Sunday, August 23, 2009

Adun Lunas Bebas

Nothing to do with Umno, says Najib. PKR's Radzhi Salleh has announced quitting the party to become an Independent assemblyman. He said Anwar Ibrahim's party has strayed from its original goals.
"Jika dulu saya masuk Keadilan Nasional kerana percaya dengan perjuangan mereka tetapi kini saya keluar kerana PKR sudah lari daripada matlamat asas penubuhannya untuk membela nasib bangsa Melayu."

Read Tiger's posting here.

Asked later, the PM said Radzhi's move shows seeds of discord within PKR, nothing to do with Umno. It also doesn't change the big picture in Kedah, see table below showing the results of the PRU12 (so now there'll be 2 Bebas and 3 PKR). Source, YB Radzhi's blog, here.


  1. Anonymous4:43 pm

    he still don't get it.

    pkr is a multi racial party...

    pls go join umno!

  2. rocky, i officially declare you an ASSHOLE now.

    reason: the way you posted this crossover news sounds exactly like what that asshole newspaper UM would have done.

    tak malu ke trying to insult your readers' intelligence so?...

    this fucker may have jumped ship and it's most definitely not because of the reason you quoted although he may have said that. people like you and this fucker and MS media are eternally dumbing down their readers makes me sick...

  3. Anonymous5:57 pm

    hei kayu,

    want money & projek-projek...

    wrong party lah, go look for dacing la.

  4. ah pong6:00 pm

    it's quite simple really dr watson;

    bastards like these always have some sort of moral disease...the opponents found out this disease...may be this guy likes to fuck prostitutes across the border eh? may be he has swindled some people like what that rohaizat dickead did at permatang pasir?

    the point is, get a good PI...and uncover the dirt and as a bonus you'll also discover the BN goon who is sqeezing his balls ....

  5. Anonymous6:16 pm

    The 'gaming' bosses are working hard.

    When everyone is busy focused on Permatang Pasir, Kg Buah Pala and Selangor - these guys' hunters have already started to invest in frogs from the proceeds of special draws.

    This is the pay-back to BN for approving special draws - which the BN considers 'halal'?

    As it is, another PKR guy in Selangor too has gone missing.
    His wife has declared that he will not leave PKR...yet.

    The gaming company bosses are actively pumping more money in the investment to snare frogs.

    This Selangor PKR guy is one easy target.

    Looks like the BN of the previous years, is no more in existence.

    The new devil BN is one that inistigates non-Mulsims to have special draws, use the proceeds to trap frogs in Pakatan Rakyat held states so that the state governments can return to BN rule.

    And UMNO/BN will claim that it did not use money to entice the frogs.
    That is true, as the BN/UMNO did not use its own cash to catch frogs.

    It made the gaming company guys to use haram money to catch frogs and put in place 'halal' BN state governments.

    BN/UMNO of today is not investing in gaining the rakyat's acceptance.

    Instead it is specialising in making others catch 'frogs' for its benefit.

    In return the gaming companies will get more business approvals, employ Malays and showcase themselves as dedicated Malaysian companies having majority staff strength comprising Malays/Bumiputras.


  6. ah pong6:18 pm

    OK Dr watson;

    here's something for you to follow-up on...from harkah daily

    ...."Sebelum ini, Radzhi telah beberapa kali mengugut untuk meninggalkan PKR. Antaranya disebutkannya kepada Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Azizan Razak.

    Media juga, termasuk TV3, telah beberapa kali menyiarkan berita tentang beberapa kes penyelewengan exco negeri Kedah namun tidak pernah didedahkan nama Exco berkenaan.

    "Dan exco yang dimaksudkan oleh media sebenarnya adalah Radzhi," kata seorang pemimpin dari Kedah...."

  7. Anonymous6:22 pm

    I have said this before but when you have low quality politicians these situations will always happen.
    Greed is a powerful weapon to cause this unless there is real idealogical differencesm
    Thus all parties really need to improve their selection process.
    Start finding people with integrity and honesty to their cause.

  8. Anonymous6:49 pm

    "It also doesn't change the big picture in Kedah, see table below showing the results of the PRU12 (so now there'll be 2 Bebas and 3 PKR)."

    Thats what you said.

    Are you telling the truth or just taking for granted that YB Radzhi is saying the truth on the numbers?

    That fellow has already failed in his simple exercise no 1, to satisfy the gaming bosses who have successfully trapped him for the chief manipulator.

    I suggest you have a look at the official website to check FACTS, before publishing such incorrect information.

    Before this guy Radzhi frog leaped to sit on the fence, there were five PKR ADUNs, namely:

    YB. S. MANIKUMAR - Bukit Selambau
    YB. ENCIK TAN WEI SHU - Bakar Arang
    YB. TAN SHOW KANG - Sidam
    YB. LIM SOO NEE - Kulim

    So with one guy suuceesfuuly turned into a 'frog' by the proceeds of special draws, there are four PKR ADUNs now.

    Simple maths, but you fail this one also - because you get carried away by falsehood and quickly do this blog posting to satisfy those who have 'converted' you some time ago.


  9. Anonymous7:41 pm

    I do not understand. PKR is a multi-racial party. It serve all races. What is wrong to serve all races? Why always Malay, Malay and Malay. Why not Malaysian, Malaysian and Malaysian. Malay's constitutional right is always there and un-challenged. I strongly believe politician is only using race card for their own political gain and make fool of us. If this ADUN is not performing as claimed, then he should shame of himself by playing a race card.

  10. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Saya dah lama tak pernah tengok YB Radzhi berkhidmat di Lunas...Penduduk Lunas sudah lama nak mengadu kerana ADUN ini kot kata berkhidmat di mulut saja tapi jarang tengok dia turun padang...

    Saya tak paham macam mana dia nak bela nasib orang Melayu jikalau bayang dia kita pun tak nampak pun?

    Penduduk Lunas

  11. Anonymous8:05 pm

    Congratulation to Radzi for making the first move towards achieving:

    1 language -- national language
    1 culture -- nusantara-based c
    1 race dominance -- the pribumi
    1 religion -- official religion
    1 party -- Malay-based party
    1 strong government
    1 nation

    Fence Sitter

  12. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Dalam Theori John Locke dalam karya beliau Leviathan, kontrak sosial terjadi apabila pemimpin mempertahankan hak dan kebebasan rakyat dan dengan tanggungjawab ini rakyat akan taat pada pemimpin tersebut, dalam kes adun lunas nampaknya PKR telah tidak mahu mempertahankan hak dan aspirasi ahlinya, maka John Locke juga berpendapat pemimpin yang seperti ini ahli parti atau rakyat berhak menyanggahnya.

  13. Anonymous8:46 pm

    Begitulah BANGSAT nya BANGSA MELAYU,, Baru setahun jagung jadi Pemimpin sudah lupa daratan, kerana tidak boleh buat HARTA,,keluar PARTI dan sokong BARISAN. Lalu BN akan bagi habuan!!!!

    Ingat Rakyat memileh kamu and you betrayed rakyat. So besar kemungkinan next election MELAYU akan di PINGGIRKAN.


  14. Greenbottle,

    I feel for you, man. Here, I publish here excerpts from Malaysiakini, updated just before buka puasa. You see, the story's still the same ... news is news, you spin it any which way, it still comes out the same. In this case, this "fucker", as you put it, jumped ship cos of loss of confidence (according to Malaysiakini)..

    Don't take it so personal and so hard, bro. Politicians do this all the time.


    From Malaysiakini:
    Lunas state rep quits PKR, turns Independent
    Athi Shankar | Aug 23, 09 1:03pm
    * UPDATED 7.16PM Kedah Pakatan has been rocked with a defection - Lunas state rep Mohd Radzhi Salleh, who is also an exco member, has quit PKR citing loss of confidence in the party’s leadership.MORE

  15. Anonymous9:05 pm


    Mana mana nak pinggirkan melayu? Melayu lebih kurang 55% penduduk negara ni. Pas dan Umno pun ramai melayu. Parti yang boleh pinggirkan melayu PKR lah


  16. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Gembiranya Rockybru, last-last UMNO dapat score sikit point, pasal katak Radzhi jadi bebas !!

    dengar khabar ramai lagi katak pon sudah sedia berlompat, sekarang tunggu aje isyarat 'Jibby'....

    Sungguh gembiranya Rockybru !!


  17. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Ya! semua ini agenda UMNO!. Stereotype comments from PKR wolfs when it won't favour to them.



  18. Anonymous10:08 pm

    dulu azizan janji nak bagi kerja2 majlis pada radzi. tapi biasa lah mulut2 PAS pun banyak jugakk yg nak kena suap.

    DAP yg satu kerusi pun boleh dapat mcm2 atas tekanan lik kit siang, tapi PKR yg byk kerusi dibuat tak peduli.

    nak masuk UMNO nnt kena kutuk dgn kawan2, dan sedara mara. lagi pun UMNO tak dak kuasa di kedah.

    yg byk duit ust. azizan, stakat kerja kontrator majlis semua geng2 PAS ligan, dulu geng sarban cuma tau jual kitab. la ni dah pandai buat parit, buat kantin. dengaq berjuta jugak laaa...


  19. Anonymous10:24 pm

    PKR is a multiracial party.. What nuts?
    Its just a vehicle for DSAI to become PM.
    Behind him we have rotten black heads like Sivarasa, the Yellow banana rot - Tian Chua.. all having their own agendas...
    It ain't no Multi-racial..
    cos no one cares of a common objective.. all they want is snatch from one and give to others.

  20. Anonymous10:26 pm

    PKR is a multiracial party.. What nuts?
    Its just a vehicle for DSAI to become PM.
    Behind him we have rotten black heads like Sivarasa, the Yellow banana rot - Tian Chua.. all having their own agendas...
    It ain't no Multi-racial..
    cos no one cares of a common objective.. all they want is snatch from one and give to others.

  21. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Dear Rock.
    I note a lot of angry commentators here.
    DOn't be angry.
    You Malaysians voted them in.
    You all exercised your democratic right.
    Live with it.
    Live with YOUR choice.
    Don't always blame other people.
    Next time, make sure YOU make the right choice.

    Ms.Eu Mei Fatt

  22. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Yes HE left a party (PKR) of which in the context of its membership composition alone, we can say this party is more or less a multiracial party!

    The thing is, who is at the helm of this rookie party? Have we forgotten that de facto was at one time a rank outsider for a high rank post in one of those so many race-based parties that was available (at that time) in the political marketplace?

    Furthermore, DAP is predominantly chinese (a race-based party) and Pas is predominantly Muslims (religion-based party).

    So by combining with the DAP and Pas, how to be sure that PKR would not toe the race-based / religion-based party lines?

    No doubt the intention is good but the methodology is flawed. The refusal to admit on this was tantamount to admission of hypocrisy.

    As a pious politician, it is so correct on his part (Adun of Lunas) to have taken a bold move by abandoning PKR rather than stay put and becoming a "munafik".

    Pious Chinglot

  23. Rocky , i think u missed the point.The Lunas bugger has been in Umno and MACC radar since last year.everyone knows MACC and PDRM working together to put pressure on PR assemblymans to defect. Adun Kulim had even lodged a report with MACC for being offered 3-4 milions by former MB mahadzir khalid to defect.MACC buat dunno.

    People like you rocky are reasons these disgusted corrupted so called muslims get away.
    U report only half truth.
    But this is a lesson learnt, next election give more seats to PAS and less to pkr.

  24. Anonymous1:11 am

    He said - I quit due loss of confidence in the party’s leadership.

    You just echoed his statement.

    An ADUN who is serving a PAS led state government turns frog because he is unhappy with his party's leadership.

    Funny. Its like a woman absconding her marriage with the husband citing unhappiness over her father's behaviour.

    But Anwar Ibrahim (Barking Magpie fondly calls him Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim) said - he had received many complaints lately about Radzhi's disciplinary problems, mismanagement of claims and marital problems.

    I suppose Rocky, you did not believe what Anwar said and you were more inclined to accept Radzhi's version. Thats why you posted the ADUN's views only in your blog...very fast.

    When do you want to give room for views by Anwar?

    Only when you want to contradict and discredit? Good journalism?


  25. Salam Sejahtera Sdr.Rocky,

    Wow..!! Laa.. ni rghmai Puak2 si mata 'chemei' dan rakan2 depa(PR)..!! Kini marah sesangat kat "Rocky's Bru" dan empunya site..!!

    Senario nya...mungkin ade sikit berbeza (atau pun banyak !). Jika kalu...Rocky Bru, nampak berpihak kpd sebelah kelompok depa(PR)..!!
    Maka sudah tentunya..Rocky Bru, pasti di anggap mengamalkan Hak Demokrasi individu yang di tuntut oleh semua rakyat MALAYSIA.

    Malaysia sebuah negara Demokarsi..!! Menjamin kebebasan berSuara kpd semua Warga nya..!!

    Hak2 ini mungkin ada yg terbatas....dan pelbagai lagi lah sebab-musabab nya..!!

    Tetapi bagi Warga Internet di M'sia, kebebasan nya tiada sapapun boleh pertikaikan nya..!! Kata lah apa2 pun...!! Tapi sendiri mahu ingat..!! Sendiri bikin sendiri tanggung.!!

    Tapi..berbeza dengan 'Rocky Bru'... walau macam mana sekali pun..'site' ini cuba bersifat tidak memihak kpd mane2..'Side' atau suku puak .Itu tidak memandai kerana 'Blog site's' se Popular ini.. tidak boleh berada di atas Pagar..!! Tidak boleh Neutral.

    Rocky's Bru Mesti terjun ke arah-side..depa(PR). Dan seMESTI nya hari2..tibai, kutok..'Wallop'(Samyvello ada cakap jugak)...apa saje yg 'non-PR'..!! Pas-Pkr-Dap dan Hero-heroin nya mesti sentiasa dipuja di ampu setinggi melangit..!!

    Tapi...bagi saya 'posting2' di laman ini adalah bersifat proffesional dan non-partisan..!!

    Sebab itu lah .."Rocky's Bru".. mungkin di Benci Tapi diRindui sentiasa..!!

    And you , "Rock"..!!

  26. Anonymous4:14 am

    Part 1

    It is sad when we have a significant number of Malaysians walking around like brainless dimwits.Have the debilitating effects of all that beef consumption from PR sponsored kenduris and PAS korbans finally surfacing in the PR populace?

    I will just confine myself to 4 issues to validate my point:

    a.the inducement issue (Sivarasa) always come to the fore post-incident and never pre-occurence. Fact of the matter is, the PR were warned of such a defection:

    (read with parental guidance after berbuka for when the wakil wallah is frothily fulminating his angst obscenity is his new raison d'etre-Wonder where the civil discourse police patrol is?)

    which implies that they investigated the money allegations and found it to be frivolous. Nevertheless, they knew the potentialities of defection were always there amongst ALL excepting the hardcore for they were purveying an ideology inimical to rational minds in the first place. It was a matter of hoping against hope that this truth will never be unraveled from the plethora of lies, subterfuge and deception.

    2. Then there is this mock indignation that the fella in quetion was a rascal, an irresponsible rep who hardly cared for his constituents (Penduduk Lunas :7:55 PM). Another spin to put the guy in bad light
    .A believable assertion for a mindblown rabble cloistered in perpetaul intellectual darkness and thought vacuity. believable until this surfaces:

    Apparently, the socalled selfish, uncaring ADUN is viiting the underprivileged to laugh at their misfortune, cajole the infirm to get back to work, banter with the womenfolk etc.

    3.amother garden variety gadfly with connections to nombor ekor and other 4th dimensional (4-D) rituals has made his ubiquitous appereance, here, there (MI) and everywhere (PP). This guy (PARAMESWARA6:16 PM whose moniker resurrects the wanderlust travails of malacca's founder) has intimate knowledge of how gaming operators "launder" their money. his fancy theory is worth an Oscar until you track his sojourns. He must be cajoling the banyan tree "latuk" now with a roasted pork, some ginseng and incense to get more otherworldly knowledge. Oooooooooooooooooo!, caskets must be creaking to the tune of "6 Feet Under"( or still in freefall (

    Warrior 231

  27. Anonymous4:29 am

    Part 2

    4. Rocky already stated this here (Source, YB Radzhi's blog, here).

    and radzhi being a PR man at that time should have got his scores right or was radhi already subtracting himself ala 4 + 1, in those early days? Yet, this vermin (AMUSED ;6:49 PM)probably biting its toenails, yes..toenail (for it stuffed its foot in its mouth in order to get food for thought to amuse its lonely self )in anger and frustration launches into an asinine diatribe so pathetic against Rocky, that it would make u puke.Exactly, wht it is blithering about is best left to imagination but there is a trace of "4-Dism" in there as well.

    Ah.... 4 imbeciles from the very top to rock bottom, each spewing garbage and prattling rubbish to mask the truth. And the PR crowd, afflicted as they are by mad cow disease and dissapearing brain matter, swallow the dung wholesale. Sums them up pat, doesnt it?

    Which brings us to the point why did R leave a cosy exco post and for the wilderness of independence. Simple, the majority of R's support came from the Malays/Muslims. his conscience was telling him that the chief farmer was actually a weed grower. farmer? weed growr? this comment posted elsewhere and go figure:

    Warrior 231 Says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    August 24, 2009 at 3:20 am

    You have got a slew of locos here rushing heads over heels to rationalise the immutable inscrutable inevitable.One particular garden variety gadfly has already appeared over MI and Rocky’s [no, i am not gatekeeping, just reporting]

    It is plain obvious that PR is falling apart at the seams and by your own admission, the higher echelons were warned of the potential turncoat and yet no action was taken.Why? because the higher echelons found that no such inducements ever existed and that it was a case of crying wolf by disgruntled members out to gain some attention. They also concluded presciently that if ever any defections were to materialise it would be the due to guilt and remorse germinating from seeds of alien ideologies planted in an indigenous soil, a farming venture wrought by their own hands.It was a case of the farmer gibbering in fright and holding his bated breath that his mistake would not wreak negative repurcussion and his true nature as a mere tiller of weeds would not be revealed. But alas, the soil for all its fertility refused to yield to such an enterprise.

    For it was a soil that rejects such blatantly supremacist posturings by a bunch of callow extremists garbed in the robes of equality, egalitarianism and justice. Rather it is a soil that embraces diversity and inclusivity under the umbrella of Malay lordship and benevolence provided those seeking that umbrella subserviently adhere to the social contract made forever binding by the granting of citizenship and with it the perks of political enfranchisement, socio-cultural tolerance, and religious freedom.

    A leafy contract that would eventually atrophy and wither in the heat of assimilation as alien species accept their fait accompli, evolve, adapt and eventually meld socio-culturally into the ecological landscape of the indigenous polity.

    Warrior 231

  28. Anonymous4:33 am

    Part 3

    Now who caviled at such assimilation, who deliberately encircled their wagons against the provisions of the constitution and the very contract they acquisced to in the first place? In short, who repudiated and insouciantly tore up the contract before proceeding to impudently mock and ridicule the very indigenous institutions that lent them succour?Therein, lies in the answer to the cause for Radhi’s disillusionment and subsequent defection. For views like his and those of his ilk were rode roughshod over and brutally stamped into oblivion while asinine jibes and derogatory bleatings were valorised and celebrated as the nouveau art of political wisdom, cultural awakening and intellectual foresight.

    The swifts are flying back to roost in the gathering dusk and there will be more birds nests ala Radhi’s to harvest in the new dawn that will soon sweep over Penang, Kedah and Selangor.Any surprises why neutrals like me always had a healthy skepticism of purveyors of change? Old wine decanted in new bottles still retain the taste of fading spirits, doesnt, it lawyer? And its no use crying over spilt milk or exhibiting one’s imbecility by stridently accusing others of money politics, illegal manouvres blah3 as one has already done.

    P/S: Think I am making up the Social Contract thingy, well read to your hearts’s content here, right off a legal tome that is:
    Federal Constitution of Malaysia – a commentary. Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian Current Law Journal, 1986, pp13-4; 482-4

    P/S: Mad Cow disease:Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), commonly known as mad-cow disease (MCD), is a fatal, neurodegenerative disease in cattle, that causes a spongy degeneration in the brain and spinal cord. More here:

    Warrior 231

  29. Anonymous5:15 am

    Well this is what PR goons are famous for. They are so angry that this ADUN had left their camp. Look at their language. Rocky, you asked the commentators (especially Warrior) to mind their language because it is fasting month, yet here you see how deplorable these PR scums are, calling the ex PKR ADUN fucker, bastard etc....(macam takde modal) ..can't they see the real reason why this ADUN left PR? Of course, they won't see the real reason but they would say it is all because of money. They spin so much also and they say that it is you who spin the whole thing they're just unable to see clearly ...

    Weird they lost all reasonings, like what Malays would say, "macam dah naik sawan..."...giler nyer


  30. Anonymous7:56 am

    That guy who hoped to BN had been more a liability to just let him go...

    Dulu Rocky's Bru...
    Sekarang Cocky's Blue.

  31. Anonymous8:16 am
    Anwar Ibrahim berprestasi tinggi dan tiada masalah perkahwinan kah kah kah

  32. Anak Permatang Pauh9:01 am

    Anwar said (qouted by Malaysiakini)
    "Percubaan Umno ialah buat tuduhan kepada ADUN Lunas, dan kemudian menggunakan beliau untuk mempengaruhi yang lain. Kita ada rekod, beberapa ADUN, dua tiga bulan lalu, mereka mengadu kepada saya, mereka cuba dipujuk oleh ADUN Lunas supaya berpindah kepada Umno dengan bayaran yang tinggi,"

    Mengikut Ketua Pembohong Negara, YB BABI, kononnya YB Radhi di beli. YB BABI memang amat faham taktik beli membeli, sebab dia memang raja beli YB, Remember the Sept 16 (hari keramat, YB BABI akan istiharkan sebagai Hari Katak SeMalaysia, jika dia jadi PI EM. Dia cuba nak beli tapi pakai duit palsu, tak de orang nak jadi katak. Kesian YB BABI.

    Rocky,tak pe kita mencarut, sebab kata Nikki Ajis, Tuhan pun mencarut. Bulan Ramadhan ni, kalau mencarut, ikut ajaran Tok Guru, lagi afdal (istilah afdal diharamkan di Kelantan, sebab Tok Guru takut orang asyik dok sebut, YB Dato' Seri Shafei Afdal, Naib Presiden UMNO). Betu aku cakap ni, kalau tak caya tanya Gobind Singa, yoyar semua tahu.

  33. Anonymous9:09 am

    Doksah camtu le..

    Amboi nuuuu, bila time hampa semua, siap buat press conference gedik2 lagi sampai sanggup hantaq 5orang tak kira ribut taufan pi nak tangkap KATAK kat Taiwan?

    Hai tak sampai 1tahun, tak kan dah lupa kut nu? Mai time orang lain, pandai melenting!

    Bukan nak mengata tapi benar..


  34. Anonymous10:04 am

    haha..padan muka pkr..sorang lagi kluar..lepas tu nak dedahkan pulak yang gobalakrisnan saje2 buat kacau..memang bala la kat parti.dah mmg dasar perjuangan untuk anwar je.xde motif aku tetap sokong ustaz azizan kerana pentadbiran yang telus.lepas tu xbanyak cakap merapu mcm nik aziz.hidup kedah!

    -amik ko-

  35. Anonymous10:05 am

    ala mmg blog pembangkang kan.komen orang lain xleh terima.pengecut la ko.

  36. Anonymous10:55 am

    Rocky, The Edge reported today as follows:

    a. Commenting of the resignation of PKR's Lunas state assemblyman Mohd Radzhi Salleh, Anwar said the party has rushed through the names without filtering the list thoroughly. "In all humility, I concede that we have to improve and ensure that our candidates in future are of good and impeccable quality and loyal to the party's struggles," Anwar said at Kampung Paya here.

    b. Anwar said the party had even warned Mohd Radzhi last month over an investigation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and also personal problems with his fourth wife who was taking court action against him. "After he was 'courted' by the MACC, we also found out that former Kedah menteri besar Datuk Seri Mahadzir Khalid was talking to him and Mohd Radzhi had also tried to influence other PKR state assemblymen to cross over to Umno. We even suspended the Padang Serai PKR division because of him," Anwar said.

    The above not picked from surat layang. (you can argue that even media can interpret wrongly - using case example of how RTM & Utusan reproeted about Karpal Singh..which is now a laughing stock in the courts)

    Anyway, in para a) Anwar apologises for wrong choice of candidates. But BN never admitted that it was wrong in its choice of candidate for Permatang Pasir

    In para b) it is clear that the MACC was the catalyst for the ADUNs decision, 'complemented' by the guy's personal problems (who will not have - when having four wives and not enough cash to spare for all, when serving under PAS, which brooks no nonsense when it comes to fraud spendings and amassing of wealth)

    So a weak hearted fellow like that Lunas ADUN, will have to make ends meet. He too is clever lah, to look for win-win situation.

    He too wins, BN also wins and MACC can be told by its 'bosses' that now that the ADUN has turned into a frog, focus attention on other PR ADUNs.

    But having said all that, you must come out with your version and stick to it.

    Part of deal when you got your job at MM?


  37. Anonymous11:28 am

    It's a trick. The usual PKR trick.

    They asked the guy to leave the party, then provoke for a bi-election and try to garner more seats.

    Pure bull poo.

    A Good Man Does Nothing.

  38. Anonymous12:30 pm


    you all still don't get it meh

    marriage of convenience bound to divorce lah

    the difference just too many one

    so simple hor

  39. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Little by little, bit by bit the EVILS of Anwar Ibrahim is revealed to PKR leaders. Ramadan will open their hearts.

    To all Pakatan supporters... janganlah marah sangat. He heh heh.

    Oh, and Greebottle, we've OFFICIALLY declared you an ASSHOLE eons ago. Kesian..


  40. Bro Rocky,

    Stay intact and stay where you were before. Don't change character just because of few happenings. Comments as we've always admired Rocky's before.

  41. Anonymous2:40 pm

    I have always cursed any politician who jumped parties after being elected on one ticket. If BN guys had done it, I owuld have cursed them.

    And now, I curse this man...oops.. sorry this ungrateful animal actually. may he be punished appropriately by God for playing out the voters...


  42. Anonymous3:15 pm

    Geez man. Why so many here are so angry..and in the process make claims without facts...thats equivalent to fitnah. Whatever the reason, PKR top leaders are the one to be blame by choosing lousy rep in last PRU. By the way, when Jui Ming join PKR, do we have same reaction?

  43. Anonymous3:46 pm

    BN jump ship..=Hijrah,visionary
    PR jumpship.. rasuah,mangkuk,anjing

    U see rocky...easy maths..


  44. Anonymous4:13 pm


    Think rationally and don’t be clouded by fanatical blind disarray loyalty to a leader.

    Malaysia is a free country so the wakil rakyat is legally free to joint any party he/she wishes to “morally” well the word moral and politic is synonym to the nature of oil and water.

    Before you all start criticising others look at yourself in the mirror first. one good example is when the Bota MP switch to PKR or when the PR de facto leader is trying to persuade BN MPs to jump ship nobody made a fuss out of it, to me you all are hypocrite of the highest order "cakap tak serupa bikin" and cannot accept especially when others is doing the same thing that you are doing to them. PR is pissed of coz BN sucesfully adopted and implemented PR own blue print aka “Dummies on how to take over a Government”

    If you cannot stand the heat please get out of the kitchen instead of making noise.

    Who say politic is clean, it is the survival of the fittest, it's not how you play the game but who would finally win.

  45. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Everyone knows that PKR is no viable solution to this country, their only objective is to make Anwar the PM, they have no plan, no objective for the people, multi racial? Nah... it's more to hypocrisy actually, if they do believe in multiracial/merit, they should raise a manifesto of abolishing vernacular school, strengthening national language, equal opportunity to all regardless of races, abolish different between races, etc. Things is voters them self is not ready (just say about abolishing vernacular school to the chinese), BN model is more sustainable at the moment, not because its the best solution, its the voter's real readiness (instead of "said" readiness).


  46. Anonymous4:37 pm

    So we can say that Jui Meng was bought by PR?!!! Rubbish la you people, .. fight like a man la wei, don't cry like 10 year old when you lose some point! BN also lose some points, they don't cry like you!


  47. Nzain5:26 pm

    Kalau nak bela nasib Melayu apasal masuk PKR in the first place? Straight masuk Umno kan senang. Apa lah yang ada kat PKR ...
    Bela nasib Anwar ada la. Kena tipu bulat-bulat baru terkilan.

  48. Anonymous9:00 am

    Pergi jahaman dengan Pakatan. Mampus lu lah mau keluar ka, mau lompat ka. I also officially declare Pakatan and people of Pakatan an ASSHOLE... unwashed ASSHOLE.

  49. Anonymous1:27 pm

    1. As I read the article and compare it with the ensuing comments, I tend to agree that there are'Assholes', many of them out there ! May I add, not only are they 'Assholes' but bigger 'Hypocrites' and political bigots as well !

    2. Blame not Rocky for publishing what the Lunas YB had uttered. It was solely his opinion about his party. Leaving it is also his prerogative.

    3. The fact that the whole Lunas division was disbanded speaks volumes of the discontentment and the disillusionment among party members.

    4. Think, ponder, recollect. Who started or rather went to the extremes to initiate cross-overs ? Was it not the leader of the same party that you all stubbornly and blindly adore and worship without really knowing the fella ? I mean really knowing him, his character, his background, his agenda, his connections domestic or foreign and his ambitions ?

    5. Or are we as party members so blind as 'to just close one eye and shut the other' in total submission to his leadership.

    6. Have we ever tried to put two and two together and see the the true path he's taking us ?

    7. Personally, I don't condone cross-overs but doing so for the right reasons, is totally another ball-game.

  50. This pkr guy made unbelievable mileage claims running into tens of thousands. The macc is at his tail.
    Defection is the only choice.
    You and the rest of the MSM calls this as "Adun Bebas"?
    I calls it as "Adun Kebas".
    He is well qualified for umno.

  51. Anonymous11:15 pm

    Ms Eu Mei Fatt, you UMNO babi hutan, don't try to bluff people here you are cina amoi...straignt away people boleh see through your hidong panjang, your 4 kaki pendek, badan gemok....oink oink yourself Rosmah Gemok...Go wallow in your pig shit you UMNO babi hutan...


  52. Anonymous9:04 pm


    parti keling rakyat.

    parti keling tapi malu mengaku keling.

    maka bersoraklah atas nama multi racial.

    tak nampak lagi ke ??

  53. Anonymous9:08 pm

    "I do not understand. PKR is a multi-racial party. It serve all races. What is wrong to serve all races? Why always Malay, Malay and Malay. Why not Malaysian, Malaysian and Malaysian. Malay's constitutional right is always there and un-challenged. I strongly believe politician is only using race card for their own political gain and make fool of us. If this ADUN is not performing as claimed, then he should shame of himself by playing a race card."

    BN has always serve the all races. And Malay's constitutional right has never been challenged.

    Unlike PKR, their mission is to make Malaysia like a republic country in Singapore.. ABOLISHING ALL MALAYS RIGHT. That is selfish.

  54. Anonymous3:59 am

    pembunuh altantuya mungkin datuk shafie apdal kerana dia berbangsa badjau dan asal-usul keturunannya tak beragama,dan baru memeluk islam.

    sebab di batanggas filipina,badjau beragama kristian,(cari di wikipedia internet tentang badjau di batanggas.)mereka gunakan nama islam di malaysia agar mudah untuk mendapatkan kad pengenalan.apabila sudah ada duit mereka balik filipin dan mengaku kristian.mereka pagan yang suka gunakan ilmu hitam.

    jangan-jangan kesemua pembesar negara dia dah kenakan ilmu pengasih.seperti mana dia rukunkan isterinya yang seramai empat belas.

  55. Anonymous4:00 am

    August 8, 2009 at 11.37 p0808
    pembunuh altantuya mungkin datuk shafie apdal kerana dia berbangsa badjau dan asal-usul keturunannya tak beragama,dan baru memeluk islam.

    sebab di batanggas filipina,badjau beragama kristian,(cari di wikipedia internet tentang badjau di batanggas.)mereka gunakan nama islam di malaysia agar mudah untuk mendapatkan kad pengenalan.apabila sudah ada duit mereka balik filipin dan mengaku kristian.mereka pagan yang suka gunakan ilmu hitam.

    jangan-jangan kesemua pembesar negara malaysia dia dah kenakan ilmu pengasih.seperti mana dia rukunkan isterinya yang seramai empat belas.

  56. Anonymous4:01 am

    dia pandai kasih api-api keadaan,melayu berperang dengan melayu,esok lusa tanpa kita sedari malaysia dah dikuasai oleh orang-orang badjau.

    mereka di filipina menayangkan perkahwinan bersanding ikut gaya melayu diatas pelamin padahal mereka mengaku kristian.

    dan tarian suluk,mereka adopt dan membina nama sendiri igal-igal.banyak orang suluk yang oleh kerana kad pengenalan mengaku badjau kerana membeli kad pengenalan orang badjau dan dijadikan anak-angkat oleh orang badjau.oleh itu mereka boleh mengaku suluk dan rosakkan nama orang suluk.

    kes guna-mengguna.

  57. Anonymous4:02 am

    mungkin,keluarga datuk shafie tiadalah yang akan balik filipin dan tujuan mereka hanyalah membina nama di malaysia untuk merebut malaysia.
    dan minta perhatian, informasi sabah badjau cuba menggelapkan. seperti tun mustapha difitnah kononnya orang badjua,padahal dia orang suluk.setiap orang yang besar ada kaitan dengan orang suluk, mereka ambil sebagai badjau untuk ambil kepercayaan orang-orang melayu.bangsa orang-orang yang bersejarah diubah.dan saya cadangkan harus diumumkan secara betul dan dipercayai bukti-bukti orang-orang yang bersejarah,sepatutnya ada satu monumen untuk tun mustapha agar sejarah tak diubah oleh orang-orang badjau.!

  58. Anonymous4:02 am

    kalau rendah pandanganmu dengan badjau,mereka akan sebut-sebut bahawa mereka ada kaitan dengan orang suluk,sebab terkenal bahawa orang suluk ada sultan untuk ambil kepercayaan orang semenanjung malaysia bahawa mereka pun islam.padahal di batanggas filipina keturunan badjau memeluk agama kristian.sehingga tun mustapha pun mereka fitnah badjau padahal tun mustapha adalah orang suluk.

    sekarang,hanya saya orang suluk yang duduk di malaysia(philippines passport) yang berani buka mulut kerana kebanyakkan orang suluk di malaysia sudah disumbat i.c mulut mereka.dan digertak-gertak oleh orang badjau kerana pengenalan diri orang suluk palsu dan menggunakan nama badjau dalam surat beranak yang dibuat-buat di malaysia.

    mereka takut diugut dengan nama polis.


    9 desdemona
    Wednesday, August 26, 2009 at 11.37 p0808
    Tuesday, August 25, 2009
    Islam and Christian VS Pagan
    Islam and chritian is called religion.christian exist before islam.the holy book of christian were called bible and the holy book of islam were called al-qur’an.

    the existence of prophets is for justice.just like prophet muhammad ,he is the one who saved the people from slavery.just like moses saved the people from the slavery of the injusticeness of fir’aun.

    so, it does mean that each religion were made to teach their followers to be fair, not to lie,not to steal, to be fair with others and not to hurt other peoples feeling.

    The Pagan is the people with no religion.the ancestors of pagan were from the user of the black maic and the witches. it is because islam and christians prohibited the use of black magic then the user of black magic ranaway from the religions and hide their magic.the black magic is believed that were devoted to satan.
    and as what satan promise god that he will take a revenge upon human the children of adam.

    i said islam and christian were both religion, they are at the same course to teach the people the right way.and they are not enemy.
    i dont suggest for islam to join christian, why should you follow another religion when you have yours?you didn’t even accomplish the commandments of your religion then you go to another religion.what kind of religion will accept a human like you?
    irresponsible with your own religion they now try to adopt another religion?
    jadi mangkuklah katakan,tempat membuang sampah orang.
    just like using the names of others,the name of the places which is belong to if your name is been used by others?is that fair for you?unless you can accept.

  59. Anonymous4:03 am

    so, just thank god of what you have, dont ask for more.dont be so choosy, because choosy people
    always turn to the worst one.just thank what god gave you since birth.

    Islam is the perfect religion because al-qur’an is the most perfect holy know why it is called perfect? because a lot of stories found in torah,bible were also found inside the al-qur’an.and what we have inside the al-qur’an were not found in the torah or bible.
    both were special to god.thats why prophet muhammad were last prophet appears on earth.

  60. Anonymous4:03 am

    and islamic people does believe that god is the most forgiver of all sin.god can forgive if you ask forgiveness from him, but,god couldn’t forgive someone who hurt other people unless the people which been hurted will forgive you.

    so, it does mean, many people were just using the name of religion without doing a sacrifice for their own religion.the five times a day prayer is one of the commandments should be fufilled by islamic followers as a sacrifice for god to get a protection from god by worshipping god five times a day.what more if the islamic people doesn’t pray five times a day?they lie and another peoples feeling,but they are saying trhat they are islam.these types of people were the busy body one ,they didnt even fulfilled the commandments of their religion but busy with the kekurangan of the other people. even if you pray,once you lie, you cannot be called islam.because islam is the truth.and always the truth and never lie.

    they say islam,the way,the truth the light in malay short term is penerangan yang benar,
    keterangan yang benar, for me is to never lie.
    dan mereka yang pembohong adalah sesungguhnya orang-orang yang rugi.rugi kerana dalam ketakutan.takut nyatakan apa yang sebenar.dan apakah syaitan akan lakukan kepada orang yang takut?they will take advantage dengan ketakutan itu.

    even manusia sendiri akan takutkan mereka yang gunakan kad pengenalan palsu kerana ingin ambil kesempatan dalam kesempitan.apalagi sayitan?tukang ilmu sihir hitam, langsuir,orang-orang yng rohnya pandai terbang dan sebagainya mengganggu orang yang takut itu.

    The al-qur’an started with the surah al-fatihah ” the opening” and at the opening pages is the warning of god, to make people remember and always been recite during the parayer for many times a aday.

    al fatihah says which means like god is the powerful during the judgement day.(during payback time).
    inside the al-fatiha they recite everyday is they ask something from the god which means like”God,Show us the right way,”
    So, lets think deeply, as we believe god is fair,is it fair that god will teach the right way to the liar?’ during the payback time the liar also will be lied.right?

    Seperti badjau, asalnya badjau laut,dan ianya pagan.dan iyakan yang dipanggil yakan yang kebanyakkannya terdapat di basilan yang asal-usulnya juga pagan.dan bangsa yakan adalah kebanyakkannya pengguna ilmu hitam dan terkenal di basilan filipina bahawa mereka adalah langsuir,balan-balan dan sebagainya.asalkn sebut iyakan,orang suluk semua tahu mereka adalah balan-balan.tidak semua tetapi kebanyakkannya.
    Balan-balan tinggi pride nya,jikalau kau panggil mereka ikut,nanti hati engkau terikut merek dan mereka pantang kena suruh kerana mereka akan menagih.jadi, berhati-hati,ilmu pengetahuanmu hanya untukmu,jangan sembarang orang kau panggil ikut.
    oleh kerana tinggi pride mereka,mereka cari yang sama sahaja.dan jika mereka dipanggil menyibuk, mereka pun boleh panggil engkau berbuat yang memalukan.kerana bila mereka menyibuk,mereka akan ibaratkan jtuh muka.oleh kerana engkau yang suruh,jadi,engkau jatuh muka sendiri


    10 desdemona
    Friday, August 28, 2009 at 11.37 p0808
    The badjau people is like a siren, because,even they are talking, there is a wave in their’s a kind of curse for them. (berlagu apabila bercakap.) Its like an adam apple that they ate.after their words is no more waving,I mean like singing” berlagu”,it means the curse were already gone.
    But, I believe t5hat it wouldn’t be.

    The iyakan language is just like badjau.but is like terbelit, kalau badjau ahok untuk ya, dalam iyakan awek untuk ya.

    They were both from the pagan group.
    If in Arabic, the word is pronounce hard, there is no soft word.just like Tausug/orang suluk.because they use the jawi word that’s why they say “hu-un” for yes.Tausig were more older in islam.when did the islam came to Malaysia?

    Malaysia “ya.” for ya baris atas…

  61. Anonymous4:07 am

    so,sebelum kamusebangsa diapi-apikan,baik kamu singkirkan orang-orang yang mengharapkan kesempatan disebalik pertelingkahan kamu.
    kerana orang-orang badjau ini, menakut-nakutkan orang suluk mengaku orang suluk.mereka berkata,orang suluk dipandang rendah oleh bangsa melayu dan selalu kena check oleh polis. padahal,kalau ada anak mereka yg mix bajau-suluk,mereka tulis dalam surat beranak,biarpun badjau bapanya mereka tulis suluk sebab ibunya suluk.yang seharusnya,sesiapa pun,ikut bapa kalau nama,dan bangsa.

  62. Anonymous4:09 am

    pendek kata,badjau perebut,tidak benarkan orang suluk bergaul ataupun mendekati bangsa melayu,terutamanya mendekati orang semenanjung.

    mereka tenngelamkan orang suluk, tun mustapha pun yang berbangsa suluk,mereka fitnah sebagai orang badjau.

  63. Anonymous1:14 pm

    This is a trap set and organised by PR. Pretend to go freelance, bullshit. The real plan was just in case they lost badly at p pasir, another PRK will be on the way!

    PKR tactic, especially post 16 September, is not that difficult to read. It is Pas who need to face all the hardship. Pity on Pas.

  64. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Anon,1:27 PM

    7. Personally, I don't condone cross-overs but doing so for the right reasons, is totally another ball-game.


    Hei bro, this PKR Adun had never jumped over to another party, just like the other MP from Perak. This chap has just resigned from PKR and become independant candidate. Why spin like rocky?

    This Adun can joint any other party such as Pas, but since that would make their contract of marriage becoming more complicated and hence the best option for this guy is to abandon PKR and become independant!!!


  65. adun yang tak de function.. ada tanah kampung melayu senang2 nak bagi kat tokong cina... what the fuck....