Saturday, November 21, 2009

Politicking, even as TBH's body was being exhumed

Updated to include at the end of this posting Dr Peter Vanezis' website and why (I think) we are in good hands.

Original Article:-
How much did the Govt pay Dr Peter Vanezis?
That's what Ean Yong Hian Wah, Selangor exco member and Teoh Beng Hock's employer when he died, demanded to know as they exhumed the body this morning for the second postmortem tomorrow.

Excerpts of what he told Malaysian Insider:

Teoh’s former employer, Selangor state executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah, said at the cemetery: “I hope the second autopsy will reveal the truth.”

Yong also stated his desire to know how much the government spent hiring the UK pathologist Dr Peter Vanezis — one of two foreign pathologists, along with Dr Pornthip, who will be observing the second autopsy.

"Dr Vanezis, who serves as a director at the Cameron Centre for Forensic Medical Sciences in London, has handled over 2,000 autopsy cases involving sudden death, of which 1,500 were found to be homicides.

“The fact that they hired a foreign expert shows they have no confidence in the local pathologists,” Yong added.

Yong should stop politicizing TBH's death already. I don't know how much Dr Pornthip or Dr Vanezis are being paid to observe tomorrow's second post-mortem, but I don't care. If they are going to get to the bottom of things and bring justice to everyone involved in TBH's death, it'd be worth every single sen. I hope Yong can agree with that. He should also think before he talks. I don't think hiring Dr Vanezis means "they" had no confidence in the local pathologists. I have been campaigning for another foreign expert to accompany Dr Pornthip simply because "they" won't trust a local. And, by the way Yong, Dr Pornthip is Thai and Selangor government are hiring her. Does that mean the Selangor government have no confidence in local pathologists?

Read the rest at Kit Siang's blog, here.

I'll paste Dr Vanezis' bio here when I find it.

Thanks to commenter
Alizul, you can go to Vanezis' website h e r e.
Some of the high-profiled cases he has been involved in:
  • Investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of Princess Diana

  • Gave opinions for the Presidential Truth Commission in Korea on deaths in custody

  • Investigate the medical evidence of the British Nurses in Saudi Arabia accused of the murder of one of their colleagues

  • Investigate the Railway killer and his accomplice

  • Gave evidence for the Truth and Reconcilliation Council of the Republic of South Africa.

  • Identified the last victim of the Kings Cross fire

  • Led investigation of the death of the Zviad Gamsakhurdia., former Georgian President, thought to have committed suicide.

  • Advisor to the Russian authorities on the identification of the Romanovs.

  • The Tyrolean Iceman


  1. Stupidity comes in many faces!

  2. Bro,

    The did not think at all. They just talk.

  3. as always Bru, when bad things smacked to their ugly face, it is all BN's fault. BN this, BN that...

  4. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Funny. First they say locals are not dependable then they question the foreign expert. What else do they want?

    Now two foreign experts are there, so let them give their professional views.

    Of course DAP will never accept any verdict that is not favourable to them.

    Just watch it. They will pull some other stunts mid-way. It is so predictable, even the fortune teller will be out of a job soon.


  5. Anonymous4:29 pm

    obviously you are the one who are politicking now, you are just no different than your good buddy khir toyo botox !

  6. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Hello Yong,

    Stupid statement laa bro. You guys politicians, so of course it is people money. Where in the world, nowadays, we have politician spend their own money for people. Your salary as exco also people's money. Selangor hire Dr. Pornthip also use people money.

    It just to show how stupid you are trying to politicize every things under the sun. Get to work to improve the people economic, stupid Yong!

  7. Rocky,

    Dr Peter Vanezis has his own website, address below:

    From there, you can get his complete profile.

  8. How many sen are they willing to pay to unearth the truth?

  9. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Dear Rocky

    From one of the articles on Dr Porntip, she was quoted that she does not expect to be paid at all for the TBH case.

    Rocky Watcher

  10. Anonymous4:59 pm

    that is so DAP?/PR..

    one standard for them, another for the BN.

    the way i see it, they are going to discredit and discredit the MACC, the BN govt, no matter what.

    and in so doing, they sound so pathetic, so arrogant.

    you think BN is arrogant. I'm beginnign to see that the DAP/PR is MORE arrogant than the BN.

    It took the BN that long to become so confident, and arrogant....

    It takes the DAP that quickly to display and demonstrate traits that are far worse than the BN.

    enough already!


  11. CommonerNinetyNine5:19 pm

    what can you expect from the dap or the pr regime? fair comments?

    they can't do what they are preaching, and when they are caught, they will 'right' whatever they have done wrong!

    but they are the 'blessed' ones, a bunch of 'self-righteous' politikus.

    while for the other side of the political arena, those are not that lucky because even if they have done something right, they will be condemned as something as serious as deadly sins.

  12. selangorian,

    AGREED !!

  13. Syafeeq5:47 pm


    This post proves that you are a hypocrite.

    When Dr. Pornthip was hired it was YOU who raised the issue of how much she might have been paid by Selangor Government, to which Malik Imtiaz Sarwar answered that she was doing it for free.

    Remember? If you don't remember, go here and read your own blog post.

    Now when the same question is directed towards the Federal Government, why are you talking about politicking?

    Why should such questioning be suppressed?

    I dare you to respond, Rocky.

  14. Anonymous6:06 pm

    excerpts from LKS Blog ...
    "All were burdened with a heavy heart at the exhumation as it is a painful process which Teoh’s family, DAP leadership, friends and supporters had to go through so that there can be a second autopsy to get to the bottom of his death and to bring to book his killers, as no one believed that Teoh committed suicide by jumping off the 14th floor MACC headquarters."

    belum apa-apa dah nak cari 'pembunuh' TBH?

    Kamal Hassan

  15. Anonymous6:11 pm

    DAP will spin anything. If a cat dies in the middle of the road, its the Malay's fault.

    But if a Malay was stripped naked and asked to do squats in police lock-ups, they kept quiet because it suddenly turned out that the Malay was not chinese.

    Go to hell DAP.

  16. Anonymous6:28 pm

    wow !! the truth is nigh !!

    Rockybru and supporters are starting to panic !!


  17. If that is the case, then why didn't you tell the same to your precious UMNO ministers and your even more precious UMNO Senior Minister who politicized the appointment of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as Selangor Economic Adviser. What is wrong with that?

    Is it any worse than APCO Worldwide handling the PR for Najib for RM20 million? And Dr Pornthip is here as a civil servant on a government to government basis and is not paid a single sen. How much is MACC paying for theirs?

    And where were you Rocky when the theories of DAP triads and assassins were being floated by your UMNO blogger buddies, the black blog T4BH, as well as the mainstream media which uncharacteristic of them decided suddenly to print rumors from anonymous websites. Contrast that with the total silence from the mainstream media when PI Balasubramaniam interview came out in a non-anonymous blog.

    And the unfounded innuendos casted on the character to Tan Boon Hwa. Did you scream politicization then? I know people like you very well, anything that Pakatan does you can twist and spin while your precious Senior Minister and his proteges can do no wrong. You are just as bad as the Pakatan fanboys in Malaysia Today.

    Go on and tell your own lies so that you can sleep better at night. We all know whom holds the final say as the arbiter on justice. And no one can escape from being judged, all murderers and cover up specialists included. Just remember that the next time you are praying.

  18. Setuju )-

    depa ni cakap tak pakai otak. Cakap tak serupa bikin...

  19. Anonymous7:03 pm

    “The fact that they hired a foreign expert shows they have no confidence in the local pathologists,” Yong added.
    Bro, just read the comment and u know what? Rasa nak muntak si Pukiemark chinkie ni punye spinning.

  20. That is the way the cookie crumbles. That's what politics is all about. Whoever is stronger wins. How you get to be stronger than the other? That's playing before us. Foul or fair means.

  21. Anonymous7:39 pm

    what else this jokers want? Who lost confidents in our local experts first? Government is making the right things by engaging this expert. Their Porn Tip also made lots of blunder in Thailand and her credibility also questionable.
    This is the person educated from Era College which their way of thingking is always questionable. I strongly encourage the government implementing the single education system. The government of the day have already try their best to satisfy everybody until they are seem to soft. I hope whatever the outcome of the second autopsy will be acceptable to all. Our politicians today try to portray how clean they are. That's really pissed me off. They actually must work very hard to convince the Rakyat that they are better and not running down the others.
    With the way things are going in Selangor with lots of vice pub and their Rocket cafe coming up. I cannot imagine when they rules the country in future.
    Gua Cina puntak tahan tengok perangai PR ini. Bodoh sombong. PR there will be no second votes from me and my family for you.

    Air Melekek Porn Strip said...

  22. Anonymous7:45 pm

    ermm politician..
    i just have these to say.." shut the fuck up and tar my fucking road.."


  23. Shafeeq wrote:

    This post proves that you are a hypocrite.

    When Dr. Pornthip was hired it was YOU who raised the issue of how much she might have been paid by Selangor Government, to which Malik Imtiaz Sarwar answered that she was doing it for free.

    Remember? If you don't remember, go here and read your own blog post.


    Now Shafeeq,

    Firstly, Maliq Imtiaz was quoted by The Malay Mail, where I am The Editor. There were so many accusations about how much she was paid so we wanted someone to clear the air, and Malik Imtiaz did. The Malay Mail exclusive appeared on Oct 27, here.

    Secondly, my friend, the posting of mine which you linked in you comment here did not question whether Pornthip was paid or not. The posting was made on Nov 1, by which time a lot of people knew already what Maliq Imtiaz had said in the Malay Mail, y'see.

    Finally, that posting of mine was a campaign for a second forensic expert. I was agreeing with Eddy, my regular commenter, that there should be a second observer to ensure water tight justice. As you already know, there will be a second forensic expert, Dr Peter Vanezis from the UK.


    Which brings me to Alf's assertion that:

    "wow !! the truth is nigh !!

    Rockybru and supporters are starting to panic !!"

    Arf! Arf! (or Alf! Alf!),

    If anyone's panicky, it ain't me. I am very sure that the two foreign experts, and our own local pathologists, will help see justice for TBH, his family and those involved in this case.

    Remember, unlike Kit Siang, these experts will not be looking for "the killers"; rather, they'll be looking at the probable causes of death.

    And they won't be basing their views on a couple of post-mortem pictures.

    This is the real thing, Alf, so let's be thankful that we live in a country where we are not afraid of a second post-mortem or a second forensic expert, as long as the truth can be established.


    Dear Alizul,

    Thank you for Vanezis' website.

  24. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    We know there are suckers are born every minute, now even better, we know what they are doing for a living!!!

    They are working for the PKR Government in Selangorlah!!!!! I still convinced to death that poor Beng Hock jumped to death at his own will coz he can't bear anymore to be associated with those bug time suckers of Selangor right fro the MB to Anwar to Guan Eng to Karpal to Kit Siang....what a stupid bunch. And i don't hve any sympathy for such a loser like Beng Hock who can't even stand up to face the truth. ' hudup dia menyusahkan, dah mampus lagi bikin susah....SPRM and goverment sould not be apologetic on such a hideous event like tis....

  25. Anonymous8:42 pm

    LKS said "his death and to bring to book his killers,..."


    HOW THE HELL DID HE KNOW, more than one people have done it!

  26. AminGL8:49 pm


    Don't be hypocrite. Aren't you the one who has been politicking all this while when you questioned how much did the Selangor government pay Dr. Pornthip?

    Why can't the rakyat question the gomen how much do they pay Dr Peter Vanezis?

  27. Anonymous8:59 pm


    do you really think MACC or the UMNO regimes are not afraid of a second post-mortem or interested to establish the truth behind TBH death ??

    Com'on Rocky... you can do better than that !!

    ..looks who panicking now,Rocky.


  28. matahitam9:16 pm


    oh boy oh boy..bro. see the racist PAKATAN supporters hentam-ing you. they cannot stand it when you post this kind of things.

    once again. let me repeat. The DAP supporters are GENERALLY ANTI-MALAY!

    so, you know where their attacks are coming from-lah.

    listen to this:

    rocky politicking (doing this posting).

    rocky and gang panic (doing this posting)

    and then you have pathetic idiots like syafeeq who cannot understand between news reports snd blog postings.


    Unlike the rest of rational and reasonable and anti-racist Malaysians, we want to know what happened and how he died.

    the reasonable me says that if he was killed, surely not by MACC. surely by the DAP guys who have got SO MANY THINGS to hide.


    bagi diorang, Rocky..

  29. labulabi9:26 pm


    gua tak boleh percaya baruah-baruah DAP mempertahankan si Ean yong Hian. lepas tu pusing, tuduh lu berpoliticking.

    apa, daa?

    sah-sah si Ean tu berpolitcking.

    DAP memang sah-sah mempolitikan kematian TBH.

    Justice, konon?


    Kita buta dan pekak, ke?

    DAP mempergunakan isu kematian TBH untuk menjatuhkan satu institusi kerajaan.

    jugak nak divert attention dari masaalah dalaman PKR, terutama di selangor.

    senang saja. MACC sedang investigate DAP councillors, kan?
    Taktik DAP nombor satu -- buat kekecohan.

  30. Anonymous9:53 pm


    stop spewing crap... let poor TBH RIP

  31. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Eh si Gemuk Rocky Atan,

    Seluruh Malaysia sudah tahu pembunuh didalam MACC. Surat dah keluar dari MACC.

    Kamu ni otak lembu ke otak anjing.
    Pergi mampus lah kau...macam Tok Guru suruh gerombolan BN/UMNO.

    Kesan kesan TBH dibunuh dah terbongkar ...hanya binatang binatang di BN/UMNO, termasuk kau, PDRM dan MACC enggan tanggung.

    Kau patut binatang tuan mu patus cakap benar and hukum pembunuh dan jangan sorok sini sorok sana macam kes Lingam. Betul tak?

    Kalau kamu tulus hati, pergilah beritahu binatang tuan mu apa yang patut dijalankan.

    Kamu harus blog tentang Kugan jugak. Kenapa tak?

    Kita ni orang Islam mesti jujur dan benar and tak nak pembunuh di PDRM dan MACC. Dosa betullah!

    Insyallah kamu balik ke sisi Islam yang benar dan janganlah berkait dengan gerombolan yang makan rasuah...tak de maruah !!!!

    Igat ya si Gemuk Atan!!!!!

  32. Anonymous10:23 pm

    rocky and gang is so pathetic. Pakatan is doing so well in Selangor and Rocky and his cheap blogger is trying so hard to sabotage the rakyat choosen goverment.
    And I am pretty sure that PR with continue to rule Selangor for many more decade. (Even though I vote for BN in 2008). After seeing their performance comparing to BN, its definitely an eye opener. I has never thought that there are others who could really admin a state except for BN. Look like I am soooooo wrong.

  33. Anonymous10:31 pm

    To Syafeeq,

    How sure are you that Dr. Porntip doing it for free?! You mean she come here, paid the flight, hotel, eat here and there by her pocket money, losing her chargeable hour in Thailand for the sake of TBH?! Who is TBH for her? Who is Malaysian for her? Who is Selangor and Khalid for her? Her husband, her son-in-law or any long lost relative?, not even same citizen. You better use your brain first before you take everything told by your Master lo.


  34. Now.. thats an expert. If you want an expert find a real expert. Dont mess around with experts whi are just in for the limelight.

  35. gua rasa ini kes bunuh diri

  36. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Vanezis' CV makes Dr Pornthip looks like an intern.

  37. Fly,

    Kita tunggu dan lihat. Esok Dr Vanezis tiba dan dia akan terus dibawa ke Sg Buloh di mana autopsy kedua akan dijalankan.


    When you go after the vital truth
    There's really no price too high to pay
    As long as it doesn't go beyond the roof
    And all parties are satisfied with the final say

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 211109
    Sat. 21st Nov. 2009.

  39. anon 10.03pm tulis- Seluruh Malaysia sudah tahu pembunuh didalam MACC. Surat dah keluar dari MACC.- lu biar betul! autopsi kedua belum keluar lu dah menuduh! apa bukti lu mengatakan pembunuh didalam macc ?surat apa yg keluar dari macc?gua rasa lu menulis bukan pakai otak, tetapi mengikut perasaan,betul tak?dan gua percaya lu bukan orang melayu

    -Kita ni orang Islam mesti jujur dan benar and tak nak pembunuh di PDRM dan MACC. Dosa betullah!- lu muslim ke?kalau lu benar muslim lu takkan menuduh sewenang2nya bahawa pdrm dan macc pembunuh!apa yang dosa betullah yg lu cakapkan ni?

  40. Anonymous1:07 am

    You UMNO babi hutans try your best to run down porntip, but you conveniently forget (selective amnesia) that MACC responsible for Teoh Beng Hock's death. You whole batch of babi hutans here deserve to be blasted with C4 in your kubang babi in PWTC.


  41. dah tau da sapa sebenarnya yang panik!

  42. Anonymous1:49 am

    For those saying this is to tarnish Selangor State government that is currently doin very well, what achievement are you talking about???????? Selain turunkan harga air yang orang-orang tinggal flat kena bayar mahal jugak???

    Apa achievement?

    What is wrong with having 2nd expert other than Dr Porn? Dah org2 PR xnak accept local experts, might as bring as many as possible to observe. Let's see who is more convincing.

    Now who's panicking!


  43. Anonymous2:34 am

    This mess was brought about when our local boys who were supposed to be over qualified with strings of titles were in sync with their results! Do you smell those rats ?
    Lets say our local pathologist is zelchhh!!!!
    A waste of public funds!to hire that Vinci guy! Perhaps there are better liars in the maac and they took the police on a ride!This is todays perception on the maac!


  44. Rafa's Revolution2:45 am

    ai yah rocky, dont twist and turn around with words la.. common on la.. if u continue like this why dont u be a politician then.. perhaps u already are..

    if hiring foreign pathologist doesnt carry the meaning as 'no confidence in local pathologist' then wat does it mean? care to shed some light?

    if we hire foreign coaches to coach our local players/teams that tells us 2 things; either

    1 - our local coaches are not up to par or we have screwed up coaches OR

    2 - somebody or someone has too much freaking moolah...

    so take a pick

  45. Rafa's Revolution2:51 am

    the problem with us, msians are we talk and talk and yet talk but we never get to the bottom of it.. wat is the point?

    as u, rocky mentioned this

    "remember, unlike Kit Siang, these experts will not be looking for "the killers"; rather, they'll be looking at the probable causes of death"

    i wish to say 3 words - WTF???

    come on again la rocky.. dont talk cock la... kit siang is looking beyond the trees in the forest.. if we are to attain proof and evidence and yet not bring the killer to justice, then what is the point of all these?? why waste money... why all the hype and the hoo hah??

    just because kit siang is opposition. if he was BN u would be saying it differently.. wat a hypocrite u are.. this is not devil's advocate but HYPOCRISY!!!

  46. Anonymous3:15 am

    The Pakatan Rakyat just Wants to be Right and not care about Doing Right.

    And this Ean Yong Hian Wah is a stupid fellow.
    Just when everybody forgets how much is Porntip being paid, he raises the issue again!

    If you want to discredit Dr.Vanezis use a different issue-lah! Not something the BN supporters can use against you to remind the rakyat of our mistakes.

    If we keep this Ean Yong fellah, I will not be surprised if we lose Selangor in the coming PRU.

    Ms.Eu Mei Fatt.

  47. Anonymous5:48 am

    Dear Alex Chee Beng,

    You are trying to divert issues and popularize the notion that DAPnics are not responsible for Teoh's death by saying something about "theories of DAP triads and assassins" being floated by UMNO or "the black blog T4BH" or complain about "unfounded innuendos casted on the character to Tan Boon Hwa".

    Who said the DAP traids do not exist? Whose authority allows that Tan Boon Hwa is irrevocably free from suspicion? Which of your racist clans deny that whatever "the black blog" T4BH said were untrue? Who gave permission to dismiss the suspicions surrounding the closest people to TBH to be completely free from suspicion?

    The only thing we can ascertain is that MACC can be the ones that can be safely excluded simply because their motive for having TBH killed is much, much, much, much smaller than those of DAP who were being investigated, those whose last encounter with the deceased were far from a friendly mood, and those whom TBH were potentially to reveal the black activities thereof.

    Beware, folks. There are attempts to gain back the "picture of innocence" of the not-so-inncoent pictures of Ronnie Lieu, that Tan guy by making as if it is an accepted norm view that they are not involved.

    That's like trying to assure that pigs suddenly achieve aerodynamics and float along the shores of lake titiwangsa. Or that Pornotip do not expect to be paid.

    Marking Bagpie

  48. How much did the Govt pay Dr Peter Vanezis?
    That is a good question , not a political question.
    Is this under the OSA ?

  49. Anonymous10:05 am

    What do we expect of a person who has converted to the dark side when he took the poisoned apple given by Najib ? Of course he will spin until he can't spin anymore, then he will keep quiet. That is the typical modus operandi of BN spinmeisters like Rocky.


  50. Let the truth prevails.. Why bother about how much he is paid.. Everyone wanted justice for TBH, remember? So the government is actually doing their parts.. And now what's up with all the questioning?

    Is there something to hide?

  51. Al-Sadr11:01 am

    No wonderlah kita punya dana ringgit semua aliran keluar negara tak masuk masuk.Beli kapal selam , amah indon , filipino , bangla dsbnya.

    To all the local Doctors "Awak ada itu barang ka?"

  52. Anonymous11:35 am


    They praise singapore police sky high ...

    but the Malaysian police caught the one-eyed dragon, Mas Selamat and recently another singaporean wanted for murder in Cheras.

  53. Anonymous11:42 am

    KUANTAN 20 Nov. - Seorang bapa bercadang mengambil tindakan undang-undang terhadap pihak penjara berikutan kematian anaknya, Pattah Ismail dalam keadaan meragukan ketika ditahan di Penjara Penor kelmarin.

    Ismail Omar, 68, berkata, dia dan ahli keluarga yang lain tidak berpuas hati dengan penjelasan yang diberikan oleh pihak penjara berhubung punca kematian anaknya itu yang dikatakan terjatuh ketika sedang beratur dalam barisan.


    KES yang lebih kurang sama sahaja dengan kes KUGAN!!! Tapi biasalah sebab MELAYU kan. Kalau KELING atau APEK memang ributlah Jabatan Penjara dan PDRM. MELAYU mana ada nilai. Cuma nakkan Melayu bila ada kepentingan aje.

  54. Bro, ramai yang pandai membaca mandarin dan nampaknya kaum cina & india membelasah umno=Melayu sesedap lidah dan apa jua yg selesa pada mereka. Marilah orang Melayu bersatu hati - ketepikan mereka ini. aku bukan ahli UMNO tapi aku dah muak dengan mereka2 ini...masing2 macam nyamuk & langau - harap faham apa yg aku cuba sampaikan.


  55. Anonymous1:41 pm

    mr. rocky, if you read the track record of our very own expertise, in this field, you will understand why our local expertise credibility is at staged and their level of professionalism is questionable, I have been following this news for quite sometime now and I don't see why we should queries the call for foreign expertise in this investigation, let face it, their revelation base on the autopsy done is questionable and no relevant solid explanation is given as to the finding of the result;

  56. Pune Deck2:07 pm

    Typical Fuckatan Riot. Purveyor of chaos. Mentally inadequate.

    When they hit the wall without an argument and factually cornered, they curse, and scream at th e messenger.

    Childish defender of bum basher.

    Sama rata, sama rasa, depan belakang sama saja.

  57. Way to go, Syafeeq.

    Show this Rocky fella to eat his words.

    Rocky, we call in experts to find out cause of death so we can determine the killers!

    This is the ultimate goal and bring justice to this murder.

    If it implicates MACC officials, then so hang them.

    Don't la nak tipu kita that this investigation is just to 'determine cause of death'. Of course la nak determine cause of death, so that we can find out the killer, that is the final objective.

    And pasal how much Vanezis and Pornthip costs, all Malaysians have the right to know how much.

    Because it is our taxpayer money!

    Why you say its not important, Rocky?

    I want to know how much of MY money is going for this!

  58. Anonymous2:49 pm


    Your readers fail English Comprehension 101. They can't tell the difference between your own comments and regular news highlights. They don't even bother to check if they have made a correct statement. For those failures, here's a summary of the sequence of events:

    1) Opposition parties question the credibility of our local pathologists.

    2) Opposition parties hire foreign pathologists.

    3) Government has to hire another pathologist for a joint post mortem, in order to ensure fairness and avoid repetition of work.

    4) Due to point 1), the government appoints a foreign pathologist to remove all doubts of the credibility of the pathologist.

    5) Opposition parties claim that the government has no confidence in the skills of local pathologists, neglecting the fact that they made point 1).

    I'm sick and tired of the spin. The opposition parties conveniently forget their "earlier" statements - *COUGH*COUGH*SEPTEMBER 16TH*COUGH!

    Have a good Sunday ahead Rocky.


  59. Its we who wanted full justice; now it is on the way!

    There are two internationally reknowned pathologist monitoring the process; so lets wait for their report hence the final result!

    Our beloved country can surely be better off without stupid remarks that jumps the gun.

    So just shut up and wait for the expert to make known their their findings.

    PS Rocky just provide a platform to discuss; not to slander anybody.

  60. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Rocky Watcher,

    There is no such thing as a free lunch. You can go on believing Porn is not getting paid. I hope you too when you grow up one day and become a forensic expert or whatever and do the same, don't expect any pay!


  61. Anonymous4:01 pm


    If the government uses the local experts, you will not believe them, telling the world they are government instruments.

    SO a neutral foreign expert had too be employed just to please you guys. So that TBH body does not have to be exhumed for a second, third until you lots are satisfied.

    It is bullshit that Dr Porn is not getting paid. Next time you apply for a job in Thailand, don't ask for any pay in return for Dr. Porn free service.

    A highly credible forensic expert is the answer instead of some shoddy character from lands of imitations, so people like you don't have to make anymore noises. So government is spending money just to please people like you.

    Ini pun tak faham!! What else do you want?


  62. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Storm as deported baby killer vanishes in Malaysia

    By Simon Parry and Brendan Carlin
    Last updated at 10:03 PM on 21st November 2009

    In hiding: Agnes Wong has disappeared from her hotel

    Britain has triggered a diplomatic storm by secretly returning child killer Agnes Wong to Malaysia without warning her home country's police or government.

    The 29-year-old, handed a £4,500 'bribe' to leave Britain after serving half of her five-year jail sentence for killing a 17-month-old boy, has now gone into hiding.

    Wong was accompanied by UK immigration officials on the flight to Kuala Lumpur, but by the time news of her return broke in last week's Mail on Sunday, she had checked out of the £7-a-night hotel where she had been staying and disappeared.

    Wong was convicted of the manslaughter of Hugo Wang, who she was supposed to be looking after at her home in Salford, Greater Manchester, in 2008. She swung him by the ankles and smashed his head, leaving him with fatal brain injuries.

    It meant Wong lost her right to stay in Britain. She flew home on November 2 with a £4,500 'voucher' provided she waived her right to fight deportation.

    Malaysian officials accused the UK of treating them with contempt. They fear Wong, who was twice reported to police for abusing children in her care in Malaysia before coming to Britain in 2003, could strike again.

    An official at Malaysia's Home Ministry said: 'We are infuriated about this. Why didn't they tell us she was coming back? We should have been told beforehand so we can monitor her.'

    A Home Office spokesman said: 'Where an individual voluntarily leaves the UK, it is not usual practice to discuss the return with a foreign government.'

    Read more:

  63. Bro. I rather expected the DAP to politicise Dr Venezis's presence for the MACC during the second autopsy. Its just insurance for them for more political havoc if the findings of the second autopsy does not support Dr Portip's earlier assertion.

    Like you say Bro, lets just wait and see what comes out of the second autopsy.

  64. Anonymous5:52 pm

    A lot of DAPigs here spin and say all kinds of things to discredit Dr Vanezis even before the second autopsy was done. But they praise Dr PornoTit sky high and justified her presence ...They also questioned the expertise of M'sian experts....Hey, DAPigs if you want a third or fourth opinion whatever, then using another foreign expert (apart from Dr PornoTit) is a good idea, don't you all piggylets agree?

    What actually do these scumbags want? Anything the government does is no good, anything they do is good.....There must be something that they want to hide. It is true then that TBH was murdered by DAPigs Triad gangs. Truth hurts huh, DAPigs?

    Why can't they use their grey matter instead of using their piggy matter. They also call you, Rocky with all kinds of names....Wait, I wanna puke..

  65. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Anon @ 1:07 AM

    You are what you eat, therefore Malay Muslims are pure.

    The real babis are yourselves when you wallop those pinkish diseased meat.

  66. Anonymous6:31 pm

    rocky, interesting news in UDA HOLDING BERHAD. better check the COO and CEO!!


  67. Anonymous8:46 pm

    Warrior 231 here. read this comment by an anon posted sometime back on this selfsame blog. My comments will follow:

    Anonymous said...


    Setting 14th floor of Kote International (KI) office block somewhere in Shah Alam or its peripheries.

    The scene is within a room, the city lights slowly flickering out as the old father time points his hands to 6 and a cuckoo pops out of somewhere and chirps fuckit, 6X.. In the background is a screen and a LCD projector is running with screen crawls running across about some important documents. In the corner, in the shadows , a Indian.Pakistani specky trannie sits massaging his limpid cock, while beside him 3 sliteyed, scarfaced characters sit smoking…..An Indian man with a receding hairline and a beard walks in reeking of alcohol but still in control of his senses. He yawns, unzips his pants and pisses a squirt of water onto the Indian trannie’s face..the other 3 Ah Bengs shout: Bos sulah mali oh!

    Singh: bring Tai Butt Hog in (sips coffee while a tube of ky-jel lubricant sits on the table next to cup and saucer).

    A slim Individual is brought in, the lights are dimmed.

    Singh:(clearing his throat while stroking his beard): well, what did you tell them, fuckarsed snitch. How dare you spill the beans......

    TBH: i didnt spill the beans, sir. They are still in the bowl.....I only spilled the soup. Honest!

    Singh: SHUT UP!, arsehole. We paid you good money to be the conduit between our topworld and the underworld. You took the enjoyed the sluts, the drinks, the attention and even my cocksucking secretary Esther and what do we get for our money, bastard? You snitched on us!

    TBH: No I didn’t but I didnt like going to the underworld...all those corpses, graves. Ghosts and ghouls especially during cheng beng when we Chingkie pigarselickers burn our paper money and litter the whole place with those food offerings which end up in the tummies of those mangy dogs that shit on the tombstones and pee on the graves.Kind of creepy but Esther...that's another story. But the worst was dealing with Rong Lanchiau

    Singh: dei watch it....fucker. He is our pointman and link to the underworld, the one who launders their money for them and gets sizeable chunk that goes into our coffers. Fucker, without him we go kaput understand, except for our chingkie arsewhores, a few Indians and a handful of Malay lovvas ever eager to be arsefucked and throatrammed by our esteemed leaders and comrades, who else would deign to throw a few dimes let alone donate millions for our racist project. Yeah, omly the chingkies and our gangstas keep us going. Ever heard the black economy of pimping, illegal massage parlours, trafficking in women, drug deals, illegal gambling and betting, ah longs ,the international network of car napping are all estimated to be about 5-7 billion and we have parked the dough in Spore…I know I handled it…….comes with the job…just like him(pointing to the sallow, specky Indian looking trannie with a malay name) and his pariah friend who runs that fuckhole blog…dei malik..what’s up

    Malik : massaging his flaccid puny cock suddenly stuffs it into his trousers and zips up)….errrgh…nothing just trying to jack it up…(sniggering like a girl). You haven’t asked him as to what I told u. (Blushingly) ; Brother singh, a taste of your cock in place of my empty wok
    12:56 AM

  68. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Anonymous said...
    Part 2

    Singh; (at TBH) dei Tai oli pundek, is it true that you have spilled everything as our mole in the M… have spilled to Malik here. U know, he is the legal adviser and everything and he has got people on the inside… (stops…mouth agagpe as he stares at the doorway as if seeing a ghost)…oh hi rong..i had to start the interrogation..thought you couldn’t make it.. what with your grog about to be clogged by that turbaned watchdog

    RL (entering with a swagger): Fuck youlah snake, trying to twist like typical pariah scumdog. The turban has licked my arse and apologised after I almost had his old prick circumcised. Motherfucking Bastard has ordered the turban to desist unless he wanted his innards in a twist and his fucking mouth forever whist. Anyway…what did this twatlick say so far?. Lim kok Shit is damn wild and he awaiting answers. Has our secrets been divulged..did he snitch as malik’s mole told us..what have to do as damage control..this is getting outta hand…..

    TBH: I swear….i didn’t…please let me go…If you lot would give me a chance to explain.

    RL (swigging from a bottle of brandy) : Ok..go ahead, I see whether I can trust your chinaman cock talk. For being a chingkie, I know how good we lie.

    TBH: exactly…I did the same thing…I fooled them with bogus slips with false letterheads. The originals are still with me….

    RL/ Singh (in unison) what you mean, bastard son of a whore?

    TBH: I gave them the lappie which I said was yours so I couldn’t give them no password though they kept badgering me for it .

    RL: tiu niamah what? gave them the evidence..arsewhore. The Malays are smart arses who can break into any system……….

    TBH…relax..boss. I am smart Chingkie.U see when I heard I was next and that they wanted the lappie…I downloaded the originals and other incriminating papers into my pendrive. We still need those for our official files to fool the cocksucking, arsewhoring son of a bitch , Kaninamah Incubus (KI) if he tries to release the CAT on us….hahahaha

    RL; Where is the pendrive? Dogshit?

    TBH : errr…(blushing and eyeing Malik coyly); up my arsehole!

    RL : what a genius u r a honour to the chingkie race. What quick thinking

    TBH (massaging his crotch as he leers at Malik again): actually bos, we chingkie are clever, smart creatures

    Singh: wasn’t that idea thought up by our exPAS guy to smuggle explosives. Not chingkie at all.

    RL/TBH; SHUT UP arselicker! It is Chingkie idea cos we say so! Unnerstand! All the ideas in this world are Chingkie’s…nothing belongs to anyone else. (To TBH). Now give me the PD.

    TBH: (strips and removes underwear, Singh steal glances at the backside while Malik eyes the puny cock): urrgh (blushing)…need to squat a few times and it will drop. (Squats a few times, nothing appears)…ummph must be stuck in there.

    RL: Shit! Get it out someone…looks at Singh and malik….do it!

    Singh/Malik (immediately standing to attention). Yes Sir… (to the gangsta Ah Bengs who were picking their nose,ears and arsehole with their pinkie’s long fingernail like the proverbial 3 monkeys of smell nothing, hear nothing but fart something). Ah Bengs!!! Straddle and .hold him down and get us gloves!

    Ah Beng 1 (checking): glove tal lak , habit…tal lak luit mau beli

    Ah Beng 2: tangan lagi baik…glove very expensive …lubber plice up

    Ah Beng 3: hand good…can feel better, dig out easier
    12:57 AM

  69. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Anonymous said...
    Part 3

    RL; yeah….pakai tangan aje

    Singh/Malik : Ok boss!

    Singh advances as a pliant TBH eyes him with soulful eyes,..Singh ( soliloquy) : mmmmmm…what white thighs and those mounds of flesh..solid butt….mm nice shitty smell..oh wahe guru…oh nanak…oh hargobind….keep the temptation of Juburi away from me…(gritting his teeth, as TBH’s stretches his legs to reveal a moist, pinkish arsehole), Singh gnashing his teeth, his tongue about to loll out….) Holy granth sahib…..what virgin arse… eat your heart you told tart, even you hairy legs and thighs aren’t shapely his what more being white and smooth as satin plus your skinny butt, you are passé, now. Get more cock for you

    Malik; blinking back tears (soliloquy) : oh my passion for you was king, my singh. Alas ye have found a new flower leaving me a clover to cower in my dower. Ah. the love off a trannie like me nothing more than baby’s breath blowing in the wind to be trampled like a daisy, strangled by whimsy and drowned by a dreg of whisky. Oh..if the old man had not left Pakistan in search of Afghanistan and ended up in Baluchistan I would be a wazir in Waziristan, smoking the hookah and raping young boys. Now , I am trapped in Malaysia, trying to act Malay but ……….

    RL; Quicklah..we haven’t got all day. Malik, what are you mumbling and quit staring at his cock for…get to work

    Singh (plunges his fhands into TBH’s arse. TBH gags kahkahkah, Singh fiddles around in vacuum, feels something hard and yanks it out... a piece of hardened shit fills his palm),

    Singh: “fuckshit!, where the hell is it…(elbows soaked with shit he tries again..grabs at another solid object, more shit.,yells at TBH) : you shithead pig! Where is it…you don’t shit for months no wonder you let out old farts all over the place, constipated old boar!

    Meanwhile RL gets a call on his mobile phone……chibai! Is heard

    RL :what? they got all the evidence from a pendrive! found under the table. Shit (to TBH): what the fucks is this..THEY got the PD!!!!….
    12:58 AM

  70. Anonymous8:49 pm

    Anonymous said...
    Part 3

    RL; yeah….pakai tangan aje

    Singh/Malik : Ok boss!

    Singh advances as a pliant TBH eyes him with soulful eyes,..Singh ( soliloquy) : mmmmmm…what white thighs and those mounds of flesh..solid butt….mm nice shitty smell..oh wahe guru…oh nanak…oh hargobind….keep the temptation of Juburi away from me…(gritting his teeth, as TBH’s stretches his legs to reveal a moist, pinkish arsehole), Singh gnashing his teeth, his tongue about to loll out….) Holy granth sahib…..what virgin arse… eat your heart you told tart, even you hairy legs and thighs aren’t shapely his what more being white and smooth as satin plus your skinny butt, you are passé, now. Get more cock for you

    Malik; blinking back tears (soliloquy) : oh my passion for you was king, my singh. Alas ye have found a new flower leaving me a clover to cower in my dower. Ah. the love off a trannie like me nothing more than baby’s breath blowing in the wind to be trampled like a daisy, strangled by whimsy and drowned by a dreg of whisky. Oh..if the old man had not left Pakistan in search of Afghanistan and ended up in Baluchistan I would be a wazir in Waziristan, smoking the hookah and raping young boys. Now , I am trapped in Malaysia, trying to act Malay but ……….

    RL; Quicklah..we haven’t got all day. Malik, what are you mumbling and quit staring at his cock for…get to work

    Singh (plunges his fhands into TBH’s arse. TBH gags kahkahkah, Singh fiddles around in vacuum, feels something hard and yanks it out... a piece of hardened shit fills his palm),

    Singh: “fuckshit!, where the hell is it…(elbows soaked with shit he tries again..grabs at another solid object, more shit.,yells at TBH) : you shithead pig! Where is it…you don’t shit for months no wonder you let out old farts all over the place, constipated old boar!

    Meanwhile RL gets a call on his mobile phone……chibai! Is heard

    RL :what? they got all the evidence from a pendrive! found under the table. Shit (to TBH): what the fucks is this..THEY got the PD!!!!….
    12:58 AM

  71. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Anonymous said...
    Part 5

    stage directions: …(.In the background, 1Malaysia orchestra rises in crescendo, drum beats downing out other instruments, jengjengjengjengjeng ….Malik manages to get some drops of cum as the stage is darkened)

    (Announcement : Children are to be chased out of the theatre!!)

    RL (shouting Singh): The cleaning contractor, Wong Lin Kun, has agreed to spare the services of a janitor. meeting place at the carpark and thence to fifth floor via unCCtved entrance. Garbage trolley also available.

    Singh nods as he digs deep within riding TBH’s back like a demented cowboy… he is in deep ecstacy, his lips pursed, eyes closed…oh bhindranwale, I see you on the golden pond on a lotus frond…..oh wahe guru wahe guru oh wahe wahe cum eh..oh nanak..oh Gobind..oh hargobind ohhhhhhhh cum cum cum…om padme padme cum ….ahhhh…ahahhhhh…ahhhhhhhh……awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    (he whacks TBH on the head with a truncheon and throws the torn-arsed TBH io the floor, TBH manages to pick himself up and quickly slid into his clothes)

    Screen comes on : blunt force applied directly to the skull

    He tries groggily to make for the exit but is .blocked by the Ah Bengs. Suddenly, Singh grabs him by the trouser belt and his trousers are ripped open at the back…holding TBH close and eyeballing him, Singh sneers, his teeth gnashing!!)

    Singh: Titfucking arsewhore, cumdrinking, pigshit of a trannie whore…you double crossed us and now trying to run away ah….sorry your time’s up.: this is what we do to traitors..

    TBH: please..puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze. I didn’t d anything…(crying) let me go…I wont talk, I will do a Bala, I promise……..u lot wont see me again..puhleese I got an unborn kid…(pleadingly) please let me go. I am afraid of heights……

    Singh dangles him over the ledge…TBH looks down, the height gets to him, he swoons and passes out:

    (Stage directions: Screen comes on: “ may have been alive when he hit the ground but was unconscious before falling.)

    RL: throw the bastard out. He is lying again to save his arse. We don’t need him anymore…nuisance…bastard running dog.. Send him to the real underworld where he can lay with corpses, play with them ghosts and parlay with them ghouls. All we need to fete his ghost are paper money, waxed duck and with some luck he meets up with a petrified sow and lives happily ever after in the arms of that cow away from now

    Voice of a Woman: Yes.. throw him out for such is a heartless wimp that turned me into this blimp with his unborn imp of a chimp. Oh how can ye usurp me in thine heart with that tart. Oh how the stars and the full moon weep at my sorrowful peep of being made cheap. Perchance, a better pig awaits me in his sty on this tender night to forever remove the blight from my plight…(beating her tummy) oh….we sailed the waves of passionate ecstasy and embraced an illusion distilled by alchemy now harsh reality lifts my visage to the face of calamity, just desserts for our iniquity in the laps of infinity.
    1:00 AM

  72. Anonymous8:51 pm


    Saya dari dahulu lagi dah tahu siapa musuh-musuh malaysia yang sebenar-benarnya.

    Musuh-musuh yang hanya tahu memporak perandakan keselamatan negara hanya semata-mata inginkan kuasa.

    Saya amat berharap agar kubur-kubur mereka ini satu hari nanti tidak akan diludah, dirosakkan atau disiram air kencing.

    Marilah kaumku semua!

    Siapakah sebenarnya MUSUH NEGARA?

    Sudah terang lagi bersuluh!

    Marilah kaumku semua.

    Rapatkan barisan hadapi MUSUH-MUSUH ini dengan tekad dan azam yang tetap dan tertib.


  73. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Now having read the above pentalogy, which succintly says what took place with the parallel stage directions shedding more light on the incident, we can deduce that the prime suspects are a) an arseraping singh b)his amster, a certain, Rong Lanchiau c) a sissy of a MISsy cocksucking pakistani punkah wallah pondan d) three an bengs, one of whom reportedly had TB.

    What can be done is that these bastards should be nabbed and charged for arserape and murder. The former would explain the blunt object purportedly penetrating the arse tunnel while the latter is selfexplanatory by the nature of the fall and the condition of the pigshit's corpse.

    The srangulation marks is the result of erotic asphyxiation caused by the Singh is his "waheguru..wahe..wahe!" induced frenzy, the repurcussions of which are serious:

    "Thus the recipient is dead and their partner, if any, is in a very perilous legal situation. (The authorities could consider such deaths first-degree murders until proven otherwise, with the burden of such proof being on the defendant). There are also the real and major concerns of the surviving partner's own life-long remorse to having caused such a death, and the trauma to the friends and family members of both parties."

    It is probable that the Singhking and the dead pigshit were BDSMers indulging in "scarfing/breathplay"

    and whether that led to the pigarse's "accidental death" is moot as i dont have the full evidence although i would say, based on a few snapshots that there is a 80% probability that it was so. In which case, script should be rewritten by anon as :

    TBH: ahhhhhh...deeeeeeeeeeper man....ahhhhhh ohhhhhhh singh..gimme a high..i swear the info is safe in another pendrive, i stuffed down.....

    Singh: fuck you, bastard pigshit....up to your tricks again aint you arsetorn cockwhore..u wanna a have one...(puts his hands the hog's throat and strangles him*.....)...(screaming into TBH's ears while still riding his arse)...nice ah..syiok eh..bastard traitor...

    *this explains the strangulation marks and also the "loss of consciousnes before death atate" the porn queen testified about

    If the singh and gang keeps denying the obvious, then i suggest the whoreson of a paralysed pigarselicking son of spayed bitch be stripped, straddled, his shit streaked arse upended and Bob be introduced into the equation. Bob? yeah this sexstarved Bob:

    Lets see if Singh has got the blls for this one and is a reql hero instead of fake faggot of a wannabe

    One fuck of this raging bull would be enough for the Singh to spill the beans, Rong lanchiau to blurt everything out, for Missie the pondy trannie to tearfully admit to everything and collapse like a ton of bricks pronto!and the TB patient to even vomit his childhood memories like a crazed canary on a hotplate. To wrap things up, get the singh to force his cock to vomit a sliver of semen and conduct a DNA test on it to confirm the blunt objet in arsehole thingy. Then proceed to other more urgent cases after deporting the porn queen and having her declared persona non-grata..

    Warrior 231

    P.S: for more on partner inflicted erotic asphyxiation, look up:

    1.Lowery, S. A., & Wetli, C. V. (1982). Sexual asphyxia: A neglected area of study. Deviant Behavior, 4(1), 19-39.

    2.Behrendt, N. & Modvig, J. (September, 1995). The lethal paraphiliac syndrome: accidental autoerotic deaths in Denmark 1933-1990. American Journal of Forensic Medical Pathology, 16(3).

    4. Ernulf, K. E., Innala, S. M. (December, 1995). Sexual bondage: A review and unobtrusive investigation, Archives of Sexual Behavior, 24(6) 631-647.

    5. Wiseman, J. (1998) SM 101: A Realistic Introduction [WWW document]. URL

  74. Anonymous10:33 pm

    I think you got this wrong for once, Bru, as did nmany of the others. The slimedog bastard (slang), Ean Yong isnt worried about any damn costs or expenses incurred for he never ever cared. His statement is designed to cast this aspersion, for hidden in the subtext is something that goes like this with all the trademark Desperate Arrogant Pig trademark vitroil and prejudice :

    "Hey Malay governing s--m, how much are you paying this expert to come up with a finding favourable to your agenda"

    That is precisely what this Chingkie bastard is asking beneath that innocous query about expenditure at the taxpayers' expense. He is floating hot air balloons already so that if a scientifically empirical and factual report that is inimical to his party's interests is released, he and the rest of the chingkie bastards will raise their voices like dogshagged banshees and howl : This guy got paid to come up with this finding when our porn avers otherwise"

    i can see the chingkie armada of press corps, political thugs, underworld gangstas backed by the arselicking, cocksucking chingkie loving Malay trannie lovvaboys and Chingkie cockwhoring cuntitched Malay prostitutes getting ready to launch another tirade to deny the obvious and in the process scuttle any investigations against the Desperate Arrogant Pig. As i said before elsewhere, this nation needs, a true nationalist figure like this:'Aubuisson

    to lead the charge.I particularly enjoyed this quote:

    "openly talked of the need to kill 200,000 to 300,000 people to restore peace to El Salvador."

    Wipe clean 500k of the selfsame vermins here and we will have some semblance of peace to face the next economic calamity. Anyone game for a pigshoot and some blowtorching...the chingkies must be quivaring in their boots already. remeber we owe them one for their Commie favours a long time ago...

    Warrior 231

  75. Anonymous9:08 am


    See for yourself how your gomen is spending the Rakyat's money.

  76. Anonymous9:10 am

    Barking dogs seldom bite. Let them bark till the throats get sore.

    Basically they are cowards hiding behind their loudness.

  77. Anonymous10:16 am

    Hello Rocky,
    Well, if we have asked how much Dr.Pornthip was hired for, the same equal right of questioning should also accord to Dr.Vanesis how much he was hired for. Its only political if media starts to spin on it.

    Ah Ming

  78. Rocky

    PI Bala gives a full statement in new video.

    Tak percaya?

    Nah tengok sini kat Youtube.....

    Dia sebut dia berjumpa dgn Dato Nazim Razak

  79. Anonymous11:31 am

    Dear Rocky,

    What is at stake here again?

    1. If the result is Murder, BN Government is blamed, somehow.
    2. If the result is suicide, more stories to come from PR.
    3. If the result is no conclusion, let see the next General Election.

    Why are we fighting now. Let it be. The result is not out yet.

    Proud to be Malay.

  80. Anonymous12:56 pm


    DAP is fighting for for the Malaysian race and yet most of its members cant even speak/ speak proper BM.

    They want the malay to further surrender on whatever rights the malay have guaranteed the constitution but not willing to compromised on their rights.

    Yes no doubt that there is greater numbers of Malay MPs in parliament but they are divided in term of ideology, aspiration etc and as the saying goes “bersatu kita teguh bercerai kita roboh” and this is what some people want in order to achieve their aim by way of “divide and ruled” concept.

  81. Anonymous2:27 pm

    As A taxpayer, I want to know how much MACC paid for the british expert.

    Why MACC dont trust their own path guys. When the path said TBH suicide, MACC clap hands and sokong.

    You can do survey, how many people believe TBH is suicide?

    No matter TBH suicide or not, MACC should be the culprit, why , bcause MACC detained a witness overnight?


  82. Satay Seller2:37 pm

    How to have confidence in our local malaysian pathologists? They are easily intimidated and scared of the authorities like MACC and the polis. When they do an autopsy, easier-lah to go senang-senang and say suicide and all gembira including MACC and polis bukan? why get into trouble with the MACC and polis by saying homicide, which means one or more officers must be responsible-lah. then the pathologists will be looking over their shoulders wherever they go...takut!
    Besides, the foreign pathologists got more 'otak' and experience and they are not scared of the authorities like the polisei. Their job is to find out the TRUTH and that is it...unlike our pathologists who must also jaga-jaga before they write a report or else cannot sleep peacefully at night.
    In such a scenario in this country, how then to trust that the local pathologists will do their jobs competently and professionally??? Of course, the Selangor Pakatan govt has to bring in a foreign pathologist because the local ones cannot be trusted...simple as that. Pakai otak-lah!

  83. Anonymous2:47 pm

    Bru, I forgot this part of Anon's expose: should be after part 3. To recap, this first appeared at :

    Anonymous said...
    Part 4

    TBH: Oh no…..alamak…how? oh now I remember……no wonder the officer asked me to do a few standups and sitdowns. I thought it was exercise for my tired legs. The PD must have dislodged then and slid down my trouser legs…shit..the Malays have outfoxed us once again. When will we ever get better of this master race………aw shit What are we to do now?.

    RL drags Singh aside while Malik begins licking TBH’s cock; (Chinese mandolin plays a slow ditty)

    RL : u r the lawyer..u know they will put him on the witness stand and break him to corroborate the evidence, we are finished. Our project Malaysia for Chingkians is doomed! We are finished shitheads. Everything is gonna ooze out like cum from the slutwhore I fucked just now. (Grabbing the last strands on abalding pate, he looks imploringly at Singh); do something, save our arses….oh..Kwan yin, Tua Pek Kong, Tiu Nah Mah..please get us outta of this…oh..what to do. Oh 9 emperors stop fucking ur empress and help thy disciple

    Singh: You chingkies are genius…come up with an idea

    RL: SHUT UP…please..think for me….please…(kahkahkahkah ni mm …(he gags as he starts to urinate and shit in his pants)

    Singh(whispering): We will kill him here and throwing the garbage outta here and make it look lie suicide. Get in touch with the cleaning contractor there pronto, lanchiau …(whispers instructions into RL’s ear..whose face gradually etches a smile) but first let me have him….

    RL: What an idea..exactly what I was thinking but couldn’t say..See I told u we chingkies are genius…our ideas travel through ether to reach your brain matter .

    Singh (to himself) pooddah cuni pundek. (To TBH) : you did snitch on us by giving them the PD… much were u paid, turncoat?

    TBH (protesting after shoving aside malik’s head rhyming up and down like a nodding donkey over his crotch) : I didn’t..honest..please don’t…

    Singh: yes you did…pigarse!! You male bimbo of a cocktease me have ur pink arse first traitor before my next move…(grabs TBh’s hands and yanks off his shirt, then Singh rips off his own trousers, violently kisses TBH’s pouty lips and tongues his arse. Then he mounts the table after straddling TBH and thrusts his dick into TBH’s arse thrusting away while screaming nahnahnahnah as TBH moans Kahkahkahkahkahkah)

    Stage Directions: Screen comes on again : injury to his anus could be caused by penetration with an object before his fall

    Singh: you want some freaking orgasm…here let me cut off the gas to ur wanked up brains. (strangles TBH with his bare hands while cockthrusts intensify in rhtym) :

    Stage Directions : (Screen “ round marks on neck indicative of manual strangulation)

  84. Botak2:58 pm

    "Hai ya Gobind - got people following behind me lah at hotel and here too" - Dr. Pornthip.

    "Not to worries, it only DS Anwar...his our new Selangor economic advisor" say Gobind Singh...

    What a story..any more story...

  85. Anonymous3:13 pm

    FACT 1 - DAP are afraid that their plan is going awry.

    FACT 2 - With another expert patholigist on the case whose CREDIBILTY makes Dr. Porn look like a rookie, they're afraid he might uncover the 'other' truth about a certain 'person' who was with TEOH to the very end and thus also implicate the party. In other words PLAN backfires.

    FACT 3 - Now because of that, they are trying their utmost best to somehow 'DIS-CREDIT' this govt appoint pathologist and to throw pre-fabricated doubts about him so the public will cast a negative light on him, as they always do such as the work of Raja 'Penipu who can't even look after his own son' Petra. Make up negative stories, Cast doubt in public minds and declare said person is unfit/bias so any revelation made by said person is easily debunkable. Unless of course it goes their way, then they will use it to their advantage.

    FACT 4 - DAP and the opposition always think that they can twist here and tweak there, they are going to 'Fool' the government and the rakyat. This is an act of a foolish and arrogant Party. But they always forget that the 'Think Tanks' in the govt are seasoned experts who are better articulated to counter everything they do. They have been doing it for a long time and they have the resources. And they 'WILL' throw the pie back at the oppositions face!

    FACT 5 - Teoh death is sad and unfortunate. But what's sadder is how DAP and the oppositon are using it to their (losing) advantage, not really to fight for justice but actually to try hard to make the public hate the ruling government and blindy choose the opposition out of sympathy not credibility.


  86. Anonymous3:50 pm

    When shit comes out to pollute the environment, not even all the perfumes of arabia can counter its stink. That is what is happening to the MACC whose hands tainted with the blood of TBH are waiting to be condemned right, left and centre at home and abroad in their futile attempt to cover up all the shit they have passed out. BUT WHAT IS EVEN MORE NAUSEATING IS TO SEE A LOT OF UMNO GOONS, PAID OR OTHERWISE (I can name a few like Eddy, Warrior 231 and several anons) trying to divert attention by spinning all kinds of lies to discredit Dr Porntip and the DAP. They have become panicky in that their MACC, Hisapudin and Najis are going to be in hot soup. Put it plainly - all the perfumes of Arabia these sickening UMNO goons who deserved to be C4-ed in the way fat rosmah ordered Altantuya's to be C4-ed - try to put up will NEVER NEVER NEVER ERASE THE STINK OVER THE MACC BID TO COVER UP TBH'S HOMICIDE. These UMNO fucking wild pigs are apparently suffering from swine fever and will self-destruct when the Najis goes, but some of them should in fact be C4-ed first.


  87. Anonymous4:01 pm

    His surname is "Ean Yong" but not "Yong".

  88. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Dei justice pundek

    I will slit your throat just like i will slit your godfather Chin Peng's bowels and spill his guts for all to see. Try me, if you have the balls, fucktart for when the moment arrives dont squeal or plead like a waffling, urinating, shitting piglet for i swear i show no mercy for any bastard arsefucking, cuntwhoring Chingkie. Be on guard from now always.....

    Warrior 231

  89. Anonymous8:05 pm

    "Hai ya .......... at hotel and here too"......"

    Must be a Singh looking for an arsefuck. who wants to follow this street tramp looking scaw with blistered skin, a ten truck flattened face, falsie titties, a sagging shitstained rump teeming with arseworms and clitworms having a fiesta and hair that looks like that of an orang utan's untamed arsebrush. Only sickos would and folks who are the sickos crowding this blog like some shitgrubs? right! The fuckatan lot who are hankering for an arsefuck and a chance to prove their mettle of lubricating a grandmomma;s dry as sahara cunt with their mouths of course! Bagi free pun...anjing pun tak pandang...urgh, there was a new synonym for "ugly" yesterday and it was walking around in tight jeans and a tshirt at Sungai Buloh General.

    Warrior 231

  90. Anonymous8:13 pm


    Guess're next in the list of wild pigs to be C4-ed..

    Patient piggy..patient..your turn up next & it will be even before Najib goes..

    Where do you normally seek justice, hah justice..?
    In your asshole perhaps..your words is the reflection of your own asshole facts..just shits..

    :D muhahahaha

  91. Anonymous2:46 am

    Justice the scumbag, take your number. Pariah DAPigs, ar*e licker. Justice your blardy head. Yes, your turn is next. My brethrens will skin you upside down inside out, you SOB, communist lover. Watch out!

    If you don't know how to write, then do not write...DAPiggy. Use the grey matter instead of using your worm-infested piggy brain.

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  92. Anonymous8:25 am

    Justice@3:50 PM says,

    “When shit comes out to pollute the environment … Hisapudin and Najis are going to be in hot soup … sickening UMNO goons who deserved to be C4-ed in the way fat rosmah ordered Altantuya's to be C4-ed … UMNO fucking wild pigs are apparently suffering from swine fever and will self-destruct when the Najis goes, but some of them should in fact be C4-ed first.”


    The above is actually an illustratively valid sample data of a diseased mind - infected with the short-legged, snouted, curly-tailed, stinking and super-filthy critter’s vermins and parasites.

    Yo justice! you need and overhaul, long overdue …

    P.S. The UMNO members do not eat pork (just in case you are unaware).

  93. Rocky, you said, "And, by the way Yong, Dr Pornthip is Thai and Selangor government are hiring her. Does that mean the Selangor government have no confidence in local pathologists?" And the answer is ... YES! Isn't this obvious. Sorry, but it is the painful fact. On top of it, Eu Yong has the right to ask how much does it cost of MACC for having Dr Peter Vanezis here is that Dr Pornthip's services were obtained GRATIS since it was arranged on a government to government basis. And since it involves tax payer's money, don't you think so that even you yourself would like to know.

  94. Anonymous7:15 pm

    I've track down this 'Justice' Bastard! Better be careful man...

  95. Anonymous8:41 pm

    Warrior 231,D muhaha,johnsleepybutawakendo, and all other stinking UMNO babi hutans, eddy included..

    What I said really stung you fucking UMNO shit eating babi hutans to the core and the truth hurts you bad.. You think you can threaten fucking babi hutans of UMNO better cool your swine fever or demam babi in the muddy waters of the Klang river beside your kubang babi in PWTC.

    When DSAI takes over power in Putrajaya, you fucking babi hutans will be packed off together with your Najis, fat mama, Myurine You sin, Nishapudin and Nazri Terbodoh in a plane on a one way journey to Zimbabwe together with Mamak kutty. I think so many people hate you UMNO babi hutans and your ketua babis so much, they will blow up your plane with C4 the minute it leaves save Mugabe embarrassment of building a giant pig sty to house all you UMNO babi hutans with your shit and urine.


  96. Anonymous12:29 am

    UMNO produces the most number of wild pigs in Malaysia. They are only good at passing shit in Rocky's bru. Typical of UMNO wild pigs who not only fart and snort, but actually ending up eating their own shit and urine are Warrior 231,dmuhaha and latest johnsleepybutawakendoe, plus countless others who grow fat and lazy over taxpayers' money. All these UMNO wild pigs should be packed into a rocket and sent to the moon. That will resolve Malaysia's problems.

    Culling wild boars



  98. keramat5:22 pm

    Pakatan Rakyat -- PRO-CRIMINAL, PRO-CRIME.



    and YOU blame the police for rising crime rate when YOU politize police cases.

    YOU blame MACC for not curbing corruption when you politicize TBH case.

    Oh Karpal....apa deh!

  99. skilgannon10665:33 pm

    Here's what's bothering Warrior 231 and the other so-called "Malay Nationalists" - that, in spite of all their frenzied caterwauling, they fear being relegated to the sidelines in the great game that is being played out now in the region.

    If the "Malay Nationalists" look around them, what do they see? Indonesia who seemingly has more in common with Singapore than with Malaysia? Brunei that pegs it's dollar on par with the Singapore dollar and allows the Singapore Armed Forces to train in it's territory? Thailand who is still suspicious about what's happening on it's southern borders? Vietnam, the Philippines, Laos and Cambodia who couldn't be bothered about what's happening in Malaysia. Of course, that leaves Myanmar.....

    And further afield - India, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and South Korea - all of whom have no time for "Malay Nationalists" and their agendas.

    The US and the EU? Or Russia? 'Nuff said.

    Even the countries of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), Egypt, Jordan and Iran are making nice with China and India. And with Singapore, too - in spite of it's reputation for accumulating "white gold" and "black shit".

    So, the "Malay Nationalists" must be feeling very lonely, exposed and unwanted. Unloved and unappreciated, even, when certain people (supposed to be their brethren) in Indonesia want to go after Malaysians with sharpened sticks.

    What to do? When feeling insecure, throw your weight around within your own boundaries, hoping desperately that no one calls your bluff (eviscerating threats etc notwithstanding).......


  100. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Come on kawan kawan lets start ethnic cleansing ,what are we waiting for?jgn cakap tak serupa bikin.. i'm sure there are easily 100-200 pigglets at b.bintang, n pavilion area n not to be miss sexy ah moi mmmmmp... gangbang lah apa lagi,while fighting/raping kalau injured/emergency need blood transfusion,remember ask doctor whose blood are you putting into my pure body,darah dari kaum lain lain tak mau tau...nanti syurga reject. DOREMI

  101. Anonymous12:21 am

    Here's what is wrong with skilgannon1066.

    He reads, yes, as many newspapers as possible and convinced only himself that he is intelligent. Then he regurgitates all that he has read and shows off to the world (heh heh, only in Rocky's Bru) that he deserves respect for his so-called intellect.

    What we can deduce, is that he may be a hardworking, burn midnight-oil type of 'scholar' BUT where it really matters (the grey matter, that is) he has just a tiny portion, utilized for a pathetic survival. By quoting the headlines of world newspapers, he claims genius of Einstein's standards.

    Alas, he forgets to ANALYSE beyond the headlines. So he conveniently makes ALL the sweeping statements the huge wide world can bear with.

    Pure intellect has very little to do with memory power, my dear skill-less-anon. Genuine intellect PROCESSES information to derive principles which can then be used to offer solutions to problems, comprende??

    Sheer intelligence is NOT to vomit facts and figures, which you have memorised through drills and 10-year series. That is so HAS BEEN. In this new world of information explosion, the sole use of 'memory' is a waste of "hard-disk" space in your operating system.

    So skill-less-anon1066 should just retire from trying to convince the truly intelligent people in the blogosphere.

    P.S. Warrior and the Malay Nationalists have my respect. Salute!

  102. Anonymous12:26 am

    Alamak justice dah marah ni ...

    lari lari takut takut (hahahahaha)

    "When DSAI takes over power in Putrajaya" - masih menaruh harapan penuh iya??

    kesian dia

  103. Anonymous1:02 am

    anon 7.15 pm,

    Go fuck yourself you UMNO pig

  104. Anonymous1:11 pm

    anon 12.26 am,

    Lagi sa-ekor natang 4 kaki pendek, badan gemok dan hidong/mulut panjang berbunyi oink oink dari UMNO. Makan najis dan tahi saja.

  105. Aiyoh Rocky, this is a bit much lah ! Don't plea ignorance that your web site isn't going down the drain with language and attitude most foul. In short, you have a selected few who persist in promoting hate.

    In many jurisdiction, it would be a crime spouting off what you and the few individuals are mouthing off.

    UMNO/BN lost 5 key states and got booted out from 7 out of 8 seats in the Federal Territory. Face facts that it was a collective decision from ALL resident's that made history to leave the lot of you hate mongers - especially from UMNO - in the minority.

    And by the way, all our IP addresses are there for posterity. Not too difficult to track down the faces behind the anonymity ....UMNO oh UMNO .... dah dekat mampus kot ?

  106. Anonymous8:25 pm


    Anon @ 1:11 PM

    "Lagi sa-ekor natang 4 kaki pendek, badan gemok dan hidong/mulut panjang berbunyi oink oink dari UMNO. Makan najis dan tahi saja."

    Marah nampak biasa ke makan khinzir, sampai bunyinya pun dah afal, hahahahahahaha

  107. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Just been away for the Raya Aidiladha celebs for 3 days and what have we got here on my return, a bunch of arsewhoring shithead faggots trying to intimidate us into submission with childish asinine threats like this:

    "What I said really stung you fucking UMNO shit eating babi hutans to the core and the truth hurts you bad.. You think you can threaten me..."

    dei bastard scumbag fuckedup "Justice" aka hidup DSAI washed up wanker, dont push your luck too far for when ur time's up and them 'urtains coming down, I am gonna to slice your throat and throw you simpering and moaning like a thrashing piglet into a cauldron of boiling water, u damn piece of shit. Who do you think you are? You think you are gonna scare me with your arsehole C4kidstuff. You dont faze or scare me one shit..instead you would be hollering for momma when i grab you by the neck...pigheadded bastard chingkie lowlife gutterpig. You keep counting the days and waste your money burning them jossticks to ur motherfucking Tua Pee Kongs. the empress' cuntlicking 9 toy emperors, and the shebitch of a cuntblasted whore Kuan(t) Yin .. ..stupid wasted sperm..

    Skillgannon pundek dograped unwashed dickhead of a racist chingkie pig,
    you cunt even muster a decent reply to this ( beats me as to whether if you have any damn shit between them earlobes to call a brain. Hei, pigwhore...dont try to be a smart aleck with your chingkie waffles. ALL CHINGKIES R ARSEHOLE WORMS, get that right into your grey matter if you have any.. Indonesis like Spore...hahahahaha..good joke cuntworm.As for Brunei who bothers about what chingkie lovvas do after all they are the Brits poodle and what better way to mossey up the poddle arse than by indulging his favie pig in these parts.. so cram your shit up yuor ma's fucking arse and get her to give you a blowjob in true chingkie traditions.By the way..keep your future lies rammed up your shithole clitleech for they are nothing but fairy tales

    To the other Chingki or chingkie lovva Brats here affecting false machismo and calling others Pigs in the throes of "projection" ( when you are the actual ones..get a life and dont be dragged into the mess for ah aint gonna listen to any squaling pigs when the slittin starts.. and its damn easy to finger you lot...

    Warrior 231 is NOT an UMNO machai, I am the new breed of MALAY nationalists and there will be no more of those mistakes my ancestors made circa 1957 when they bent over backwards to grant a slimedog race a place on TANAH MELAYU soil when 12 years or so ago they were slaughthered and three years later
    (1948), the first Malay-Chingkie civil war was ignited by that scumbag arselicking, twatcleaning scumbag, Chin " The Butcher of malays" chin peng.

    Yep..there will be no mistakes the third time around when the silent third force of neutral,dedicated and commited Malay nationalists raise their guns and machetes against the chingkie slimebags for we aint gonna be bound by any force, agreement or gratitude nor have any dram of mercy in our veins. Rest assured, we will uphold our INALIENABLE RIGHTS AS OWNERS OF THE ORIGINAL OWNERS OF THIS LAND AGAINST YOU TONGKANG DWELLING PENDATANG PIGS Enough is Enough!!!

    Warrior 231

  108. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Dedicated to the Singapore arseloving Fucktart Skillgannon 1066

    First digest this:

    "Temasek Holdings Pte, Singapore's state-owned investment company and the biggest shareholder in the bank with 18.8 percent, will take up its rights in the offer according to the statement. As underwriter of part of the offering, Temasek may be left with a stake of as much as 22 percent,...."

    then, read this, which just dropped onto my lappie, thursday afternoon which i held over as it burst open:

    pay attention to Stanchart who released an upbeat assessment here:

    and try to coordinate all that with this bit, which is a bit cold off the platter, about loan exposure while doing so:

    the figures of which can be verified here:

    Blilliantlah itu Ho ching...what a wasted sperm you are, skilly, for prattling nonsense about chingkie biz acumen.Try contacting your friends at DBS too and see whether they will respond. Looks like HK, Spore and Taiwan- 3 chingkie pigs (heard of the 3 pigs tale) are gonna huff and puff their way into financial ruin...hahahaha. Why Taiwan?? :

    By the way as a side dish, DBS owns 50%stake in this with one Lee Hsien Yang on the BOD.Hmm..wonder who he is related to? Squeaky clean republic eh?:

    Mr. Lee Hsien Yang, Chairman of Fraser & Neave Limited

    Now do your normal thing Skilly, run and hide like a pondan for a week after having stirred the shit in your cooking pot.

    Warrior 231

  109. Anonymous8:21 pm


    1. squealing and moaning ..not "simpering"


    Warrior 231

  110. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Dear Warrior 231

    You De BEST!

    Skillgannon got skewed, grilled and cannoned, guess he'll be super busy catching up on proper updates from the links you have given.

    He he

  111. Anonymous3:54 am

    TBH died because he jumped off the building. Yes he did. He jumped off the building. No need to spend so much money on the experts. Hey, if you want to kill somebody, you sure don't want to do it on your yard. TBH jumped off the building. Eat Kit Siang's shit if you don't believe it.
    TBH jumped off the building.
    TBH jumped off the building.
    TBH jumped off the building.
    TBH jumped off the building.
    TBH jumped off the building.
    TBH jumped off the building.
    TBH jumped off the building.

    Don't care what Dr. Porno say, TBH jumped. All of the Pakatan people should jump also because they have not keep their words. Talk talk talk but nothing happen.