Monday, July 13, 2009

YB "Shit-Stirrer"

SASSY MP Theresa Kok got down and dirty with her latest blog posting, calling another Yang Berhormat, MP Wee Choo Keong, a "SHIT-STIRRER".

When my sub-editor at the Malay Mail mailed me this morning the paper's front page for today's edition, he had replaced YB Kok's original phrase to "S***-STIRRER". I told him to throw out the asterisks and stick to the original, which is "SHIT-STIRRER", if only to ensure that the lady MP, who recently filed multi-million ringgit suits against a newspaper and its writer for the essay "YB J", does not accuse us of censorship.

In any case, I agree with YB Kok about YB Wee being sort of a "shit-stirrer". In the last year or so, ex-DAP man has effectively stirred up interest in issues such as the Labu Airport, Air Asia's unpaid airport taxes, and the IJN takeover attempt, among other things.

If YB Ronnie Liu has no dealings with the underworld, there's nothing to fear. He should view Wee's statement as an opportunity to clear his name.


  1. Coffee Stirrer11:32 am

    Berani kerana Benar

    Takut kerana Salah

  2. Anonymous11:39 am

    how about this - all of you are shit and please bubar the dewan of selangor and lets have a fresh mandate from the people?

  3. In Pakatan world, DAP is sacred cow, their leaders can do no wrong so cannot touch, woe betide anybody who dare touch DAP leaders, whether mainstream papers, Barisan Nasional leaders or supporters even their partners in Pakatan in Penang, Kedah or even Selangor.

    DAP practise democracy everybody agree to their way or the highway.

  4. cakap tak bikin11:47 am

    Come to think about it, where was Ronnie Liu
    when the following issue raised:

    - IJN takeover

    - Labu LCCT project

    - Alam Flora contrats allocation in Selangor

    - PPMSI

    - Wonder MP of Kulim, Zulkifli Nordin uproar at the Bar Council forum

    - When Hadi Awang reject Najib's abolishment of the 30% bumiputra requirement for public listed companies

    Are you still championing for Rakyat? or sudah elected, ignore us?

    LAST but not least, where is your local council election as you promised loudly during your election ceramah, done already?? [Please dont try to blame, that it cannot be legally done now]

  5. buyong12:02 pm

    Please make sure ur malay mail available at most of kedai. Susah mau cari u punya paper la.

  6. Ronnie is LKS cock sucker. Who is LKS to question Musa Hasan when ppl under his own watch are getting involve with gangsters!

    LKS baik suck Theresa's eggs.

  7. Oiyooo terpaksalah aku beli Malay Mail hari ni.

    Good shit on the front page man.

  8. Anonymous12:33 pm

    That's why she can effectively represent her kind of people, the Kinrara, Puchong, people, you know, the Jinjang type. Only they can appreciate her kind of language.


  9. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Shit queen telling the shit stirrer to stop cooking shit.Just Perfect!


  10. Anonymous12:59 pm

    ermmmmm i think now days, whoever want to be MP or YB or wakil rakyat or anything related to politic have their own agenda or self interest. be it on BN side or PR side.


  11. It's true, DAP is a party made out of lowly thugs and their Malay version is Parti Keadilan.
    The DAP we have today is not in the same league as the Dap of 'Chen and David'.
    Lim&Lim run dap is more like a secret society now, with even Mr.Singh is King is often left to lurk.
    Ronnie just confirmed that Dap is indeed secret-society linked party that appears cleaner than clean on the outside.

    p/s Stir it further YB Wee. Although you may be sitting on a wrong platform(PKR), your service to the people speaks for itself.
    Thank you for unmasking the devils, one by one.
    You know them better. :-)

  12. Lee Tai Sor1:12 pm

    Aiyah, That shit-stirrer cannot even differentiate "underground" and "underworld" lah...proves that even a Y.B. Member of Parliament has poor command of English in Bolehland. What hope for our children?

  13. Anonymous1:27 pm


    I don't understand the intention of politicians doing "one-upsmanship" in public, be it BN or PR.

    If they are sincere and got proof, just report, settle and announce results later. All this talking cock in public serves shows they are attention seekers and are doing it as stunts.

    Almost all politicians are guilty of this!

    Hey, get to work lar!

  14. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Hey Anon 12:33 aka Hiak, What do you mean by "Her kind of people"? You are not saying anything about Theresa, instead, you are insulting the whole population of Jinjang, Puchong and Kinrara with your statement.

    Your statement shows you fit the very stereotype you are trying to impose on those people who live there and make you no different lar, look in the mirror.

    So who is your Rep by the way? Let's see whether we can stereotype you according to who you voted for. For example, if you voted for Bung Mokhtar, can we now assume you are a sexist, MCP who shoot off your mouth and have no respect for women?

    Now I have nothing against Bung Mokhtar, I am just using him as an example of how twisted your logic is and how it would come across if others were to apply to you the same conclusions you apply for others.

  15. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Well said Dr.Sid

    great suggestion

    bring it to the people

    what say the rest??

  16. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Just another shit from the cocky Terasa Cock. Sassy like shit!

  17. Anonymous2:18 pm

    unbecoming of teresa kok as an mp. as a person (and from a political party) who believes in free speech or freedom of expression, teresa should'nt be annoyed by complaints or allegations by anyone on matters of public interest. as an mp she should have give positive reaction like saying the party would look into or investigate the allegations, and not hit out at the messenger! ehmm...a typical opposition (or ruling Selangor government ADUN) trademark!


  18. PR govt should say they will investigate this accusation instead of throwing a tantrum. After the investigation, if true, take action and thank YB Wee. if not true, then ask YB wee for an apology. No need to call names etc.

    and here we have comments of jinjang type, please la. be civil, part of her puchong is Usj17-22. Lets be civil.

    rocky bro...I support you bro on this case. say it as she said it. She should be more kind with wors now that she is SENIOR exco and part of the govt.The ronnie liu fellow give lots of folks in subang bad vibes.

    PR folks, do no think that you can't be warned or criticize by other PR MPs. we do not need another BN like mentality. They are elected by the people and have a mandate to speak.

  19. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Sassy my ass


  20. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Ok anon 1.35pm,

    i am sorry if i have insulted you and anyone from kinrara and puchong or jinjang. Didn't mean that at all. My apology.

    More often than not, when there are problems among MPs and ADUNs, it becomes their personal issue. The rakyat's real issue is forgotten. Same case as Nik Aziz-Nasyarudin issue, Sekinchan ADUN-Khir Toyo about the latter's house. My displeasure should have been directed towards her, not her voters. I hope that voters won't vote for this sort of MPs again, be it from BN or PR, we have had enough of them already.


  21. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Yes, I can CONFIRM DAP do have dealings/association with the Chinese Triad network in the country.

    Lim Kit Siang worked closely with the WAH KEE triad in Perak prior to the General Election which he stood in Ipoh Timur.

    Ronnie Liu is very close to & is believed to be protecting WAH KEE triad in Selangor (especially in Puchong, Subang, Old Klang Road area) interms of their activities (massage parlours, SPA, KTV, etc). One famous illegal KTV outlet of which resulted Ronnie to be in hot soup is the famous DREAM WORLD KTV in Bandar Putri Puchong.

    WAH KEE triads had been sponsoring lots & lots of $$$ for DAP's political campaign in favour to have protection by these DAP leaders. In another words, WAK KEE offer DAP $$$, while, DAP offer WAH KEE triads protection.

    Win, Win situation.

    Kongsar Sing

  22. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Dare to speak, that is important Rocky!!!
    Will go back reading Malay Mail if your paper dare to expose the shits in the government which I am sure you know, unless your are just another sycophants.
    Have you past your 100 days? or still trying to outdo Dato' JJ. Good luck. SamDol KL.

  23. Triad Memebr5:01 pm

    Disgustingly Antagonising Politicians (DAP) are hypocrites.

    They bark, bark, bark, about all the wrong doings of the government, but when it comes to their chance to deliver, everything is done in an UNDERWORLD styled activity.

    They are the only one perfect, always right, all the others are dummies, so the think!

    I would like to repeat the same questions posed by "cakap tak bikin".

    Chicken backside "Teresa Cock" answer to the rakyat. Don't shit around with your shitful shitty mouth.

    This shit stirrer(Wee) have done the correct thing of stirring up DAPs shit!

    No smoke without fire! No smell without shit!

  24. penyokongweechookeong5:06 pm


    apasal nama dia Sassy MP? Apanya yang Sassy kat bujang tua bangka dah masuk angin tu? Liz wong yang telanjang tu pon lawa lagi...

    berapa umor MP Old Maid tu? Dah tak laku nak ajdi Sassy?

    tak pernah aku dengar dia champion isu bangsa lain..

  25. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Anon 1.35 PM,

    OOOOoooops who brought up Bung Mokhtar? Have you visited his area in the 1970's and 2009?

    He can shout at the top of his voice for the progress and development brought to his areas...

    My ex-driver was earning a meagre RM300 then, today, having his own smallholdings and earning RM20K per month!!

    Let's see if this Lady Teresa boys' eggs can do it here or not. Baru cun mau buka mulut oooo ahMoy.. thats the type of MP we ordinary RAKYAT need. Not doggy food and fashion parade..

    Orang Sungai Segama

  26. Anonymous5:28 pm

    How come aah... criticise sikit je pro-BN, as if these PR can do no wrong one... come on la... accept criticism for what it is.

    I know Wee. He won't speak out of turn. Any for Ronnie Liu and Teresa Kok, please distinguish the difference "underworld" and "underground".

  27. Anonymous6:05 pm

    This is just another wayang by the PR guys.

    They have many good actors in their camp and they have to show off their talents one way or another.

    Just look at the pig issue at Kedah recently. What happened? Big hoohah about pulling out etc. and then everything okay.

    The Penang squatters is another big wayang, titled 'Blame Them'.

    Now showing is "Cocky Blamer".

    Just stir up some crap and next week make up.

    The PR supremo will again make the well rehearsed phrase " It is a personal issue", next week.


  28. Man In The Mirror6:16 pm

    I am sure YB Wee has something otherwise he won't be making that serious statement. This is what free of expression is about. (not just by having candle vigil nites). So far from what I observed, YB Wee has been doing a good job.

    To resort to name calling eg. Shit Stirrer is really unprofessional, unwise, no sense of humanity. How do you expect people to respect you as an ADUN, MP or senior exco?

    Please, go listen to this great song by the late Michael Jackson, Man in the Mirror.

  29. Anonymous6:18 pm


    whos is faizal?

  30. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Lon wolly YB "Shit-Stirrer", cister Lo-Lo will hug and kiss to consoul you should you be in tlable.

    Both also under-gown kaki ma.

    Aiyah solly my engrish so poor, I confius ploduck of the PPMSI.

  31. For cakap tak bikin,

    "LAST but not least, where is your local council election as you promised loudly during your election ceramah, done already??"

    Vote PR into Federal power and it will be done.

  32. I'm confused too. Miss sassy if you care to remember, created the hullabaloo when she simply accused the police of forcing a chinese national to perform the nude squat.

    The bn govt duly played into her hands, issued an apology and evenr dispatched an envoy to beijing. Suddenly it was revealed it was a malay girl.

    Sassy, I am a liberal malay who is not ashamed to admit I supported dap and pkr during last year elections. But I'm beginning to sense you tendency to play to the gallery and less emphasis on the real issues really frustrates me. I think most PR reps are grossly over rated.

    Please sassy. Champion the cause of the majority la..u all the same la

  33. Terasa Kok9:22 pm

    YB Teresa,

    Do you realise, DAP has been non-stop stirring at others for eg:-

    - On PKFZ by Lim Kit Siang, please count how many circles Kit Siang has been stirring this. Did Najib or Ong Tee Keat (eventhough i am never their fans) call Lim Kit Siang as Shit Stirrer?

    - On Lingam video, Did Abdullah Badawi call Kit Siang and Anwar as Shit Stirrer

    -On Elizabeth Wong photo - Got Shit Stirrer?

    - On Perak State Assembly by Nizar, Ngeh and Nga. - Any Shit Stirrer?

    So, when a MP from your own partner make ONE statement, you jump and call Shit Stirrer!

    How do you reconcile and fit into the Rakyat aspiration to see a better Government, with good governance, integrity, accountability and responsibility?

  34. Anonymous10:20 pm

    It seems that the issue has been burning and keep on burning very hot… an expose’ by Kongsar Sing was something that DAP really needs to come forward and explain to the Rakyat. It was a serious allegation. What do you say about that Mr. Kit Siang? And to Miss Sassy don’t you want to stand up for your boss? Prove that it all lies. Call a press conference tomorrow morning and refute it. To Bukit Aman don’t just keep mum and lazy, it’s time for you to work…

    To recall back what Kongsar Sing had commented: ``Yes, I can CONFIRM DAP do have dealings/association with the Chinese Triad network in the country.

    Lim Kit Siang worked closely with the WAH KEE triad in Perak prior to the General Election which he stood in Ipoh Timur.

    Ronnie Liu is very close to & is believed to be protecting WAH KEE triad in Selangor (especially in Puchong, Subang, Old Klang Road area) interms of their activities (massage parlours, SPA, KTV, etc). One famous illegal KTV outlet of which resulted Ronnie to be in hot soup is the famous DREAM WORLD KTV in Bandar Putri Puchong.

    WAH KEE triads had been sponsoring lots & lots of $$$ for DAP's political campaign in favour to have protection by these DAP leaders. In another words, WAK KEE offer DAP $$$, while, DAP offer WAH KEE triads protection.

    Win, Win situation.

    Kongsar Sing’’

  35. Even among the opposition there are fighting, wow, we cannot depend on the ruling coalition for good governance, we also apparently cannot hope for the opposition to do so, shit, we Malaysians are trapped between the devil and the deep blue see.

  36. Anonymous10:37 pm

    It seems that the issue has been burning and keep on burning very hot… an expose’ by Kongsar Sing was something that DAP really needs to come forward and explain to the Rakyat. It was a serious allegation. What do you say about that Mr. Kit Siang? And to Miss Sassy don’t you want to stand up for your boss? Prove that it all lies. Call a press conference tomorrow morning and refute it. To Bukit Aman don’t just keep mum and lazy, it’s time for you to work…

    To recall back what Kongsar Sing had commented: ``Yes, I can CONFIRM DAP do have dealings/association with the Chinese Triad network in the country.

    Lim Kit Siang worked closely with the WAH KEE triad in Perak prior to the General Election which he stood in Ipoh Timur.

    Ronnie Liu is very close to & is believed to be protecting WAH KEE triad in Selangor (especially in Puchong, Subang, Old Klang Road area) interms of their activities (massage parlours, SPA, KTV, etc). One famous illegal KTV outlet of which resulted Ronnie to be in hot soup is the famous DREAM WORLD KTV in Bandar Putri Puchong.

    WAH KEE triads had been sponsoring lots & lots of $$$ for DAP's political campaign in favour to have protection by these DAP leaders. In another words, WAK KEE offer DAP $$$, while, DAP offer WAH KEE triads protection.

    Win, Win situation.

    Kongsar Sing’’


  37. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Dont fall into Wee"s trap!This guy had a bone to pick with DAP and if not of PKR"s banner he would have eat dust lor!In fact shit -stirrer is too mild for him.


  38. my sweetlady11:50 pm


    Couldnt get the Malay Mail at my usual mamak shop today. Habis dijual. :(

  39. buyong11:55 pm

    putrajaya tak jumpa la malay mail...!!

  40. anak buah shafie tdk afdal12:07 am

    ello bother rocky.. are u agree if i call umno today is 1UMNO.. RAKAN DIDAHULUKAN KELUARGA DI UTAMAKAN...

  41. Anonymous1:05 am

    i would just like to remind the politicians - be it yb wee, teresa or ronnie - that they are there because the rakyat voted for them. without their mp/exco and party positions, and the publicity they get with it, they are by no means a public figure that we take interest in.
    heck, i never even heard of ronnie liu in the past.
    these fellows got to sedar and become more humble.

  42. Anonymous3:45 am

    Anonymous Cakap serupa bikin said...

    "Vote PR into Federal power and it will be done."

    PR wanted to have "betis"? No big deal!! With the blessing and votes from our beloved Spiritual Party there you are. "Betis" for everyone of you in many states. But what they have in return except for a plenty of sacred cow's shit!!!

    Now, PR are talking about getting "paha". This is greedy. How come with more and more load of shit piles up inside PR's house, you expect Spiritual Party to share its foul smell? Ha, ha SP is out of their mind by doing that...

    What in the world make you think with all the troubles put upon Spiritual Party, they would willingly used their witchcraft power so as if by magic, PR could have a bucket full of KFC's "paha"?

    No way bro! Spiritual Party may look naive but not many are aware the actual fact about what this Party is capable of. Yes, they are many times a better shit stirrer as compare to the other oppositions.


  43. Rocky Congrats on your re-appointment. So will you be writing your book. Or has that been put on hold. Its a shame if it is. journos here in the USA are always writing books.


  44. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    What's so bad being a shit-stirrer?

    We pay good money to Indah Water to get our shit stirred so that whatever is left is not harmful to nature.

    In less developed countries, like in rural China and India, they still use raw shit as fertilizer.

    In the advanced countries they process the shit into fertilizers or as base for rearing earth worms.

    It's better shit in the vegetable plots than in the cranial cavities of our MPs and Aduns!

    It's better the earth worms than the worms in our society.

    I grew up in the kampung back in the 1950s and 60s. We did our things in the bush.

    No sooner that our shit hit the ground, the ayam and even the kura-kura made good use of it.

    So down run down the humble, smelly shit. Imagine what happens to YB Teressa if she can't do her things for a couple of mornings.

    The answer is a lot of intestinal discomfort or the ever dependable julap!

    So I say,long live the shit-stirrer whoever you're.

    Thank you.

  45. Sassy MP mcm Mak Ayam jer..

    Hey Theresa, the abandoned school in Taman Desa is now a Denggi Center, Pls do something and make noise in the Parlimentla. Since u r the Senior Exco in Selangor, u seem to ignore Seputeh area nowadays. Next time concentrate to one constitution. Typical DAP MPs greedy dua2 nak sapu elaun (parliment and Dun.

  46. Rocky, I think Theresa Kokm needs to be l*id!

  47. Fact Stirrer10:25 am

    Waiting for Lim Kit Siang to respond to the above comments left by "Kongsar Sing" at 4.01pm, 10.20pm and by "zooro" at 10.37pm , alleging Lim Kit Siang and DAP have dealings/association with the Chinese Triad network in the country.

    This is a serious allegation, Lim Kit Siang need to respond and clear the air immediately.

    This also affect the security of the country. We are concerned.

  48. Anonymous11:42 am

    " If YB Ronnie Liu has no dealings with the underworld, there's nothing to fear. He should view Wee's statement as an opportunity to clear his name."

    Wah, very powerful words from a leading blogger.

    Rocky, you started again with Malay Mail on 1 June 2009.

    Like the way, your guys scavange the bolgs for front page news (like using Theresa Kok's blog piece), I am sure you all know about the Raja Petra articles on Statutory Declarations implicating 'very, very' top government officials.

    (These guys have the fallacy thinking that they are very near GOD and therefore no amount of Statutory Dealings can do anything to them)

    But how come your folks did not want to use extracts of these very interesting articles on the statutory declations as front page news?

    You could have even thrown the same challenge like :

    If ( the name of the government officials) has/have no dealings with the underworld, there's nothing to fear. They should view Raja Petra's articles as an opportunity to clear their names.

    Oh, in case you do not know what articles are being referred, click the following pages to 'refresh' yourself of some of the masterpieces:




    Lets see if the Malay Mail really cares....for all.


  49. Anonymous12:56 pm

    "senior exco" my ass.

  50. Anonymous1:10 pm

    DAP and all its crooks are at the edge of doomsday... hello Mr Kit Siang and Ms YB Shit-Stirrer aka Teresa Kok its not easy to rule a government you know.

    Cakap tak serupa bikin...


  51. Semut Api1:27 pm

    dear kadiaq..

    kalau teresa tak boleh berak dua tiga pagi... kena panggil shit-stirrer la kasik jolok...

  52. Anonymous2:54 pm

    Mamput lo, kalo lagu ni. Dulu ingat, hah, kalu undi pembangkang selupa macam lapat lewa. Tetapi sikalang semuanya palsu. Itu lewa talak lebih baik dali itu Be End tetapi lebih turuk dali itu gangster munya mangkuk hayun. Ayo, yo ma ayo, yo pa, itu qari talak taluk laun karipulek kah?

    Kali a/b Kali.

  53. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Those who sit on the fence, have high expectations especially for the "fence" to help in cleaning up the streets from bad elements. If this is not accomplished, make sure this "fence" is rejected the next time we cast our votes.


  54. Anonymous5:52 pm

    I think YB Teresa used a very unlady like word. I think she should check out the allegation.

    On Ronnie Liu, I still have doubts on him that should be explained.

    (a) He is too defensive and all worked up with this allegation. No smoke no fire.

    (b)In a previous occurrence when he tried to prevent the police from closing a prostitution den in Puchong. His action was really uncalled for. Till today, there is no explanation why he behaved like that.

    I hope the issue can be cleared up.
    All this shouting and denial do not good. Just show us one way or the other.

  55. Hishamuddin KDN...what are u waiting for...investigate..investigate...

  56. selangorkia7:58 pm

    Theresa Kok & Ronnie Liu are the three best performing DUN in the State, the other is Hannah Yeoh of Subang.

    I think it would be hard for PKR and BN representative to perform this well. Is nature that someone turn sour grapes.

    I see it coming long ago and this won't be the last.

  57. culture club10:57 pm

    Shit Stirrer, look at Manek Urai. Panic or not? Only a slim 65 majority!!!

    Something got to do with karma?

  58. Non sequitur logic;

    Teresa says YB Wee is stirring shit,
    YB Wee is stirring DAP,

    Therefore DAP is Shit?

  59. Anonymous11:40 pm

    Ronnie, Teresa & Eli are bunch of racist.

    Anti Racist

  60. Dulu selepas memberikan undi, rakyat dan parti yang dipilih akan buat hal masing-masing. Zaman itu telah berlalu.

    Sekarang ini pengundi lebih celik dan sentiasa ingin mengikuti perkembangan para wakil yang telah mereka lantik. Hal ini disedari oleh pembangkang.

    Atas sebab itu kalau boleh pembangkang mahu menyembunyikan semua kebobrokan yang menggejala dalam parti mereka. Dengan itu pembangkang akan terhindar daripada pandangan serong pengundi.

    Namun lumrah alam menyaksikan bangkai gajah tidak boleh ditutup dengan sehelai tikar mengkuang. Bau yang menjalar akan menarik perhatian ramai dan seterusnya mereka akan berusaha mendedahkan punca bau berkenaan.

    Kini bau seperti "shit stirrer" bukan saja menjalar di kota bahkan sampai di kawasan pendalaman seperti Manik Urai jua. Bau ini sangat mudah menarik perhatian umum.

    Sama ada secara kebetulan atau tidak, kebusukan isu "shit stirrer" dalam laman pembangkang
    sedikit sebanyak memberikan impak negatif buat mereka di Manik Urai.

    Oleh itu bravo diucapkan kepada pengundi yang peka terhadap isu yang ada kaitan dengan kesejahteraan mereka. Akhirnya kerasionalan mula mengatasi sentimen dan emosi.

  61. betul2 *tak kira siapa salah kena siasat *kecik ke *besar ke siasat kasi adil .

  62. Anonymous4:00 am

    aiyoh rocky, stop blogging please since u have 'MELAYU' mail, boring laaa yr post nowdays.......guna

  63. Anonymous11:36 am

    I fail to comprehend what this whole schmoozle is all about. You have one sassy shitty YB calling another shitty YB a shit stirrer, both having come from the same shit party. So where's the beef?


  64. Anonymous1:14 pm


    I can still remember her press conference on TV where she clearly said that the food served whilst in custody is "worst errrr similar then dog food" and later has the audacity to denied saying all those things and put the blame on the media for twisting her words. But later admit to it when the recording of the press conference is re-shown.

    To me this is an act of an irresponsible leader and a MALAYSIAN who knows very well that the press conference was attended by local and foreign press and yet she purposely equip the food serve is not fit for human consumption and in the process flushed our country image down the drain. To make thing worse equip it to dog food knowing very well that dog is taboo to the majority of Malaysian who are Muslim.

    Well she been fighting for justice/equality and yet she herself doesn’t do justice to the police by making such an irresponsible statement. If the police do something wrong, then condemn them but please don’t create story just to gain sympathy.

    So from this episode what can clearly be seen and heard is that she is able and willing to twist and turn her words to suit her needs and circumstances thus how could the people believe that she was not involved in the mosque issue in the first place.

    To me she is just another politician and in this case the author of her own misfortune

  65. Anonymous6:45 pm


    to add on ...

    azan to be silenced
    "chinese" woman made to squat - led to apology to china
    roasted PIGS for win of 5 states
    quick to SUE
    now unladylike words

  66. Anonymous6:50 pm

    dap is a chinese cunt 's party.It is NOT a multirace base or a muhibah clan.the indians and malays in this party are just for show only.

    p.s LGE the arrogrant cunt,pergi balik melaka.

    up yours Dap

  67. Anonymous7:57 pm

    Winken, Blinken and Nod

    Winken, Blinken and Nod
    Landed in Selangor’s Golden Pod
    Where these Siblings 3
    Shed off some anonymee
    And resume names that don’t sound too odd

    Now the first becomes a Wu Li Dance Master
    Takes a night time job as a covert gangster
    China Dolls in Puchong sections
    Enjoy so much protections
    Courtesy of Ronnie Lieuw, Esquire!

    Sassy YB Theresa Kok aka Miss Sue
    Mistook some jailbird snacks for fifo’s foo
    But being unmarried
    Has so much merit
    We at last know what she needs most, and a good one too!

    Now the Thing about Elizabeth Wong
    Is that Two rights do make a wrong
    Especially at night
    When she sleeps tight
    She does so without an inch of Thong!

    And there we have it folks, the DAP three
    On a grand Interplanetary Shopping Spree
    To convert this noble land
    To be owned by ambitious chinamen
    Prodded on by Mr Lee Kuan Yee!


  68. Anonymous10:32 pm

    Congrats Mr. Lim in less then-24hr you came forward to clarify that you knew nothing about the underworld gang, i.e. the Wah Kee. Hello, Mr. Lim do you want us to believe that bullshit? Nobody will shout to the world by saying that he or she is a shit-stirrer, right? Even a small boy will say NO, NOT ME to their mother if they did something wrongful, right? Then they will start pointing and blaming others – as what your son did in handling the Kampung Buah Pala issues, right?

    Mr. Lim your rejection to that allegation by saying: ``Wah Kee? I know nothing of it’’ is not enough. This is a very serious allegation. Please Mr. Lim, what we want you to do is to go straight to the police station and lodge a report affirming that you are innocent, or prepare a statutory declaration (SD) declaring that you and your party -- nothing to do with the gang lords.

    And to Kongsar Sing what say you about that bro? As I said above the issue is hot and it’s keep on burning.


    Read this: A Malay Mail story which was released Wednesday, July 15th, 2009 08:20:00
    Dap: What triad link?
    DEMOCRATIC Action Party (DAP) leaders have rejected allegations that they are connected with the Wah Kee triad, said to be one of the oldest underworld gangs in Malaysia.
    Party parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang, when asked about speculation that his name was linked with the Perak-based triad, with the allegations surfacing just before the last general election, responded with: "Wah Kee? I know nothing of it."
    Lim said the allegations were untrue.
    "The party leadership has for the past 33 years walked a narrow and straight political path. Those who make such allegations should prepare to substantiate their accusations with proof," he said.
    Party deputy chairman Dr Tan Seng Giaw also expressed shock at the claim.
    "I don't know anything about this. These are wild allegations. If you want to know what is the truth, then you must investigate this. Those making the allegations, if they want to, then they should get the police to investigate their claims," he said.
    The allegations also involved Pandamaran State assemblyman Ronnie Liu, who responded with a laugh when contacted. "Ha, ha, ha, ha! That's my comment," he said when contacted yesterday.
    Liu and Kinrara State assemblyman Teresa Kok are involved in a public spat with Wangsa Maju MP Wee Choo Keong after Wee had alleged that a certain Selangor exco member had allowed his office to be used by people connected with "underground activities".
    Wee had made the claim in his blog at in support of Bukit Antarabangsa assemblyman Azmin Ali's call for certain Selangor exco members who are not fit for office to be replaced.
    The war of words had culminated in police initiating a probe into Wee's claim.
    Liu has challenged Wee to "be a man" and name the exco person involved, but Wee took potshots at Liu for getting agitated by pointing out that he had not named the exco member involved or his party.
    Wee had also said he was prepared to give details of his claim to the police. The Selangor government
    has also called for proof of the allegations.

  69. Nudist10:18 am

    Ohhhh, Y.B. Sassy what is the shit you are stirring about. I heard that you are stirring John Fernandez shit recently!!! True??? Huhh whatever BN do is wrong. BUT PR is purely holy.
    Think of it on Kg. Buah Pala issue, why is the CM so scared if the lawyers come along with the people??? Huh sure got some hidden agenda!!! Bloody cheaters.........Nvm. I guess you will be busy stirring John Fernandez shit. Ohhh my, I wonder why you choose the bald headed guyyy. No others???

  70. el-Barokhas11:24 am

    I really like the going-ons within the PR. They really keep up with their promises for transparency and more.

    We also get, for free, entertainment. The plot's at par, if not better, than what Hollywood or Bollywood can offer - sex, crime, intrigue, comedy, the lot. Except that this is for real.

    Keep up the good work!

  71. Anonymous11:30 am


    just as rocky has become a lowclass reporter his readers' mentality also changed to one. How many have suffered under the BN regime of corruption and blatant robbing of public funds? Have u all forgotten or are u all that stupid to turn a blind eye just becos DAP is a chinese-based party? You guys would rather let the nation die than to see the nation prosper. DUmb! really dumb! Semua sama aje! You telling me BN dont hv triads backing? Maybe they hv been legalised with the likes of VT.

    ah groo

  72. Anonymous3:54 pm

    1. Hmm....Wee Choo Keong is on record of not having mentioned names or party.


    2. In fact, he affirms the same in a subsequent post on the issue:

    " I had not mentioned the name of the exco member concerned or which political party he or she belonged to. YB Ronnie Liew Liu jumped at the statement in my blog just like YB Teresa Kok jumped at YB Azmin Ali’s speech in the Selangor State Assembly calling for the reshuffling of the Selangor state exco."

    Obviously, someone has been nettled into a fright and the beans are spilling out subconsciously or unconsciouly.I remember back in the 70s when Bernstein and Woodward were breking the watertight Watregate in the Washington Post and became instant journo celebrities. Later in a promo for their book "All the Presidents Men", bernstein was reported to have said that what piqued his interest was the Nixon cabal's denial of White House involvement in Gordon Liddy' Watergate breakin of the Mcgovern campaign office. bernstein continued" why the denial when no one asked about it in the first place. that was the first of many smoking guns that ultimately gunned down Nixon.

    fast forward; why the cunt-frisky and arse-itchy reactions when no one asked or imputed anyone in the first place. Too close to the jugular, eh? Now as they sweat under the panties...oops..collar, let the shit hit the fan.

    Trivia: Arselicking, cuntdigging, cockrammed, buttfucking and buttfucked chinks have a history of triad menace and of parlaying an unsavory criminal past into a legit present. In short, laundering a gangsta history into something whiter than white, hahahaha....No i am not making this up, these are from them historians (chinkie pigs included):

    1.Continuity and Connectedness:
    The Ngee Heng Kongsi of Johor, 1844-1916
    P Lim Pui Huen ISEAS Visiting Fellow
    NO.2(2000)January 2000. (A 43 page paper)

    2.Mak Lau Fong. The Sociology of Secret Societies: A Study of Chinese Secret
    Societies in Singapore and Peninsula Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur: Oxford Univ.
    Press, 1981.

    3. Trocki, Carl A. “The Johor Archives and the Kangchu System, 1844-1910”, Journalof the Royal Asiatic Society Malaysian Branch 48 pt. 1 (1975): 1-46.

    4. Trocki, Carl A.: Opium and Empire: Chinese Society in Colonial Singapore, 1800-1910.
    Ithaca: Cornell Univ. Press, 1990.

    5.Huang Jian Cheng.: “Zaonian Kaipi ji Jianshe Xinshan you Gong Huaren Xianxian” (Early pioneers and notable Chinese who have contributed to developing Johor),
    Roufuzhou Zhonghua Zonghui Sishi Zhounian Jinian Tekan. Johor Bahru,
    1988: pages 131-7.

    Now Zorro, surprised about the triad thingy given what has happened and still happening further up north?The fuckedfaced fuckheads are shitting big time to comment< Mr Nikki????

  73. sebenarnya Ayatollah PAS ni takut terlepas kerusi kesayangannya iaitu MB Kelate.Dah 18 tahun dok kat kerusi tu TAPI Kelate dok macam tu juga... Awat nak pecah rekod Tun DrM ke?

  74. Cakap tak serupa bikin. Dulu cakap PR is clean, no corruption, no cronyism, freedom of everything. Now all the shit start to drop one by one. Started from prostitue issue and now gansterism. This is a result PAS untuk semua, PKR untuk penipu dan DAP untuk boneka. Hopefully the true will prevail. The bubble will burst. Just wait

  75. Anonymous6:32 pm

    triad thingy,

    The richest towkey who owns a row of 6shops along my block are well known to be ex- of one of these group of crooks.

    Kedai business canggih2.. this is the very way these people claim themselves successful and got rich..

    Not because the are kononnya LAJIN! Ceh!


  76. Pune Deck7:32 pm

    An aid to exco Ean Yong jump and killed himself.

    Ean was raided by MACC yesterday.

    The DAP is raising racist shit claiming MACC is acting agst CHinese only.

    CHinese are the biggest crook and kaki maksiat. SO no isu. All vice busienss relates to Chinese!

    I smell Ronnie Liu's gangsters on the rampage.

  77. Generalisimo7:47 pm

    Anon 3:54 PM

    Zorro is surprise of the Triad thing?

    Don't pretend la that ole racist and hater of Malays but camouflage as an open minded liberal. Generally all that he criticise is associated with Malays.

    He is attacking UMNO not because he believes in Pakatan Rakyat but becasue PKR serves his purpose to see Malays attack other Malays.

    For that he enjoys associating with those souless Malays of PKR and pretend to like PAS for the time being. It serves his purpose of seeing Malays attack other Malays.

    He will never ever acknowledge that his race is the biggest troublemaker of the land. The instability of this country is caused by by the greediness of his pig eating race. It is godsent that the pigs are hitting back at them.

    In case, he has not realised yet after living an insulated life more than 60 years on earth is that:

    Triad = Chinese
    Gangsterism = Chinese
    Triad, Gangsterism = Chinese = DAP

  78. Anonymous3:19 am

    If anyone who use dirty words just because someone use dirty words, than you are not different for her, mentality-wise. Many politicians from BEE AND are no different. Why pick on her alone. We should wait till the truth come out. Maybe Wee is what she said he is? Time will tell.

    A Fair Minded Malaysian

  79. Anonymous10:59 am

    Ronnie Liu = Underworld

    Elizabeth Wong = Underwear

    Terasa Cock = Understanding of Shit

  80. skilgannon106612:44 pm

    Anonymous 3:54 PM

    I was waiting for you to surface in this thread.

    So, who is it this time - Warrior xxx or anti whatever?

    Interesting that you seem to have a perpetual hard-on with regard to the Chinese community in Malaysia (or is it Chinese in general?). Is this the result of a late-blooming Freudian complex or some repressed Oedipian fetish? Or some racist meanderings of an under-utilised intellect?

    Oh, btw, you might want to comment on reports about Malaysia's "new political elite" (aka "Najib's inner circle"), as reported by a Singapore newspaper. They include Peter Sondakh, Omar Mustapha, Siew Ka Wei, Tan Kay Hock and Joe Low.

    And have you looked at who are the members of the NEAC (National Economic Action Council)? Comments on this?

  81. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Mr Fuckhead Skillgannon 1066,

    why must it be Warrior or anti-. Obsessed with their arse or aching to be mouthfucked. Dont try, for they will probably chop your cock away and stuff a tombstone down your throat. I am who I am. Your take on Najib is laughable especially after you ran away from my challenge in :

    And you run away from the issue here as well by stirring up your another shit ala LGE. You got no brainslah idiot, you cannot put up a reasonable, logical argument lined with facts but then again since when arsefucked, shiteating chinks like you ever had brains. Curi org lain punya balang bolehlah:

    :SANTA ANA, Calif. – A Chinese-born engineer has been convicted of stealing trade secrets critical to the U.S. space program in the nation's first economic espionage trial.

    A federal judge in Santa Ana, Calif., ruled Thursday that former Boeing Co. engineer Dongfan "Greg" Chung stole 300,000 pages of sensitive documents that included information about the U.S. space shuttle and a booster rocket.

    Betul tak...see I told you so.this dickhead must have taken after this one:

    Your race is a thieving, lying, conning bunch of triad gangstas, lowlifes, whores, conmen, pimps, gamblers et al. Think about that.We dont need warrior or anti to say that all the time.They have awakened us to the reality of you.

    As for najib et my comment up there in the link above

  82. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Anon 5:40PM: I won't stoop so low to your level, as to label your race. But I know for keeps that wet-behind-the-ear apparatchiks like you make your race look like tyrannical bigots. Please, stop making them look bad.


  83. Anonymous1:54 pm

    "Mr Fuckhead Skillgannon 1066,

    why must it be Warrior or anti-. Obsessed with their arse or aching to be mouthfuck.."

    Bro, this brainless pig always thought everybody are as low & cheap like him, hiding under multiple identity..stir shit & run away when end up in deep shit..

    Schizophrenic and his nick..similarly start with the "s" tick, how's that for a pig in a wig?

    I had disclosed, exposed, buldozed and strip this pigbrain naked for the cyberians eyes to see..that explained it all..the paranoid, the envy, the vengance..the pig really suffer frustration & depression.. :D hahahaha...

    Bro, you throw him the challenge and he ran away..

    In the similar thread, he throw me the same challenge about that poor soul malay singaporean like to TheScribe by the nick "thegreatteadrinkerdownsouth"..

    - just like his nick long on rethorics but always short on substance..that's a pigbrain with asshole arguments i called it..

    Before that i managed to nabbed this cheapskate ass twice with his identity masquarading scheme..

    -- Piggy's modus operadi: Anything to glorify chingkies in Singapore or China & degrade anything Malays in particular and Malaysia in general.. it is so him..easy to locate where he's hiding..

    1) Patrick Ivanhoe
    Keywords: "nabobs of negativism"
    (just use the fuction [find(on this page)] under the [edit] up there)

    check this out:

    -Patrick Ivanhoe@4.05pm;


    2) thegreatteadrinkerdownsouth
    keyword: "abang"



    You may notice the inconsistency in his deliberation about the "abang-abang" as a result of previous assshoving exercise in rockybru's thread.. "medium abang" already become "abang wannabe".. Yup, after Medan 1998 mentioned..hahaha..

    If a person cannot be consistent with his identity, his mind and his words..what does that tell & made him? Hypocrite bastards on a cunning hidden agendas..?

    Simple: a NO MARUAH pig..a person with maruah always have pride of his own identity, his mind & his words..

    This just proved the typical crisis of identity of pendatang i had been talking all this while... trying to be holier than thou but end up being a true mafucker..

    since when maruah, honour & respect exist in savage piggy dictionary..

    Who need a wit for this kind of exposure.. all that needed was just to pinned down for the eyes of cyber viewers, let them have their own thought on this pathetic mafucker...let his own stupidity & shameless no maruah soul slowly flow down & drown in the sewer.. am i not a brewer? See his own words spelled to his own disaster...enough said here..hahaha....

    p/s: this is the final chapter of the previous story..

    Malaysian90.. Go advice that skilly buddy of yours with that same words..he really need it badly..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  84. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Anonymous 5:40PM said...

    ... Your race is a thieving, lying, conning bunch of triad gangstas, lowlifes, whores, conmen, pimps, gamblers et al...

    Tepat sekali,


  85. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Sometimes I wonder where you people learn your colourful language from. Babi lah, asshole lah, motherfucker lah. That's what you call kurang ajar. Squabbling like kids over race. How petty. My Malay Singaporean friend just had a look at this thread and he went, "Dude, any chance of you joining me in Singapore later on? I'm sure you'd be tired of having to live with these jokers at some point. I know someone in the Ministry of Home Affairs. Comeeee."

    Yet, I still love my homeland. Too much to even contemplate leaving it. Tsk.


  86. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Haiya Malaysian90, why lamenting and complaining? It takes one to know one ...

    Your holier than thou attitude is repulsive. Haiya don't tell me that you Pakatan goons are angels only ....kahkahkah make me wanna puke.... You all don't use foul language kah? My foot lah !!

    You get what you sow, man! You people are a bit scared that the silent majority is not silent anymore.....You guys insult us, belittle us etc (no need to tell you where you can find all those shits that were written about us)'s payback time that also cannot understand...

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  87. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Dude.. u can go there provided u have S$200,000 or any special talent/expertise to offer them... the least they will need is an extra old baggage like u know who..they desperately import people coz they hardly breed there to preserved their own kind..again nobody holding your leg for that..better heed for that offer from your dude, old man..

    Right, you got every damn reason to be grateful being a Malaysian..Only Persekutuan Tanah Melayu offered FREE 1 million citizenship to pendatangs in this world.. by right they should select the creteria not just based on lump sump, coz majority among that 1 million were fucking ungrateful bloodsukers & mafuckers..just see the result today..

    what to do, they were duped by the stupid of least WE can learn the hard way on how to live with their mistakes now and not to repeat the same for our future generation..

    Oh..grandpa..mind the language..its called "communication protocol with savage pendatangs"..
    No need to preach us about kurang ajar..adab or budi bahasa..we are more civilized on how to eat, piss, shit and speak compared with majority of your own savages kind...
    Do you still think your kind now deserve the courtesy & budi bahasa gesture, hah grandpa? You should know better for the reasons behind all that, old man..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-