Saturday, November 07, 2009

Docs of War at IJN?

The never-ending battle for the hearts institution. Blogger Sakmongkol has an interesting take in hislatest posting IJN: The Real Way Forward. Is it a doctors vs non-doctors internal warfare where the the prize is great wealth and not the interest of patients?

But notice that Sakmongkol's position is quite opposed that of blogger Big Dog in his posting The IJN Disembowelment Part II.

I shall talk to some people from both sides before I comment.


  1. 1Malaysia1:57 pm

    Hey now you want to get two side of the story, since when la, I was told even prominent bloggers in the country are supporting this move. They have approached the necessary people to seek for their blessings, You mean you did not know about this or you are pretending not to know.... Come on la bro. Are u trying to be Peka or Pekak ?

  2. burstaxon2:27 pm

    A GLC in Malaysia can't be profitable. If so, someone will propose to buy it and force the rakyat to pay more for the same service.

    Medications used to be cheap until govt forced their own hospitals to buy medicines from a 'private' entity. Ask Jui Meng.

    Now, IJN. Whoever the musang is, it is unlikely to be the doctors there. I know most of them personally.

  3. wishediwaswrong4:10 pm

    Both the issues needed to be resolved years ago. Linking the two in a cause-effect relationship unnecessarily confuse the issues further.

    The rakyat deserved to get their money's worth on vehicle purchases, not subjected to all manner of state robbery to enrich the already rich (AP holders) and to assist the so-called national automotive industry - the latter had proven that they would have to be on state crutches till kingdom come.

    Old vehicles, on the other hand, should be subjected to regular roadworthiness checks but not necessarily directly by the bureaucratic PUSPAKOM but by any mechanic licensed for that purpose.

    Further procrastination is inconsistent with the 'people first, action now' motto of 1Malaysia.

  4. Observant4:28 pm

    Don't see it as a doc vs non doc war. It is an internal issue and should not have been dragged into the limelight by your earlier posting.

    Neither is the company in a problematic situation to be given such attention. Privaisation is also not on the card.

    Doctors can be good in their practise or a good businessmen in running small practise. Running a major outfit like IJN requires corporate management skill beyond doctors' simple logic and common sense.

    Beyond their specialty in medicine, not many of these doctors, who dedicate their life finetuning their skill and knowledge, are capable of seeing the big picture of IJN.

    Sakmongkol have a point. Najib was ill advised here. MOF people or his advisers failed to tell him the full picture properly.

    The specialists are important but they cannot been made indispensible to the point that they dictate the stakeholders what to do. In this case, the Government and taxpayers. That is sheer arrogant!

    In the first place, the holding straucture was decided by all the parties involved from management, board members and MOF/EPU/PM and was already executed back in 2005. It is sheer waste of time to unravel what was already done and working. Demanding to revert back to a single structure is going backward.

    Najib is seen as succumbing to mutiny by the cartel of doctors dominating IJN like a fiefdom.

    Subsidiaries serve the purpose of to quantifying and enable the monitoring of cost and profit centres. As a single entity, it will be grouped into departments. There will be the risk of covering up of problems.

    By following the doctors ill advise, Najib placed IJN in a risky situation.

    For instance, IJN Sdn Bhd will directly assume the loan. In the event the loan run into problem, operation will be affected. The option to solve the problem will be limited and long winded. This the doctors have no way of seeing.

    Doctors can be geeky in school but they do f**k. They are only human to be easily gullible and misguided by the sight of money. It takes one young overzealous and ambitous young khairy-like and the organisation can lose sight of its true objective to turn into a bunch of greedy sonofabitch.

    IJN should be looked from the perspective of public health interest. By being a single unit, IJN can't grow and will not be able to serve the greater need of the public. It only serve the selfish need of certain group of people but not the growing number of patients endlessly waiting and even dying in wait for their turn to do their operations.

    The subsidiaries can be a source of income which will in turn help to reduce the cost for patients. Unless there are potential sources of income elsewhere than government subsidy and from hospital operations, IJN can't grow and sustain at the current level of cost.

    It can't depend entirely from government throughput only but need to look elsewhere for income to sustain the public interest at large. IJN need to expand operationally or geographically so that the benefit could be felt by the public and taxpayers througout the country.

    I have heard of IJN doctors making claims that IJN will not be what it is without them. I sense the doctors are thinking like prima donnas. This Melayus should realise that if the opportunity to serve IJN is openned to non Malays, there will be no place for them to further to be specialists.

    What about the nurses and other supporting staff and services who served IJN at meger pay compared to this prima donnas? Do they not contribute too! And also the supporting public submitting themselves as guineapigs. Soem do become guineapigs to doctors negligence. Don't tell us it did not happen.

    In their passion to talk and emulate Mayo, do they realise that there is a cap on the doctors income and bonus there? Are they willing to limit their income?

    Save from revealing the nominal amount of their salary, I dare the doctors in the said cartel of 13/33 to reveal the formula of their pay package. Also the perks.

  5. Anonymous4:35 pm

    "Hell, they see Nor Yaakob's son driving a Ferrari Modena, Dr Robaayah may decide to have one too. Possible, if they apply the money that's in IJN according to their ownership status"

    Ferrari Modena? From the family Nasi Kandar business?

  6. Bro whatever it is, let not the thousands of unhealthy poor among us be sacrificed just because some doctors or corporate and political figures want to get their hands on IJN's money making machine.

    Anyway if the good and long serving doctors at IJN think that they should make more money because of their specialist skills why not they just apply to Gleaneagles, Pantai or Prince Court etc. and become specialist there where patients are willing to part with big money to ensure their better health. Just a Thought.

  7. While the tug-of-war over the future of IJN is certainly distracting, I is a wondering whether IJN plans to establish branches for north, south and east Malaysia any time in the future? The founding chairman mentioned this before...



  9. vinnan8:25 pm

    Wanna bet that the people who will eventually benefit from the IJN's privatisation will be the UMNO pontianaks and toyols just like the ultimate beneficiary of the PKFZ scandal is KDSB controlled by UMNO nominees.

  10. Anonymous9:24 pm

    The new IJN facility is definately huge. The public was told that the waiting time will be cut by half.

    But why is it when I want to see my regular doctor, I was told the earlier time possible is in FEBRUARY 2010? If I STILL PERSIST in wanting to see him (diaorg ingat kita suka-suka kot) then I will see any one of the Junior Specialist under this taiko doctor's charge.

    Otherwise, katanya, 'go to the EMERGENCY & cakap u sakit'

    Needless to say, I was shocked. I later found out that this 'specialist' will be away overseas for seminar or whatever. In fact, I was further told by other patients in Zone 1, that they are having the same problem too. In 10 visits, only 2 or 3 times that they managed to see their doctors. The rest of the times with their macai's. Can u imagine having to repeat the same history to 5 different doctors!

    So, IJN..buck up la. To the doctors, just concentrate on what u do best.

    We are actually your paymasters!!

    MRN 207xxx

  11. Anonymous2:14 am

    Vinnan ,
    Whats ur problem with blanketing UMNO with such malicious accusation?
    Sak,Big Dog are self confessed UMNO member but are exposing the wrongdoing of even their own members.I never hear them claim that they are pure clean politician ..which I knew it is a true trait as a human .Which is to err.
    Oh I forgot , PR leaders are Saint appointed by God himself to rule Malaysia.

  12. I can see4:14 am

    Looks like the doctor did a coup d etat and used Dr Mahathir as bargaining power.

    Najib tak ada telor termakan ugutan doktor.

    Wonder whether Najib had heard the management side of the story.

    Without financial discipline, can see the doctors divulge lavishly on IJN reserve and service would detiorate.

    Eventually, things worsen and government have to get a saviour to bail out IJN.

    Dua round doktor ni semua dapat dari IJN.

  13. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Rocky bru,

    The new organisation structure of IJN looks so similar to another GLC which has build a high tech chicken farm in the city capital albeit without the chicken in it.............

    If you can compare them and make your good analysis.........

  14. Anonymous12:22 am

    Obsevant says,

    "This Melayus should realise that if the opportunity to serve IJN is openned to non Malays, there will be no place for them to further to be specialists."

    The above statement is not true. There were many non Melayu doctors attached to IJN but from time to time they left to joint other CT centre.

    Former Patient

  15. Anonymous12:41 am

    This is really like the pilots trying to blackmail Air Asia isnt it...I doubt Tony will take this lying down.....government got this coming to them long ago....