Friday, November 20, 2009

Tea with Chin Peng

An invite for Anwar's PKR. The picture is bad and we'll need to verify if an invitation has, indeed, be extended to PKR for the event. In the meantime, we can ask the question: Will Anwar Ibrahim accept the invitation to be guest-of-honour from Chin Peng, who killed thousands of Malaysian soldiers and civilians in atrocities sponsored by the Communists against a democratic and Merdeka Malaysia?

Can't wait ....

p.s. Journos following this up, please ask if there's an invite for Umno, too.


  1. NSTman aka Liberty Valance1:28 pm

    The Japanese beheaded us, they raped our women, they raped our land, they tortured us, they killed us indiscrimately. Today we bow to them, we beg them to invest in our country. What has Chin Peng done to deserve his treatment. The old man just wants to die in his own country. Is it a crime? Must we always think of vengeance when we mention his name? Chin Peng killed collaborators of all races. Dont forget that. Chin Peng helped us get rid of the Japanese. Chin Peng fought for all races. Chin Peng is a nationalist. Chin Peng speaks pukka Malay, in fact his spoken Malay is better than that of native speakers. Pse correct me if i am wrong. Malaysians, are in the words of Shakespeare, 'woods, blocks, worse than senseless stones.' Malaysia bodoh (sorry for repeating this oft-quoted aphorism). My advice to Chin Peng: Truth will out and ultimately, truth will set us all free of the bigotry, prejudices, hatred, lies, idiocy, stupidity perpetrated by the Barisan Nasional.

  2. They say birds of the same feather flock together...

  3. Bro, I bet RM1 that Anwar Ibrahim will be probably having an oversea meet somewhere in the Middle East, the United States maybe in Paris having a chat with his favourite reporter Arnaud Dubus during the time of the tea event with Chin Peng at Hatyai. He,he..

  4. Anonymous2:20 pm


    Why must bring up the past??
    Yup, they did kill but they also help in fighting against the japanese.

    Let the past be the past. Let's look to a better future.
    I hate those who always like to bring up things like Mei 13, komunis etc.

    You think that you are a saint? never did any wrong? Do people forgive you? With the same measure, let's forgive others.

    Sometimes. I really wonder if you're really the editor of a newspaper!

  5. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Anwar should just go la, drink tea only. Anwar is already a Jew agent, American agent, Malay traitor, Sodomizer, BILLION corruption, Endorgan group, Wahabi leader, Chameleon, Communist Sympathizer, bla bla bla....

    Chin Peng is a communist a leftist vs the rightist of Malaya that time. I'm sure Chin Peng killed a lot of British, Malays, Indians & Chinese as well. Even current Tun Mahathir also praise China Communist system good, don't double standard la!

  6. from what i see, it is an invitation to PKR's secretary general. anwar is not pkr's secretary general, salehuddin hashim is.

  7. Anonymous3:04 pm


    Let us not forget who sponsored, encouraged and armed the CPM during the Emergency. The Chinese Communist Party and its government.

    The very same people our Prime Minister hosted for 2 days in this country and who we entertained by having dinner and showing their President the sights of Melaka.
    We are also asking the Chinese Govt to even take up stakes in our companies....
    Can you ask Najib - why did they not take them to the Lake Gardens and show them the tribute to the our and the Commonwealth Security forces at the Tugu Negara.

    Has Hu Jintao apologised to us about the support they gave the CPM? Did Najib ask Hu Jintao about the killing of Uigher Muslims by their army and the occupation of Tibet? There is as much blood on Beijing's hands as there are on the CPMs.

    If you are going to spin and be so self righteous - do so with perspective.....

  8. kita dah buat perjanjian damai ngan PKM , jadi we should honor the agreement.
    Jangan buat buat lupa yg seluruh malaysia sokong perjanjian tuu... jadi apa salahnya menghadiri majlis ulangtahun 20 tahun perjanjian Haatyai . Bukannya majlis peringati PKM ...
    Perjanjian tuu menandakan berakhirnya perang saudara dlm malaya .. PKM bubar senjata , patut kita bangga ngan perjanjian tuu lah !!!!

  9. Anonymous3:07 pm

    I don't see a big deal of the killings done by the terrorists.
    The Japs would have killed more people brutally when they occupied Malaya.
    I just wondered why there is no hue and cry over that.
    Is it because Chin Peng is a Chinese.
    You mean to say there were only Chinese and no other races among the terrorists.
    Please enlight me.

    The Fair Malaysian.

  10. Can Ronnie Liu the organiser confess?

    Ngeh or Nga?

  11. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Sure all communist sympathizer definitely invited.

    What we want to know is what's the programme line-up?

    Oh wait! i've got it here:-

    16:00 - Arrival of Dishonourable Guests.

    16:30 - Stand for 'Parti Komunis Malaya' Official Athem followed by Welcome speech by Guest of No Honour.

    16:50 - Speech by other prominent Communist Leaders and sympathisers Lim Kit Siang, Lee Kuan Yew, Anwar Ibrahim.

    18:00 - Special Showreel on 'Communism in New Era' followed by youtube videos by Namawee.

    18:20 - Comedy sketch with Chin Peng entitled 'Atrocities Shamrocities, Puhleeese Let Me Come Home, I'm A Good Boy Now'.

    18:45 - Sing 'For He's a Jolly Good Commie' and Cutting Cake (in shape of kneeling person)ceremony by Chin Peng to mark 'Anniversary'. *Note: stage hands to assist CP to start cut behind neck.

    19:00 - Ten second silence remembering fallen comrades, Crying and Wailing encouraged to liven event (beating of chest also allowed).

    19:10 - Mingle and hug the closest person to you in show communism brotherhood. (Anwarrrr don't get frisky okay? Ha ha just joking).

    19:20 - 'Hentam' Malaysia's government of the day session.

    19:45 - Emotional closing speech by Chin Peng. (Tissues in 'Goodie Bag').

    20:20 - Stand for 'Parti Komunis Malaya' Official Athem followed by firing of Firearms (supplied in 'Goodie Bag') into the air to mark end of event.

    20:30 - Can go home maaa.

    *Organiser note: Please refrain from shooting person around you during firing of Firearms, although we know the urge to do so, being a communist and all... Thank you.


  12. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Tula masalah sanggup jilat b*&(^t demi kuasa yang x kekal.

    Ape bole buat bro..

  13. Anwar cut his own throat byaccepting this invitation.


  15. Anonymous4:28 pm

    aiyoyo...Rockybru , very strong word of you lah...

    "Chin Peng,who killed thousands of Malaysian soldiers and civilians in atrocities sponsored by the Communists against a democratic and Merdeka Malaysia"

    How about UMNO, who also organised and killed thousands of innocent Malaysian Chinese during May,13,1969 ??


  16. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Teh tarik with Chin Peng pulak kot?

  17. Rocky this is disappointing to have come from you. You ought to know by now that Chin Peng now goes by the name of Ong Boon Hua. Tragic that you don't read the stuff that comes by your way with much scrutiny.

  18. Alahai... kasi aje si Chin Peng ni balik. Kita lihat how comfortable he is drinking tea in Sitiawan. Got to watch his back! A lot of people want his blood!

    Or put him on trial for all the atrocities and let him spend the rest of his life with buddy Anwar in Sg Buluh!

    Panggil dia baliklah!!!

  19. the british too killed thousands of malaysian or ppl in malaya (before they had a chance to be malaysians) - no tea with the british

    the jap too killed many many of malaysian .. - no tea, gomen

    mugabe is alleged to have killed many of his people for politic gain - no vacation in malaysia and no retirement here

    the brit again and US has been said to killed many afgan and iraqis ... so no tea too for you guys ...

    the polis has been said to have killed many suspects in lokup .. talak duit kopi then for them..

    najib has been accused to have a hand in the mongolia model's death ... thousand of ppl attended his open house...

    We should just prosecute CP in Court so ppl can have a peace of mind when going out tea with anyone

  20. Anonymous6:26 pm


    Thanks for putting the link to the article about Chin Peng which I wrote in my Blog. It was posted Dec 31, 2008. Thank you for remembering. I re-read the article. Strange things went on in history.

    I dont think the Brader will go. He is too much of a hypocrite. From afar he will say anything but not when it comes to meeting up with Chin Peng. Just watch. Maybe Ron might consider. Nostalgia?

    Syed Akbar Ali.

  21. Anonymous6:34 pm

    I am Chinese and I disagree that Chin Peng to allowed home. Why? His return will only bring back nostalgia. To some it's like a nightmare but to other just a fullfilment of human rights. His return will only brings pain to those who have sacrificed to protect the country.
    Communism is an ideology and it will not fade overnight. To those who support for Chin Peng return please let's not forget about the sacrificed made by our soldiers. Those who lost their loved ones or parts of their body will always hates the Unnecessary war that we fought for even after many years of Independence. If the purpose for Independence then the war should have ended after 31/08/1957 but not dragging so many years.
    To Chin Peng my view is not every wish of individual will be fullfilled. There is sometimes a way of no return. Why not turn your wish to return to your homeland that you abandon years ago to fulfilled the wishes of all Independence Beloved Malaysians.

    Apek Kampung wishing Chin Peng a peaceful life abroad if it can make most Malaysian happy with it. Salam

  22. Anonymous6:40 pm


    How bias can you get, what about Rashid M ?? You are slanted.


  23. Anonymous6:47 pm

    salam bro

    u r so so so gonna get flamed :)

    be brave to tell the truth


  24. sundra mohan7:29 pm

    anwar will accept anything and everything.

  25. Irritating Najib8:39 pm

    Najib offers a special "formula" to Chua, Ong and Liow that is to end the MCA leadership crisis.

    What's the f***ing formula that all other previous efforts cannot solve?

    The same formula used with PI Bala or what?

  26. Anonymous8:39 pm

    For chin peng sympathizers,

    go drop dead!


  27. Anonymous9:28 pm

    First you say we need to follow China in its governing style, then you say we must never respect Chin Peng because he his communist. What is the Chinese style of governing, if not communism? So support China but not Chin Peng? Was it not China behine Chin Peng?

  28. sri mersing9:33 pm

    Sapa2 yg sokong Chin Peng tu sila pegi mintak tandatangan mintak sokongan kat org yg mak bapak diorang kena bunuh dgn komunis.Tak pun veteran askar yg cacat kekal..tu pun kalau nak kena baling dgn batu-bata.

    sri mersing

  29. Anonymous10:11 pm

    Many people who left Malaysia want to come back. Why leave in the first place?

    But perhaps we should let by gones be by gones. Chin Peng wants to die here in Malaysia but where to cremate him? The Chinese regard his soul as Poon Tin Tiu, so how? Ask Nik Aziz to provide a grave?


  30. Anonymous10:19 pm

    The main agenda of chin peng is ;

    To setup a nation based on Chinese race superiority, administration and dominance .

    To liberate this country from the ideology of democracy.

    To purge any agenda of designate islam as the country official religion.

    To expunge any idea of assisting the bumiputra of this country.

    communist ideologies were replaced by meritocracy which idea came from the now senile Lee Kuan Yew.

    In Malaysia the baton were handed to Lim Kit Siang, an offshoot of PAP, DAP came to the picture;
    The struggle remains the same but meritocracy ideology is more heinous then communist.

    If Communist the enemy were known physically, meritocracy were more dangerous

    Hidden inside the meritocracy ideology is;

    cheating, plundering and manipulating is the basis of the core struggle.

    For Anwar Ibrahim the opportunist, (taubat bang, taubat! TAUBAT bukan TAU BUAT) just like a salesmen, his willingness to sell whatever in his disposal is an open secret!

  31. Shamsul Yunos10:20 pm

    I am happy to see so many anonymous commenters supporting Chin Peng. It really just shows what they think of themselves

  32. Anonymous10:26 pm

    kepada yang nak bandingkan blog tukar tiub dengan rockybru ni.

    Apa kata kita sama kan tukar tiub ni umpama burung pipit.

    dan rockybru ni pula umpama burung Enggang.

    Jadi maksud nya disini,
    Burung Pipit dan Burung Enggang tak boleh terbang bersama lah sayang.....

  33. Anonymous10:31 pm

    I don't give a toss about this old red.
    There's something that I wish you'd post: That is the demonisation of our police force. Bloggers maharguru58 and hantu laut have quite a good one on this a few days back.
    I come back to this topic because of the death of a quite prominent citizen in a break-in.

    Go around the blogs and you will find comments like "what are the police doing?", "useless", remarks like that.
    Police take action on criminals, shoot gangsters, these critics make noise.
    Now this happened in an elite area, they are blaming the cops again.
    I sure feel sorry for the police. I'm sure they get demoralised. The put their lives on the line in carrying out their duties. They take action against armed gangsters, we find a whole lot of politicians on their back. And on top that, they want to impute something racial into the police action.
    I am ordinary citizen, I for one am happy if police really get tough with gangsters.


  34. Anonymous11:13 pm

    UMNO invited for bedtime tea with Ehud barak!

  35. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Chin Peng is a communist, the main purpose of communism is to overthrow the feudal ruling system or the nobels. So rich people, Sultan, his relatives etc all scared of Chin Peng. Look at Americans, they show finger to the British Queen and China Communist overthrow the Emperor. Japanese also don't like communism because they still adore their Emperor Hirohito. As long you're rich and brainwash enough people to protect your richness as well as communism brainwash people to grab the other person richness...that's why they hate communist...but once communist grow rich, they also hate other people grab their power like olden days emperor. The must important whoever is rich, must control the military. It doesn't matter if you want to fight equal right or peasant right or adore your kings or long they don't intefere with your daily live activities. And some balance to use military power to quash dissent. The rich & powerful must smart enough to brainwash these people to fight & die for them....Only if Chin Peng is powerful military now. He can return anytime he wants...he just need a nuclear bomb.

  36. Hm. I realised that Anwar is silent whenever it comes to issues like

    1. asset declaration
    2. Chin Peng
    3. Malay Rulers and special rights

    Indeed, he is not only a chameleon but an evasive politician !

  37. It takes a team of Malaysian Chinese to build up Malay Mail and became an indespensible afternoon paper.
    It takes racists and bloody pro unprofessional people like Rockybru to kill it.
    Just look at his blog and tell me what will you expect from Malay Mail.

  38. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Kepada bahlol-bahlol yang sokong Chin Peng dan bertanya kenapa dengan british boleh, dengan negara cina boleh, dengan negara jepun boleh dan kenapa cin peng tak boleh.

    Jawapannya senang saja, menghormati perasaan askar-askar yang masih hidup sekarang ini dan juga anak-anak mereka yang kematian bapa askar yang berjuang pada masa itu. Kalau bahlol nak tahu, perang dengan komunis hanya tamat pada akhir tahun 70-an, malah pada pertengahan tahun 70-an ada lagi kes tembak menambak masa itu, bermakna ramai lagi askar yang berjuang pada masa itu masih hidup dan yang kematian bapa mungkin baru mencecah lingkungan 40-an.

    Kalau perang dengan jepun, itu zaman datuk-datuk dan kebanyakan datuk-datuk yang perang dengan jepun dah tiada. Kalau pemberontakan dengan british, lagi lama, cucu tok janggut pun tua dan sudah pangkat datuk sekarang ini.

    Jadi, sebelum kau nak simpati pada chin peng, arahkan simpati itu kepada orang yang lebih dekat dan juga sewarga, itu bekas-bekas askar dan anak-anak mereka.

    Dahla kau orang tak mahu jadi askar, sekurang-kurangnya, hormatilah perasaan askar-askar, soal patutkah chin peng boleh dibawa ke M'sia atau tidak, kita tiada hak untuk jawap, sebaliknya kita perlu tanya dan minta kebenaran anak-anak askar yang dibunuh komunis dan bro askar yang masih hidup. Kalau diaorang tak kisah,... kita pun tiada hal nak kisah, sebab yang kehilangan kawan seperjuangan atau bapa adalah mereka, bukan kita.


  39. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Chin Peng is stupid.
    So is Anwar.
    If you want to fight, make sure you win.
    If not you are stupid.
    Same as Anwar.
    Now that you have lost, you cannot go back home.
    Whose fault? You-lah CHin Peng!
    Because you lost.
    Try to win next time.
    Anwar will try too to avoid Sg.Buluh.
    But his track record is not sogood on the winning thing.

    Ms. Eu Mei Fatt.

  40. Anonymous11:47 pm

    etched in my brain:

    kuomintang, bintang tiga, and chinpeng favourite way of killing malays who didnt playball, cooperate with them, was by putting them in guni sack, tied up, hang on a tree, and the kominis soldiers will take turn to jab the sack with their bayonet and parang.

    they left the body there, sampai busuk, hanging and bleeding till dry, to strike fear amongst orang kampung.

    such methods also save them their bullets.

    some killed are young lads in their late teens, who refused to join or run errands for them.

    chin peng and polpot khmer rouge, no difference.

    whatever and however academic, or philosophical, you want to re-define and re-invent chinpeng, and parti kominis malaya, they are only there, alive, to remind us, how close we are to death and annihilation.

    -blood for blood, eye for an eye-

  41. Anonymous12:14 am

    The Return Of The Mongolian Lady – Part IV

    Big Fat Mama (BFM): Master Guruji, please help us. . ., this RPK and Bala is making our lives miserable. Help us, please!

    Guruji: Wokay, wokay. . ., no popadum!

    BFM: What?

    Guruji: No problem, no problem! But first, you and Pa-tee must wear these sandals and beaded garlands. Than together we must chant some mantra until morning.

    Jibby: What mantra?

    Guruji: Ayo, yo. . .mantra to rid your problem, aneh!

    BFM: Will you be quite and follow Master Guruji’s advice,. . .now wear this sandal and beaded garland like he told you so!

    Master Guruji than lead the chanting of Lord Naryan’s mantra,. . . “Om Sharangat Dinart Paritran Parayane, Sarvasyarti Hare Devi Narayani Namostute”!

    Meanwhile, somewhere in Sungai Besi

    Suresh: This Bala is giving us problem again.

    DeFcuk: Ya lah! What should we do about him? We already gave him RM750,000, he still want some more!

    Suresh: Sheesh. . .!, you are the one who promised him RM5 million and you also promised him he could return to KL when Jibby had been installed as the PeeM!

    DeFcuk: Ahh. . ., don’t worry lah thamby. That mattress carrier and his deputy sure do nothing. Don’t worry. . ., people will forget.

    Suresh: That’s what we hope. . ., but than this RPK is turning our lives upside down now. He has been publishing many things damaging. . ., now cannot hide anymore! PeeM’s brother also worry! Ayo, yo. . .isa taraha, hama mara jaenge (like this, we will die!)

    To be continued. . .!

    (The above short story is purely fiction and has nothing to do with the living or the dead. If there are any similarities with the name of persons or places, it is just a mere coincident)

    p/s: rocky master..change the title to BREAKFAST WITH ROSMAH.

  42. Anonymous12:27 am

    BTW, if what Bala said is true, we have senior police officers like Suresh who has a pub in Jalan Imbi, a scrapyard in Ceras, burns copper wires (most likely stolen) in Rawang and run shady deals and negotiations for prominent people. How the f*** can law and order be maintain if we have police officers with other personal agenda on their hands like this. What is the IGP doing about this?

  43. Anwar go meet Chin Peng? Never cause it's political suicide. I think we should ask Najib to let this Chin Peng guy come back lah.. after all it's noble to grant a dying man's last wish.. but before that we should ask him to appear in TV like that Ashaari Al-Arqam guy.. ask him to denounce communism openly and then give him his blue IC ceremony. is that a brilliant idea or what? what say you rocky? haha..

  44. Yes Chin Peng fought the Japanese. But Japanese surrendered in Aug 1945. He was awarded with a war medal for that.

    BUT Chin Peng continued to wage a war which thousands of Malayans were killed and injured and hundreds of million in RM in properties were destroyed.

    On the Dec 1955 Baling Talks, after the first Federation of Malaya general elections were held and a Malayan autonomous self governing was in place, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra as the democratically elected Chief Minister of Malaya met Chin Peng and offered him and the whole of CPM amnesty for atricities already committed for laying down arms. He vehemently rejected!

    He and CPM continued to wage a war against Malaya and Malayans even after 31 Aug 1957, where Federation of Malaya was born as a soveriegn nation and a fully democratically elected constitional monarchy Government was administering the nation.

    Chin "Butcher of Malaya" Peng and CPM continued to wage a war against Federation of Malaysia and Malaysians for 32 years post independence.

    He is rebel and waged an armed rebellion against HM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong, Federation of Malaysia Constitution and the rakyat. That is by far a TRAITOR and persons like that ought to be hanged!

    No two ways about it! He wanted power and waged a war against Malayans/Malaysians for it!!!!

    Chin "Butcher of Malaya" Peng is a murderer! Chin "Butcher of Malaya" Peng is an illegal war criminal!

    We ought to shoot this "Butcher of Malaya" the moment he set foot on this tanahair.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise ought to be regarded a a rebel and traitor to HM SPB YDP Agong, The Constitution and the rakyat of the Federation of Malaya!

  45. saying the communist help to defend Malaysia such a bull... if they help to defend Malaysia and such a nasionalist? Please answer me this.

    1. why he renew the insurgency in 1967 and lasted until late 1989?

    he created a liberation army for what...? there's no outsider controlling Malaysia at that time, ppl are trying to correct the economy after the Japan invasion but he was forming an armada or army. what was he fighting for? call Malaysia bodoh, but do you really take up Sejarah during your school day? or u doze off during this period? or u are trying to say buku teks Sejarah is not the right fact?

  46. Baca tulisan kami berikut:

    Chin Peng: Pejuang merdeka palsu kaum yang tidak bantu kemerdekaan

    Mahu bicara silakan. Harus ingat peringtaan berikut dari tuanpunya blog:


    Hanya ulasan (komen) berbahasa kebangsaan dan tertib disiarkan. Penyiaran ulasan adalah atas budi bicara tuan punya blog.

  47. Anonymous7:56 am

    chin peng head of communist. 2 weeks he got malaya, he killed mostly malays for not wanting to pay off debts. took hostages of a lot of villages and killed in the name of chinese in malaysia.
    younger generations never knew the atrocities including fucking nik aziz who like to bribed. anwar, nik aziz, you are fucking same with pkm who liked to take advantage of the malays so to fill up your fucking belly.
    go to hell PKM, anwar and lucifer nik.

  48. Anonymous9:31 am

    I can't believe an editor of Malays Mail like Rockybru will write and spin this kind story to applease his boss: UMNO.

    I agree with anon 12:14am: please change your title subject to: "Breakfast with Rosmah"

  49. Anonymous10:20 am

    I can see there are still many stupid people in Malaysia judging by their support for C.P and the eternal devotion that they have for the man that will NEVER EVER step foot on MALAY soil again.


  50. Killing thousands of innocent civillians and he is hailed as a national hero?


  51. Silly Rocky!!

    Where in the letter was any person's name mentioned? How did you make the link to Anwar being invited as the Guest of Honour?

    I would have thought your journo instinct was sharper, not to succumb yourself to be a tool someone else's agenda.



  52. Anonymous11:53 am

    Well ...

    1st step - welcome chin peng home with open arms as a 'perjuang bangsa'

    2nd step - elevate anwar to PMship

    3rd step - bring on the little middle kingdom into Malaysia

    4th step - abbacadabra, Malaysian Malaysia is here to stay

    Looks like anwar alone cannot dismantle the Malay/UMNO govt

  53. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Before it's too late, someone or some agency should DOCUMENT the living victims' personal accounts of chin peng's atrocities

    so that NOONE can twist and SPIN the truth just to achieve a sick political agenda

  54. Anonymous12:06 pm

    I think, the best way to solve this issue, Chinese go back china la.. we don't need you here. Better chinese go back to china so you can do what you want overthere and we can still be good friend. No heart feeling.

    Why when we ask you to go back china you are so angree.... it's your own country what.....

  55. Anonymous12:18 pm

    chin peng is not the same with the british or japanese today. we dont hate the Japanese or the Brits because they are not the same people who commit atrocities or war crime during british malaya or japanese malaya.

    on the other hand, chin peng today is the same person who led the guerilla war for so many years againts the government and killed hundreds of our soldiers.

    so please dont compare chin peng with the japanese and british today.


  56. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Japs left in 1945. Since then till 1989, what was and who were Chin Peng fighting for? answer this question dear idiots who support Chin Peng. Probably you were not born yet at that time you moron. Why dont you leave the country now and start thinking to come back in 50 years time or even less like those morons who renounced their citizenship thinking QE2 wanted to take them in in the UK.Bodoh kayu insensitive moron bangang.

    pak wan

  57. Anonymous12:25 pm

    I tend to agree with what BigDogDotCom said about Chin Peng war till 1989. From 1957 till 1989 we are not fighting external enemy elements but those who believe in their ideology yet they are just the minority.
    Many suffers not only the Malays; my dad served in in the army also but thank god he is still alive. The Chinese also suffers.

    China Malaysia

  58. Anonymous12:31 pm

    For those who argued on the issue of Japanese relationship or Chinese, please be specific. Those administration are no longer around and WE NEVER FORGAVE THEM FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE. Japanese then and now are different.

    . Current Japan are not the same as those of 2nd world war. SO Nations changed. so did germany, South Africa and so on and nations develop ties and time to time there are nations which cut off diplomatic ties.

    As for Chin Peng, even after independence, CPM still conduct atrocities to fellow countrymen. What are they fighting for?

    we never forgave those japanese. and we will never forgave Chin Peng.

    It is the right for those who actually suffered (and still is) under the attrocities of Chin Peng to forgive or not to forgive.


    Did you suffer too? Or did help them survived in the black area jungles of Malaysia.?


  59. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Tau tak Yakjuj dan Makjuj?

    Baca criteria makluk ni dan sejarahnya......dan bandingkan dgn bangsa cina............

    judge yourself
    *just my personal heart feeling!


  60. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Beleive u can achive.
    Fly up to the Sky.
    Chase the dragon.
    The smoke rises from under water.
    4give Chin Peng.
    He is an Ole man.
    In his youth.
    He was strong.
    But there is blood1!!!
    Blood flowing from his hands.
    Forgive, not forget.
    We never forget.
    That nite, the cold nite.
    A mongolian lass.
    Had smoke in the eye.
    While her P.eYE.
    Was counting the silver coInS.
    ASP-As soon As Possible??
    Suresh of Silver Trade.
    Where is Sg Besi??
    What do you know??
    What did you sing??
    When the beer made you see
    Dragons chasing the sky!!!
    Did the "ICE" make you fly??
    Like spirits in the SKY?
    I'm the Q, Dr Hue!!
    No tears, no crys.
    Suresh, you too said
    HE and SHE had blood in the EYES.

    SmOkE oN tHe WaTeR.

  61. Anonymous3:23 pm

    most of ya lot said that we allowed the japs who raped, murdered, and tortured Malayan and British Borneos citizens during ww2 were forgiven and why not Chin Peng?

    I got 2 reasons why he shall never be allow to return....

    1) Prime Minister Hideiki Tojo got Hang, Even Tomoyuki Yamashita got Hang, and there is thousands more jappanese who have been prosecuted once they surender. There is alot of Commies who have been rehabilitated and reintroduce back to the communities once they surrendered, but Cin Peng who as the head of these autrocities...what do he get as punishment? living scot free in china and u think its fare?

    2) If he returns, what security guarantee by the government that ex-army, ex-police, childres of our servicements who KIA'd, Or anybody elz who have grudge against Communist Party of Malaya not to come silently at night and put chrome in his head or stab a keris at his back? We cant guarantee TBH safety in government building, do u think we can guarantee Chin Peng safety in Setiawan

    anyway...i Lost 3 family members to the head telling me not to let him come my heart telling me let him come back...we do have unfinished business between me and that darn commie...and i believe many others do also....

  62. Saddiq Sagaraga3:34 pm

    Annuar Berahim (ABE), Lim Kit Siang (Likit) and Nikky ought to accept the invitation so they could strategise the formation of a new Malaysia, the constitution of which would be based on Mao's Red Book, Western Liberalism and the Quran.

  63. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Either we SOS Chin Peng or we do a Pol Pot kinda trial for him. Those are the only treatments that we should give him and not otherwise. A murderer is a murderer. Period. Oh, why can't he just go back to his motherland or fatherland ie China!!! Malaysia is not for him....He is a traitor to the country, nusa dan bangsa....

    - Alex-Sweet

    * SOS - shoot on sight

  64. I really don't have any superlatives anymore to describe my hatred to Chin Peng...

    Reading all Pro Chin Peng comments here, ohh well... i wish i could punch you all in the face...

    That is all.

    Thank you

  65. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Chin Peng was a rebel who kill many of our countrymen. He should be brought to trial. Like how they do to Ex Nazis even if they are old men.

    But this PigDog reaction is funny. He talk so much about Chin Peng, while he try to wash away the crimes of Pinochet, the Chile dictator who killed many of his people.

    Font Futura

  66. Anon 438pm

    Gen Pinochet is not Malaysian. He did not ask to come and live in Malaysia. He did not desire to die and be interned in Malaysia. As far as Malaysia is concerned, he was a Chilean President and later became a Senator.

    Diplomatically, Chilea is a friend to Malaysia. Malaysia do not get involved in the domestic issues of another country, especially in a continent half way across the globe.

    What he did to the Chileans is non of Malaysians' bloody business. Chileans should have dealt with him when he was still around. If they failed (which they did!), why the hell should we bother?

    The issue here is Chin "Butcher of Malaya" Peng. He waged a continuous war for 54 years against Malayans/Malaysians, HM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong and the Federal Constitution! And he did this for 32 years after British colonialist left and Malaya/Malaysia became a soveriegn nation.

    Both are completely two different issues. It cannot be packaged as one.

    Now is about Malaysians should deal with the "Butcher of Malaya", who killed, injured and made to many suffered and lost of properties.

  67. Anonymous8:05 pm

    Chin Peng was a communist, leading a movement which killed Malayans. Nevertheless, he chose the path of peace and signed an agreement with the Malaysian government to lay down arms which he did. The Malaysian government should now honour their part of the bargain and let him back into Malaysia. Instead, intentionally or otherwise, they are simply racialising the issue by allowing Malay CPM leaders to return but not allowing Chin Peng to do so.

    Rocky, stop harping on about the issue and learn to move on. If we applied your logic, there would have been a witch hunt in South Africa and other countries which faced internal strife. Instead, most of these countries acknowledged the issues but moved on towards rebuilding society.


  68. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Clearly the supporters of chin peng are NOT open to facts and the truth.

    They are BIASED to the core, obstinate and insensitive.

    Purely selfish agenda propped up their loud support for the butcher.

    See where their loyalty lies!

  69. Anonymous8:26 pm

    eillom @ 8:05 PM

    What benefits would his return bring to Malaysia?

    His living victims and their families will be traumatised.

    To serve the killer's wish you ignore the trauma of thousands of Malaysians.

    Selfish moron.

  70. Among the most popular excuses that Chin Peng sympathizers like to use to justify his heinous past acts are;

    1. Chin Peng was a freedom fighter.

    Freedom fighter my arse! Chin Peng was A COMMUNIST REVOLUTIONARY first and foremost. He was not interested in liberating the people of Malaya, he was interested in doing what Mao did to China, Pol Pot did to Cambodia, Ho Chin Minh did to Vietnam.

    Turn this land into a freakin' communist nation. Period.

    PKM, like all Communist parties worldwide at the time, did not answer to the people, but to the U.S.S.R.-oriented COMMINTERN (Third International).

    Now, how could someone LIBERATE us by forcefully turn us into communists? Communism is THE EXACT OPPOSITE of the words FREEDOM and LIBERTY.

    2. Chin Peng was THE FATHER of armed resistance movement against British imperialism in this land.

    Yeah right, and people like Dato' Maharajalela, Mat Kilau, Tok Janggut fought the British with HARSH WORDS ONLY!

    3. The Japanese did worse to us, but we welcome them with open arms.

    Of course we would, with them bringing in investment, Toyotas, Hondas, Sonys etc. The only thing Chin Peng would probably bring in is the COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY. Seriously, WHO NEEDS THAT?

    Understand this, Imperial Japan SURRENDED UNCONDITIONALLY to the Allied Forces on September 2, 1945, and many of its top military officers were tried as war criminals and duly sentenced. Japan also paid war reparations amounting to tens of billions of Dollars to the affected countries.

    Chin Peng and PKM DID NOT surrender to Malaysia. Chin Peng DID NOT stand trial for his war crimes, and I believe it is more likely that we see a singing cow than Chin Peng paying 20 cents to each of the affected families.

    4. China was behind Chin Peng and PKM, and now we establish diplomatic ties with mainland China.

    Of course China was behind Chin Peng, IT WAS THE BLOODY COLD WAR ERA! If Doraemon were spreading Communism in Japan at the time, China would have undoubtedly BACKED the bugger.

    China however, withdrew its support towards PKM after Tun Razak visited the country in 1974 (1n 1981 China banned PKM's official radio station operating on its soil "Suara Reviolusi Malaya"), yet Chin Peng CONTINUED ON with his "proletariat revolution" struggle until 1st December, 1989. At the time Soviet Union WAS AT THE BRINK OF COLLAPSE (it did in 1991).

    So the incorrigible Chin Peng decided to make peace with Malaysia only when HE KNEW the COLD WAR was about to end.

    It should be noted that PKM only LAID DOWN its arms in 1989, Chin Peng and his cohorts REFUSED to abolish PKM or SURRENDER to the Malaysia government.

    Chin Peng is to date, the undisputed Chairman of PKM.

  71. Anonymous11:07 pm

    Thanks Selampit for a very good insight on Chin Peng.

    - Stealth

  72. Anonymous5:29 am

    Bravo to the erudite answers regarding Chin Peng by selampit, and Chile by BigDog. Anymore qualms after this should refer to these two writings, otherwise persistent comments would be just cases of menegak basah basah.

    Now regarding allowing former malay PKMs to return back but not chinese PKMs, I say this:-
    Let the malay ones return back to Tanah Melayu, and the Chinese ones return to Tanah Besar China laa... What's so racist about that?


  73. Anonymous11:00 am

    NSTman aka Liberty Valance said...

    "The Japanese beheaded us, they raped our women, they raped our land, they tortured us, they killed us indiscrimately ... What has Chin Peng done to deserve his treatment."

    That very statement shows how stupid that question is.

    Then the next sentence, "The old man just wants to die in his own country" shows how ignorant this fellow is. God forbid that he is not associated with NSTimes.

    He doesn't even know the bloody terrorist is not a Malaysian citizen. The history expert, Professor Khoo Kay Kim says so - the records show that it is so. The bloke applied after Merdeka but didn't fulfil certain requirements and his application was not processed fully. He continues to be stateless, unless Thailand grants him citizenship. Which I doubt - he has been merely given a sanctuary to live in Betong, south Thailand.

    Of course the NST man is wrong and doesn't have to quote Shakespeare to get the terrorist be allowed to "enter" (not "return to") Malaysia. I can also quote Shakespeare in this respect - "Hell hath no fury like a woman (Chin Peng in this case) scorned. Change the context a little bit as the old wimp can no longer terrorise.

    A "nationalist" my foot! Or, as somebody said, my arse!

  74. shariff12:38 pm

    On Chin Peng we should only follow what was agreed in the Peace accords.
    As far as I know the CPM killed as many Chinese Malaysians as any other race.
    What I can't stand is that we discuss this but yet Rocky ignores the fact that Najib was kowtowing all last week to Hu Jintao who happens to lead the worlds largest Communist Party.
    It was this party that provided support, funding and weapons to the CPM.
    We are all waiting for their apology! So Rocky - will you lead the campaign?

  75. Anonymous1:30 pm

    hahahaha. SOS on chin peng becos he is a murderer. Who agrees?

    Now I know our pm will be peeing in his panties.


  76. Anonymous6:10 pm

    A chinpeng lovva says this:

    "SOS on chin peng becos he is a murderer. Who agrees?"

    Ok what....China also shoot their murderers and dissidents...also they never keep their murderers for long time in jail .....(those poor Uighurs were shot in a short period of time), so Malaysia must follow lah if it sees China as big big deal meh..

    Chin Peng killed many Malayans. Period.

    Why are you not happy btw? Are you a Commie? Then you also must go back to China forever!!! someone says it is not racist to ask the Chinese to go back to is just Chinese, drink Chinese, fart Chinese, shit Chinese etc because Chinese are Chinese wherever they are ...they will NEVER assimilate/integrate with the local populace...what is wrong with that??

    - Charlie Chan

  77. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Dear Rocky

    I have been reading your blog for some time. Must say I was a fan. Was sad to read that you joined Malay Mail middle of this year. Didn't expect you to take a 180 degree turn. With this posting, you finally showed where you stand journalism ethics and standards.

    Congrats! You are now officially in the same league as Utusan Malaysia.

    And I have lost my respect for you.


  78. Anonymous10:43 pm

    To me Dr M is worst than Chin Peng, Communist are not racist but Dr M is. Dr M spend until our country became poor, Perwaja is one example.

  79. Anonymous11:44 pm

    man 2.18pm

    you are spot on. this is the bastard race who will spread around the world and spawn havoc at the end of times. A wall was built, according to the Quran (yusuf Ali translation and commentary) to contain this bastard arselicking, motherfucking offsprings of spayed whores and that wall?..The Great Wall that is.

    Today this satanic bastard race is gobbling up the Earth's natural resources like famished pigs swilling up shit, ruining the environment with its polluting ways and spreading pestilence of all sorts and varities (SARS, H1N1, Bird Flu etc). Its economy built through gambling, cheating, money laundering, artificial currency shenanigans etc is trying to lord over the people of the world to kowtow to its demands and it is pursuing a relentless "beggar thy neighbour" policy while affecting a friendly piggish mien....and the list goes on...

    The bastard Chin Peng is a product of the scumbag chingkie value system. He lied when he talked about being a ntionalist and not a racist!. Why kill the Malays in 1945- Bintang Tiga orgies when they(the chingkies) dint touch the hindulens who licked Jap arse for the sake of Bose and INLA.

    Post 1957- he continued to wage a war against an independent Malaysia for 32 years. That sums him up a pigfaced nationalist who is only palatable to arseworms like LKS, AI and a clitleech like Nikki Lee Aziz. Let the bastard in, and i will slit his throat with my keris over some unfinished family business and those of my malay brethren....then it would be time to take care of the bastrad yellow vermin and pests who have infested our soil...the majuj of the east as much as uncle sam is the Yakjuj of the West.

  80. Anonymous12:38 am

    "What he did to the Chileans is non of Malaysians' bloody business. Chileans should have dealt with him when he was still around. If they failed (which they did!), why the hell should we bother?"

    And once again this show your selective thinking mister bigdog.

    While the massacere of thousands of Chilean is 'none of our bloody business' (we can even give military honour to mastermind), it suddenly becomes our 'bloody business' when Yugoslavian (Serbia vs Bosnia) or Palestinian & Israel fight each other halfway across the globe.

    It is same issue; two men who killed thousands of people. We have one Comunist who you say must be brouhgt to justice. Yes true. But you defend the other as a 'friend to malaysia'.

    Excuse me but you have double standards on your chin.

    Font Futura

  81. Anonymous7:35 am

    how about mass massacre of uighur or the tibetan people by the communist china?

    or look no further;

    how about a meticulous, calculated oppression and discrimination of Malay by the Republic Singapore?

    communist or meritocracy anyone?

  82. Anonymous9:23 am

    Anonymous @ 10:43 PM said...
    "To me Dr M is worst than Chin Peng, Communist are not racist but Dr M is. Dr M spend until our country became poor, Perwaja is one example."

    See the calibre of their intellect? This is the tribes that supports Pakatan Rakyat.

    It is no wonder they are falling apart by the minute.

  83. Anonymous9:27 am

    They want to remain CHINESE to the very core.

    But they are reaping wealth in Tanah Melayu.

  84. Anon 9.28pm
    China mana sama dengan Chin Ping. Chin Ping is the history of the past and he is not needed here because of the stupid idiology & actions but China is the beginning story of future business. Berjalan ke depanlah, jangan berjalan ke belakang.

  85. Anon 10.43pm

    Siapa jadi CEO Perwaja kalau bukan sebangsa dengan Chin Peng.

  86. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Hey..what's with all these fucking Chin Peng commotion, hah..? Again?!

    To those stupid piggy CP sympathizer especially the chingkies , you people are so welcome to bring Chin Peng back safe in your own home..sound good enuff, eh? We are so kind, right..? hahha..

    Give CP a makeover or identity change please..make sure nobody recognize him as Chin Peng..Going around proudly in public as an ex-CPM leader is not advisable a.k.a fucking arrogant chingkie stupig, hope you idiots understand what does that mean..

    Let make a bet whether your so-called 'hero' can survive for the next 100 days in Malaysia in the public among the majority..

    How's that for a deal? what is your level of confidence? Tell me..

    Guess you idiots do not know or pretend not to know what is meant by MAJORITY, do you?

    ..otherwise you people wouldn't self-proclaimed this bloody bastard as a hero, would you? Syok sendiri ka atau memang bodoh mcm babi? kasi buat undi SMS la..hahahaha..

    This just concluded all: The chingkies are just a bunch of stupid hypocrite bastards with self hidden agendas. [period]

    Only fucking idiots like those Fuckatan fanatics complicate straight forward things with their simple stupid mind.

    p/s: Let Chin Peng have the feeling like what Pol Pot had..

    kita tunggu dia mari..mari, mari , mari kalau berani..hahahahaha..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  87. Anonymous5:53 pm

    yang aku tau, si chin peng ni, kalau balik malaysia, tak kira di maaf kan kerajaan atau pembangkang, atau sesiapa pun, he is indeed most "welcomed".....

    sangat dinanti nantikan...

    ramai yang menunggu kepulangan mu chin peng...

    dah lama di tunggu....

    hari pembalasan untuk mu dan rakan rakan mu....yang lama dan yang baru...

    baik kau tidor berak dalam kereta kebal....

    pulang lah chinpeng...

    ramai yang merindui mu .....


    -unfinished business-

  88. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Why is it that some China man support chin peng? Don't you know that Chin Peng also kill chinese in those days? Don't you know that police spy at the time consist of M'sian chinese and some had been killed, including the top cop of Ipoh at the time. If some M'sian chinese want to bring Chin Peng just because you hate Malays, think about the feeling of the children of your kind that were killed by Chin Peng, your hate toward the Malay will not bring you any where.


  89. Anonymous8:35 am

    hhmmmm ...

    All these hoo haa over irrelevant matters may just point the finger to an entity that is keeping very quiet.

    It could be a red herring for the return of a sulking and spoiled ... who could not complete the marathon after rejoicing over the sprint.

  90. so typical malaysian... any problem? mari kita minum teh and talk it out... That old man did alot of wrong... under few circumstances... he should address that what he did was wrong and he would apologise for all the shit he has done... but everyone should be forgiven. We are all victims of politics whether we want it or not... his doing is just another glitch in building the system that we call Democratic Malaysia!