Monday, July 13, 2009

New billboards have no PM's pic

1Malaysia Arch. When they were known as "Hadhari Arches" and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was PM, these giant billboards had Pak Lah's face on them. This one on Jalan Syed Putra heading towards PJ from KL, which came about only last Friday, has Najib's unity/multiracial theme on it but not his face. Najib did say soon after becoming PM [here] that he won't have his face plastered on any of those giant billboards and posters. And that's how it should be.


  1. Anonymous10:17 am

    He is a fast learner !!!

  2. Anonymous10:51 am

    With or without pictures, the billboard advertiser is still laughing to the bank.


  3. Anonymous11:17 am





  4. Anonymous11:21 am

    is there any diffrent?
    what people want is transparency in handling goverment resource ie petronas money and all the tax money. if najib can convince to the people that his administrative is honest, then baru 1malaysia can be achieved. as long as UMONO and BN getting richer and richer (like Khir Toyo who can afford that kind of house, that is not include other politrick's) people wont give the trust back to BN. People first, that i agree not the chronis.


  5. Well so what, he puts a billboard up with his promises of unity and so on. Let's hope that it is not just a billboard rather an enduring will by the government to see it through against all obstacles that at the end of the day, we Malaysians are trully united, or else this billboard can be considered a government propaganda misleading the public on the reality that our nation is polarise as ever. Meaningful policies that enhance the cohession of the nation must be implemented and well executed to make the 1Mlayasia ideal a reality, not putting up billboards whether or not it is plastered with his face.

  6. There are some old Tourism Malaysia's billboards which have not been taken down in the northern part of the highway which has Pak Lah, Najib and Azalina's pictures.

  7. Baru betul, its a lot better than having to endure Tourism posters showing the PM,TPM and Azalina together.

    Suggest further improvements,do not just show Malay, Indian and Chinese must also show the Bumis in Sarawak and Sabah also.

  8. Anonymous11:37 am


    you guys get so excited with all the crumbs being thrown at think that this is what good governance is all about!

    no wonder we're in deep shit!

  9. Anonymous11:47 am

    Without his face we should not forget who's contractor build this billboard. Is that another low profile cronisme.


  10. That's because his face's lost credibility! ROFL.

  11. This is really scraping the bottom of the barrel to make the master look good.

    We already had Rip Van Winkle's goose cooked good and proper on this. So if numero Uno promoter has done away with this doesn't mean diddly squat. It shouldn't have been the practice in the first place. Poor benchmark to judge anything, much less a leaders quality. Hope that is not in his KPI.

    So many other MORE important, pressing, and urgent issues and we feel constrained to applaud the removal of a blemish on an already gross practice. Periodic purgings of the fourth estate seems to be a leading cause of this misdirected idolatry.

  12. Anonymous11:57 am

    its the billboards that are the problem, not whats pasted onto them. most of us get it.

  13. cool but rosmah pics are everywhere.

  14. I managed to captured the one at Jalan Cheras, near Cheras Leisure Mall. It was put up a few days after Najib's appointment and his face was on the big billboard...a few days after, Najib face no longer much does it cost to take it down and then to put up a new poster without his, it makes one wonder, doesn't it?!

    - daily road user -

  15. Anonymous12:26 pm


  16. Anonymous12:28 pm


    The Hadhari billboards are ugly. Its too big for good taste, looks too heavy and clumsy, not tastefully acceptable.

    Please convey to PM to make regulation for the billboards not be so overbearingly large. I do not feel safe whenever my car is passing that thing.


  17. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Why only Malay, Chinese and Indian, what about the others (ie: Portugese, Ibans, Malanaus, Bidayuh and the rest). Do we really need to have such photos/billboards to remind us of unity? I believe Malaysians are mature enough.

  18. Anonymous1:44 pm

    For the first 100 days, he did a lot of COSMETIC changes and PUBLIC RELATION exercises to improve his ratings.

    Fair enough. If he's not strong enough with rakyat behind him, he cannot do real reforms. Which is why Pak Lah is such a wasted oppotunity, he never understood after winning the first round with such high ratings he had 4 uninterrupted years to reform and push things through and win the rakyat's support instead of his party's support.

    That is water under the bridge now. Let's see whether Najib is sincere.

    Anyway, the way PR is going, I see no difference in them.

    So come next election, the best solution for the rakyat remain having 2 coalitions of almost equal strengh exposing each other's weaknesses and fighting for votes, that's the only way we can get anything out of these politicians.


  19. Anonymous1:49 pm


    Why praise for the billboard but no comment on the Bodek Brigade which went to town with "100 day" pullouts in all the major BN newspapers over the weekend? I saw enough photos of PM N to last me a lifetime. I guess the Bodek Brigade is thankful PM N has survived a 100 days in office.

    Pity Malay Mail didn't jump on the bandwagon eh....


  20. I don't see a Singh boy in the picture. It's clearly proven that nobody cares about Singh fella, not even bloody Karpal.

  21. Anonymous2:02 pm

    some people are now complaining rosmah pictures are appearing daily on the dailies!!! is it an order from the 'fourth floor' to the mainstream dailies to publish her photos and cover her events? some say they have already 'meluat' and 'menyampah' of seeing her pictures everyday in the dailies..!! PM Najib please look at this matter, or else you too will be 'meluat' and 'menyampah' because of the antics of your wife!

    the messenger...

  22. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Yah, let us fight to disagree or agree over the pea nuts of a billboard.

    Yah, and let us agree to being forced to agree to his scrapping the PPSMI and the liberalization of the national cake. How does this lib. exercise benefit us pasar malam traders? Us pipits are forever disadvantaged by the enggangs.

    Yah we know, don't bother to enlighten us. The enggangs contribute more.

    Pipit Traders.

  23. Shariff4:48 pm

    Wow!!! What a significant change!!!
    Malaysia is saved... Najib has saved us all!
    The economy must be booming!
    Corruption is at an end!
    The crooks in BN are being prosecuted!
    The crime rate is halved!

    Rocky - I think you really are grasping at straws........

  24. Mustapha Ong4:59 pm

    To all fellow Malaysians,

    The 1Malaysia billboard tells a thousand tales.It's not about Najib so his face is not important, after all we see Najib everywhere. It's an innovative PR campaign in the name of Malaysian unity.

    The three faces probably represent the Malay, Chinese and Indian that will spur the spirit of unity and solidarity as they are the nation's majority.We often hear their voices of protest and demonstration at the instigation of the political parties in peninsula Malaysia.

    On the other hand, when did we hear such anti-government protest and demonstration from the other minority group,including the mixed ethnic community of Sarawakians and Sabahans?

    The Malays, Chinese and Indians are the true nationalist and troublemakers.Admit it and we have to change our attitude and embrace the spirit of 1Malaysia, a powerful communication tool under Najib's administration.Good luck to all Malaysians.

  25. Anonymous5:07 pm

    New Billboards no PM's pic but so what?-someone is making money for something irrelevant.
    Excuse no pic but good cover for making millions.
    Common la Rocky...the amount can buy crates of Royale Salute ma!!!

  26. why no picture of the Ceylonese ? Arent they also Bangsa Malaysia ?

    whats about the Sikhs, Portuguese and east Malaysians ? What about the recent Malaysians like the Indons, Banglas, Vietnamese, Burmese and Nepalese ?

  27. Wayang Kulit5:50 pm

    "New billboards have no PM's pic"

    SO WHAT?

  28. How can we have 1 Malaysia when we don't even have a simple thing called equal rights ?

  29. Anonymous6:45 pm

    of coz cannot have his face there la...later kena muka conteng...ha ha....

  30. Anonymous6:56 pm

    you can put all the faces of young malaysians anywhere on any size billboards.

    the question is do these young malaysians learn and play in ONE SCHOOL?

    its the place where they get their early years education determines whether they know what 1MALAYSIAN means.

    i went to srjk(i) during my primary years and thanked my dad for that decision and today i've traveled to many countries and see other people's culture and learn to appreciate them. the early years of my english education really helped me in my career, compared to those guys (from srk, srjk(c) or srjk(t)) who were top scorers during those years but lack understanding in english terminologies used in engineering and so forth, i am better off today.

    ppsmi should stay.
    zionism should be eradicated.

    -only god knows why.

  31. Anonymous7:39 pm

    So rocky, you are expecting us to praise him here?

  32. Anonymous7:46 pm

    najib shld start by finding out the motive behind the murder of altantuya. dishing out goodies to wash away his sins wont appease the ghost of altantuya.

    If Msians can easily forget this then I must say WE ARE NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF USELESS IDIOTS who for the sake of some monetary gain can close one eye on this issue.

    Ah groo

  33. Anonymous9:54 pm

    No need for billboards lah. We are not so stupid lah, for God's sake Rocky. And so are you not that dumb.

    Just look at he newspapers, TV - Najib and Rosmah are everywhere and that makes it yucky lah.. I just cancelled my Star subscription yesterday.

    You mainstream fellas suck lah. NObody dared do an analysis to show that the 80 times toll usage benefits less than 1% of the motorists in the country.

    So stupid lah, we Malaysians. We are so foolish to fall for the stupid and dumb politicians.

    Choi! fed up with this kind of shit.


  34. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Saya sudah melayari blog bro Rocky sudah agak lama. Kebanyakan link yg bro Rocky letak saya baca...
    cuma saya musykil bagaimana blog Parpukari boleh diletakkan pada link bro Rocky, memandangkan isinya tidak ilmiah dan kadang2 menjengkelkan.
    Saya sendiri pun tidaklah sempurna tidaklah terlalu menjengkelkan.
    Harap maklum.

  35. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Those three kids in the billboard, they come together to take picture and then go separate ways to their different school and playground. 15-20 years later they become what we here become, complaining of polarisation, wanting of unity... but just unwilling to let the our kids school and play together.

    Don't let this to continue, abolish vernacular school, one school for all!!!!


  36. ByChance12:30 am

    Going through blogs over years, I notice that those who agree usually won't comment much. But those who disagree usually make the biggest noise.

    Easier to bitch than using the mouth to say good things. Classic.

    All billboards shouldn't have any political figures on it. Be it the government or opposition. If its to promote something, no need to associate with any party flags or whatever. Looks insincere.

    1 Malaysia. Here we go. Those who don't understand it, please make some research about it before commenting some they never read history book and knows nothing about Malaysia.

  37. Anonymous7:29 am

    Its a good move. At least its refreshing. Anyway, the comments thus far seems to have sidetracked substantially. A post on billboards without the PM's picture suddenly became a discussion on Petronas, his face, credibility, transparency, etc. Always looking at the bad side of things. I sometimes wonder why these days, people from BN have more interest in looking at things in a positive light while people from Pakatan tend to look at things from a negative perspective. It seems everything done by the government is bad. Everything not done by the government is equally bad. Then when something really good is done like the recent economic liberalization, for some reason, they'll not give credit instead intentionally find fault with the decision. I mean do be damned don't do be damned. As for the billboards, isn't there a very positive messsage in the new billboards we can take home? Seriouly? Why so negative? Also its not "A GOOD MAN DOES NOTHING". Its "A GOOD MAN SAYS NOTHING".

  38. Anonymous10:09 am


    you are more than a spinner, you're 'kaki bodek' too.
    king of kaki bodek...


  39. Hei! I am proud of my Prime Minister, what say you!

  40. Remember when we were in S'pore I tried to find any billboard with pics of the PM and his father LKY or other PAP ministers' pictures, and you said "Moron this is Singapura!"
    Now can someone tell these Pakatan morons to not use billboards of Khalid, Azmin and of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim in the Ampang Jaya areas I find them to be abhorring and insulting my intelligence

  41. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Gosh Rocky..... such low standards we have here in Malaysia! Tak da gambar pon nak happy giler.. macam baru ejaculate!


  42. artchan5:44 pm

    why don't you carry your bodekking to the next level. Print this story in MalaY mail

  43. Anonymous5:55 pm

    To those fuckhead bitching loud about questioning why the billboard do not have every single faces on this land represented, here's why:

    1) No giant billboard as big as a football field in size available to accomodate your stupid request.

    2) Adding many details, resolution & colors result in higher printing & production cost..

    3) And most important of all to trigger the mind of those stupid fuckheads.....> only malay, chinese and indians have personal feud over each others.. why u bastards need to drag others in too?

    Now do u understand morons?

    Ok, now go play kite or wank to satisfied yourselves...stupid!

    p/s: u idiots do not understand what is propaganda?

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  44. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Fellow Malaysians,

    I am sure you'll agree with me - great billboard. The guys who got the contract to erect the billboard(s) would soon be laughing their way to the banks.

    But is Malaysia [and the 1Malaysia concept] made up only of Indians, Malays and Chinese?

    My Sabah {kadazan] friends are wondering why they have been left out of the equation. I am sure those in Sarawak are wondering the same.

    And what about the Eurasians. At least la, the Malacca Portuguese who are more bumiputera than many i know.


  45. Anonymous11:42 pm

    What a fine ass licker u are Ahiruddin.

  46. Pak Lah was better looking. That's why.

  47. Anonymous12:01 pm

    Dear bro bru..,

    Originally they want to put Rosmah picture inside but you know she over size and stimulus economic pacakage not covered the overcost budget of the billboard.

  48. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Anti itu ini,

    ROTFLMAO! You make my day.


  49. This man got talk and also got act. Aiyahhh,,,,give him some time lah and will see what happens next....

    Mu lahlalahahah

  50. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Dia takut letak gambar.... nanti orang kasi mandram

  51. Anonymous12:18 am

    Letak muka pun dah naik berahi?

    May I suggest the following;

    1. Makanan dan minuman kegemaran semua - yang lapar akan jadi kenyang maka sejuk hati semua;
    2. Scenic views of waterfalls, hill resorts or beaches in Malaysia where all Malaysians love to go on holidays
    4. The various traditional ethnics musical instuments..

    There was one town somewhere that painted cartoon figures all over town.. ceria for the kids.. menyeronokkan.

    Nah, harap2 no complaints!


  52. Anonymous4:08 am

    For the love of god.. how many times must it be commented. Non-malay, non-chinese, non-indian are not in the picture because it is known that they (the sabahan and sarawakians) have no such sentiments like the 3 races in the peninsular!. Aiyo tak faham bahasa ka?

  53. What nonsense are you talking? His face was plastered on the billboard for the past few months and only recently removed. Please ensure that you write accurately. Talk about carrying balls??

  54. ello.. u think the space got enough for the anak iban, anak kadazan, anak dusun, anak bidayuh, anak bosnia, anak serani, anak indon, anak bangla, anak org utan ke? Tiga tue is the accepted symbol for unity..

    Tapi kan .. I think Rosmah Botox mesti nak letak muka dia kat billboard tue kan..

    as for sabah sarawak... haha u dont realize ka? The government consider u guys as dogs.. kena tampar also still vote for BN so why bother including u guys in the equation. Not like u guys got balls or brains to vote the other way.

  55. skilgannon10661:04 pm

    Hey, Pak Rocky

    While we are waxing lyrical about the PM, could you please comment on reports that Peter Sondakh, Omar Mustapha, Siew Ka Wei, Tan Kay Hock and Joe Low are part of "Najib's inner circle" (as Leslie Lopez of the Singapore Straits Times has written)?

    Siew Ka Wei should be of particular interest to you. As Lopez wrote: "the businessman (Siew) and Datuk Mohamed Al-Amin Abdul Majid, a senior politician from the ruling Umno, are said to be close to completing a takeover of a 70 per cent interest in a private company that owns the Malay Mail" (Spore St Times, July 15).

    Wah lau, eh - this Siew chappie could well become one of your bosses! Like that, how?

    Is all this part of a "new political elite emerging in Malaysia"?

    If true, it means that the Mahathir and Badawi loyalists in media, commerce and industry could be replaced over a period of time.

    I am just waiting for Dr Mahathir to comment on this.

  56. Anonymous4:59 am

    suggest pix of Orang Utan chief is more appropriate..then nobody spit.

  57. Anonymous1:29 pm

    does the billboard reflect the true scenario of our races relation?? i doubt it.

  58. wishediwaswrong11:00 am

    Mustapha ong deserves to be on all boards, not just Petronas'. He's trying so hard.

    Need a community shout slogans on the streets to merit a face on billboards? So said Mustapha Ong.

  59. Anonymous6:13 pm

    thank God for that.


  60. Anonymous1:50 pm

    great post thanks