Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ah, Yusri, both sides now?

Just a few days after speaking at a Pakatan Rakyat platform, Yusri Isahak, the ex-partner of the BN's candidate for Permatang Pasir Rohaizat Osman, today claimed during a press conference that he was being used to discredit his friend and regrets it.

He said he wasn't paid to say this.

Read it at A Voice, here.


  1. Anonymous9:56 pm

    hahahahahahaha......tahniah Rockybru , dapat score point lagi di saat-saat akhir !! besok Rohaizat akan menang besar dan akan menjadi seorang pemimpin ulung di UMNO !!!

    Cerita Rockybru esok : Rohaizat Won !


  2. say, this kinda reminds me of a particular detective... and that evening at sentul listening to tian chua... dont tell me they didnt cover their bases again... doooh

  3. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Suspicious...look similar to Bala SD's case...
    Probably threatening or benefiting from someone and they must be beneficiary from this latest twist. You know who I am referring to

  4. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Interesting any comments?


  5. Yeah spin the news for the corrupt BN and be tainted yourself. Read Malaysian Insider's Rohaizat’s ex-law partner says he gained nothing in revealing all:

    "Yusri, 39, said he held a press conference in Bukit Mertajam on Thursday solely to clear his name which had been tarnished following allegations by certain individuals that he had misappropriated or misused the firm's money."

    ""My intention was not to bring down Rohaizat who is contesting in the Permatang Pasir by-election, but he was equally responsible for the firm's financial matters," he told a press conference at the Grand Seasons Hotel here."

  6. Mazlan11:14 pm

    ...and his 'friend' pointed him out and said he was the crook.
    The only independent source is teh Bar Council who clearly indicate that Rohaizat was guilty of abusing the funds entrusted in him....

    Anyhow - the moral of the story: "vet the candidates better" or you end up in a mess........

  7. PI Bala.. Yusri.. what's new with flip-flop statements when the first one tends to discredit the "power-that-be"?

    Bought over, perhaps? Again? Malaysia indeed boleh! Nothing is impossible nowadays. Hihi.

  8. Dear Rocky:

    I understand both these characters are IIU law school graduates. Is this what they teach over there, or is this trait specific only to young Malay lawyers from local universities? There was the other character in Johore who tried to escape abroad with his client's money.

    Just an observation.

    M. Bakri Musa

  9. then how come he had his PC in KL instead of Penang where there is media attention.... except that he was brought to meet Najib...

  10. Sandiwara demi sandiwara!

  11. Anonymous12:02 am

    "He said he wasn't paid to say this."

    Of course....even PI Bala was not paid to give his 2nd SD. Where is he now?

    You use the words 'follow my drift'.

    Try follow these drifts.

    1. In the case of Perak state:

    a. three frogs disappeared and were LATER guided to Putrajaya.

    b. A BN guy who had jumped over to Pakatan some days earlier, was also intercepted and brought to Putrajaya.

    Nett result - a proud achievement... We cannot win elections democratically, but with help of frogs and threats we can from the state government!!

    2. In the case of Permatang Pasir

    a. Big boss completes short rest and fully inspired, swings into action fast, even though he is supposed to fast.

    b. The Lunas guy is 'invited' to KL and once there he is 'guided' to announce his decision to quit.

    c. Yusri also is 'guided' to KL and once he is in KL he announces that he regrets for saying about Rohaizat earlier.

    This time the 'guides' remain behind the scenes so as not to make it obvious as to who is pulling the strings.

    Ah....The pattern is the same like how Perak was handled.

    Its just pleasant words and public relations stunt to tell the rakyat that everything is according to law and order and fair too.

    But beneath that fallacy lies the real colours - an admission that a certain outfit cannot win elections anymore and the only way out is to use 'monetary persuasion' to entice people to go against their conscience.

    Sad part - the majoirty are Muslims who are being lured into such dirty-handed tactics.

    Pity them. They cannot even observe the real spirit of the holy season. Their conscience is tormenting them for giving in to such enticements.

    Likewise - non Muslims cough up the money for such follow ups using proceeds of special draws.

    This is also 1Malaysia?


  12. Anonymous12:34 am

    Ah, Rocky, he isn't exactly inconsistent...

    All he's saying is, he spoke up to clean up his reputation and didn't want to be the scapegoat, then some party use it for political capital and he's speaking up again to say he regret such actions... the facts of the case remains...

  13. Tiada Tulang12:54 am

    Lalang , spineless idiot .

  14. Anonymous12:56 am

    Not many peoples realised that they were easy prey for a politically motivated agendas.

    This is a clear cut case of a person being blinkered into believing that the opposition would be able to perform a miracle on clearing the air but forgetting the fact that there's no such thing as a free lunch.

    The good thing about this guy is the speed with which he managed to avoid himself from getting further manipulation.

    At least he can proudly says that he is doing better than the other unwilling victims who are still being manipulated to the core but yet showing no effort to free itself from the captor.


  15. Anonymous1:26 am

    link to the video on youtube


  16. Anonymous1:34 am

    You also look at other online news portals?

    MI reported that "Yusri, 39, said he held a press conference in Bukit Mertajam on Thursday solely to clear his name which had been tarnished following allegations by certain individuals that he had misappropriated or misused the firm's money."

    There might be very naive ones who can be taken for a ride, if not told who the certain individuals are who claimed that he had misappropriated or misused the firm's money.

    Was it PKR/PAS/DAP or UMNO guys?

    No need to guess...
    The entire mainstream media blasted this fellow using the quotes from UMNO.

    Like Dr M said, if given ammunition to attack, those in the opposite side will certainly take advantage.

    So, when Yusri cleared his name, those opposing UMNO took advantage.

    Cannot ah?

    Even now also, he clarifies further on his actual intention originally - that he wanted to clear his name..which was tarnished (by UMNO).

    Why must that mean to you that he is now on the other side?

    You have funny ways of interpreting!



  17. Anonymous1:49 am

    Maybe it is the spirit of Ramadan. Maybe he knows the implication on his 'amal jariah' during the fasting month if he does anything sinful and he wants Allah SWT to bless him ...We never know...

    Nevertheless it is too late now as a lot of damage had been done to the reputation of the BN's candidate.

    May Allah have mercy on this person, Yusri.

    "Buat baik berpada pada buat jahat jangan sekali, lebih lebih lagi inikan bulan puasa, bulan yang mulia"

    - Wallahuallam

  18. Anonymous2:37 am

    Tamiflu Causes Delirium and Suicide in Children

    What the government isn’t boasting about is that their supply of Tamiflu is about ready to expire. The other thing they aren’t explaining to the public is the risk of delirium and suicide for children taking Tamiflu.

    PRLog (Press Release) – May 01, 2009 – Our government is trumpeting how on the ball it is to get its strategic stockpile of Tamiflu out to the public. What they aren’t boasting about is that their supply is about ready to expire. The other thing they aren’t explaining to the public is the risk of delirium and suicide for children taking Tamiflu.
    During 2006 our government received at various points in the year 20 million doses of Tamiflu at a cost of 2 billion dollars to prepare for the avian bird flu pandemic that never came. The product has a three year shelf life, though I would wonder a little bit about how good it is that close to expiration.
    Regardless, Tamiflu will only work, if it works at all, on the first wave of individuals taking it. After that, the Swine flu will mutate around it. This resistance to Tamiflu or other anti-viral drugs will occur relatively quickly, and long before any vaccine is developed. Our government is very poorly prepared, contrary to their assertions.
    It should be pointed out that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) added a warning label to Tamiflu back in November of 2006, based on numerous reports of delirium and suicide mostly in children under 17. Side effects occurred within 24-48 hours of taking the drug and included panic attacks, delusions, delirium, convulsions, depression, loss of consciousness, and even suicide.
    Back in 2006 the FDA said ““We are concerned that when/if the use of this drug increases in the U.S. … there may be increasing cases of adverse consequence in the U.S.” That time appears to be now.
    The revised FDA warning states, “People with the flu, particularly children, may be at an increased risk of self-injury and confusion shortly after taking Tamiflu and should be closely monitored for signs of unusual behavior.”
    That is a very weak warning considering that three normal children jumped/fell to their death after taking the drug – one even leaving a suicide note. Other children were struck with psychosis, delusions, and paranoia – all in formerly normal children.
    Our government is planning to push widespread Tamiflu use for millions of Americans, including children – and so far I haven’t heard one warning to parents about the actual risks of giving this drug to their children.

  19. Anonymous9:48 am

    Salam Rocky, Yusri, everyone..
    It's OK. According to Pak Nik, "memburuk-burukkan" others are acceptable to Islam...PAS version anyway...
    ohh, btw, the UMNO candidate is Muslim? Malay? Than this is more acceptable.
    As you know, PR defends the Malays too....only if u r cronies!


  20. Anonymous10:05 am

    Niggaz are getting paid!


  21. Anonymous10:18 am

    En.Yusri ni mulanya kata dikambing hitam, sekarang dah lain. Nampak sangat tak ada pendirian. Silapnya pemimpin UMNO terpilih calon bermasalah. Buang masa sahaja. Ada peluang menang pun dah kira "knock-out".

  22. Anonymous10:42 am

    Did Yusri admit that he was the one who siphoned the money? NO. So, it is still true that Rohaizat was the one who siphoned the money and Rohaizat is the man that BN is asking rakyat to vote.

    ~A man who cheats on his wife will be capable of cheating everybody~

    Mampus BN. Mampus UMNO.

    Dulu Rocky's Bru,
    Sekarang Cocky's Blu

  23. ...guess if he didn't 'force' himself to be used initially, he wouldn't be allowed to be on the 'right' path now. And he wasn't paid for it! Gosh! this rate, our younglings will go up with a perfect excuse "I'm not paid for it!" Even Georgie Washinton can't beat that. Better censor the news now, for the kids, that is.

  24. Anonymous11:40 am

    Spinner Bru. Yusri was only protecting his name. He was not playing politics. Give him a break. man.

  25. Bru,
    The truth about Yusri will come out if he nope read a paper when PC...


  26. Rais said, "don't make issues on candidates. Talk about issues of nation building"

    My verdict: Rais is stupid.

    Sir, If you can't provide quality candidates for lawmaker, forget about nation building.

    Alternatively, we must change our election system. Let people vote for party on proportionate representation system, and then party will appoint legislators based on the percentage of votes. Then, we need not to talk about candidates. If the legislators appointed by the party fail, we can punish the party collectively.

  27. Anonymous1:25 pm

    How to get very rich in malaysia...

    forget about hardwork... ask hee & yusri.

  28. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Calling themselves loyar...


  29. Anonymous2:29 pm

    HE IS AN IDIOT ,,,,,and those to are behind all this carade are even more idiots if they think he people are buying all tis.

  30. Mazlan2:32 pm

    It would be helpful if you gave the whole picture.
    It was Yusri who went to PAS as he they were the only ones willing to give him a platform to defend himself.
    Rohaizat and UMNO had claimed that he was the crook; when in fact it was Rohaizat who was found guilty by the Bar Council.
    Of course PAS used this to discredit Rohaizat because the nit wit lied to his party and the public.

  31. Anonymous3:40 pm


    apa nak heran si bala pun boleh pusing 360 degree. nasib la si yusri ni tak hilang mcm bala. kalau tak naya ja hik hik hik

  32. Anonymous3:47 pm

    PARAMESWARA @ 12:02 AM

    the non muslims are free to migrate if they want to keep their money to themselves

    the only problem is where?

    where can you be given such a FREE REIGN to earn the money that you have now? China, Britain

    find out how much it takes to be a citizen of these 2 countries, I may even add America and Australia

    and don't come back after tearing up your Malaysian passports and destroying your mykad

    In Ramadan, more ENLIGHTENING will come, whether they are to YOUR liking or not

    see you and co display the symptoms of desperation, the one drowning clutching at straws

  33. Anonymous5:00 pm

    This Is the Trademark of Najib, money, huge amount of money can move Mountains in Malaysia.

    Good on You, it was expected and
    how correct in saying so.


  34. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Anon 3.47pm, Thank you for not disacgreeing to the points in my earlier response.

    But remember, you dont have the authority to tell anyone to leave this country.

    People are smart. They can decide for themselves, like how they see BN giving up on winning at elections but going for snatching frogs from proceeds of special draws by non-Muslims.


  35. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Anonymous @ 3.47pm,

    Don't be too cocky dek, because
    you like to be 'Abused' doesn't
    not give you the Right tell others
    off. Its your prerogative to 'Abused' by those in Power but leave others alone ok?


  36. Anonymous6:43 pm

    S.S Subramaniam
    Chua Jui Meng
    Zaid Ibrahim

    lompat katak aso
    why no angly angly one
    they all got integrity meh??

    Haiya anwar berahi was the promoter what

    now alredi culture hor, esai one
    mai ani kuan hor

  37. Anonymous9:02 pm



  38. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Believe me, give this man RM1 million and he would sale his wife and give up his mother as a bonus.

  39. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Bakri Musa,

    What do you mean by:

    "I understand both these characters are IIU law school graduates. Is this what they teach over there, or is this trait specific only to young Malay lawyers from local universities?"

    Peeves me to no end the inherent bias and your buntut hitam tapi lebih Putih dari si Mat Salleh views.

    Don't paint all with your same liberally stupid paint brush.

    Macamlah Americans from the factory-mill American universities and chinkies and indians et al do not have the same kind of dubious characters in their professions/races.

    Stop preaching to us from your comfort zone in the Great White Asses Land of the Numero Uno Beacons of Immorality, the United States of Assholes/Murderers/Thieves formerly known as Americans.

    Did Madoff and Bush graduate from IIU also ah, you Melayu celup?

    So sick of you EX-Malays who think they are better than everyone else.

    So why don't you come back and improve the lot of the universities and the nation rather than sitting in your Californication ranch with your glass of wine with your white wife and looking down on us natives from back home?

    Nope. Your kinds only preach to others from another time zone. from the safe haven of the Great White Asses.

    from a True Blue Malaysian/Muslim/Taliban

    PS: (oh, save the quip about Talibans...look in the mirror before your kinds do that...coz your types are just the mirror image...the "Talibanistic-liberals" who impose upon others their blinkered white man's views).

  40. Bakri,

    Nah, there's a nice muhibbah mix of races (and I suspect universities too).

    Sample Bar Council Disciplinary Orders

  41. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Dear Pakatan Rakyat.

    Please improve on your character assasination tactics.

    Ensure your 5th Columnist will not change their story.
    Pay them higher or train them harder if you have too.

    Enough of losing ADUNs or even losing a state!

    We want opposition, not idiots!

    Ms.Eu Mei Fatt

  42. Anonymous12:50 am

    These people are either dumb or have no intergrity. Being used by someone is one issue. The main issue is whether he was telling the truth about his friend, or is it just a sendiwara. Anyway, with this type of friends we don't need enemies.

    Amused Malaysian

  43. Anonymous6:18 am

    apa perbezaan Barisan Nasional yang menjanjikan pembangungan terhadap sesuatu DUN apabila memiliki kemenangan dan janji Mohamad Sabu yang ingin 'membogelkan' muhyidin selepas PRK?Memang kita mahukan ketelusan tetapi apabila sesuatu isu bukan sahaja dipolitik tetapi diprovokasi demi meraih undi,ia adalah keterlaluan.

    semalam saya pergi GRAND FINALE ceramah PR,apa yang saya perhatikan PR seolah-olah menjilat ludah sendiri apabila mendakwa enggan memainkan isu perkauman dan serangan peribadi kerana kesemua yang memberi ceramah melontarkan perkara yang sama.Lim Guan Eng dilihat seakan-akan mempersendakan ibadat umat Islam apabila menyatakan mengundi calon UMNO menyebabkan terbatalnya ibadat puasa.who the hell are you sir?GOD?yang ironiknya apabila rata-rata hadirin bertepuk tangan mendengar statement tersebut.c'monl ah kawan,do not compromise anything yang sebenarnya salah hanya disebabkan fahaman politik.yeah,i am BN supporter,tapi itu tak bermaksud saya menyokong semua tindakan yang dlakukan oleh ahli dan kepimpinan BN.

    bagi saya ada kemungkinan yang PR pun akan corrupt seperti BN kerana mereka mengimport politicians yang tidak mendapat tempat dalam BN.these guy la yang akan menjahanamkan perjuangan anda.

    i'm damn tired with all of you politicians..enough of 'em.lets ged rid of 'em.

    m fadhil yahya

  44. Anonymous7:58 am

    Whatever this guy said you have to face the facts..

    when he seems to be with the opposition:
    1)He clean
    2)good guy
    3)He is angel from heaven
    4) see!!!..I told you...this man sudah insaf!!

    When he seems to be with BN
    1)Pi KL jumpa Najib ka?(loghat penang)
    2)Makan duit..perut boroi punya orang
    3)Cilakak ini olang....!!(DAP)
    4)Kene beli..REFORMASI...!!!jom baring ramai-ramai atas jalan...yeehhaaaaaa!!!(PKR)
    5)Take beeer.....jom yamseng ni org confirm masuk neraka (PAS)

    just a jokes....don't take it seriously..!!


  45. Anonymous1:51 pm

    If Rohaizat is a good and peace loving person, he would not drag his friend into this in the first place.


  46. With friends like Yusri, who needs enemies.

  47. Anonymous8:58 pm

    If Melayus are like Bakri Musa, who needs the chinkies and the hindulens to creat havoc in Tanah Melayu?

    Melayu, but 'berangan' macam Mat Salleh, thinking that he is high and mighty, giving sweeping statements as he, the Melayus in M'sia are 'kucing kuraps' for him, so low class....

    Come on, dude...don't dream ...your skin not gonna change...don't brag and act intello 'cos you're not!!!

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  48. Anonymous9:59 am

    Please take this as a sincere view from a person who wants to see some reform in BN ways.

    The incumbent:
    Must vet them all from those malignant skeletons in the closets.

    Mr rohaizat othman is definitely a fall guy alredi la.. I bet he will not get a single foot in any UMNO post anymore after this. Next time don't bluff -bluff la...

    the utmost important key point he is missing is a good character ( read: honesty). If he was truly a good man, he would have settled the situation with his wives long time before. No need to play hide and seek. Other people got four wives also, no one can make it a news headline unless there is a big problem.

    secondly, he would have cleared himself about his past track record with the top guns. He could be dropped, too bad, but at least he won't be as bad as his situation now.

    Now, his friend Yusri also is one day here, the other day somewhere else.. what makes we, the voters think of these two jokers?? How can a reading session covers the boo boo made in the past day press conference when he spoke with passion about how rohiazat betrayed him can we trust these people.

    BN components:

    Not doing enough to help each other. Where is Ong Tee Kiat's gangs, too busy with his problem and couldnt be bothered about what happens to UMNO?

    Uncle Sammy dok sibuk dgn his extended stay to 2015.. c'mon la..

    Khalid GG may have problems in his personal finance, but he was there. Anwar Ibrahim the salesman was there despite his coffee makers' case.

    Najib needs to look at this to move on for the next PRU.

  49. Anonymous10:07 am

    Lim Guang Eng boleh disumbat ke dlm jel kerana mempersendakan agama islam sekiranya dia memberikan fatwa bodoh nya berkenaan batal puasa akibat mengundi UMNO, ketika grand finale yg disebut oleh one of the posters here.

    Kalau nak cakap biar cakap fasal yg kita faham dan expert in. Takder org pun cakap pasal tok pekong kau tak tahu kibas kalau ada lalat di dahi nya. So, shut you big mouth up from speaking about ibadat org lain wahai LIM GUAN ENG.Begitu juga dgn pemimpin DAP yg lain yg suka sgt buat komen bangang terhadap Islam, yg aneh nya disokong oleh org2 (konon2nya) pakar agama PAS.

    Kalau org tutup kandang babi kau, mau bertumpah darah ..bila ada org kena halau dari kediaman setinggan, boleh tutup sebelah mata, sebab mereka manusia, kaum lain dan bukan kinzir belaan DAP.

    Muntah Hijo

  50. Anonymous1:35 pm


    amar makruf wal nahi munkar is Not for 4 mosque personals only, or a unit , thoifah or jemaah.

    It is a job for a (khairul) ummah. Ummatan wahidah and ummatan washotan
    moderate and liberals.


  51. Bakri Musa makes a correct statement on how local unis are producing 'loyar buruks' & 'kangkong' professors. But two jokers here find it better to brand him a traitor, with racial slurs for the non-s added in as bonus.

    Did the Good Doctor strike a nerve?

  52. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Ho ho ho..who is this Ms Eu Mei Fatt? Another stupid UMNO babi hutan who tries to impersonate a Chinese to hit at Pakatan Rakyat and Chinese! You UMNO babi hutans are getting more and more stupid to try to insult people's intelligence. You end up betraying your stupidity! You UMNO babi hutans esp Warrior 231 D Muhaha and others, better go tell your Najis and Myurine Yousin to stop being munafiks as DSAI will kick them out of Putrajaya in 13 GE.

    Hidup DSAI! Hidup Reformasi! Mampoi UMNO! Mampoi Najis & Myurine Yousin!

    As for MS Eu Mei Fatt, go tell your UMNO masters to call you Rosmah Gemok, maybe then say percaya you sikit sikit...ka ka ka


  53. Anonymous6:15 am


    don't you think the discussion here has something to do with amar makruf nahi mungkar?

  54. Anonymous5:32 pm

    A clown mentioned this,

    "Did the Good Doctor strike a nerve?"

    Whether he strikes a nerve or not it is nobody's business (including you BE), but to put everyone into a big basket and act like he is God in heaven giving a sentence, sipping his wine in between that is another question...Enuff said..

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe