Wednesday, September 09, 2009

18 months after March 08

Pakatan facing severe crisis. Wait, this is not me Pakatan-bashing. This is Lim Kit Siang's views. Read the full interview, "I'm worried about Pakatan's future", with mySinChew.

Kit Siang has been in politics long enough to sense when things go wrong, and why they go wrong. Besides internal problems, Pakatan Rakyat has failed to achieve maturity and fulfill the promises it made to the people.The DAP strongman is particularly concerned with the lack of urgency among the Pakatan leaders, especially in Selangor, in facing the crisis.

In Pekan a day earlier Najib Tun Razak said it too, but of course he did not share Kit's concern. The PM may have be savoring the moment:
”Now that they have come to power, they realise that governing is not as simple as when they were talking as the voice of the Opposition. We can see that the people are starting to question the decisions made by several Opposition-led states and their credibility in handling certain local issues. All these problems of late are due to their inability to keep their promises made during the last general election and their failure to take into consideration the views of the people." [Najib: Opposition discovering it is not easy to govern - The Star]

I've decided that Pakatan's main problem in the states they government (except Kelantan) is their inability to shake off their "Opposition" mentality. Instead of focusing on the business of governing, the state governments have been rather preoccupied with trying to find the faults of the previous (BN) government and blaming it for its woes.

A year and a half has gone by and a lot of the promises made during PRU12 could have been fulfilled, so why haven't they been fulfilled, as LKS said?

You tell me. But let me remind you, I'm not interested in PR-bashing here. I live and I now work in Selangor, Pakatan's biggest catch 18 months ago, and it is my concern - more so that it is Kit Siang's - if my state government is not doing as good a job as it's supposed to.


Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concern,its BN that is worried,whether they will be able to recapture those states lost in GE 08.

If Najib is so confident that PR is growing weak,why not test BN's populariti by dissolving DUN Perak.

an UMNO member.

Anonymous said...


PR masih beruntung kerana mereka memiliki sebarisan politikawan yang boleh di klasifikasikan sebagai "bekas-bekas penjarah dan produk buangan" dari Amenok yang kini berpolitik bukan kerana mengalirnya darah 'idealism baru' dalam diri mereka sebaliknya yang mengalir itu adalah darah lama yang diracuni perasaan dendam tidak sudah.

Kalau PR mahu merealisasikan impian memerintah versi 16 September atau versi PRU-13, mereka harus ada keyakinan dan keberanian untuk 'membekam' keluar darah beracun tersebut atau lebih afdal kalau mengambi 'darah muda' sebagai barisan hadapan.

Sekadar pandangan.


Anonymous said...


i beg to differ. i think pr is doing a better job than bn. i feel things are more transparent. sure there are hiccups here and there, expected for the relatively inexperienced team. governing wise. In fact if Khir Toyo comes back as MB, I'm seriously considering migrating. No more BN, no more, no more..


Sinatra_Z said...

The thing is,
The promises PR made in Selangor are based on the belief that they would not win.

Surprisingly they did.

Of course KDEB and PKNS has alot of money in the coffers but maintaining and running Selangor is not cheap and now Khalid realising that a charity state/ socialist state cost alot of money in a capitalist world want's to tap in Zakat money. Too bad Sultan is there.

A lot of popular but unwise policy are being introduced in Selangor. Like free water, popular, pricey but here is the irony, people who are living in flats with one water bills do not get the benefit. And there are people with low income who could use some slack in their bills. And to compensate that, they charge extra for low cost housing rent. So my free water is of the expense of poor people.

What ever happened to 20% reduction in taxes?

That plus internal PKR crisis are really bugging the MB. The fact that Ampang AMK are angry with Rodziah, Khalid is being ousted in Ijok, PKR boys are pissed when they didn't get their pie. Azmin Ali and WCK against the DAP duo.

The reports and documents against the DAP Excos and the ones published by anti PR blogs. Where do you think came from? UMNO Boys? UMNO boys can't get hold of those stuff, it's an inside job, mana da budak-budak BN nak dapat paperwork tender and etc...

PKR boys are pissed.

Eventually blaming Khir Toyo isn't going to fly anymore. People already believe you in which is why Khir Toyo isn't the MB anymore. Stop being the opposition and start governing lah Selangor oi!

Truth be told is People are more concerned about their roads and garbage than self proclaimed transparency. They don't really give a shit about how you award the Drain Repairs contract, people just want a working drain.

Anonymous said...


They are actually a bunch of opportunist! Meaning when opportunity arises they just grabbed it but forgot to say this: "thank you folks".

In other words, once they have license to walk along the corridor of power, it is their divine right to plan and doing thing autocratically and not taking into account the necessity of consensual value.

Now they have additional feature, selective amnesia. Because of that they tend to forget how they managed to get the license in the first place.

Instead of using the license for good purpose, it is been used wrongfully to shoot the messengers.

Peace :-)

Anonymous said...

Barisan pemimpin depa tak ader idea original, pasai sejarah mereka samar2..

Nak ikut macam China? India? Tok Pak depa pun lintang pukang tak sanggup cara kat situ.

Yang PAS pulak, nak ikut cara Mekah, aisehman, kat sana bukan Islam takleh sewenangnya jadi Rakyat, maupun masuk!

Nak macam Australia, British.. phuiih cukup2 dulu jadi kuli dan hamba abdi. Tapi nak juga..segi sex dan freedom! Ceh

Kita Majority orang lama sini beratus tahun dah ada sistem sendiri, sekadar tune sikit sana sini bagi depa depa ni selesa menyesuaikan diri kat sini..

Jadi depa depa ni tiap hari duk try itu ini, belit itu ini, semua serba tak kena, last last duk confuse sana sini! hehehehe


Anonymous said...

I don't think the Muslims would allow DAP to catch more seats in the next GE. The implication is intolerable. The only way forward is for DAP and PKR to be absorbed into Pas. If that the case then we can guarantee Pas will get the upper hand in the incoming GE.


Anonymous said...

I'm a non muslim.But I like the PAS way of doing things and thinking especially Nik Azziz.After years of living abroad think the PAS way is the best waybut its only a personal opinion.
Clean,simple and beautiful thats my PAS to life.


Anonymous said...

Salam Rocky,

Pembangkang bolehlah membohongi satu atau lebih orang Islam untuk sekali-sekala tetapi tidak semua orang Islam boleh di bohongi berkali-kali dan buat sepanjang masa.

Sokongan ummah kepada PR adalah berpaksikan kepada janji-janji Pas tetapi bukan janji-janji duniawi yang dibuat oleh PKR dan DAP.

Sebabnya begini. Kalau betullah ummah kemarukkan janji-janji berbentuk duniawi, mereka tidak perlulah beralih kepada PR kerana parti pemerintah yang sedia ada telah mempunyai rekod yang jelas dan memberangsangkan dalam aspek berkenaan.

Oleh itu kekaburan di pihak PKR dan DAP dalam memahami perkara ini akan memberi kesan dari segi sokongan pengundi terutamanya pengundi atas pagar terhadap PR.

Ingatlah bahawa sekiranya DAP dan PKR liat dalam memberikan ruang dan peluang kepada Pas untuk mengotakan janji-janjinya, sudah tentu pengundi atas pagar akan berasa di permainkan oleh agenda politik duniawi bertopengkan sekularisme.

Justeru, sama ada mereka (para pengundi) akan beralih arah atau terus memendam rasa susulan daripada kebebalan dan kekhilafan sendiri; sedangkan PR terus berdolak dalik dan bersandiwara dengan agenda sebenar mereka, adalah sukar diramalkan buat masa ini. Mungkin masa yang akan menentukannya.

Pious Chinglot

e n g said...

PR government in Selangor is not good enough, i think everybody know that.

They didn't fulfill all the promises

but their main acheivement is to be able to wrest the power from BN!!!

thank GOD we now have better transparency and less corruptions

this is the best thing ever happen to People of Selangor.

Anonymous said...

Budak PJ,

Obama is also considered a 'newbie', but we know for sure that he never used a lame excuse (such as inexperience) to justify any weakness.

Only immigrant dares to migrate?

Yes, you can say that if not PR gonna be the one who sits at the helm then you and your kind dare put a slap in the face and contemplating to migrate? Huh! you just exposing your true color, bro!

But then what about others. Dont you think the current scenario is ruining PR's image? So if PR remained at the helm after a series of negative issues have painted the black picture of their credibility, and if you can migrate, by same token then what make you think we will not also migrate?

So it seems that all of us going to migrate. Uh-hh!!


Django Ang said...

With due respect to you, I think only a minority share your views on Pakatan. I have done a survey and I have found out the majority think Pakatan is doing a good job. So, Rocky, if you still feel Pakatan is not up to the mark, pse feel free to emigrate to Johor, Pahang or Timbucktoo. I know you yearn for Toyol to come back, but hey, stop dreaming. Selangor's present trouble is a denouement of the reckless and feckless rule of Barisan. The people have made their choice. And the choice is Pakatan. And I am very happy with Pakatan, the only choice for Malaysians in this hour of darkness.

Anonymous said...


You like Pakatan to flattern the hill and clearing the jungle?

- Im not Khir Toyo -

glassman said...

I wouldn't swallow whatever admissions by Lim Kit Siang whole.

glassman said...

PAS never had the upper hand except where they were totally in the majority over DAP. In Kedah and Kelantan only.

kluangman said...

PRU 13 akan menyaksikan orang Melayu tidak lagi akan memilih DAP seperti di PRU 12 atas faktor 'protes'.

Mereka akan kembali menyokong UMNO atau PAS dan sebahagiannya PKR.

Seterusnya akan jadi sejarah.

Tok Kemuning said...

I have being advocating that IT IS NOT ABOUT PR it is about what hav been done by BN so far since PRU12 that would make the independent voters to give votes back to BN.

With what hapenning in MCA, MIC and PPP PLUS PKFZ still a lot still BN should do for a better PRU13 results.

It is not about PR it is about BN. Pretty much majority of the voters know what they are looking for.

Anonymous said...

At least is better than some one who doesn't know where is their mistake since 1957, don't you agree Mr Rocky?

I guess Najib will pee at his pants if he call of Perak election.

BN can't solve sec 19 temple issue but PR can, Malays in sec 19 are very happy that they don't stay near to a temple. I think PR is doing better than what BN did in the last 54 years.

Anonymous said...

Many Malays in Selangor are back with BN. Look around. I see many banners/posters (made by private citizens in private offices) proclaiming their support of 1Malaysia. I see banners of 1Taman lah, 1Penduduk lah, 1Komuniti lah, 1Company lah, 1Visi lah...macam-macam 1 lagi lah. Tell-tale signs of people embracing Najib, or at least are giving chance to Najib to prove himself.

I think Najib's pro-active efforts are way better then hearing PR's leaders whining and blaming BN for their ineffective leadership.

If Nik Aziz can manage Kelantan well for two decades why is that Lim Guan Eng keeps blaming and whining about his difficulty in dealing with the Federal government when he's having problem managing Penang?

As someone who lives in Selangor for the past 15 years, I see more problems in race-relation in Selangor in the past year than what I saw in the past 14 years.


Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concern,its PR that is worried,whether they will be able to sustain those states won in GE 08.

If Anwar is so confident that BN is growing weak,why not test BN's populariti by dissolving DUN Selangor.

a PR member.

Grokker said...

They're looking more like a coalition of the unwilling than a coalition of the willing. In fact, they're looking less of a coalition and more a menage a trois gone sour by the day.

Not a surprising situation considering, as LKS said, that the DAP and Pas have not resolved fundamental differences as to the future shape of the country. They don't share an overarching political vision into which they can fit their individual party aims.

The euphoria of making inroads in the last GE has gone and the realities of governing have set in. They're not prepared for the job, they've no experience and as a result they're making a mess of it. Pas has considerable experience governing -- why that knowhow has not filtered down to the other states, I don't know. The country can't afford to have a govt that is learning to govern through "on-the-job-training" as is happening in some PR states now.

With due respect, I think that certain PR states are only functioning because of the civil service. The political masters are absent, in mind if not in body, because they are still busy politicking. And we can certainly do without the juvenile antics of those in Perak -- just drop it and wait for the next GE; if you're good then, you'll get in.

To be sure, there are some good, sincere and able politicians in PR, a few that I'd vote for in an instant instead of some half-past six BN candidates. But they are far and few in between and I suspect their voices are seldom heard in PR.

It's a pity because after half a century the country may be prepared for a two-party political arrangement. A working government and a working, credible opposition, rather than one that says "we oppose" (even when they're governing) all the time instead of putting up their own alternatives to govt proposals, would be good for the country, I think. A real check and balance. But how can that come about when the PR doesn't even share a common symbol and lacks a common "management team" as per the BN. LKS can only say that Anwar will be PM should they win. What about the rest of the propective governing machinery?

As some commenters have said, the people want good governance above all. The majority have experienced more than one election and they've learned to accept things determined via the ballot box and move on till the next GE when hopefully they can change things more to their liking.

Malaysians in five states chose the devil they didn't know. They're having a sight of PR govt now and it's not very pretty. It may well be that in the next GE they'll revert to choosing the devil they do know.

Anonymous said...

Cukup2 latu.....kalau dah tak boleh nak handle.....kasi undur diri ajer la.....kita ada kerajaan yang lebih lama bertapak di Tanah Air kita nie......let it's be la....jangan la nak palitkan isu sana-sani kepada Kerajaan lagi.....setelah puas menghirup pelbagai kemudahan yang diberikan oleh kerajaan kepada Mereka2 yang dah lompat tu...kini kerajaan dikutuk. Jangan la nak suarakan rasa hati marah dan dendam yang tak sudah sudah tu.......

bronaga said... are full of stupid leaders that is why...expecially nuar the kaki kelentong...not to worry pru13 muslim will unite and give back full power to Bn! Allah will save us all from this satanic DAPsy AND FRIENDS.

Anonymous said...

Bagusla tu...PR sentiasa memikirkan dan menerima akan kelemahannya dan berusaha memperbaiki. Bukan macam BN, dah tersungkur mencium tanah pun tak sedar2 lagi. Dalam hadis Qudsi ada disebut bahawa Allah amat membenci orang yang sudah tua tapi tak tahu bertaubat.

BN ibarat orang tua yang banyak dosa tapi tak tahu bertaubat. PR ibarat anak muda yang sedang melangkah gagah menghadapi cabaran dan gigih belajar bagi mencapai yang terbaik.

Semoga Allah merahmati perjuangan PR. Amiin!!!


antubiul said...

What transperancy? I see nothing!

This is what you get when you promise the moon and sun to people who you thought are naive! Next PRU13 promise the universe,

Nik said...

Overall I think the PR Menteri Besar's are pretty well organized and have shown leadership.
However they have a rather inexperienced team made up of some great individuals but weighed down by certain individuals who have let power go to their head and/or don't seem to have any management skills.
In Selangor's case they have someone like Hassan Ali acting as a loose cannon - obviously harboring his own agenda to be MB.
These issues need to be resolved soon for the PR's sake.

However I am fairly confident as there seems to be a lot of bright, young and committed ADUNs and MPs among them in all parties who seem interested in learning the ropes and doing public service. So there is a succession plan within PR in all parties.

I think BN should be very concerned for its future on the following basis:
MCA is wracked by infighting with no clear new young second liners.
MIC has Samy Vellu leading it to certain death.
Gerakan has completelt lost anyone of substance.
UMNO itself seems to be in denial - the GE 2008 message from the electorate was that it had to reform and become more inclusive and weed out the corrupt and the warlords. None of that has happened and what is worst is that the warlords seem stronger. Where are the new young UMNO members with bright reformist ideas? None are coming through or none exist?

Thus in comparison despite their problems in PR - there is light at the end of the tunnel and a future based on the fact they have a succesion plan.
In BN's case I want to know who is their future? Who are the new leaders who are going to revive the BN?
What do they have to say about the future?

Anonymous said...

kenapa perlu risau tentang PR, sedang kan BN telah memerintah sekian lama,masih banyak kelemahan? Terlalu perfect kah pentadbiran BN?

sekian terima kasih

eddy said...

Bro, the Pakatan is just a very loose coalition of three parties namely DAP,PAS and PKR cobbled together without any unified political objectives. Pakatan is just a name given to an election pact of DAP,PKR and PAS to mask the different political agendas and objectives of the very different political parties to make the numbers so that they can govern a state.

Their election campaigns are built on rhetorics, smearing, unsubstantiated allegation, complaining and whining against the Barisan nasional and promises to the voters that they know they can never keep. These are definitely not qualifications to rule a state fairly and efficiently as an elected Government. They are only good as the Opposition to keep the ruling BN Government in check.

In Selangor particularly, the Selangor Selcat for instance is just a tool to dig the negative past and show the excess of the previous government under Khir Toyo, nothing was learnt from the other positive things that the BN Government did like efforts that was done previously like taking in multi billion dollar investments from all over the world. Selangor and its Government did not become rich and highly industrialised by accident you know, things are well planned and implemented under the BN Government.

Rhetorics on transparency and corruption are only effective for a short time especially if the speakers themselves are not transparent and not corruption free.

For instance:

1. Khalid Ibrahim was not transparent enough as he did not declare that he owed banks millions of ringgit before he took appointment as MB.
2. The ongoing MACC investigations just showed that when there are opportunities many will succumb to making some money on the side and it does not matter which political sides they are on.
3.The Selangor Government badly fumbled the temple relocation issue and caused their own voters to demonstrate against them, but I guess this is the manifestation of the pent up anger of many Selangor folks against the the proposed Projek Khinzir Raksaksa in Sepang, the beer sale issue and the mushrooming healh spa and illegal internet cyber.

I think Bro Sinatra Z is spot on when he said,

"truth be told is People are more concerned about their roads and garbage than self proclaimed transparency. They don't really give a shit about how you award the Drain Repairs contract, people just want a working drain" Yes what the voters want is a working Government who listens to the grouses of ALL races and run the state efficiently not a bunch of elected representatives who just indulge in korek-korek past deeds and blame the previous government for anything that goes wrong under the sun.

Ah Beng Crosby said...

True, PR not doing the job good enough but while PR is stumbling, UMNO and BN is not exactly capitalising the opportunity. Look at MCA and MIC, both are fighting among themselves. What about UMNO? Stepping on cow's head and fanning racist statements. While PR is not doing a good job, between PR and BN, PR still has the upper hand because BN is busy fucking themselves up.

Anonymous said...

dear Rocky , you are right , Pakatan may not turn out as what we expected but they are new and green , give them time to govern .

You are wrong as well. BN have been ruling this country for years , they have all the government mechinaries ad thier disposal . Do you still want corruption to rule ?

Please don't tell me that the prime minster you admire ..Dr Mahathir is coming back to rule again ...

Even Rocky had only spanned 5 sequels .and ..NO more

Carol ...

Anonymous said...

inshallah saya,keluarga dan kawan2 saya akan teus mengundi Pakatan di PRU akan datang.

kami sudah terlalu benci dengan umno.

umno masih menanggap rakyat tidak boleh berfikir.

Kepada rockybtu dan sealiran, kamu tidak boleh berpusing setiap masa.kerana wang dan jawatan kamu rela di lacurkan.

pengundi kajang

Srikanth Siva said...

you are right, but better than Khir Toyol squandering our money?

Anonymous said...

The plot was to make Anwar PM. Should this happen, DAP and PAS will be black mailing him into agreeing with whatever they want.

Lim Kit Siang knows many dark secrets of Anwar and is waiting to unleash it if he does not get what he wants. PAS too has been keeping quiet over the many secrets waiting to be exposed.

That is why the two 'musuh dalam selimut' want Anwar and PKR to come to power.

And Anwar thinks PAS and DAP are foolish enough to take his bait.

As for Anwar, he desperately wants to be PM to cover all his misdeeds, forgetting that he will be subdued by DAP and PAS eventually.

So, all three of these parties gang up temporarily and create public disorder, chaos, character killing and all things opposite to win over the voters.

The PR team do not have any masterplan to run the country but only blames and blames and more blames for their folly.

Surprisingly, their supporters do not read it this way, because they believe in miracles and empty promises. They prefer to believe the medicine man on the streets rather than the doctor from the hospital.

It seems that no matter what, their supporters will still refuse to accept reality, believing Elvis and Michael Jackson still walk the streets.


Anonymous said...

The reason why PR won in Selangor was because of the Toyol factor: one of Mahathir's biggest mistakes was appointing him as the MB. The Toyol is still around, making a fool of himself with his RM24 million +++ palace, and making fools oh his political affiliations: UMNO and the BN. He is now trying his best to remove PR from power in Selangor, which also turned out to be the worst thing to happen to PDRM, MACC, MCMC, Eli's ex-bf and the residents of section 23 who would be charged for sedition. With the Toyol still around, it is harder to believe that the PR government in Selangor would collapse than that the Toyol is now the Emperor of Toyoland, ruling from his RM24 million +++ Kraton at Shah Alam.

Both PR and the BN don't seem to get it: PR won in Selangor not because PR was all that good or BN was all that bad. PR won because people simply wanted to get rid of the Toyol.

from The Toyol Catcher

Anonymous said...

18 months after March 08:-

1. Political Unrest.
2. Explosion of Religious Intolerance.
3. Explosion of Racism.
4. Have NO clue how to fulfill promises made.
5. Still blaming BN even though they are now in power.
6. Still can't shake the 'oppressed by the oppressor' mentality.
7. Still think justice can only be served on the streets.
8. Still using the 'Please Pity Us' method to gain support.
9. Country on verge of total disarray.
10. They still can't trust their so called coalition.
11. They are showing their true colors. And it ain't pretty.

12. 18 months after March 08, The Rakyat is becoming wiser and wished they didn't vote for the Coalition of Destruction.

Feel free to add more negativity, because it certainly outweight the positives, not that there is any positives so to speak.

Bring back the prosperous Malaysia we love.


Anonymous said...

rocky if u have a little bit of maruah, kamu dengar dan tengok sendiri live selcat apa yg berlaku dan guna kan akal kamu utk menilai dan muhasabah diri.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rocky

Who care? We are up to BN to our neck. We just want a change. We are fed up with arrogance and corruption of BN. We just want it out of our life. Period.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rocky,
You obviously did not get what LKS was attempting to do. It was a call to arms to the voters. It was to tell them to rally support in case of the eventual implosion so that they wont be taken aback. Its a very smart move, LKS has been long in the game.
Now the Pakatan die hards already being prepared for the storm.

Contrast this with UMNO. The blame is laid on one man and he kena pancung. After that losses after losses and in more embarrassing fashion. The campaign machinery is now being dominated by the "conscripts" - and in any theory of war, you know that happens when the army is about to be defeated. The one that took the cake was when it was told that Trengganu issue had been solved 20x only for it to erupt the 21st time.

Some level of honesty is required. Just my humble thoughts.

Anonymous said...

malay are scared,that is why DAP is having problem....BiG problem..
I did not vote says

jonathan said...

Memang dikesali kerajaan PR kat selangor yang kononnya adil, transparent n saksama merupakan kerajaan yang paling lembap di negara Malaysia ni. Sebagai contoh tanya org yang beli rumah kat Selangor sejak PR dapat kuasa dah nak hampir 2 tahun masalah tukar milik tanah pun tak selesai-selesai. Ini tak kire projek pembangunan yg lain yang dpt sampai sekrg susah nak dpt kelulusan walaupun requirement semua dah ikut. Projek jalan raya, jambatan lepas kerajaan PR ni semuanya lembap. Last sekali, setiap taman kat selangor dah bagi2 kontrak satu untuk PKR, 1 untuk PAS dan 1 untuk DAp bagi setiap kawasan. masalahnya dia org cuma serve kat bangsa diaorg maksud aku diaorg la racist paling besar bukan untuk semua org xkire berbilang bangsa dan kaum.

Anonymous said...


At least the fuckatan government now got a taste of their own medicine.

When you demonstrate every other day without regards to the rights of others against the BN government causing millions of loss to public/private property and business, you call it democracy but when you got one small demo in your own back yard just because the fuckatan government fail to adhere to their empty promises and fail to listen to their own people grievances then you start yelling for sedition charges to be levy against them etc.

If you read your own spin doctor RPK in Malaysia Today for which most of the articles is defamatory, seditious, incite hatred, condemnation of one own/others religion etc why didn’t you say anything, why didn’t you object but instead you condemn the government for taking action against RPK.

To me what the fuckatan people is fighting for is freedom of speech and expression to what they only want to hear otherwise they will condemn others for having different opinion.

To me the fuckatan are people who are hypocrite and the best example is the relationship between PAS and DAP is hypocrisy of the highest order coz in actual fact everybody knows that they don’t trust each other as their goal is to defeat the BN government and if they succeeded then you all will see the reality of their love hate relationship by that time it will be all to late coz they be fighting with each other for post instead.

I would like to quote verbatim the statement by PKR Kulim MP Zulkifli Nordin in his blog to show that fuckatan rakyat cakap tak serupa bikin a.k.a hypocrite:

"Sebagai pejuang hak asasi manusia, sepatutnya kita menjadi orang pertama menmghormati keputusan beliau kerana itu adalah hak asasi beliau untuk memilih dan menentukan parti mana yang beliau mahu sertai. Saya berpendapat desakan menyuruh beliau mengosongkan kerusi DUN Lunas hanya kerana beliau memilih untuk tidak bersama dengan PKR adalah satu desakan yang bercanggah dengan pendirian Pakatan Rakyat yang menghormati, malahan kekadang sampai mempertuhankan prinsip hak asasi manusia. Ini jelas apabila YB Dato Nasaruddin (BN-Parit) memilih meninggalkan UMNO dan menyertai PKR, tapi lepas tu buat u-turn balik), kita tidak pulak mendesak beliau mengosongkan kerusi DUN Parit, sebaliknya kita telah berkompang sakan menyambut "penghijrahan" beliau. Jangan kerana terkena batang hidung kita sendiri maka kita kata ianya salah, tapi bila membawa faedah kepada kita baru jadi betul. Call a spade a spade-yang benar tetap benar walaupun pahit bagi kita.
Melainkan kita ini pengamal fahaman double-standard, saya berpendapat pendirian kita mesti istiqamah dan konsisten. Kalau kita boleh terima YB Dato Nasaruddin dahulu, mengapa kita tidak boleh menghormati keputusan YB Razhi. Jangan kerana terkena batang hidung kita sendiri maka kita kata ianya salah dan tidak betul, tetapi bila membawa menafaat dan faedah kepada kita baru jadi betul. "Call a spade a spade". Yang hak tetap hak walaupun pahit untuk kita menerimanya. Pada saya, sepatutnya apa yang terjadi memberikan kita peluang dan ruang untuk mencerminkan diri kita dan memperbaiki kelemahan yang ada."

Old Fart said...

How to do any job when the people you depend on to do the job are doing everything to sabotage you and are still taking orders from elsewhere?

How to do any job when the MACC and police are after you all the time as well?

How to do any job at all when the Federal Government holds back money due to the state?

How come Federal Ministers and BN states are never subjected to these kinds of issues?

BN Menteri Besar holds a town hall meeting, if at all, will be a monologue. Everyone shuts up...You talk you get picked up by the SB maybe. and they also have police protection.

You think BN politicians will be freely subject to the kind of cow head protest that PR government was subject to with police just watching? Apologies after that is rather lame, don't you think?

Are the two state governments governing from the same "plate"??

Anonymous said...

Baru sekarang mau sedar?

This is Malaysia.. a country based on democracy..same rule, same field, all the round the world..the rule of the game is to win the majority heart..

PR won GE12 becoz the majority are with them over common frustration towards Pak Lah flip-flop lead BN govt policy, the arrogances in BN decision making and his SIL influences plus those stupid cronies in the ring in the middle of world economic turmoil.. all sum up to one particular issue- the economy of the people! that's all..and yet they took things for!

Now, after winning 5 states in GE12, instead of continue playing the game correctly using their brain..they had resorted to play shit things coming from assholes..such shits are racial, religion, languages & sultans et. al. which obviously directed towards the majority race plus the YB BABI fetish frog jumping dream of his premiership..they keep on glorifying the demands of the minoritiy race and anything about the malays were put aside..push to the edge of the corner..Good!

Instead of shooting UMNO leadership with a direct hit revolver or sniper gun, they love to use a pump gun or a machine gun..generalizing the malays.. its an obvious DAPigs hidden agenda anyway, we know it, just see how they expressed it in blogspehere, everything malay is umno..

so typical of chingkie "baling batu sembunyi tangan"..just like kepala babi case..sound similar to the Israel who killed the civilians and stated that they only hunting the Hamas..2 of a kind..

That was the moment Pakatan Rakyat mutated into Fuckatan Riot and start loosing support from the malays who have brain...

Still those PR assholes leader remain in their very own state of denial dissociating themselves from the true reality around them..they're afraid to see their own reflection in the mirror..probably becoz they got 2 horn like a cow..Khalid the Kow..hahahah..

So, see you people again in GE13 especially to those opportunist chauvinist DAPigs..sleep tight..Fuckatan leaders always talk about UMNO vanishing from this land but their own days are numbered..very fast counting down especially the DAPigs..

They can fool some people sometimes but not all people all the time..

:D muhahaha
-anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

Bunnies said...

I live in Petaling Jaya and as far as I am concern, PR is doing a much better job than BN!

Of course, PR is still in its infancy and will at times stumble and trip but if we all give them the encouragement and support, I am sure PR will do a far better job than BN did in its dont know how many years running the state!

And yes, if Najib is so confident, he can always test it by dissolving DUN Perak and have a fair election there.

Anonymous said...

Bro, actually Shahril Samad said the same thing 5years ago if i'm not mistaken when Pas managed to capture Terengganu. He said "Masalah Kerajaan Terengganu (pembangkang generally)ialah mereka masih bersikap seperti pembangkang walaupun kini telah menjadi pemerintah". This was quoted by Utusan. So nothing new lah about pembangkang or your view for that matter.

Penanak Nasik

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Paramaswera ! Must agree with you. For PR to continue governing Selangor, the rakyat's confidence must be attained. For that to happen and looking at all the nuisence that are occuring every other day, the PKR and definitely the DAP, should allow PAS to lead the coalition. Period ! Maybe with Hassan Ali at the helm of the state government , PRU13 will surely be a winner. Even diehard UMNO dissidents will have no qualms to be a a part of PR. So think twice you PAS fellas. Doubt NOT your ability. Discard your distorted notion that you are being led by the nose by the DAP and PKR. Instead they should be subservient to you , not the other way round !
Allahhuakbar ! Hidup PAS ! Perkasakan Ummah !

Aisehman said...

I agree that they're stuck in the Opposition mindset.

Anonymous said...

Hei Rocky, taken any action against Malaysia Today for stealing your MIC story ke?

Pete dare u, so go sue & get rm500m from him.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

If there is any problem , it's all becos of Beeant.

It's becos of Beeant , the rest of the world surge forward which we are left behind sucking our toes.

Half way to insanity...and let it be the end.

Anonymous said...

I live in KL, and my mum lives in Selangor. Selangor under Pakatan got FREE WATER, KL which is controlled by Barisan (eventhough Pakatant got more MPs there) DOES NOT HAVE FREE WATER.
So Najib, sod off lah.... give me FREE WATER.
Klang People

Anonymous said...


Its not just the Pakatan that is bugging Lim. Its the Chinese. The Chinese are discovering they have not become Malaysian enuf. DAP, MCA, Gerakan, SUPP Chinese are finding out that they really cannot make good friends with the Malays. The DAP cant tolerate PAS. The MCA and Gerakan were riding on UMNO to line their pockets. But they have no real connection with the country. Things were fine when UMNO was strong. To keep the peace UMNO kept dishing out the wealth to everyone - the Chinese included. Now UMNO is weak. One example : UMNO has lost Selangor. So Malay contractors in Selangor now cant get enuf business from the gomen. Selangor Malays have less money in the pocket. Chinese business also suffers - cos the Malays got no money to buy anything. If umno is strong, mca also ok. DAP also ok. strange but true.

Anonymous said...

Bro berkenaan MASALAH INDONESIA ni yg tersiar di akhbar..

Apa kata kita pulak buat macam tu kat warga indon di sini??

Kenapa menteri perlu jaga hati INDON sedangkan KERAJAAN INDON sendiri tak pernah ambil tindakan apa-apa utk menghalang perkara itu??

Apa perlu rakyat Malaysia berDEMO menghalau orang indon disini?? tak payah yg masuk cara betul..yg masuk secara HARAM itu pun cukup.. minta seluruh anggota polis dan tentera di seluruh MALAYSIA buat operasi halau mereka ini jgn ditahan tetapi terus hantar suruh kerajaan indonesia ambil sendiri rakyat dia.

Sebenarnya orang INDON disini (bukan semua) yg tidak pernah bersyukur mendapat rezeki di sini.

malang sekali KERAJAAN MALAYSIA terlalu berlembut dengan KERAJAAN INDONESIA..sepatutnya KERAJAAN MALAYSIA menuntut KERAJAAN INDONESIA memohon MAAF kerana TINDAKAN RAKYATnya kerana telah mencalar dan memburukkan IMEJ MALAYSIA..


Anonymous said...

BUTOHKAN Najib Pak!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Datuk Seri Najib should call for an election to test his popularity. To take over leadership by default is one thing, but he should know how the people are supporting him. So the best he could do is call for a snap polls.

Abil Pillay

Freddie Kevin said...

Dear Rocky,

Stale Opposition tactic:To their benefit, bulldoze projects/programmes and say initiated by previous BN Govt.Not to their benefit and cannot implement BLAME and say initiated by previous BN Govt.

Win-Win. Heads I win Tails you lose.

What nonsense


Anonymous said...


BN lost becoz of the flipflop PM, now is Najib's era.

Those days the opposition LOVES flipflop PM but when it looks like Najib is definitely taking over the opposition went into overdrive to paint Najib as a murderer, as a Hindu, as a corrupted politician etc etc.

Simple because Najib is MORE effective.

pakatan and SUPPORTERS can live in their own world of denial forever


Anonymous said...

hey notice something??

is anwar a MEMBER of any of the political party he leads??

jeng jeng jeng

Anonymous said...

Mr Ketam

mungkin ada orang ketiga yg inginkan kedua negera ni bermusuhan

sedangkan orang ketiga bersorak melihat pergaduhan ini

atas sebab sebab negara sendiri akan muflis, maka lebih baik mencetuskan kekecohan dinegara orang lain

Anonymous said...

old fart

a series of stale and same old excuses just like your ancient stink

Anonymous said...

Bahang kemenangan dah pelan2 reda. Bulan madu sudah tamat!

Selama 18bulan, dah mula jelas business pelan2 sliding away! Huh?

Apek2 kawasan saya dah mula mengeluh! Business takder.. duk nganga mene'gung depan kedai masing2.

Aiyah, Majoriti orang Melayu BN sudah mula tak syiok melanggan kedai APEK!

Bulan2 APEK terpaksa keluaq savings, hasil untung dapat zaman BN dulu?

Apamacam sekarang?


donplaypuks® said...

Your commnet says "Pakatan facing severe crisis."

But Kit Siang said 'I'm worried about Pakatan's future".

A googly for a chinaman? Double spin? Lol!!

We ar all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Salam Anti-Lembu UMNO,
Teruk sgt ke Anda dianiaya sehingga begitu sekali pandangan anda terhadap UMNO. Saya sebagai seorg rakyat Malaysia sentiasa menghargai perjuangan UMNO wlaupun saya bukan ahli UMNO. Saya sentiasa sedar diri, apa yg saya kecapi skrang, pendidikan yg saya terima dalam dan luar negara adalah hasil perjuangan UMNO. Apakah perjuangan PR yg baru setahun jagung itu telah memberi pelbagai kebaikan kpd anda? Adakah apa yg anda nikmati skrang hasil perjuangan PR? Org seperti anda amat menyedihkan. Kasihan mungkin anda dibesarkan dalam suasana jumud dan taksub. Tidak tahu berterima kasih kpd negara dan pemimpin walau sekelumit pun. Apa yg anda tahu mencari keburukan dan mencerca org lain. Sepatutnya bila gol saudara mempunyai kuasa, tunjukkanlah pemerintahan yang baik dan jgn mencerca org lain. Ini tidak, saudara menggunakan petikan ayat2 suci bagi mencerca dan membuat tuduhan berdasarkan dengar cakap sahaja. Pemerintah yg baik, akan berusaha memerintah dengan cekap dan jujur bukan berusaha mencari keburukkan pemerintahan dahulu bila gagal melaksanakan janji2 pilihanraya. Tapi itulah yg dilakukan oleh PR yg amat dibanggakan oleh saudara. Sebenarnya saudara seorg yg AMAT KELIRU YG TLH BERJAYA DIKELIRUKAN OLEH PR.Tkasih.

Sayangkan Negara.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I live in KL, and my mum lives in Selangor. Selangor under Pakatan got FREE WATER, KL which is controlled by Barisan (eventhough Pakatant got more MPs there) DOES NOT HAVE FREE WATER.
So Najib, sod off lah.... give me FREE WATER.
Klang People

3:48 PM

Is free water the all-encompassing issue? Really? Look around you, and you'll see that other than Tan Kok Wai and Wee Choo Keong, the other MPs are hardly servicing the constituents.

When was the last time we heard of Nurul Izzah? Pantai voters thought Shahrizat was bad (and she was, honestly) but where is Nurul? Lo' Lo', anyone? Lip Eng and Tian Chua are busy playing the "national" field...when was the last time they went down to the field? All kee poh chee to get into national limelight, forgetting the small people who voted them in....

In fact, if you look around you, the ones really on the padang is the Datuk Bandar, and Raja Nong Chik. And they are both not even MPs...

With due respect, credit has to be given when it due.

That's the truth...and being oblivious to the obvious doesn't change the truth....

Anonymous said...

How to reverse 50 years of powers and good or damages that came with it in less than 2 years. The old power with deep relationship embedded in system. Otherwise how so called new oppositions know what is happening the curennt so called new government.

Lets strive for the two party systems for the better of the nation. If we love our future generations more than us, this is the only system acceptable to all. Nothing to lose but more to gain.

If you are in power for 50 years and suddenly had mammoth lose, what you will do. SHOOT everywhere.. COMMON SENSE...


Anonymous said...

The malays are back backing Najib? HAhahahaha.

U mean they condone someone who has been linked with a dead mongolian woman?

They are also ok with a bloated bill for Scorpene?

I see, such low standards.

Slim Moooooo

Anonymous said...

Slim Mooo,

The Chinese would very much like to support LKS to become their PM but what else can they say. Politic is about peoples' support. Meaning, without the support from the majority, the Moo Moo ideology would only fit to be a museum's collection.

Majority Malays don't believe about the Chinese's support for DSAI (aka sacred cow) is a genuine one?

And majority Malays still believe that whenever DAP won more seat than PKR, the Chinese will pick and choose their own leader but not DSAI or Hadi for that matter.


Anonymous said...


Yes we have the right to reject a party and pick up the another. However, to most of us, PR is not the best choice to replace BN as it will take this nation of ours 50 years backward (chaos here and there). That is bad.

I prefer Pas to contest on its own as them are the only party which have a proven piety track record. PKR and DAP only spoil the mood.

Your dream and mine are more or less the same, but as long as Pas still very much part of the pakatan's ring, the best we can expect is for you to continue enjoying the day dream for the rest of your life!

Fence Sitter

Nzain said...

Slim Moooo (seriously..slim moooo? that's the best you can come up with?)

I wouldn't mock the Malays too much. Once the Indonesians decide to wage war with us, God forbid, you would want every MALAY in the army, special forces and police to protect you and your sorry a**ed racist hiney.

Anonymous said...

Slim Moooooo

go check a dictionary for the difference between baseless allegations and convicted

anwar is NOT suspected but CONVICTED of power abuse, corruption and sodomy

I prove such LOW IQ - that's you

Anonymous said...

"With due respect to you, I think only a minority share your views on Pakatan. I have done a survey and I have found out the majority think Pakatan is doing a good job."

- Django Ang @4.57AM

Mind sharing with us your statistic data?

What statistical method did you use?

What is the size of your data sampling?

Which areas do you select your samples?

What is the margin of error?

Does your survey included those in Sek23 Shah Alam?

Please proved to us that you PR fanatics are not bunch of those low standard typical idiots who love to talk bullshit without substance and blindly yesmen to all whatever your political gods say..a syok sendiri type..

After finish polishing the apple mind doing the same with my ass too?

As for free water..only landed property resident enjoy it..what about those poor living in the flats?

What about the recent rental hike for the PPRT?

Obviously those poor people do not enjoy as much as anything compared to us..

The BN GE12 lost was mainly contributed by microeconomic issue that affected everybody as a result of BN govt flip-flop policy and arrogance towards the voice of rakyat..economy is the rakyat common issue, it is colourless for everybody to share mutual frustration that lead to that GE12 tsunami..

Not so much about of those current rethorics those fucking Pakatan politicians keep on harping in Parliment for issue such as Race, Religion, Languanges, Social Contract & ISA which are clearly only an isues for certain people with motives & hidden agendas..championing the course of minorities, not the silent majority at large..if that the case, better remain as pembangkang..bunch of proven racist opportunist mafuckers especially the DAPigs..

Political administration is a real man job..not fit for a bitch who only best at complaining, mumbling , pointing fingers rather than solving the! need a mirror?

Worst, we had those frogs jumping for premiership soap-opera, orchestred by power festish YB BABI plus Nik Ajis the mullah tuhanguru lollipop frenzy who'll decide who's going to heaven..

Did those mafuckers who supposed to represent us seriously protest the fuel price & electric tariff increase in Parliment?
No! they're fucking bz playing with those their self-shitty interest issues..


:D muhahaha
-anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

Anonymous said...

"Did those mafuckers who supposed to represent us seriously protest the fuel price & electric tariff increase in Parliment?
No! they're fucking bz playing with those their self-shitty interest issues.."


:D muhahaha
-anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

1:50 PM


They know that there is a good chance at beating their opponent come GE 13. So, if they fight for a lower price and tariff now but then if they happen to win over their enemy, they the ones who will be shouldering the hardship of maintaining the said price and tariff. Meaning they don't fight for the rakyat instead they fight for their own "rice bowl". Hopeless.

Ordinary Sapi

Aaron said...


The Malays are bickering all the time.

The Malays are fighting because of one root cause.

Malays are insanely in love with Paper [Money].

Malays who support Pakatan vs Malays who support Barisan.

No matter which Malay side wins, the real loser will be Malays.

Obviously some are oblivious to the fact that you can still lose when you win.

I congratulate the following inidividuals for all their hard work in destroying Malaysia;

1. Anwar Ibrahim
2. Nik Aziz [I have lost all respect for this man]
3. Azmin Ali
4. Shamsul Iskandar Akin
5. Yusmadi Yusoff
6. Kamaruddin Jaafar
7. Salahuddin Ayubi
8. Mahfuz Omar
9. Mohamad Sabu
10. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
11. Khairy Jamaluddin
12. Zaid Ibrahim
13. Reezal Merican Naina Merican
14. Kalimullah Hassan
15. Kamaluddin Abdullah
16. Ahmad Zaki Zahid
17. Khaled Nordin
18. Tunku Abdul Aziz
19. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail
20. Nurul Izzah Anwar

Freddie Kevin said...

To old fart,bunnies and the like,

All your assertions and postulations sink when you consider and cogitate BNs landslide victory in GE11.