Friday, November 13, 2009

Bala P.I.'s latest claim

Final update (I hope), 9.30pm:- It's all part of a new PKR strategy to attack Najib. Blogger Apanama ni cekap. MP Kulim Zul Nordin cuma sebut sekali lalu saja dalam kenyataan akhbar beliau semasa nak serang YB Sivarasa pada 10 Nov yang lalu, tapi Apanama nampak dan percaya yang "strategi serang Najib" tu termasuklah video terbaru dari si Bala.

Press statement by YB Zul, h e r e, refer para 2:

"I wish to state that is YB Siva’s own interpretation of DSAI’s statement. It was clear from the meeting called by DSAI yesterday afternoon at his office attended by MPs from PKR that the main issue discussed was the new party’s strategy to launch an attack on the Prime Minister."

Zul and Sivarasa have since kissed and made up, but Apanama now has reason to believe that Bala is part of Anwar Ibrahim's arsenal against Najib.


Update 14/11, 1pm:
Why is pro-Najib blogger Pasquale overjoyed that Bala has reappeared with the latest anti-Najib video flick? H E R E.

Original article 13/11/09:
You trust this guy? A lot of people seemed excited about the re-appearance of P. Balasubramaniam (pic from the Star) in a 88-sec video clip shown in RPK's Malaysia Today. In the clip, Bala claimed to have been offered a RM5 million bribe by a person called Deepak. And Bala now wants us to trust him when he said that the first Statutory Declaration was true, not the second one.

You trust him? I don't. This was the guy whose own assistant was spending nights with Altantuya and her friends at their hotel instead of keeping them under surveillance. He didn't know if Altantuya "was susceptible to anal intercourse" but still included it in his first SD [see para 25.2 of first SD posted on Anwar Ibrahim's blog h e r e].

Please read "I did 1st July SD under duress" for the second SD.


  1. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Biasalah keling...kan org selalu ckp..antara ular ngan keling..baik bunuh keling dulu..baru ular!

  2. Anonymous10:33 pm

    THATS THE TROUBLE WHEN YOU TRY TO BUY SILENCE ! It's never enough so when the money stops the guilty one has to fear ! Good luck to your friend Najib ! Lets see how you unspin this !


  3. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Looks similar to recent Samurai Sword con by PAS.


  4. Anonymous11:45 pm

    bala waiting for more offer form najisman perhaps. rm5mil cant do much nowadays when u hv billions being siphoned out by umno without a blink of an eye.

    i m not a BN fan, defiently not a najisman fan and definitely not a rosmah fan.....BUT this video doesnt tell us anything damaging just yet. If rm5mil can do the trick the 1st time, how sure r u that najisman wont say now bala has received rm20mil to counter the 2nd SD?

    Give more proof la!


  5. Anonymous11:51 pm


  6. Yupz.. me too.. this Bala guy is just an amateur mercenary hired to create some trouble.. it's Anwar's 'eye for an eye' or 'tit for tat' thingy with Najib.. seriously, politics in Malaysia is at a very low point right now cause it's basically an ego battle. Who will win? Nobody. At the end of the day, it's the rakyat who will be taken for a ride... *sigh*

  7. Anonymous12:56 am

    So this Bala is upset because he did not get his RM5 million? Laaaa. Conman pun boleh kena con apaaa..

    Bala ni bodoh macam lembu. Lepas tu dia ingat kita bodoh macam dia!


  8. Anonymous1:11 am

    ini adalah salah satu serangan yang dibuat oleh.....terhadap PM..
    si balaci pr ...wah bukan main lagi suka..apa punya manusia la lu....

  9. Anonymous1:15 am

    Rocky, you trust Najib? I don't.

    First he said he didn't meet Saiful, then he said yes he met over scholarship and then yes he met at his residence but over sodomy. You still trust him? I don't.

    On this Altantuya case, sheer logic will tell you that Musa Safri shud testify in court. Was he asked to testify? You answer.
    We the rakyat are seeking the truth. Pls lah don't spin.

  10. This Bala guy is so full of crap.

    The Pakatan Propoganda machine has really run out of ideas lah, they are so predictable nowadays... I mean to say that an unknown Deepak (who?) wants to pay him(Bala)...what! 5 Million Ringgit?? Such a pathetic stunt.

  11. Rocky,

    Don't just listen to what this man has to say. Watch him very closely over and over again and read his body language.

    Do an analysis on the body language in this Youtube video.

    One can get one's mouth to lie. But the subconcious mind cannot hide the fact that one is lying.

  12. Anonymous1:43 am


    Stop kissing the arse of Najis. Pathetic stunt or not, you cannot deny that Najis was scared like shit of Bala's first ID. Hence forced him to retract it. Now Bala's back. UMNO paid cybertroopers like you, Jet, Baby and others are a real pathetic lot defending the indefensible. Better for you a pig like you to stew in your own shit and urine in PWTC with your UMNO bosses.


  13. Anonymous1:44 am

    If the first SD is false, why the need to issue the 2nd SD retracting the first and suddenly disappear? Just charge him for making false declaration. Bring him to court and let justice takes its course. Is that so difficult? Don't you smell anything rotten? Why so scared to charge him in court?

  14. Anon 1.15 am,

    You answered my question [You trust this guy?] with a question! -- "Rocky, you trust Najib? I don't".

    Old trick Anon but I'll humour you. Yes, on Altantuya, I trust Najib. I believe Najib has been telling the truth.

    We have heard of oh so many claims about his association with Altantuya, pictures of him, claims that they met in Singapore, and even that French rerporter Duburs claiming that the family had given (original) pictures of their murdered daughter with Najib and they didn't think of keeping a copy.

    And until today, the closest we have is the photoshop photograph on Tien Chua's blog!

    RPK has said so many times he had proof to link Najib and Altantuya, but zilch till today except for the desperate Statutory Declaration to accuse Rosmah of being there supervising the bombing of Altantuya's body. And later, like Bala, he fled this country when they filed a lawsuit against him for the SD.

    Anyway, you didn't answer my question about Bala: You trust this dude?

    You are welcomed to try again, Anon but try not to insult your own intel.

  15. Anonymous1:56 am

    Probably Dr Pornthip expertise could be utilised to certify which SD is more reliable. In case there is a deadlock then Bala could create another one. After receiving 5m from the pakatan goon and another 5m from deepak; look as though Bala will get another 5m from a foreigner who have connection with the local goon.

    SD Producer

  16. Anonymous2:08 am

    Ok noted, you trust Najib that he didn't know Altantuya. Let us just agree to disagree.

    But what is perplexing is why was Musa Safri (the boss that gives instructions to Sirul and Azilah) was never called to testify? Was he not one of the most important witness that shud be called? Agree? No?

  17. Anonymous2:12 am

    errr somebody mention `kalau jumpa ular dengan keling, bunuh keling dulu'

    blame the british because they are the one introduce the proverb.

    Dey Uthaya putar alam! check this out :

  18. Anonymous2:12 am

    Rocky - maybe a little thought before we get behind Najib. The prime minister of a country doesnt just need to defend himself in court - he needs to do so with the voters as well. Najib has denied very much - but he has motif to do so. If i steal from you and deny it, sighting no evidence, i would still be taken to court considerng the contact i may have had with you (i.e Reasonable doubt). I know you and him a good friends , but would you be comfortable with someone who MAY have attempted this as your prime minister? I dont.


  19. Anonymous2:23 am

    So OK, pay him 5 million, then what?

    Another 5 million next year, and the year after...and the year after.

    Why not just C4 him. finish.

    Still got that 5 million to spend in Paris or London.

    Cant understand why there are still people want to believe this.


  20. Anonymous4:19 am

    Hey!!! Rocky stop trusting this and that since you cannot be trusted.
    Poraaaaah lah lu pembodek!!!!!

  21. tsk, tsk, tsk Rocky defending the forces of evil.

    No matter the name calling - Bala this and that - and Rocky's "I believe Najib" this and that(angkat habis-habis), the question on everybody's mind dials on Bala's disappearance at the snap of a finger !

    Doesn't this warrant serious investigation by the police Rocky ? A grown man packed off with wife and children in tow just like that upon revelation of a SD(1), subsequently withdrawn with claim of duress !

    As usual, the pack of bodoh's involved with this cover-up - just like in Altantuya's blown up corpse - there were loose ends to suggest there was sinister association/involvement of the police to explain Bala's haste.

    Tell us Rocky, who on earth wields such absolute power to do as they wish in Malaysia ?

    Who in M'sia can give an executive order for immigration details of three Mongolian tourist be expunged from public record ?

    Who texted Razak Baginda "to keep cool" with assurance that all is OK with to the Altantuya case ?

    Bad enough the father was the architect of May 13th '69 to force Tunku's hand, he left behind a brood to torment the next generation.

    By the way, this Nazim Rosak cuts a fine figure as the rut of the litter doesn't he ? According to Bala, he met Nazim day after SD 1 was made public and forced to retract SD 1 with the emergence of SD 2.

    Can't help but find all this very strange Rocky ! If the PM had nothing to do with claims made by Bala and if he was truly innocent and got entangled in this sordid allegation, why didn't Najib just call in the AG and IGP to uphold the law and protect his dignity and that of the spouse ?

    C'mon Rocky, how to explain the sudden disappearance/appearance of Bala, an introduction to one Nazim Rosak and talk of a RM$5 million pay off that amounted to RM$750,000 only. In sinister dealings such as, how is anybody to complain when the thief makes off with the money ?

    Bala is probably pissed off he didn't receive all sums as promised. Again Rocky, which or what part of Bala's video clipping should be cast in doubt ?

    A disgruntled Bala is cutting it too close to the skin for the PM ? In normal society, the drama about Bala would have caused for closer scrutiny or immediate action by the authorities but in M'sia, it is the *authorities no less who are also entangled in the web of deceit.

    * Remember the UTK boys ?

    May the stars above rid us of all evil forces out to do us harm. May the stars above help us place UMNO and its band of monkeys, agents and associates behind bars.

    Regards all out there.

  22. You are absolutely right Kharma 10.33 pm, the office of the PM is an open invitation to blackmail just waiting to happen.

    Rocky's endorsement of Najib rings hollow if Bala can indeed substantiate his claim of a chance meeting with Nazim the day Bala and family - minus pet dog - took flight.

    In 'their' urgency for Najib to succeed Dollah, the hidden hand left too many holes that point ultimately in one direction.

    Najib ascendancy to PM didn't encounter much opposition from Ku Li, Dollah and KJ or from within UMNO. Bala and his SD were the only obstacle and the manner in which the problem was taken care of, only invites more question to ridicule Najib and all who contributed towards his rise.

    Regards Kharma.

  23. Anonymous7:07 am


    Greetings.Human beings have consciense granted by Almighty to all. Whether it is fast asleep or bought over too is a separate issue.

    2. With our little ones growing up going to inherit this world after we are long gone what do we tell them daily? Do good and avoid evil.

    3. Will not pass judgement on anyone here but simply urge that Najib subjects himself to a Comission to ascertain truth on so many things linking to late Altantuya. No politics here please but simply to get to the bottom.

    4. Will you Rocky lend support to that please or your multiple earnings now (please disclose to readers your monthly take home sum) simply forbids you from making that stand.

    5. Do it friend for the sake of our children`s future.Lets get the truth out.If Najib is truly clean should willingly subject to that test.Will be then able morally to stand tall at all times.


    14 Nov 2009

  24. what an xxxhole!!!

  25. matpot8:09 am

    i can trust this guy, infact i symphatise him!

  26. I don't trust this conman. Anyone related to PKR is conman.

  27. Anonymous8:41 am


    Only, haha, really only the retards will believe this guy


    #1 - anwar is supremely desperate

    #2 - his sponsors are extremely impatient

    #3 - bala is an amateur bizman

    #4 - Najib is doing a SUPER job as PM

    #5 - PR supporters can only function if the bottomline is money

    #6 - ethics and moral values is out of their vocabulary - tgna ia sponsored for haj

    #7 - Malaysians are generally getting wiser

  28. Anonymous8:48 am

    heh heh

    how about asking bala to angkat sumpah in a temple for a change??

  29. charleskiwi9:12 am

    Woe to man = woman !
    The Mongolian woman is woe to Najib and Razak Baginda. On hind sight it would have been cheaper and for sure better for the two to pay the Mongolian woman the US$500,000- she asked for. What is that compared to the 'commission' from the submarine deal. Besides she is still, young and beautiful not to mention still available I guess.
    All this time I thought only Anwar loves the backside and now Najib too but AI loves only the backside of man but this Mongolian woman had both the front and the back, what a waste and a woe it turned out to be now that she is gone.
    May be it was the fear for her future extortion they had her C4.
    The biggest questions yet to be answered related to the murder of the Mongolian woman are. Where are the records of her entry into Malaysia ? Who authorised the C4 to be taken out of the army ?
    Surely all these were done by someone very high up ? Have these answers before looking into Bala's honesty ?

  30. I find some of your Anon commentor being fucking racist by using racist words and comments.

    Fucking assholes.

  31. Anonymous9:38 am

    eddy said...

    This Bala guy is so full of crap.

    The Pakatan Propoganda machine has really run out of ideas lah, they are so predictable nowadays... I mean to say that an unknown Deepak (who?) wants to pay him(Bala)...what! 5 Million Ringgit?? Such a pathetic stunt.
    1:20 AM

    Hi, eddy, you the same malacca one at the Malay Mail?

    - alvin

  32. Anonymous9:55 am


    Please remove Anon:10:24pm and the other Anon 11:51pm.

    We all want a better Malaysia. The politicians are destroying the country, and people like Anon 10:24 and 11:51 are instruments.

    We have to stop making it racial. 1st we have to curtail racial speech and then later we can curtail racial feelings in our heart. We sunatkan the racial feelings in our heart.


  33. Anonymous9:56 am

    I assume those UMNO freak is going to come out and say 'LIAR'...even though it is true! this is what they always do, and if UMNO money does not work to keep Bala's mouth shut, I guess they will take action just like what happen to Teoh Beng Hock! then they will claim..."Oh...Bala is actually our Key Witnesses..."....claimed UMNO..

    Steven Seagal

  34. Anonymous10:03 am


    I would suggest you to put up a poll in your blog to see how many do trust Bala.


  35. Tak usah percayalah mamat ni, contoh lalang terbaik. sekejap ke bekah kiri, sekejap belah kanan.

    Hanya orang otak tak betul aje bolih percaya dia ni. macam percaya sponsor gi haji rm65,000.00 untuk sekeluarga sebagai hadiah.

  36. Anonymous10:39 am

    Let more revelations come out before we judge Bala.

    When one's family is at risk, anyone is willing to make 180 degree u turns similar to the one made by the owner of this blog after 8 March 2008.

    As RPK in his latest post says, charge Bala in court for deceit if his statutory declaration is found to be false.

    Bala is around, I doubt he came into Malaysia using a false passport. What are the police waiting for?

  37. Anonymous10:39 am

    Once proven flipflop, that's it lah.. just like Pak Lah. Now Bala, Najib also.. same lah.

  38. Anonymous11:05 am

    Yes, Rocky Pig.

    Most of us trust Bala more than we trust you and your fellow pigs here at Rocky's pig sty.

    Phew what a stink!

    - Mahapig.

  39. Anonymous11:15 am

    You asked - You trust him?
    And you replied - I don't.

    I suppose you are referring to BOTH his SDs? Neither one can be trusted, right?

    So what is it now?
    What 'drift' you want us to see?

    You have the answer (let it be the one to make your 'bosses' happy) to the situation?


  40. Anonymous11:16 am

    Ooooooo....Rocky the Najib ass-licker now says that he trusts the very person who offered him the job as CEO of Malay Mail.....

    Allah works in mysterious ways, and one day those who are guilty will be called to account for their actions, whether in this life or in the next life. No need to read his body language etc. The fact is that the government never charged Bala with making a false declaration, as statutory declarations once made cannot be withdrawn.

    If I were you Rocky, I won't be so eager to lick Najib's ass.


  41. Anonymous11:29 am

    Those who is a fan of Bala, I presume hv the same attitude and mind like Bala. Kaki Con....

  42. Anonymous11:37 am

    rocky 1.46am,

    Agree with you.

    If Najib is realy involved, He'll be kicked out by Dollah ( KJ actually ) in no time. By kicking Najib, KJ is much closer to becoming youngest PM, by extending Dollah's premiership.

    Plus, UMNO will surely smell the rot in Najib just the way UMNO smell the shit from Anwar's d**k!
    Its a liabibility to UMNO to keep such character.

    Anyway, UMNO did kicked Dollah, and if something smelly about Najib is true, UMNO will not think twice or defend him either.

    That's the difference between UMNO with the opposition parties.

    UMNO has lead the country for over 50 years. It is not about one individual. Its the collective force that is built on the trust of the people. It is not something to be sacriface.


  43. Amro, you prove my point that Pakatan has run out of ideas. Your meaningless diatribe crap says it all. Dude you are so pathetic.

  44. big cat12:03 pm

    what is this la? very tired of these ding dong ding dong. last time pak lah also flip flop but not la to this extent. like this also got ppl who want to believe ka? yo pakatan ppl, can u all come up with something more fresh ka? this bala crap is already very stale la. still want to recycle? even harian metro can come up with better stories than this la.

  45. Akuan bersumpah pertama PI Bala masih sah dan penting.

    Nak tau sebab-sebabnya?

    Baca kenyataan Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, seorang peguam ternama di Malaysia (klik sini).

    Ingat juga bahawa:

    Akuan bersumpah TIDAK BOLEH DITARIK BALIK mengikut undang-undang.

    Kalau akuan bersumpah itu didapati palsu, maka kerajaan MESTI

    Ini saja caranya.


    Adakah kerana nanti kes mahkamah akan membongkarkan rahsia dan kebenaran?


  46. Pembicaraan kaki crawler tu kan dah dekat.. sebab tu la nak alih perhatian dari isu Anwar ke isu ini..

    Ini jenis baling batu sorok tangan.

    Dulu kata yang puak2 Najib yang hijack barua ni dan sorok.. macam mana lak sekarang ni barua bolih muncul dan buat tuduh YAB Najib plak..

    Kalau saya pakai akal yang di anugerah Allah ni, nampak sangat semua dandiwara ni dari mula sampai skang ni Anwar and the barua punya hal..

    Aku berdoa lah untuk Allah memnunjukkan jalan yang lurus kepada dia.. dan semua manusia di muka bumi ini.

  47. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Hi Rocky, I trust him more than any Umno-BN leaders. It is better to make friend with non muslim rather than munafiq.

  48. 1. Dear Bob who asked me to "Please remove Anon:10:24pm and the other Anon 11:51pm" ...

    -- That's the way it is with some of us, Bob, we don't know how to appreciate freedom of speech. You'll have to ignore the name-callings or do what CKGord does, spit on them (and get dragged into the name-calling mode in the process).

    I too wish that we discuss issues rationally and without calling each other - me, especially - names. But this is blogosphere, not for the faint-hearted, not for deserters.

    But I thank you for your stand and believe me, I stand with you on this.


    2. Dear Anon who came back to write "Ok noted, you trust Najib that he didn't know Altantuya. Let us just agree to disagree."

    You added: "But what is perplexing is why was Musa Safri (the boss that gives instructions to Sirul and Azilah) was never called to testify? Was he not one of the most important witness that shud be called? Agree? No?".

    -- I have no answer as to why Musa Safri was not called to testify. If his testimony is crucial, then he should have been called. Maybe our learned lawyers and judges can help us answer that question.

    Thank you.


    3. Now, Casper C, I'm glad you and Kharma are getting acquainted on this blog.

    As for the disappearance and appearance of Bala, one GOOD thing we get out of his latest video clip is that the guy is SAFE and SOUND, he has his family with him, and they are probably living happily ever after somewhere in India.

    Except that he is sore because he's not getting the RM5 million he claimed was offered to him as a bribe. (Btw, doesn't it bother you that this guy is admitting that he is a bribeable dude? If he accepts rm5 million from this Deepak, how much did they bribe him to do the first SD?).

    Again, if I may stress, the re-appearance of Bala has now ended speculation and conspiracy theories that he had been murdered, C-4ed, or detained by the government!

    We now know that he's safely in hiding, known to some people who have obviously kept him well-fed in the hope of using him for one last round of political assault on the PM.

    Thank you.

  49. Anonymous12:45 pm

    yoo rocky..
    the question is..
    Do we trust anwar? ..i dont...
    check ou he timing off this bala guy..
    its najib vs anwar.. nothing to do wih altantuya or whateva truth..
    fuck the people, justice etc..
    its "i wanna be PM vs I wanna still be PM"

    so u people still shouting bout pr vs bn.. well fuck u too...

    --cam shial..

  50. Anonymous12:49 pm

    betul la PR has run out of ideas..tis Bala is stale news not relevent anymore..go find somebody else for better ideas


  51. Yang Bercapak Benar,

    Apa yg ditulis Malik tu betul. Tapi kalau dah cabut lari, nak bawak ke makhamah camna pulak? Macam SD yang dibuat oleh RPK pasal Rosmah, bila caj di makhamah dia menghilangkan diri. Sampai terpaksa makhamah buat DNA (dismissal not amounting to acquittal).

    Nak buat camna lagi beb?

  52. Anonymous1:16 pm


    Potong potong potong those racists remarks.

    Correct Correct

  53. Anonymous1:37 pm

    susah hidup india ni.

    lari sana lari sini. tapi takpe, nik aiz kata, as long as undi pakatan masuk sorga.

    ramai orang kata, bala ni baik orangnya. sopan santun dan tak pernah berbohong. dia ni, dari kecil, siki ammana tableh fatana.

    dari keluarga baik baik. pecaya la dia.

    dia ni tidak munafik. betul. kalau tak percaya, bukak kitab.

    dia tak pandang rm5 juta. bagi dia rm50 juta pun dia pandang.

    deepak tu dulu kawan sekolah dia. bila deepak kawin degan anak selva, waktu tu lah bini ganesh lahirkan vindoo. jadi bila bal pindah depan rumah ravi, suras dah dapat kerja.

    lain kali cek dulu. kalau tak tau cerita, tanya, jangan mandai mandai je

    -gemuk kawan aku-

  54. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Yo Rocky Bru

    You make PERFECT sense in all your replies.

    Very sensible and no foul language - very convincing ...

    You rock Bro

  55. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Dear MM 11.37am,

    DOlah was not kicked out by UMNO, he as kicked out by NAJID! please -lah. and u think UMNO will kick out Najib..? please-lah...what political advantage UMNO got to kick out Najib? its going to impact the UMNO (i.e. racist) even further....

    Steven Seagal

  56. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Sorry Bala, this won’t do – The Malaysian Insider

    NOV 13 - Why should Malaysians believe private investigator P Balasubramaniam’s latest disclosures linking the Prime Minister to murdered Mongolian model Altantuya Shariibuu?

    Why should Malaysians take his word when he now says that his first statutory declaration, which alleged that Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak knew the model, was accurate?

    The case involving the Mongolian woman has been murky and hazy from Day One, from the time it was revealed that she was stopped from hassling Abdul Razak Baginda by two police Special Action Unit personnel who subsequently shot her before blowing up her body with explosives.

    Since then, Malaysians have learnt several things about the case and its main actors. Her immigration records were erased. She was having an affair with Razak Baginda, a friend of the PM. She allegedly was in Kuala Lumpur to collect her share of the commission for the Scorpene submarine deal.

    The aide-de-camp to Najib had put Razak Baginda in touch with the two police personnel but said aide was not put on the witness stand by the prosecution.

    Razak Baginda was acquitted by the High Court.

    The Attorney- General’s Chambers did not appeal the acquittal.

    The Opposition has alleged that Najib knew Altantuya but have not been able to provide a photograph or one shred of evidence to back their claim, etc, etc, etc.

    Then along came Bala with a bombshell of a statutory declaration, in which he alleged that Najib knew Altantuya.

    Less than 24 hours later, he retracted the SD and disappeared from the scene. Now he has re-emerged. In an 88-second undated video clip, he says that he was offered RM5 million to retract that damning statutory declaration.

    More than anything else, the video clip and his re-emergence raise more questions.

    Did money motivate him and his family to skip the country on July 4, 2008? Is he re-emerging because the funds promised have not flowed into his bank account?

    If Bala believes that Najib and his supporters are going to lose sleep over these allegations, he is sadly mistaken. In 2008, he was the country’s number two and his position as the successor to Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was not secure yet.

    Today he is firmly ensconced as the PM of Malaysia. He does not have any challengers within Umno and the once-united Pakatan Rakyat seems to be suffering from a mid-life crisis.

    In short, the PM is just going to brush off these allegations by P. Balasubramaniam.

  57. Bro

    It's a little unfair to ask people to judge whether someone ( a virtual stranger to most)is a liar and dishonest from a pic posted on a blog or a youtube video. It's only on western TV shows and movies that such CSI-like verdicts can be given unerringly, i.e. in REEL life.

    In REAL life, it rarely happens. Just look at the number of con cases we read in the papers everyday!! Most people who talk about "body language giveaway" have not a clue about it.

    I dare say that if you posted pics of some of our Cabinet members, IGP or AG on your blog, you will NOT be shocked at how many millions will write in to say they don't trust them or think them liars!!

    I can only say some peculiar things happened with PI Bala. He retracted his damning SD about PM Najib' alleged involvement with Altantuya the very next day after he was "invited" to talk to the police in Brickfields. Within a week he and his family disappeared from our shores.

    That could only have happened if:

    1. He was paid off, OR

    2. He was told by some very powerful person(s) that he may be spending all his money in legal costs and then be facing bankruptcy after a prolonged spell in remand and in court, and so wise up, OR

    3. His and his family's personal freedom and life could be in jeopardy and that it would be better for them to speedily disappear "for their own safety", OR

    4. All 3 above.

    If the 1st SD was false, what did PM Najib have to fear? They AG could have taken PI Bala to court and prosecuted him for false declaration and locked him up for years.

    This is actually the law in our country. If a person makes a false statutory declaration, he ought to be prosecuted in court. Yet the police and AG do not seem to be rushing to enforce the law. It would be a simple matter to locate him, especially since the story is that it was the police who assisted PI Bala to leave the country with lightning speed!!

    In a case involvig local ex-cops, rogue cops, lawyers and politicians, pardon me if I say that here is a bunch no one trusts!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  58. do i believe saiful's allegations against Anwar.


    and I am to believe Bala's SD(s)?

    This guy's ****##.
    Man, if I want to fix Najib, surely not with this guy. Some more admit he was offered RM5m and then so sore that the money aint coming.

  59. gergasi4:24 pm


    you got some real mean commentors out there.. definitely the Fuckatan rioters.

    someone in Art Harun's accused you of being the racist editor of Utusan melayu. Hahah.
    Bodoh bangat!

    peiople accuse you of being Najib's asslicker. Hoohoo. you have given a whole new definition of "asslicker". Man, I wouldn't want you as my asslicker. You don;t give a crap when you want to tibai najib's policies or cronies.
    I'd want you as someone who respects me, the way you do Tun Dr M...aaah...gitu-lah

    someone said here that Najib offered you the malay mail editor's job. kalau tak tahu cerita, macam tu-lah percaya propaganda macai-macai pakatan.

    Hey, bro...yang ketara sangat ia-lah they all ni semua PENGECUT! dalam blog berani. anonymous pulak tu.


  60. Bro Rocky

    Lu cakap PI BALA melarikan diri. Tapi ni tak betul. Dia diancam dan dipaksa keluar dari negara. Nak buat macam mana??

    RPK pun terpaksa lari sebab sistem kehakiman memang menunggu nunggu nak sumbat dia dalam penjara.

    Ko pegi dengar baik baik apa yang dicakapkan saksi kes VK Lingam, cik Jayanthi tu... dia kata keputusan kehakiman pun VK Lingam tuliskan di pejabatnya sebelum dibacakan di mahkamah oleh hakim.

    Kalau sistem kehakiman dah begini teruk, apa guna RPK menyerah diri untuk dipenjarakan sistem yg rosak begini?

    Fikir-fikir skit Bro Rocky

    Jangan terlalu nak menyokong satu pihak saje.

  61. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Very interesting? Please look at the background. If the video shooting is in a hotel room is might be a penthouse. And if in a condo then it must be a very expensive condo.
    But it just puzzle me with the latest development of our law enforcement. We have the best team of Special Branch on info gathering but look at the Lingam case. SPRM try to locate the Lingam secretary but cannot find her but when the case is close tup suddenly she appeared in Parliment. Same with Bala and RPK, they made wild allegation but then go into hiding.
    I would like to propose to the law enforcement to advertised in our media like ex. `Wanted DEAD or ALIVE ....... Reward RM5m' then i think they will caught easily because all this Bastard got a price.
    Wondering a person like Bala go into hiding but still can enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

    Rocky, set up a fund and i will donate RM10,000 immediately into it just to get all this Bastards so that we Malaysians will not again be taken for a ride be it from the Bastard or the person they accused. WE WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH.

    Fed up Malaysian

  62. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Kita bukan tak percaya pada Bala tapi cuba fikirkan. Bila Bala buat SD kedua dan hilangkan diri semua kata bahawa geng Najib dah kowtim dan bawa dia lari. Sekarang RPK siap boleh kata dan siarkan klip video dia pulak. Jadi selama ini jelas terbukti ini semua adalah dalang Anwar.

    Akuan Bersumpah Bala yang pertama mestilah dibaca dengan betul - kalau setakat mengatakan bahawa saya yakin si polan-polan terlibat dalam kes pembunuhan tersebut selepas diceritakan oleh si-polan, sampai kiamat pun dia tak salah nak dakwa macam mana.
    Jangan jadi macam RPK (Raja Pusing Keling) yang jelas memalukan kaum kerabat Raja Melayu yang Berdaulat sahaja. Berani buat tak berani tanggung larikan diri menyorok sehinggakan anak membesar jadi pencuri/penyamun. Sekarang orang nak dakwa dia di mahkamah bukankah itu peluang yang dinantikan.

    Dato Seri Najib kena ingat terdapat gunting dalam lipatan dalam BN. Pak Lelah jangan di percayai langsung sebab asal keturunan hati busuk.

    Pak semput nasihati

  63. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Najib and his merry man are panicking !!

    Omar Goh

  64. Anonymous7:22 pm

    cuba faham kes..

    isunya sekarang ialah TAHAN DAN SIASAT BALA jika dia bohong...

    kalau si BALA tu betul...kita siasat NAJIB pulak..tak gitu...

    jangan emosi bila berbahas...


  65. Anonymous7:28 pm

    tengok kes betul2...

    BALA bagi statement..tak kira la...statement apa..panggil polis check..betul ka..

    polis pulak jangan paksa2 BALA gitu gini pulak..(nak offer apa2 ka..)

    kalau BALA PUNYA CAKAP ADA BETUL..suruh polis siasat..

    kalau najib dengan rosmah nak kena sisasat...nasib la..nama pun nak cari perkara yg sahih dan benar...

    kalau nampak BALA nak buat tahi saja..nak tipu..nak duit ugut...baru la polis amek tindakan pada BALA..

    logik tak pendapat saya...

    jangan kita emosi..


  66. Anonymous7:43 pm


    You said Dr. Pornthip is paid by the Selangor government right? You are dead wrong.

    Read this

    "As for her role in Teoh’s case, Dr Pornthip stressed that she was not siding with anyone, but was only interested to help find out how Teoh died. She added that she did not get a single sen for her participation in the case.

    She was responding to some scathing blog entries accusing her of getting money for her role in the Teoh’s inquest."



  68. Somehow this sounds very much familiar, oh yes... somehow similar to that RPK, the one who did not want to stand up for his version of the truth, seriously interested in writing stories and claiming it as the truth, tho...

  69. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Bru bro,
    I have to disagree with you this time.... where is your journalistic instint and skills ?

    I am a strong supporter of UMNO (the original) but the current and previous leaderships have been making blunders after blunders after blunders and thus can deduced as stupid, dumb and idiot.

    We cannot allow few top leaders to bring UMNO down so let's the show begun!


  70. omg Rocky !
    when did you become a prostitute ?

    You need the money ? to keep the women ? time to give up and return to the right path

  71. tony leung bc8:19 pm

    out of topic sikit kalau boleh. saja nak bagi tau engkau dgn kawan kawan yg bernard khoo aka zorro akan dilantik sebagai ketua hakim negara selepas pakatan memenagi pilihanraya umum ke 13 yang akan datang. posting dia yg terbaru menunjukkan dia sangat arif tentang hakim yang mana bagus yang mana tak bagus. siap bagi nasihat lagi kat hakim hakim yg nak menjalankan tugas.

  72. Anonymous9:11 pm

    it doesn't matter whether you believe it or not, you and your gangs can keep on spinning the Bala's story, and like what you did to poor TBH story !!

    Somehow, the truth will prevail !!

    Omar Goh

  73. yang bercakap benar tulis:RPK pun terpaksa lari sebab sistem kehakiman memang menunggu nunggu nak sumbat dia dalam penjara. - ada sesiapa yg berada didalam sistem kehakiman beritahu pada lu yg mereka hendak melakukan begituke? atau ianya hanya terbit dari prasangka buruk lu sahaja?tak salah gua sistem kehakiman juga yg membebaskannya dari tahanan ISA, bukan begitu?

  74. bulldozer10:56 pm de man!

    why? because you don't give a rat's ass to those whining and screaming commentors accusing you of this and that...
    some serious serial anti-Najib fanatics here in your comment box.
    so bigoted they cannot see that this Bala is a fucking scumbag!
    I'll let you into a little secret. I'm an Anwar man. Can't help it. I know the guy for a long time. But this Bala sandiwara is going to blow the shit out of everyone on his side of the fence.
    Que sera sera...

  75. Woww.. what a plot. Too stupid to be untrue.PKR leaders vs BN leaders = The stupids vs the morons. May both sides rot in hell.

  76. too many people here simply wanna believe.
    not using their head.aren't objective. too emotional. hatred. that's why they cannot see Bala for what he is.

  77. When you have a prime minister who is not up to par (character wise), who has not cleared a lot of serious questions about himself, nobody is afraid to lie. When the fish head is rotten the body soon becomes so.

  78. Anonymous8:20 am

    let's be patient and see what comes out of this
    the truth will set us free

    arshad wong

  79. I think this is democracy at work.

    He has the right to say what he is saying but no convincing evidence has been shown. Its all based on how probable people believe this guy.

    Whether money alone was the motivator is uncertain. His life may have been at risk.

    Anyway I tend to agree to nuraina samad statement.....

    unlike anon the biasa lah keling...dickhead

  80. Anonymous12:03 pm

    the best thing Najib and govt can and should do is to IGNORE these PR antics

    they are desperadoes who have no inkling of good governance

    all they do ever since coming to power is accuse, accuse and accuse

    every incident is being politicised

    they should seriously show some semblance at governing the states they won to convince the fence-sitters and even the BN supporters that they are the BETTER alternative

    So far only SOAP OPERA ...

  81. Shaziman3:01 pm

    I nak komen kat sini lah.

    Kalau Bala itu berbohong

    Kenapa Najib, kalau dia ada telur, tak heret dia ke mahkamah terus?

    Daripada mengheretnya ke mahkamah, kenapa PI Bala 'dihilangkan'?

    Macam mana pulak lepas akuan sumpah dia yg pertama tiba-tiba dia dikelilingi polis di balai polis?

  82. Shaziman3:02 pm

    Kenapa Polis Diraja Msia mintak Interpol nak cari RPK.....

    Tapi tak berusaha langsung nak cari PI Bala padahal tuduhannya cukup berat?

    Hah, fikirkan......

  83. Anonymous3:40 pm

    tony leung's comment:

    out of topic sikit kalau boleh. saja nak bagi tau engkau dgn kawan kawan yg bernard khoo aka zorro akan dilantik sebagai ketua hakim negara selepas pakatan memenagi pilihanraya umum ke 13 yang akan datang. posting dia yg terbaru menunjukkan dia sangat arif tentang hakim yang mana bagus yang mana tak bagus. siap bagi nasihat lagi kat hakim hakim yg nak menjalankan tugas.

    Tony Leung:

    You are right about being off topic, man. But jeez, thank you for alerting us to what the old Z was up to!

    I am of the opinion that someone else wrote the article and made Zollo publish it, with the promise that it will make him more famous.

    I wonder which lawyer set him up for the task? Someone who is fond of quoting Martin Luther King!

    Kah kah.

  84. Anonymous4:17 am

    This man is the victim of a group of lawyers attempting to fabricate evidence to draw conclusions that the prime minister's wife was somehow complicit with the prime minister in the death of Altantuya Sharibu.

    However being an adult and a man with some degree of education, he ought to be held responsible for his actions or omissions.

    The lawyer that prepared the first stautory declaration ought now to be pulled before the courts.

    The PKR deputy member for Subang is one of the sentient minds behind this campaign. In due course he will face his day in court.

    Apart from being an incompetent lawyer he is also a pretentious political eunuch.


  85. Anonymous10:30 am

    Correct correct correct.....Our judicial system is the BEST in the World....Correct correct correct...

  86. Anonymous10:36 am

    Another Uthayakumar Auta Quotient affliction.. [terms borrowed from DM Kijang Mas]

    this has already becoming a national plague & trend associated to these ularians.

    Hey people, whatever figures coming from this species..just divide it by minimum 10 times (or more for a better result) to get the actual damage..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  87. shaziman tanya:Daripada mengheretnya ke mahkamah, kenapa PI Bala 'dihilangkan'? - boleh lu tolong beritahu siapa yg 'menghilangkan' PI bala?
    shaziman tanya:Kenapa Najib, kalau dia ada telur, tak heret dia ke mahkamah terus?-kalau RPK ada telur kenapa dia menghilangkan diri pula?

  88. Anonymous1:00 am


    Bala adalah 'mata duitan' dan dia tahu isu Altantuya boleh menghadirkan keuntungan kalau dia berpihak kepada 'pakatan goon' untuk mereka-reka cerita dan dalam masa yang sama boleh claim 5m menerusi RPK. Lagipun PR masa tu kan banyak fulus (fulus manialah katakan)..

    Malang buat PR usaha mereka mengadakan siang media untuk mendedahkan SD1 hanya bertahan selama 8 jam saja apabila bala bertemu dengan Deepak. Bukan saja 5m lebur dan lenyap tetapi, bala turut lenyap bersama Deepak!! kah, kah. Ternyata selicik-licik Bala, licik lagi si Deepak!!!

    Kini Bala muncul lagi dan akan memulakan pusingan kedua!! Hairan juga kenapa RPK tidak buat sidang akhbar seperti yang dibuat ketika SD1 dikhabarkan kepada khalayak...Apakah fulus dah kering? Sudah tak percayakan sandiwara Bala lagi? Atau mereka tahu apa yang mereka buat akan dengan mudah dapat dipatahkan oleh lawan atas sebab itu hanya buat sidang YouTube saja, he, he.

    Fence Sitter

  89. Anonymous1:14 am

    Hi Anon above who ever you are! I want to know how to get paid being cybertroopers. Damn I keep reading that statement all over the net, is it true? I really am interested man, seriously how you get paid writing a comment?, that fucking cool man, I can make extra income bro. Seriously BN or PR or what ever shit you are, how to get paid by writing a comment?


  90. Anonymous1:23 am

    Last time when this guy give statement I belief him too, but later when I know any dick under the sun can make statutory declaration by paying the "chop guy" in the Mall KL for RM5, I was shock and stop believing him. People, if you want to make statutory declaration, please go to the Mall, KL level 3 and pay that guy behind the SSM RM5, and you'll get a statutory declaration. Wallah!...


  91. Mister Potato6:31 pm


    Si Bala PI ni sapu kiri kanan atas bawah duit PKR dan UMNO.

    Aku pun nak jadi PI lah macam ni.

  92. Purple Haze4:36 am

    Najib probably has plausible deniability to the murder of this Mongolian woman.

    But that leaves the question of whether the two defendants were responsible for taking the C4 out of storage, expunged immigration records and various other actions that were revealed in courtroom testimony.

    Why wasn't Musa Safri (a key player) sought to provide testimony ? Was some other party in Najib's family involved ? It is also plausible that Razak Baginda did not order the hit but my guess is that he would know where the chain of command leads.

    Surely the family of the victim deserves to know why she was killed by 2 Malaysian policemen who had never met her before.

    If the first SD by Bala is false (and being an ex-policeman himself), he knows that he could be imprisoned for doing that. But yet, the first SD was prepared over a few days (according to his lawyer's notation). In that respect, knowing the gravity of his actions, there has to be some degree of credibility assigned to the first SD.

    Otherwise, why imperil your family and leave the country & pet dogs behind ?

  93. Anonymous11:25 am

    Hi in refference to an earlier post made by Anonymous - of WHOM I assume is a Melayu dude, read post bottom and MY reply foolowing:

    Anonymous said...
    Biasalah keling...kan org selalu ckp..antara ular ngan keling..baik bunuh keling dulu..baru ular!

    10:24 PM
    MY reply:
    Very smart indeed to paraphrase an age old caption/belief (rapant amongst pea brained melayu's)- to agree with you post BUT however shed some light on why that particular action deemed right,here is the REAL supportive answer:-)
    'better kill the keling - cause IF you went for the Snake first, the Keling will be fucking your melayu wife in the room while you were attempting to ice the snake';-P

  94. Anonymous4:10 pm

    anon 11.25, you are right..

    Fact #1: It would be much easier for the Melayu to wipe off the whole 8% population or 2 mil. stupid kelings troublemaker in Malaysia rather than going after all the snakes.

    - The melayu will not dirty their hand with another sewerage slime blood..they probably send 2 mil. pekerja Indon to finished off the dirty job for them..after all for a real cause, a keling already murdered an Indon maid.

    Fact #2: Kelings' life have no real value compared to an exotic endangered species of snakes.

    - who cares if 100 or 1 million keling died, what different does that make..? nobody ever believe a keling's words..the keling themselves busy spinning their head & twisting their tongue and cannot get any coherent real facts & figures coming out from their stupid brains..just like Uthayakumar letter to Gordon Brown..which is which? 100 or 6?
    Well..a keling pariah remain a keling pariah in nature bahaviour regardless of his/her level of literacy.

    Fact #3: PDRM is doing a National Housekeeping Job - i.e cleaning off all worthless unrecycleable national rubbish a.k.a troublemaker keling just like yourself for the better good.

    - That's why the melayus' PDRM feel so honoured everytime they shot down another troublemaker kelings..they enjoy watching those follow up tamil drama coming after that. they already used to and addicted to that perhaps. Dah biasa.

    so better watch out ya, keling..they're coming your way..nobody around the world ever wanted a troublemaker keling..except Tamil Nadhu perhaps..i guess u better fuck off now.

    hey, you somehow sound like that iced DPP in disguise