RM100 billion tu? Kenapa? Tak ada pembangunan ka? atau nak negara Malaysia ni jadi macam Kelantan ... yang maju cuma perut dan muncung saja.

    Penang kini ... apapun tak buat, apa pun tak dak. Semua harapkan perancangan kerajaan terdahulu saja. Yang LIM GUAN ENG pandai cuma sain plaque di projek-projek yang dah lama siap. Tak tau malu langsung!

  52. Anonymous5:20 pm

    giler bodoh lim kit siang. anak dia lim guan eng bodoh. dua dua bodoh. taik pun tak sebodoh diorang.

  53. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Khairy is Anwar lickers only maaa..

    TDM ask them to prove that he waste that RM100Bil could they??
    Because he can show them where he spend those RM100Bil..

    Stupid Kit Siang..

    by hte way did anybody hear what KARPAL KARAM say?? Nothing ..why because KARPAL ni ada OTAK sikit.. because KARPAL tau dia tak dapat cari kesalahan TDM..

    Let we all Malaysia CITIZEN cari all the wealth of the TINGKAT 4 boys..

  54. Bravo Tun too. Now take on the author of the book in which ever country he is from. Or the country in which the book was published! Then we will know if you really got all that bravado or if all that bravado is only meant for Malaysia where you know that the courts can be under your control.

  55. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Kit Siang takyah duk teliang sana sini. Anak hang punya Penang, dah nak masuk 2tahun, what project has he brought in so far? Kalo jadi CEO of a small corporation, macam tu punya merangkak, memang lama dok kena tendang!!?

    As opposition for decades, tak kan dalam 2tahun pun satu MEGA project pun takleh bawa masuk??? Mana? Mana? Hang duk pi berkeliaran buat mission pi sana sini, Mana??

    Ni duk makan melahap hasil kerja orang dahulu... Mengebat duk makan gaji buta elaun buta tiap BULAN nuh??

    Belajar MALUUUUUUUU ler sikit!


  56. Anonymous6:50 pm

    ok wat.... we have NS highway, penang bridge, putrajaya, proton,klcc, sepang circuit, klia and many more...biasa la sometimes people make mistake wat...see the good thing also ma....dont's always point the bad thing la...

    god things always god

  57. Anonymous6:51 pm

    and somemore ...who is this wain....todi ka....

  58. Anonymous7:13 pm

    We know it long ago this Mamak PM is a thief.

  59. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Really. What's this RC on condition TDM can sue.

    If TDM want to sue He don't need consent. Just Go ahead. He only wants to sandiwara and it seems everybody fell into his ploy.


  60. chow kw8:28 pm

    in 22 years , Dr M built a legacy of clean and efficient government starting with BMF ( RM 2 billion)in 1983 to PKFZ ( RM 12 billion )in 2003. So congratulations to now TUn Dr M. Well, between 1983 t0 2003. many institutions were literally destroyed ie the judiciary. Even a law professor lamented our our nation is somewhat like Zimbawe .Change is not possible under BN simply they are so used to corrupt practices even to the extent of committing treason by stealing jet engines . These culprits are not tom, dick or harry but are big wigs. where is the action - ha ha services terminated and aminister shouted traitor but no action lah . This is boleh land - plenty of surprises and bull lah. There is no hope for all malaysians under BN. So Lets do it - CHANGE BN and VOTE in PAKATAN RAKYAT in GE `13

  61. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Guess what, Bru? I am sending this from Spore - my penultimate pitstop of my globe trotting trail during which I have learnt many things, the foremost of which: Sporeans have a high regard for DrM and some even wished that he had been their PM instead of that staid old chingkie gangster who lorded over them for 30 years or so and claimed every morsel of success as his when nothing could be further than the truth!!.

    To quibble over 4.6billion per annum after almost everything of it had percolated through the system ala tricklenomics into many grateful hands including unwashed arsefucking chingkie ones is beyond belief but coming from a Chingkie racist pig is nothing surprising really ( that Chingkie clitlicking cuntleech has got nothing between them lobes, thats for sure!!). Even the chingks here have a low opinion of LKS and LGE as nothing mote than hogshit pedddling charlatans devoid of brains ( they laughed at LGE losing a 10B investment opportunity).

    Whatever said and done, DR M remains the best and no amount of Chingkie racist mudslinging is gonna change one iota of that. As for Spore itself, something is bubbling underneath and a certain angst and trepidation is setting in regarding the future...hahahaha LOL

    P/S: Belated Muharram greetings to you bru amd all my Muslim brethren back home.

    Warrior 231

  62. Anonymous9:57 pm


    100 billion squandered when you have trillions in returns in terms of onflow of FDIs due to excellent facilities

    And FDIs lead to more jobs, better disposable incomes, more exports, more revenue which in turns spawns the same old rigmarole many times over. Even kindi kid would know what is the "multiplier effect"!

    In 22 years this country saw solid growth bar probably 2 years during which an arsewhoring monkey manned the till and frittered away 30billion in his purportedly cunning(lingus) moment in the FOREX marts. The bastard couldnt even handle the economic storm as evidence and history attests.

    I can reel off the data, but then my date at the the Six would fob me off. To cut the chase, let me put it succintly to LKS and all his chingkie arsesmooching acolytes and twat munching bastards: i dare you, if you have the MARUAH that is, to give the per capita income figures, growth rates, trade stats etc pre Mahathir, circa 1981 and post-M circa 2003...come on, lay them cards on the table if you have the schlong and balls to start with, arselicking, throat fucked faggots... Reality will show you wont cos you AINT GOT MARUAH,that's why!!

    Warrior 231

  63. Always Clean10:09 pm

    This Kit Siang from aeons ago until now is so fond of Royal Commission.
    Najib does not need to pander to his wants.
    Like Tun said let the book be sold freely first.
    We wait for Tun to do the the suing.
    But Tun M should not drag Dollah also. Macam budak-budak pulak.

  64. Anonymous10:14 pm

    You lot are laughable brainwashed fools lol

    So what we got Putrajaya, KLIA, Sepang etc... RM100 billion in today's money due to inflation etc.. is 4 times the amount. It is a huge amount. The only reason why Tun managed to waste this much and got away with it was because our country was rich. Pak Lah decided to do the same, unlucky for him, the country was already out of money so he couldnt hide all the leaks...

    Imagine the RM400 billion into the development of the country, we would be on par with the likes of Korea or Singapore..

  65. Al-Sadr10:18 pm

    I had a suggestion why not we name this newly formed RCI "correct,correct,correct..."


  66. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    as a max tax payer rate contributor I totally Halalkan if really RM100billion spent by Tun M. Just look at all the legacy he left us today. He made us proud to be Malaysians. But not in Tun Lah era of which I Haramkan every single cent of my contribution in tax he spent. With all th blunders, sad to say that sometimes when friends ask about our country we just chat about Tun M or other thing during the last 6 years of Tun Lah premiership.
    Kit Siang only know how to talk. What happen to Penang today is nothing great but just blame the federal government is their specialities. My salutes goes to DS Najib who really worked hard to improve our country image and economics eventhough oppositions members try so hard to divert his focus.
    By the way, Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz also should consider to retire since their sons is also who & who in our country politics today.

    Enough already la, Anwar want to be tried under Syariah law yet you all bastard still support him. Then might as well implement Hudud law. Justice need to be fair and served. How the hell to produce 4 matured witness to his sodomy charge. Karpal should resign with immediate effect since he always said that cross his death body before can implement Hudud law. Sudahlah all this bastards is just like Sundal Jalanan.

    By we know the truth

  67. Anonymous10:32 pm

    Lim Kit Siang is really an old fart trying to get people's attention away from the fact that his son is losing support in penang due to his incompetencies in running the state. he remains the same ol LKS who is only good in critising without facts. his only reference is a writing by a bastard white buttock whom facts probably got from another asshole.

    Move on Kit Siang, your time is over. Tell me what good have you done to the country? old fart LKY also wouldnt take you for you and your fellas including your son are a bunch of losers. bastard asshole chinky. You and bastard chin peng are just the same.

    Pak Wan

  68. Anonymous10:35 pm

    “Saya mengenali Anwar Ibrahim sejak 25 tahun yang lalu. Ketika itu Anwar adalah presiden Abim.
    Apabila Anwar menyertai kerajaan, hubungan kami masih akrab. Setelah Anwar difitnah dan dipenjarakan, saya sering mendoakan agar beliau tabah dan tidak mengalah. Sekarang beliau adalah harapan kepada rakyat yang mencintai keadilan dan kemanan sejagat.
    Saya minta tuan-tuan dan puan-puan agar bersama-sama Anwar Ibrahim untuk mengangkat martabat kemanusian yang meletakkan keadilan dan prinsip Islam sebagai asas perjuangan.”
    - Prof. Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi , 19 Disember 2009

  69. Anonymous10:57 pm

    We love you Tun M! We will always respect you no matter what.

    You have done so much good for the country. Nobody can take away that from you. Your place in history as the best PM ever is secured. All the negative comments above and below mean nothing as they can never be the man that you are.Let those who think they can do better speak and we will see and arrogant man.

  70. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Dear Rocky;

    I will not give a hoot whatever this Apek will say; This chinaman is lucky to be an opposition in Malaysia. If he was in Singapore; I am sure he will be a heartbroken and bankrupt old man like other oppositions in Singapore.

    After more than 20 years, he not only survived but prospered, his son is currently the CM of Penang, his daughter-in-law won state seats and also parliamentary seats. His dynasty is now controlling the DAP.

    If we were to listen to his ideals, there will not be the North South Highway, no KLIA, no KLCC and also no Penang Bridge.Just imagine , Malaysia will be at least 20 to 30 years behind.Only stupid moron will listen to his ideals.

  71. doc don12:09 am

    hohoho. when the government of tun dr mahathir wanted to build the north-south highway, this moron lim kit siang wanted it stopped. he said something like the expressway is going to be a security threat. somebody corrects me if i'm wrong.

    he also said we should not have klia, penang bridge and klcc. i once rode on the train to klia, he was seated in front of me with magazine over his face. yes, lim kit siang has got a lot to be ashamed of.

    i'm no mahathir fan, but credit where it's due please.

    doctor don

  72. Tak tahu kenapa orang Cina biarkan apek tanpa visi ni becoming their leader. Except for his shameless rhetoric he is a true blue tin kosong.

    This stupid man were shouting in disagreement when Mahathir announced Penang Bridge project. But today he and his son shamelessly insist on the second bridge.

    If anybody were to be blamed for (kalau betul) BN Govt bulldozing projects is him.


    He is a bloody racist and a failure throughout his life.

  73. Anonymous12:17 am

    Lim Kit Siang - Stupid Old man
    His son - Stupid young CM

    Anwar - Clever liar
    HIs daugther - Doesn't really matter

    Karpal Singh - Rich lawyer politician
    His Son - Getting stupid like LKS

    LKY - Senior Minister
    HIs Son - Prime Minister

    Now this PR nuts above should follow S'pore and have better off springs and STILL hold on to power.

    BTW, Godfather is a Butt-Fuck and Khairy Wenger is an arsewhore.


  74. Anonymous12:17 am

    kit siang kau memang biadap! Sikit saja masa lagi...dzul pekida melaka

  75. Anonymous12:20 am

    Sudah ler Kit Siang.. kalau rasa cerdik sangat, kenapa sampai berdekad2 masih dalam opposition kat parliamen?

    Tepuk dada tanya diri sendiri "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR THIS NATION?"

    2yrs aleally in Penang.. You punya anak makan gaji dan elaun buta ker? Still got time to go for holilay in Japan?


  76. Anonymous12:26 am

    i find rocky has a lot of STUPID readers. RM100bil vs PLah's RMxxx bil in yr5s?

    Think lah STUPID. Back then Rm1bil is darn big already. 20 years ago Rm1bil can get u so many things but we squandered it. HE squandered it.

    Bodohla ur arguments that Dr M bult so many things in his 22yr reign. Pls look into the leakage part. Gv me Rm100bil I also can build u a Palace now but how much leakage? Who benefited? Think la Stupids!


  77. Disgusted12:38 am

    ala, kit siang nk pegi tokyo guna KLIA

    nk pegi KLIA kene masuk highway utara selatan

    ape lagi la kit siang ni nak ha? takde bende2 tu, ingat dapat ke dia nk gi Tokyo? dia buat ape pegi tokyo tu sebenarnye? pelik aku, negara tgh huru hara sebok pegi oversea konon cam org penting

    setakat satu buku dah kecoh, sendiri punye contribution kalau kita mintak list down kan, mau tak tersengih dia

    what is it like eh? to have been working all your life and have not one contribution/achievement that can be held in high regard?

    sounds like a loser if you ask me. a whining ungrateful sore loser

  78. Anonymous12:47 am

    just cant imagine the crap some of you have written. what bloody legacy has mahatir left us.

    aint it surprising that there are m allegations of corrupt practices by TAR, Razak & Hussien Onn but almost any Tom Dick and Harry would want to spit on Mahatir's face if given a chance.

    the only legacy that Mahatit left us is the bloody legitimasation of corruption and bodeking

    to hell with you bloody mahatir apologists - just becasue he buuild a bridge, highway and an airport at inflated costs does not make him God.


  79. bulat1:06 am

    wa.....kit siang seems very very shaky.....blind shooting in the space of 18 minutes...hehehe

  80. Anonymous1:40 am

    Hmmmm, does d following bring up memories? Of millions to billions vapourised during ze tenure of Det?

    - BMF scandal
    - Maminco
    - Perwaja
    - Bakun Dam
    - PSC-Dockyard (wonder where Amin Shah now?)
    - Proton (cannot live w/o big govt subsidy to this very day)
    - APs
    - son company bailout by MISC
    - MSC, InventQJaya, Cyberjaya (failed Silicone Valley clones)
    - MAS bailouts (ask Taj)
    - expensive highway tolls here n there (shh, toll agreements to cronys is Top Seekret under OSA)
    - rotted public transport (3 separate rail systems in KL? Monorail also don't go into Sentral. lousy bus system around country)
    - PKFZ (during his watch. Cabinet Seal of Approval)

    ...and many more...

    but hey, its all forgiven. Provided you build some nice shiny looking buildings, its all ok to squander all the billions. Right?

    Font Futura

  81. Anonymous2:16 am

    Enough time and money have been wasted already. It's time to move on lah. I really hope the PM won't layan these two old fellas. Free publicity for Wain.


  82. Anonymous5:14 am

    i wonder where this barry who? got all his facts and evidences when most of the docs are under OSA.

    so i guess he just tembak aje..

    so I put my vote with DrM. If he sues, make sure until barry what? and lim siang ikan have only underwear to wear.

  83. Anonymous5:51 am

    Sebelum TDM, kaum mana agaknya duk ber Maharajalela cekup segalanya kat Negara nih?

    Era TDM telah banyak menaikkan taraf hidup kaum BUMIPUTRA... ini yang sebenarnya kaum DAP duk panas baran tak senang hidup...

    They just want everything for themselves.. tak syiok tengok Bumiputra maju sikit..

    Sebelum TDM dan Merdeka, kehidupan 99.9% keturunan pengundi DAP begitu bebas mudah sesuka hati telan segalanya, seharusnya LKS juga minta Barry Wain buat post mortem era masa tu jugak, "kemanakah kekayaan hasil negara masa tu depa bawa lari"?

    Barry Wain ni orang bangsa apa?


  84. Anonymous5:56 am

    Prof. Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi ni sesat mai kut mana?

    Hello Prof, Brat Pitt pun kawan lama you ker?



  85. Anonymous6:32 am

    Old brain of Kit Siang know that his brain is not up to standard like Mahathir intelligent brain.In 2009 if we follow the brain of Kit Siang.Penangite will faces massive traffic jam at ferry terminal and no foreign investment want to invest in Penang.If he want to built new Penang Bridge now, he has to fork out RM 4billion or more to make it.I don't know how many kapal or ferry sinks if no Penang bridge.

    Old brain of Kit Siang even know that if no North-South Highway which maybe is part of socalled RM1billion don't exist.No development we grow along the North -South highway.Actually Lim Kit Siang want Malaysia to go 30years back like 70'.He want everybody work without productivity and efficiency.

    This is rethoric style of Kit Siang.

    Cakap tak serupa bikin

  86. kamal_hashim7:18 am

    Kit Siang oo Kit Siang, again, you people are acting like opposition whilst you already 5 states under your administration, what have you done to make our lives better this past few years??

  87. Anonymous7:48 am


    This LKS is such a dumb#?!%. Tun M is not a glory seeking jack#?!% like LKS and his PKR partner.

    He wants a RCI to be formed so that the investigation to be carried out will include their gwai-loh friends. The results will be for all to see and not use the court process to sue people like LKS and 'mat leather king'.

    So LKS, you are no match for Tun M lah.....


  88. Anonymous8:53 am

    How many of you have really read the book? Read it before you make the comments.


  89. Why you entertain this Kit Siang , a moron and a politian in wilderness , imagine what LKY will do to him ..

  90. Anonymous9:41 am

    Rocky, how I wished that Mahathir spent another RM500 billion those days. Paklah spent RM280b in 5 years of his premiership but we see only dust. Imagine the greater high we reach if it was spent by Mahathir.
    Chinese always said that wealth cannot sustain more then 3 generations, 1st generation - know how to make and save but don't know how to spend. 2nd generation - know how to make and spend and 3rd generation - don't know how to make but Only spend. Mahathir is the 2nd generation but Paklah is 3rd generation or the Pai Kha Chai (the Destroyer).
    Kit Siang is a Dictator in DAP as he run like his own father business. One family eat all. We ordinary members got a bit fed up. Talked cock everytimes and empty promises. Kit Siang, what your say when Anwar want his sodomy trial in Syariah not Civil court?

    DAP supporter

  91. Anonymous10:25 am

    Nape nak korek hal dulu .... Aku rasa Dr. M dah buat apa yang dia mampu. Tapi LKS nak kelirukan rakyat bawa cerita lama supaya orang tak sibuk dengan apa yang dia dah buat dengan pembangunan di negeri takluk dia.
    Kalau semua orang ambik pendekatan macam LKS aku rasa kita tak akan ke mana sebab asyik nak tunding jari aje.

    Aku masih ingat macam mana susah nya Dr. M nak convince orang ramai dengan cadangan dia bina jambatan PP, Proton, Sepang dll. Masa tu LKS hentam Dr. M bazirkan duit negara. Tup..tup.. sekarang .. dah sibuk nak bina jambatan kedua PP.
    Bottom line.. Kalau LKS tak ada wawasan dan cuma pandai tunding jari.. makin lingkup negara ni.
    Tepuk dada tanya selera.

  92. Anonymous 10:35pm, on 25 January 2010 Prof. Yusof Al Qardawi will know who Anwar Ibrahim really is. Not long lagi beb just a month more. However if you read the full text of his speech instead of cherry picking, there is more to what his says about the ummah rather than just Anwar Ibrahim per se.

  93. RESPONSE to LIM KIT SIANG'S response:







  94. Anonymous10:43 am

    You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.


  95. Anonymous10:44 am

    Jangan cakap banyak. Bring on the RCI. We will call Syed Mokhtar, Vincent Tan, Francis Yeoh, Ananda Krishnan, etc etc to the stand. Let them explain how they got their concessions. Will call Ali Abu Hasan to the stand. Will call Nor Mohamed Yakcop to the stand. Will call SM Nasimuddin's successors to the stand.

    Declassify documents. We will show how many billions went into Proton, what the returns show from these billions. We will show how better quality cars were taxed heavily to make Proton look cheap by comparison - and how many people died so far in Proton cars.

    We will show how Bakun was awarded. Ting Pek Khiing will be asked how he got his 800 million from Mamakthir even after he logged the entire catchment area. Syed Mokhtar will be asked how he sold his IPP to Malakoff for RM 800 million profit - before it even left the drawing board. We will ask the remaining Sahid brother how come they got Perwaja. We will subpoena Daim to ask how come he managed to alienate hundreds of acres of land in Johor and Kedah. We will show who told KWAP and EPF to buy Time dotcom shares. We will ask Daim who approved the purchase of MAS shares by Tajuddin Ramli and who repurchased those shares at inflated prices.

    This RCI will show the world how Mamakthir does business. We do it via live telecast on RTM. Boleh ? Berani tak ?


  96. Anonymous10:48 am

    Dear Rocky,

    I've read Malaysia Kini's latest posting pertaining to Tun. They used a frivolous quote from George Soros attacking TUN M stating,'you are a menace to your country'.

    I used to be an avid reader of Malaysia Kini but this time its has crossed the boundary. There's no credibility in them as well as hard evidence to substantiate their claims.

    Tun has helped many businessmen (Chinese, Malays as well as others)and prevented the country from collapsing during the '98 financial crisis. How dare Malaysia Kini used a mala fide quote from Soros who tried to bankrupt the people of Malaysia! Have they no brains, Soros tried to decimate the people of Malaysia! My family was affected by this catastrophe!

    Obviously now, its a propaganda tool used by the opposition to defame Tun.

    Without Tun's intervention, many smes or enterprise would have collapsed. Hey, even Malaysia Kini might not come into play!


  97. For all those Lim Kit Siang and DAPniks who are really pissed with Dr Mahathir for "burning/wasting" so much money in his 22 years in office for building modern infrastructure like the superb PLUS highways,the super bridges, the modern ports, the multimedia super corridor the KLIA the KLCC etc.
    These infrastructure and facilities which in turn had attracted hundreds of billions of Foreign direct investment to this great country of ours which some ungrateful morons like Aziz Bari and Zaid Ibrahim likens to be like Zimbabwe.

    Then if they have any pride at all should not use the facilities provided by the Government and instead use the old JKR roads and the ferry to Penang as well and if they want to fly out can go to Singapore or Thailand. If they refuse then they should just eat their words or bite their smelly hat and enjoy what ever facilities that have been provided by the Government.

    If they refuse and insist on using the facilities being Malaysian citizens themselves, then these whiners, losers and cry babies who got nothing good to say about their own country are just hypocrites of the highest order.

    Shameless people, go cry and complain to Lee Kuan Yew your hero in Singapore where the book by that good for nothing barry wain was published.

  98. For all those Lim Kit Siang and DAPniks who are really pissed with Dr Mahathir for "burning/wasting" so much money in his 22 years in office for building modern infrastructure like the superb PLUS highways,the super bridges, the modern ports, the multimedia super corridor the KLIA the KLCC etc.
    These infrastructure and facilities which in turn had attracted hundreds of billions of Foreign direct investment to this great country of ours which some ungrateful morons like Aziz Bari and Zaid Ibrahim likens to be like Zimbabwe.

    Then if they have any pride at all should not use the facilities provided by the Government and instead use the old JKR roads and the ferry to Penang as well and if they want to fly out can go to Singapore or Thailand. If they refuse then they should just eat their words or bite their smelly hat and enjoy what ever facilities that have been provided by the Government.

    If they refuse and insist on using the facilities being Malaysian citizens themselves, then these whiners, losers and cry babies who got nothing good to say about their own country are just hypocrites of the highest order.

    Shameless people, go cry and complain to Lee Kuan Yew your hero in Singapore where the book by that good for nothing barry wain was published.

  99. To JudgeWengerKhairy

    You said "In my eyes TDM is GUILTY until PROVEN innocent".

    Spoken like a true opposition supporter.

    What a fool u are......

  100. Anonymous11:39 am


    who is this barry wain. apasal nak buat RCI tuduhan melulu tanpa bukti. kalau saya tuduh melulu LKS liwat LGE takkan nak percaya dan buat RCI jugak.

    kalau LKS nak tuduh TDM membazir RM100mil, cakap la sendiri. Jangan sembunyi belakang barry wain. kalau takde bukti, jangan tuduh la.


  101. Anonymous11:47 am

    What the Mamak is saying is this "You say I squandered RM 100 billion. I say Sleepy Head squandered over RM 280 billion. So if you investigate me, you must also investigate Sleep Head."

    Fair enough. We will investigate Sleep Head, but we will start with you. We will show the whole world - via live broadcast - how you and your cronies answer our questions. We will give you an undertaking that once we are finished with you, we will proceed with Sleepy Head, and then with Najib. All on live broadcast to tell everyone how UMNO does business.

    Cakap saje pandai, tapi tak berani bikin. I say let the cameras roll !


  102. Anonymous11:48 am




  103. Anonymous11:49 am

    ...and of course Najib can't agree because his balls will shrink once he realises that we will expose how UMNO does business.

    I wrote on Mamakthir's blog several times: "Allah keeps you alive for so long so that you can see for yourself the damage you have brought on Bolehland".


  104. Anonymous12:13 pm

    It is interesting reading the comments from the Mahathir supporters.

    1) Their comments betray their inner feelings that the subsequent leaders have not measured up to Mahathir.

    2) They feel the means justify the end. As long as there is a KLIA etc, it does not matter who/how much/how it was built.

    3) They feel parties like DAP are only out to grab economic interests from the Malays (sound like they attended one too many BTN courses) and any dissenting voice in UMNO is a traitor

    4) Mahathir is better than any other leader including LKY.

    Reality though is:-

    1) Mahathir failed to nurture talent in UMNO resulting in a leadership vacuum which is yet to be filled. This is partly because he became too paranoid post 1987.

    2)Relaxing investment criteria in the name of progress gave us infrastructure but similarly excessively burdened the people. No one is anti progress but it needs to be implemented properly in a systematic manner with contracts drawn up in an equitable fashion.

    3)Only through criticism can one progress. Unfortunately, government GLCs especially the unlisted ones are filled with second rate talent due to government policy. This will get those GLCs no where with further billions collectively squandered on failed projects because management does not know how to prepare basic projections. Trust me, I have seen this first hand. I suspect Malaysia will soon be a the next "Indonesia" to consulting firms in SEA. Soon, we will need consultants to fill basic forms for GLCs.

    4) Lastly, in terms of leadership, as much as it pains me to admit this, Mahathir is not in the same league as LKY. For all the accolades from Mahathir's African counterparts and his grandstanding against the West, it takes more brains to strategise straddling the fine line between Western and Eastern powers without shooting off your mouth like Mahathir. Unlike LKY, Mahathir did not take Malaysia into the 1st world despite the resources available.

    In summary, if Mahathir and LKY were Premier League clubs, LKY would Arsene Wenger. Little resources but still able to be a team in the Big 4, winning titles every once in a while. Mahathir would be Mark Hughes, big money signing but a team that does not gel and fails to deliver consistent results despite huge investments.

    Man City probably best describes Malaysia's state now. As difficult as it is for Malaysians to swallow, that is the reality of the day.

  105. nstman12:17 pm

    I LKS will be stupid to battle Mahathir in court. You and I know that the judiciary will be fully behind Mahathir. It is like fighting your opponent with your hands tied behind your back. Taking on Mahathir is like a zero sum game. He always wins, you always lose. LKS should just let the matter rest.

  106. Nzain2:02 pm

    "This RCI will show the world how Mamakthir does business. We do it via live telecast on RTM. Boleh ? Berani tak ?"

    Because he is brave lah that's why he's asking LKS to BRING IT ON.
    You can't read or understand English wat?! Plain as day, black letters on white paper. He threw down the gauntlet and dared LKS to finish what he started. Jangan suka cakap saja tapi tak berani bikin. That's not enough balls for you?
    That's the major difference between Tun and the common man (like you), he's not likely to be afraid of a challenge. Well done Tun.

  107. Anonymous2:06 pm

    To Eddy the Sor Hai,

    Why cant even we use any of these facilities provided for by the govt? Govt use Mahathir's money to build? Govt used ur MONEY to build? Or only Mahathir paid taxes? Your father paid? As if the rest of us didnt pay. YOU ARE TALKING LIKE A MORON!


  108. Anonymous2:14 pm

    To all the blind mamakthir supporters:

    If he is truly brave, why set all those conditions ? Why must also investigate Bodohwi ? Why insinuate that Bodohwi squandered more in 4 years than the Mamak did in 22 years ? Losing less than the next person justifies the crime ?

    Like I said, the Guilty will always come up with conditions that are difficult to be met. Just form a RCI, allow for live broadcasts, no restrictions on witnesses, and then we see what happens.

    Berani ? Kalau berani, support our push for the RCI then. Stop justifying the crime on the sole reason that it is a smaller crime than others.

    Understand my Engrish ??


  109. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Since our PDRM and AG's Chambers have this wonderful reputation of catching ikan bilis only, then we should start with Mamakthir if he says that he is ikan bilis compared to his successor.


  110. answer to kit siang twitter:

    "beacuse Mahathir is innoccent u lim kit siang moron!"


  111. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Rocky the dark knight and Mamakthir supporter: What do you think ? Should Najib approve a RCI on the old Emperor's shenanigans ? After all, the old Emperor may be able to prove that he did it all with his heart firmly for the rakyat, and not for his cronies and children.

    Isn't it wonderful, Rocky, for the old man to prove in a RCI that he was the most honest and decisive PM this country ever had. Only problem I foresee is that the rakyat might then clamour for the old Emperor to return now that it is proven Najib is completely at sea with the No.1 job.

    Don-key Godfather

  112. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Referring to this statement,

    3)Only through criticism can one progress. Unfortunately, government GLCs especially the unlisted ones are filled with second rate talent due to government policy. This will get those GLCs no where with further billions collectively squandered on failed projects because management does not know how to prepare basic projections. Trust me, I have seen this first hand. I suspect Malaysia will soon be a the next "Indonesia" to consulting firms in SEA. Soon, we will need consultants to fill basic forms for GLCs.

    My friend, BN has made significant improvements through criticisms and they are still progressing in that direction. Most importantly that they are listening to the people! That's why KPIs are established to rectify this situation!

    Please do note that most opposition blogs and even LKS's doesnt publish views that are critical of his or theirs. They are blogheads only wanting to believe in their own political fallacies!

    Look at the opposition, people criticised them and yet they ignored as if they were god sent to deliver Malaysia out of some tyrannical rule. In fact, I have yet to see any improvement made in the five states controlled by the opposition. Simple question, what have they done? What can they show us that they have reduce the plight of others? Results? Data? Do they even have any KPIs? They have absolutely nothing!

    And lastly my friend, Singapore is such a tiny island where you can easily develop it >> easy to concentrate on developments cos its so tiny. Malaysia on the other hand doesn't need western powers to solidify their position. We did it on our own without sucking asses to western superpowers! Now that is what you call achievement and standing on your own two feet!


  113. Anonymous3:25 pm

    To use his own words, who believes in Lim Kit Siang anyway? Thanks Rocky for this post - it has big entertainment value.

    I don't read Malaysia Today, Malaysian Insider etc because they don't even have entertainment value. I assume they continue churning out hogshit day in and day out. Everything is wrong, everybody makes mistakes except them. Everybody is corrupt except the DAP in Selangor State Government, Nik Aziz and the likes.

    These are people who don't respect authority, who find faults in anything that represents the Government and the Malays - the Police, MACC etc. But I suppose they are not so loud against the Army. Because they know once the Army comes into the streets, LKS and his kind will not even be shit any more.

    They are even the secret societies, thugs and gangsters kind. The ones who brought such blokes when Long Jaafar and Ngah Ibrahim brought a group to Larut to mine tin in the 1860s. Many became wealthy thru the mining operations. The thugs and gangsters ended up controlling the mining industry. The 350 Malay mines stated in UUM Prof Fauzi Basri's book on the history of Perak disappeared. Yet the blokes had no thanks to the Malays. Want more, more and more ever since. Still engaged in such activities now. One Selangor PKR ADUN and one PKR MP said that the Selangor Exco is conducting business with the Underworld even in the Selangor State Government premises.

    I'm waiting for the day when LKS is no more. But only the good dies young. So I have to put up with him for another 100 years. The only way is to encourage Tun Dr Mahathir to sue him. Do a Lee Kuan Yew. Sue them buggers until they are bankrupt. Get a Court Order to shut him up. Enough of tolerating this nuisance all these many years.

  114. Anonymous3:37 pm

    babi lim kit siang. 22 jadi pembangkang.. haprak tarak. what a fucking 22 years of failure. now that man retired, you-fucking-stupid kit siang use a book written by foreigner to attack that old man. so what the fucking use of you as opposition all these decades? scratching balls? bodoh lim kit siang all the years that old man was PM, habuk pun tarak bukti concrete. cakap saja, aku pun boleh cakap. fuck u lim kit siang. fuck u guan eng. fucking racist dap.

  115. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Why not you look up our FDI picture from here. Clearly FDI only rose substantionally once Mahathir was out of the picture. The infrastructure had nothing to do with it. I read somewhere that foreign investors (those who actually have money DO NOT LIKE HIM)

  116. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Of cors, M will now say "bring it on" with his sop of "the first line of defence is attack". In court he will not remember.

    I agree with "bring it on"....and then his children can be subpoenaed also in addtition to people like Daim Zainuddin and Tajuddin Ramli (who will have many wonderful stories to share).

    -Walter rally

  117. Anonymous5:02 pm

    hei eddy!

    go fuck yourself...

  118. Mako dono5:04 pm

    tak payah goreng la

    the court favour DR M?

    lu stupid kaaaa....bila lu nak fight bawak jugak dekat court yg lu hina tu

    we're lacking in so many way

    and all u have to this people fault,those people fault

    macam politic office

    DR M makan duit pun,the vision,the infra all have been build and we're using it rite now

  119. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Man,who the fuck is this Very Vain guy la? Why give so much credit to this mat salleh who is enjoying his extravagant expat life kissing chinky ass. Now with all this, you can soon call him the White Raja of Shitpore.

  120. kit siang use ur brain! U better watchout 'kominis'

  121. big cat5:57 pm

    lim kit siang and his supporters are so full of shit. in fact, they even eat their own shit. Tun and the rest of u should not have even bothered to layan them.

  122. Yo, Smart alec Anonymous 12:13pm, wah you think LKY is such a great football Manager eh? Singapore is just a small city state just like the Vatican, Hong Kong, Macau or even Monaco lah. Which city state in history ever failed? They all prosper with or without a good leader lah beb, the difference is Lee Kuan Yew and the PAP takes credit for everything and anything good that comes from Singapore at the expense of the frugality and hard work of Singaporeans. You think Lee Kuan Yew is so great then you should read this article by a Singaporean here:

    1. Lee Kuan Yew and Corruption-Singapore Style

    2.and articles by Gopalan Nair here:

    and many more, great ah Lee Kuan Yew. I think not and certainly you cannot compare him with Tun Dr Mahathir, how can you compare the Durian Tun and Lee's little orange.

  123. Homophobic9:12 pm

    Anon 12:13pm,

    If Mahathir is Mark Hughes, and LKY is Arsene Wenger, I bet you're the disgraced Vietnam coach.

    Talk big and no cock.

    (Your anology was stupid enough to begin with. It reflects your brain, which is directly related to your genes, which you inherit from your ancestors - if you can understand what I mean, or if you have a brain at all)

  124. Anonymous9:18 pm

    If you have balls,you stand in front of mahathir and sue him.
    Don't hide behind a nick and write like you have balls.
    It makes you look like a cunt.


  125. Anonymous9:24 pm

    hello LKS. why talk to much.go ahead lah kalau berani. yuo just talk cock lah. only an idiot and have common mind like you still want to sing along with you lah bastaaaard. frankly ha LKS . you are toooo much lah.

    hate malay hater

  126. Anwar Ibrahim was the Finance Minister in 1991 - 1998. Many of the accusations were during his time too.

    Mr Barry Wain..... any second book 'Malaysian Maverick : Anwar Ibrahim in Turbulent Times"?

  127. Anonymous9:38 pm

    anon 12:13

    You must be a dumb moron who failed everything in school. Old fart LKY screwed up democracy my friend with single party and no opposition. He bankrupted the opposition. How big is the size of singapore? you farted one corner the other corner can smell also. What is so difficult to develop that with everything under your control? We got from north to south up to sabah on the other end. If we practise selective development with our resources KL itself can be super developed yet with multiple parties and morons LKS and KS and AI and not forgetting NA of the Kelantan. Your brain is too small because of too much porky stuff. Dumbo!

  128. Anonymous12:07 am

    nstman said...

    I LKS will be stupid to battle Mahathir in court. You and I know that the judiciary will be fully behind Mahathir. It is like fighting your opponent with your hands tied behind your back. Taking on Mahathir is like a zero sum game. He always wins, you always lose. LKS should just let the matter rest.

    12:17 PM

    Hoi NSTMAN,

    Kamu ni memang tongong dan bangang.

    Juciciary Singapore tu bagus sangat ke? Kan mereka tu dibawah telunjuk LKY?

    Kalau LKS tu di Singapork, dah lama dah dia dibankrup oleh LKY.


    -tukang perati

  129. Apa dia ingat Dr M macam dia suka2 nak saman, Anwar Ibrahim & Karpal memang suka saman-menyaman ini.

  130. Anonymous12:34 am

    In Time Asia magazine issue on March 15 2004, South East Asian economist at Morgan Stanley in Singapore Daniel Lian, figures “that the country may have lost as much as U$$100 billion (RM320 billion) since the early 1980s to corruption.”

    (Note: the deadline and the amount)

    You can see from where the vain charlatan has been culling his figures from: a thoroughly discredited financial services outfit that is living off the dregs of former glories. A firm that could not even predict the financial tsunami that threatened to overwhelm it save for a financial bailout initiated by Mitsubishi UFJ:

    after going around with the begging bowl:

    and yet be able to promote failures:

    So there you have it in a nutshell, a dead horse being flogged about for all its worth but why? Well, its all part of the destabilising tactics adopted by a certain little red dot in cahoots with arsewhoring, twatlicking Trojan bastards as my intel moles in spore tell me. So be prepared for more of this as desperadoes resort to all sort of mudslinging tactics conceptualised and crafted from just beyond the Tebrau and executed by minions and henchmen within the ramparts who are game for some Chingkie cocksucking and Anglo-American-Australian clit suckling. Remember Geofrey Wade and before him the Aussie journalist by the name of Michael something and before that Soros....the list goes on

    As for LKY and DR M: one point would suffice, has LKY done anything as dramatic as Capital Controls circa 1998 which was lauded as effective by no less than Krugman and which has been empirically proven to be an effective alternative to the onerous IMF prescriptions.

    No siree, LKY is indeed a Wenger who cant seem to win domestic trophies for 5 seasons running whilst not even getting within a whiff of a Euro cup (and dint Hughes managed City dump them 3-0 out of the League cup). Managing a readymade small city state whose development was chartered by Caucasians ( read Albert Winsemius) and whose growth as a financial hub was an extension of a historical legacy is nothing but child's play and Lee's brain is only capable of that and nothing more but then that would be enough to excite dead schlong beatnik fathers of godforsaken sons looking for some virtual orgasmic glory ...hahahaha

    Warrior 231

  131. Saya ingat Lim Kit Siang patut saman Mahathir sebab Mahathir tak samannya.
    Disini nampak sangat nak cari kesempatan tumpang populariti orang hebat tapi tiada kuasa.
    Finally, you are looser Lim Kit Siang!

  132. One thing I notice about the pro opposition is, they are like parrots or cockatoos. or should it be cockkatoos. They would copy whatever other critics say butthey nover come out with their own assesment. Such as that Zimbabwe piece and also now, Barry Wain. Really they are cock a loose actually. I wish we can find one Tengku Mukriz.

  133. Anonymous6:48 am

    Haha, this moron Tun knows too well that he will win in every court case with his ground work of correct, correct, correct.

    This mamak has no value for the country, without him the country would not have turned into the next Zimbabwe. He is a shameless person not admitting his Indian origin. Why are the malays still so poor even after his 22 years? He can fool some people but he can't fool everyone, he is in the rank of Marcos of the Philippines but still he think he is in the class of Lee Kwan Yew. Malu la Tun, go back India la.

  134. Anonymous11:24 am

    Tun M, need not to sue anybody on this issue because more than 90% of Malaysians acknowledged his contributions towards the developments and progress of our beloved country. Why keep harping on old issue since Tub M already retired. I wonder what have LKS done for the country in the last 25 years. I would like to suggest him to concentrate helping his CM son to bring progress in Penang with his Big Brain.
    LKS and Karpal Singh is championing for wrong cause. Anwar is trying to get his sodomy trial in Syariah court now. Please comment in this issue la. If Anwar get his wish will this be a new era in our country judiciary. Is a suspected criminal like Anwar can choose where and when he can be prosecuted. Anwar don't even dare to swear as his religion faith but now is asking for Syariah law trial. Karpal pakai Lu punya otak sikit la.
    If Anwar trial is done according Syariah law, will thus create a precedent in future and a step forward to the implementation of wider scope of Syariah law.
    Tun M, if you win the legal process against LKS and Wain, how sure you're that they got the penny to pay you. Relax and enjoy your retirement because we as a very GRATEFUL Malaysians will always cherished you as our greatest leader.

    Apek Kampung

  135. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Timur Tengah,
    For your info, Malaysia remains indeed a Third
    World, get use to it !!


  136. Anonymous12:46 pm

    LKS ni pun sudah apek tua n nyayuk. Mana yang betul ni pada LKS ? 100 mil or 100 bil ?

  137. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Kit Siang bodoh, bahlul, tonggok. Kelulusan lawyer tapi jadi lawyer buruk.

  138. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Kit Siang,

    Why don't you join forces with Barry Whine to sue Tun? If you have conviction and you obviously trust the Mat Saleh, don't use the Royal Commission. Sikit-sikit Royal Commission, sikit-sikit Tribunal. Go and sue in the courts. After all, your Zaid Ibrahim and AAB have cleaned up the judiciary, right? So many of the verdicts by our courts in the last couple of years have been siding against BN what .. Just look at Anwar Ibrahim's sodok-mee case, postponed like hundred times already!


  139. Dear commenters, what Godfather wrote is interesting:

    "I have asked Kit Siang to take up Mamakthir's challenge, then we can see how Mamakthir gave the cream to his cronies like YTL, Vincent Tan, Ananda Krishnan, Syed Mokhtar, etc."

    One thing that will surface from the RCI, if Kit Siang can rally enough support to get one formed, is the fact that Mahathir is NOT a racist.

    He has enriched many Tiongs, Tans, Lims and Lees and also Anandas and Kumarans.

    3 out of the 4 names that came up to your mind, Godfather Don-Key, are non-Malays.

    Anwar Ibrahim, as he was trained by Mahathir, has the same non-racist tendency. I used to joke that "Mahathir has Ting (Pek Khiing) and Anwar has Tong (Kee Hong)". Like Ying and Yang, Kong and Kek. Or something like that.

    And dear Old Fart,

    The courts are still pro-BN? Don't insult our judges, mate. To me, a Judge is as good as his last judgment.

    Thank you.

  140. Kit Siang has to change his Opposition mindset to further be of use to his states. I think he is so used of nudging the gov that he forgets that he is now a part of the gov.

    To discredit Dr M will not prove that Kit Siang is only capable of opposing, it will also waste valuable money and time dwelling on rat shit propaganda.

  141. To commenter najibmanaukau,

    I can't publish two of your comments. Please feel free to re-send, minus yr endless use of the word "pariah".

    Bukan apa, penggunaan terma kasta ni sensitif, nanti lu kena saman beb ...

    Jangan marah.

  142. pelanduk puteh3:24 pm

    lim kit siang and the gang are just sore losers. their supporters are just plain stupid.

  143. Anonymous4:35 pm

    What say you all we audit some random developing country’s performance, any one laaa--- and see what they have done for the past 20, 30 years. I am sure 100 billion ringgit is tiny compared to their expenses. And yet even to see the twin towers they would come here.

    (Oh by the way I love how some people, realising all these, would twist and turn and squirm and worm and say something like, “We are not questioning the projects maaa… we are just questioning if those could have been done cheaper.” Like how cheap? The one-ringgit-finance-adviser-from-non-finance-educated ABI cheap?)

    And thank you to Eddy for those two links. Wow! You opened up my Eyes! So THIS is the KuanYew-HsienLoong legacy that our (P)DAP beatnicks have been adoring all this while? Jeez! The hatred of their people towards the Son-Father team is more in magnitude than whatever you can find here. Look at that Clown of a Judge! Now THAT is controlling judiciary. The behaviour of that judge puts to shame all the allegations of judicial bias that the (P)DAP beatnicks had deen trumpeting all this while in Malaysia. Hahaha Eddy you have just shattered the perfect picture of Singapore-is-all-perfect religion these people are believing in. Hey ada lagi tak these kinds of dissident websites folks. Best lah! Hehehehe.

    And yes as usual, our good old Warrior 231 puts in them facts on his arsenals so much so that just as them detractors were about to try to match his verbal blitzkrieg, they got stumped by his factuals. Hidup Warrior 231! Dey apasal tadak tulis selalu? Christmas Holidays kaa?

    Now come to think of it. A nation like Singapore: small, tiny population of well educated and professional people, situated at a very strategic trade route location, an iron-fisted dictator who quashes and sues dissidents, an all-adoring Judicial system all too eager to please their political masters, disallowing of opposition speeches and activities, an ass-licking media and absolutely unallowed alternative voices. Tell me, if one CANNOT be succesful given these God-given circumstances, surely they would just be a 2million nincompoopish population. The Yucatan Indians pun kalau given the same circumstances pun akan succeed.

    Oh by the way have you noticed how Kit Siang writes? In answering certain issues, he would repeat the issues’ phrases word by word in his sentences. Now this is reminiscent of some Tingkatan 2 schoolboy yang baru belajar English and careful to include the questioner’s sentences for fear his grammar might get to be wrong.

    It’s like --- “Tell me Rajoo, what did your wise old father advise you regarding studying in the wee hours of the night?” And Rajoo replies, “My wise old father advised me regarding studying in the wee hours of the night that I should …”. I mean all grammatically correct, no doubt. But absolutely no pizzazz, no sense of gab, no finesse, no class---reminiscent of someone with some kind of challenged linguistic culture, gitoo. You guys certain ker kawan ni lawyer ni?

    Sigh …If the leadership of a political belief has some close analogy with English morphology, I’m afraid letting the Puckatans rule the country would be akin to having a lot of misplaced malapropisms in one’s prose…..

    (Isa Kontot’s Brother)

  144. Anonymous7:22 pm

    Eh, Rocky, nobody is suggesting here that your old boss is racist. He makes racist remarks from time to time to garner support amongst the Malay right-wing but Mamakthir is anything but racist. How can he be racist when his daughter-in-law is Chinese, his adopted son is Pakistani, he himself is 25 pct Indian, etc etc.

    Nobody is also suggesting that the Emperor has squandered billions because of his racist ways in awarding deals to cronies and relatives. If you remember during one UMNO convention in the 90s, it was suggested that the Yeoh family is more bumiputra than the true bumiputras.

    Yes, we are gonna show that he made decisions favouring his cronies and relatives which cost the country hundreds of billions. He made decisions where the rakyat were royally screwed through excessive tariffs and tolls. He created monopolies that burdened the rakyat. He imposed taxes that went into the private sector instead of government coffers e.g. APs.


  145. Anonymous8:18 pm

    Ah showtime. TDM & LKS Show...

    What's the point? The moneys gone. No RCI, no court case, no suing is going to bring back the money. We already know who's going to win anyway.

    The thing do is to make sure the current fella, worst still, his spouse (and their gang ketat) doesn't squander/steal the rakyat's (our) money.

    These things happened because we allowed it to happen. Now we can stop it if we wanted to. We have a powerful weapon (our vote). Use it wisely next time.

    -The Devil-

  146. Godfarter8:56 pm

    My dear Godfather,

    When Anwar was Finance Minister, he used his father's house as a bank vault. He had cash in RM 1000 and RM 500 stacked from wall to wall, from ground to ceiling.

    Please compute how much money that is.

    Of course you will say show proof and all that but why don't you check these facts before you talk about others.

    Anwar and his henchmen used money changers to hijack all those money when it was still legal tender.

    He was king of money laundering and paid his henchmen well to shut up.

    Go do your maths if you don't believe. Ask Azmin, he might tell you.

  147. Anonymous12:08 am

    Salam Godfather,

    Kira TDM OK la tu...

    he managed to keep you rooted here in Malaysia for so long!

    Kalau chidak, pasti dah lama you cabut cari makan kat Negara lain..

    Wain tu MatSalleh... these Mat Sallehs, pandai teropong orang lain sahaja.. tapi asal usul kekayaan Negara mereka, mereka mudah terlupa...

    Sama juga dengan LKS, mudah terlupa asal usul dari mana datang dan kenapa mereka boleh berlabuh berada di Tanah Air ini.

    Kalau back in their own motherland, these people are nobodies, so they try to make them become busibodies elsewhere!!



  148. Anonymous6:17 am

    PR, PR supporters and their mastermind a.k.a. LKS sudah kehabisan modal. Get a life way.\

    Thats it. Its high time for the Malays to take back whatever that is being given as tolerance has obviously wont bring any good. This will never end.

  149. Anonymous6:24 am

    Nampak Sangat PR (specifically DAP and his godfather Lim Kit Siang) sudah kecut perut dengan DR M!!! Taktik busuk mereka. Bila takut (or think anything as a threat).. kita bomb mereka dengan allegations.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. FUCK SINGAPORE. JUST BOMB THEM ALREADY! 1 BOMB ALL WILL KAPUT.

  150. Anonymous7:01 am

    LimGuanEngBlog :
    Dan tindakan kami mengharamkan Biro Tata Negara (BTN) bertujuan untuk menghapuskan sifat sayangnya Melayu kepada sifat Perkauman ini bakal membuahkan hasil. Silat juga kami akan haramkan di Pulau Pinang seperti kami haramkan BTN, kerana dengan silat inilah Melayu begitu angkuh dan kejadian Pemuda UMNO menjulang keris amat ketara perkauman. Dengan diharamkan silat di Malaysia, kami warga cina dan India akan berasa begitu selamat. Kerana kami mementingkan pendidikan daripada membuang masa. (2 days ago)

    Channel Comments (111)

    LimGuanEngBlog (1 week ago)
    Terima kasih dengan sokongan rakyat Malaysia.Sokongan anda amatlah kami hargai untuk memajukan malaysia.Lihatlah di Pulau Pinang, semakin hari semakin banyak dan pesat.Kami mahu jadikan P.Pinang seperti Hong Kong.
    Pembangunan yang dilakukan oleh DAP dan di bantu oleh rakan-rakan Parti Rakyat demi kesejahteraan Malaysia.
    Jatuhkan ketuanan Melayu UMNO demi Perpaduan Rakyat.

    LimGuanEngBlog (8 months ago)
    Sekali lagi saya mahu ingatkan, rahsia tetap rahsia.Kita semakin hampir untuk mentadbir Malaysia.Dan saya tahu, channel saya di dalam youtube hanya dapat dibuka dan hanya boleh dibaca kenyataan saya ini hanya untuk rakan-rakan ahli yang berdaftar sahaja.
    Sekian,Terima Kasih

    Salam Sejahtera,
    Taresa kok tidak sepatutnya terburu-buru mengeluarkan kenyataan untuk menghentikan azan,mahukan 30% zakat kepada non muslim dan tulisan jawi.Kenyataan taresa terlalu terburu-buru tanpa persetujuan Ahli parti dan saya sendiri amat kecewa dengan kenyataan beliau.Sepatutnya ini adalah rahsia DAP sehingga Anwar menjadi Perdana Menteri dan waktu itulah kita boleh menekan DS Anwar Ibrahim.Terlalu awal Taresa membuat kenyataan.Dan sekarang Taresa menafikan.Tetapi Taresa terlupa yang semuanya telah tersebar luas didalam blog DAP sendiri dan di internet.

    LimGuanEngBlog (1 year ago)
    page 2/3

    Saya berharap semua Ahli DAP berhati-hati dalam menjalankan gerakan kita.Kita semakin hampir dan DS Anwar Ibrahim tidak boleh berbuat apa-apa.Ingat,gerakan kita ini adalah untuk anak bangsa kita yang selalu dikeji oleh Melayu.Ayuhlah bangun Cina, kuasai dan rebut apa yang melayu tidak mampu.Jangan kita berhutang budi dengan Melayu.Biar mereka yang berhutang dengan kita dan mengenang jasa kita.Kerana dengan itu kita boleh jadikan alasan yang, kita (cina) telah bertukus lumus dalam memajukan Malaysia.Dan kita mungkin dapat menukarkan tulisan Jawi kepada tulisan cina dan yang berkaitan dengan Melayu dan Islam.Seterusnya Melayu sudah tidak mempunyai apa-apa lagi.Disaat mereka berpecah itulah kita akan dapat mengambil alih tampuk kepimpinan daripada orang Melayu.

    LimGuanEngBlog (1 year ago)
    page 3/3

    Sekali lagi saya mahu ingatkan, rahsia tetap rahsia.Kita semakin hampir untuk mentadbir Malaysia.Dan saya tahu, channel saya di dalam youtube hanya dapat dibuka dan hanya boleh dibaca kenyataan saya ini hanya untuk rakan-rakan ahli yang berdaftar sahaja.
    Sekian,Terima Kasih

  151. skilgannon10663:08 pm

    Warrior XXX

    So the riposte should be straightforward, right? Dr M should sue Barry W in the Singapore courts (since Barry's book was published in Spore) for alleged defamation and slander.

    Will Dr M be willing to stake his reputation in the Spore courts?

    If Barry's book is allowed unhindered distribution in Malaysia, then there could be a reason for Dr M to sue him in the Malaysian courts. Will this happen?

    On a related note, Dr M did bring up the issue of the RM270 billion paid by Petronas to the federal govt over a period of 5 years after he stepped down as PM. Have these funds been accounted for?

    And if you want to dismiss Spore as an artificial city-state propped up by the West, it seems to me that they are doing pretty damn well by any measure you care to name. Yup, including the size of their SWFs (mine is bigger than yours - aka known as the big wanker syndrome).


  152. skilgannon10661:46 pm

    It appears that Barry Wain had access to Dr Mahathir and was granted "a series of exhaustive interviews" with the former PM (see John Berthelsen's review of Wain's book -

    It is strange that Dr M should now cry foul after having been "exhaustively" interviewed by Wain. And Dr M did not say whether he had read the book in it's entirety or whether Wain had sent him a courtesy copy, as per normal practice.

    According to Berthelsen's review, Dr M had said that Petronas had paid the federal govt RM126 billion during his 22-year tenure as PM. Dr M also said that Petronas had paid RM270 billion to the federal govt during the 5-year tenure of his successor as PM.

    That makes it a total of RM396 billion (or around US$104 billion at the "pegged" exchange rate of RM3.80). That would have been enough to set up a pretty sizeable SWF (sovereign wealth fund) by now if the Petronas funds had been sequestered for such a purpose (as the Norwegian govt had done with the country's oil revenues).

    But with the federal govt being dependent on Petronas to provide 40 per cent+ of of federal govt revenues, that would have been impossible to do. And the result is obvious now - that the federal govt has to consider alternative sources of revenue to plug the budget deficit gap or go the way of the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain) states in sovereign downgrades by the international rating agencies.

  153. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Dei SillyCuntanon 1066 pundek

    Listen up here, real clear. Your SWF infatuation is nothing more than another Spore cocksuckling endeavour which is pathetically downright laughable, to put it mildly. In fact Spore's GIC has got such a bad reputation for transperancy that i bet it is just a money-laundering launderette dedicated to washing clean corrupt and criminal chingkie funds sourced from Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Spore and Chingkiedom itself. This pdf will be an arseopener for your constipated Spore worm infested shit: :

    That shenanigan also explains as to why they are very careful of preserving confidentiality, citing the most asinine reason ever heard in investment circles:

    in which Tony Tan is quoted as saying: " the fund was ready to make changes, including regularly announcing its rate of return on investments and clarifying the objectives of those investments. But the fund wouldn’t disclose all its purchases, he said, because that would put it at a “competitive disadvantage” to hedge funds and private-equity funds."

    and all this after the IMF, THe EC and the US have initiated moves to make the SWFs less opaque so as to demystify their investments:

    1.Mr. Lipsky says the IMF wants to help the funds reach consensus on issues such as transparency, governance, disclosure and fund organization.....

    2.The European Commission’s statement on the behavior of sovereign-wealth funds, due to be released tomorrow, will urge the funds to reduce their “opacity” so their investments can be “demystified,” according to an individual briefed on the matter…

    Read the WSJ link, bastard to get the complete pix

    Finally, we know for a fact that Dirty Harry has lost his gloss and marbles considering his failed deals:

    with daughterinlaw trying her darnest to outdo her beloved FackHer-in-law in the stupidity business:

    Bet she will be toting a begging bowl while scratching her cunt through them ragholes in a year or two. Hahaha........

    As for BW, he sure pulled a fast one on Dr M, inserting that asinine claim aftr showing the staesman the first draft. Typical immoral Chingkie sleight of hand trick, aint it?. By the way, its all part of a larger plot to foment a Chingkie-Malay race war ( as other parallel events and deliberately provocative statements suggest) so that a certain army can march up to PutraJaya and install a Jew cocksucking, Chingkie twatlicking and Malay arsefucking puppet to do the Chingkie's every bidding given his compromised Brokeback mountain self.

    Warrior 231

  154. Anonymous9:15 pm

    dear eddy,

    if i am the prime minister of singapore my promise and my comitment to each singapore citizen 18 years above of yearly income is minimum (US dollar) $25,000.00.

    My point here is singapore is such a small country that even a blind man can manage it.

    what say you?

  155. Anonymous5:09 pm


    Your 10 ideas on how to improve Malaysia economy pls..

    Again & again, where is it bitch? ..since you are so well versed and an ardent admirer of Singapore method, why not tell us on how to implement it here in Malaysia..

    Everybody here are waiting to hear it from you, a so called self-proclaimed perasan bagus syok sendiri smartass economist, the all time Singapore lovva fetish pervert yet not dare to throw away his IC/Passport and all time wish-wash condemn & curses to the so-god-damned Malaysia..

    Such a typical alien features among those especially the chingkies..forever deserved to be tagged as pendatang.

    Prove your worth now chingkie..worth more than a bitch..toothless old-hag canine..all time barking & yet can't even bite..

    pls do not tell us that you are just another typical ............... ..(fill in the blank with all those Warrior 231 cursing) unresourceful alien piggy.

    Mari kita sama2 lihat mana cina babi sorang ni mau lari & sorok kali ini..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  156. Anonymous5:30 pm

    only ppl who chewing shit will stand to BN side.

  157. Anonymous5:33 pm

    only the ppl who chewing shit one will stand to BN side


  158. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Well lks suddenly realised that Tun Dr M is a greater leader than his idol lky.

    Has his stupid face and his barking voice improved the lives of Malaysians??

    the little red dot is already using their precious reserves

    and almost daily there is some "history" about the early days in the newspaper

    CONCLUSION: Tun Dr M's Malaysia has done BETTER than LKY's Singapore and that they have to justify themselves and their decisions to the general public as a way of "apologising" to singaporeans.

  159. Anonymous2:13 pm

    i think lks was instucted to create chaos and confusion

    coz the red dot is sinking literally (by 2 inches annually) and metaphorically

    and the man that BEAT lky is none other than the great statesman Tun Dr Mahathir

  160. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Godfather @ 11:47 AM says "Cakap saje pandai, tapi tak berani bikin. I say let the cameras roll!"


    Tun has achieved progress for Malaysia and the WHOLE world can testify to that!

    What has godfather done except typt out his FRUST in blogosphere?


    I say let the cameras roll and capture godfather's sad and pathetic life with no real contribution to Malaysia let alone the world.

    Go get a life and keep happy...

  161. Anonymous1:59 am

    bila PR dapat kuasa dalam PRU13, rakyat akan hantar semua tokoh umno - Najis & Rosmah Gemok, Muhyiddin babi liar, Hisapkotek mudin, mamak kutty, Gani Patail, Musa Hassan ka Zimbabwe dengan tiket sa hala kapal terbang. Semua UMNO babi liar dan hutan akan jadi mangsa di hutan!

    HIDUP DSAI! Hidup PR! Hidup Rakyat! Mampoi UMNO! Mampoi warrior 231, dmuhaha dan lain2 UMNO babi

  162. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Thanks for keeping your commentators free to post their comment easily.
    Love reading Warrior 231, the Mail Semput, Isa Kontot's, GoOD Man's and antiHindraf's comments.
    The fact that you allow stylish guys like this as well as the "will stop reading you Rocky", GOdfather or skilganon types makes your blog a good read.

  163. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Damn ... I never come across a blog with so much stupidity ! These are the products of University Malaysia ?

    RM100 billion in 22 years might be a over-blown figure

    But if this all that's needed to make LKS look stupid, then you fellow are all idiot with peanut brain that could not see further than your dick !