Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Liars, Blogs and Unspinners

Who's Lying Now? Once upon a time, only politicians like Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Syed Hamid Albar and Zainuddin Maidin would call bloggers liars. These days, bloggers are calling other bloggers liars. Unlike those politicians, though, Ibrahim Yahaya and Syed Imran aren't making sweeping statements h e r e [Bloggers should stop spreading lies, Bernama 9/11/09] and whether you agree with their views or not, it is a fact that there are liars on blogosphere and they include some prominent bloggers.

So were The Unspinners lying when they blogged about Ronnie Liu's "communist past" [Mystery: Siapakah Ronnie Liu? 4/11/09]. The Member of Parliament, who is also a blogger, denies any involvement with the CPM in his latest posting Unspinners are Cowards and here:-

General November 09, 2009 20:06 PM
Liu Denies Involvement With CPM

SHAH ALAM, Nov 9 (Bernama) -- State Local Government, Studies and Research Committee Chairman Ronnie Liu said he was never involved with the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) as alleged by the blogsite unspinners.blogspot.com.

"The allegation has a certain motive. I was never involved with CPM," he said when met outside the state assembly here on Monday.

Liu said he never helped, give food or medicine to CPM adding they were lies to tarnish his image as Pandamaran state assemblyman and denied meeting former CPM secretary-general Chin Peng at the Malaysia-Thailand border.

He was mystified to be linked with the death of Teoh Beng Hock and allegation that he had ties with secret societies.

The blogsite said Pandamaran was a new area developed by the British administration in the 1950s to relocate the Chinese from Kuala Selangor and Kuala Langat to check the influence of communists in Selangor.

Asked whether he would make a police report, Liu said he would not as the blogsite did not have informtion like the name of the writer or operator.

"I think PAS or PKR will lodge a report as adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat have also been implicated," he said.



  1. Anonymous9:44 am

    Bintang Tiga mahu menuntut kuasa dan mahu membunuh Raja-Raja Melayu selepas Jepun menyerah kalah -UN SPINNERS.
    Dato Najib, JANGAN durhaka pada Raja. Usah biar JALANG komunis dari CINA Hu Jintao ke TANAH MELAYU.
    Smoke on the Water.

  2. Anonymous9:44 am

    Hu Jintao, you COMMUNIST. You are not welcome in Malaysia.

  3. Anonymous9:52 am

    Without the Communist Party, there would be no China.
    The Communist Party works hard for the people and strives to save China.
    It’s pointed people to the path to liberation.
    It’s led China to a bright future.
    It’s fought against the Japanese for more than eight years.
    It’s improved people’s living standard.
    It’s established guerrilla bases behind enemy lines.
    It practices democracy and has brought along many good things.
    Without the Communist Party, there would be no China.

  4. Anonymous10:03 am

    The east is red, the sun is rising.
    The Communist Party is like the sun.
    Wherever it shines, it is bright.
    Wherever there is a Communist Party, Hurrah, there the people are liberated!

  5. Anonymous10:26 am

    Anon 9.52 who aaid that communist China practices democracy.

    Why don't you go to China and live there for God's sake! U r not needed here. Bloody scumbag.


  6. Anonymous10:30 am

    Inilah barisan kita,
    Yang ikhlas berjuang.
    Siap sedia berkorban,
    Untuk ibu pertiwi!
    Sebelum kita berjaya,
    Jangan harap kami pulang!
    Inilah sumpah pendekar kita,
    Menuju medan bakti!
    Andai kata kami gugur semua,
    Taburlah bunga di atas pusara.
    Kami mohon doa,
    Malaysia berjaya!
    Semboyan telah berbunyi,
    Menuju medan bakti!

    The east is Red, kepala hotak kau..kami x mau lahh... komunis balik CINA.

  7. Anonymous10:45 am

    All this goes back to the people to make final decision as to whether they would like to continue to see the kind of reporting especially like the one that appears in the Malaysia Today or the many of writing that appeared in the opposition-based blog.


  8. Anonymous10:53 am

    Great News today!!

    China successfully EXECUTE 9 Uighurs Chinese rebels-demonstrators-opposition leaders, 2 Monggolian-Tibetans, and 2 Fanglun dong national traitors, spewing hatred and anti-government slogans!

    China is The World's Number 1 Most Successful Economic Power of today, very Stable, Very Progressive. Setting THE standard for the rest of the world!

    Chasing, interviewing and jailing, negotiating, discussing, rehabilitating of Rebels, Demonstrators, Traitors, Nation and Government Saboteurs; like what we do in kemunting doesn't seem to work as good.

    strong virus needs strong anti biotic indeed!

    Perhaps the malaysian government should learn a lot from China today!

    -China Sets The Standard-

  9. Anonymous10:56 am

    we can tell straight away that Anon 9:44 am, is not what he/she seems to be...

    -old tricks hahaha-

  10. When bloggers or even journalists make claims, they should substantiate their claims with credible, and if possible, multiple sources.

    This applies to both the pro-BN and pro-PR "sociopolitical" bloggers in the Malaysian blogosphere.

    It is however regretful that many Malaysian bloggers, even some of the most popular ones, frequently refer to and cite other bloggers, bloggers with dubious and partisan views as theirs.

    This is irresponsible blogging. So some sociopolitical bloggers should reflect on their own conduct when they peach about "Liars, blogs and Unspinners".

    There are a handful of bloggers who go to great lengths to cite multiple and credible sources when they blog, they give well thought-out opinions and analysis, but they are often the minority who do not get the attention that some 'superstar' bloggers do. These bloggers quote from a diversity of news sources and rely substantially on academic literature as well.

    For instance, one blogger I know wrote about the rent-seeking capitalists in Malaysia and their longstanding collusion with the political elites. This blogger cited a range of published academic books and journal articles to substantiate his claims. Bad news for Barisan Nasional/UMNO, their leaders and policies, for sure, but this is fact.

    And then we have bloggers who cite "Unspinners", "Parpukaris" and "Barking Magpies" in their blog posts to hit out at politicians or political groups that they do not support.

    This is not only shameful, it is vile.

  11. Anonymous11:02 am

    anon 9:52AM
    without emperor chin who unite chinese people, there would be no china.
    Communist Party in China ALSO killed more than 1 million people in order to strive and save china.
    it also demolished any sort of political party in the name of liberation.
    CP is not able to fight japanese if not for american who dropped the A-Bomb.
    A lot of china people ALSO suffers while CP trying to "improve" people living standard.
    CP killed people at tiannamen square in order to show westerners they practice democracy.
    i guess, you are right , when you said without CP there would be no china...

  12. Anonymous11:02 am

    then why wait go back to china lah..

  13. Anonymous11:03 am

    Not just him. But we all know it's the whole DAP. Look at how they operate to gain other Race's trust. Once they have full power. It's Goodbye Malays and Indians. In fact Chinese will suffer too.

    DAP=Communist. It's True.


  14. Anonymous11:18 am


    Gua tak faham sepatah haram link Ronnoie Tiu yang lu beri. Bahasa komunis mana yang dia pakai?


  15. Anonymous11:20 am

    atok belah mak saya menyokong komunis dulu kerana komunis mempunyai senjata api melawan jepun dan akhirnya british yang berlagak sombong,melawan raja melayu lanun dari seberang yang megah diperintah british kalau tidak dah jadi jajahan siam, komunis penipu besar macam UMNO sekarang,menjanjikan harta dibahagi sama rata kepada rakyat,mana ada sama rata sampai bila-bila pun tak sama rata....dilarang sembahyang tak kira apa agama....pihak barat amerika menggunakan harta rampasan jepun yang kalah perang dunia berjumlah ratus billionbillion waktu itu untuk melawan komunis di asia dan rejim yg anti-barat di timur tengah sampai sekarang...pihak british lagi penipu besar mengharamkan PKM dan askar melayu dikerah menhapuskan PKM di hutan,kenapa tak boleh diakui parti sah macam BN? kalau PKM boleh menang pun bukan boleh perintah satu malaya,inilah hiprokit yang menipu untuk kepentingan sendiri saja macam melayu berbinikan mat salleh!!!

    anti-UMNO hiprokit

  16. Anonymous11:25 am

    @Anon 9:52

    I agree. In fact, I'd like to add. The only system that works for the China Chinese is a communist system. Many of my China Chinese friends have admitted that if laissez faire were to be permitted, all hell will break lose!


    Recommended watch! Have fun!


  17. Melayu mudah lupa...
    Melayu lupa Tun Razak ke Tanah Besar Cina utk mendapatkan pandangan dan saranan utk melumpuhkan kegiatan Parti Komunis Malaysia. Kerajaan China telah tidak mengiktiraf pergerakan komunis Malaysia yg menyimpang dr prinsip perjuangan komunis Tanah Besar China.

    Hanya komunis memahami komunis.

    Komunis adalah satu bentuk dictatorship. Kuasa mutlak pada Presiden China. Could it ever be a democracy in communist state? Agak bercanggah dari segi pemahaman politik.

  18. Anonymous11:57 am

    Strange, if communist are evil... why is PM Datuk Seri Najib welcoming Hu Jin Tao in Putrajaya? Isn't Hu Jin Tao the leader of China Communist Party?
    So, is this "unspinner" saying that it's ok for PM Datuk Seri Najib to shake hand with the leader of China Communist Party then?
    Another spin attempt from Rocky Bru...

    By The unspinner of spin by "unspinner" and Rocky Bru.

  19. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Going by the unspinners, melayu thinking, kelantan is also ruled by the communists. What`s wrong with communism anyway. Many islamic countries have very close relationship with the communists.
    Will m`sia stop sending palmoil to China? The felda boys will be very happy.
    That`s ok, indonesia will be happy to sell to the chinese.
    And can someone please teach those "unspinners" how to spell "chauvanism" correctly?
    UMNO must be really running out of ideas.

  20. Anonymous12:36 pm

    The communists killed thousands of servicemen and women and innocent public. Set up a Royal Commission now to investigate the deaths of these soldiers, and find out who were the communists, the collaborators and the symphatisers. Exposed them all, and charge them all. Let's stand behind the families of these warriors!!!

    And to Anon 9.52 who said "Without the Communist Party, there would no China.", you and you kind are welcome to leave for China for good. China is a land where the communists caused the loss of thousands of lives during the cultural revolution, during the great leap forward, and during the invasion of Buddhist Tibet and Islamic Uighurstan.

    Truth For Public.

  21. Americano Latino1:02 pm

    including yourself?

  22. Anonymous1:31 pm

    If the CPM were Malay-dominated.. things might had been different in history...the malays might have supported the liberalization from aristocrats & feudals system..

    But the fact remained that for Tanah Melayu, CPM Bintang Tiga were a chingkie-supremacist dominated movement who want to control & annexed this Tanah Melayu to their grandeur chingkieland agenda..

    They massacred and performed genocide to the Malays in the period of vacuum when the Japs left Tanah Melayu after loosing WW2..

    Ching Peng can never be a hero..dream on chingkie bastards..do not try to bleed the old wounds..you chingkie bastards cannot spin the real fact about history..it already happened, cannot easily changed with words..

    Those malays who survived the atrocity were the living testimonial..

    Come on...call the shot..make a poll to find out wether the majority people loves Ching Peng and think he is a saviour and a great hero..hahaha.. let democracy take it course..dare to take this challenge, hah, fuckhead?

    You already can predict the result, right? ..so what's the deal with those fucking screwed up spins hah fuckheads? pukimak you all..


    p/s: all those racist provocative chingkies were the decendants of Bintang Tiga yg di ampunkan oleh YDP Agong..smart propaganda move, eh..who taught them that? that is self-explainatory..period!

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  23. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Communism is history. One shud beware of the goons of current regime..

    Great pretender.

  24. Wei Jin1:44 pm

    Ya Ya,if you are in DAP means you are a communist.How convenient and stupid.Goes to show how some people are so backward in their thinking.And Hu Jin Tao ain't coming to preach about Communism,it's call diplomacy,you hillbillies.Is it fear,insecurity or both that drives you people to post articles and comments that are downright idiotic?Or are you guys really mentally challenged?Wake up and sleep less,lest you find that the world is advancing and you guys are just living in a comfortable but dangerous illusion.Wake up and go get educated.And work.

  25. Anonymous1:45 pm

    On another note, Wee Kay Ling (am) has been cleared of wrong doings.

    The deal for such declaration can be: I clear you and you in return write out the judgement for the highest court, explaining why Jambree is the righful MB of Perak.

    Wee Kay needs a job and also lots of money.

    Such deals will give him both.

    All the guys deciding the case have to do is read out what was written or whatever that oozed out of his thoughts.

    Its a well known fact that he did such things before!

    (How is this for lying?)


  26. Mister Potato1:45 pm


    before you make any comment, make sure you read first the history of CPM and it's involvement in Malaya / Malaysian politic.

    Don't later you say " I tak tahu apa apa dan main ikut ikut saja - masa tu I kecik lagi"

    Tapi bila dah dewasa dan jadi MP, still visit Chin Peng masa hari merdeka

    senang punya excuse.

  27. Anonymous1:52 pm

    Many Malaysian natural gas fields located offshore Sarawak are also claimed by China, but to date, China has not specifically objected to their development. . -SOURCE - http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/cabs/South_China_Sea/OilNaturalGas.html

    Pak Su

  28. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Ini sudah lebih halau bapa komunis dari melawat ke Malaysia,ayuh parpu dan unspinners gasak jgn tak gasak.

  29. Dear Rocky

    Mail Mail Headlines
    Co Operative Collapse

    Sensationalising the imminent collapse of the co operative movement sounds ludicrous but is stunningly ridiculous!
    According to the so-called consultant Shan, the movement had not come out of the 1998 downturn yet, but then the fact remains it has been stunningly doing very well all this time. So what is the paradox in your article?
    The Malay Mail has put itself its credibility in question to quote the so-called consultant, Shan Thuraisingam.
    Sham is an unemployed man for the last umpteen years. Yes he had served in a number of co-operative movements but just as a clerk only. He had been removed from all these societies time and again all caused by his shady dealings and wheeling.
    When did he become a consultant? What is his professional or academic background? What are his professional qualifications within the co-operative societies? Where is his office or his operating premises?
    The Government Co operative body had a few years ago even threatened to take Shan to court for claiming to be a consultant!
    It is time the Malay Mail check the back ground of its reporters and its sources (consultants) before going on a ludicrous headline

    Thank you

  30. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Remember Tian Chua and his photochop of Najib and Altantunya.

    When condemned,he said it was just a joke.


  31. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Communist is traditionally a leftist party. In any party, there is only the Left & Right as shown by the French revolution. The Right party is usually the governing party, people who become "leaders" like Kings, Nobels, etc. Where common people are usually the left like farmers, workers etc. But when grow your wealth, gain your land and become new King yoursef...then you have become the Right party and those have not...become the Left party. of course, nowadays to stop turmoils and avoid the French revolution like Nobels, Kings & Queen getting their head chop off by the common people...some concensus is made is that the King may enjoy their status but remains a figurehead only and limited in power. While the commons thru parliment retain political governing power. However, if that people become corrupt, then the people can vote to change them. China have been going in Centuries using the Right party format as their Emperor system....later they change to the Left party format using the Communist system. Either you are Extreme Right or Extreme Left...both is not good.....only the Middle way....not extremist is acceptable.

  32. antukominis3:02 pm

    Pak Menteri Dalam Negeri,

    Tuduhan berkaitan dengan KOMUNIS ini adalah serious. Isu KOMUNIS bukan isu main-main dalam negara ini.

    Pak Hishamuddin nak beri amaran saja lagi kah? Atau nak bangkit dari kerusi tu dan buat siasatan rapi? Mungkin subversif komunis dah berkeliaran merata dalam negara ini, mungkin ada yang duduk dalam kerusi Parlimen pun! Tak nak siasat ke?

    Jangan ketepikan isu KOMUNIS ini macam simpan keris ke dalam almari selepas menghunusnya.

  33. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Dear frens,
    Ketua Komunis sudah masuk Malaysia loh.....Hu Jin Tao...Dia tu Kepala segala Komunis di Asia. Kita jemput dia masuk, kasi makan, Agong pun kow tow sama dia, bawak dia shopping sini, shopping saya....masuk Masjid, suap dia kenyang kenyang. Apasal Chin Peng tak boleh balik???? Ini tak masuk akal langsung!!!! kepala bapak Komunis boleh balik dan dilayan macam King, tapi orang yang dilahirkan di Malaysia dan bermati mati lawan Jepun Chin Peng tak boleh balik. Tak logik langsung....

  34. aku socialist. does that make me a commie now?

  35. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Is it Wei Jin or Woi Djinn? I think the latter.

    He he he....

  36. Bro

    It was also Unspinners and their 'gang' who came out with 'breaking news' that Dr. Pornthip had been arrested in Bangkok for insulting the Thai King.

    More than that, they have made a direct accusation than Tan Boon Wah offed TBH.

    I leave it to readers to judge their credibility!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  37. I am no commie5:15 pm

    Why in the world would Ronnie Liu respond to blogs like The Unspinners?

    I am curious

  38. anon 12:15

    it's spelled chauvinism

    NOT chauvanism

    kalau nak betulkan spelling orang pun check lah you punys spelling dulu

  39. NoMalayApologist5:38 pm

    Bagaimana unspinners boleh popular saya boleh faham....membacanya seperti membaca tabloid murah di US...cuma tiada cerita mengenai makhluk asing je....
    Harapnya tuduhan tu tak palsulah...sebab malu saya kalau Melayu membuat fitnah...bukankah itu lebih teruk dari makan daging manusia (dan lebih teruk dari menjadi komunis)

  40. Michael Backman6:04 pm

    Anon 10.53

    why not you go back to your hometown in China and see if you can survive there.

    Even Your fellow Malaysian Chinese businessman also got screw up over there. They just don't care about you bro

    And better read the history / facts why your great grandfather ran away from his hometown for a pot of rice eventough China have the biggest piece of land in Asia.

  41. Rocky,

    Ini Ronnie Liu sudah potong ka ?

  42. Anonymous6:14 pm

    umno-led government simply just loves communists...

  43. Anonymous7:18 pm

    These are different governing systems for different communities. Communism may work for China but may not work for America.

    Likewise democracy may work for Britain but may not work in Zimbabwe.

    If Ronnie wishes to preach Communism and the people of Pandamaran chose him for it, so be it. Let them live in communes because that's what the people want.

    On the other hand, bloggers helped him and his gang to the throne at the last election and he defended all the abuses back then. Now, when the tables are turned, he bites the hand that feeds. This does not augur well, YB Ronnie. You should stand up and praise those bloggers for 'telling as it is'.


  44. Anonymous7:38 pm

    Liu said,"I think PAS or PKR will lodge a report as adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat have also been implicated."

    This is the man with a spine ...


  45. Jenggg X38:46 pm

    (dicuri dari ruang komen TukarTiub)


    MYSTERY: Dr Porno arrested? 2nd Postmortem?



    ka ka kah... unspinners asyik menge-spin, akhirnya terkena jerat sendiri! kah kah kah...

    Padan muka... mat gedebab parpukari pun kena! kah kah kah








    Sila Googel "Dr. Pornthip Arrested" untuk dapat epic lol!

    woiT! itu'lah! masa sekolah, masa kolej, tak mau belajar! join gerombolan, nak dapat duit senang!

    Ni orang pasti join MLM piramid janji bagi duit mudah, kah kah kah.

    woit, sudahlah. Sunway tu suda' ada piramid! kah kah kah

    woit, SATIRA itu bukan sejenis Kereta Potong! kah kah kah

    woi, pernah baca The Onion ke? kah kah kah

    KAH KAH KAH...

    woit, rocky... apasal buat reference kat Unspinners?

    ka kah kah... unspinners tu memangg bohong! berita palsu pun terambik & termakan ka kah kah...

    ka ka kah... ehh, bukan saja kali pertama ka ka kah...

    mereka tu dah banyak melebong banyak kali... ka ka kah...

    hingga akhirnya terkena lebong sendiri... ka ka kah...

    woi, haaampir terlupa...

    mana bukti tuduhan Mujahid Rawa tuduh calon curi wang RM600,000?

    yang dilihat org ramai... bukan bukti...
    tapi anjing besar cabot lari... ka ka kah...

  46. Ronnie who? Come to malacca let fight like a man u jirk pakatanist!Yo Bru one more thing this zul kulim and sivarasa playin' wayang kulit today we Umno ppl. Not buying their tickets...he is not the muslim and malay champ...yo you 2 pakatanist jirks stop playing ur stupid drama!

  47. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Anonymous said...

    Apasal Chin Peng tak boleh balik???? Ini tak masuk akal langsung!!!! kepala bapak Komunis boleh balik dan dilayan macam King, tapi orang yang dilahirkan di Malaysia dan bermati mati lawan Jepun Chin Peng tak boleh balik. Tak logik langsung....

    3:19 PM


    Hoi Melayu tali barut...., sememangnya kamu ini otak macam Chin Peng. Bila dah pencen baru teringat nak bertaubat. Masa muda mengganas beb.

    Chin Peng tak boleh balik bukan bermakna orang China tak boleh datang ke Tanah Melayu. Chin Peng buat dosa bukan bermakna Hu Jian Tao yang perlu tanggung. Chin Peng kenalah tanggung semua hutang-hutang beliau? Serupa juga dengan Uthaya. Dia pun tak berni balik. Banyak hutang dia dengan rakyat. Apakah kamu mahu mengambil alih hutang Uthaya dan Chin Peng? Jawblah?

    Apakah itupun mahu dikelirukan seolah-olah kamu semua terlalu fanatik hingga semua makhluk yang kamu sokong adalah kalangan yang maksum? Apakah kamu tidak boleh berfikir dalam konteks Osama? Apakah kalau Osama tak boleh masuk ke Negara China makanya semua tok Arab tak boleh masuk sana? Apakah Osama yang buat dosa makanya semua tok Arab yang perlu tanggung?

    Tuhan beri akal untuk berfikir tetapi kamu semua gunakan akal untuk alas lapik buntut makanya itulah jadinya.

    Pious Chinglot

  48. Anonymous10:15 pm

    We should be more worried of the modern day communism downsouth rather than the old type communist of people republic of China.

    because the core ideology of this republic downsouth is meritocracy which is full of cheating and manupulating.

    we the rakyat do not surprise if DAP is full of communist sympathizer, but what make us sick most is when the Kelantan supporter burn the Bukit Jalil Stadium.

    Dont Nik Aziz preach and teach Islam to the people of Kelantan?

    Ahh and then you start blaming your own kind? How easy life isnt it as an elected leader?

    Look!!!! We have a red dot Republic downsouth and we do have a red lip in the mould of our Prime Minister.


  49. Anonymous10:12 am

    Yes we do need communism. This is the only way to control the cingkies. Cakap banyak tembak.

    Bintang Lima.

  50. Anonymous10:39 am

    Read through the comments, I would say Malaysian is actually damn creative and funny. Especially post from anon 9.52 AM and anon 10.30 AM

    See, sometimes you don’t have to write in a vile style to put the message across. Well done.


  51. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Jengx3, jangan ketawa banyak sangat... Tuan Guru kau tak suka orang ketawa banayak sangat. Macam Syaitan katanya. Opps lupa pulak memang korang berkawan dengan Syaitan. Dah jadi macam Syaitan pon! Kah kah kah kah kkah kah kahk kah koh kah kah kah kah kah kah kah kah kah kah x 3

  52. Anonymous2:02 pm


    I am also one of the victims as being Umno putra which in the first place I am female and hell I am not even registered with any political parties and my company I started of fair and square with my own money with no government borrowings and compete in the bloody open market and have been in existence for the last 9 years. As Melayu that alone is suicidal in every way.

    The blogger concerned is Chinese and I go like...what F**k is going on here?

    I am finally realizing that how bloody immature Malaysians are in general... Guess we will remain third world country for many years to come until we come to a realization on how to deal with each other as adults and not play in the sand pit like kids..

    Keturunan Jebat

  53. Anonymous5:32 pm

    come on guys...
    There is diffences between comunist ideology and penganas comunist. If I am not mistaken, comunist ideology is not wrong in malaysia (mana ada undang 2 about this) but pengganas comunist , yes they should face the law. Chin Peng is both.

  54. Gadis Jelita dari Paris8:48 pm

    Ada apa dengan komunisma?

    Banyak persamaan di antara komunisma dengan Islam.

    Komunisma itu dari perkataan komuniti dan Islam memupuk semangat komuniti.

    Tak caya baca sendiri.

  55. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Helo gadis jelita Paris,

    Jelita bagi tafsiran kamu tidak semestinya jelita pada pandangan mata pemuda lain.

    Dan kalau rambut kamu adalah perang atau blonde tidaklah bermakna kamu adalah Minah Salleh.

    Begitu juga persamaan antara komunisma dalam satu atau dua aspek dengan Islam bukanlah bermakan komunisma adalah setaraf dengan Islam.

    Tak guna jadi orghe Paris kalau perkara macam itupun kamu keliru. Dan akhir sekali kat Paris itu majoritinya komunis atau apa? Kah, kah.


  56. Anonymous4:50 pm

    saya memang kenal sagat degan kawansan yang diwakilinya, saya bersekolah dikawasan pandamaran ini...memang terkenal degan kegiatan kongsi gelap dan samseng...kalau tak percaya tanyer la kat IPD klang...pemimpin dari kawasan itu memang ader kaitan degan konsi gelap ....kalau ader masa saudara-saudari semua dijemput bersiar siar di pandamaran...saudara akan faham aper yang saya maksud kan!...memang jinjang habis..peniaga bangsa dia yang tiada lesen dan menganggu ruang awam dan bahu jalan bersepah-sepah ...MPK dan POLIS pejam mata ajer...


  57. the bee7:57 am

    'Gadis Jelita Dari Paris' syok sendiri. Berangan macam Minah Jenin.

    How can communisme be equal with Islam? Communisme is the oppression of human's right. One person controls everything. It is a Dictatorshop alright. Are you equaling that with Islam? Whose agenda are you pursuing?

  58. Laser Blade8:14 am

    For gadis jelita dari Paris:

    "Self-praise is for losers".

    - by John Madden

    Self praise is also an international disgrace.

    And beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your 'jelita' does not impress me.

  59. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Paris/Parit Girl

    "Tak caya baca sendiri"

    You can keep yours and RPK's filthy commie idealogy to yourself.
    Nowadays there's more and more Malay commies coming out of the woodwork. We need to eliminate this rot and we need to go straight to the rotting carcass itself which is DAP.

  60. Anonymous2:37 am

    anon14:42 said...

    "You can keep yours and RPK's filthy commie idealogy to yourself.
    Nowadays there's more and more Malay commies coming out of the woodwork. We need to eliminate this rot and we need to go straight to the rotting carcass itself which is DAP."

    ya ya... betoi... betoi... jom, kita salahkan fahmi reza, amir muhammad, hisham rais, syed hussein ali, pyan, salleh ben joned, arwah yasmin ahmad, tunku aziz, ah... buat senang aje... kasi salahkan semua orang dalam bidang filem & sastera, memang mudah ye?

    lepas tu, semua orang hanya dibenar tonton filem askyen yusof haslam & baca Mangga. hahaha

  61. Anonymous8:30 am


    Gadis Jelita dari Paris ni sebenarnya Kudis Buta dari Parit

  62. Anonymous12:28 pm

    alah, buat macam negeri china je. tak payah cari consultant nak advise.

    rempit, ragut, tembak.
    triad, kongsi gelap, tembak.
    rasuah, bagi dan terima, tembak.
    ber-demo, lawan kerajaan, tembak.
    menghasut, tipu dalam blog, tembak.
    gangster, tembak.
    cakap banyak, tembak.
    menghina bendera, tembak.
    contract tak siap, tembak.
    sabotaj negara, tembak.
    berlainan ideologi, tembak.
    smart alecks, besar kepala, tembak.

    ini lah satu satu caranya nak jadi negara berjaya dan di hormati, di dunia hari ini.

    beyond 2000.

    amerika ke, rusia ke, perancis ke, africa ke, arab ke, ostolia ke, gordon brown ke, - datang cium tangan, gua cakap sama lu.

    barulah orang respek.

    -apa lu cakap? tembak-

  63. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Hai gadis jelita penghisap lancau chingkie komunis..

    Kalau komunisma sama dengan Islam ..apa kata kau ajak cina2 komunis babi tu masuk Islam dan potong kulup lancau mereka tu..sekurang2nya dapat juga ubah mentaliti pengotor, penting diri, tidak boleh berasimilasi dan tidak beradap mereka tu..

    Islam menuntut kebersihan..cina komunis punya tandas hanya sesuai untuk orang mcm ko je jilat..jgn ingat semua org2 melayu bijak mcm aku bodoh mcm ko tu lah..

    aku tau lah ko hari2 jilat jubur najis tak cuci dan batang kulup cina komunis tu..itu pasal fanatik sangat tak tentu pasal tu..kemaruk jilat najis cina komunis? eee..jijiknya ko ni..suka tadah pantat utk batang tak sunat penuh tahi palat..kah..kah..kah..!

    Bodoh macam babi..aku rasa babi itu jauh lebih bermaruah dari kau..haram2 babi pun tak pernah heret Islam untuk menghalalkan babi..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  64. Anonymous9:20 pm

    Ronnie Liu is not from Pandamaran or even Selangor.

    He was from Raub, Pahang. He was from the notorious new village of Cheroh about 16km from Raub town.
    Cheroh was infamous for Communist activity both during the Emergency as well as during the second Emergency in the 70s

    In fact Cheroh earned its infamous name as one of the earliest and first places where racial clashes took place between Chinese and Malays. Here was a case of the Chinese from the Cheroh village attacking the Malays who were few in number from the surrounding kampongs. The authorities managed to quell the clashes. This happened immediately after the Japanese Occupation.
    That was the time when the members of CPM were running riot trying to take over Malaya during the short interregnum between the Japanese surrender and the arrival of the British forces.

    During the Emergency, Cheroh was made into a resettlement village for mainly the Chinese from other parts of Raub and Malaya.
    Cheroh was always heavily guarded as the people of the village were known Communist sympathisers. There had been lots of case of the people aiding the Communist who were operating in the Raub area.
    During the early part of the Emergency 1948-1949 Chin Peng had his Headquarters in Raub area. He plied between Tras and Cheroh.

    During the 70s there were lots of Communist activity in the Cheroh area.

    It was during this time that many students from Cheroh and another new village from Raub were found to be rebellious. This happened at a secondary school along Jalan Cheroh in Raub.
    By sheer coincidence or not a certain politician attended this school and that time!