Saturday, November 07, 2009

Flip-flop dah?

6/11 Govt scraps proposal for mandatory checks for vehicles older than 15yrs following complaints from the public: MITI/STAR

Peka or Pekak? I have a 17-year old car which is practically falling apart: one day it's the gear transmission, the next it's a faulty brake. It's an old car, what do you expect? If it was a human, my car would probably be in its 70s and not a very healthy one. So despite the unhappy prospect of having to send the car to Puspakom for yearly check-ups, I realized that it was something practical and potentially life-saving. Singapore has had that policy for years, tak de hal pun.

But, then, suddenly, the idea is scrapped! [Govt scraps end-of-life policy, The Star, Nov 7]

During Pak Lah's era, it was called flip-flop. Usually, this happened because no homework had been done, the policy-makers syok sendiri and didn't bother talking to people, or/and couldn't care less (or thought they wouldn't have to give a damn) about public reaction.

If public complaints are supreme, won't the government grant the wish of the rakyat for cheaper cars h e r e? OK?


  1. Anonymous12:54 pm

    This Govt is getting to be as silly as the previous Govt. Najib realises that Bodowi's style can work : just say anything but dont deliver. No one cares - until election time. Now they have sarted the flip flop.

    The change from English to Malay was just the beginning of the flip flop.

    But this was a good flip. The people in the kampong cannot afford to have their cars checked by Puspakom. It also prevents Puspakom from becoming more corrupted.

    The change to Malay from English (maths and science) was a flop. They should flip that back.

    The PM and especially the DPM Muhyuddin dont seem to know where we should be heading.

    This is not good.

  2. It's definitely flip-flop.

    They will also flip flop on RPGT which discourages FDI's and $50 service tax on credit cards which is an unnecessary tax on the struggling young and working class. If they wish to discourage credit card abuse, Bank Negara can bar credit card cash withdrawals.

    As for the NAP, the Govt MUST have a policy for scrapping cars that are more than say 8 years old and do not pass a thorough inspection for roadworthiness and safety.

    Firstly, this will help reduce pollution.

    More importantly, it will give a boost to car sales if everyone from individuals to private companies to Govt is forced to regularly get rid of their junk.

    IN UK and USA, large companies and Govt have an unwritten policy of replacing their fleet cars every 4-5 years. Besides giving Ford and GM a good sales base, there are also considerable savings in repairs and maintenance costs.

    Locally, Proton could benefit from this kind of policy, provided the Govt does not flip flop and allow civil servants and MP's to buy Mercs abd BMw's as official cars with taxpayers money!

    Whatever they do, they must not give a monopoly to anyone for passenger car inspection!

    We are also of 1 race, the Human Race

  3. Anonymous1:19 pm

    You bolih cakap laa send to Puspakom every year. Can you tell us your present earnings and monthly income please?

    No person in the right frame of mind would want to drive a death trap car willingly.


    7 Nov 2009

  4. tgk major la...
    bkn semua org ade duet nk beli keta baru.
    lgpun malaysian prefer 2nd hand cars .
    sbb harga kereta mahal sgt.
    nk wt cmne?

  5. Cheaper car? Perhaps in our dream only.

  6. 1Malaysia1:53 pm

    What about the new peugeot that u been driving around, is that also part of the flip flop ?

  7. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Ya Rocky,

    Why cant they have "budget" cars costing below RM10K? We have hundreds of thousands of students and housewives, pensioners and kampung folks?

    Merely used to go from point A to point B within a radious of less than 10km each day, to schools to markets, kopitiam etc..

    I am sure it will be very popular..


  8. Anonymous2:13 pm

    the policy-makers syok sendiri and didn't bother talking to people, or/and couldn't care less (or thought they wouldn't have to give a damn) about public reaction.-
    bukan syok sendiri tapi asyik fikir duit dalam bank !!...
    -trojan horse-

  9. Anonymous2:51 pm

    singapore vehicle life span only 10 years old. malaysia ... drive till all parts falling apart also don't damn care.
    that's why we can even quote this government idea 'hangat hangat tahi ayam' only. always talk but no action.

  10. Anonymous3:00 pm

    If the main reason for the original idea is for the safety of the people, then this should continue. If cost is an issue, then the govt can charge a reasonable rate for the inspection. This is real flip-flop of the highest order.
    They should really stop the credit card fee. That would be a good flip-flop. AY

  11. Dr. Toh Kian Meng4:17 pm

    Agree that check-ups for old cars are important Rocky.

    This is done in many other developed countries too.

    I agree with the proposal.

    However, the problem is this and is always this:

    The government probably has a hidden agenda. Maybe they want to induce people to give up old cars and buy new (Proton) cars.

    Or the government is indirectly trying to tax people to jack up the revenue of certain government departments (but the Proton theory is more likely to be true).

    What the government should do is give a rebate for people to take their cars in for check-ups, if the government is genuine.

    So you see, while it is a GOOD POLICY INDEED to have old cars checked up for the sake of the welfare of road-users, the government cannot be trusted -- it is one which has poor credibility in the eyes of the people in many ways.

  12. Rocky , i will agree with you on this. Its flip flop for the so called thiking PM. I guess the complaints of kampung is more important that urban complain on PRGT.

    In the essense, if the price of car did not come down .. the 15 year policy will not work.

  13. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Good that they listen to the public.

    Not everybody, in fact i think the majority of Malaysians can't really afford new cars, especially when the prices are the same as HOUSES! Even the cheapest is priced the same as low cost houses. It's crazy! And after you've bought a car, the prices depreciate faster than you can say Puspakom!

    Now Puspakom is another thing altogether. Does Runners and corrupt practices ring a bell to those who have dealt with Puspakom?

    Anyway the real reason behind this inspection thing is not car safety (REALLY) but to help the "Ala, biasala kereta Proton memang selalu rosak macam tu..." local car industry.

    Sure i'll buy one. But ONLY if they put high standards on quality and the prices are cheaper than HOUSES. Period!


  14. Sack the Minister - MITI.. Left over from Pak Lah Cabinet! Cincai policy on NAP!..Macam nie another fail strategy! Don't be another FLOP FLIP... OR FAMOUS FLIP FLOP GOVT! Another disaster! Or to test the Rakyat!

  15. Anonymous7:40 pm

    Kadang2 kalau gomen nak buat sesuatu yang difikirkan baik untuk semua, lakukan saja. Kalau nak dengar segelintir orang yang tak setuju itu dan ini sampai bila pun tak akan terlaksana. Pemeriksaan mandatori kereta yang melebihi usia 15 tahun adalah sesuatu yang amat baik. Soal keselamatan yang melibatkan nyawa jangan di abaikan. Rakyat Malaysia memang begitu, jika ada cadangan, komen negatif dan bantahan dahulu yang di utarakan berbanding benda yang positif.

    Pemeriksaan ini jangan lah dimansuhkan tetapi kerajaan kena menetapkan bayaran minima bagi pemeriksaan ini di Puspakom. Jangan lebih daripada RM30 ringgit. RM30 untuk setahun sekali apalah sangat demi keselamatan diri, keluarga dan orang lain.


  16. long live my KE31, hope they scrap the ban on second hand part import also.. those old part quite hard to get now days.. :(

  17. I thought that the policy for having 15 year old cars to have mandatory annual checks is a good idea, we certainly do not want old cars not well maintained having faulty brakes or dripping oil being driven on our roads. That is bad not just for the driver/owner but also dangerous for other road users as well.

    Pity the Government have to make a flip flop on this one, it would have contributed positively to road safety. I think this part of the NAP was very well thought off but just like the reluctance to force a one stream school, it has been reversed due to political expediency I guess, well I hope I am wrong.

    In fact Bro, if the Government had considered reducing the very high taxes on our cars further, the price of our cars could be in synch with that of the much cheaper cars in Thailand and Malaysians would not have bothered to keep their old cars for 15 years or more and our safety on the roads would have been greatly enhanced.

    If political points are what the Government want, then having cheaper cars for Malaysian will bring them tons of votes from grateful Malaysian for sure. Cheaper cars means our families have extra money to buy other things we want like better homes etc. for ourselves, the result would be positive for other industries like the building and manufacturing sectors and Malaysians overall.

    The NAP should have been further enhanced to allow for cheaper cars for Malaysians to buy.

    Did I hear somebody said "what about Proton?", Hell, they have been in business for close to 25 years with Government protection, its about time they are on their own to fight with the big boys. Proton should be able now to compete on their own or merge to survive.

    So how about it Dato' Prime Minister? Why not do a "positive" flip flop on the NAP again.

  18. Yeah.. I agree with you bro. We need cheaper car. Why do we have to pay so expensive for something that drop in price the second you sign the purchase agreement? Some people even buy cars more expensive than their homes.

  19. like the car before you engage the gear you must first engage the clutch. Like wise our politicians should before opening their mouths muse first engage their BRAINS.

  20. vinnan11:22 am

    You see it is UMNO's greed and callous attitude towards the hardships faced by Malaysians which brought them disaster in GE 12. Mr Sleepy head thought he could go out and screw the people because of BN's unprecedented win in GE 11.

    One big win in Bagan Pinang and Najis thinks he can screw the public. Under Najis the third party rates have gone up by 100% for motorcycles and 200% for cars. In my 30 years of motorcycle riding I have never made a claim on a motorcycle policy nor have a claim ever been made against me. Why must my third party rate increase 100%. If the insurance companies cannot make money in motor insurance they should have a look at their loss adjusters and the workshops. Do not for a moment think trhat we do not know Khazanah owns substantial amounts of shares in insurance companies and that UMNO cronies sit on their board of directors.

    As for the used spare parts issue I PROMISE TO TURN IT INTO A POLITICAL BOMB FOR THE UMNO GREEDY BASTARDS. PR will eventually knock out UMNO not because PR is strong but because the UMNO Mats are too fucking greedy to care for the people. UMNO can shout their One Malaysia and 'Ketuanan' shit as much as they like but when we have to fork out fantastic prices for our car spare parts we will always remember how corrupt UMNO is. Like habitual criminals UMNO will never be able to stop screwing the people at the first opportunity.

  21. Anonymous12:57 pm

    aRE You cALLINg dSN a FliP flOP?

  22. they are alwayz be the same.. dulu,kini dan selamanya....

  23. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Part 1

    flip flop....Its a disease that has plagued this nation since 2003 for some unfathomable reason. Once flipf;lopping was the domain of the stupid arsedildoing and selfwanking opposition and still is....but now it has infected the guv like some pernicious swine flu. Look at the budget for instance:

    1. you wanna stimulate private consumption and get the engine purring but what do you do?

    a. take out the octane for spending by levying a 50 charge on credit cards.......

    b. bring down the tax rate in a regressive fashion so that the top 10 percentile spend their newly gained windfall overseas.

    c. crimp spending further by denying the servants even a month's bonus.

    d. add a GGT on property transactions thus effectivly depressing transactions nad indirectly the property mart

    e.and to add humour to the absurdity, talk non-stop of a GST which will effectively kill off retail and induce a price hike in which in turn will crimp spending further while choking off the O2 from any tax rebate the middle class enjoyed......

    the core of any counter-reccessionary policy would be putting money in people's pockets so they will spend whether it be by the way of tax cuts or increased govt spending on infrastructure/social programmes or monetary policies of low interest rate regime that will lower the cost of borrowing for individuals and business, reduce existing mortgage burdens...etc

    The fact that exports have declined for September by 24$ YOY is not good news especially when big-ticket infra spending has not taken off:

    A good case in point will be the RM7.0 billion LRT extension project which may start from as early as next year.However, announcements on the start of other big ticket projects like the Pahang-Selangor raw water transfer project (RM2.6 billion), new LCCT terminal RM2.0 billion), Gemas-JB double tracking rail project (RM5.0 billion) and the Langat 2 water supply (RM4.5 billion) have yet to be made."

  24. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Part 2

    so what stimulus budget spending are we talking about and multiplier effect????

    Anyway, a chunk of that money would be for wages which would probably end up in Indonesian, bangladesh, myanmar pockets who will promptly repatriate it home + are the non-labour inputs going to be sourced from locally or from Chingkieland? If it is latter, then we are talking about arsemultipliers.

    would show how export income,wages and employment have declined.

    The fact that the economists in the Business Times article are still implicitly emphasising development externally underpins our overdependance on trade.Given that our main export mart especially the US is going through high unemployment (10.2%), i dont think there will be rosy future ahead for electronics which make up almost 60% of our exports there:

    Given all this, the cancelled clunker phaseout is hardly surprising as it is in keeping with the unsureness, tentative stance adopted in all spheres of governance be it political (, internal security (ISA), economic, social ( 1malaysia cacamerba instead of strong 1pribumi), educational(PPSMI rejection and One stream denial) whatever.

    Just look at what the cash for clunkers project did to the US economy and auto sector. Now they are extending tax credits for home buyers and about to pour money into SMEs when we cant even get our SME banks to operate effectively gara2 a nincompoop of a former MF2......but thats another story...Why not we set up a tax credit for first time homebuyers instead of fattening Chingke high income rogues' wallets with tax rebates that favour these arseholes and tighten the tax collecting mechanisms to check and nab chingkie tax evaders. i am not suggesting this is one but look at the daily income:

    Talk about cockboggling!!

    Both sides evince a clear inability to deliver good effective governance which in turn begs for military intervention......

    Warrior 231

  25. and why would it be so hard for you to send your car for check up every year, to your own preferred workshops without having the government to force that upon us?

    You don't need a policy to practice good safety standards.

  26. Anonymous10:39 pm

    We can't follow like what singapore did for many years without a problem simply because in singapore they don't have the NAP to protect their national cars . Also there have none AP kings and queens to support.

  27. BrightEyes11:30 pm

    Just gradually get rid of those damn APs and regressive taxes on foreign car brands. You'll make life easier for many Malaysians.

    Sure, Proton's sales will drop, but all this while they've been given preferential treatment... but still their quality and prices (without that tax) cannot compete with the other makers.

    Should have sold it to VW when they we still dealing...

  28. Anonymous3:25 am

    the vehicle end of life policy was announced in a haste without first having to properly put all the important elements in place.

    1. puspakom and checks...were they going to be the only agency to inspect? do they have enough facilities and manpower nationwide? was the government going to appoint others? none of this was addressed during or after the budget speech. puspakom themselves refrained from making any press statement. jpj too did not make any statement with regards to what the vehicles will be evaluated for. seeing that none of the relevant agencies commented shows they too may have been unprepared for the announcement or have yet to put a system in place.

    2. the policy when announced did not emphasise enough on safety. the government's intentions may be noble but the manner in which this was communicated in the budget had people perceiving the government as arrogant or forcing the rakyat to swallow this new policy and in the process help to increase the sale of proton cars. to add salt to the injury, the government bans the sale of used spare parts, not to mention that 3rd party insurance is also extinct. did u know that to qualify for the pool insurance available from the post office one first needs to go to puspakom to have the vehicle evaluated? if you happen to be a senior citizen, a medical report is also required. so much for assisting to overcome the absence of 3rd party insurance. kalau nak buat biarlah sincere and not make life difficult for others. the whole idea behind this pool insurance scheme is for the motor vehicle insurance to be made available for old cars. no where did it mention it concerns safety.

    i wonder, i really do, who is responsible for drawing up all these policies and are they infact well versed/experienced in the automotive industry. they may be economists, but they sure don't know much about cars.

    1 more thing. the policy of allowing foreign manufacturers to open shop here so long as they produce cars that are of 1.8 litre and cost RM150,000 and above. If i read this correctly, is the government trying to tell me that the price of a non-proton/national 1.8 car in future is going to be a miminum of rm150,000? can u imagine the price of a 2 litre, 2.5 or 3 litre then...and by the way, how did they arrive at this pricing structure. I am pretty sure this takes into account the existing taxes and duties, and if so, it essentially means that no way in hell can us the rakyat hope or look forward to cheaper brand new non-national cars in the future.

    i'm sticking to used cars and my 15-year-old "rust bucket" is shouting "hell no, we won't go!"

    - Hitman -

  29. Amused8:26 am

    Hmm... looks like the old management style of "announce first, discuss/ amend /cancel /consult later after public outcry" is still alive & kicking. Short-sighted policies by incompetent (ill?) advisors still rule the day.

    Want us to scrap old and/or unsafe cars? Well, u can do that, AFTER letting us get have hi per capita income, either cheap cars or good public transport.

    There are researches that say old cars don't necessarily pollute more, as the extra energy used (and therefore emissions released), from extracting the raw material to sending the new cars into the show rooms, is actually too great to be cancelled off by the more efficient new cars, compared to continue using existing old cars.

  30. Anonymous8:46 am

    I guess there is some truth to the saying:

    Dr M - Father of Thailand's automotive industry
    Pak Lah - Father-in-law of KJ
    Najib - Father of slogans

    Malaysia is what you get when leaders are chosen based on race & not competence.

    - Flip-flop

  31. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Sdr Rocky,

    Singapura tu negara kecil. Pengangkutan awamnya memang baik disebabkan saiz negaranya adalah berstatus bandaraya sahaja. Sebab utama membendung pertumbuhan pesat jumlah kenderaan awam adalah supaya tidak berlaku kesesakan jalanraya yg teruk di negara bandaraya kecil itu.
    Kalau nak dilakukan salah satu cadangan dalam NAP tu, agaknya berapa buah pusat seperti Puspakom tu patut diujudkan di sana? Mungkin 5 buah pusat seperti itu dah lebih dari cukup kot.

    Malaysia pula merentasi dari Perlis hingga ke Sarawak dan Sabah. Termasuklah pulau-pulau kecil seperti Langkawi, Pangkor dll. Cuba bayangkan berapa buah pusat Puspakom harus diujudkan? Bolehkah Puspakom bina pusatnya disetiap bandar, termasuk bandar-bandar kecil tahun depan?

    Lagipun Singapura tidak mempunyai parti pembangkang yg kuat. Rakyat Singapura tidak ada pilihan alternatif. Kebanyakan parti pembangkang di sana sentiasa dibankruptkan.

    Di Malaysia rakyat ada alternatif seperti PR. Kerajaan di bawah DSN sekarang ni sedang cuba memenangi hati rakyat balik dengan dasar Rakyat Didahulukan. Polisi NAP ini walaupun baik tapi pada kebanyakan rakyat menengah dan bawahan ia adalah menyusahkan dan membebankan. Bayangkan tuan punya kenderaan yg duduk di Gerik atau tempat-tempat terpencil lain terpaksa memandu berpuluh Km untuk ke pusat Puspakom? Tentulah rungutan rakyat seperti ini akan memberi point kepada PR untuk menjadi penyelamat rakyat pulak.

    Tambahan pulak dengan keadaan ekonomi sekarang ini yg masih merundum. Banyak pekerja-pekerja yg telah diberhentikan dsbnya. Tentulah masa sekarang tidak begitu sesuai dan eloklah tunggu sehingga tahap ekonomi kembali kukuh.

    Siapa yang tak ingin untuk memiliki kenderaan baru. Tapi bayangkanlah tanggungan hutang rakyat golongan menengah dan bawahan untuk memlangsaikan hutang rumah dan kenderaan setiap bulan. Kos rumah sederhana mencecah RM 250k ke atas. Kereta sederhana pula sekitar RM70k ke atas. Hutang rumah perlu langsai sehingga 25 tahun. Kereta pula sehingga 7 - 10 tahun. Tentulah orang seperti ini ingin merasa lega sedikit apabila hutang kereta langsai selepas 10 tahun. Ditambah lagi dengan tanggungan baru untuk ahli keluarga yg juga bertambah?

    Ada ke statistik yg menunjukkan kenderaan lama banyak terlibat dalam kemalangan? Yang ada tu hampir kesemua kenderaan yang terlibat dalam kemalangan teruk tu adalah kereta-kereta baru belaka.

    Tuan punya kenderaan lama tu pun waras jugak. Mereka pun bukan bodoh sangat mahu membahayakan diri dengan membiarkan kereta mereka jadi bobrok. Tentulah penyenggaran rutin dilakukan selalu untuk keselamatan memandu. Nanti terpulanglah kepada kemampuan mereka kelak untuk menukar kereta baru bila ada kemampuan dan ekonomi pulih. Siapa yang tak inginkan kereta baru dan siapa yang tak rasa jemu membawa kereta lama sentiasa?

    Kalau boleh setiap tahun ingin ditukar model baru. Tapi bolehkah kerajaan buat sesuatu supaya pendapatan rakyat dilipat gandakan dan membolehkan mereka menukar kereta setiap tahun? Atau menurunkan harga kereta semurah-murahnya? Kalau ini berlaku tak ada siapa yang nak pakai kereta lama lagi!

    - Tukang perati

  32. troller12:55 pm


  33. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Dear Mr Fuck Flip FLop,

    Do you mean to say if Malaysians were to elect a different Race and Malaysia will be better?

    Yes better, but better at Gambling, More H1N1 PIGSTY, More Children 'Kurang AJAR' to their parents, More 'KONGSI GELAP', More RACIST!, More JOBS monopolised by YOUR 'Fucking' RACE!.

    Fuck YOU and your Mother FLIP FLOP! GO TO HELLLLLLLL!! Bloody BASTARD! I'll kick your fucking face if i ever see you!

  34. dulu had hari=flip
    1 maly sia=flop

    in the boleh land

  35. Anonymous9:12 am


    The budget has shown that Najib is just a bit better than Pak Lah. Obviously he didn't read through the budget. If he had done so, perhaps this flip flop wouldn't have happened. Maybe that's why Dr M didn't make him the PM when he resigned. But then again Dr M's judgement of people's characters is terrible.

    The NAP was a disappointment to many of us. Everyone was basically praying for a reduction in imported car tax. We just want safer more efficient cars that are not as expensive as our homes. Is that a sin? If Proton can give the same quality, there's no need for so much protection.

    Also, I seriously think that the number of deaths caused by road accidents can be greatly reduced if Malaysians use imported cars. How many people have died in Proton/Perodua cars? I would love to look at the stats.


  36. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Hi W231,

    1. Any idea what happen to our labour supply for the pass six months? Seem recruitment is becoming the major issue for many factories, and locals are not willing to work in manufacturing base MNC due to the very low wages.

    2. From your POV, can our manufacturing based economy sustain without the foreign labour?


  37. More flip flop to come?

  38. Al-Sadr10:37 pm

    hello rocky;

    Supposed if our NAP policy maker have genuine concern about public safety first of all they must take this 30 years old bus off the road.

    I don't really understand doesn't this aging bus poses hazard to public safety more than that of an15 year old car?

    NAP please wake up. :)

  39. sick&tired1:40 pm

    Its not a practical idea la! Cars in malaysia are so expensive! How do you expect people in the lower income group to buy new cars. Do you think anyone in their right mind wants to drive a beaten up old rust bucket?

  40. skilgannon10665:00 pm

    Part A.

    Wah lau, eh! For once, I am inclined to agree with what Warrior XXX has posted - the qualification being that this applies to his views on the economy and not to the racist claptrap that he/she is prone to spewing out.

    I would venture to suggest that government spending is constrained by:

    - a budget deficit of about 7.6 per cent for the current financial year. Continued budget deficits are unsustainable as they will adversely impact the country's sovereign ratings and raise the costs for Malaysian government bonds.

    - petroleum revenues comprising about 40 per cent of govt revenues. This, again, is unsustainable, because as the CEO of Petronas has pointed out, Malaysia's reserves of oil and gas are diminishing commodities.

    - the government has little additional ammunition to raise revenues if palm oil prices remain depressed in the light of competition and increased productivity from the Indonesian palm oil industry.

    - a tax on consumption, like the proposed Goods & Services Tax (GST), would be one way for the govt to raise funds to plug the budget deficit. Singapore has proved that a GST can work, coupled with the facts that it has been able to accumulate sizeable reserves, reduce the top personal income tax rate to 20 per cent and the corporate tax rate to 17 per cent. And the Singapore dollar is one of the strongest currencies in the world. Singapore may be a city-state of 5 million people, but it has shown that good governance, a commitment to free trade and open markets for goods, services and talent coupled with super-efficient infrastructure can make the economy resilient in times of economic crisis.

  41. not to scrap or to scrap, not to....Malaysia Boleh, Macam Macam Boleh!

  42. Anonymous1:03 am

    some people prefer old cars over new proton cars. they spent thousand to maintain the cars thus I don't think those cars are buruk ones. why are people doing that. Firstly because the quality of those cars compared to proton. Secondly because the taxation on imported HIGH QUALITY and SAFE cars is so high. Let proton compete openly so that the quality of its cars can be upgraded. no protection. no high taxation. if you don't push proton hard enough you won't get them make quality cars.

  43. Anonymous12:32 pm

    I have a car that I bought in 1991. For myself, I don't need Puspakom to tell me that my car is road worthy or not since I have been religiously taking good care of it and making sure that it is safe to be driven.

    Dalam zaman semua harga naik and gaji lebih kurang statik, is the government wise to ask people like us to go to Puspakom for car checkup? Duit lagi keluar. Are our road accidents caused by dilapidated cars or bad drivers? Haiya...those fat and chubby politicians ought to really think hard about car checkup with Puspakom before bringing it to the rakyat. If they had done so, tak payah flip flop. Is flip lopping their exit plan? Teringat Si Dol masa dia jadi PM.

  44. Anonymous12:19 am

    Part 1
    Wah lau, eh! For once, I am inclined to agree with ……..spewing out.

    Answer: dei Fucktard skilly, the fact of the matter is, much of what you dismiss as racial claptrap is in actuality the truth about your esteemed arsefucking, throatramming and twatlicking gangstas. I am a Malay Nationalist NOT a racist and my view may not be palatable to your chink-centric universe but to pour cold water on my arguments without contrarian facts to debunk and virtually annihilate my thesis does not bespeak highly of your intellect and is indicative of your hogfarm tending background. You wanna fight us nouveau Malays, Skilly? Come armed with facts not chingkie jibes….get it

    Your chingky wee pee wee rosy assessment of Spore’s revenue stream is way off the mark, Skilly In fact, Spore derives the bulk of its tax revenue
    (17.2B or 58.5% from personal and corporate income while GST constitutes only 22% of the amount derived).
    Google this article :

    and do your maths, pigarse!The fact of the matter is that Spore is business friendly nature in terms of being a non-onerous tax regime has paid dividends both in terms of increased revenue. More over, compliance is much easier to effect and monitor within a 5 million highly wired “surveillance” society. The fact that Spore still managed to ferret out S200 million in tax evasion speaks volumes of the dastardly chingkie habit of evading payment through subterfuge such as double bookeeping, under-declaration, illegal transactions.

    I bet if the Malaysian IRB bucks up its tax collection initiatives an extra 3-4 billion (conservative estimate) is out there being sequestered away by the arselicking, pig arse shagging Chinkie bastards as my earlier Star link hints.
    If you are wondering at how large the gap is with regard to tax regimes ( corporate and individual), the tables on pages 41 and 42 of the link below will provide you an idea:

    plus you need to note that there is even a tax for Regional HQs which amounts to 15% even though the spread between that tax and corporate tax has narrowed to 2%.

    Warrior 231

  45. Anonymous12:27 am

    Part 2

    Considering that revenue streams are drying up in these hard times, I propose these steps:

    1. reduce the corporate tax to 20% and adjust the personal income tax structure to more competitive levels vis-à-vis our competitors. The revenue lost will be regained through increased consumption of disposable income.

    2. provide more capital allowances to the corporate sector especially to SMEs (CAs to be focused on plant and machinery purchases up to a period of 3 years with 60% writedown for the first year, introduce or expand the tax deduction for Capital expenditure on renovation and refurbishment, rescind the RPGT). This will greatly assist them to weather the existing downturn and position them to catch the next wave (if there is any coming)

    3.provide tax incentives ala Singapore for the setting up of regional HQs for MNCs and also for purveyor for Islamic Finance ( burgeoning financial sector) that can leverage on our expertise in this area. The revenue gains form such activities will more than offset the reduction of rates.

    4.most importantly, the IRB should make the more efficient collection of tax and tax arrears its no.1 priority especially amongst local chingkie pig arse denizens particularly the pretentiously poor hawking and small business fraternity. Tax evaders should be ferreted out and imposed the maximum tax penalties as well as be retrospectively assessed based on current income while fraudsters who have underdeclared should be hauled up, their past tax declarations scrutinized and penalties imposed retrospectively for the undeclared portions or current income is used as a baseline and projected backwards. In line with this per dollar expended to collect such revenue be reduced (I wonder what is Malaysia’s??) and the expropriation of cumulative tax arrears be expedited.

    5.stricter collection of revenue in all sectors especially the raw materials sector and the weeding out of custom officials, politicians etc who are in cahoots with the chingkie comprador class.

    6.the elimination of food and fuel subsidies except for the poor and underprivileged and the eventual introduction of a progressive GST tax structure with minimal impact on the underprivileged extending from lower middle income class downwards: for a 101:

    7.Introduction of a flat rate Tobbin tax on Chinkie wealth holdings to recompense their pendatang depredation of our natural resources circa :1800-1957 onwards; projected revenue could be Rm5-7 billion (conservative estimate)

    There are a slew of other suggestions which I will hold over due to space constraints here but the essence is to put money in people’s pockets, and leveraging on their consequent spending to keep the economy humming and the polity purring. Moreover, the cost savings accrued by business will help to mitigate the problems they face now and embark on expansion programs directed at both local and foreign marts.

    Warrior 231

  46. Anonymous12:37 am

    P/Script :

    A. if one looks at the report at the link below, one is appalled by the extent to which our Customs are missing out on revenue that is directly feeding the ravenous Chingkie appetite for raw materials. Damn the chingkie scum, if that 40% of illegal timber is converted into real dollars (by looking at the total timber exports to Chingkiland and multiplying that 40% at current market rates for logs per cu metres etc), imagine how much revenue is flowing away from Malaysia. As we know much of the timber operations in Sabah/Sarawak are controlled by Chingkie gangsta “warlords” and if corruption is involved as I suspect, its time to throw the book at them immaterial as to who they are and their connections! (source: Part C: China’s Timber Trade in a Global Context : Global Timber:

    B. Another thing skilly, for all your hocuspocus of Singapore showing good governance, we know that it is one of the financial centres indicted for money laundering….Me making this up? No fucktwit this article bares it all and its from an outfit rich in the plagiaristic journalistic traditions of Kali kubur and Bwenda Pariahan:

    1. which effectively undercuts no. 4 below. Note : the original article ( had Spore at 8 which MI deleted plus you will have lots of fun jerking your dead pecker beetroot red here:
    Moral of the story: Chingkieman launders his manna through two pig sty sewage sluice gates: for China : Hong Kong (ranking 10) and South East Asia and Australasia, the 2nd biggest concentration of Tongkang Chinese:Spore (no.8).

    warrior 231

  47. Anonymous12:39 am

    P/S 2
    Imagine how much of that moolah is from MALAYSia as Indonesia once found out: “This has fuelled a view here that Indonesia's rich and corrupt have parked their ill-gotten money in Singapore banks and taken up permanent residence among the city-state's four million inhabitants to evade being nabbed by Indonesia's anti-corruption drive.” + Australia's ‘Age' newspaper reported recently, quoting senior fund managers based in Singapore, that the island state has become a global centre for parking ill-gotten money with no questions asked. They have pointed out that such funds flocking to Singapore helped to increase high-end property values by 30-50 percent last year” at :

    Other tidbits for your chingkie scaw twatlicking self to think about:


    3. ……….Singapore are offshore financial havens in the Asia Pacific region. Because Chinese syndicates use these countries as production points for disc piracy and as starting points for human smuggling, they also presumably are involved in laundering their funds through these countries. Sheldon W. Simon, The Many Faces of Asian Security. (New York: National Bureau of Asian Research, 2001),page 214.

    3. This one at:
    From here:

    5. a vain attempt at coverup already debunked in no.1

    You know what skilly, the chingkie are astute munafuckings sons of throatrammed and arsefucked sows. They affect high morality but hide the dirt in their unwashed arses and wormy cunts:

    “Hong Kong and Singapore are the “economically cleanest” countries”

    Yeah..public image: clean as a whistle, hidden image: dirty as unwashed pigarse..get it!

    Now for Chingkieland itself which is a huge hocus-pocus in motion. With facts, figures and fancies to boot that will make Najib quaver over his trust in scum who in reality will bleed us dry to fill its coffers but it will take time as I am in the midst of something that will wipe chingkie pigarses like u off this ……..

    Warrior 231

  48. skilgannon10663:31 pm

    Part B

    Warrior 231

    So, you are a "Malay Nationalist", or so you claim.

    Question: can a "Malay Nationalist" (or a "Chinese Nationalist" or an "Indian Nationalist" or a "WASP - White Anglo-Saxon Protestant") not be a racist?

    Anyways, to address some of the points you raised:

    - I don't see Singapore being significantly disadvantaged by levying a Goods & Services Tax. And even after cutting corporate and top personal income tax rates to 17 per cent and 20 per cent respectively, the Singapore govt finances and reserves are very healthy. Why else would it get triple A ratings from the likes of S&P and Moody's? (and what are the corresponding ratings for Malaysia?)

    - for a supposed tax haven, Singapore has gotten off the OECD grey list and on to its white list by signing about 13 updated DTAs (Double Taxation Agreements with the OECD information exchange standards incorporated therein). For Malaysia, all there is a promise by the PM that Malaysia will get on the OECD white list by year-end. This is already mid-Nov.

  49. skilgannon10663:44 pm

    Part C

    - the latest Corruption Perceptions Index compiled by Transparency International showed Singapore as the world's 3rd least-corrupt country, after New Zealand (#1) and Denmark (#2). Malaysia was ranked 56th (from 47th last year). Would you, as a "Malay Nationalist", say that Singapore did good and Malaysia did bad, as far as corruption perceptions are concerned?

    - for the sake of completeness, the same rankings showed China (#79) India (#84)and Indonesia (#111). Let's be thankful for such small mercies, eh?

  50. skilgannon10663:52 pm

    Part D

    To address the points raised about the Chingkieland economy, it should be noted that its 4 trillion yuan (approx RM1.95 trillion) stimulus package is intended to cover 2 years (2009 and 2010). Further, Chingkieland has sufficient fiscal capacity to maintain its stimulus, given a fiscal deficit of less than 3 per cent of GDP and a debt-to-GDP ratio of 20 per cent (Zhu Guangyao, assistant minister at the Chingkieland Ministry of Finance at the Apec finance ministers meeting in Singapore). Now, then - what are the corresponding figures (fiscal deficit and debt-to-GDP ratio) for Malaysia? Tell me, whose economy is in better shape?

  51. skilgannon10664:02 pm

    Part E

    To continue with my analysis of the Chingkieland economy. Of the world's 10 biggest companies by market capitalisation, 4 are from Chingkieland. They are Petro China (market cap US$345 billion), Industrial & Commercial Bank of China ($266 billion), China Construction Bank ($213 billion) and China Mobile ($191 billion) -compiled by Singapore Business Times with data from Bloomberg.

    Now, tell us - what is the total market cap of ALL the companies listed on Bursa Malaysia? Yup, including the heavyweights like Telekom, Tenaga, Sime, Maybank etc.

    And, for the heck of it, why not compute a hypothetical market cap for Petronas (the Malaysian govt's "crown jewel") and add it to the total? And compare that against the market cap for Petro China ($345 billion) or Brazil's Petrobras ($202 billion).

    All together now - let's hear it for the "Malay Nationalists".

  52. skilgannon10664:19 pm

    Part F

    Now, let's look at the performance of some stock markets in the region as indicated by changes from December 31, 2008 to November 17, 2009:

    Singapore +56.96 per cent
    Taiwan +68.43 per cent
    Thailand +57.03 per cent
    Indonesia +82.51 per cent
    MALAYSIA +45.99 per cent

    (Singapore Business Times, Nov 18)

    I have not included the figures for the Chingkieland (Shanghai) and Injunland (Mumbai) stock exchanges, but they are definitely higher than that of Bursa Malaysia.

    Now, since a fair chunk of Bursa's market cap is made up of Khazanah-controlled companies, what does this say about the attractiveness of the Malaysian stock market as compared with its counterparts in the region?

    Even the pipsqueak little red dot's stock market is up almost 57 per cent since Dec 31, 2008. I wonder how a country with less than5 million population can achieve this?

  53. skilgannon10664:40 pm

    Part G

    The market capitalisation of the 789 companies listed on the Singapore Exchange as at end-Aug 2009 was S$617.6 billion (approx RM1.48 trillion).

    Now, lets' compare the market cap of some Spore-listed "blue chips" against their Malaysian counterparts (figures as at end-Aug 09):

    SingTel S$49.9 billion (Telekom & Axiata?)
    Wilmar $41.7 billion (Sime Darby?)
    DBS Group $28.8 billion (Maybank?)
    Spore Airlines $15.2 billion (MAS?)
    SGX $8.9 billion (Bursa Malaysia?)SPH $5.8 billion (NSTP?)

    SingTel, DBS and Spore Airlines are listed companies in which Temasek Holdings has substantial stakes.

    I believe that Khazanah Malaysia has substantial stakes in their Malaysian counterparts.

    And since Khazanah could be the epitome of a Malaysian SWF that is the blue-eyed boy of "Malay Nationalists", can we extrapolate to say that Temasek Holdings has done a better job in managing the listed companies in its stable than Khazanah has done for theirs?

    It seems to me that foreign investors find the Singapore-listed blue chips a lot more attractive than their Malaysian counterparts - the market capitalisations and share prices show this.


    SingTel's closing share price on 31 Aug 09) was $3.14 (RM7.66). Telekom's closing share price on the same day was RM3.12.

    Wilmar $6.54 (RM15.95). Sime Darby RM8.25
    DBS $12.64 (RM30.84). Maybank RM6.51
    Spore Airlines $12.86 (RM31.87). MAS RM3.15
    SGX $8.36 (RM20.39). Bursa Msia RM7.80
    SPH $3.66 (RM8.93). NST RM1.80; Media Prima RM1.48; Utusan RM0.83

    The figures don't lie, do they?

  54. skilgannon10665:09 pm

    Part H

    And, contrary to what you posted about the Singapore govt's tax revenues, let's look at the figures for tax revenue in the Singapore Budget for FY2009 (

    Total tax revenue S$30.97 billion

    Of which:

    Income Tax $14.57 billion (47 per cent)
    Goods & Services Tax $6.55 billion (21 per cent)
    Customs & Excise Taxes $2.0 billion
    Betting Taxes $1.86 billion
    Motor Vehicle Taxes $1.59 billion
    Stamp Duty $1.45 billion
    Property Tax $1.0 billion
    Assets Tax $1.0 billion

    The Goods & Services Tax (GST) is the 2nd highest component of the Spore govt tax revenue, at 21 per cent.

    And even with low corporate tax and top personal income tax rates (much lower than that in Malaysia), the Spore govt has budgeted $14.57 billion in income taxes for FY2009 - this from a population of less than 5 million.

    I posted that the Malaysian govt would have had much more flexibility in govt finances if it had bitten the bullet and implemented GST a couple of years back. If the Spore govt can plan to get 21 per cent of tax revenue from GST, why shouldn't the Malaysian govt be able to achieve a similar figure?

    At the very least, that would put an end to the whole absurd system of subsidies and price controls in Malaysia.

  55. skilgannon10665:26 pm

    Part I

    Now, what are we to make of the World Bank recommendation that Malaysia must introduce sweeping reforms if it wants to achieve its goal of becoming a developed nation by 2020?

    As per Vikram Nehru, the WB chief economist for East Asia & the Pacific: "To reach the 2020 developed status, the World Bank is proposing a four-pillar strategy...Malaysia must specialise the economy further, improve the skills of its workforce, make growth more inclusive and strengthen public finance" (as per an AFP report).

    Now, as a point of interest, what part does "Malay nationalism" play in this plan to achieve developed status by 2020? Or "Chinese nationalism" or "Indian nationalism" for that matter?

    As a secondary point, would the Deputy Education Minister lambast the World Bank for not producing its latest country report on Malaysia in Bahasa Malaysia? After all, Mohd Puad Zarkashi was reported as having said that speaking English in the workplace is "weird" and harmful to the nation's culture and identity.

    Oh, yah - ini flip-flop dah? Why doesn't he take the PM to task for speaking in English at the recent Apec summit in Singapore? After all, Comrade Hu spoke in pukka Mandarin, the Japanese PM spoke in Japanese and the Russian President spoke in Russian.


  56. skilgannon10666:02 pm

    Part J

    To spice up things a little, let's look at extracts from the latest UNCTAD country fact sheets for Malaysia and Singapore (accessible on the UNCTAD website).

    As per UNCTAD:

    Malaysia had foreign direct investment (FDI) inward of US$8.05 billion in 2008 and total FDI stock inward of US$73.26 billion.

    The little Chingkieland down south (aka the "little red dot") had FDI inward of US$22.72 billion in 2008 and total FDI stock inward of US$326.14 billion.

    Was it what was meant when they said that size isn't everything? More on that later.....

  57. skilgannon10666:14 pm

    Part K

    Here is another example of a flip-flop, this time from the good ole US of A.

    As per an AFP report, the Malaysian Trade Minister was reported to have said that the US government had indicated that it will abandon the pursuit of a bilateral free trade agreement with Malaysia.

    Mustapa Mohamed said that the US govt had informed him that it prefers to pursue negotiations to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which currently comprises Brunei, Chile, New Zealand and Singapore. Australia and Vietnam have also indicated that they are interested in joining the TPP.

    As per Mustapa: "It is confirmed they are not keen. They have told us verbally. It is as good as gone. (But) we have nothing formal yet. But it is as good as formal...I will tell the Cabinet that the US does not want an FTA (with Malaysia) but wants TPP".

    If the report is correct, and the reports attributed to Mustapa are also correct, it shows where US priorities are in the region. I mean - who would want to give up on a possible bilateral FTA with Malaysia and pursue an obscure regional trade pact like the TPP? Is it also indicative of Malaysia's diminished clout as far as the US is concerned, when Indonesia is of bigger interest to the Obama administration?

  58. skilgannon10666:26 pm

    Part L

    I am tempted to revisit the agenda of a "Malay Nationalist" after reading reports of remarks attributed to Nor Mohamed Yakcop at a seminar on healthcare tourism that was held in KL yesterday.

    As per the Singapore Business Times, he was reported to have said: "With medical tourism, we cannot go wrong as we have very good doctors...Unfortunately some of our doctors are attracted to neighbouring countries to work, but we will get them back. We must look at what the irritants are and remove them".

    Identify and remove the "irritants"? Would the self-proclaimed "Malay Nationalist" care to hazard a guess as to what these "irritants" are? Or is this another flip-flop from a government minister?

    In this context, what are we to make of recent comments by the PM that 'more needs to be done to reverse the serious brain drain if Malaysia hopes to have the talent to innovate so that the country can transform into a high-income economy'?

    The govt getting serious about the "brain drain" from Malaysia? Yet another flip-flop?

    It seems that there are a lot of flip-flops down the road as the rise of Chingkieland and Injunland concentrates the thinking in Putrajaya. Which could be the subject of a whole new thread, if Pak Rocky is so inclined ;-)

  59. Anonymous12:23 am

    Part 1
    wah, kaninanah cibai, long on shit so short on facts...typical chingkie arsehit spewing garbage to prove his point. Before we assess the data, it would behove us the honour to see if this fucktard chingkie bastard is the walks his talk type or is just a jock the (dead) cock variety.

    A closer perusal will show us the racist bastard, this Chingkie clitleech is.

    Evidence : the whole garbage passing off as an erudite commentary is laced with the "we chingkies (as personified in a Chingkie pendatang invaded island that was deviously yanked off Malay hands by the fucked up brits in the first place) can do it better than you Malays at this economy business thingy" narrative - you know with all that asinine jibes, and challenges thrown at malays- nationalists and all. But then again, its in keeping with Chingkie pigshit morality to crow over stolen property and claim success for his dastardly antics. for if he had the MARUAH, he wont do that.

    2. Why the focus on an illegally expropriated island rather than the old Chingkie cuntblasted scaw named the PRC (read: Pukimak Robbers Clan)itself. Cos on all indicators on the quality of life like per capita incomes, healthcare, environmental indicators etc, Chin Shih Huang's arseshit bequest to mankind is way behind a 15.6 million Malay run polity (minus the scum pendatang arsefucking, cockwhoring and twatcleaning bastards, of course). Pretty galling aint it that 1.2 billion bastards cannot trump a 15.6million "pipsqueak what with a ASSumed 3000 or so headstart on the cilisation charts......hahahahaha. Folks, that shows how STUPID, the chingkie nation is and waht MORONS the chingkie race are. What to do? hidelah, the cockshame of a mother Fucking for wouldnt dear ol MOTHERland be fucked real bad if it goes head to head on the indicator "tale of the tape"

    Warrior 231

  60. Anonymous2:26 am

    Part 2
    Secondly, the core of my argument remains undemolished as this chingkie arsewhore adroitly moves the goalposts to suit his latest "wan tan mee' recipe.and what was the core:

    1. Spore's GST only contributed a small portion of overall tax revenue with 80% derived from non-GST especially lower individual and corporate income tax ( evn the MOF figures attet that). if you read my comment closely, you will note that cutting personal and corporate taxes is what I am calling on the malaysian gov. to do but if they dont, who cares! for as of now they are still spellbound under the chingkie thrall....

    2. I did not totally reject a GST, i called for a progreesive form of GST with minimal impact on the poor and lower middle income groups. Even then, i still aver that a GST would be deleterious on the economy.(Maybe one way to increase current consumption is to legislate a proposed GST say 2 or 3 years down the road, that will get local spending up based on future infltionary expectations. Of course, when the GST kicks in, consumption may taper off and revenue fall but you have a mechanism in place)

    3. i stated categorically that the spore economy is based on white gold and black shit sources of income. I have categorically proven the black shit thingy with excerpts from the Melbourne Age paper and from Indonesian press reports to back up the FT, MI + directed u to the Tax justice link, all of which you lamely debunked as passe given Spore's supposed compliance:

    "13 updated DTAs (Double Taxation Agreements with the OECD information exchange standards incorporated therein)"

    when both the FT and MI articles never stated compliance but MOVING in that direction. Even then, there is no way for money laundering to be eradicated, is there?given banking secrecy can always invent other loopholes for Chingkie gangsta money to pour in to prop up the stock mart, the property sector and the economy in general.

    You talked shit about perceptions..why do i care for indices on perceptions when facts are what I am after and even at #1 the NZ economy is not singing a humdinger.

    SP and Moody were touting the strength of Merill lynch, Bear and Sterns, Lehman Brothers, Citicorp etc (check it out urself) and look where are they now.

    As for Market capitalisation; what the fucks has that got to do with corporate health, dint Citicorp had "humoungous market capitalisation" some time ago. and why do u cover-up on Temasek's failures when the supposedly blilliant arsewhore (chingkie style pronounciation: "arsewhole") chingkie scaw was almost about to be replaced by..hei...wait...a GWAILOH not a "blilliant" chingkie unwashed fatarse, mind you!, and she got saved in the nick of time by recovering equity marts and I suspect, he FOUND something that the chink bastards wanted to hush up;
    Me lying , follow the chingkie shit of failures to its "arsewhole" with the links below:

    1. (read the last yummy morsel of a paragraph)

    even in childcare, Temasek lost..malunya..china pukimak


    + many more ( if you want some fun)

    on Gwailoh

    and shamelessly, why use a malay name why not call it Chibailanchiau Investments (CI= which can be touted internationally as Capital Investments)

    Warrior 231

  61. Anonymous3:05 am

    Part 3
    I also streesed on the need for better revenue collection + a flart rated “Tobbinlike” tax on Chingkie treasure hoards to equitably recompense the depredations they have wrought on TANAH MELAYU’s resources when they came here by the tongkangloads from circa 1800s onwards in search of manna. No wonder the hindulens used to call this “swarnabhumi” =land of gold in antiquity

    That GST contributes slightly more than one fifth of Spore tax revenue, is an indicator that either:

    a. consumption is an anaemic chap hooked on life support in Kandang Kerbau Hospital...given that his wife had sequestered all his ill gotten gains into bank savings account in the earthly paradise for money launderers and tax cheats (read: the chingks)

    b. Consumption has harakiried himself and that is why he has landed comatose at where he is. Note; how the chinks spend like no morrow in a non-GST country like Malaysia albeit their better exchange rates notwithstanding…..

    c. In an economy known for savings, the introduction of a consumption tax is the heights of moronity and moronity is second nature to the pure mongoloid stock, from which the chingkies hail from. You don’t believe me regarding GST, read these:

    plus more “serious financier” stuff:

    plus a peer –reviewed scholarly account which you can subscribe to yourself:

    and see how tax collection can be enhanced (per my suggestion about those chingkie bastard tax evaders) while being made more equitable through the tax structure:

    2. You are a liar, SG1066 pee wee pecker of a cocky, pinky chingkie cocky. You see, Spore initially set the tax at 3% and increased it to 7% over the years and that accounts for the extra income it recorded last year.:,flstry-1.cms +

    Warrior 231

  62. Anonymous3:24 am

    Part 4

    You dont give facts of income streams and revenue patterns or % prior to GST, you dont provide data on the impact of the tax on the sporean consumption patterns and on the general economy... you aint give nothing but defecate shit about market capitalisation

    and ur % growth of stock mart indices is pure “hogwashiss” as any Chingkie defecated poo since :

    1. You tellingly failed to state the baseline from where those % increases came from. How much they had fallen to before they recovered..Why not do a comparison vis-à-vis MALAYsia

    2.You neglected to state that Indonesia’s spurt is partly due to better economic conditions given it is not a trading nation and it has a large internal market to promote consumption:

    and you can gues where the bulk of the money to fuel that growth is coming from--yes remittances from Malaysia for example (+ this nascent growth explains Ha4's query) as to why our labour supply is tight since indonesia is embarking on infra development:
    Remember the great satesman DR M once spoke about 70million and the chingkie bastards laughed silly…well now you know what visionary means…

    4.You even conveniently forgot to say that Thailand wracked by chaos all over has shaded Spore by a nose.. + oh yes,u conveniently forgot this:
    about black money laundering itself hunky-dory clean with the help of the legal suds-courtesy of Spore- in the property washing machine..and if you know 5cents worth of economics, you would understand the nexus between property- asset bubbles and equity etcetcetec

    But you never can cos have you ever heard of Mongolism...check it out here:

    (disclaimer: I sincerely do not wish to offend sufferers of this syndrome and would be appalled by any such linkage as I am a wholly honourable fella)-

    Any allusion here is mainly for “racist” purposes only …hahahaha
    That “syndrome” aptly explains why chingkie bastards like to think, cheat, steal and lie through their arseholes the world over. Now don’t get me started on the great China fairy tale for we know what the pigcfucked, mafucked MOTHERland has been up to… mafucking pa buggered shitworm

    And if you ever wanna duel with us nouveau informed Malays, arm yourself with facts not lies masquerading as half-truths “for the figures indeed do not lie” but are as half-baked and fully naked as any chingkie whorescaw yearning for a pigcock shoved up her cunt, a dogcock lodged in her arse + chingky teeny weeny pecker to suckle as a pacifier to soften the trauma and stifle those screams. Who cares about Puad Z.etc….I am a neutral Malay nationalist with MARUAH who will say it as it is and defend the honour and integrity of my race and religion. And if you call me racist..all the better for I am mighty proud of it

    Warrior 231