Sunday, July 19, 2009

Alfatihah for The Ancient Mariner

Innalillah. We have just lost a dear, dear friend. Capt Yusof Ahmad, who ran the blog The Ancient Mariner, passed away last night. He was 64.

I last met him late last Tuesday morning in Ampangan, Seremban, the day his 84-year old mom died. Ordinarily, we would have been in Kelana Jaya for the bloggers' weekly MRT (mi rebus Tuesday). Capt told us that he was obviously not going to make it for last Tuesday's session. We spoke about what he was to do with the now-empty house in Ampangan, Seremban where his 84-year old mother had spent her last days. His eldest son is to get married in November and Capt Yusof said he hoped to see his blogger friends at his son's wedding. It's true what they said, we mere mortals could only plan.

Captain left a wife and four kids, and fond memories of a brief but true friendship formed in blogosphere and spilled over into real life.

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Glad did I live and gladly die,

And I laid me down with a will.

This be the verse you grave for me:

'Here he lies where he longed to be;

Home is the sailor, home from sea,

And the hunter home from the hill.'

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)

See you tomorrow. God be willing.


  1. al-fatihah! deepest condolence to his family.

    i just read elviza's tweet abt it. so shocked. i thought there must be some mistake since i read abt his mother's passing just a few days ago.

    i'm only acquainted with the cap'n through his blog, but he'll be so missed.

  2. dannalli12:48 pm

    Picked this up earlier from Nini Talk.

    May ALLAH bless his soul.

  3. I hope his death is not connected with anything that I do not like gto think about!

  4. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Rocky, for a tribute to a dear blogger friend you did it with finesse and style. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for some of your other posts. Remember it does not pay to wear 2 hats at any time. Politicians do that understandably. But many would not consider you as a politician. Or are you?

  5. Anonymous1:13 pm

    If you guys are going to the funeral or visit his family, please let me drive and follow u guys from behind.

  6. malsia1206, still trying to bring in your politics, even here?

    you are so sad.

  7. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Malsia 1206,

    As Captain Ancient Mariner would have said: please take your grievances elsewhere.

    You sick person - and that's mine.

  8. JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe1:43 pm

    Salam Rocky.

    Now we see how wicked these Pakatan people are. They will do anything and stooping really low to be nasty. They have no hearts nor intelligence. Everything must be politicised. Everything must be spinned by them. If you don't do what they want, then you're ostracised for life. Can't stand they way they write nasty and unkindly things about you, in YOUR blog some more. I don't see this kind of reception at pro Pakatan blogs for anyone who criticise them. They are malicious to the brim. Really pig brain all of them.....They really have no class...Yes, I'm commenting about Anon 1.11 PM.

    Condolences to the family of the late Captain. Alfatihah.

    Long live Rockybru.

  9. Al-Fatihah.

    I'll miss his stories, and his old sea captain's laugh. It's nice to see so many tributes to him.

    malsia1206: Save your politics for a different post. If you can't show any intelligence, at least show some respect.

  10. Al-fatihah...I only knew him through his postings...a fine man.

  11. Anonymous2:53 pm




  12. Rocky,

    I shall miss him. Despite our differences, he is a good friend to have.

    He was kind enough to visit me when I had my surgery.

    May Allah s.w.t. bless him for his good deeds.

    May we all brace ourselves with this test.

    Bon vage, mon kapitan. You will be missed.

  13. Anonymous3:12 pm


  14. May God blessed his soul and put him among the faithfuls. I shall miss a dear friend. Al Fatihah.

  15. Anonymous3:22 pm


    Captain Ancient Mariner. Hope you sail the big ship in the sky. Will miss your stories.

  16. alfatihah kpd arwah.takziah kpd seluruh ahli keluarga beliau

  17. Elviza

    The captain wouldn't say, "please take your grievances elsewhere."

    Crude as it is, he had a better and more accurate word for "grievances".

    Remembered he called us "buggers". But all is forgiven.

    Anyway do forgive Malsia 1206 too.

    He is just psyching himself up for a new assignment with the Israeli army for the last assault on the Gaza civilians.

  18. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Dear Rocky, VVe of BUM's world will miss a fine gentleman, in the most wonderful of ways, he'slived a gOod life and gave enriched our short journeys on mother Earth. Yes, Man proposes, God disposes...May Capt Yusof's soul rest in peace; Godbless...Amin. YL, Desi

  19. my condolences to the family of captain yusof. had the pleasure of being acquainted with him at the last bloggers’ meet a year ago. god bless him.

  20. Alfatihah We'll going to miss him and his anecdote. May ALLAH bless his soul.
    malsia1206 oh god not here please.

  21. Sdra Rocky's Bru,


    May Allah bless his soul and give strength to the loved ones he left behind.

    The captain was a good man and a good blogger friend. Blogging brought us together.

    The captain proved that it was never too old to blog and to use this new medium of expression.

    We will all missed him.


  22. Rest in peace Captain. Salute.

    It has always been good to read your entries...

  23. Anonymous7:57 pm

    Takziah to the Ancient Mariner.

    And even in sad times as this, some can get purely delusional, especially when they claim to be 'awaken' when they're truly 'sleepy'. We'll see how he replies. IF he isn't sleeping. 'Long live Rockybru', some masterful piece of applepolishing or what?

    Apart from the aside, may the Mariner find his place among the righteous.


  24. Anonymous8:32 pm


    My deepest condolence to his famil.


    You're a pathetic s.o.b.


  25. wartawan terlampau my a$$9:32 pm

    can u ask your bloody asst editors to come out with better assignments!

    this is what happens when you appointment bird brains!!

  26. Innalillah and al fatihah,

    it is true that the good lament that they have but only one life to give

  27. My condolences on Capt's passing. It is a privilege of knowing him and meeting him whenever there is a chance.


  28. My condolences on Capt's passing. It is a privilege of knowing him and meeting him whenever there is a chance.


  29. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Someone said,

    "And even in sad times as this, some can get purely delusional, especially when they claim to be 'awaken' when they're truly 'sleepy'. We'll see how he replies. IF he isn't sleeping. 'Long live Rockybru', some masterful piece of applepolishing or what?"

    Why so petty, Malaysian90? As you said this is a sad time indeed, why must comment and complain? Live and let live.......To each his own...What's in a name anyway? Btw, when you're visiting someone's house, how do you behave? Do you behave in a "kurang ajar" way or what? Anyway my parents taught me good manners, I don't know about yours....

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  30. His demise is such a great loss to all of us in the blogging fraternity. when i first started i remember ANCIENT MARINER being one of very few blogs highly recommended by everyone. they were spot-on. we met regularly later on through events and even bumped into each other around the neighbourhood. The Good Ol' Captain will sorely be missed.

    Bon voyage Capt, sir.


  31. Each time I visit The Ancient Mariner's site, I am left with a feeling that "here is one gentleman who says it like it is"; one of a few gentlemen of the old school that populate blogosphere.

    May your soul rest in peace, Captain. The voyage is done and you will be missed. Al-Fatihah.

  32. Al Fatihah

    بِسْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمـَنِ الرَّحِيم

    In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful:

    1:2 الْحَمْدُ للّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِين

    All Praises to Allah, Lord of the Universe.

    1:3 الرَّحْمـنِ الرَّحِيم

    The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

    1:4 مَـالِكِ يَوْمِ الدِّين

    Sovereign of the Day of Judgment.

    1:5 إِيَّاك نَعْبُدُ وإِيَّاكَ نَسْتَعِين

    You alone we worship, and You alone we ask for help

    1:6 اهدِنَــــا الصِّرَاطَ المُستَقِيمَ

    Guide us to the true path;

    1:7 صِرَاطَ الَّذِينَ أَنعَمتَ عَلَيهِمْ غَيرِ المَغضُوبِ عَلَيهِمْ وَلاَ الضَّالِّين

    The path of those on whom You have bestowed your favor, not of those who have earned Your anger, nor of those who go astray.

  33. Anonymous8:45 am


    My deepest condolence to the family.

    Our beloved Captain will be dearly missed. God bless his soul.

  34. www.mucked-in-a-jam.blogspot.com8:50 am

    When I first saw your post, I thought it was a mistake, cause his mum had just passed on about a week earlier. I just read it again today and found out that it was our dear captain who had also returned to God. I only knew the Ancient Mariner thru his blog but he came across as gentlemanly, polite and funny - like those of the old school. They don't make em like him anymore. Al Fatihah dear captain. Thanks for the memories. R.I.P.

  35. thank you, on behalf of the family. i’m sorry that we were not able to inform other family members and friends soon enough for the funeral as he left us all too soon.

    al fatihah

    kassim (allahyarham’s younger brother)

  36. Salam Takziah kepada keluarga ALLAHyarham. AlFatihah.

  37. i am still so distraught.

    His mother just died.
    and we were with him t his mom's funeral on Tuesday....we talked. he was chatty, wsan't he?
    he introduced us to his wife, and children -- aunts, uncles, cousins -- while you were outside with the menfolk, I was inside the living room with the ladies. Captain came in...sat with me, introduced me to his only surviving aunt and his other female relatives...

    "See you next Tuesday", he said.....when we hsd to take our leave.

    and that was our last time....
    i'm so glad we went to seremban for his mom's funeral.

    I couldn't even bring myself to blog about his death...

    I am so so sad...I will really really really miss him.
    And his postings, and the stories he'd tell us on Tuesdays... of course!

    He is in my prayers. My deepest condolences to his family..

    May Allah SWT bless his soul. Al Fatihah...

  38. and malsia1206,

    something is really wrong with you and the likes of you!

  39. Innalillah ...
    AlFatihah ...
    Takziah kepada seluruh keluarga ...
    satu kehilangan buat kita semua.
    Semuga dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan bersama orang-orang yang soleh ... InsyaAllah.

  40. Anonymous10:03 am

    Dear All,

    Assalamualaikum wbt. I'm Captain's daughter. On behalf of the family, we apologise for not being able to inform everyone as his passing was so sudden. He has been laid to rest in Linggi late yesterday afternoon next to our late grandmother.

    There will be a Tahlil tonight after Isyak prayers at Surau An Nai'mah next to our residence at Tiara Kelana Condo in SS 7 Kelana Jaya. It would mean a lot to us if you could attend.

    Thank you.
    Aisyah Yusof

  41. Rocky, this is a message from Aisyah (Capt's daughter). She left it on my blog:

    "Dear All,
    On behalf of my family, thank you for your kind words and wishes. We’re not sure how to contact all his friends, so hope this will reach some, if not most.
    There will be a Tahlil tonight after Isyak prayers at Surau An Nai’mah next to our residence at Tiara Kelana Condo in SS 7 Kelana Jaya. It would mean a lot to us if you could attend.
    Thank you.
    Aisyah Yusof (Captain’s daughter)"

  42. Anonymous11:40 am

    Dear All,
    Apologies, but we have moved the Tahlil tonight to after Maghrib prayers instead of Isyak.

    Harap maklum.

    Aisyah Yusof

  43. Heard his long speech... two months DAP's Forum of PKFZ scandal.
    He was furious...very mad with UMNO..jovial..healthy and well.
    Life is uncertain.
    Death is certain.
    May he rest in peace.

  44. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Al-Fatihah, semoga dia ditempatkan bersama orang-orang yang soleh.

    malsia1206 and malaysian90 (porbably the same person)are examples of people without moral values non whatsoever. A genuine BASTARD if you want to know one. A BASTARDS who taught their children to be BASTARDS!!! Who don't know when to stop, when not to appear and when not to bloody comment. Hope you guys die and go to hell soon.

    And Don't mock the Malaysian name!! Use your real shit names instead or better still don't comment on Rocky's ever again. BASTARDS!!

  45. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Hello malsia1206,
    Rocky's latest entry is something personal to him and to fellow bloggers who knew the deceased. Don't you, and people like you ever use your brain and think, when, to write or not to write rubbish? Please take your kurang ajarness somewhere else.

    My condolences to Captain's family members. May Allah bless his soul.

    Blues Kampung

  46. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Takziah diucapkan buat semua ahli keluarga allahyarham.

    Jauhkan diri kita dari golongan yang kurang ajar, tidak beradab, biadap seperti malsia1206...

    ...supaya keturunan kita tidak tercemar dengan budaya mereka.

    Anti anak haram

  47. Anonymous3:56 pm

    First of all.. al-Fatihah, my sedekah for is so finite..its the price we have to pay living as mortal in which we cannot bargain for the number..

    But those morons still thinking they're some devine thing, holier than thou mentality..e.g that malsial thing... it is so so them..they sondol everything like the animal they ate for every nook & cranny of opportunity to strike..

    I always hate the anon nicknames composed of stupidwords+numbers degrading this country name..
    It is so damn typical of that annoying irritating tribe i always came across.. u know who they are..

    Have a brain and some respect lah woi..especially in matters like this...i bet they do not understand..respect is nothing in their life dictionary for they only look high onto themselves..just like savage tribe..

    Know when to pause..unless you people really suffer acute verbal diarhoea that drain out your brain where you people cannot stop the oozing of shit out from your own asshole..really gone out of control for stupidity eh..?

    Really make we wonder... how much these type of people really worth..? such a no maruah as u people should understand why i really hated them so much..some of commenters here already half in my shoe..opt for a stiletto boots now and join me for the crusade..

    p/s: no laughing signature for this post as a respect for the deceased , his relatives & his friends..

    i remain,

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  48. Anonymous5:05 pm

    JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe: Someone's woken up. Yeah, you're right, nothing can be quite petty as YOUR name. And why so heated? It's not YOUR house I'm in, isn't it? I'm here to pay my respects. I'm definitely not paying them to you, so pipe down.

    Anon 12:37pm: I've only a few lines in response to your 'tasteful' rant. (Bear in mind that we're here to pay our respects): It takes a bastard to claim to know another, especially when he hardly knows nuts about the person he's calling 'bastard'. And I'll die when my time comes. It's not for you to request. Funny how you're uttering such nonesuch when a great man has passed on, you schmuck. Hope you feel great about yourself.


  49. sukhi nahir5:11 pm

    Deepest, deepest condolences to tthe Captain's family. Have been following his blog only recently and it is definitely one of the better ones. A GOOD man who did what he could.

  50. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Al-fatihah! Deepest sympathy and condolences to his family,,!

    Betul ke MACC adalah kuda UMNO, untuk menjatuhkan opposition Party,!!?????

    Ngapa NSTP Chief Editor and other Malay journalist mainkan semangat kebencian terhadap kaun lain??

    Bubarkan MACC,,Tangkap aja KETUA dia,,Patut lah beria benar siasat Pakatan Rakyat,,!!!



  51. Anonymous8:42 am

    Oh my God.
    Why do the good guys have to go first?
    Heaven is there for him.
    RIP dear fellow.


  52. Al Fatihah...

    to BEKAS AHLI UMNO for once pls take your anger somewhere else....


  53. Anonymous11:26 am

    Sukhi Nahir: Yeah, my only regret was not following his blog as often. Now I only have his archived posts to look at. He was a good writer, always in his element.

    Malsia1206: Though your words were true, the timing wasn't. Now you've got yourself a legion of uppity folks who thump their chests in the name of 'political correctness', breathing fire down your neck. The Ancient Mariner wouldn't want his fellow Malaysian being picked on this way.

  54. Anonymous12:38 pm

    He is one of the few bloggers I respect. Reading his blog always to the issue, a good man and never spew racist hatred like many others. May he rest in peace.

    A chinese malaysian

  55. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Not acquainted with his blog nor his views but a good man's passing is always to be mourned.

    Al-fatihah dan takziah buat keluarga arwah. May Allah SWT shower arwah's soul with His Blessings always and may he be accorded his station in Jannah.

    Warrior 231

  56. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Anti Hindraf & Ultra Chingkies: For such 'colourful' language, one wonders who ever gave you the moral right to lecture and postulate. Such crude and repulsive language. It's so familiar of that tribe that we all know so well. And for such a long post, we know now who's the one with verbal diarrhoea.

    Aisyah Yusof: My deepest and tearful condolences on the demise of your dearly beloved Dad. May the Lord strengthen you and your family in these sad times. Regards.


  57. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Malaysian90: Anti Whatever is right. Your kind 'sondol' without thinking, never use the grey matter that God Almighty has given to all homo sapiens on this Good Earth. You PROVOKED me with your condescending comments so it was normal that I answered as such...You didn't come to my house BUT we are in Rocky's house, hence the respect is to Rocky, HENCE you have to take care of your foul mouth and language, not to insult anyone even if you don't like the name or maybe feeling jealous 'cos I'm more creative than you....or maybe your first name is John ...

    We're here to give respect to the deceased, let's just do that and STOP trying to disturb any hornet's nest, will ya...Don't complain if you get bitten back ...

    And yes, take out that "Malaysian" in your name as your manner does not show that you're a bonafide one...don't embarass us, the true Malaysians ..

    Dasar biadap, kurang ajar dan sewel !!! Buzz off !!

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  58. Anonymous9:49 pm


    mamak here says

  59. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Salam rocky's bru

    Kenapa ler ada creature macam malsia1206 ni, ek?

    Can you not post ITS comment?


  60. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Salam rocky's bru

    Correction: Can you not not post ITS comment?


  61. Anonymous11:45 pm

    JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe: *sniggers sarcastically* Good. Now, take a good hard look at what you just wrote. Sounds alot like a pampered princess, don't you think? Like, why would I give two hoots about your name. YOUR name.

    I have to take care of MY foul language? I don't go calling people 'sewel', do I? Good, you know we're in Rocky's blog, which you've gotten so carried away as to call it a 'house'. So why are YOU making noise? It should be Rocky.

    And I shall use whatever name I please. I don't pander to some random lowlife's whims and fancies.

    RIP Ancient Mariner. Wherever your good soul finds peace, may it not be in the company of simpletons such as the ones I've had to endure.


  62. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Now Malaysia has a new hero Mr. Teoh Beng Hock.

    Hope in future all school children will find TUN TEOH BENG HOCK in the history text.

  63. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Hey you Malaysian90, you're what? A PR cyber warrior?

    Pretending to be god of all heavens, when actually you're just a stupid nut who thinks overhighly of himself/herself...What an insult to human's intelligence !!

    Again BUZZ OFF man !!!

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  64. Anonymous5:09 pm


    Like wise man used to say..

    "you reap what you sow"

    Sorry if i run over a chicken crossing the road.. :D hahaha..

    Unless u r a yesterday boy, by right u should be so much fimiliar about the generalizing game your tribe love so much to put upon us..

    You already in the live by the game & die by the game.. stop bitching lady & stop complaint.. its a survivor game

    ---> your tribe has spoken...

    did they voted u out?

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  65. Salam

    Takziah to captain family

    May Allah bless his soul dan ditempat orang yang soleh


  66. Anonymous9:53 am

    You're such an asshole Malaysian90. Your name don't do you justice, use some other name like Asshole90 (90 probably year your born, Asshole... well simply you)

    You're no Malaysian but an asshole!

  67. Anonymous12:10 am

    JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe: I have to be a PR cyber warrior to argue in favour of logic? Such simplemindedness. Like I said, I shall remain unless chased. That's for Rocky to call, not you. Oh and it's not that I think too highly of myself; I just think lowly of you. :)

    Anti Hindraf & Ultra Chingkies: You're rambling about something completely vague to the human mind, not to mention irrelevant and strewn with atrocious grammar. If you're being sarcastic about something, it's not working. Try again.

    Anon 9:53 AM: You know, all that you said could be summed up with the 1st sentence already. And of course, it takes an asshole to know another, doesn't it? :)


  68. Anonymous11:26 am


    The only thing not working here as can be seen by everybody is you..

    Mine working can see people echoing to my tune everytime i posted something, right?

    So stop being a pathetic soul trap in your own state of is so typical of your tribe..just like your buddy skilly.. your kind operated on such a sub-wavelength to normal human brain..that really made your type so special here hahaha..

    Wait..u once confessed that your bini sudah tua.. Really, hah orang tua perasan muda?? hahaha.. Why alone blame your bini only? Never bother to ask her mind about you? Biasalah tu..samalah bila dgn kitaorg juga, kan?

    It is so typical of your holier than thou mentality type lah..orang lain semua tak kena dan sorang saja baik dan betul.. ptuih!

    You are the problem.. your pecker in deep shit need for a waker..i recommend u viagra as your elexir..hahahaha..

    Hey, u are just like a normal 25watt bulb used in jamban pusat serenti (courtesy to Mat Cendana). Don't dream that u are an energy saving type..coz for record, u are so short of words and no trace of substance at all..kah..kah..kah..

    kesian lu olang tua..sendiri main pun dah tak boleh bangun..itu barang sudah kong meh..itu pasal cuba nasib sini pula mau kasi tegak itu si punya barang..kah..kah..kah..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  69. Anonymous1:01 pm

    it takes an asshole to know another, doesn't it? :)


    So it's true then, you ARE an Asshole. Why state the obvious? Truly an asshole. Stop using the Malaysian name, you... ASSHOLE!

  70. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Aiyo! Olang Tua Malaysian90. 90 must stand for your age right? No wonder your posting are like rantings of a senile and desperate man. Enoughlaa, go and layan you aging wifelaa. Oops sorry, cant please her anymore eh? Well can always wank alone, if you still can. Hah ha hah ahh ahhhh hahh ahhh ahhhh, aiyah nothing come out aaa?

  71. Anonymous2:00 pm


    Oh, no wonder you are a lowly life 'cos you really stoop so low, no class man! Typical 'oinkman' with non functioning grey matter ....biasa lah tu lu punya species ...sombong nak mampus, podah! Hope you rot in hell!

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  72. Anonymous11:42 pm

    Ah well. Just because of one line 'bini sudah tua', they call me old. Judgmental, to say the least. They've probably haven't heard of 'figurative speech'. Well, if they can't hit you with logic, they'll go for cheap potshots. And they'll gladly brag about it. If they dislike the way you phrase your words in tactful language, they'll call you 'holier-than-thou'. Ah, the minds of simpletons.

    Anon 1:01PM: Like, you can call me whatever you want. It doesn't sour my day, in any way, that a nameless git has taken to labelling me anatomically. If you understand what I mean.


  73. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Salam perjuangan, dianya 30 juzu' baru sempurna, 29 kurang 1, tentunya belum sempurna. Agamanya dijunjung, Islam ditaati, amalnya makruf. Bila dia berbuat mungkar dia masih ada agamanya. Bagi dia sama sahaja...yang Islam itu bangsanya. Bila dihina Islamnya, ditaruhkannya nyawanya, kecenderungan politiknya dah tiada.
    Keris dikucup lambang setia dia pada rajanya, kasih dia pada bangsanya. Bangsa dia lembut hatinya, harta sekangkang kera diberi dia kepada entah siapa-siapa. Bangsa penyabar dianya. Usik kepala sangat hina pada dia. Yang Islam tetap bangsanya. Bila bangsanya dihina, ditaruhnya nyawa dia.Yang MERAH, HIJAU maupun BIRU MUDA dah tiada.
    SEDARLAH KITA. Bergaduh sesama kita, padahnya akan tiba.
    KOI renangrenang

  74. Anonymous9:39 am


    Well old man..
    That really suit well for a cheapskate dirty old man like you..

    Who need to waste brain on something expired like you..

    Don't think you are a 20yrs old lah old man....just accept the fact that your time already long do sound like a senile grandpa to everybody... hahaha..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  75. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Anti-Hindraf: Hello, figurative speech. Hello, don't you understand Ingrish? Oh and just so you know, '90' is my year of birth, fool. Wake up, you just got swiped by a kid. Gosh, one wonders if that's what you think of your parents. They pretty much wasted sperm on you. Certified bodoh. So much for 'respecting your elders'.

    Man, this is boring. Idiots don't stimulate my brain. All I need is one sentence, and they come running back at you with a rant worthy of a grandfather's story (pun intended). Need to find another source of entertainment. Toodles!


  76. Anonymous9:44 am


    Better read back what i wrote, old man..year of birth..? hahahaha..giggle my rib bone..90 sound more like your age to me lah, u moron! kah..kah..kah..

    Old man, you are occupying useful space here, u bloody old will be really a waste to have your body buried here.. truly a bodoh old man u are...cermin lah diri sikit..

    Speaking of respect to elders.. You do not belong under that category lah, perasan..prove yourself worth for it first..
    Respect is something earn..not inherit lah bodoh! Faham?

    yawn..yawn..what do you expect from a bitching & mubling senile old chingkie..yawn..bloody yawn..boring.. pergi join your alter-ego buddy in the Zorro Club lah..two of a kind..with You plus Monsterball in...its a full house..! next u people can team up to try for a Black Royal Flush ..
    Don't complaint later if u moron end up in ISA instead of old folks home..
    Good for your kind..3 star mentality kind ..hahahaha..!

    shoosh..pathetic old man!

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  77. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Anti: Uncle, I just told you I was born in 1990. At Ipoh, to be precise. If you tak faham bahasa, then that's your problem. Hard to handle bodoh sombong types like yourself. Already said figurative language, and he still wants to argue. Talk long cock all some more. And for the record, I'm just half-chingkie. Sleep tight, schmuck. :)


  78. Anonymous11:15 am

    Whatever lah Old Man 90..

    Even you tried so hard to make everybody believe the other way around, like i said it before.. you only sound like a stupid senile 90yrs old man..that's your standard..a 9 yrs old can even do better than that..

    Pity you, a 19yrs old having to live with an expired wife...what an idiot you are old becoming a keyboard fetish to satisfy the lust for that long time unorgasm puny pecker..? How long has it been since the last time u had a fuck? 19yrs? kah..kah..kah..

    An old fart feeling young at heart, equipped with pigbrain in the butt..such an old mutt..describe u very well.. so pathetic lah u old man..hahahahaha..

    .. selective memories & selective arguments when end up in deep shit..

    So sekarang cerita sudah tukar lah..macam biasa lah u typical.. Wanna save face?
    Siapa tak faham bahasa ni?

    Oklah..I do not want the dead to turn in the grave for prolonging argument with dying pigbrain like u here..

    so i just leave it for you now to mourn for your own stupidity in this 11mil hotspot..enjoy yerself mafucker..! :D hahaha...

    Mat Cendana: Well, the onus is on MACC to prove otherwise. It DID happen on their turf, no? As far as I know, DAP's said no, so maybe you can quote your source of info. My evenings need a lil spicing up nowadays. Bini sudah tua mah. :) Yeah, idle. Think you better get yourself occupied with something worthwhile. Just a friendly suggestion. :)

    11:56 PM

    p/s: a half breed species, eh? ok lah..maybe i'll just hate half of your part..which part that waste the sperm for you to come in this world? I am an uncle to you lah, by rank..not by age...maybe we can get to know each other frequently later, old boy..Ahah! now only you like that sound right? Don't be so depressed . Yawn, maybe i'll have a short nap this noon..cannot sleep tight lah for that nite working..don't envy me for that too, old boy..Oklah see u next time elsewhere, old boy...

    :D muhahaha..
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  79. Anonymous1:47 pm

    He still doesn't understand English. He crudely refers to the deceased, when the deceased deserves to be resting peacefully.

    He resorts to crude language when he's outta ideas to hit back. He's a little slow to get hints and figurative language.

    And yes, he still masih tak faham bahasa, and talks a heck of a lot for someone who tak faham bahasa. Ahh this is tiresome, to work with idiots that is. It's gone far too long-winded. Especially when you start reading the long-winded rants of Anti-Hindraf. Come to think of it, it's the old and senile that rant, don't they? Irony much. :)


  80. Anonymous8:25 am

    U are right about that M'sian90% idiot..

    Only idiot failed to make others understand the message he trying so hard to convey with his bahasa and blame anybody else who do not understand...are u on opium diet there?

    what a stupid pigbrain u are.. a stupid syok sendiri type....a cretin to the core..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  81. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Malaysian90 is a cretin? anti ..I second you on that ..Wonder where he got his DNA from? Must be from the piggydoggymonkey strains....3-in-1....LOL

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  82. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Thanx bro JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe..

    No doubt anymore.. he is a babibuta.
    Nobody will ever understand an idiot like him for sure....judge for yourself everybody..similar schizophrenic freak like skillmoron type..only with different personality instead of identity..

    A cross breed of piggy-doggy-monkey like u said bro..well said indeed, really depicted him well..

    A cretin to the core that he is..
    a very rare exotic species of chingkie too -> a pure idiot inside a half breed!.. only in Malaysia90 u can find one..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  83. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Oh well, the wisdom of fools. And some are just tiresome to deal with. Juvies, they probably are. Anti, just because you're slow, and your bone of contention has just been broken, it doesn't really help your case here if you do a BPN-style rant at me with cusswords that generally carry the same meaning, in different words. Though I struggle to find what semblance of a case that you had, to begin with.