Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In Kelantan, PAS sacks blogger

Sheih loses job in witch-hunt. Socio-political bloggers in Malaysia aren't easily shocked, but news about Nik Aziz terminating Sheih's contract with the Kelantan Chief Minister Inc [PBMK] has rattled many. I've been trying to call the Kickdefella blogger to know what's the story but for now I suppose I will have to read between the lines of his latest posting Penamatan Kontrak Serta Merta.

If I get his meaning right, Sheih may have been sacked for allegedly reporting corrupt practices in PBMK to 1. the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commisison and 2. an UMNO assemblyman. Sheih has denied having committed those sins and is expected to call for a press conference in Kota Baru tomorrow. [The MACC raided PBMK and questioned its CEO, who is Nik Aziz's own son-in-law, last week].

The movie director, who achieved blog-fame for using movie posters on his blog to take jabs at Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when he was PM (the name of his blog was inspired by Pak Lah), joined the PAS state goverment of Kelantan one year before the March 2008 by-election where he used the media, especially the new media, to help improve PAS' appeal to Malaysians outside Kelantan.


  1. Anonymous11:13 pm

    satu pengajaran kepada semua pembawa fitnah....satu hari perkara yang sama akan terjadi kepada anda.

  2. Anonymous11:39 pm

    Salam Sejahtera...

    Ribut yang berlaku di PMBK hampir terlerai sudah.. Insyaallah. Hari ini 10 Nov 2009 blogger terkenal Kickdefella telah ditamatkan perkhidmatannya di PMBK. Keputusan penamatan jawatan ini adalah atas kehendak dan persetujuan TGNA sendiri selaku Pengerusi PMBK.

    Beliau yang menjawat jawatan Pegawai Perhubungan Awam kononnya hanyalah sebagai nama sahajal,,,,dengan dibayar gaji RM4 ribu lebih sebulan.

    Tugasnya utamanya ialah menulis didalam blognya untuk membantu menaikkan nama seorang ahli Exco Kelantan, inilah yang dikatakan makan gaji buta...... Mungkin ada yang tahu siapa EXCO itu, tapi biarkanlah dahulu, aku tak boleh terkehadapan untuk melapor berita ini.

    Apakah ia yang dimaksudkan oleh TGNA yang melaporkan kononnya ada penyelewengan di PMBK... apa pun sebenarnya beliaulah dan ramai lagi yang menjadi biawak hidup dalam agensi-agensi anak syarikat kerajaan Negeri Kelantan.

    Penyelewengan tersebut telah dapat dikesan oleh pegawai-pegawai yang memegang amanah, insyaallah, kami akan membongkar dan melaporkan apa jua penyelewengan. Buat EXCO yang terlibat tu, cukuplah, terimalah hakikat yang sebenarnya....

    Tahniah buat TGNA selaku Menteri Besar Kelantan yang bertindak tegas demi melaksanakan tugas yang diamanahkannya.

    -budak kelate-

  3. Anonymous12:20 am




  4. antikorupsi12:31 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Bad as Bodowi was, he didn't do what Tok Guru did. If there's corruption in the organisation, Tok Guru should thank Kickderfella and kiss his hand.


  5. Anonymous12:33 am

    n.ajis ni tak de hati perut. sheih just small fry, ramai small mouths to feed lagi.

    sheih, i hope u see what pas is all about now.

    your fren.

  6. Rasputin Beliong12:38 am

    Victim of witch-hunt?

    Or, maybe, it's penance for his sin in instigating citizens to fly the flag of their bumi tumpah darah upside down to express his displeasure with BN the party but did not have enough gumption to ditto the BN flag or those of its component parties (or for taking jabs at the mild-mannered Pak Lah, too?).

    What self prophesy his pseudonym proved to be!

  7. Anonymous12:58 am


    Blogger ibarat lilin, membakar diri untuk menerangi rumah pembangkang.

    Apabila hari bertukar siang lilin akan dimatikan tetapi tidak dibuang.

    Tetapi apabila lilin telah habis membakar diri sendiri, ia tidak akan dikitar semula sebaliknya akan dibuang.

    Nasib kamulah lilin yang tidak sedar akan resmi dunia!!! Kepada lilin ingatlah iaitu waima di serambi Mekah, nasib kamu sama saja.

    Rumah di Tepi Pantai

  8. Wow.. Now we know just another way to make money out of blogging. Maybe sheih could start compiling a module to hold seminars on this topic of interest...

  9. Anonymous6:12 am

    For certain TGNA telah mendahului SPRM dalam perkara ini. SPRM belum habis siasat, TGNA dah melatah. Pastikan kebenaran dulu, jgn tunjuk kuasa dengan cara yg sangat tidak bersopan. Kuasa adalah amanah dari Allah swt.
    For certain blogger tersebut tidak membawa fitnah dalam perkara ini ttp jelas CEO PMBK tidak senang dgn Sheih. Kalu kita tidak apa2 yg hendak di sembunyikan dari SPRM, buat apa nak sack org? Biarlah SPRM clear nama kita dulu!Kezaliman kita akan di balas oleh Allah swt. ingatlah Ariffahmi!!
    x pmbk

  10. Anonymous6:57 am

    So, there's no such thing as a 'clean' government, huh?

    Money rules, no matter where you go.

    But what about the battle cry about good governance, CAT,Kerupsion,cronyism,nepotism etc? Has the bait been replaced?


  11. no different between PAS and UMNO and PKR etc. with or without kopiah those people are full of shit, in and outside the kopiah

    another symptom of alzherisme

  12. Bro, perhaps Blogger sheih is the lucky one, he is now free of a Political Party which trades their Wife and their family in their oath of loyalty for their ADUNS and MPs. This practice will not bring them much respect nor much votes in future.

    I wonder what kind of loyalty oaths they will impose on their political partners or on us Malaysians if they really get in power at Putrajaya. Really Scary thought.

  13. I have no sympathy for the man who hang the National flag upside down due to his obsession with politics.

    If you are that obsessed with politicking perhaps this is a brilliant reminder of what it's like when one enters politics be it which side of the fence you may go.

    Because many here forget,
    accusation and stories that damages one's credibility, seem fun, that may give you the imaginary grandeur of being a "democratic fighter" or "Warrior of the words" can at the same time be used against you.

    And when it does,
    it's not pretty. But I guess that is just one of the Job Hazards that Sheikh has to endure upon joining that industry. And by Industry I mean Showbiz.

    When it comes to Politics, the thing you gotta know is, everything is showbiz.

    Good Luck KickdeFella,
    You got kicked, by the fella you least expected, it sucks, but hey life goes on.

  14. Anonymous10:57 am

    Nikki has always been one who talks cock but cannot walk the cock. I have lambasted this arsefucked turban lollipop in other forums not because of anything personal but precisely because of his cuntlicking of unwashed Chingkie twats while assidously working to scupper unity amongst Muslims, which as any practising Muslim would aver, is one of the most vital aspects that underpins the Ummah's . There are many verses in the Holy Quran and hadiths that emphasise the need for unity amongst Muslims . Even the revered Saidina Ali (as) preferred to be patient with the shenanigans of Othman and his acolytes rather than seeking his rightful position as Caliph, all in the interest of Muslim unity.

    The potrayal of Nikki as a godfearing, zuhudi is nothing but hogwash which even hogs would snigger at. The test of of iman lies not in the exercise of power only but also when power is dangled like a writhing comely whore before your very eyes. That Nikki fell for the whore speaks volumes of his worldniness and his arselicking attempts with the DAP to ensure his enjoyment of that whore is the hallmark of munafikism. No wonder, the Prophet (SAW & his family) remarked on a famous hadith that a believer should be wary of individuals who volunteer themselves for positions of power and Nikki is one classic case of fucktart, cockitched, ular-mak who craves for the cudgels of power to enrich himself and his family but never to serve the rakyat.Bastards like these are dime a dozen and should be nabbed, stripped of their pretentious vestments and lynched naked in the public square as a lesson to wouldbe munafik ular-maks who are deigning to follow this chingkie arsefucked, cumslurping, clitlicking, tranniewhoring pukimak down the path to glamour, gals and grog.

    The fact that the PAS fuckup Ular-maks have been so seduced by power that they are oblivious to the immorality sweeping their rank and file is never more obvious than in the Selangor oath incident. It speaks volumes of the total lack of morality that befogs the PAS scum that even an institution like marriage is made subservient to serve the prurient interests of the arsefucking, cuntwhoring Chingkie bastard. Getting married is akin to setting up a mosque and divorce is like tearing down that very mosque and is the Halal deed most detested by Allah (SWT). Hence, to trivialise the institution on partisan interests is the pits and the purveyors of such dastardly deeds are the kaffiruns of the lowest order. These Chinkie arselicking, cocksucking and twat tonguing bastards have besmirched the sanctity of Islam,cuckolded the instution of marriage and raped the sanctity of the family on the altar of political expediency driven by personal lusts for power in cahoots with kaffirs and other munafiks.That this arselicking bastard scum (http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/index.php/malaysia/42945-shah-alam-mp-admits-mistake-but-does-not-apologise-for-oath-slip-up) is the leader of the band is hardly surprising given his equating himself with Tipu Sultan (a Hindu cockwhore who besmirched Islam in his own way) and his central role in the Shah Alam temple issue which i will expose in the appropriate forum.A couple of questions to the fuckshit and his tutor,Nikki:a. On what dalil is this allowed? Since when has a party assumed a status on par with the syahadah?What if the party turns "evil" ( which it is already is), what happens then? Come on jawab, Pas scum, jangan tak jawab!

    Kickdafella was brilliant when he put the cockdoodling Sleepwalker and his cocksucking SILhoutte in their respective places. But the moment he stepped into the furnace of partisan politics, especially with a side that was plotting to bring about arsefucking, pigarsetwat whoring Chingkie political hegemony,that was when he lost 'it" bigtime.

  15. Bro Rocky,

    Simpati kpd Kickdefella..kalau pemecatan kerana teraniya ber doalah.doa org teraniya adalah makbul. Tapi.. padan ngan muka Kick...cuba lihat tulisannya adalah penuh dengan tohmahan, hasutan dan fitnah , walaupun tidak dinafikan sebahagian kecil shj ada yang betul. Pandangan yang sedikit tidak memihaknya tidak di publish dalam ruangan komennya...sama seperti seorang lagi blogger Mohd Sayuti Omar(MSO)..mereka ni menulis bukan atas kesedaran tetapi kerana upah..walaubagaimanapun MSO mungkin bergembira atas peristiwa ni pemecatan ni.

  16. Anonymous11:39 am

    PAS = Parti Ajaran Sesat - dzul melaka

  17. Anonymous11:46 am

    Nik Aziz akui dibiaya tunai haji, selipar pun ‘dicuri’ orang

    Menteri Besar Kelantan, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat mengakui ada individu-individu yang pernah membiayai beliau untuk menunaikan haji dan ada yang mahu berbuat demikian tahun depan.

    Beliau tidak menganggap ia sebagai satu bentuk rasuah.

    "Orang nak bawa saya pergi ke Mekah, kenapa saya nak tolak. Saya pergi ke Mekah, jarang belanja saya sendiri.

    "Orang tolong bayar. Semua orang berebut (untuk membiaya saya ke Mekah)," kata beliau di Kota Bharu semalam.

    Kelmarin beberapa pegawai Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia menantu beliau, Mohd. Ariff Fahmi Abdul Rahman yang juga Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan (PMBK) bagi membantu siasatan berhubung penyelewengan yang dikatakan berlaku dalam perbadanan tersebut.

    Mursyidul Am PAS ini berkata, beliau bersedia untuk menerima tawaran untuk mengerjakan haji daripada sesiapa sahaja asalkan tidak menyalahi undang-undang Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia.

    Kata Nik Aziz, sebelum ini pun beliau jarang mengunjungi Mekah dengan pembiayaan sendiri memandangkan ada sahaja individu yang ingin membawanya ke Tanah Suci.

    Bagi menggambarkan betapa ramai yang merebut-rebut untuk membiayai beliau, Nik Aziz menambah, seliparnya selalu diambil orang.

    "Selipar saya pun orang ambil. Dia kata bukan curi tapi nak ambil berkat.

    "Selipar saya di rumah saya tak boleh letak bawah, letak habis tak dok (hilang)," kata beliau dipetik Sinar Harian.

    Tambah Nik Aziz, sudah bertahun-tahun beliau diminta oleh orang-orang tertentu untuk pergi ke Mekah dengan kosnya dibiayai mereka.

    "Bertahan-tahaun saya diminta oleh orang tertentu untuk pergi ke Mekah. Tahun ini dua orang nak hantar (saya) ke Mekah," katanya lagi.

    Menteri Besar Kelantan ini mengulas dakwaan pihak tertentu yang mengatakan beliau akan ke Tanah Suci bagi mengerjakan haji tahun ini dengan ditaja oleh individu tertentu.

    Dakwaan itu menyebut Nik Aziz akan ditaja menunaikan haji dengan tiket VVIP yang kosnya mencecah RM65,000 seorang.

    Bagaimanapun Nik Aziz menjelaskan, ia tidak boleh disamakan dengan satu bentuk amalan rasuah.

    "Biar tentu dulu... kalau tentu rasuah, saya tolak. Biar tentu rasuah benda apa. Dia nak bawa, dia nak bayar tambang.

    "Alasan dia nak bawa saya, saya tidak tahu. Tahun depan pun ada lagi yang nak bawa (saya)," jelas beliau.


    Hmm, arent people that serves any government, state or federal should not accept gifts or token etc from anyone especially if they are in the position where tender, projects etc are involved?

    If this is not rasuah then Linggam case is not a rasuah too....

    Nik Aziz is definitely confusing me, BIG TIME!


  18. Anonymous11:52 am

    N.Ajis already kick da fella ass..kah..kah..kah..!

    Joke of the PASsic..


    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  19. Ingat masa dulu12:43 pm

    Sheih ni pun kaki wayang.

    Dulu dia lakun konon ada orang nak belasah dia pasal poster2 yang dia buat.

    Kemudian dia buat cantona masa nak ke kota baru.

    Dah selalu menipu dan main wayang, susah nak percaya habis.

  20. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Yes Nik Rahmah, pot calling kettle black indeed. The opposition used to hit BN for cronism and nepotism. Now they are keeping quite about Nik Aziz's son-in-law being the chief of MB Inc. Not all Pakatan politicians are born equal; some have thicker skin than others.

    Backhoe Joe

  21. Allahuakbar. Hanya Allah sahaja yang tahu apa akan berlaku. Hanya Allah sahaja yang tahu apa dalam hati manusia. Semoga Allah akan menunjuk kan yang mana benar dan yang mana salah.
    Yang baik itu menantu, yang jahat itu hantu. Semoga Allah mengurniakan kita menantu yang beriman, berilmu dan beramal.

  22. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Hutang Talam:
    Khir dakwa Khalid main silap mata

    PETALING JAYA, Nov 11 — Bekas Menteri Besar Selangor Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo mendakwa penggantinya Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim bermain "silap mata" ketika mengumumkan strategi terbaru Menteri Besar Incorporated (MBI) yang akan mengambil alih hutang Talam Corporation berjumlah RM392 juta.

    Khir menegaskan dakwaan Menteri Besar bahawa kerajaan lalu pimpinan Barisan Nasional tidak mengambil sebarang tindakan hanya menunjukkan sama ada Khalid menipu atau tidak mengambil tahu apa yang berlaku.

    "Saya lebih percaya beliau cuba mengelirukan rakyat," kata beliau dalam tulisan blognya.

    Kelmarin Dewan Undangan Negeri Selangor meluluskan bajet tambahan sebanyak RM392 juta kepada MBI untuk membeli hutang Talam daripada kerajaan negeri.

    Geran itu membolehkan MBI membeli hutang Talam RM392 juta daripada kerajaan negeri, sekali gus membolehkan ia mengambil alih soal mengutip hutang Talam daripada tiga anak syarikat negeri iaitu Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Bhd (KDEB), Permodalan Negeri Selangor Berhad (PNSB) dan Yayasan Pendidikan Selangor, katanya Khalid kelmarin.

    Syarikat perumahan itu berhutang RM392 juta dengan tiga anak syarikat kerajaan negeri itu dalam pelbagai usaha sama pembangunan hartanah sepanjang 10 tahun lalu.

    Oleh itu pada hakikatnya, jelas Khir, pada tahun 2007 kerajaan negeri telah menubuhkan sebuah jawatankuasa khas yang diketuai oleh Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri dan semua anak syarikat terbabit bagi mengutip hutang Talam kepada anak-anak syarikat kerajaan negeri.

    toyol..toyol....sekarang baru kau nak cakap banyak..

    nak tubuh jawatankuasa khas untuk siasat apa? untuk siasat asal usul tempe ka?

    lepas tu tubuh satu lagi jawatankuasa untuk siasat jawatankuasa khas diatas?

    p/s: bila la depa (MACC& polis) nak habis siasat disneyland trip dan duit balkis yang disonglap toyol nie...

  23. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Di Neo Damansara dah ada club Bar Mitzvah , besar pulak tu dekat belakang Menara Musthapa Kamal.

    Lepas ni nak ada Hanukkah chill out location ke ?

    Sensitif la sikit.Baik allow sekali synagogue building terus

  24. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Rocky : Kindly check this blog




  25. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Rocky : Kindly check this blog



    Friend of Kickdefella

  26. PJU Voter3:34 pm

    Hi ROCKY,

    When you have NIK AZIZ is PAS, it's likened to a JOKE whereby you see Anwar Ibrahim drilling Lim Kit Siang's ass.

    Funny, right??? However, the point is NOT to be funny. The point is "It's FUNNY & TRUE".

    - PJU Voter

  27. PAS = Penganut Agama Sesat3:41 pm

    Hi ROCKY,

    The problem with PAS is that these TALIBANS doesn't know how to differentiate between POLITICS & RELIGION.

    Religion is a principle of how we should live our life in orderly manner, while, Politics is something totally different.

    I simply cannot comprehend the mentality of these TALIBANS. Since these TALIBANS doesn't know how to differentiate basic things, one SHOULDN'T be surprised to see TALIBANS screwing a cow at the road side anywhere in Kelantan thinking its' their wives.

    Try going to Kelantan & it's easy to spot TALIBANS eating their own shit thinking it's their rice, TALIBANS washing their hands with Goats' pee thinking it's tap water & TALIBANS eating PORK thinking it's FISH.

    PAS = Pengamut Agama Sesat

  28. Hadi Abang Hussein3:46 pm

    Dear ROCKY,

    I believe NIK AZIZ had been committing CORRUPTION since decades ago. The reason why it wasn't exposed is becos' NIK AZIZ was then a much younger, healthier & alert man.

    Since NIK AZIZ now had aged & is no longer that alert anymore, he had forgotten HOW TO HIDE HIS CORRUPTION DEEDS. this is the reason why the cans of worms is finally crawling out. If NIK AZIZ is only 5 years younger, perhaps he would have hid his corruption modus operandi safely & tightly.

    Does this explains all???

  29. Talibans3:50 pm

    The difference between NIK AZIZ & OSAMA BIN LADEN is that....

    "NIK AIZ hasn't train his group of Taliban soldier (or in another word PASLIBAN soldier) how to fly a plane a crash through some high rise buildings. NIK AZIZ only taught his SON-IN-LAW how to fly but only to end-up CRASH & BURN himself.

  30. Osama3:55 pm

    PAS is a joke.

    However, what can we expect out of PAS when they consist of a group of layback & uncivilized Muslims who simply can't differentiate between their FATHER & MOTHER (let alone Politics & Religion)???

    If we pay close attention to NIK AZIZ (PAS leader) & OSAMA LADEN (Al-Qaeda leader), it's OBVIOUS to see they dress the same, they wear the same type of TURBAN & they have the same type of beard (similar to a goat face).

  31. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Finally somebody has 'KICKED' This Fella out.

    The Prophecy have been fulfilled.


  32. Anonymous9:20 pm

    So the tupai has fallen I see, and a big fall it was too. Bet that back is hurting like hell with that knife sticking out of it.
    Well Kick ma man, only the National flag is loyal to you. See, turn it upside down or not it's still yours.
    Ish ish ish..and after all you've done to it.


  33. Anonymous12:03 am

    aku rasa sheik kira bagus la jugak bila ditamatkan perkhidmatan dapat jugak pampasan oleh majikan dia pmbk..bukan sikit tp rm20,000 beb...

    tapi hang tau tak staf gmc yang kene terminate mane ada pampasan..pakai buang gitu je,tu pun notis penamatan tak ada black & white...bila bekerja, majikan(Global Media Channel) tak carum EPF untuk setiap pekerja.try check staf pmbk sekarang yang pernah bekerja dengan GMC.try check penyata epf dia.

    Utk makluman hang bos besar gmc adalah pegawai yang kene pecat oleh menantu pmbk..
    tapi apa hubung kait pmbk dengan gmc..
    wartawan yang ada masa pc syed azidi pasti tahu ape status Kickdefella di gmc.

    -xstaf gmc-

  34. Anonymous12:50 am

    Pak Samad's journalism is all over this place..eek!

  35. Anonymous7:32 am

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  36. Anonymous8:28 am

    ala mamat syed ni kalau tgk entry dia sejak dua menjak ni lain macam je... ala-ala dah nak lawan nik aziz bukan nak lawan menantu nik aziz.

    berkias-kias tapi tak berani nak cakap terus terang. boleh juga di buat persepsi hanya untuk mengancam/mengugut nik aziz atau pmbk untuk mendapat sesuatu. tapi nampak macam pmbk/nik aziz buat bodo aje. last2 kena la diberhentikan.

    Dakwaan diberhentikan sebab tak capai prestasi. nak capai prestasi mcmana kalau ntah mana2 duk.. ada orang kata ,ada pejabat tapi adakah setiap hari dia masuk? katanya jawatan pegawai perhubungan korporat? apa cerita?
    bila kena diberhentikan mula la melatah, siap ada PC lagi..ahakss... 1st time civil servant kena sack buat PC... ha ha ha

    dah la syed... dulu sya nak bgtau husam... kredibiliti dia akan jatuh selagi syed ni ada berdampingan dgnnya. selagi dia percaya pada syed ni...

  37. Anonymous9:15 am

    The potrayal of Nikki as a godfearing, zuhudi is nothing but hogwash which even hogs would snigger at.

    - a masterful command of the English language........Man, you are wasting your talent posting comments here. You should be a novelist.....

  38. Anonymous10:00 am

    ya habibie sheih ya maulana ya jahanammu...

    kelate in jb