Sunday, August 23, 2009

There are places I remember ...

Journalist Firdaus Abdullah joins the blogging world with
an attempt to capture unique names of places, things and people in Malaysia. If you wish to highlight a place (like the Opis Rumah Panjang, below) that you have come across, do alert him.Nd the world.


SoS said...

Nice blog!!

We need more of such blogs. There are just too many political blogs which do not contribute positively to our well-being at all.

Congrats Firdaus.

Kolar Biru said...

Hahahaha....Opis Rumah Panjang. Great. Can anybody guess where the heck is this Opis Rumah Panjang? Clue is it is in Sarawak. Now, which part?

Anonymous said...

Sibu, Jalan Market.


-Sibu Original'e

Anonymous said...

same lah dengan itu signage, jALAN JOHOR JAYA and below it 1% - 3% harian,mingguan,bulanan.
what the 'pihak berkuasa' doing?

Johor Darul Takzim