Wednesday, September 09, 2009

S'pender at Inquest

Updated, Fri 11/9 at 5.30am:
High Court rules in favour of torn underwear

I fail to see the JC's wisdom in allowing the Coroner's decision to okay alleged torn underwear's owner as witness in the Inquest. How do we know that it is his underwear in the first place, and if he was telling the truth about his prick being caned and what-not?
But that's how it's going to be.

Original piece:
NST 09/09:
Beng Hock's inquest: Witness T. Sivanesan alleges he was slapped, kicked and caned on penis by MACC officer, showed underwear as proof
After all these years, many of us still can't get images of the mattress during the Sodomy Part I trial. And now we have this - a torn s'pender* at the Teoh Beng Hock inquest!

I don't know why the Coroner allowed Sivanesan's spender to the hearing. The MACC official who had caned his prick could be a rogue officer. If it's true, Sivanesan's bad experience should be brought to the Royal Commission that the Government has set up in connection with TBH to look into the procedures at the MACC.

The Coroner must now allow for witnesses who were NOT tortured by the MACC interrogation to share their experience with the Inquest. Just a week ago, a GLC head told me of his experience. I'm sure he still has his untorn s'pender/boxer/underwear to prove his point.

* S'pender is an old slang, believed to be short for suspender, to describe underwear. It's like gostan, which is derived from go a stern, which we still use to mean reverse.


  1. Dear Rocky,

    This inquest has allowed Mr Gobind so much opportunity to showboat. Where the boat is going is anyones guess.

    Do not wish to comment on the other legal thingy going on with its absurd applications.


  2. Anonymous6:34 pm

    I suppose if the GLC guy says that he was not 'tortured' then this fellow who said otherwise is not credible?

    That the drift you want?

    Rocky, its all about exceptions.
    Exceptions make news, trajedies and victories as well.

    Remember Parpukari was featured with Khairi in the front page of Utusan?

    All thought that 'patch up' was for real?

    Go, look at what Parpukari is spewing now.

    He is still after Khairi and now, Ghani Patail.

    Same for your contention that the GLC guy was not subjected to torture and hence it is the same for all others?

    Try tell a better story bro.


  3. Anonymous7:03 pm

    I have never heard of this person before. But I am sure he isn't a GLC head. You get my drift? :)


  4. If it can be established that MACC has had a history of rough handling of witnesses or suspects, it can be reasonably inferred that the same could have happened to TBH.

    If that one MACC officer was witnessed by any of his colleagues, yet the colleagues did nothing, it means implicit approval of the act. So it wouldn't be just one rogue officer. Moreover, according to The Star, the witness named 3 officers who had picked him up, including one named Ashraf. After that, an unnamed individual wearing glasses allegedly slapped him, that's one. After that, the witness alleged that Ashraf "started to kick, punch and slap him repeatedly". So that's at least two. And then there're the ones who witnessed the acts.

  5. Anonymous7:12 pm


    Well I think the justice system is being made a circus. First the surat layang and now this.

    In before PKR cybertroopers post their usual "Interesting spinning rocky"


  6. I hope it's not a G String, striped leotard or female undies. Bloody hell, hahahahaha..

  7. emmm tak teperanjat langsung! As usual this pakatan's joker always like to making a drama which was this perak x-speaker always do. Ohh same like their boss stupid koudang nuar beraim such 16 sept. New govt. What a worst drama that rakyat can watch..bru to me all this inquest episode is not reasonable at all. Why this Bn govt. Follow this jokers request..? Ahh got another drama after this? Im wondering if nuar beraim can jump from penang bridge after this! It really come to worth it Tun Mahathir...hehe

  8. Anonymous7:54 pm

    A very good diversion to create 'new sensations'.

    What will they think of next?


  9. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Has anyone checked TBH's spender then?
    What I like to know, what information did MACC try to extract from this fellow that such method had to be deployed. Must be more important than toppling the state government.

  10. Anonymous8:33 pm

    then get your glc friend to say so. what so difficult? get one of your dogs at MM to interview these so-called suspects that were leniently treated by MACC. call a press conference to announce to the world that MACC doesn't beat up suspects.

    your spin to please your master is really tiresome.

  11. You are such a prick yourself.

    How can you belittle the horrible experiences of others?

    Can't he be telling the truth as opposed to you spinning the truth?

  12. Anonymous8:46 pm

    why only in malaysia have this kind pending to find the truth????underwear,Asshole,check the dick,The mattress,old sperm stain etc watching movie in the cinemas...
    Haris the good mamak says

  13. Anonymous9:02 pm

    These MACC are a bunch of sadistic clowns.

  14. km ng9:12 pm


    You wrote:

    "The coroner must allow for witnesses who were NOT tortured by the MACC interrogation to share their experience with the inquest."

    I suppose you'll get lots of volunteers from the BN guys.

    Heard they been treated with ala carte menu plus drinks and karaoke there.


  15. Rocky,I understand why you are siding or BODEK the govt ever since Najib becamre PM. In this case you should not question the Coroner as he has the power to decide, just like you who decide what Malay Mail should publish.If they is a witness with solid evidence to proof the cruelty of MACC interrogating officers,it should be encouraged.Kalau nak BODEK,BODEK DENGAN CARA YANG PANDAI.

  16. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    if you need witnesses, there are thousand and thousand of suspect or witness that had gone through questioning by ACA/BPR or MACC. I've never heard of any one of them reporting of torture before. Maybe they should check the background of this "Spender Guy". Just like how they made a hero out of a car thief.

    Pro MACC

  17. La Cha Mau9:48 pm

    Rocky, if you do not believe this man, that's your own folly. For me, I believe Muhammad even though there is no bloody evidence that God spoke to him. Like Najib said and I quote "Where Is The Supporting Evidence" Unquote. And mind you, I also believe this Sivanesan guy even though he does not have the required video & audio evidence of his interrogation to prove how his s'pender was torn.

    So Rocky, please DO NOT ever try to play GOD and insinuate what did or did not happen because if you do I will start asking you for the video & audio evidence plus reliable & credible witnesses which can support the story that God spoke to Muhammad. For your info, I strongly believe Muhammad despite the absence of the supporting evidence.It's a tall story and yet millions believe. Cukup hairan. Perhaps I should convert immediately.

  18. Anonymous10:17 pm

    "I don't know why the Coroner allowed Sivanesan's spender to the hearing."

    You dunno huh. Ok, for fun, how does that grab you.

    -cheshire cat

  19. I've one torn spender. Renoma lagi. Will go to hishest bidder if you want. Not only MACC, police and interpol also can!

    Lawak puasa betul la...

  20. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Before you get your knickers in a twist (excuse the pun) - I believe the reason for the coroner allowing this line of questioning was because it shows a pattern of abuse that may have had material fact to the events that lead to Teoh's death; and that the accuser/victim can identify that the same MACC officers that attacked him are the same officers that interrogated Teoh.
    Also the credibility of the MACC Officers testimony is under scrutiny especially since one of them says that in the 8 hours of questioning Teoh did not speak but only grunted? Bizarre to say the least.
    And as for the Head of a GLC - I am not surprised that MACC Officers deal with senior people in a far more restrained manner than they do the minions (so to speak).

  21. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Rocky Mountain,

    Now we have a suspect claimed that he was tortured (his spender is torn in several paces) but then he did not fly off tru the window? Why?

    If not mistaken TBH spender was not found to be torn into several pieces. If that the case then TBH was not tortured. Full stop.

    This is very interesting. We have two persons who have encountered two different experienced:

    1. A person who claimed that he was tortured but still alive and healthy and with that he is still able to reveal his side of the story.

    2. And another guy who was not found to have had a bad encounter but was fund to have a fatal fall.

    Hence, a conclusion could be made. The reason for anyone found to have a fatal fall after undergoing interrogation has got no constant relations with the amount of physical stress!! Actually there must be other factors involved!!!

    Karpal Scumbags & co

  22. Anonymous11:28 pm

    People to keep old rag underwear for long time. Because it brings SIAL. So either we burnt or throw away and buy a new one. Very peculiar why underwear is an issue. Probably lawyer idea but still a real bluff

    A good lawyer is a good lair

  23. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Can DNA prove Sivanisan-ess of that "spenda"?

    -renda biru-

  24. Anonymous12:09 am

    We must have a strict rules for those who make mockery of the laws. I will never allow my children to take law because to many loyar buruk in the market who fight for fames and not justice. Some prominent OKU lawyer is said to charge as low as RM5,000.00 just to look and decide to take up a case. 99% of the fella must have committed a crime, if not why he need to pay for that amount.

    Anak kampung....cari makan maa

  25. Anonymous12:16 am

    So, has the spender been confiscated or allowed to be returned to the victim?

    What next. Sell the story and become the front page article in PR's magazine?

    Or may be set for an auction? Who is the bidder? DSAI, Karpal, Gobind? PR state covt?


  26. Anonymous12:23 am

    The spender's owner by right should be sent to hospital tampoi for further checkup and confirmation of the claim that was made.

  27. different people different strokes rockybru!!! off course they can call OTK who just visited MACC. or Tiong!

  28. glassman12:29 am

    did you know that mat salleh was derived from mad sailors or drunk sailors? lol

  29. Bro,

    i think is abt time the malaysian should unite since that our countrymen is in the state of danger in Indonesia. Instead of we bickering the petty issue let show some unity among us that we dont let our neighbor insult us and threaten our ppl.

  30. In this inquest Gobind Singh is throwing everything at the MACC except the kitchen sink, first its the unsubstantiated ridiculous poison pen letter from unknown source, now the torn underwear witness who claimed he was abused by MACC officers. I wonder what else he will be dredging from his book of judicial dirty tricks.

    I think if the Coroner continues to allow Gobind to do anything that he pleases then this inquest will turn into a DAP farce. Somebody should stop this nonsense and not allow Gobind to thoroughly hijack this inquest and delay its end.

    Two very experienced forensic specialist who performed the autopsy on Teoh are of the opinion that he committed suicide, throwing out all the DAP and Pakatan conspiracy-murder allegations.

    Unfortunately, Gobind who is suppose to represent the family of the deceased has changed his mandate to become DAP Chief Inquisitor determined to prove the impossible, that MACC officer murdered its own witness.

    Pathetic, really pathetic show of gamesmanship by Gobind Singh and his DAP cohorts.

  31. Anonymous12:39 am

    Has any of the juirst inspected the claimant's prick for physical evidence? If not then how to make sure the pricking is done toward something which is definitely there and not something which was not there from the very beginning?

    Pubescent Fart

  32. nstman1:10 am

    Rocky, the more lies you spin, the threadbare state of your credibility continues to erode. The public know the MACC has no more credibility left. Except you and your Barisan compatriots.

  33. Mazlan1:28 am

    All we want is the truth of how and who was responsible for Teoh's death.
    It does not make sense for a man about to be married the next day and with impending fatherhood to be found dead on the roof of a building by deciding to jump himself.
    Nor does it make sense to say that since he was released from custody by MACC he would quite happily stick around and take a nap there.
    Nor does it make sense that his car key and mobile phone were in the hands of an MACC Officer despite him being released.
    Nor does it make sense for the MACC Officer to say that in 8 hours of questioning all Teoh's answers were "hmm-hmm".

    So for you to question the sense of the coroner who wants to investigate whether there is a pattern of abuse by those officers who investigated Teoh makes me incredulous - since as a so-called journalist you have failed miserably to raise these glaring discrepancies.
    I have no issue with pro or anti UMNO Bloggers - but i do find it amazing that as someone who purports to be a journalist you can't even be in the same class as someone like Citizen Nades - where the key tenant of any journalist is the seek the truth not spin the lie.

  34. Agree with eddy. What the Coroner has done is similar to what the Judge in Anwar's sodomy trial has been doing for over a year - caving in to the opposition's (Gobind/Anwar) demands.

    In the first place, what has the interrogation of Sivanesan got to do with that of Teoh? True, Gobind & co. want to prove MACC's interrogation involve torture or violence. But these are two separate incidents involving different people and different reasons. If the inquest wants to prove that MACC interrogated Teoh in the same manner as it did Sivanesan, then it should look for evidence in the interrogation proceedings of Teoh, backed by video/audio recordings, witnesses, etc.

    The length the DAP goons are prepared to go to prove their point - which has already been answered with the testimonies of the two very experienced forensic specialist who performed the autopsy on Teoh - is unbelievable.

  35. Rocky,

    I think this what happens.

    Gobind : Dei Thamby, u wanna make some money ?

    Thamby: What money ? How ?

    Gobind : You have been interrogated by MACC before, right ?

    Thamby : Amma !

    Gobind : I want you to tell in court that you have been beaten by MACC, can ah ?

    Thamby : Ai yo yo... thats tipu la, i might go to prison.

    Gobind : Dont worry, they wont send you to prison. Some more i give money for it too.

    Thamby : Still ah sir.. i am afraid la..

    Gobind : U dont want to balas dendam ah ?

    Thamby : Balas dendam ?

    Gobind : Ya la, balas dendam, if not for the MACC, you would still have your job as assistant manager. Right ? Amacam ?

    Thamby : How much ah ?

    Gobind : I still have rm500,000.00 from my allocation ?

    Thamby : Still scared la sir..

    Gobind : Dont worry. They wont do anything to you. You are an indian, they wont do anything to indian. See, Indian can demo and govt dont do anything to them. See those melayu, they demo a bit only, they got arrested immediately. Dont worry.

    Thamby : But sir, they never touched me sir. They shout only.

    Gobind : Dont worry, Look at Bala. He did the SD and police call him and he just reverse the SD and then he disappeared. So how ?

    Thamby : I have to think about it la Sir..


    Thamby : How to show i got hit la Sir..

    Gobind : Ai yo.. easy. Do you have any old underwear ?

    Thamby : Plenty, sir.

    Gobind : Just show to court that your underwear koyak because you got hit at your penis..

    Thamby : Like that ah Sir.

    Gobind : Like that, so how ? You ok ?

    This is how i think it happens. Just another fiction to complement another fiction.

  36. Anonymous5:58 am


    But then how come you get the truth if the inquiry is simply forced to go to this direction -- There is no other truth and the only truth is that macc must be held responsible! Huh

  37. Anonymous6:19 am


    You missed the earlier part:

    Macc: No sir i did not torture suspect. i just shouted at them.

    Gobind: Fcku yu idoit! shouting is also classified as torturing suspect, don't you know that? Stupid lah you...

    Macc: No sir, i disagree and it is definitely not.

    Gobind: Why not? Just give me your reason on that, Moorn!!

    Macc: You see hah, mothfkuer of moron, you have shouted at us many many times. Shall i lodge a complaint to the human right org for having been tortured crap, scumbags and shitteater?

    Gobind: Argh, argh, OK, OK.

    Crooner: So Gobind, last warning hah.. sit down will ya..

    PR Shitt Stirrer

  38. A rogue officer in the Police Force or the MACC will be one who will tell on his mates who think torture is perfectly alright.

    And sure, you can have a whole lot of UMNO and other BN flers who have previously been investigated and who the MACC or ACA previously have issued Halal Certificates on them exonerating almost everyone of them from accusations of corruption. Only thing they never explain is how these flers accumulated their wealth. And I am sure all these flers would fit the specifications of this Sivanesan of having been hauled up for investigations, except that they would say that they were served Earls Grey and were sat on a nice soft sofa for their statements to be taken.

  39. Anonymous8:16 am

    Spender proves nothing la! haha. How funny this came out from Gobind(future perosak). Well nothing new actually. haha


  40. There a different between a GLC head and this guy. Status!. Anyway, aint the inquest supposed to find out how Teoh died or to cow cow MACC?

  41. Bunnies9:02 am

    WAHHHHH... MACC whallop people one!! WAHHHH.... WAHHHH... abuse! abuse! abuse! sadistic abuse! MACC whallop people's balls!

    Who cares whether this fella with a torn s'pender is telling the truth or not but the impression given is great enough for anyone to assume it is true! Torn S'pender, hospital stay, photos of him with bruises... what more is there to say!

    I think someone really need to look into MACC... it is like some triad gang! Whallop balls, throw people out of window, interrogate people in marathon style.. WAHH.. like Hitler hor.. only thing missing is the swastika symbol.

    tsk! tsk! tsk! tsk!... Najib, Najib, Najib.. what is happening? You are not having control of your boys.. very bad.. very bad..

  42. Anonymous9:53 am

    Thousands of people have been arrested and interoggated by ACB/MACC before but why no one seem to make a complaint?

    Just Wondering.

  43. La Cha Mau, I think you better be careful with your writing, people now get slapped with sedition charge just for kicking and spitting on a cow's head and here you are questioning the conduct of Islam's Prophet Nabi Muhammad?

    I think you are not a Muslim so I suggest you learn first about Islam and all its glory before you start to quote examples and start to question the conduct of its Prophet. A little knowledge especially in religious matters of any religion is really a dangerous thing.

    By the way where in Rocky Bru's post that even have a resemblance that he is trying to play God. Rocky putting up an alternative idea is the human thing to do and its called free speech within the ambit of the law.

  44. Anonymous10:06 am


    It's 'ASTERN', not 'A STERN' la!

  45. Anonymous11:46 am

    We're in the middle of casting a chinese opera and then suddenly they come up with a commercial break of a tamil movie..hahaha..really a joke!

    What can i say..they existed here long before came the!

    Still having faith in their cakap & perangai? Well better start seeking the truth inside their asshole too for that they might futt out purfume for you people craving to smell it, or maybe you may find light in there if you're lucky enough..morons!

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  46. Datuk Bai12:00 pm

    Hahahahaha...funny funny after this fail like the poison letter,then wat else he try to provide....ini bai mau jd mcm bapak bai lor....konon terror fight later bole handle bnyk kes,duit msk banyk lor...sikit hari leh tubuh Bapak Bai & Anak Bai Serta Cucu Bai....

  47. hang lawak la rocky hahahaha hang tau ka sbb apa polis dok usung tilam tu pi mahkamah? kalau hang tak dapat jawapan dia baguih hang suruh parpu jadi editor malaymail. hang pulak manage blog pkhouse hahahaha

  48. Anonymous1:20 pm

    point one,

    how could anyone tortured a witness? if TBH is a suspect, then it MIGHT be a different story.

    point two,
    that torn-underwear-indian guy IS A SUSPECT of doing bribery!i must question his credibility of speaking the truth

    point three,
    my dad is not GLC not an UMNO supporter, but has being interrogated by BPR back then because someone lodge a false report on him.... tht BPR officer just come to the house and asked to go through my dad account statement. no shouting, not even touching......why all this torture stories? BPR is not POLICE who has right to do that!!!


  49. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Rocky, as a journalist can you highlight some facts about MACC officers......what is the education qualification of those investigating officers? are they capable of investigating accounts concerned documents?.....public are waiting for ur answers

  50. Dear Rocky,

    What rubbish are you spewing nowadays? To read of your hare brain comments are tiresome (yea, yea, I know, I know, if I do not like it, I could jolly well not read your postings - just bear with me for now).

    Your suggestion to ask for those who have not been spanked down there to be given the chance now to give testimony is shocking and inane. Are you suggesting 10 non-spanking cases justify one spanking case? My goodness, since when is MACC authorised to spank anyone anywhere just to obtain evidence.

    Your suggestion is malicious, mischevious and totally unbecoming of a supposed jaded and world wearied journalist.

    If you cannot write anything inspiring, I suggest you shut your gab and retire into some woods. Our country has enough of good for nothing rabble rousers.

  51. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Rocky, i am afraid that i hv to agree with BareSheen...

    It is true from a person's writings we can tell how smart or how stupid a person is, etc, etc.

    Rocky, i guess, you should take a rest...

    Ya, Ong Tee Keat just walked out from MACC's office, why dont you ask him to come and testify how good the MACC's officers are?

    Rocky, u r too tired, just too tired, your brain tells, take a rest ya?

  52. Grokker2:21 pm

    We want to know the truth regarding the circumstances surrounding TBH's untimely death.

    At the end of the day, the court is only concerned with the truth according to the law and not the absolute truth. Having said that and all things being equal, the court's truth is the closest we will ever get to the absolute truth this side the Day of Judgement.

    And from the reported exchanges between the lawyers it looks like the court will lead us somewhere, the tendency of some lawyers to also address a different court, the court of public opinion, notwithstanding.

  53. Grokker2:38 pm

    Hi Bunnies,

    Who cares whether this fella with a torn s'pender is telling the truth or not but the impression given is great enough for anyone to assume it is true! Torn S'pender, hospital stay, photos of him with bruises... what more is there to say!

    Why are you here, discussing the inquest?

  54. BH Toh3:00 pm

    u r not a malaysian cabinet minister yet. but u sure speak & think & reason like hismoodin, maidin, moohidin.
    keep up your good spin bodek work, you are well on your way to be a full minister by the next GE!

  55. Anonymous3:05 pm


    T.Sivanesan's torn spender freshly brought by Go-Bin'Himself'Singh as sideshow evidence in TBH inquest, is found to have a similar tear to Go-Bin's floral motif spender and Anwar Berak-him stain ridden spender.

    Experts confirm the manner of tear on all three individual's spender are exactly position on 'front-center' and 'back-center'. It gives conclusive evidence according to the experts that all three have at some time or another, engaged in Homosexual activity with each other wearing those very underwear with the customised tear.

    But in this post 'March08' era, this is not considerd shocking.

    What is more shocking is that this three individuals never changed their underwears all this time!

    Imagine the... ewww!

    That's all from the 'INQUEST NEWSFLASH'. For more sideshows by Go-Bin'Himself'Singh, wait for tomorrow's proceedings.

    @#*!!! singning out.

  56. Anonymous3:19 pm

    it isn't funny at all.

    i know this is mean. but i do wish that your family members will get the MACC's treatment one day. and i will see you if you will make this kinda awful joke again.

  57. Mazlan3:48 pm

    Anon 5.58.

    No matter how Teoh died - he still died within the custody of the MACC.
    If someone died in my care or in my house under suspicious circumstances - I would be held responsible. So would the case be with Teoh.

    Again I also point out the discrepancies such as why would someone who the MACC claimed that they released decide to take a nap in their office and why would the MACC Officers be holding on to his mobile phone and car keys.

    A lot does not add up.

  58. Anonymous4:01 pm

    So, this Sivanesan guy is a proof that MACC officer torture people under their custody?

    What kind of sweeping generalization this is? Did this guy represents every person ever grilled by MACC that they used cruel methods to question witness?

    You are right Rocky. Call other person that was not tortured by MACC to give a balance view.


  59. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Dear All.

    Hope this draws the line .

    You either choose.

    You wanna be a lawyer .
    Lawyer Buruk


  60. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Below is the latest on what Sivanesan said.

    [The Petaling Jaya High court today dismissed MACC's application for a revision of the coroner's ruling to allow T Sivanesan, a victim of MACC torture, as a witness in the Teoh Beng Hock inquest.

    "There is nothing illegal, incorrect and improper about the coroner's ruling to allow the 20th witness to testify," ruled judicial commissioner Yeoh Wee Siam.]

    The High Court has decided.

    What say you now Rocky? This news too deserves front page in Malay Mail?

    Or is the judge someone who is to be in the 'ineffective' list and asked by the CJ to leave?


  61. Anonymous5:11 pm


    Itu underwearpun mau kasi tunjuk sama publik ma. What brand...I hv 3underwear that belong to unknown. Can somebody pass to the inques cause it also have holes on it.

    Umang ai

  62. Anonymous5:57 pm

    u r not a malaysian cabinet minister yet. but u sure speak & think & reason like hismoodin, maidin, moohidin.
    keep up your good spin bodek work, you are well on your way to be a full minister by the next GE!

  63. bloody funny.Can u imagine being caned on the PENIS.Damn!It must be hurt so bad that it wont erect even siti nurhaliza standing naked before your eyes.Funnyla this people.Ayoyo..

  64. Along with Teoh dat day, der were other who were quizzed too..
    there was this DIN, then this BOON guy.
    They never claimed they were tortured.
    Call them in to the court and put them under oath.
    If they become Hostile and say they were tortured too.. huh.. Dat will be anyone's guess what is at play?

    Charge for lying under contempt of court..

  65. Anonymous8:33 pm

    You charge people WITH something, not FOR something. As an editor, you must know that!


  66. Anonymous8:43 pm

    SEluar PENdek DAlam (Boxer)?
    as in
    KUmpulan GItar RANcak?


  67. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Dear people, use your brain la to see wats underneath it all. just bcoz the macc is whacked left right centre, it does not mean that all thats said against them are true. be objective la for once.

    Here's the thing, a liar will always miss things out in his spiderweb of lies. the bugger claimed that he was "blindfolded with a white towel with the letters MACC emblazoned on it" (read NST page 6 Thur,Sept10) HELLO! The MACC only assumed its new name this year la wei after passed in parliament!!! His alleged beating took place in September last year kan!!! Nampak sangat la kan. he must have thot with that statement hos story would carry more weight. God! the lengths these buggers would go to, to make their case is unbelievable la!! wonder how much he was paid to make up the bloody juicy story!!! My heart goes out to MACC. keep up yr work guys. ignore these buggers who are only interested in keeping the MACC nose out of their stinking butts!!!

    Anak Bapak

  68. Al-Sadr1:36 am

    We hope & pray that it never did happened.But if it does , then we have a pirated episode of the Abu Gharib prison going on in our very own backyard.It means we are like the Americans , which technically they have won the war but morally they've LOST.

  69. Anonymous2:38 am

    La Cha Mau,

    This is what you say: "Rocky, if you do not believe this man, that's your own folly. For me, I believe Muhammad even though there is no bloody evidence that God spoke to him."

    The evidence that you are talking about is there inside the Islam's holy book itself. So, you are utterly wrong for saying this: "I believe Muhammad even though there is no bloody evidence that God spoke to him."

    When come to judgment in court, there is procedures to follow. For example, let say if a PR goon was accused for sodomizing a boy and subsequently more and more peoples come out to make similar accusations, can the verdict be made based on the claims made by the accuser? The answer is NO. But, Why?

    Yes the court can only make judgment and reach a verdict if there is also physical and chemical evidences to support the claims. So, in this case, you are making yourself a spin bomoh. For what? TST, bro.


  70. Anonymous2:53 am

    Anak Bapak says'

    "Here's the thing, a liar will always miss things out in his spiderweb of lies.

    "The bugger claimed that he was blindfolded with a white towel with the letters MACC emblazoned on it" (read NST page 6 Thur,Sept10) HELLO! The MACC only assumed its new name this year la wei after passed in parliament!!! His alleged beating took place in September last year kan!!! Nampak sangat la kan. he must have thot with that statement hos story would carry more weight."


    Yes, you just discovered how desparate this goons are to smear the good reputation of MACC. This dirty tricks actually only good for an inquiry that is to be made in the PR's kangaroo court.

    Any way it is not too late to say: "welcome to the land of holy cow!" Have a good day, bro.

    Ordinary Sapi

  71. Anonymous2:59 am

    Biasalah when the high court ruled on their favor then they praise the ruling but in the other hand is the ruling is not in their favor, you know lah what this mangkuk like parameswara used to say. Hypocrite lot.

  72. Anonymous6:12 am

    Dulu semasa Najib nak naik tahta... musim SD and pooh hilang ..

    Ni Saiful tengah ada kes dgn DSAI, dah musim seluaq dalam pulak?

    During the medical check, did the doctors check his xyz.. ahem ahem cough to see if it still functioned after the beatings?

    And did they check his adrenalin or hormone level.. maklumlah kalo kena kat situ, mesti berbulan2 chemical reactions dalam badan?

    Kalo dia dah kahwin, must also bring his wife as saksi kegiatan dia semasa dalam kelambu dalam masa kecederaan tersebut!

    Kalo dia ada anak dalam linkungan 12bulan, check jugak..

    Kena get someone to trace the true origin of this spendar koyak.. where he bought it, and have it sent to manufacturer to test the impact of hits that can cause it to Koyak.. hmmmm banyak cerita pasai seluar koyak nih!


  73. Grokker7:16 am

    Rocky said, How do we know that it is his underwear in the first place, and if he was telling the truth about his prick being caned and what-not?

    Well, I think it's fair. We've only heard one side of Sivanesan's story so far.

    I'm sure this is not the JC's reason for allowing the testimony, but disallowing Siva's testimony would have allowed him to say his damaging piece (as far as MACC goes) and then leave. His testimony would have been expunged by the coroner's court in its deliberations later but not in the court of public opinion.

    Admitting him will now compel him to attend the hearing and allow MACC's lawyer to take his turn at questioning Siva. I'm sure this would help to clarify things.

    Like Anak Bapak, Ordinary Sapi and other members of the thinking public, I'm also interested to know how the MACC towel existed before the MACC itself, amomg other things.

  74. Anonymous9:25 am

    I would think the underwear (& the photos)is produced to corroborate his accounts of being tortured. Who ever say underwear can't be used as evidence?

    You say"if he was telling the truth about his prick being caned and what-not?"".

    Funny. And how do we know the MACC officers are telling the truth? How do we know anybody is telling the truth for that matter?

    Do you honestly think MACC officers would cane anybody that walks into their office? Do you think they would cane Khir Toyo? OTK?


  75. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Hello Bro,
    Why is it difficult to accept his word that MACC tortured him. Quite frankly, I just don't see any joke over someone who had suffered under MACC. His has made police report after the incident, had gone to hospital for treatment, has reported to various agencies. Did he did it in hindsight. Can you imagine this poor guy has done everything in hindsight hoping for Teoh's death to seek revenge. He must a genius indeed.Think first before you write, better still pray first before you write.


  76. rocky,

    you're good at this. provoking people to come into your blog and -- haha...expose themselves,although most of them are anonymous.
    and they all fall for it.
    some sound the very thing they accuse you of.

    you're terrible.i know you are enjoying some of the idiotic and angry remarks...and enjoying the fact the very same people who whack you keep coming back for more..

    i think you write to annoy some people.

  77. Nuraina

    You'd like to think that rocky writes to annoy. and maybe invite people like me who keep coming back to comment.

    But then again, I'm inclined to think how far political or monetary priorities, or submission to someone who can put on the squeeze, or just plain ambition can take a person away from who he truly is or might be. Because I do still believe with Rocky, there is hope!