Friday, July 17, 2009

Tragic death, tragic reaction

With updates at the end of posting
The death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock, 30, at the building that housed the Anti-Corruption Commission's office in Shah Alam is most tragic.

Was there foul play? Was it accidental? Did he commit suicide?

We all want to know what happened and how Teoh fell to his death.

Amid our shock and the family's grief, we have a politician like Lim Guan Eng who reminds us that everything in life - and death - has something to do with politics and the DAP.

His letter published in mysinchew is Malaysia's political tragedy. The Chief Minister's assertion that Teoh's death was the result of the MACC's "political persecution of PR, especially DAP leaders and members" is cheap and malicious.

This picture of Teoh with MACC officers was taken two days ago and appeared in yesterday's Malay Mail.


  1. Anonymous10:10 am

    Rocky, nothing cheap and malicious. Has MACC had been so equally zealous to 'interrogate' the owner of the multi-million mansion with the Balinese-theme garden how he accumulated his wealth? Is MACC pursuing selective investigation to the whims and fancies of those in power? Is that not as clear as daylight? If the same could be said for the deceased Kungam in police custody, how come police investigation has not come out with some complete conclusive findings? Many questions are asked. But do you, Rocky, have the answers?

  2. Anonymous10:20 am

    I want to see how u spin this!


  3. Rocky, how else can one conclude when the big fishes are not investigated to the extent that the Pakatan people are being harassed?

    Would MACC dare to interrogate Khir Toyo for all the misdeeds that has surfaced since the last elecxtion?

  4. Anonymous10:44 am

    It wasnt the MACC, they are clean, the cops will say. Another investigation closed successfully. Isnt it great, how efficient our authorities are. And oh yes, the IGP must have his contract extended. This is the best, nation in the world. All of Najib's goodwork goes down the drain, and his popularity sinks again, all because of some smart cops, who want to play dirty harry. What are you going to do Najib? Will you feed Khir Toyo to the dogs, to wriggle out of this mess. A suggestion, come down hard on the selangor police chief and the macc head there. Do not RENEW the IGPs contract, and put the fear of hell in them like how Dr M did. That is the only way for the federal, the centre, meaning you Mohd Najib to take control. In the event you do not do that, the cops will go on, spoiling your good work. Make them tow the line, yes they will scream and threathen, but when four or five heads roll, they will wise up to which side of the bread is buttered.
    Even Zimbawe Ahead of Malaysia (EZAM).

  5. Anonymous10:44 am

    DAP politicians are godsend angels. The chosen one. The untouchables.......

  6. Kesimpulan daripada insiden ini: Janganlah menyertai DAP.

    Kalau DAP tak korup, tentu MACC tak panggil.

  7. SpinCycleMedium10:50 am

    Good spin. The Fuhrer must be proud of his newly-minted albeit recycled appointment. So, I'm just waiting for you to spin the boy's torn trousers at the buttocks.

    - Spin Cycle Medium

  8. Anonymous10:50 am

    No Ahgroo. You will not see Rocky's spin, but more of Lim Guan Engs and DAP's spin on this. There will use the death of Teoh to full force to blame the government. Apparently Ronnie Liu is shaking in his pants now that his links to the underworld willl be exposed. Who knows, probably DAP is responsible for Teoh's death.

  9. Anonymous10:51 am

    u and your blog has become crap. goodbye to the rocky bru site that i used to visit frequently. NOW NO MORE!!

  10. You just nail LGE and not a single word on Nazri stupid comment. You surely has sell your soul to the devil

  11. Anonymous10:54 am


    I want MACC to be investigated for the death of this young chap. Why must MACC hold him till past midnight? Can't they allow him to go back at say 9.00 pm and come back the next day? Is it so urgent?
    My next question is why are MACC only going after the Pakatan rep? What happen to many reports against BN? Like the RM 500K spent in just 3 months before the last Election? How about allegation against Khir Toyo ?
    Very upset and sad

  12. Anonymous10:55 am

    Conspiracy theories

    1.MACC push him down
    2.Rosmah was there to supervise MACC to push this guy.
    3.He was too tormented and gone psycho and jumped
    4.He feels guilty for disclosing his boss's activities and jumped
    5.He have disclosed damaging tings about the Selangor underworld connections,so they killed him.

  13. ahgroo ah

    you spin lah, we aso like to seee how you spin mah, like a top or like a record or like a politician

  14. Anonymous10:58 am

    We have a politician like BN MPs and its followers who remind us that everything in life - and death - has nothing to do with politics and the BN.

  15. sukhi nahir10:59 am

    Dear Rocky,

    I agree that DAP and other Pakatan politicians are waiting to make political capital out of a half-chance and this definitely is an opportunity out of a sad, sad event. Certainly a deflection off the Buah Pala problem.

    But so are the BN politicians and, as a neutral, one has to wonder why MACC does not SEEM to follow up with as much "gusto" on BN assemblymen all over the country on the same matter and several other issues that seem to have the stink of corruption and misuse of public funds.Is it because no reports have been made against them? Doubtful, given the nature of PR. Is it because all the BN assembltmen and MP's are clean? Hmm.

    Justice must not only be done, it must be SEEN to be done. As a life long Alliance and BN man,it would be good to see some of the 'black sheep" (if there are any??)in BN made to pay for the disrespect and irresponsibilty they have shown to their constituents, position, party and country by continuing to misuse the trust placed on them by genuine voters who believe their rhetoric.

  16. Anonymous11:01 am

    Hahaha. Ah Groo of 10:20. Before anything, you already pre-empt Rocky about spinning, which is nothing more than a veiled insinuation that "if you, or anyone for that matter, start to say this death is the fault other than what WE want it to be: namely the government's, it is then spinning". So it's like, "Hey Rocky, don't say anything we don't want to hear. Let ME do the spinning instead".

    Released at 3.45am, seen loitering around some few hours later at a venue where the documents that point towards corruption of his bosses are kept. Hmmmm... yes I agree with some investigations, though certainly towards a particular direction.

    With some of his bosses being pointed out at no less a place than the Dewan Rakyat by members of his OWN party to be dealing with the Underworld and Gangsterism, I wonder. Just wonder. After all, if one unmasks the heroisms accorded to unfortunates like Kugan and that Mongolian lass that exploiters are so quick to now compare, one sees nothing more than a professional car thief and a sassy first class blackmailer being at the wrong place at the wrong time and messing with the wrong people.

    Shoot me.

    To Marry Today

  17. Anonymous11:02 am

    whatever the overcome is ,the fact is that DAP is a arrogant cunt.i want justice in this country but voting or supporting dap is not the right answer.

  18. Anonymous11:03 am

    Me too, lets see how the master spinner works this one out.

    Can you for once accept that this is very strange and smells of foul play or have you forsaken your brother journalists.

    Have a conscience, you will need it on the day you finally meet your maker

  19. Anonymous11:04 am

    There is no accident here my freind .. He could have been having a great weeding today if he was not detained by MACC. YOU not speaking for your heard still protecting you belove master. F^&* BN....F*&^ BN

  20. Anonymous11:05 am


  21. Anonymous11:06 am

    hasn't LGE already spun it Ahgroo?

    ..written in 20009 some more. Can see the future must be great leader..


  22. Purple Haze11:06 am

    Instead of focussing on Lim Guan Eng's statement (which is mere political rhetoric) perhaps the Malay Mail should investigate this and bring the facts to light.

    Isn't that what good reporting is about ?

    Or how about some analysis or observations ? The people from the BN related parties seem awfully quiet about this mysterious death.

  23. Anonymous11:07 am

    I think Lim Guan Eng has a point.

    The burden is on MACC to clear their name, not the other way around.

    As Ahgroo says, try spinning this one... hope UMNO pays you well for all the work they gives you.


  24. Anonymous11:07 am

    In time like this you still talk cock? Rocky? Wait till it happens to your father, brother, grandfather. A life is lost, and MAAC is fully responsible and should be thoroughly punished. Full stop!

    Angry Kuku

  25. Anonymous11:09 am

    Do you have a heart or not? Someone just died and you still want to spin this. You are cold blooded.


  26. The Royal Commission must be form immediatelty to Investigate this incident!

    No one who hold responsible shall escape from the charge!

    God, pls show your power and punish those who thought they are born with license to kill!

    We want justice for belate Mr Teo Beng Hock!

  27. I do not believe in a coincidence but it smells like the death has a lot to do with the current allegations of opposition MPs who are allegedly involved with the underworld activity!
    I do not believe any government agency is involved in an organized murder

  28. Anonymous11:11 am

    No. You are cheap and malicious. Not LGE


  29. Anonymous11:14 am

    there is no accident here my friend ... he could have been having a great wedding today if MACC have not detained him. MACC and BN should responsible for all this. YOU CAN"T SPIN .... what abt invetigation on 12 billions PKFZ ? what abt 20 millions TOYO mansion ? What abt 250 billions paid to gov by the Petronas ? NO ACTIONS AT ALL..... what the fuck is going wrong here ? WELL YOU WOULD STILL NOT TAKING FROM THE BOTTOM OF YOUR HEART .... AND YOU WILL STILL PROTECTING YOUR BELOVE MASTER BN BLAINLESSLY. GOD BLESS MALAYSIAN.


  30. Anonymous11:15 am

    You are hopeless, you are a goner and a fulltime Barisan asslicker. A life has been lost tragically, and that is the point. You are nothing but a pathetic BN spin doctor.

    You guys will only stand up and be counted when it happens to one your kin. Period.

    This is the last I will be entering your blog. Goodbye.

  31. Now that you are heading an investigative newspaper...why don't you investigate? Start with his phone records to see what time and to whom he made the last call! that should tell you if MACC released him at 3.45 am or relieved him of his life at 3.45 am!!

    Rocky of course I know you are trying to calm me down..but youas well as I know this is going to go down as another Kugan case with no one charged. Is there one government institution that you know that is not buggered?

  32. Anonymous11:16 am

    No mater what you cannot spin good for Maac now!The trouble is that only chinese pakatan guys were the target.Why so hardworking for Maac? In broad daylight and so blantant only pakatan is doing wrong and dont yarn to us umno is so so clean!
    Good this has caused much hatred among the chinese and at last the chinese are waking up.At least that guy did'nt die in vain.Good now that the chinese is being push to a corner and its good for the government to feel the heat for once.Nobody is safe in the arms of these protectors!Perhaps what now for those in Gerakan and MCA . Why the silence?


  33. Anonymous11:17 am

    Rocky, Rocky......!!

    Which side of the fence do you "really" sit on...????????
    Is it worth your while...?

    Sometimes I wonder............

    kek sum

  34. Is Lim Guan Eng rekindling May 11th and 12th May 1969?

    DAP has a lot of skeletons in its closet. Could this be its golden opportunity to steer away public scrutiny away from its cupboard.

    If I'm a drowning DAP would I grab the chance? Hmmmm .. how convenient.

    Orang mengantuk terjumpa bantal percuma. Munkin ada geng yang menyorongkan bantal kot.

  35. Saudara Rocky,

    Here's my take on this. There are several possibilities :

    1. I think Teoh committed suicide because he couldn't take it anymore. The 10-hour interrogation was not the end of it. MACC wanted him to return with several documents related to the probe. Either Teoh was scared that the documents would indict him as well or he was scared that he would not be able to produce the documents - either way he'd be in deep shit.

    2. I think he was murdered by an "underworld" hitman. The Selangor State government is already in hot soup after Wangsa Maju MP, Wee Choo Keong alleged in his blog on July 11 that a Selangor Exco member has ties with underworld figures to an extent that the Exco even allowed his office in the State Secrerariat Building in Shah Alam be used by these gangsters to conduct their activities. Police has launched an investigation on Wee's claim. I think Teoh was murdered to cover up this whole thing which is starting to stink to the heavens. Perhaps the documents required by MACC from Teoh could have led to the arrest of all the culprits, including the Exco in question.

    3. Maybe Teoh was rude and arrogant to MACC officers during the interrogation and because of that, he was thrown off the 14th floor. Nah, highly unlikely...

    Anyway, I sincerely hope the Pakatan Rakyat-led State government would keep cool and not make blatant accusations. Let the police handle this.

    Do not make MACC a scapegoat.

    Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah.

  36. The truth shall never be known....

    so very used to it already....

  37. James Khoo11:22 am

    Save your crocodile tears. For a moment I thought you felt true regret. You are a true government ball-carrier.

  38. Anonymous11:26 am

    Let the authority completes their investigation - some time ago there were people who jumps to death from KL Police HQ while under investigation - motives? want to conceal something?


  39. Anonymous11:29 am

    How will you spin this incident? I guess you are in tune with Nazri huh?

    Ann - Reformist since 1998.

  40. Anonymous11:29 am

    Guess Najib & Nazri must be fucking proud of MACC doing all their evil deeds.

    MACC Boleh! UMNO Malays Boleh!

  41. To some extent, LGE statement merits some attention. There are too many question unanswered. Why is MACC putting such disproportionate attention when it comes to cases related to PR assemblyman? Who are the complainant?
    Why Wee Choo Keong is only brought in for questioning yesterday after the death? Why are there so many reports made against BN politician that are KIV? Why must statement taking takes such a long time? Why must it continue until the wee hours of morning?

    I would think that the death was tragic and the reaction understandable.

    PR assemblyman is indeed unlawfully victimised. Whether the death is accidental or planned, the MACC and especially the dirty BN has a hand in it.

  42. Anonymous11:31 am

    The real tragedy is that Malaysia is being run by liars, thieves and murderers.

    Disappointed Malaysian

  43. Anonymous11:32 am

    Since you have such great conscience, why don't you spin on the lack of action from the MACC about the way BN state representatives finished the state allocations in such a short time just before the last GE? Or it is politically not correct for you to do so? You don't want to be called a Hypocrite do you?

  44. Anonymous11:32 am

    In this beloved country of ours, the only time we get to know the truth is when there is a Royal Commission of Inquiry. Even then not the whole truth. After RCI ... well NFA.

  45. Hi Rocky,

    You are fast to run down LGE... Tell me why MACC seems to be very busy with PR ADUN only.. Tell me why Teoh has to stay in the MACC office till 4am while Kir Toyo can sleep soundly in his Mansion. Tell me why Money Politic Ali Rustam still can be CM of Mallaka.

    Tell me MACC call any of the Johor ADUn to talk about the Rights they get for clearing ten thousands hecters of forest in Johor. In 13 states of Malaysia only Selangor PR ADUN is the most corrup and need to be interview by MACC till early morning.

    Rocky I use to respect you but you have been a bid let down as you stood so low now.......

    Why not you make a strong statement that that you think MACC has done all the right thing and you are 100% behind them. You trust police will do a very profesional invetigation and AG will procecute those involve without fear and favour and the Judge will sentech according to the law..

    What happen to VK Lingam Tape Royal Commison Report. What happen to kUGAN death. The Judgement in Perak Crisis....

    Malaysia is such a sick country whre good people die and bad people live happily....


  46. Anonymous11:34 am

    It is a clear cut case of murder. A young healthy person goes for an MACC interrogation and ends up as a corpse.My case scenario is like this--they would have prepared a fabricated evidence document against his boss--then they would have tortured him to sign--but he would have refused--the torture would have continued till he died. So to cover up--the easy way out is dump his body from the top and say he committed suicide--watch out the rakyat is not stupid--you all will pay a price come PRU13

    Anti Umno

  47. Anonymous11:34 am

    Malaysia Boleh .. Apa pun Boleh one la :-)

  48. Anonymous11:34 am

    One way of getting rid of your opposition:

    " Killed them & chucked them out through the windows"

  49. Anonymous11:35 am

    The only thing that us cheap and malicious is your blog post. How can MACC not take responisiblity for the death? Does MACC's version of events and explanation sound remotely plausible to you?


  50. Spin, Rocky, spin !

    "No one in his right senses will imagine to commit suicide a day before he is slated to be married."

    ......revealed DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang. Another needless death whilst being "investigated", this time Teo Beng Hock an aide to Selangor executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah. Whatever the MACC spins, ultimately the responsibility is theirs and theirs alone. Remember poor Kugan who died in Police custody whilst being "investigated"? He drank water and died according to the Police. . It looks like one must not drink water in Police custody.

    Have the MACC joined the bandwagon of the Police? Oxford Jamaluddin, the Chief of UMNO Goons, ooops Youth, who previously condemned Karpal Singh when his louts,(UMNO Youth) were harassing a wheel chair bound MP, he defended the thuggery of UMNO Youth. This time he says, "I will call for Royal Commission of Inquiry but we must not pre-judge and cast aspersions as per LKS (Lim Kit Siang)". Malaysiakini in full. Can you trust this guy? This is an exercise in Public relations to make over his image. It will probably go the way of Kugan and the Mongolian lady.

    I guess the MACC would be more innovative than the Police, they might say, "he tripped over his shoe laces, flew out of the window, fell a few floors down and died".

    At the end of the day, he died in the premises belonging to the MACC, they are responsible. When shit happens within your area of responsibility, you are responsible. Do not pass the buck! It pisses off intelligent people like the rakyat, if you are still thinking that the people believe everything you say to absolve yourselves of blame.

    "Man, I don't believe this. I know I may be jumping the gun here, but I think this "culture" of people taken in for questioning and dying after a "FALL" must end now. Even as I am typing this, I am so enraged by this careless attitude. Healthy, normal people just don't simply die from a fall. And the worse part is, the authorities in charge will merely say that they will "conduct a full (more like FOOL) investigation" and as long as I can remember, nothing conclusive comes out as a result of these investigations. Even the poor Kugan, found dead with bruises and a badly scarred body, still these "investigators" can't find anything amiss. Sick authorities - J Yong "Malaysian Insider. My deepest and sincerest condolences to his loved ones-edit.

  51. Anonymous11:36 am


    Whichever political master you choose to spin for... have some basic decency... there comes a time where people need to come together across political, religious and racial divide to unite for the greater good.

  52. Anonymous11:37 am

    Yes, I also want to see how you spin this!


  53. Hi Bro,

    Sudahlah jadi Doktor Putar untuk Najib. Teo was a former journolah Bro. MACC should deserve all the crap they are getting because they asked for it. Our MACC tidak ada kredibilti langsung. Buat sia-sia gunakan wang rakyat untuk bagi gaji mereka.MACC baik jaga lembu cukuplah!

  54. Anonymous11:37 am

    Of course MACC must take full responsibility. Are you so blinkered not to see that? Do you even think a suicide is even remotely a possibility here?

    Justice for Teoh.


  55. Anonymous11:37 am

    It's expected what? If an UMNO member was found dead in PKR offices or buildings where PKR reside, I would blame PKR being responsible.

    It's true also. He was last under MACC's questioning session/custody and he died there. What else us Malaysians would be thinking? MACC is responsible just like someone who died under police custody would say police is responsible.

    My 1st thought was perhaps suicide (my bad but malaysians normally like to think the worst) but as you can see the fiancee and family told that would never be the case.

    Someone died. Don't spin lah for the sake of spinning. If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything. It's people like you yang spin this kind of story makes people hate BN more.

    _hari akhirat itu benar_

  56. You not always right, Bru. The perception, at least amongst the minorities, is that the threats, selective persecutions, arrests and deaths is what 1Malaysia is all about. One hand hold the candies and the other the sledge hammer. Like cheese on a mouse trap. That is my feeling. Anyway, using your own argument, everything gone wrong in the public relation department is also not always about Sassy MP and Lim Guan Eng press release. It is just as cheap to shift the direction towards them. Sad day for Malaysia. :(

  57. Anonymous11:43 am

    Yeah. u spinning king.

    Damn MACC

  58. Anonymous11:45 am

    Totally agree with LGE on this. MACC must be held accountable.

    I think your attempt divert attention to LGEis horrid, however not suprising, given the depths you have recently sunk to.


  59. Anonymous11:47 am

    His clothes appear to be the same...

  60. Anonymous11:47 am

    actually, rocky, you r the cheap and malicious one. KKWONG

  61. Anonymous11:49 am

    Condemned DAP for all you like, one thing for sure...

    we the chinese will bury MCA in next GE if they don't step out from Bangsat Negara.

  62. Anonymous11:49 am

    how do u expect the people to react? accept what the MACC said, bury the poor guy and lets life goes on?????????

  63. Mar_der_One11:49 am

    I see no reason for a young man to commit suicide. The claim is, the deceased is only a witness ( or forced to be a witness ). Why should a witness commit suicide and why should a witness put into a marathon interrogation. If this is how they investigate, then no one will be witness. Maybe this is what they want, NO WITNESS, NO CASE!

  64. photo update can be found here

  65. Anonymous11:50 am

    Obvious signs of Teo being held upside down at the window ledge with two people holding his backpockets and waist but the fabric rippedoff causing Teo to fall down.
    Try to spin this theory Rocky!


  66. Anonymous11:51 am

    Try defending MACC's interrogation of a witness that goes into the early morning, Rocky. If this is not political persecution, I don't know what is. What is the great urgency? You can spin all you want about other issues and I can laugh about it. NOT THIS ONE! To think that I used to respect you and enjoyed your articles! I suggest you dig deep into your heart to look for the conscience that you have lost since the rise of Najib.


  67. Ya right malicious my foot

  68. Shukree11:53 am


    The sweep by the MACC on DAP and Pakatan Rakyat politician is so obviously a political persecution.

    Is your eyes so blind that you cannot see how UMNO excos and state assemblymen of the past could have easily taken so much money simply because they were comfortable, unthreatened incumbents yet are never investigated?

    What about Khir Toyo's sprawling mansion?

    No MACC?

    Rocky, I spit on you for the way you conduct yourself as a "sociopolitical" blogger.

    You have no maruah by serving the interest of certain special groups.

  69. Anonymous11:53 am

    You are not only blind, you are heartless too.

    Ordinary Citizen

  70. Dear Rocky,

    Lim Guan Eng is not the only one who is feeling the same way. Me and the rest of Malaysians share the same feeling.

    It is neither cheap nor malicious. He has every right to come out with such statements considering the circumstances.

    No point defending your political masters in this issue because as the Malays would say " Pekung di dada sudah terbuka luas".

    Let us pray together for the deceased and may justice prevail.

  71. U want to spin for Najib and his men yet hope to be perceived as impartial. Pray tell me what you make of nazri's remarks that the MACC is not to blame?

    Questioning someone into the wee hours and the minister expects us to give the benefits of the doubt to the MACC?

    What say you, Rocky?

  72. I do not read Rocky anymore. Opened this (seeing it on Malaysiakini) hoping that the "tragic reaction" was directed at idiotic minister, Nazri Aziz. Instead, Rocky has proven that he is just a BN/Najib's lap dog...

  73. The writing was already on the wall so long ago

    No evidence of MACC’s neutrality
    ©The Sun (Monday, 16 March 2009 10:32am
    by R. Nadeswaran

  74. Hey rocky i wonder if it was someone dear to you would you feel and say the same things.Of course MACC must answer, it happened in their compound and it was in their custody that it happened.After all those deaths in police custody and recent kugans case who can blame anyone like guan eng when they point their fingers in the direction of the authorties consern. The system in this country is rotten beyond repair and shame on people like you who help sustain this system.

  75. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Prior to GE 2008, the UMNO/BN MP's, aduns and councillors were untouchable.

    Now those bastards are having a field day with DAP and Pakatan...

  76. Sir, someone is DEAD. 30 years old only. It is DAP's people. They don't have a right to be outraged?

    How would you feel if it is one of your member staff that was the victim? Would you waved off DAP's statement, just like that?

    To think that I admired you for your honest blogging, biased, but honest nevertheless. Biased, I can accept but without conscience? Can money really buy everything?

  77. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Kalau dia bunuh diri, ada yang tak kena dengan DAP.

  78. Anonymous12:16 pm

    YEAHH ROCKYBRU, lets us see how you will spin this tragic news into the murderer's favor!!!

  79. Anonymous12:17 pm

    this is what you could expect from a bastard who condone his son's passion for child porno.

  80. Bro, it is indeed a tragic and unfortunate event. My condolences to the family of the late Teo Beng Hock and may his soul rest in peace.

    However it is even more unfortunate that DAP lawmakers, true to form are going into town and attempting very hard to make it a race and political issue. DAP is certainly establishing themselves as National sacred cow, cannot be touched by anybody.

    I think common sense should prevail and let the police investigate the matter at this juncture nobody can make any form of assumption on what really happened and why.

    This is the time that Hishammuddin as Menteri Dalam Negeri should prove that he is the man for the job. He must have the courage to make decisive decisions under fire to ensure that Teoh's death is not hijacked by people with malicious intent, racist bigots or their own political agenda.

    The rule of Law must be upheld.

  81. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Now that you are in malay mail, it looks Rocky will be supporting the MACC and BN

  82. where r ur manners.

    no ucapan takziah ??

  83. Anonymous12:23 pm

    wow you've just lost all credibility as a journalist and human being. trying to spin your agenda amidst someone's death?! of course it's to do with politics - the very way MACC operates and the lack of accountability in every govt institution now all boils down to politics. a life close to them has just been lost and all you care about is being so called 'objective'. People want answers now, not your anal and misled agenda to be objective.

  84. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Rocky, you said, 'The Chief Minister's assertion that Teoh's death was the result of the MACC's "political persecution of PR, especially DAP leaders and members" is cheap and malicious'.

    Very good observation.

    How come you missed this one in Malaysiakini?

    Commenting on this, Nazri said: "I was informed by MACC earlier that he (Teo) was released yesterday (early this morning)."

    "Then he should have gone home (instead)....and how would we know that he would jump out of the building?" the de facto law minister added.

    The questions to you are:

    a. How come Nazri knows that the person 'jump out of the building'?

    Remember you said - let this be investigated. Yet this minister is saying that the person jumped out of the window.

    b. Then why do YOU (Rocky) still ask for an investigation? Nazri's view not credible?

    The truth is - YOU are VERY biased. You only can 'pen' reprimands for any Pakatan Rakyat guys, but do not have the guts to say same things to UMNO fellows.

    You forgot who is the UMNO State ChIef for Selangor?

    And you do not want to see the relevance/co-incidence of far-too-many probes on Pakatan Rakyat folks after the new Selangor UMNO chief took office?

    You also forgot the 'alert' by Khir Toyo a few days ago for the 'surprises' for Pakatan Rakyat?

    Come on lah, surely you do not read only SOME news?

    Back to the death (belum lagi classify as murder, or 'accident' or 'daredevil stunt experiment')

    How long can 'accidental deaths' happen ONLY in police lock ups?

    People are getting tired already. And it always was Indians dying in lock-ups.

    This incident is GOD sent and now we have Chinese also included for these type of situations.

    More important, now there is another authority's premise which also wants to be in the limelight - the MACC premises.

    But ask Khir Toyo and he will explain that it was not the MACC that did it (or for that matter confirm that it was at the actual MACC premises where the incident happended). He will use the same logic of serving summons 'outside the State Assembly' which he claims was'valid'.

    When Khir Toyo's matter was about to be deliberated in the state assembly, the MACC was already swinging into action on the premise that 'the ADUNs handouts were not reaching actual beneficiaries'.

    This complain can be interpreted as 'major portions of the handouts were not being shared by the middle men who used to get/grab such monies during the days of the previous government and only let the genuine recipients enjoy the crumbs.

    (I am not confirming, but just saying that it can be interpreted)

    Hence they just complain to the MACC and because the handouts are by parties that BN opposes, the MACC swings into action - only to have a 'sudden death' in their hands.

    Well done MACC, welcome to the land of wonders, where you will, from now on, be also a venue for such sudden deaths. Too bad, you only have one are still so far away from the national record being held by the PDRM. Maybe illegal detention centres are your 'tough' competitor?

  85. Anonymous12:32 pm

    I am so disappointed. What happen to you, Rocky ? Let's not be emotional but have a cool head to analyse the case. To me, it's too obvious. Where is our conscience ?

  86. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Don't divert from the tragedy and pin the focus on LKS or any other person.
    The shock and anger expressed is natural. The blame game will follow
    Call for an independent inquiry would be apt and much needed, not only into this but into all custodial deaths.

    Merdeka Boy

  87. i dont know how u can go for Friday prayers and come back and spin more shit ! You fear man but you dont fear God

    Following Tun's footsteps of being a Hipokrit ?

  88. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Wait till it happens to someone close to you and see how it feels.

  89. AminGL12:42 pm


    Ask yourself this question how come the MACC acted so fast like missle to investigate PR politicians but extremely slow like turtle to investigate your UMNO people like former Selangor menteri besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo, alleged to have spent millions belonging to state subsidiaries on holidays to Disneyland for his family and his recent case of "Istana" Khir?

    Shame to you if you still want to spin the news, as you know a precious life is lost!

  90. aiyoh.... rocky bru.. sesiapa yg boleh berfikir tak perlu menunggu siasatan pun..ini bukan politik tapi nyawa seorang manusia!! bila nyawa semurah ini....

  91. Anonymous12:49 pm

    "Cheap and malicious" ? You can spin better than this, Rocky.

    The rakyat knows what selective persecution the MACC, the AG's Chambers and the PDRM are doing to Pakatan Rakyat. I can tell you now that if this carries on, your boss Najib will have a very good chance of becoming the next Opposition leader.


  92. Anonymous1:04 pm

    The pic shows Teoh standing quite at ease. He was also supposed to be married today. Why would such a person jump out of a window and commit suicide?

    Even if he was involved in corruption, was the crime so heavy that he would take his own life? He was supposed to get married.

    He was interrogated until 3:45 am. After that he asked to rest for a while. How was he interrogated? Was he roughed up?

    One report quotes the MACC Director saying Teoh went to rest in the pantry after his interrogation was over at 3:45 am. What the hell for? Why not go home? Another report quotes the man as saying Teoh went to the reception area (living room) of the MACC at 3:45 am to rest. Where did he really go to rest? He was last seen "sleeping" ? at 6:30 am in the morning. Who saw him? Then he left the building assisted by gravity. His body was found at 1:30 pm.

    Something is seriously not right here.

    Before this the MACC stripped naked and beat up one Halimi in Kuantan when investigating a case against Norza Zakaria.

    Before that the MACC arrested, handcuffed and beat up a Malay lawyer on Hari Raya day who was representing a cop who was suddenly accused of corruption but was finally accused of using govt property.

    The MACC also 'held' another fellow, his wife and child in connection with another case. You can read this list on Malaysia Today. These events were all reported in the Press.

    What is the MACC becoming? What is the real truth behind the death of Teoh? OK granted there was no C4 involved here but we need to know.

  93. Anonymous1:05 pm


  94. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Mari kita lihat pemimpin Islam Pakatan Rakyat mana yang akan berkabung dan sertai rally menghormati orang mati bunuh diri.

    Kamu semua yang cheap dan malicious bila semua kematian orang DAP dikaitkan dengan UMNO dan BN.

    Tak malukah tuduh BN/UMNO ada kaitan dengan seseorang yang mati bunuh diri di bangunan lain berdekatan MACC.

    Tak ada hati perut sungguh bila terus tuduh MACC terlibat tanpa usul periksa.

    Kesian benar kerana kamu semualah yang jadi anjing kepada PR. Anjing yang sanggup gigit orang walaupun tuan tidak suruh.


    Mangsa Kekejaman Ahli Politik PR

  95. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Condolence to the family,sincerely from the bottom of my heart.I have a brother around that age and I can feel the pain of losing one.

    An open investigation must be done swiftly.Time to blame each other must come to an end now.For God sake,this is a human life you talking about.

    Agree with some comments here,Takziah must be the header first.

    Jamal JB

  96. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Wait until the CCTV that shows the young guy resting in the MACC lobby after interrogation.

    Then all those DAP & PR dogs have to eat back their own shits.

    Everything u want to make it political.

    This death will be played again and again by the PR leaders to divert the surrounding issues of their weakness.

  97. You okay bro? Nak api-apikan apa lagi? Budak tu betul-betul mati di MACC.

  98. Anonymous1:13 pm


  99. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Things are turning out to be more disgusting. We have minister already having a conclusion and he actually asked people don't speculate.
    Rocky seems to spin on one side only, do you actually feel comfortable?
    And to Mr Teo, I hope his soul rest in peace.


  100. "His letter published in mysinchew is Malaysia's political tragedy. The Chief Minister's assertion that Teoh's death was the result of the MACC's "political persecution of PR, especially DAP leaders and members" is cheap and malicious."

    The issue at hand is a young bright Malaysian is dead in MACC custody! Why did you spin this as if Lim Guan Eng is the murderer! Despicable indeed!

    The cheap and the malicious is you!

  101. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Rocky you are a bloody disgrace. Its shocking how low you have descended.

  102. Lim Guan Eng spoke out of anger and disgust at the death of a much respected colleague. Someone who was interrogated non-stop for 8 hours. Someone who was apparently 'released' at 4 in the morning?
    Someone who was said to have been allowed by the MACC to take a nap on their sofa?
    Someone who was due to get married today?
    It does not add up that he would just happen to jump to his death from the very place he was 'released'?
    Are you not surprised at what Lim Guan Eng said.
    Rocky as a journalist can't you smell the stink of the MACC's action. An organisation that is pursuing every PR politician in Selangor for 'claims' yet not lifting a finger to investigate Khir Toyo's large villa Mat Tyson's unexplained wealth. The MACC who have not said a word about those PKR turn-coats in Perak now they just happen to support UMNO?

    A former journalist is dead - and you should be outraged that it happened under the noses of the MACC. It is sad when your objectivity as a journalist goes and even sadder that you seem not to care to investigate the corruption and stink that lies at the door of the MACC and our civil service that has lost all semblance of impartiality.

  103. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Common man..if ever MACC wants to kill him..definately they wont do that in their own compound..and further more like someone suggested here saying he was held at the window and thrown out for refusing to give in..I dont believe b'cos his remain wasnt in bad shape..look to me like a known killer must have done that

  104. Anonymous1:33 pm

    LGE cakap banyak nak hentam MACC

    ... sikalang pun sudah main kow tim dengan bizmes man.

    Apa cerita baik2 dgn Low Yat group ma??????

    Cum Kuat

  105. Anonymous1:41 pm

    To all PR leaders grow up "ASSUME NOTHING". We want FACTS not just "JUMP THE GUN" and blaming others. Show your leadership talent BUT it looks like PR leadership is full of shit.


  106. Anonymous1:45 pm

    He was interrogated till ungodly hours for something related to politics. So if not's related to politics, what do you have in mind? Please be reminded that he was to take his nuptial vows today. To you, it is just another death. To his comrades, it is a dear friend lost in the midst of the questionable investigations on selected reps.

    I wonder what your take will be if it was one of your comrade.

    From : GraceThree

  107. Anonymous1:46 pm

    A journalist is allowed to lose his or her credibility in Malaysia as they have to earn a living to survive. After all, all the media is government owned.

    But Rocky, to lose one's credibility as a human being is something we shiould avoid.

    By your spin, you have lost it all. You are beyond redemption. By the way, I understand that you get an all-in salary of about RM40,000 a month.

    Well, keep the money and keep on spinning to keep your job as long as Najib is in power.

    As the saying goes: You can fool some of the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time BUT YOU CANNOT FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME!"

    Good day and God bless.....

  108. I tried, the link is working fine , copy and paste this :

  109. WAHKEE1:55 pm

    WAH KEE RULES!!!!!!

  110. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Rocky... You are a tragic soul... really really sick that you wrote what your wrote. Please go be with the likes of nazri. you deserve each other.

  111. Bro Rocky

    What's your stance? A fellow young journalist dies under suspicious and mysterious circumstances. Are you in favour of getting to the bottom of this event or more concerned with what LGE may have to say?

    And why should'nt LGE give his views? It's a DAP man whose life was sadly lost.

    The MACC's explanation of events sticks!

    I mean, if you were interrogated for 9 straight hours and then released, would you hang around MACC HQ or call your buddy, brother, father, mother or lawyer come get you home pronto? Especially since your car is also parked there?

    There seems to be an inference that Teo was incapacitated following his extensive and ridiculously long interrogation merely for info gathering. Why till 3.45 a.m.. It could not wit till the next day at a more amenable hour. We raetalking about an investigation into $500K, not $24 million! What happened to Teo physically? MACC must know!

    And there's no explanation what happened to Teo between 6.30 a.m. and 1.30 when his body was found. Was he wandering around MACC HQ in Plaza Masalam unnoticed for 7 more hours and no one in MACC notice him or know about it? It defies belief, man!!

    And why would a perfectly normal, sane individual in the full flight of youth waiting to register his marriage the next day, and who is not a suspect of MACC, throw himself off the MACC building?

    Even Hollywood and Bollywood could not come up with a more ridiculous script than MACC's explanations.

    There is also this element of selective investigation by MACC, When Pakatan took ove in March 08, they were many articles in the MSM about Toyo's Aduns misusing their budget allocations.

    Why did not the MACC jump in and investigate this with their lightning speed reserved for Pakatan politicians? Or investigate Toyo after the Selact hearings? And after shooting off their mouth about Khalid and Fairuz, we were told there is no case to answer!!

    All this does not augur well for the continued existence of MACC under this leadership. Time for a total revamp!

  112. Doubts over MACC's partiality [Terence Fernandez - The Sun]

    被令站着盘问历时四小时 陈文华揭反贪委恐吓威胁

    Teo's death must not be in vain

    How did he die? [SinChew Daily]

    Ean Yong sheds more light on Beng Hock’s death

    Death of Comrade Teoh Beng Hock – 3 Questions for MACC

    Khairy wants royal panel probe into Teoh’s death

    HINDRAF – IS MACC another PDRM in making?

    2009 Joker of the Year: Nazri Aziz

    Khalid: S’gor to appoint independent pathologist for Teoh

    MACC: Teoh was not a suspect

  113. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Rocky,you really need to be clear what is right and what is wrong. What you will say if this happen to your son or your wife? You can sell your soul to them and they also can buy your beloved one day too.. Ask yourself, will you want our country corrupted and control by devil? You may not feel it now, but when the day is near and it hit you hard, you will know how hurt it is and what is the feeling of losing some1 that we love. GOD is watching you Rocky, may you do the right thing for your future generations.

  114. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Since the theories and blame game has begun, how about another theory?

    It was suicidal. If he had left the building, the underworld would kill him anyway. He probably exposed all his bosses and it would not be safe to leave the building.

    Next theory: He was killed elsewhere before being dumped there.

    Now, why not let DAP themselves investigate the case and perhaps they might also blame PAS and PKR too, but themselves.

    Disclaimer : The above is only a wild theory.


  115. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Why DAP's members can't be investigated? Is the party too clean? holy? Come on ... DAP is just a political party which has members who mostly believe that money is everything in this world.
    I believe that guy committed suicide because he couldn't handle something nasty about his boss and DAP.


  116. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Watch for spits to fly your way at lake club rocky...

    please dont eat at lake club cos my kids go there. I worry if they are near you and lighting strikes you la. You have caused much shame to all.
    LC committee member

  117. Anonymous2:26 pm

    Mungkin dia mengigau lalu terjatuh.

  118. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Herr Joseph Goebbels,

    What is so cheap and malicious about a young Malaysians death in custody. You seem to be unaware of custodial deaths in Malaysia. So far 85 deaths.It is the responsibility of MACC officials to make sure that the young man should be sent home, since they are the ones who took them. All Malaysians should be ashamed that custodial deaths have become more prevalent. One shudders to think when one is picked up for any investgation. Today even lawyers are afraid to go to seek police bail for those arrested. We need seriou afford to bring this enforgement officers to book if serious breach had taken place.









  120. Rocky,

    Is taking a swipe at YAB Lim all you have write about this tragic loss of life?

    You've changed.
    You are now mainstream and you choose to be blind.

    I feel sorry for you.

  121. sniper2:34 pm


    it's a tragic death over tragic issue with a tragic reaction.

  122. very sad2:41 pm

    I am not sure of the procedure.

    If there is no witness to confirm that Teoh was physically OK when he was released at 3.45 am, then it is very difficult for the Government to defend the allegation by the public that MASS is responsible for Teoh death. That will be the perception deep in the heart of the public for long long time. The Government may not have any defence for this perception.

    To prevent this perception, the government or the relevant authorities who conduct interrogation or investigation must implement a procedure IMMEDIATELY FROM NOW, that a representative or a 3rd party of the witness, accused or suspect must acknowledge the physically undisturbed or sound upon the release.

    Is there a verbatim what transpired between the MACC officers and Teoh during the entire investigation in the building.? I am sure the officers can give an account for that!

    Deepest condolence to the family of Mr Teoh.

  123. Anonymous2:48 pm

    MACC should be accounted for death during custody. BTW, who said he was interrogate till 3.30am? No CCTV? I suppose until his death.
    He was interrogate for his boss been sincere in donations, right? Every dickhead UMNO/BN goons here assumed it was about underground link.

    NotBlind Rakyat

  124. Akhirat_Judgement2:51 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    The One above is watching and weeping.

    The One below is waiting with open arms and ready to send his army to collect the BN rubbish!

    Life is impermanent, hell is!

  125. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Some trivias

    Q : Why MACC pushed Teoh off a building?
    A : They ran out of C4!

  126. YB Lim Guan Eng has a very valid point here.Unless MACC clears its name, the perception is that MACC has something to hide...that it is
    somehow involved in the mysterious death of a young man who is just a witness.This merits the setting up of a very professional commission of inquiry.That MACC practices selective
    investigation is a common fact that everybody agrees, except maybe Rocky.Now, the suspicion is that MACC may be practising what the Police is practicing, that is
    using torture to get whatever they have been instructed to get!For the MACC to come clean is, therefore, of the utmost importance.

  127. Hi rocky
    Indeed its a very tragic incident and if there is really a foul play, the culprit must be punished as according to the law.
    As u said rocky, the reactions so far are equally tragic. My girlfriend, who is a chinese called me up this morning crying and said things such as this case being on how the government is victimising the Chinese etc etc. I was lost for words. When I told her to calm down and wait for the case to be properly investigated, she said I am a typical malay trying to cover up for the government. I asked her back where she got such an idea and it turned out that she had been going around reading the blogs.
    These people who flamed u here really have no clue what they are talking about. I am pissed off too, but, hey, lets be fair and be patient la. There is no way the authorities can cover this up if there is indeed a murder being committed. Maybe they want this country to be up in flames before they realise its destructive to so easily jump to conclusions. Cant blame my girlfriend though, she is a DAP supporter. Me, I dont even vote la (even though my girlfriend always accussed me of being a covert Umno supporter). Susah nak kata la - kena kutuk-kutuk pun tahan je la sebab dah sayang.

  128. Anonymous2:59 pm

    rocky how low can u be

  129. Anonymous3:00 pm

    you have shown how low you can be ... insaf lah...


  130. Anonymous3:02 pm

    yeah nothing cheap or malicious. MACC has shown itself to be bias on all matters. MACC is a disgrace to this country like all other forces that meant to be neutral and impartial.


  131. Anonymous3:08 pm

    There is still bigger fish in DAP to catch hmmm who would it be .....DAP seem gonna twist this tragic event into political ......when something that doesnt seem out of ordinary in the party blame others why not blame your stupid rockets instead .....everything has a flaw ..... DAP are dumbass racist party.

  132. Anonymous3:08 pm

    There is a possibility of Somnambulism - Sleep walking and a fall could have resulted as a result of unawareness of height in the self hypnotic state.

    It must be probed whether Teoh has a known habit of sleep walking.
    Its possible, due to lack of sleep, having been interrogated until past 3 am in the morning, and last spotted to be dozing off on a chair - he cud have been in a semi-concious or delirous state, or sleep walking his way out to the fall.

  133. Anonymous3:14 pm

    yes..rocky..lets spin the story and blame it on the goverment for change..
    if u are about to fish out an underworld connections this is wat u get.

    He died. he paid the price for knowing to much about his boss activities. Pitty the commentators to divert the issue to Khir Toyo, petronas,etc..

    Try to put it in your fucking mind that he is(was) a witness of all the wrong doing of your beloved Pakatan. MACC got nothing in killing him..

    LGE..dude.. stop taking cheap shot laa.. u r acting like BN..shit stirrer..


  134. teo siew chin3:15 pm

    He was a journalist.
    Just like you?

  135. Anonymous3:23 pm's all about the quick react of PR or DAP in particular to divert their problem by creating (of course, someone has to be a scapegoat)a tragedy. This approach is believed be adopted by Anwar Ibrahim who learned it from Israel. In disregard, they have to sacrify called Kamekazee...oppss..the drama is still on going..I've to put stop from commenting here...see what government and MACC...dont panic..the truth prevails.

    Lesson learnt - DAP is the most dangerous political party in Malaysia and Anwar Ibrahim is the most dangerous man in Malaysia.

    Abu Dhabi

  136. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Ronnie: Oh no! the've almost found us out, what to do now maa?

    LGE: I oso have to worry about my blunders and one of them now is da Buah Kepala, oops, Buah Pala issue, wait i ask Daddy what to do.

    LKS: Aiya my son what for i brought you up to tell lies if you can't do it yourself, Aiyaa, actually aaa... i oso donno wat to do, nemmind i ask dat talk kok lady, err, watshisname? aaa Teresa...

    TeresaC*#K: I think we should deflect the people's attention maa, wait aaa... i know, how bout we use the recently dead guy as an issue and just blame the MACC and the BN government as scapegoat, the people will be talking about it non-stop one, i'm sure one..

    HannahY: Ya, ya, ya use that issue.

    LGE: Then it's settle then we'll use that to deflect the people's attention.

    Kapal Sink: But... isn't it true that our party actually has links with da triads and...

    LKS: Shuddup you fool! After rosakla our plan to take over this country, aiyaa bolo punya olang.

    Ronnie: (small voice) You sure this will work?

    All: Shut Up!!!!!

  137. the issue is not fear of investigation Rockybru. The issue is selective prosecution by MACC on PR but for BN, they close one eye. Lets make a comparison, BN ADUNs blew RM27million in less than 3 months just before March,08. has MACC conducted an investigation and did they made such a high profile if they conducted the investigation. For PR, it so fast and so high profile.

    as for teoh my condolence. do you notice the pic, his pants is torn. can this happen after a fall?

  138. MACC should investigate Eng Guan ,probably he want to tell something..

  139. Anonymous3:30 pm

    rocky is world class prostitute, no less..sampai tak boleh pakai..

  140. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Hi Rocky, I have added you and Nazri on my simpleton list of stoopid people to watch out for. Go learn something from watching CSi instead of blogging. Go be a real
    journalist, the probing and investigative type. You have contacts at phone companies check calls made, go check fingerprints, CCTV footages , talk to witnesses, go do something positive instead of spinning the news. We don't need people like you no more.

    Mr. Angry

  141. Anonymous3:55 pm

    LC Committee member,

    Dont spit... throw bricks.

    Rocky's head is very hard. His heart even harder.

    He goes to Lake Club in KL? Ok.. will look out for his car and laptop.

  142. Anonymous4:00 pm

    What do you think? Dont you think MACC is suspicious? The whole investigation campaign was backed by BN politicians. The whole thing had gone too far. Who are the guilty ones. It is not just MACC but the whole damn BN as well.

    Dear Bru. You just dont want to know.

  143. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Rocky, how much are you being paid? You are being so cheap yourself.... why not join Najib's cabinet.. there is no difference between your suggestions and those who are in power.

  144. What if somebody find a suicide note later??? Ahhhhh!!! Nobody would believe it. PR member bogel... BN is the culprit... PR member died... BN is the culprit...

  145. Anonymous4:19 pm


    I like the way you 'jilat' ... so obvious. hehe.


  146. ''Why DAP's members can't be investigated?''

    No one says DAP can't be investigated idiot, JUST no one can stand only DAP constantly being picked on IDIOTT!!!
    If you now say because BN is as clean as an angel... then u must be living in a manhole.

  147. Anonymous4:32 pm

    rocky...keep writing...!!

    we the silence majority with you!!!..

    forget about them...when something involves DAP and chinese they act like a b**tard.

    My point is...they all already gives a biased comments when they also didn't know what really happen...when their god LGE or LKS said something.."Ohh..true true..." maybe LGE or LKS should be their next god or angel!!

  148. SPANA HIDUP4:32 pm

    If my reading is correct, it was LGE who did the first spinning. Why blame Rocky?

  149. Rocky,

    Despite the abuse, the diatribes, the uncouth language, the whatever negatives, they still read your postings. What does that tell you?

    Just keep on posting; I'm sure there are many more people who want to read what you have to say without showing how badly they were brought up!

    All the best. Let's see how the DAP heroes come out of this.

  150. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Whaa..!!! suddenly all the stories about 'underworld' and 'gangster' gone away..

    he he he..I think I'll know who is smiling behind this accident..

    typical DAP!!!....try to find others fault! ha ha ha...ohh!! I know from whom they learnt!!

  151. suaramalaysia4:52 pm

    Thousands have died in police-lock-ups. And they continue die, mysteriously, or so it seems... And now at the quarters of the MACC? Is it just me or does this picture trouble you?

    Selective investigations, late night interogations, secretive and delayed procedures, and investigating personell that claim everything was "standard procedure".

    The picture warrants an indept independent investigation. And in this incident from authorities that are not associated with the police or the MACC.

    Malaysians are tired of waking up to hear of sudden deaths in police custody. The public is not convinced that young men and women who are hauled up for investigation die natural deaths in these enviroments.

    Many of these so-called "investigations" and questionings were done without permitting lawyers of those questioned to be present.

    1Malaysia? lets wait and watch how such slogans and Barisan rhetoric measure when young Malaysians die mysteriously among our "custodians" of law and order.

  152. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Bro, check out this Blog:

    They have a completely different take on the death of Teo. They say that Teo was cooperating with the MACC against Ronni Liu and Ean Yong's involvement with the underworld. That is why Teo was killed.

    They say the DAP was upset with Teo since the time he put up a video on You Tube which proved beyond doubt that the UMNO Youth boys did not physically harm Karpal Singh in Parliament early this year.

    They also claim that Teo had filed a report with the MACC against Ronni Liu and Ean Yong's involvement with the underworld.

    Bro, this makes sense. That is why the MACC says Teo was a 'witness' and not a 'suspect'.

    That is also why Teo was at the MACC until 3:45 am. Cos he was willingly giving evidence. He was not being interrogated. That is why he slept on the sofa at MACC until 6 a.m. Who in their right mind would still sleep at the MACC AFTER being tortured?

    Bro, this has major consequences for the country's politics. If true Ronni, Ean Yong etc could all go to jail.

    Chew on that for a moment.


  153. Bolehmia5:02 pm

    Im very disappointed in you, Rocky. I hope it is worth it for you in the end.

  154. Anonymous5:04 pm

    fxxk u rocky fxxk u

    how much did u sell ur soul?


  155. Anonymous5:12 pm



  156. CommonerNinetyNine5:13 pm

    looks like nobody talks about the 'underworld' issue now. the beneficiaries of this tragic incident can be clearly seen.

  157. Anonymous5:13 pm

    rocky, you are big snake !

  158. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Rocky, you are a sick puppy, better go to sleep. You are just another agent of chaos on behalf of the corrupted UMNO! You are just another racist in disguise.


  159. Letter:
    The MACC must bear full responsibility for this death as Teoh was in the custody of MACC when he fell from the 14th Floor of the Selangor MACC building.

    The deceased was NO LONGER under custody. He had been released earlier. he's a free man.


  160. Anonymous5:17 pm

    rocky, you talak hati perut kah ? orang sudah mati and you mahu spin again, puki and podah !

  161. ByChance5:18 pm

    nothing to spin. fact is that teo died while being a witness of something fishy is going on in selangor's exco.

    the question is: who will benefit from his death? MACC or the selangor's exco?

    use ur mind. dont just read.

  162. Anonymous5:19 pm

    People are just letting their hearts do the talking rather than the head. Cool down. No doubt MACC shares the blame. Interogate a person until 4am, the least they could do when the guy says he wants to sleep is give him a place in your office. Food and drinks and all. But they didn't just shows they're not professional enough. And no doubt heads must roll for this. But to suggest its a murder and what not is a little too much at this juncture. He may have jumped, he may have slipped, he may have been pushed. All mere speculation. No one has evidence to suggest either of the above happened so cool down a bit on the conspiracy theory. No one likes what happen, whether BN or PR so cool down a bit.
    Lastly, MACC is the second step in the country's anti-corruption drive. Trust me even if PR wins they won't have a silver bullet for corruption. MACC is still in its infancy. Punish the Selangor MACC head but don't go after the entire MACC. They've done some good lately. Just not good enough. But progress is being made. So don't go after the entire MACC. Just the unprofessional officers responsible for the case and interrogation.

  163. In times like these, you not only spin, you are downright insensitive.

  164. Anonymous5:20 pm

    lim guan eng believes dap adun and mps are angels. they don't err..huhaaaa


  165. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Part 1
    "Was there foul play? Was it accidental? Did he commit suicide?We all want to know what happened and how Teoh fell to his death.Amid our shock and the family's grief, we have a politician like Lim Guan Eng who reminds us that everything in life - and death - has something to do with politics and the DAP."

    Read the rhetorical questions first, for they smell concern rather than spin.In fact, they cover the 3 possibilities that is beseiging us all and the statement that follows immediately after is the desire to know the truth as to which possibility is valid and which nullified.(the subtext reads: Its for the authorities to find out and lets leave them at peace to do their job rather than prejudging the issue and further convoluting an already tragic incident by political grandstanding).

    The next sentence is a genuine expression of the anguish that all of us feel when the Grim Reaper strikes which when juxtaposed with LGE's asinine and malicious attempt at milking public sympathy and lassoing public opinion for partisan reasons renders him (LGE) a contemptible, heartless sub-human cretin mercilessly cannibalising the meat of another's corpse to fill his girth with the raw flesh of popularity and the bones of mock-heroism, odious traits already evident to certain villagers elsewhere.

    Hence, he is deserving of the epithets " cheap and malicious". In short a spinmesitering lowlife polly who is already attempting to preclude the investigation with his far-fetched theories.

    You have written a balanced piece Rocky, one that reflects your genuine humaneness for another human being as well as one that evinces a sincere desire for the truth independent of political partisan play and one upmanship. You are a true Malaysian warrior, Rocky, who never flinches from the truth and saying it as it should be said, salty, bland or sugary to taste. And if you have to run the gauntlet of barbs, the slingshots of hatred and the volley of cynicism, so be it. Hold your heads high for you are not at fault here or elsewhere, not one iota.I may not know you personally but your jottings are often fragranced by impartiality and the dint of reason not the cheap sensationalism that certain other blogs indulge in. Hats off to you.

    Warrior 231

  166. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Part 2
    So what do we have here? A bunch of worthless desperadoes to whom this death,a god sent gift for being Chingkie rather than Injun for a change, according to another lowlife (there are plenty of them LGE spawns here), provides an opportunity for BN, UMNO, MACC, the government and by extension Malay bashing.An orgy of thought masturbation gone awry sans reason or logic.

    Man, the non-malays must be sick to the core! Malay kids get bashed up to death in schools, lock-ups elsewhere and they dont raise a ruckus. Why? cos a dead Bumi is a non-issue. Now this guy becomes a cause celebre cos he is a chingkie, an opposition one at that! but in their eagerness and lust to cast the first stone, they overlook Miss Truth's bare curvaceous assets:

    1. the guy died at 1.30pm supposedly prior to his wedding day. Released at 4 am, he dozed off at the premises till he had an itch to fly and jumped off at 1.30pm. No one bothered to raise these simple Qs as at 2.30pm(after all they are not sensational and will probably absolve the perceived culprits, no syioklah):

    a. In that 10 hour time frame, why was no attempt made to contact/locate him by his loved ones at least regarding his preparations for HIS NUPTIALs? Bizarre, isn it. You have been released, instead of hurrying home to get ready for your big day, you tarry around to explore a high-rise for fun?a Birdman of the Alcatraz wannabe??

    b. It takes less the 1 minute to jump or be thrown off a ledge, assuming that that was what had happened. If he was being held turtle by his pockets, as another lowlife here commented, how come there is no brain or blood splatter.

    c. His clothes are largely intact and he has been lying there unnoticed for hours? Why not being killed elsewhere and the body placed there. after all, gangstas have been alleged to have had access to even the high-security state secretariats.

    d. reports say, he was found in the adjoining Plaza..makes sense wouldnt it if he had wandered off there in his fugued, troubled state of mind, opened some imaginary door and fell to his death.

    5. His lawyer is on record of saying he left behind a composed, cheery character at 7 pm, meaning that interrogation didn't start until thereabouts as the lawyer himself was not allowed to be present. Hence interrogation time was about 8 hours or so, normal for a 30 year old to withstand unless he is an on call, intern in a govt hospital!

    I have personally interrogated commies, for 9/10 hours straight on initial detention and they were none the worse for the wear and tear, and it was physical mind you. Sleep deprivation effects normally kick in after 36-48 hours in healthy adults. Guess, most of us would have experienced it during the World cups when our lager rather than our broad keeps us company.

    Which brings me to this hunch, the one (no.2) as postulated by afterburner73. You see, the investigations are centred on certain allegations, Bukit Aman is on the tail of Ah Longs, press reports have appeared in MSM that the trail is expanding to investigate whether there is a link to organised crime, prostitution, drugs etc. WCK has come out with his allegations, one chap involved is alleged to have intercepted and deterred the closing down of an illegal KTV cum pros den.....I will leave it at that.

    Wouldnt it suit certain people if resposibility is deflected to enforcement agencies and they slink away unnoticed. After all , the link with the goondah crowd is not far fetched for some act as legal counsels for the gangstas. Who will gain with a bit of tomfoolery, deliberately hurling accusations even b4 investigations are completed.

    In the end, the tragedy has been turned into a media circus, a common happenstance associated with certain public figures. Trial by media has become the guerilla tactic, whip up distrust and let the rabble feed on the carcass in a mindless frenzy while the real culprits slither away like the snakes they really are.......

    Warrior 231

  167. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Dear bro bru..,

    Another Kugan drama we see again...


  168. Anonymous5:27 pm

    conspiracy theory:

    assassins were sent to put this young man to death, since he was the crown witness that will expose the chinese mafia kin-pins and the underworld linked to dap aduns and mps...and selangor pr govt...


  169. doinkers5:28 pm

    wow. rocky must make good money spinning. with the institualize stupidity of his masters, he's always ensured that he gets plenty of work.

  170. Anonymous5:29 pm

    To all you " Shit smelling chinese DAP scums"
    - Stop bashing Rocky for he has nothing to do with the death of your Chinese DAP boy
    - impossible that that DAP boy was taken out by groups alligned with BN/UMNO/Special Branch police- killing style of these guys will be gun blazing, road side shootings, fatal car crashes, accidental swallowing of poison while in detention, etc. Pushing a chinese skinny boy out a window and liken it to suicide is simply an attempt by groups trying to "fire up" anger of chinese community with the malays and MACC.
    - get to the bottom of the investigation by linking the facts of the interrogations to the pronounced timing of YB Wee Choo Keong police report to names several DAP head honchos linked to Chinese triads and also the arson tragedy that killed the son of a high ranking police office of chinese descent ( that surely wasn't an accident folks!!). how come no one claiming that as foul play???

    Bad Mouth Malaysian

  171. Anonymous5:30 pm

    sifat semulajadi dap, akan mengeksploit apa sahaja isu yang menguntungkan masa depan politiknya...lim guan cukup cekap mengalihkan pandangan rakyat daripada kes kampung buah pala yang menghantui kepimpinannya..


  172. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Another propaganda and tactic by the opposition to mellow down the current Anwar's sodomy trial!!

    That Teo kid was killed as he is the witness of the link with the underworld in the current Selangor government (PR). So he was killed. How come suddenly it is BN's fault?. Use your brain la. Dont lick DAP balls only like some UMNO goons lick their UMNO balls only. UMNO played the racist card well. But DAP is even better at it. A murder case can be turned into a racist case. Good one!.

  173. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Some time soon some hard rocks may land on Rocky head then he will stop rocking and spin no more. Just hope not..

  174. Anonymous5:32 pm

    one thing still good abt u is that u allow ppl to post their opinions about YOU in your own blog.



  175. jonah5:33 pm

    lc committee member,

    waaah....clever to threaten people, aaah.

    shame on you! can't accept what rocky says, aaah? least you know who the fuck this committee member is!!!!

    hey...berani, ke nak ludah rocky???

    telur ada, kah?

    must be a pakatan fanatic!

  176. Anonymous5:34 pm

    To those who keep on saying what if this happen to your wife or children..

    Thats why. Why did u choose DAP to run the government. DAP are full of monkeys and gangsters. Now they run Selangor like a gangster. Open your mouth to the authorities, ure dead man. What if this happen to your wife or children?.

  177. Anonymous5:35 pm

    I used to like ur blog for a while, but now I think u r more of a BN's puppet blogger. U blog for them.
    And this is not what any ordinary rakyat want - we want TRUTH!


  178. Anonymous5:36 pm

    The most possible answer is..

    DAP did it to cover up the investigation. Do a riot against the government to divert the attention from the real issue. WHICH IS THE LINK BETWEEN THE UNDERWORLD AND THE CURRENT SELANGOR GOVERNMENT - PR.



  179. Anonymous5:37 pm


    All your comments stink to the core nowadays. I used to think that you are quite an impartial person but no longer. You are behaving like another Nazri Aziz who only knows how to polish his boss with his big mouth without using his brain beforehand. But at least guy has to do it being a political dog in order to survive. BUT YOU? Oh come on Rocky, it is very obvious that you are having a lot against the opposition PR esp. DSAI, LKS, LGE etc. But never hear you commenting about people like the Toyol fella even when they are caught with their pants down. Have you gone on to be an undisclosed political dog? You can't blame your once loyal reader from having such thought. I really hope to see the old Rocky Bru who appeared to be fair and impartial before.

  180. Anonymous5:43 pm



  181. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Condolence to Teoh's family - jangan kepoh2 - lets engage medium/bomoh try to talk to the deceased - ask him who are responsible to his death?


  182. Anonymous5:55 pm

    You guys not only partisan but so divisive. I suspect these are the same people who being posting the same partisan comment over and over again here. I hope you guys don't represent the majority of rakyat Malaysia. I have faith in future Malaysia but only if we work together and in harmony. I need to hear more and more common sense comment not 'either you with or against me'. Or either PR or BN. Kind of sick of to much politiking and spin doctor at the moment. Trust me friends, politic won't solve everything. You better plan your own destiny. Education will take you half of that journey. Go and read good book. Can do with less visit to political blogs. Happy reading.

  183. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Bye bye cocky bru

    You get one old job back

    but lost a million respect.

    No more malaysian chinese

    I will have to fight for Bangsa Malaysia alone without Cocky Bru

    Bangsat Malaysia

  184. Anonymous6:03 pm

    MACC is definitely doing their job spectacularly well(being Malicious And Cheap Cabal)


  185. Anonymous6:12 pm

    typical underworld modus operandi

    create a distraction and PIN the blame on the authorities

    sacrifice one small fry to be the fall guy

    and also protect the secrets

  186. Mary Weather6:18 pm

    2 issues here.. Number 1 is why MACC always act like lightning when it comes to report lodge against Opposition. Number 2 is why is there a need to question a political secretary throughout the whole night and early morning?

    Number 1, MACC seems to be very selective in their "case to investigate". I am sure there were also plenty of report lodged against BN politicians regarding all sorts of irregularities but we dont see this "at the speed of lightning" ala pronto style to investigate them. Selective eh...

    Another is that MACC fella in his bright canary yellow shirt that was speaking regarding this matter.. he don't seem to know a lot of things, he also dont seem to be able to answer all the quesions put forth to him. What is this "police is investigating" reply? Another new trick he stole from celebrities? Queer..

    Number 2, is there really a need to question a political secretary throughout the whole night?! From 6pm till 3am? I thought big time criminals are subjected to such treatment and that also in the presence of their legal counsel. So, since that canary yellow shirt fella claim that this political secretary is only here to assist and not arrested, than why the "midnight sonata"? If he is not guilty, he can be asked to come back the next morning right?

    This whole things smells bad... Nobody saw how he died. Nobody knew what happened between 6am till 1.30pm. There is no CCTV in MACC (can you beat that ah? We can candeliers in the PM's official residence but no CCTV at a very important and supposely independent agency's office?) Strange isn't? I think such agencies in Singapore and Hong Kong have all sorts of device to track everyone in their building from the time a human step in till that human step out into the sunshine...

    So unless the relevant authorities can give a very good explanation as to what happen, I seriously doubt our PM's home ministry department with that obnoxiously mad dog by the name of Nazri is going to walk away without a scratch. Scratched and torn apart he and his boss will be.

    By the way, Nenek and the likes of her.. I think you people should live a little. It is not as fairy tale as you think.

  187. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Saya Melayu dan tak kenal Teoh but I'm crying buckets. A life has been lost. And it's needless and senseless. Guys, wake up. There are so many things that are not right with our beloved country. Let's stop spinning. Let's call a spade a spade.

  188. Khir's house not big enough? too big to be seen at a close distance, therefore it doesn't exist. Yes, DAP people have even bigger houses, jets, limo, playgirls, mistress, and more.

  189. Anonymous6:35 pm

    The Chief Minister's assertion that Teoh's death was the result of the MACC's "political persecution of PR, especially DAP leaders and members" is cheap and malicious.

    Yeah, true it is cheap and unfounded. Purely an allegation and character assasination.

    Definitely malicious when no investigation was carried out yet. No hard evidence. LGE did not express condolence either.

    He jumped to HIS conclusion with no supporting data at all.

    By politicising it, he got the reaction he wanted as SHOWN clearly here.

  190. your mum's ex-bf6:36 pm

    Rocky, are you blind by the $$$ BN had shower on you?

    Tell me if MACC has investigated Istana Zakaria?

    So what is MACC up to? We are the tax payer and why should we be funding MACC if they are doing selective prosecution for BN?

    So from today we will call you Rocky Buta.

  191. Anonymous6:37 pm

    PENANG, July 16 (Bernama)-- Lawyer Darshan Singh Khaira on Thursday lodged a police report against Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng for repeatedly denigrating and insulting him and his religion, Islam.

  192. tragic6:42 pm

    We have to wait the official report to be disclosed by the government before we have the basis to comment.

    Several points to think about:-

    1) What information was given by Teoh to MACC during the investigation. This is crucial and MACC have this.

    2) Teoh's handphone - information on history of calls , and content of SMS

    3) The MACC investigation officer, conduct, content etc

    4) History of his movement in MACC building

    5) Teoh has resigned and plan to move to Melaka. Reasn for resignation?

    6) Teoh's fiance will be important witness.

    7) Ean Yong contact with Teoh last hours

    8) Who found the body?

  193. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Along chopped off borrowers hand and chained them like dogs for such small amounts of money.

    A LIFE TAKEN? Wow, this must be really big!

    This man was once a Chinese Daily Reporter, then a POLITICAL SECRETARY. So I presume he must be psychologically strong enough to face interrogations..

    But being young, maybe he received threats that harm will befall on his loved ones, parents or bride-to-be?

    I am sure "those guilty" were not sleeping at all that night, anxious, wondering, shaking and waiting and desperate, acted irrationally?

    KOREK.. it sure will expose the nation to the underground activities!


  194. what idiot that oredi passed judgement that macc is quilty....

    is this how the Phuckatan Riot(borrowed from parpukari) do their work, they make their fucking judgemnt first.

    to those that voted for PR, thre you are.. there is yr govt.

    ha ha ha ha..

  195. Anonymous6:54 pm

    Pandai hang spin ye Rocky...

  196. maybe we can do this china style.. uighur syle..

    what say you all..

    urm.. someone refers to Teo as comrade, and comrade is widely used in communism whenever referring to fellows in communism..

    is this guy want chin peng to com back..

    have a thot on that...

  197. Dear Rocky,
    i had a sense u are the spin master now more than ever? Did u question Nazri statement? Why u question LGE ? Are u a pro Spinner or all the while u are after so long i follow your blog i felt you are rubbish now... F@ck you bro get a life

  198. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Dear Bru

    If you spin like this, MM will go down the drain. Where is your sense of justice and righteousness? Here is an institution gone amok.

  199. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Ahli Parlimen Wangsa Maju, Wee Choo Keong harus berhati hati

    baik kalau cari bodyguard peribadi