Thursday, November 12, 2009

Suing the mainstream media in Malaysia

Do a Samy, Anwar! Anwar Ibrahim's RM100 million defamation suit against NSTP was in the news [read here]. I should say "padan muka" or serve you right to the NSTP, as the newspaper company is pursuing a suit against blogger Jeff Ooi and I in Jan 2007, but I shan't because, as I've said before, I am dead against politicians suing newspapers (just as I don't think newspapers should be suing anyone). Two wrongs don't make a right.

I hope DSAI will drop the suit. He knows how the media operate - he was the Umno media conductor once when he was the Deputy Prime Minister! - and he knows that the NSTP will publish his response, retort, reply, whatever [Article made me look disloyal and dishonest, Anwar tells court]. Why not use that avenue, instead? Don't muzzle the press with multi-million ringgit suits, please! Give us some latitude.

In this connection, I would like to congratulate Samy Vellu for dropping a defamation suit involving a Tamil newspaper that had published 11 articles calling him, among other things, "liar, thief and criminal", h e r e.


  1. Anonymous2:21 pm

    rocky ronggeng

    kepala hangguk hang!

  2. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Menteri suka golf, duit diseleweng

    Isu salah guna peruntukan kerajaan pusat sekali lagi diungkitkan di DUN Selangor hari ini, yang mendorong menteri besar menimbulkan satu projek pembinaan jambatan di sebuah padang golf di negeri itu.

    Tanpa menamakan individu terbabit, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim berkata projek berkenaan didalangi seorang menteri pada era pentadbiran BN.

    "Ini contoh peruntukan yang dibuat kerana menteri itu sangat suka main golf," katanya ketika menjawab satu soalan tambahan dalam persidangan dewan itu.

    "Sebelum 2008 ada upacara di kelab, seronok sungguh orang di kelab untuk pecah batu untuk buat jambatan di kelab itu.

    "Menteri pun datang pecahkan batu dengan sungguh bergaya."

    "Lepas pilihan raya, batu entah ke mana, jambatan entah ke mana," kata Khalid lagi, yang mengemukakan contoh tersebut untuk menunjukkan peruntukan persekutuan disalurkan ke negeri itu berdasarkan kepentingan politik.

    "Akhirnya perdana menteri tulis surat kepada Jabatan Perdana Menteri untuk menghentikan projek itu," katanya lagi.

    Khalid berkata setiap peruntukan sebaliknya hendaklah diluluskan berdasarkan pertimbangan ekonomi serta keperluan semasa.

    Jelasnya lagi, salah satu pertimbangan yang telah "ketinggalan zaman" adalah pemberian oleh kerajaan pusat berdasarkan bilangan penduduk negeri (capitation grant).

    Beliau bagaimanapun berkata, sistem dana berpusat yang diamalkan oleh kerajaan persekutuan kini mempunyai kebaikan kerana dapat mengelakkan negeri-negeri daripada menyalahgunakan dana tersebut.

    "Kalau ada negeri yang pinjam (daripada kerajaan pusat) tidak tentu arah, seluruh negara akan kucar-kacir," katanya lagi.

    Jelasnya, beliau tidak menentang disiplin dalam pentadbiran kewangan seperti itu, tapi beliau menentang usaha kerajaan pusat untuk menghalang Selangor mendapatkan kembali dana yang diberikan kepada negeri.

    "Saya tidak halang disiplin kewangan, tapi saya halang duit kita tak dapat balik. Setakat ini kita cukup duit untuk pentadbiran dan pembangunan, tapi kita nak banyak lagi sebab kita ada banyak lagi tempat untuk bangunkan," katanya.

    Negeri tersebut, katanya, setakat ini hanya menerima RM400 juta berbanding sumbangannya kepada Kerajaan Persekutuan melebihi 16 bilion ringgit.

    Daripada jumlah itu, RM200 juta diberikan melalui Geran Jalanraya Berdasarkan Maklumat Rekod-rekod Jalanraya Malaysia (Marris), dan selebihnya sumbangan melalui Pemberian Bilangan Penduduk (Capitation Grant).

    Katanya, pemberian kerajaan pusat sebanyak RM200 juta setahun itu tidak lagi relevan kerana hanya dapat memberikan kira-kira sebanyak RM4 sebulan kepada setiap kira-kira 5 juta penduduk Selangor.

    "Ini hanya cukup untuk sarapan pagi," katanya menjelaskan pemberian tersebut yang termaktub dalam Perkara 109 dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan.


  3. Mister Potato2:54 pm


    Inilah dunia akhbar sekarang.
    Kalau depa tak suka dengan artikel tu, depa saman.

    Tapi kalau artikel tu puji depa, tak pulak dia nak bagi bonus 3 bulan ka kat pemberita ni.

  4. Anonymous2:58 pm

    'Rocky said : I am dead against politicians suing newspapers'

    How about politicians that squandering rakyat money , like the bomoh gigi Khir Toyol & wife and the whole bunch of heros in PKFZ ??

    Omar Goh

  5. Semi Value has some values after all ha! :)

  6. Anonymous4:59 pm

    bro rocky the *** licker read this

  7. Anonymous5:00 pm

    The MSMs are all controlled by Bee-End... therefore, when news are not published in accordance, the only way to make them fear is to sue them!

    I support DSAI!!!


  8. skilgannon10665:45 pm

    Ahem, Pak Rocky - just why shouldn't politicians sue newspapers?

    I am sure that politicians have reputations - such as not being tainted by corruption, nepotism, abuse of power etc - that they have carefully garnered in their years in politics. Should newspapers be allowed to rubbish such hard-won reputations using the excuses of "fair comment", "investigative journalism" etc?

    You may argue that newspapers are just doing their job in reporting on politicians and their doings. Are their reports factual and unbiased? If they make specific allegations, can they back them up with solid facts? Or can they just go on witch hunts without any accountability whatsoever?

  9. Anonymous7:04 pm

    It is your prerocongratulate Samy Vellu. Btw is MIC still part of BN? Just asking.

  10. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Thursday, November 12, 2009
    Utusan Malaysia is the stupidest newspaper in the world - the proof

    I laughed my head off. The mee rebus which I had for lunch is now threatening to make its way upward and later, outward.

    Many Malaysians have given up with the mainstream media. That is because their so called responsible journalism entails nothing more than the act of extreme spinning of facts and events to suit their political masters or their own not-so-hidden agenda.

    I have ceased reading the local newspapers for a long long time. I have for example, berated against the NST for their treatment of the Bersih rally some time ago.

    Despite all the lies, untruth and skewed reporting that these newspapers have been carrying all these while, the Prime Minister recently saw it fit to hail Utusan Malaysia for, among others, "being the voice of the people".

    -Art Harun

  11. Well, I guess there is more than enough proof to show Samy what he is and maybe that is why he retracted. But why save the ass of NST?

    Anyway, more important than that. Rocky, you being a media man, fair enough don't report it in Malay Mail. but here in your blog, what have you got to say about Utusan's photshop artwork on that BN umbrella? See Art Harun's post if you want to know what I mean.

  12. Anonymous7:52 pm


    I agree with you. It is an act of bullying that has no other effects but negative.

    You are spot on...he knew and still knows how the game is being played. He was a huge player himself - not sexually, of course - when he was the DPM.

    When he talks about how the local press is surpressed, he is right. The mother of all irony, however, is many do not know how he had a hand in controlling the media when he was No 2 to Tun (there can only be one Tun as far as I am concerned...). And if ever he comes into power (God forbid for this man has no love for the country, he loves his (and others') ass too much), he will resume meddling with the media...Cakap tak serupa bikin. Wolf in sheep's clothing...U get the point.

    Like I said, you are spot-on, except for one minor error in your posting.

    He did emulate Samy: he wore the wig as well when he went playing with Mister Nala-kurap-an...

    Better correct that bro. Otherwise, Anwar may come for your ass (not a nice mental picture I have now...ha ha)...

  13. Anonymous8:31 pm

    hooray ! Bala sudah muncul kembali !!

    May you spin, Rocky ?? can't wait for Rockybru spinnnnnnnnnnns !!

    Omar Goh

  14. But Samy is clearly a liar, thief and criminal!

    Anwar is not!

    And so Anwar should go ahead and sue.

    This is the only way to stop NST and Utusan Malaysia which are blatantly UMNO-controlled. These papers are very biased and do what their political masters ask them to do. This type of papers must be sued.

    Decent newspapers don't get sued. Why doesnt Malaysiakini or The Sun get sued? Why doesn't The Malaysian Insider get sued?

    Think about it. NST and Utusan function partly as Barisan Nasional's propaganda tools.

    Simple as that.

  15. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Bala muncul kembali...boleh baca ceritanya di

    kemungkinan besar Malay Mail tidak akan menyiarkan ceritanya, akan tetapi dengan kebiasaannya Rockybru Blogspot akan membuat 'Cerita Pusing Bala'....(akan datang)

    Omar Goh

  16. Jenggg X311:36 pm


    Umno man’s firm behind failed housing project

    The documents, which were classified by the former Barisan Nasional (BN) government under the Official Secrets Act (OSA), also revealed details of how the land’s original agriculture settlers were persuaded to sign over their ownership in return for new homes and cash they never received.

    Construction on homes in Bandar Alam Perdana started in 2000 and was supposed to have been completed in 2003, but was finally declared an abandoned project in 2006 by the federal government.

    ...The status of the land was subsequently changed and Ladang Bukit Cherakah Nominees Sdn Bhd, which was controlled by former Umno exco Miskun Sutero (who has since passed away), took over ownership to develop Bandar Alam Perdana.

    A total of 383 settlers were promised RM360,000 each, half in cash and half in the form of a house worth RM180,000.

    “The settlers have not only lost their land but never received any money or the homes they were promised,” said Khalid today.

    A total of 3,436 buyers who purchased homes in Bandar Alam Perdana are also in the lurch because they are servicing loans for non-existent houses....

    KAH.. KAH.. KAH..

    ka ka kah... ini memang Double Bonus... ka ka kah

    curi tanah petani... lepas tu jual rumah...

    lepas separuh bina, cabut lari... untung 2x... ka ka kah...

    lepas tu... bina istana bali... ka ka kah...

    wei, darul ehsan ada masalah toyol ke?

    ada bomoh boleh panggil ke?

    'jurnalis' mastika, bacaria, kosmo nak panggil siasat ke?

    atau MACC nak panggil siasat? ada hotline ke?

    ka ka kah... ni boleh buat episod siasat hantu kat tv3... ka ka kah...

  17. Anonymous12:13 am

    En. Rocky,

    harap beri perhatian kepada perkara dibawah:

    apa pandangan en. rocky terhadap perkara tersebut.


  18. Anonymous1:41 am


    Tell all that u said to RPK la u dumbass!

    All theaccusations he made while writing for the opposition's MT he can't even back up in court..

    Eh wait a minute, he is a coward who escaped the law from defending himself and his article!

    U n RPK r equally idiots! But u r dumber coz u believed what u just written.


  19. Anonymous6:47 am

    Some News could fall under legality rulings, but when the shit gets too much, it is much better to just swallow them whole, like what about 200+ million people in a certain hemisphere here is doing.

    "Thousands, Storm is coming"

  20. Anonymous8:33 am

    Suing is Anwar's favourite past time, apart from being a saintly individual with no sins. So, carry on, but don't blame the papers for defending themselves. 'Defending' means more dirt to vacuum.


  21. Anonymous8:40 am

    Why not sue?

    BN tries to bring DSAI down through the media, DSAI sues BN back through the media, quid pro quo.

    Until the day the media is free of political influence, they remains a chess piece in the game.


  22. Anonymous9:03 am


    I think not only politicians but the rakyat should sue the mainstream media. Please check out -Art Harun's blog with regards to Utusan Malaysia reporting the untruth and skewed news by using its photoshoping artwork to erase the BN logo on the umbrella. Do you think the Rakyat is so stupid?

    I hope you and the rest of mainstream media should go back to the school to learn Journalism 101 again!

  23. Anonymous9:48 am

    “I am seeing IGP at 11.00 a.m. today …… matter will be solved … be cool”.

  24. Anonymous11:09 am

    'Give us some latitude.'


    Because you are all demi-gods of corrupted BN guys?

    And therefore you want affected parties to give up suing you fellows as the stage has been set for the courts to favour you media fellows only?

    Point for media - lain kali be more responsible in your reporting lah. Thats all


  25. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Come on lah Rocky. You should know better how the mianstream operates.

    First do the damage in FRONT PAGE HEADLINES and then carry a four or five paragraph story in Page 10 as the response, not even as the mian story on the page. And very often, no reply at all.

    YOU call that fair? That's exactly how they operate. Don't think we are dumb lah.


  26. Anonymous5:44 pm

    There is a country called Euthanasia. Ruled by a Primus whose wife is the PMO. Recently a 28 year old capitalist called Gogolo from Euthanasia stumbled upon an oil field in Kazakhstan. They spent 1 billion to get this oilfied. Gogolo is close to PMO. With her help Gogolo will resell the Kazakh oilfield to a CLC (Cheating, Lying Company) for about 3 bill. That is taxpayers money. PMO can buy quite a few pairs of shoes.

  27. Sexy Rozmah...6:40 pm

    Bro Rocky!



    PI Bala yang hilang ke India muncul kembali!

    Katanya dia diberi RM 5 juta ringgit untuk menarik balik apa yang dia dedahkan mengenai Altantuya!

    Tak percaya? Mudah saja, tengok video ini dengan biji mata sendiri.

  28. Anonymous8:42 pm

    So this Bala appearing now is part of the attack on Najib that Zulkefli was about?

    Anwar, Anwar...
    Can we start talking about job opportunities, poverty eradication and modernising Malaysia?

    I don't care if the Judges said you are a sodomiser or that the Malays call you a Jew Agent,
    BUt I do care when you do not act like a leader of the opposition but more like a troublemaker.

    Ms.Eu Mei Fatt

  29. Anonymous8:47 pm

    No way. Bro Bru. DSAI. Bankrupt NSTP.
    I will celebrate that day.

  30. Anonymous11:21 am

    Bro rocky,

    Sorry Sir, with due respect to the MM, the UM is not even fit to be use as toilet papers.

    Have a nice ` 7 revolvin` days(week)ends...