Sunday, July 12, 2009

Najib's 100 Days

... and how the Opposition helped him succeed. In his article Najib's 100 Days No Honeymoon (NST, 11 July 2009), Azmi Anshar gives the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia the thumbs-up for a better-than-expected performance. He listed 1) the pledge to reform the ISA and allow Press freedom, 2) the liberalisation of FIC guidelines, including the revision of Bumiputera participation in the economy and business, and 3) the promise of reforms within Umno as some of the big moves which may have improved Najib's popular ratings to 65 per cent last week from a sluggish 45 per cent at the start of the "honeymoon" period.

Azmi is not suggesting that Najib's task is complete. "Far from it," he says. "But (Najib) has succeeded in changing people's receptiveness to his administration."

Yes, it does look like Najib has, hasn't he? But it wouldn't have been possible without help and Najib has been getting a lot of help, not least from his own political enemies. Azmi gets a whiff of this towards the end of his analysis: "Pakatan's mishaps and missteps in Penang, Kedah and Perak are glaring symptoms of a highly septic alliance. Najib was quick to scoop back the disillusioned lot into BN's fold."

I'm not too sure about Azmi's last line there but it is true that the Pakatan leaders, so full of promise when they denied the BN the two-thirds majority and took five states in March 2008, have been spending so much time being at odds with themselves. Read YB Wee's latest posting Yes, Selangor State Exco Should Be Reshuffled to understand what I mean.

During the last 100 days, while Najib was building on the optimism of the people, the Chief Minister of DAP's Penang was busy persecuting the media he perceives as conspiring against him. Journalists from these media are barred from attending his state government's official events and companies that wish to invite the CM to officiate at their events are being told that Lim Guan Eng would not attend if certain newspapers are invited to cover the event.

Such antics, I believe, have helped Najib's own pop ratings improve from 45 per cent to 65 percent during the 100 days. Will Najib be able to sustain this? I don''t see why not, especially if the Oppostion continues with their antics.

The PM's biggest opponents so far, in fact, are pro-Umno and pro-Government groups, especially those unhappy with his policies affected Bumiputera special rights. If Najib can reassure these groups of people that his 1Malaysia does not mean the erosion of Malay privileges and rights, and that it is time to take affirmative action to the next level, the Pakatan leaders will have a lot to do to restore the people's faith in them as an alternative to the BN.

Read also:
1. Najib's 100 Days: Transformational Leadership has Arrived! by Radzi Latiff, who conducted 12 focus group discussions last month and found that "Najib’s challenge would be to allay fears of two significant groups ie The Malay who felt that 1Malaysia would mean the end of Malay Agenda whilst significant number of Chinese and Indian who thought 1Malaysia as more of Najib’s way to win support of Chinese and Indians".
2. 100 Hari PM and Hari Rakyat by Ibrahim Tiger
3. AKJ's 100-Day "Gift" from the PM
4. Pak Lah never wanted Najib as his successor, by Pasquale


  1. Anonymous6:50 am

    Yeah!!! Rocky!!! dare him to call for early election!!! let see how you guys destroy him and those sycophants around him will cry.
    Want to see the truth!!! hope people like you and some of his inner circle can persuade him to face the rakyat, Tunggu apa brother??? Then we can have everything on the rock!!!ma!!!!

  2. Bro,

    Yes, it appears that he's done well, doesn't it?
    I only wish that there's more explanation or communication on each of the policies he introduces.
    The deregulation of FIC and the introduction of Ekuinas, for example, are still widely misunderstood by many.

  3. As the former PM put it, he was not sleeping over the past 100 days. Hopefully more good news will follow suit.

  4. Plastic!! He is still playing old politics! For the more discerning, him stating and pointing out the obvious "tiada kompang, bunga manggar, tiada protokol" is soooo stupid and soooo insincere!!!! Did he think people might miss that??

    He should'nt do that!! That is for other people to analyse and point out!! For the journalists, bloggers, the people attending to point it out and give him the credit! Bukan masuk bakul angkat sendiri!!!

    That's the biggest problem with politicians. Its the action that counts!!! no need to point it out laaa!! I dont see the honesty and sincerity in their actions. Its still all spin..!!

  5. Shariff11:22 am

    The 'analysis' coming from NST? What were you expecting? The same paper that had a huge pullout on his 100 days claiming he is the best PM since sliced bread..........
    C'mon Rocky as a editor do you call that analysis or would you call that good old fashioned 'sycophancy'.
    What about Tun's analysis which rated him 'poor'.
    We could list the negatives in a whole chapter.
    I am actually amazed that you have made no comment on the whole Science and Maths in English flip-flop; which is to badly affect another generation of young Malaysians.
    What happened to judicial, political and police reform? The list can go on.

    Mind you PR has not covered themselves in much glory recently and need to sort themselves out very quickly. They need someone other than Anwar to sort out policy and organisational matters; as Anwar can't do it all.
    But at least there is some semblence of open dialogue and recognition of the problems ahead in PR.
    The other comparison I make is that PR has many young (albeit inexperienced) people with new ideas within each party. Looking at BN I really don't see a new generation coming thorugh at all? Who are the new generation of reformists in BN? And therein lies the future.....

  6. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Agreed, I am pleasantly surprised with what he has done in the 100 days. At least to me, moving things in the right direction. Yes, some measures might have to be refined but overall I am positive.

    Of course, the Pakatan fellas will have their say, but I suggest they also review what they have been doing in the 5 states under their control. Not impressive at all.

  7. skilgannon106612:32 pm

    Pak Shariff 11:22 AM

    Re your comments on the NST, were you expecting better now that the paper is helmed by Ms Nuraina?

    Or is it more a case of same-o, same-o?

  8. nstman12:41 pm

    Azmi Anshar's analysis (if you want to call it analysis) is predicated on a cocktail of lies, half-truths, innuendos, shameless propaganda. His predilection for verbosity has made him the laughing stock of NST, Umno's newsletter. The NST, which has produced legends like the great Cheryl Dorall, Tony Fancis, Tony Danker, Norman Shiebel, Ian Pereira (now the country's No 1 obituary writer, or point man for the dead) is now a dustbin of journalistic garbage and shameless propaganda of epic proportions. Congratulation, Ahmad Talib, you have done a great job.

  9. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    My dear 15 year-old son asked me,

    "Why our leaders semuanya syiok sendiri?"

    My answer, "Cos our so-called journos and spinners are insincere"


  10. Anonymous1:09 pm

    errmm they shud stop this type of celebration laa..100 days laa, 6 mths laa.. nih bukan tahlil org mati.

    the malays still questions his judgement on certain issues.I am not sure with all the Equinas, or wat eva scheme they are planning would work when the malays do not have he money to buy them.

    he should create more opportunity for people to make money rather then dumping it in some long term schemes.
    ordinary people need short term result just to get enuff money to put food on the table.

    for me..100th days..pure hype.


  11. Anonymous1:27 pm

    By visiting the people on the ground..doesn't prove anything!

    There is an infinite space of improvement need to be done.


    There is no concrete achievement yet!

  12. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Najis Razak done well?

    What a joke.

    He and fat ass Rosmah is going to be blown apart soon.


  13. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Gifts to the Rakyat.. thank you.. but please ensure these gifts "SAMPAI KE TANGAN RAKYAT!"

    Those at the top people will come up with all sort of goodies.. loud and clear..

    However, those below, si "bozz boss kecik kecik banyak lagak" are ones making things VERY DIFFICULT for the Rakyat biasa.

    Hope Najib just dont stop just sekadar announce saja.. the implementation side is the ones that REALLY matters.


  14. Anonymous2:08 pm

    "Such antics, I believe, have helped Najib's own pop ratings improve from 45 per cent to 65 percent during the 100 days. "

    I doubt that, Merdeka Center's data looks kinda doubtful.

    He has lots more to do, if an election is called, this guys are going to be out of work.

  15. skilgannon10662:25 pm

    nstman 12:41 PM

    You mean "Tony Francis" and "Norman Siebel", right?

    How many of these journalists you mentioned are still around? I would think that quite a few of them would have migrated to Australia by now.

    At least, there's still Theresa Manavalan slogging away in the NST's Sunday supplement (at least, she was, the last time I read the Sunday edition of the paper).

    Quick question: what is the difference between the NST and the likes of the Bangkok Post, Jakarta Post and the South China Morning Post? Or even the Singapore Straits Times? Better reporters and journalists?

    I understand that, at least in the Singapore Straits Times, it's reporters, journalists, senior writers and editors have at least a degree, with several having post-graduate qualifications. And the paper pays well too.

    Maybe the NST operates under the self-imposed philosophy that if you pay peanuts, you get simians, yes?

  16. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Yes, he should thank the opposition for all their election manifesto. That's exactly what Najib is implementing.

    Azmi Anshar??? New chief spin doctor in the NST under Ahmad talib whose pahit Manis blog was nothing but a boring yarn.

    NST's circulation is going to drop further..Star is going to benefit.

    Let's see what happens in manik Urai.


  17. Semut Api2:57 pm


    teresa kok ni macam dewa-dewi DAP. dia ni kerja tak sincere dan sangat anti-melayu. maknanya dia ni perkauman ukan perjuangan berdasarkan perjuangan bangsa Malaysia keseluruhan.

    satu MP DAP dari Batu Gajah dah mula senyap da. tak dengar pn dia aktif sangat. aku yakin sebab dia meluat dengan teresa dan kepimpinan DAP yang selalu memberi lebih perhatian teresa dan sikap perkauman dia. beza dengan MP batu ajah yang mempunyai lebih pengalaman bergal dengan pelbagai bangsa semasa di universiti dahulu

  18. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    First of all let me Congratulates YAB DS Najib for being a `Leader' as we expected. He dares to made decisions for the betterment of Malaysian as a whole. Eventhough its only 100 days but we are very much assured that our country is moving in right direction.
    After `sleeping' for the pas 5 years finally we are awake and ready to face the challange again under DS Najib leadership.



  19. Underground activities3:44 pm

    With Opposition as exposed by YB Wee (, who trust them any more.

    Bru, conducting “underground business activities” in office of a certain exco member is serious isssue.

    I pray YB Wee expose and uproot who ever is involved.

    PAS/PKR/DAP, please be transparent, accountable, have some integrity to own up sincerely!!! Please don't cover up like BN.

    Better still, Lim Kit Siang, please immediately establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry to make sure those responsible is severely punished!!!

    Anwar, Lim Kit Siang, Hadi Awang, the ball is at your court, dipersilakan ........

  20. seems very obvious now that Rocky is kissing a different backside.

  21. Anonymous4:37 pm

    yes man

    bla .. bla...bla

  22. Anonymous5:10 pm

    The postings and comments in the cyber media are quite different altogether. There are many important matters which Najib have to answer before the next general election. Hope Najib will take note of them and not repeat what happened on 08/03/08 ... Wali Kota

  23. Name calling MP and ADUN5:40 pm

    Najib also must thank her:).This name calling MP and ADUN from DAP:)

    "Shit stirrer" wakakakakakak:):):)

    "....After Azmin Ali threw a tantrum and called for a reshuffling of the Selangor exco, one ex-DAP “shit stirrer” jumped into the deep end...."

  24. Anonymous5:44 pm

    There is no disputing our PM has done pretty well in the first 100 days. In fact, unlike his predecessor, there's less of general announcements and more specifics. Instead of saying will liberalize the economy, he says will liberalize which sectors. Instead of say we will set aside RMX million for development, he says we will set aside RMX million to do A then another RMX million to do B. Its refreshing.

    Still I think a lof of the goodwill is due to Pakatan's useless performance. In Kelantan, PAS is infighting, in Penang, the CM is still witch hunting and when people criticize his administration, the automatic answer is "BN infiltrated". Also it seems you could not live through a week without the Penang CM asking the Federal Government for money. Penang has a wish list wants A to Z. Penang says, Federal Government should fund it. When the Fed Govt doesn't, they go propoganda and say the Fed Government is bad. In Perak. Well if Pakatan really did a good job we wouldn't be in this 2 MB problem.

    The only saving grace is Selangor where MB Khalid who thanks to his experience in the private sector, has exhibited professionalism the others lack. In the case of PKFZ, while the Lim dynasty kept hammering on selling, the honorable MB Khalid, like a businessman, admitted PKFZ has value. And its true. Everything's built, infrastructure built, utilities builts, etc, only problem the Balance Sheet looks bad. So fix that and we have a valuable asset. That flies straigth in the face of the Lim dynasty.

    So while PM's ratings are up, its more of a combination of general goodwill from the people and perception that Pakatan is really doing nothing to help people on the ground, than actual approval of him. I mean, some of his decisions aren't exactly populist decisions.

  25. leekh7:00 pm

    Yeah, the crime rate had come down; the courts are now independent; the civil service are not corrupted; UMNO people are now not asking for their commission; the PKFZ crooks and swindlers have been called to account....da da da da and the old set of ball carriers have just found new balls to carry! Yeh yeh yeh

  26. Ryzal729:30 pm


    1.Give RM 150 Millions to Indians let go MECD....

    2. Toll discounts 30% for whom?. Why just only give to the Touch n Go/Smarteg subsribers?.Why nt just give a flat rate to all. Salahkah guna lorong biasa!

    3. All this remembered me to a Santa Clause, HES VERY POPULAR DUDE!So...are ourleaders also like to be POPULIST!Entahlah!


  27. Anonymous9:37 pm

    By the way, how many Malaysians really use the toll at least 80 times a month?

    With 20 working days, you have to enter and exit 4 toll plazes daily. Then again if yu are on MC or have public holiday, even this will be screwed.

    Actually I don't understand this GREAT concession. Rocky, can you enlighten me, please? Ass licking has to be justified.

    60-time a month toll user.

  28. Mazlan11:10 pm

    Goodness me - NST and Star has really gone overboard on the sycophancy. Ass kissing of the highest order.
    So what is the reality:
    1. No one bought to book for the PKFZ financial impropriety.
    2. No one taken to account for the Lingham Gate judicial corruption (Tengku Adnan even got a promotion in UMNO)
    3. Ali Rustam found guilty of corruption by UMNO - yet retains his post as CM and appointed to the Supreme Council.
    4. Khairy also found guilty but is now UMNO Youth Chief.
    5. Recommendation by a Royal Commission for an independent Police Complaints Commission to help stamp out Police Corruption ignored. Crime rate is soaring....
    6. All reports on UMNO corruption not pursued but those against Opposition representatives pursued with a passion.
    7. Flip flop policy on English.
    8. Flip flop policy on a 3rd Bridge.

    Need I go on?
    So where is the analysis now?

  29. Of course his popularity has increase as the feel good factor from his many reforms are still intact.Wait untill the implementation part arrives then he will have difficulties as with no doubt some Malays especially UMNO cronies will lose out from the economic liberalisation and we'll see how strong is Najib's political will to continue the economic liberalisation when the disgruntled group go against him.

  30. Anonymous4:21 am

    Done well? 100Days? Fuck this. Analysis. WHEN the people have MORE money in their pockets. WHEN the people are no longer racist and the govt have passed an ANTI-DISCRIMINATION LAW. WHEN someone finally owns up on the PKFZ case. WHEN no more temples are demolished with no proper consultation. WHEN the people are free to walk the streets without fearing snatch thiefs. WHEN the polis are efficient, do not take bribes, anti racist(no hope here) and are incorruptable. WHEN all Malaysians are blind to race and can walk hand in hand to build our nation and move forward to a brighter future. WHEN all Malaysians face COMMON enemies = racism, bigotry, self-interest. WHEN mutual respect, understanding and love thy neighbour is practiced without being forced on the rakyat. WHEN our newspapers are truly independent. WHEN journalists are truly professional in their job, and are not used as political mouthpieces. WHEN we look after our poor and needy, without fear or favour. WHEN whistleblowers are not arrested. WHEN govt departments work efficiently for the people that have voted them in. WHEN reward is due for hardworking bright people irrespective of race or religion ...I could go on..

    THEN we can say Najib has done good.

    Mr When

  31. Mustapha Ong5:41 am

    Dear Rocky's Bru,

    Media debates across the political divide on Najib's 100 days had gone and will pick up steam from henceforth. There were thousands of comments all over the internet media as well the print newspapers, both in local and international approach.

    However,not all comments about Najib's performance were fair,positive or negative from various perspective.As a fellow Malaysian I am saddened with some of the critical comments which had degraded our condemnation against our own prime minister.

    It is expected that the criticisms against Najib as well as Rosmah will go on as part of the opposition's agenda, in order to create political, economic and social instability in the country.

    Unfortunately, our elected representatives from the opposition parties, had shown their un-parliamentary behavior in their quest for political power to overthrow the BN government.

    Given the current political scenario, the breaking up of the loosely formed PR opposition pack will eventually collapse.There is no assurance that the PR controlled state of Selangor, Penang and Kedah will survive until the next general election, with the exception of the PAS government in Kelantan.

    Anwar Ibrahim, the Opposition Leader is in defying of the law while he is currently being charged for acts of sodomy. If the majority of DAP is against the leadership of Anwar,I am perturbed why the PAS leadership continue to condone the ugly facet of Anwar's political career. This condonation is clearly against the fitrah or virtue of Islam.

    Having said that, I believe UMNO and BN should not be intimidated by the political antics of the opposition. They should instead overhaul their own party, and strengthen the BN coalition partnership on a win-win formula, in order to face the coming 13th general election.

    As a dynamic and politically oriented prime minister, Najib should move this country forward without any more compromises based on his powerful 1Malaysia concept,which is still in the infancy stage, to be the glory baton of developing Malaysia towards the year 2020.

  32. Anonymous8:06 am

    Dear bro bru..,

    If Najib is truly sincere than no need to celebrate 100 day administration. Man just pls do your work without cheap publicsity.
    Another PM with spinner arround?
    Obama itself no 100dy celebration.


  33. kingofpop8:09 am

    Anonymous said...
    Yeah!!! Rocky!!! dare him to call for early election!!! let see how you guys destroy him and those sycophants around him will cry.
    Want to see the truth!!! hope people like you and some of his inner circle can persuade him to face the rakyat, Tunggu apa brother??? Then we can have everything on the rock!!!ma!!!!

    6:50 AM

    Suprisingly, there are jokers like this still around here. want to have an early election? why not use your money? don't waste my and others' taxpayers money on something unneccessary.

  34. Unamused8:27 am

    Well, so far he's made lots of promises for major changes and raised our expectations sky-high.

    Just like Pak Lah did back then.

  35. Anonymous9:26 am

    Dont be too cocksure on his 100 days!With old madhater chasing his tail wanna bet he wont last through his term?
    Just be patient !second round of silent agitation will surface from madhater and thats when the fun begins! Lets see how NST can spin with you blokes .Damage control will be the word.
    Bodohwi was left biting the dust with his con game and for Najib, "GAME OVER" would not be surprising.


  36. Anonymous9:31 am


    Pray tell me how many motorists use tolled road 80 times a month???? Am I being cynical here? Please enlighten me if I had missed something.

    You work 20 days a month and you use only 40 times to-and-fro. If you use three, 60 times a month.

    Please lah, don't fool people lah...Enough of misleading people, you politicians.


  37. The first 100 days, look promising,but is still only slightly above 3 months since he took the PM office, still too early to make a factual assessment. Credits though to PM Najib that he has kept his cool composure throughout the time before and after he took office in the face of blistering attack on his person by the Opposition lead by Anwar Ibrahim.

    PM Najib 1 Malaysia is still work in progress I guess, as I and many others like minded friends am still not quite sure what it means and where actually it is leading us all, I hope that it does not end up like the Islam Hadari idea mooted by Abdullah Badawi.

    On the bright side, finally after the "do not know where we are going period" under Abdullah, we are actually looking at a PM who are setting directions and making painful decisions like cancelling the PPSMI after only 6 years, liberalising the equity market weaning the Malay/Bumiputras from Government aids etc. Of course many will be against and many will support but then a leader will have to make decisions and Najib is doing it now.I wish him all the best, as Malaysia needs him to make the decisive and the right decisions.

  38. Anonymous10:08 am

    Lan Cou!!!!!!

    Saya guna smart tag 20hari x 2 kali sehari = 40kali,,how to achieve 80 kali to eligible!!!!

    3000 extra permit teksi,,,pemandu yang ada sekarang pon ta'leh cari makan,,,FUCK!!!!
    Cubalah naik teksi,,lihat betapa mahal nya sekali perjalanan.

    Reduced the fee for Learners -L -,,meramaikan pemandu and boleh lah Polis pau mereka untuk dapat duit,,kan Hari Raya round the corner,,!!!!

    Warga KL boleh beli rumah kos rendah,,semua penipu bangsat,,Lihatlah penduduk yang ada sekarang ni,,Flat tersebut fully Air-Cond,,,Kereta mewah yet ther can stay over there,,,Ada pulak bagi sewa kat orang lain!!!

    Bagi banyak ruang peniaga kecil berniaga,,,Peniaga di KL kebanyakan adalah warga asing,,!!! KITA tunggu bulan depan,,lihat saja bazar Ramadan,,SEMUA nya ta'laku SEPERTI tahun-tahun lepas,,!!! EKONOMI bagus ke????

    Ini semua kebodohan PM,,!!!

    Esok hadiah untuk beliau,,,KALAH terok di Manak Urai,,!!!


  39. AminGL10:18 am


    Stop spinning for your UMNO boss like Kalimullah.

    1Malaysia - People First, Perfomance Now. Just look at the poll which is conducted by chedet, over 86% as of today are against switching teaching Maths and Science back to Bahasa Malaysia. So can u tell your UMNO boss if this is People First? or People Last?

  40. Anonymous10:19 am 20% discount for my daily commuting toll, daily average in-out swipe to work - 2 times x 5 days per week x 4 weeks per month = 40 times, even add 20 la for 4 weekend + tersesat (assumption)...only 60 swipe.....wonder who swipes 80 or more in a month ?? ade ker?

    what a politrick is he!


  41. old UMNO man10:32 am

    Najib treated us like monkeys. On the day he announced the so-called gifts which is of no relevance to us, he was behaving like a man going to the zoo giving monkeys peanuts and banana.

    Tell Najib, please be like PM not 'a film star'

  42. Anonymous10:49 am

    100 days or 1000 days, who cares?

    Malaysians will never appreciate anything until they lose it.

    Sometimes, I wonder what Malaysians really want, me included.


  43. Anonymous11:11 am

    Najib has certainly done very well indeed. The coolness that he has in doing his job alone also gives confidence to the rakyat. I wish him well for the sake of this beloved country.

    Now CONTRAST that to the monkey antics of Kapal Sink and family, The non-stop complaints of Lim Kit Siang and the hypocrite Lim Guan Eng. The uncertain stand of PAS leaders. The Anwar circus and non-existent promises. The publicity seeking antics of Terasa Cock... all no subtances but just unwanted noises. The constant bickering of the so called 'Pakatan' (more like PALATAN). And to top it off the (Big Laugh) Shadow Cabinet, just look at the names. You really, i mean realllllly want these jokers to run this country?. Run Aground yesla. Hope they remain (and stay that way) just a shadow of themselves.

    Anyway congrats to Najib again, and keep up the 'REAL' good work.


  44. Anonymous11:34 am

    Another thing bro bru..,

    20% discount for TNGo/SmarTag user. Those who pay cash maybe not going to work maybe goes to PDicskson/Morib to picnic I guess. 80 time than you'll get 20%. Come on man you need to work as 'kutip batu h/way' than you reach that 80 times. Government threat us like a monkey dude.


  45. gloryb5:45 pm

    i say can't please everyone, huh.

    in one breath they speak so highly of tony francis, theresa manavalam, ian pereira, cheryl dorral....all old-timers -- perhaps not-so old theresa.

    yet they are a little sarcastic of you, nuraina and hate ahmad talib.

    so happen that tony etc...are non-malays...

    so happen nuraina is a malay.

    yet they disregard nuraina's experience. please-lah.

    on Najib....nothing will please these people-lah.

    Anwar makes a better PM?
    Lim guan Eng?

    Nik Aziz? Hadi?

  46. NSTMAN,

    whaaat aaah?

    Now you want to whack Azmi?

    Good. That's what he likes!

    bet you can't write nithing to save your life, NSTMAN!

  47. edward b8:06 pm


    azmi anshar is not the laughing stock of NST.

    bet you can't write half as good.

    eat your heart out, asshole.

    and brian ng: i suppose if rocky kisses guan eng's or anwar's or any of the pakatan leader's ass, it's ok.

    anyway, gotta ask Rocky this -- WHOSE ASS ARE YOU KISSING, ROCKY?

    because, it's very difficult to tell from your postings.

  48. Anonymous12:05 am

    Ha ha ha... increase in Najib popularity must have made all this people "panas punggung", macam ulat kena panggang.

    I'm Malay and a kampung boy, last GE I vote for PR, next GE, I think I'll vote for BN and I'm not alone, there are many more case like me, the Malay that you call "young, liberal Malay" just after 12th GE. Unfortunately, just after you all "win", you just forget about me and continue bashing this Malay like there is no tomorrow.

    - KK

  49. ByChance4:12 am

    Najib and team has shown some effort. The results are yet to be seen. But I am positive about it. Keep on working. All the people want is a working government with excellent performance. No cheap politics please!! We are tired of it. Really insult our intelligence!.