Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ah, Nudin Awang, the RM65k man!

With updates at the end of this article:-

Nik Aziz and Nudin Awang share more than just initials. It seems that Nudin was the guy who offered to pay the PAS' spiritual leader's VIP package to Mecca. Nik Aziz said there was no conflict of interest. But my sources said Nudin Awang (aka Nordin Mardi because he was a driver with Mardi before he got his riches) has benefited from the Kelantan state government that Nik Aziz's PAS administers. He's more than just a billboard operator.

Nudin is a director of Great Eastern Mills Bhd (GEM), which is a joint venture between Penang-based SEAL Inc Bhd and Kompleks Perkayuan Kelantan Sdn Bhd (KPK), a subsidiary of the Kelantan State Economic Development Corp. (SEDC).

Despite its timber concessions GEM, somehow, managed to stay an unprofitable venture. There are whispers about hiving off profits to SEAL Inc, but it's something that needs to be proven. But profitable or not, it hasn't stopped the Kelantan government from awarding generous concessions to GEM.

According to my sources, it is Nudin's task as director to ensure that the concessions keep coming from the Kelantan PAS government to GEM. And he's been doing quite a good job. In 2005 alone the unprofitable venture was given a timber concession area of some 4048 ha (about 10,000 acres) by the state government. The Kelantan SEDC signed the timber concessions on 14/3/2004, according to records. The concession is said to be worth easily in excess of RM20 million, which should make GEM a profitable company but it's somehow not.

During this time, Nik Aziz or Tok Guru was Chairman of the Kelantan SEDC and KPK. Which is why, I reckon, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency is investigating the PAS leader, and also why NA had to cancel his plan [here]to accept NA's offer to sponsor his trip to Mecca on that VIP package.

p.s. Now, a lot has been written about Nik Aziz and the RM65,000 f.o.c VIP haj package, but Syed Akbar Ali's Pakatan Riot Again does well to put everything in perspective.

Updates: And amidst the brouhaha over Nik Aziz's sponsored trip to Mecca, on-leave Zaid Ibrahim has proposed that the Tok Guru be made the ultimate leader of Pakatan Rakyat ....

Anwar open to Zaid’s ideal Pakatan chief

By Clara Chooi of The Malaysian Insider

IPOH, Nov 15 – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has kept an open mind over Datuk Zaid Ibrahim’s suggestion for PAS spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat to lead Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia but reminded the former Umno leader that for now, it was just his personal expression.

The PKR de facto leader took pains to stress in a press conference yesterday that if and when the PR gets registered as a formal coalition, the pro tem committee which Zaid chairs, would have to be surrendered to the leadership council.

Only then would the due process of determining the coalition’s leaders ensue, he added.


  1. Anonymous7:03 am

    the list of `SEAL Incorporated Berhad directorship' is full of communist symphatizer.

    Question :
    who the majority shareholder and provide the INITIAL upfront money for lobbying?

    Answer :
    Chinese, see how creative they are?

    Question :
    who the minority shareholder and doing the `dirty job' lobbying the timber concession?

    Answer :

    Question :
    Who reap the profit most?

    Answer :
    you should know the answer! you thickskin!!!


    `dirty job' means bribing and sending the pious nik aziz (a socalled `respected' islamic scholar,ulamak, and keramat by PAS hardcore) doing the haj.

  2. kunyit7:14 am

    alah bro, benda ni bukan nya Menteri2 lain tak dapat offer dari kontraktor utk sponsor cuti ke lawatan sambil cuti gila babi ke apa. Kawan kerja Gomen dulu pun selalu sgt hantar menteri2 pergi cuti VVIP ditaja oleh kontraktor. Tak pun keluar paper. Tapi di akhirat kita tak boleh lari.

  3. Anonymous7:55 am

    salam bro...

    inilah manusia yg telah di"istidraj"kan

  4. Anonymous8:08 am

    Bagi sesiapa yang terlalu mendewakan Chin Peng, (Bro Tukar Tiub Hishamudin Rais and Comrades Ngeh and Nga please take note) sila baca di sini.

    Usop McCarthy

  5. Anonymous9:42 am

    will this be the beginning of the end ? another G change in kelantan? in the past, the cycle is abt 20 odd years

  6. Anonymous9:47 am

    only a few reason people would want to give you with such an expensive give? If you save ones life from dying, the one you truly love, beautiful lady/ toy boy or you got the power la bro. Nik Aziz SIL is going tonight so please check whether is being paid by the same person and usually they perform Haj with their spouse and that's make up the amount to RM130,000.
    About logging concession in Kelantan, it is widely known that lots of timber concession was given out. Know what? Lots of Ah Long has been dumping their gotten monies there to laundering their I'll gotten wealth. Projek Ladang Rakyat is a big failure to the people of Kelantan. Check Yayasan Islam Kelantan. Broker in market asking RM3,000/acre for lease land (political fund). Money never go to state corfer but to individual. Heard also that HM making tons of money.
    That's why Kelantan will have worst flooding in future.

    Serambi Mekah tempat cuci duit haram. Ulamaks also Cari makan la.

    Ms mind opener said

  7. Aku Awek Cun9:54 am


    The big danger to UMNO in the coming elections is Nik Aziz, because he is very influential and people love him. UMNO takut hilang undi.

    So UMNO is doing an excellent job dengan menyerang Nik Aziz and destroying his reputation so that UMNO dont have to worry about Nik Aziz power in general elections.

    But yg I tak paham satu lah. Dalam memerintah negara 50 tahun yang lepas, takkan lah satu pemimipin besar Barisan Nasional pun tak bersalah mengambil rasuah besar?

    Kenapa pemimpin besar UMNO nampak macam malaikat? Ni Khir Toyo pun yg jelas banyak skandal pun MACC tak nak siasat. Apasal ni Rocky? Mahathir dgn VK Lingam apa khabar?

  8. Anonymous10:42 am

    heard the fat boy & fat mama pay you $40,000.00 every month just to write shits.

  9. Anonymous10:48 am


  10. Anonymous11:31 am

    Interesting bro!

    No matter how religious a leader seems to be, when put under the microscope, a whole new world of corruption and deceit emerges, doesn't it?

    The blasphemy is even more more profound by the supposedly infallible one's claiming that his slippers are often stolen by his diehard fanatical supporters to gain 'blessings'!

    Really? Slippers worn to the toilet by the 'haloed one' has blessings?

    Makes me wanna throw up!

    What a disgusting whole load of crap coming this shyster!

    Syed Akbar Ali and your dear self ought to be congratulated for exposing this fraudster!

    Malaysian Observer.

  11. Appearance of impropriety can be politically damaging. I am certain Tok Guru was unaware of these accusations. Now he knows.

    But in comparison to BN’s impropriety this is reasonably acceptable.

  12. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Omar Goh Wei Liang awal-awal lagi sudah 'UN-Bullet proof' sama Nik Aziz dan Pas...sekarang sampai Rockybru pulak !!

    Rocky, takkan cuma ada saje 'cerita'
    pasal Pakatan....manalah 'cerita' UMNO/BN !!


  13. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Loken PaL-aNi-SaM-y,

    I bet you justify giving duit kopi as "this doesn't compare to the amount our politicians receive". I am not sick with politicians taking / giving bribes. I'm sick of those average guys like you and I who give duit kopi with the above justification. As long as you guys don't stop giving duit kopi, our culture will stay the same. So will our politicians.


  14. Anonymous1:48 pm

    aku awek cun.

    kalo pemimpin UMNO makan duit rasuah bukan la sesuatu yang mengejutkan pasai depa bukan ulamak

    yang jadi masalahnya sekarang,yang terima rasuah pi buat haji neh orang yang dianggap alim,warak dan bersih macam nik aziz,mursamdol parti pas

    kalo pemimpin UMNO makan rasuah maka halal la pemimpin pas makan duit rasuah?

    tapi itu la ketaksuban penganut2 pas terhadap nik aziz.apa saja yang dibuat tua kutuk tu semuanya akan dikaitkan dengan nabi dan sirah baginda

    bagi penganut pas senang sahaja.."walharammu walhalalku"

    puak lawan buat perkara sama hukumnya haram

    puak pas buat hukumnya halal

    - mussolini

  15. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Actually the mighty and super alim Nik Aziz shouldn't accept any sort of gifts from anyone.Especially when it amounted to thousands of ringgit.

    Luckily someone blew the whistle.If not he would have been found guilty by SPRM. He should thank UMNO for saving his ass.Not to mention the sins against God.

    Maybe there is a conspiracy to make Tok Guru look like a fool. And he does really look like one, now that he's caught with his sarong down. Ulamak my ass!!


  16. hahahaha.... sucka... tuan guru buat boleh, orang bn buat dia dok teriak rasuah, pegawai kerajaan memang tak buleh terima hadiah dari mana2 kontraktor pun, rasuah la tu.... hahahahaha.... rasuah tetap rasuah, tak kiralah sapa buat pun. Dan tak kiralah siapa yang buat lagi selalu dengan jumlah yang lagi tinggi pun, rasuah tetap rasuah. Walau sekecil mana pun, rasuah tetap rasuah.

    Tapi nih dok payah skit, sebab untuk orang yang boleh guarantee orang lain syurga, mungkin dia lain kot. Dia buleh kata nih hadiah orang nak bagi, takkan dia nak menolak.

  17. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Its shocking. Total fares for the Haj is about RM455,000 - TGNA & wife, SIL & TGNA daughter and TGNA SUSK & wife. Wow Wow Wow thats amazing sum ones willing to pay. Last time orang kampung only pay RM2,000 to perform Haj with ship. Time change but do we really need a lavish Haj. Why pay for the whole fares. Why not only TGNA & wife?
    Maybe TGNA now should ask his SIL & daughter to show their receipt. Actually this amount is nothing compared to the amount spent by Khir Toyo to Disneyland which cost RM1.7 million for the whole mission of about 70+ trade delegation.

    The different is KT used government money but TGNA and gangs used Private money. So KT is definately wrong for using tax payer money la.

    Dua-dua big spender........

    Big tax payer who sponsor the big spender 28% every year. Mati gua la

  18. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Utk Tuan Guru Nik Aziz..

    Bila selalu memperlekehkan umat Islam lain (BN) tidak islam, kafir, tak masuk syurga....Allah tunjukan kepada kamu apa yang benar dan apa yang batil

    Sekarang Allah 'pay cash' kepada kamu tentang apa yg selalu kamu tuduh org lain buat salah dan kamu adalah sentiasa di jalan yang benar

    Sekarang kamu nak kata tajaan itu 'halal'?adakah kamu sekeluarga sudah tidak mampu sangat sampai perlu di taja? perlukan kamu pergi haji setiap tahun dgn alasan ditaja?..

    sekiranya betul2 ikhlas utk menaja..taja la rakyat Kelantan yang betul2 tak mampu tetapi ingin ke Mekah menunaikan haji. Mereka lebih layak.

    Kepada pengikut PAS...sekiranya kamu ingin menyokong org2 seperti ini, kamu sokonglah...tetapi janganlah sampai membawa rebah...

    demi utk Islam dan bangsa kita...dan janganlah kamu terus bersikap berpandangan negatif kepada org2(BN) yg tidak sealiran dgn kamu...ada kemungkinan mereka lebih benar dari kamu , dan...kamu perlu buang pemikiran yg sentiasa memikirkan org lain selain kamu adalah salah


  19. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Anonymous 10.48am said...


    So then what? ... dont be religious la and yet using others people money to go for haj. Yeah those in umno did that too .. but at least they dont claim to be MUSRYIDUL (so religiously knows everything kind of crap person) of anything.

    to AKU AWEK CUN ...
    pls talk about the current issue and person la ... so tell me, did what Nik Aziz doing is right or wrong ha..? Itu aje..

  20. Anonymous5:49 pm

    as if All the Umno Ministers went for their HAJJ USING THEIR OWN MONEY.... No way.....

  21. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Tak hairan lah... bila nampak duit, serban di kepala pun boleh senget... manusia lah katakan. TGNA bukannya malaikat.

    Kalu cam ni, ambo boleh duduk sebaris dengan TGNA sebab kito dah setaraf.

  22. Anonymous8:33 pm

    I am totally baffled how all these ex-KTM road crossing guard (zakaria), Roti chanai seller (Perak), Ex-Mardi driver, Indon Menteri Besar etc. become millionairs, with hardly any sort of University degrees, while we have so many degree holding Graduates working in fast food joints. Is this the economics of N.E.P. that your master Mahathir envisioned Rocky.
    These bumi run business all seem to have one thing in common, none of them seem to make any money, but the bosses seem to live lavish lifestyles of DONALD TRUMP. Look at Khir toyo, frankly even a std. 4 child can see he is living Way way beyond his means but alas nothing seems to happen to them. Is it that they seem to know something we all don't know, like how to get rich through corrupt means and not get caught. Well a day of reckoning will come and we wait with baited anticipation.
    P.s. I also notice that all those contracts given to Bumi contractors, all seem to be falling down, just a word of advice to all your readers, next time you want to go into any building, watch a game of soccer, pray in some mosque, cross a bridge etc, just beware it might be a bumi Contactors' work, who doesn't know nuts about construction, IT MIGHT COME FALLING DOWN ON YOUR HEAD. Just let us know what kind of flowers you want for your tombstone. :)

    Kublai, SON OF Ghenghiz

  23. Anonymous9:25 pm

    to semua tukang komen -

    siapa jaga intergriti malaysia ?

    siapa jaga Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah (SPRM)?

    siapa jaga keadilan untuk Rakyat ?

    Siapa jaga Kehakiman di Malaysia ?

    siapa yg berkuasa di Malaysia ?

    Setakat story2 nih tak layan lah.

    pasal apa ? pasal kes x selesai lagi. cakap2 kosong semua boleh.

    bawak ke mahkamah lah kalau ada bukti. biar mahkamah yg tentukan rasuah ker apa ker.

    kalau yg berkuasa x boleh buktikan.... adakah orang itu dianggap bersalah?.

    otak ada fikirlah.

    UMNO ambik rasuah, tapi kes x setel tu perkara biasalah.( dia yg berkuasa )

    Tapi kalau PAS ambik rasuah, kes x setel jugak, memang pelik.

    biarlah pihak berkuasa buat kerja diaorang dulu.

    Sebenarnya siapa yg paling BERKUASA di MALAYSIA

    :-( Nak jugak tengok orang politik PAS disabit kesalahan Rasuah, sebab orang politik UMNO dah selalu disabit salah laku Rasuah.

  24. Akurasional11:43 pm

    sesiapa yg ckp menteri2 dan ahli politik lain disponsor oleh kontraktor.Betul saya percaya.Tapi Nik Aziz yg duk berjuang menentang rasuah, kronisme dan nepotisme tiba2 buat benda ni.Ini hipokrit namenye.Apa beza rasuah 10 ringgit dengan 1000 ringgit.Sama saje.Pokoknye dia adalah pejuang politk bukannya pejuang islam sejati.Kalau sejati tak masuk politk malah bukak pondok sebar ilmu agama.Bukan keje memaki hamun BN.

  25. Anonymous12:01 am

    Siapa sudah buat dosa BESAR!!! Tok Guru nak pergi dengan niat baik sudah dirosakkan oleh kumpulan kumpulan setan yang selalunya disponsorkan pergi Disneyland, melawat kilang babi dan Taiwan. Disneyland lebih baikkah atau pergi Mecca?

  26. Anonymous12:33 am

    Nik Aziz bin Nik Mat- an ulamak, a tok guru...ptui kaninamah!. I have written about this turban lolly without a brolly but full of folly and an eye for a dolly umpteen times. He is nothing more than a stain of unwashed shit on a sagging tits dimwit's old clit. This damn nitwit who is into tits, clits, and slits is an "ularmak" who is a good for nothing piece of scum, a wasted sperm sponging taxpayer's money to fatten his girth and while his arsefucked laity grovel for the crumbs.

    In fact, this arselicking, cuntwhore should be stripped naked, tied to the nearest banyan and his butt torn to shreds with 50 lashes from the choicest whip in full public view. Then he should be yoked, in all his naked glory, onto a piece of driftwood and dragged around KB by that Kelantan champion bull, Bob ( which then should be given the honour of shoving his humungous cock up the arsetunnel of this shithead of a holy charlatan. And may that be a lesson to all would-be scums like LKS, AI, WA, ZI , HI, haddyboys or cockless zorros or even past and present Silhouttes...age be damned.

    When i was penning missives about the fucktwit, there was a hue and everyone cant seem to get enuff of this bangsat ularmak's arse. How times change!!

    Anyway Bru, sincere congratulations about hitting the 'clean dozen'..yeah the 12million mark and i am sure you will be witnessing the 20 million up soon given your panache and nose for factlaced reporting. Keep bruing, bro for you have my total support and I raise a tipple of Dewar's for the best, most factual and freest blog in all blogosphere! keep it's to another 12 million.

    Cheers!! mussolini- great one man! U plucked the words from the trees of my thoughts. O' the barren vastness of my arracked mind cant conjure no more than what thou have wrought with thy pen, Mussolini...Keep it up, man. tabik to you..

    Warrior 231

  27. nik aziz nak myamakan diri nya sama dengan rasulullah... ape lah nak jadi..

  28. Anonymous6:33 am

    Both the NA's should have referred the matter to MACC. One for offerring and one for accepting.

    But since the offer has since been declined, then a Fatwa should be issued on the matter.

    And in future dealings, it would be better to refer the matter officially to MACC first. If the MACC approves, then it should be okay. If not, send an appeal or try again.

    This way,there can be no wrong, legally or morally.


  29. Anonymous10:19 am

    aku rasa, yang sebebenarnya RUN the country, yang memiliki KUASA, is not bn, umno, pas, etc.

    its the businessmen yang tycoon besar besar tu. yang keluar kat forbes magazine. yang 80% of time tak duduk kat malaysia pun.

    depa yang decide who runs what.

    depa yang bayar-dictate-sponsor, semua, dari madey, ke badawi, ke nik aziz, ke guan eng, anwar, semua lah.

    yang kita bising bising ni, wayang je semua nya. yang happy, mereka.

    iam talking about the real big guys, bosses of all bosses: composition: 85% chinese, 10% indians, 3% melayu, 2% other races.

    these people pulak, 100% managed by some familiar faces, bosses overseas.

    all run by duit, all, a matter of how much.

    madey-mukris and whole family run-sponsored by them, badawi-kj-kali and whole family run-sponsored by them, guan eng and singh family run-sponsored by them, nik aziz and serban lots, run-sponsored by them, sama lah anwar and clans.

    kita hamba sahaya ni, macam nak pecah kepala berdebat whose right and whose wrong hahahaha

    tak nampak ke? bodo betol. bottomline lah beb.....


  30. Anonymous11:24 am

    Kalau yang kira "tok guru" pun buat lagu jgn le disibukkan org "kebanyakan" lak..
    Pasal duit ni..tak kira agama atau bangsa...sama je..
    oleh itu jgn le nak kecoh2 psal Najis ke, MAdey ke, Pak Lelah ke, Khir Toyol ke, or even Nga & Ngeh..
    2 x 5 je..


  31. Anonymous11:35 am

    betul jugak lah beb.

    saya dah biasa dengar, even for tenders kerajaan yang besar besar, yang konon nya for "bumiputera companies", actually yang masuk dan menang mostly bukan bumiputera pun. bukan susah nak buat "bumiputera" proxy companies !

    sama lah macam nik aziz. yang cucuk lobang nak handle nik aziz, di hantarnya nordin ni!

    belakang nordin, orang tu jugak! Chan, Lim, Lee, Tan, Boon dan sebagainya hahahaha

    biasalah ni semua. dah meluat tengok. takde beza nya orang orang politik ni. mostly mempermainkan rakyat untuk mempertahan kan kuasa.

  32. Anonymous12:25 pm

    So Nik Ajis jadi balaci tokeh Cina gak? Dia pakai kopiah.. should be OK.

    Anon No Name

  33. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Dajjal in the making but with a twist of a sarban?.......

  34. Anonymous3:00 pm

    tak usah lah heboh sangat perkara ni..lagi heboh lagi senang pas merintah kelantan..saya rasa yang buat repot semata mata mahu nama aja,sekuranya senang masa pemilihan nanti membawa isu.Percaya lah isu semacam ni saperti kulit bawang bagi pas..wahai pemuda bawa lah isu yang kaw bawa isu ugama dan bekalan untuk akhirat apa daaa

  35. Anonymous3:26 pm

    We Malaysians are ever willing to sponsor Tok Guru to do his holy pilrimage to the holy land rather than be robbed by UMNOputra's.

  36. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Kalau N.Ajis makan najis nescaya pengikut2 nya akan bermati-matian mempertahankan najis adalah wangi lagi halal barakah..

    Yang paling bahaya adalah setan bertopeng ulamak mcm N.Ajis ni..beserban tetapi tindak tanduk mengalahkan setan..mcm ular dlm semak..


    Kalau setan yg dah ada cap kat dahi tu mcm pemimpin2 UMNO tertentu tu kurang2 semua org dah kenal dan tahu..senang nak berwaspada.

    Kesimpulannya: Jangan jadi bodoh mcm pengikut N.Ajis..mereka tak makan babi ttp perangai taksub membabi buta..

    MB ulamak?..serambi mekah..? negeri contoh pentadbiran Islam..? Penyokong bola sendiri keluar dari negeri perangai mcm beruk kena belacan.. puak kafir tak bertamadun pun kalah..tiada akhlak sungguh..inikah hasil pentadbiran & pendidikan 'negara islam' kau N.Ajis? wtf..

    Allah nak tunjuk tu..ko tak rasa malu ke Nik Ajis? cermin lah diri tu..riak & takbur sgt kutuk org itu-ini mcm bagus sokmo..ingat ko wakil Tuhan ke? Lancau lu penjilat buntut cina kafir..iblis penyeru perpecahan umat islam.

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  37. Hi ROCKY,

    PAS should be abolished as a political party with immediate effect!!!

    It simply doesn't make any sense to allow a political party to exist when that party mixes RELIGION with POLITICS.

    It's like mixing PETROL & FIRE together. The consequences is spells TROUBLE!!!

  38. Anonymous2:37 am

    PAS is full of psychos.

    Its' fanatic followers believe that they are always right despite being corrected even by their own leaders,as in the case of that infamous oath.

    Despite being told that it is degrading to women.

    What else do you say to these kind of people,people who are no longer able to differentiate between right and wrong?

    Insane?Probably so.And it starts from the top too.Just look at Nik Aziz.

    Cina Buta.

  39. salam
    apala korang sume,mane ade kt m'sia ni orang yang rasuah mndedahkam dirinya..,nik aziz just nak gtau yang dia di sponsor..,fhmla ckit.,ade tak isa samad gtau yang dia tu ade bg duit kt pwkilan umno..,tp nik aziz tu gtaw yang dia d spnsor..,SPRM mai la cpt2 siasat..,n aku nak korang yang duk kata2 tok guru bhnti jd mnusia kalau tok guru x bslah..,n ak xkn jd blogger ag..,pk sblum ckp ape2..,kalau ayh korng jhat mana pun..,ttp ayh korang kan.,tp cmne lau ak ckp ayh korang tu babi ke,,beruk ke..,org tua nk mampus ke.,korang mrah kn..,so pk2 laa..,aufwiedersehen...,

  40. Anonymous10:24 am


    dalam islam tak penah pisahkan agama dan politik itu hana aekular mcm tu...

    bagi yang semua dok tulih mcm macam nie macam semua tahu kles nie atas bawah..... apakata semua p atau sapa sapa dalam nie p buat laporan sprm .... jangan asyk dok berkokok jaaa dalam nie tapi ekor koang semua belemoih bergelumang dengan taik...!!!! komen ja andai tapi tak reti nak buat laporan kat sprm...

    aman bangi

  41. salam
    apala korang sume,mane ade kt m'sia ni orang yang rasuah mndedahkam dirinya..,nik aziz just nak gtau yang dia di sponsor..,fhmla ckit.,ade tak isa samad gtau yang dia tu ade bg duit kt pwkilan umno..,tp nik aziz tu gtaw yang dia d spnsor..,SPRM mai la cpt2 siasat..,n aku nak korang yang duk kata2 tok guru bhnti jd mnusia kalau tok guru x bslah..,n ak xkn jd blogger ag..,pk sblum ckp ape2..,kalau ayh korng jhat mana pun..,ttp ayh korang kan.,tp cmne lau ak ckp ayh korang tu babi ke,,beruk ke..,org tua nk mampus ke.,korang mrah kn..,so pk2 laa..,aufwiedersehen...,

  42. ayoh cuba kita fikir bersama...kalu ada orang sekali pun nak menaja tok guru ke mekah adakah itu satu amalan rasuah..jangan main main bro apa apa boleh terjadi di tanah suci..alo ketua pemuda takan awak tak pernah belanja secawan teh ke rakyat dan adakah itu di panggil sedekah atau nak merayu undi fikir lah sendiri

  43. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Anonymous @ 3:26 PM said...

    "We Malaysians are ever willing to sponsor Tok Guru to do his holy pilrimage to the holy land rather than be robbed by UMNOputra's."

    Hahahaha ...

    Yeah sure, once umnoputras are defeated, Tok Guru will be relegated to the holy mountain

    you are just using him to hijack the Malay/UMNO govt and we seriously DOUBT you will support PAS govt for the whole of Malaysia

  44. Anonymous4:45 pm

    More on Nurin Awang in The Unspinners ... Part 1 here and Part 2 here