Friday, June 12, 2009

Petronas says NO to Omar Ong

Rejected. The Board of Petronas has said no a recommendation to appoint Omar Ong as a Director on the Board of the national oil corporation.
Petronas has a tradition of not taking back a former employee and Omar Ong, the Ethos Consulting boss who is often linked to the so-called 4th Floor operations under the Abdullah administration, is an ex-employee.
But given the perception that Omar Ong is close to the current Administration, the decision by the Board of Petronas is quite sensational.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad is Advisor to Petronas.


  1. Anonymous6:31 pm

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  3. Satu petanda baik tetapi kita kena tunggu tindakbalasnya.

  4. Anonymous7:21 pm

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  5. Brunt Council7:31 pm

    DPM ie PM Dept shd have the same policy.

    For that matter, all companies he screwed shd not rehire Ethos!


    Sue this fucker.

    Going around in a BMW roadster but did not pay up his scholarship!

    Yet have the cheek to be its dirrector.

  6. Anonymous9:18 pm

    No Cina in Petronas please.

  7. Anonymous9:41 pm

    very good, but the rejection is by the board, not by pm department.
    still no political will to change?


  8. Means t say our PM agreed to appoint this fella as director but later was rejected by the Board of Petronas, is our PM in favour for Tingkat 4 legacy so much or what?

    I am confused, can somebody clear the air the please? Why our PM is still keeping Tun Dol's legacy till now, 100 days is near and nothing much is happening....

    Errr...errrr...somebody please...

  9. batang berjuntai10:27 pm

    "Petronas has a tradition of not taking back a former employee"

    Lucky for you, Malay Mail does.

  10. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    1. If this is true, I think the Petronas Board had made a wise call;

    2. It shows its independence and concern for its image;

    3. Personally, I think it's a bad idea for personal staff of ministers to be sitting on the board of GLCs and party-linked companies (PLCs);

    4. There should be clear separation of power and possible conflict of interest;

    5. Under the previous administration, many personal staff of the PM were appointed to the board of GLCs and PLCs;

    6. Also I think PM and Ministers should not be seen to be interfering too much in the day-to-day affairs of GLCs;.

    7. Still I think there should be a clear separation between Petronas Chairman and CEO;

    8. The best person to be made chairman is Tan Sri Mohd Hassan Marican;

    9. In that capacity he should be tasked with identifying and training his successor, and building a strong hierarchy;

    10. The chairmanship of Petronas should not be "politicised." So no politician please.

    Thank you.

  11. anakbukitgantang10:47 pm


  12. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Wait and see how will Omar Ong father will react or will he go to bodek PM with all his new stories which he is well known.
    You bet Rocky!!! watch his dad!!!
    As though Malaysia is short of experience people. What the hell man!!! sicko....

  13. Anonymous12:07 am

    Now that he cannot be Petronas director, Najib may hire him to restructure Petronas. Then revenge!

  14. Rocky,

    Yes, Petronas BOD made this decision now. That is good news to many people.

    But for how long?

    Will the idea of bringing Omar Ong back into the Petronas BOD and eventually CEOship, stop here or be looked into, probably not to distant future (when they simply feel that the Malaysian public, especially bloggers have 'forgotten' about this episode)?

    Most people who know Omar Ong personally would vouch for his future attempt to make a come back, regardless how people in the bloggosphere and/or capital markets talk about this and where Ethos has been, indefinitely.

    Biasalah, jenis muka tak tau malu!

  15. Anonymous1:26 am

    sorry brut! long as the pukimah is there...

    apa lancai also can!

  16. Anonymous1:28 am

    btw. is omar ong giving najib or rosmah an ectacay!

  17. Anonymous1:33 am

    lomar long?


    we chinese is in control! understand!

  18. Bagus, bagus, bagus.

  19. sick and tired2:25 am

    Uncle Rocky,

    I was laughing my ass off with Batang Berjuntai's comment.

    Cheap shot lah batang.. but a good one..

    Come on uncle rocky.. it was funny...

  20. Aminn,..wat else can I say,..heheh,..(,")

  21. Anonymous4:20 am

    Haa baru nampak apa sebab Petronas ada polisi tak boleh rujuk balik dengan ex-staff...

    not petronas employee/scholar

  22. Berdikari dan Bertolo8:02 am

    Anon 11:50 PM

    I thought only KJ use his parent ie mother, Dato Rahmah to fight his battle.

    It is an open secret that notable writer/blogger and person writing or commenting negatively about her son will receive a nasty call from her.

    Since you mention Mustapha Ong, Omar Ong's father have a tendency to do the same, it is a nice combination.

    KJ is anak omak, Omar Ong is anak bapak then. KJ melayu ma(mak), Omar Ong cina masuk Melayu.

    Who said the Oxford boys are really smart, intelligent and independent?

    They are Anak omak ... Anak bapak ... cry babies. TDM is right to call these Tingkat 4 as wet behind the ears.

  23. Anonymous8:18 am

    To all unqualified wannabes,

    Make sure you check with rocky, big dog and a voice before memandai-mandai nak assume high positions.

    Won't be long before a royal flush at UEM dan Khazanah. A voice tak henti-henti membedil. Gencatan senjata hari minggu saja.

    Go a voice! Go a voice!


  24. Anonymous9:03 am

    Just one question.



  25. Anonymous9:20 am

    I second you, AKJ. Petronas has exceeded all expectations and dumbfounded all the naysayers thus far and long may it do so sans Omar Ong or any Ong, Chan, Tan helming the drill..oop...till.A bumiputera run and helmed company that is the benchmark for all other Malaysian companies and others abroad, read Pertamina, Petrobras, the nationalised oil fields of Venezuela etc..countries with far bigger oil resources

    But i have become very disillusioned and cynical over a lot of things lately except Rocky's helming the Mail ;)..that I will wait for a formal announcement that will bury this leech for good.

    Warrior 231

  26. Anonymous9:22 am

    To the one that said no Cina in Petronas !
    He should have said no to income tax to be paid from cina also, without it what will happen to all the developments in Malaysia and all the oil exploration costs ?
    Also don't send delegations abroad to beg the cina Professionals to return with lots and lots of incentives to serve in Malaysia.
    What will happen when the oil from beneath run out ? To become another Indonesia ?
    Most of all if pariah Indian Mahathir can sit in the board anyone can.
    What has he got in oil experience and what advice can he offer except to get paid MR15,000- per month for doing nothing ?
    Besides he has plenty plenty of corrupted money that he got over the 22 years as P.M. of Malaysia. Especially his 'commission' from the building of the Twin Tower ! You bloody racist, just give us your abode and see what will the non Malays will do to you.

  27. Anonymous10:06 am

    Dear Rocky,
    We all can accept that Omar appointment was rejected by the BOD of Petronas but please not because he is a Chinese. Is 1Malaysia another gimmick? There is a lot of our senior government administrator who make mistakes before eg. Ex Bank Negara governor who loss billions of RM in currency trading but was given a second chance and he actually successfully implimented the currency control.
    I heard Petronas only gave their dealership Exclusively for the Bumi company only. Its that true? Its time to be fairer and i actually fully supported the DEB.

    Frustrated Malaysian Chinese

  28. Anonymous10:23 am

    Dia ni ke yg orang kata ada ular dlm pejabat Najib?

    Dia ni ke yg nk menghancurkan PROTON tu dulu? Dan GLC-GLC lain?

    Dia ni ke punahsihat DSN mencadangkan jambatan ketiga? Yang asalnya memang cadangan LKY. Membatalkan tambak johor dirobohkan seperti kehendak Sultan dan rakyat Johor? Supaya air selat Tebrau dapat lalu?

    Dia ni ke juga pencipta slogan 1Malaysia yg direcycle tu?

    Dia ni ke yg dapat untung besar dari cadangan penggunaan KPI untuk kakitangan kerajaan, GLC dan menteri-menteri?

    Dan .... macam-macam lagilah dia ni!

    tukang perati.

  29. Good.

    Now make sure boy wonder pays the price for dodging his loan responsibilities.

  30. Anonymous11:07 am

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  31. Anonymous11:09 am

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  32. Anonymous11:13 am

    Bro, i read the numerous reports of MM LKY's visit to the country so far and find it very very interesting! TDM's comment is thus far the best especially Malaysian leaders don't know anything but have to learn from LKY. I salute you LKY and Singapore. Very shrewd and cunning, indeed! Congratulations KJ, Kali, Brendan and Rosmah.


  33. Anonymous11:14 am

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  34. Rocky and Friends,


    Despite analysts predictions that the future Oil Price will go higher, there are evidence to the Contrary.

    Huge investment by Non-OPEC producers (Angola, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Canada, Russia, China Kazakhstan, Sudan etc ) since 1990s are expected to eventually produce 3 times the current level by 2010-2015. This will lead to less money coming into PETRONAS Coffers.

    If this is the case what will happen to the Federal Govrnment's 44% income from PETRONAS?

    We should not just be Concerned about the 44% income but rather try NOT TO HAVE TO RELY TOTALLY ON PETRONAS for our SURVIVAL...
    If are not careful, we will be subject to what is known in the 60s as "The Dutch Disease"....

  35. Anonymous11:30 am

    Bro, gua macam tak percaya baca dan tengok gambar pasal manohara...

    Biar Bebeno Beb

  36. Anonymous11:40 am

    woohoo !!! A Happy Day for Rocky !


  37. Another casualty in the Mahathir vs. Khairy corporate/blog war. But Omar Ong's defeat is not without good reason.

    Looks like the camel seller is targeting UEM next. Or perhaps he should defend MAS instead, since our National Carrier is also making a RM1 billion loss?

  38. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Korang Blogger Melayu new=wave. Naikkan turunkan orang. cantas mencantas. no better than umno.

  39. Non-partisan12:57 pm

    Nothing is more honourable than to stand up fortitudely for your principles against all odds including any political backlash,something endemic in this country.

    Anyway, I just wonder who in the first place has made proposal for the appointment.

  40. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Petronas is 100 per cent owned by the government of malaysia, and every single director in Petronas is a government apointee. I find it hard to swallow that the appointees can reject the wishes of the sole shareholder. Mind you, the appointees are not trustees of Petronas to reject the requirements of the sole shareholder.
    If, it is true that the directors had rejected the appointment of a nominee of the major shareholders, then there is no other discourse, exceptthe sole shareholder to demand the board resigns for insubordination.
    Rocky, on your part we would like to see some prove ect letters, board minutes that indeed Omar was nominated by the shareholder for a post in the board.
    Without any prove, with exception of heresay within blogs, this whole story might be a fabrication.
    Even Zimbawe ahead of Malaysia (EZAM)

  41. Anonymous3:22 pm

    RPK is just one of the many pro Opposition blogger promoting a dangerous trend of values in Malaysia. Take a look at the comments section in RPK's website or any pro Pakatan site. All these promote hatred, anger and extremism.

  42. Anonymous3:23 pm

    RPK is just one of the many pro Opposition blogger promoting a dangerous trend of values in Malaysia. Take a look at the comments section in RPK's website or any pro Pakatan site. All these promote hatred, anger and extremism.


  43. A. Kadir Masin4:00 pm

    Kita dah ada blogger baru di alam blogging. Zaid Ibrahim di

    Rocky tak nak tambah ke link ke blog ni kat blogroll Rocky?

  44. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Hei Anon 9.22am
    You bastard, arselicking, twat cleaning, swine tit suckling pig dog aka sus barbatus. Get these 3 things straight before i string your cock out to dry:

    1. Chingkie bastards do not contribute no more than 20% or so of our tax revenue.And that is being charitable, what with the double accounting, corporate fraud ( remember Transmile, Wimens, Megan et al) and individual tax evasion going on (you think the bastard chingkie, who makes a clean profit of 600 a day fanning flames at some god-forsaken kuey teow joint by the longkang in Penang, Ipoh, KL, pays tax...hahahaha LOL) We dont need your dough, bastard, as it is good only for arsewipes but you have to cough up for its legislated to do so.

    2. Petronas oil exploration is funded from its own kitty.

    Here are some morsels to feed your pig-brain and NO chingkie was ever part of this success, get it!!;

    a. Malaysia’s Petronas has also spread out internationally, notably into Sudan and Burma. It receives about 30 per cent of its corporate revenues from abroad and operates in more than 26 countries, producing oil from about 50 projects, more than half of which it runs, Rice University’s report notes.

    Read the article and see how petronas is well acclaimed internationally,that is if you have cock erect-ability left.
    Source :

    3. Since the statesman DR M assumed the Petronas advisory, can you name me ONE bloody year when pretax profits have gone down or Petronas' contribution to the national kitty declined (watch your foul mouth, you pa buggered ma fucking scum for calling Tun M names or you will have your cock chopped off for good sooner than later).

    Proof of DR M's brilliant business acumen:

    a. The Petronas overseas expansion drive continues with the acquisition of Woodsite Energy Ltd Mauritania assets for $418 million in 2007. The venture proved successful as they discovered oil in May 2008.

    b. In 2004, revenue paid to the government amounted to 25%. By 2008, it amounted to 44%.

    c. Petronas continues to focus on international exploration projects as 40% of revenue in 2008 was derived from international projects such as Iran, Sudan, Chad and Mauritania.

    d. In 2008, Fortune ranks Petronas as the 95th largest company in the world. It also ranks Petronas as the 8th most profitable company in the world and the most profitable in Asia. Source:
    aside= Some fuckedup has been got appointed as mas advisor and know what, the poor company reports its first quarterly loss in almost 3 years....hahahahaha LOL

    We know why, the chingkies want to get their hands on Petronas: plunder its wealth and pauperize it just as the Lims, the Tiens, the Bobs had done to Indonesia and its resources under the patronage of Suharto + Ho Ching’s performance in ruining the Spore sovereign fund, Temasek is not edifying either..hahahaha.No noise about that one and them damn chinks bleat about the BN fiasco of 16 years ago under the watch of one AI. and who was overseeing the PKFZ, yeah Chan Koy Choy and Ling liong Sik, malay businessmen with Chingkie names..hahahaha LOL

    More importantly, we, Malays, know how the Chingkies worked hand-in-glove with the Brits and indigenous Chingkie lovvas to plunder our other mineral, tin, to fatten their bank balances, finance the motherland's internecine wars and and other shenanigans.

    Petronas will be ill-advised to bring in a chingkie for he is nothing more than a pawn of the trojans within the ramparts to destroy and discredit Petronas and by extension, the government.

    Now get the hell outta here, before I blow your brains to smithereens!

    Warrior 231

  45. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Warrior 231:

    Good points raised all around. However you failed to explain/compensate for the rise of oil price with respect to Petronas' contribution rising from 25-44% yoy 07/08. Can we have more clarification?

    Secondly, do you have facts/figures related to Chinese Malaysian tax contribution? I would like to see some official sources cited as I'd like to use it as well. Also I'm generally discontented with facts/figures pulled out without proper backing.


  46. Anonymous7:49 pm


    Chingkie bastards contribute no more than 20%........

    Warrior 231

  47. hafiz7:58 pm


    It is not a tradition; it is a policy. To be more precise, it is policy of the current Petronas president, TS Hassan.

    Secondly, this seems to me more like a political sandiwara played by Najib - as if he is trying to be very courteous not get involved in the running of the country's most precious jewel (and other GLCs) as well. As if to show Petronas is totally independent of his influence?

    Could this play "Omar Ong the willing bogeyman" happened to be another bad cop good cop game played by najib like those "Banning and Permitting Harakah and Suara Keadilan" and the "Free Hindraf 5" played earlier?

  48. marina8:57 pm

    hey warrior 231 go to the nearest tesco and go to aisle 7 so that you can buy a life from the life section you racist sob.

  49. Anonymous10:58 pm

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. someone tell Najib to learn from AAB mistake...Najib still have to clean up his image and not add another x factor..

  51. Anonymous11:51 pm

    What is so great about Petronas?If they dont want a chinese to be in board thats it!After all this national co. never did employ non malays right from the lower rung to the top.Go to their corporation and you see why?
    Therefore i never ,never buy any petronas gas or supports them!My way of showing my middle finger.

  52. Anonymous12:06 am

    Marina, how come you dont call Anon 9:22 a "racist sob" when he calls the Father of our Nation 'pariah Indian Mahathir'? You dont like Indians too? Try Aisle 9 at Giant. They got recycled 'Made In China' douche bags.

  53. Anonymous10:21 am

    To all those racists' calling that cina be excluded from the board of Petronas.
    It is like calling good runners not to be included in any race to ensure slow runners will win. Also the tall ones should squad so the short ones will look tall. Are these good reasons why the people will never have competition to improve and be good runners and will never grow taller ? Ever heard of competition is good for you ?
    What is $100 millions when you can have $100 billions ?
    Where did you get the initial funds for the first oil exploration and other developments ? From the padi farmers and coconut growers ? Who were the tin miners and plantation workers in the early days of Malaya that brought in the money? They were all non Malay workers ? Who developed the three major cities, K.L., Penang and Ipoh of Malaysia to day ? The non Malays, you are not only racists but a true reflection of what you are good at and nothing else when you call others names.
    Just look at the management of MAS and compare it with SIA ? Remember how MAS tried to retard SIA in the beginning of their spilt of MSA. Malaya would not even allowed SIA the right to use the names of their choice initially. They tried so hard to retard their growth in every areas. To make MAS look big, is this the same believe you have ?
    SIA is today considered world's largest airlines, in term of revenue while MAS had to be rescued using the peoples' money several times they even have Brunei as share holder in their earlier days, where is the share holdings of Brunei to day ? Who are the board of Director at MAS ?
    Pariah Mahathir tried soooo hard to make life difficult for Singapore, he tried to raise the water tariff several times.
    UMNO so often even threatened to cut the supply of water to Singapore . Thanks to pariah Mahathir they have now got the means to recycle water and most important of all they even refused to renew to renew the contract for the supply of water a few years back when it expired. That must be a disappointment to the pariah. At one time the pariah Mahathir even used the excuse that Singapore will pollute their country if they manage to buy sand from Malaysia. When has the pariah become so concern about their country or even pollution? The pariah just cannot stand to see the developments in Singapore, it makes him look so retarded. They have no tin mines and rubber plantations but look at them now they have investments more than Petronas or Malaysia will ever have or dream of. All thanks to the pariah Mahathir, Singapore is forced to invent so many things especially so with former cina from Malaysia!

  54. Brighteyes

    Another typical stupid childish simplified conclusion.

    You should join Master Spinners and Drama Kings Anwar or Lim Kit SIang propaganda team.

    Why should I defend the Butcher from Shell and Sleepy?

    Sleepy wrecked MAS with his appoiuntment of Dato Fuad. Then brought in non Airliner and human butcher Idris Jala. Along the way, he enrich Airasia.

    I can't understand why Najib have to appoint him MAS adviser. But I guess he has to give him something.

    Perhaps it is good for the country that he spent more time in Perth.

  55. Anonymous12:17 pm


    Why do you approve comments from Dato' Bendahara? Bunyi dia macam Dato' Bendaharam jer.


  56. Anonymous3:34 pm

    saya pun tak heranlah,omar ong tu cina walupun masuk islam ke,yahudi ke polisi cina tak de tempat dalam petronas.i hope one day petronas goes "pokkai"because so greedy,how come the gas use by vehicle only certain petronas station have?other petrol station cannot sell ahhh? jangan bongkaklah petronas,aku tak heranlah...

  57. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Hei Anon 10.21am

    Chibais LKY, GKS, LTL, GCT were never part of the Singapore story. They were bastard chingkies who seceded the island from malaysia to plunder its port and trading revenue and later hire a Dutchman to do the donkeywork for the them before obfuscating the fact from history so that the world will laud them as great Chingkies. Proof read this and have a nice day:
    "In the 1970s, Singapore was upgrading its industrial capacity to use higher technological methods, including electronics. He personally went to persuade large Dutch electronics companies like Philips to set up production plants in Singapore. He also proposed that Singapore could be developed as a financial centre, as well as an international centre for air traffic and sea transport. Over the next twenty years, these predictions proved to be accurate."


    read the whole article if you have any cockmuscle, that is!

    As for ipoh, penang, kl..same story different charcaters..hahahahaLOL.

    Chingkies can never create anything, only cheat, steal and pluder..period.

    P/S : I will cut ur tongue out for calling Tun DR M , a pariah, be forewarned. cunt licking, arsedigging chingkie scum.

    Warrior 231

  58. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Warrior 231,
    You seem very proud of pariah Mahathir as a Malay, please have his and his children's blood tested to proof that he is indeed a Malay.
    He is an Indian and not a Malay, his father came from Kerala India to get rid of his pariah stigma by converting to be a Malay.
    How dare you claim him to be a Malay and you are still proud of him, he is a true Indian!
    Even the Marican, Petronas CEO, is another Indian and not a Malay and I am sure you know that all Meircans are Indians!
    Why do you keep claiming the Indians to be Malay ? Don't you have 'smart' enough Malays amongst you !What a crying shame ? Why don't you claim President Obama as a Malay too ?
    He has a white American mother he eats, sleeps and behaves in every way an American does. Why is he not an white American and still known as African American. Why are the white Americans still call him Afro American ?

  59. Wow. Someone had an angry Pavlovian reaction when I mentioned camels. Strange, since he has spent lots of time sniping at corporate/media bigwigs connected to the Khairy/Lah camp... either directly or by mere association. For someone who can dish out lots of dirt, he sure can't take a little sarcasm tossed his way.

    To paraphrase Bro Rocky... Not so good at taking, eh? I am surprised.

  60. Anonymous8:49 pm

    To the person who says reject Omar Ong for Petronas, please note that OMAR ONG IS NOT CHINESE. Neither does he want to be regarded as Chinese because his father Mustapha Ong became pengkhianat to the Chinese community by converting to Islam, not because he sincerely believes in the religion, but more because he wants to get bumiputra privileges. How do you think Mustapha Ong whose Chinese name may be Ong ah kow, Ong ah Goo or Ong Ah Too can become diplomat to US, carry Mahathir's balls, bribed Jamal Amro with some US$200,000 just to get the driver to nail Anwar in first sodomy trial? Anyway most Chinese do not regard Mustapha Ong and Omar Ong as Chinese, but really opportunists. If they are in another country, most people think they will revert to their Chinese race and start calling themselves Ong Ah Kow, Ong Ah Goo or Ong Ah Too. Please also note that Omar tried to call himself Omar b Mustapha to hide his Chinese race, but when people see his sepet eyes, straight away the UMNO types who hate the Chinese will not hesitate to regard him as Cina Babi. Anyway most Chinese won't sympathise with Omar if he gets rejected in Petronas. Serves him right for being a pengkhianat to his own race

    clear water

  61. 1. Dulu Samy Vellu pernah berkata "a politician must be pure than white"

    2. Maka kalau mengikut kata Samy Vellu, Omar Mustapha tidak memenuhi ciri utama ini.

    3. Ini adalah kerana rahsia umum bahawa Omar tidak memenuhi kontrak pekerjaannya dengan Kerajaan / Petronas.

    4. Oleh kerana tiada penafian rasmi dari Omar kita tidak tahu samada ia betul atau tidak.

    5. Betul atau tidak tuduhan ini mungkin ya mungkin tidak ia menjadi topik perbincangan semasa Mesyuarat Lembaga Pengarah Petronas.

    6. Oleh kerana Omar pernah berhenti dari Petronas sebelum kontraknya tamat maka beliau hilang kelayakkan untuk kembali ke Petronas.

    7. Nasib baik UMNO tidak mengamalkan polisi yang sama.

    8. Jika tidak Tun Hussein dan Dr Mahathir tidak dapat menjadi Perdana Menteri.

    9. Kita tidak boleh terlalu gembira dengan keputusan Lembaga Pengarah ini.

    10. Ini adalah kerana Lembaga Pengarah belum membuat keputusan berhubung ura-ura perlantikan Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar.

    11. Juga kedengaran sejak akhir-akhir ini nama Datuk Jamaluddin Jarjis sudah muncul semula.

    12. Harap-harap ia adalah khabar angin semata-mata.

    13. Tetapi ada yang mengatakan kalau tiada angin masakan pokok bergoyang.

    14. Kalau ikut kata Khairy, yang mengoyangkan pokok adalah beruk.

    15. Semoga beruk-beruk ini berhenti membuat kerja yang sia-sia ini.

    16. Renong-renongkan dan selamat beramal.

  62. Seperti Omar Mustapha, saya juga tidak keberatan jika diri saya dipertimbangkan sebagai Ahli Lembaga Pengarah Petronas.

    Saya pun sudah bosan bermain dam setiap hari.

    Renong-renongkan dan selamat beramal.

  63. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I hope your blog will not be reduced to one of those hate platforms... I do need to continue reading fairly sane, constructive comments..

    Anon 3.34 wrote;

    'i hope one day Petronas goes "pokkai"because so greedy,how come the gas use by vehicle only certain petronas station have?other petrol station cannot sell ahhh? jangan bongkaklah petronas,aku tak heranlah...'

    1 Yeah, because you are so angry, lets keep praying that the whole country collapses... then we can all join to cheer.

    Unfortunately not every Malaysian has another PR country to run to. We have to stay and make this country work. And I do want to believe that it can work.

    2 My husband was one of those involved in building the first few Petronas stations that provide gas for vehicles. No, he was not a Petronas employee. No Shell, Esso etc supplying gas -- it was not because Petronas wanted to monopolize -- it was because supplying NGV did not give good returns. So the other dealers did not want a non-lucrative business. Petronas is a government company -- it has some social responsibility to take on the job even when it was loosing money.

    I am not sure of the current state though... maybe someone in the industry should clarify.

    3. I think it is not true that Petronas does not hire any non-Malay at all. I know of at least 2 Chinese in fairly senior positions in Petronas. Their names and lifestyles are Chinese... maybe they are indeed Malay in the IC...

    4 And I have worked in a few local and MNC companies to note that:

    1 In a Chinese owned company -- I was one of VERY few non-Chinese. Even in those non-GLC companies that make millions from the government -- there are almost standard ruling to hire non-Bumi only. Just check the data and look at the ads...

    Bring me the facts to prove that this is not true...

    2 I have worked in a Malay-owned bank -- many of its senior management are non-Malay. It was a non-issue. He accepted the fact that there are not enough good Malay bankers then...

    3 I have worked in MNC -- this is the worst -- many of its management staff are Chinese -- who seems to work overtime to make sure no good Bumi gets hired. If they do, these good Bumi will need to be 210% better to get recognised. There are many ways it can be done --- send only the Chinese for all overseas training or postings, give only the Chinese the potentially successful assignments, call only the Chinese managers for meetings with the Corporate leaders ....

    What do we call those actions above -- is it not discrimination too?

    My point is -- there is biasness and bigotry on both ends of the equation. We can chose to continue harping and fanning this flame. Or we can start to be the person that initiate the change.

    Start by asking oneself...


  64. Anonymous2:56 am

    to sayang malaysia,probably the 2 senior chinese is mahathirs arselicker like just two piece of shit!
    1)who told you NGV doesnt make profit?petronas purposely control the sale of ngv because if every vehicle use ngv,what will happen to petrol?
    2)the chinese based company purposely retaliate to what the malaysian bumi policy of promotion of bumis in universities(vice-chancellor post etc)bank negara governor post, and their government companies.fair enough?
    3)If you need to be sane and dont like reading some of hate comments here then i suggest you read Utusan malaysia then,full of wonderful sane fantasy pro-BN bumi articles.

  65. Anonymous9:39 am




  66. Anonymous10:19 am

    anon 2.56

    reading your comments shows how ignorant, arrogant and idiot you are

    to all of you who do not like malaysia, hate the bn government and think your life is screwed here, what are u guys waiting for. just pack ur bags and go lah to where u belong

    no on es top u

  67. Sdra Rocky bru,

    It's not too late to congratulate you on your recent appointment as d' boss of Malay Mail. I am a vivid reader of the evening tabloid since it started from sixties, though I didn't agree that MM should be full of "classified ads for increasing their revenue".

    MM is now more reader friendly and I hope you will further enhance MM's media credibility for the rakyat and be fair in your journalistic values. No more racial slants which will only negate PM's vision under his concept of 1Malaysia.

    If you do not agree with PM's concept and initiative for a better Malaysia for all of us, then it's fair that you should resign and give others a chance to help the government of the day.I also respect press freedom and free speech and expression, but with social responsibility and accountability to all Malaysians.

    I am also disgusted with the uncultured comments posted by some of our readers and bloggers viz-viz the appointment of Omar Mustapha to the BOD Petronas. What's the problem brother, although I do not hitch myself to the national issue which remains the prerogative of the PM.Why should I when I am now no longer walking along the corridor of power?

    I am no where near PM Najib, whom I believe that given his stature of a dynamic leader in politics and government,he will create a new sense of nationalism under his vision of 1Malaysia.

    As far as Omar's appointment to the BOD Petronas, just let PM decides but as a deligent tax payer for the last few decades,I think none of us should "do PM's job" as there can only be one prime minister for the government.

    Please don't try to undermine the government's control in Petronas, if we are not privy to inside information and issues confronting this top GLC, which is the major contributor to the nation's net revenue and as the prime investment catalyst for the nation.

    Personally I opined that not only Omar should be roped in to Petronas (he is qualified too in PM's KPI and professional criteria), it's time we revamp the management of Petronas and also appoint a new set of directors. It's not a private entity, and therefore to those who do not agree to PM's directive, just quit and let others do their job under Najib's administration.Don't mess up with racial issues and sentiments by intoxicating the corporate thinking of Petronas, which is supposed to be "internationalised".

  68. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Racism in the air..ahh..need that extra oxygen for brain kick of those racist assholes from the other camp..

    Why everywhere in this world, these fucking diasporas (pendatang), the same minority species like we have here in Malaysia always have problems with the locals..

    Wherever these species merempat, they got into trouble with the locals, its probably due to their typical ignorant & arrogant nature, suit them very well when they end up in deep their own medicine..

    But they never stop blaming the locals for everything happening to them..real annoying & irritating troublemakers..fuck them all..

    Just to name a few cases to prove the facts for devastating troublemaker nature of these pendatangs: Batavia, Medan, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Australia and even Malaysia (1969)? Its more than one example of similar cases.. So, is it the local people that are the problem or the pendatang themselves are the problem?? Yes, your rational guess is as good as mine.. Its the fucking chingkie & hindulen pendatangs..I bet if they go to savanas Africa, they will still end up in deep shit..having problem with the african natives and even the wild animals..pathetic fucking problem troublemakers..its a real life proven fact nobody can deny! hahaha..

    Never heard malays diaspora having much trouble else where in this world even in Sri Lanka, South Africa & Australia? Why??

    Coz we are not barbaric like the savages chingkies & tamil hindulens..we got culture & tolerancy, we can assimilate & we respect the locals and know where we stand..never get ourselves carried away like the other fucking pendatang species..we only takes what belongs to us, we fight only for land belongs to us, not fight for the land that belongs to others..its sound so familiar, isn't it? hahaha..

    See, who blaming who..fucking assholes..just another classic example of one pointing finger to other without realizing another four finger pointing back ...Now u all know Malaysia was never alone with this kind of problem in this world with this chingkies & tamil hindulens pendatangs.

    Tengok cermin lah pendatang..tak sedar diri.. bila nak berambus atau mampus dari bumi ini?

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  69. Anonymous12:53 am

    oii oii hello no on es top u ,dont like bn leave malaysia ahhh?who r u?here must force to like bn ahhh?if bn dont like dap,pas then ask them leave ahh?wher ur brains is ?aat bn shithole ahh?

  70. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Is the father the same guy involved in making anwar ibrahim's life a hell???

  71. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Chingkie bastards contribute no more than 20%........

    Warrior 231

    7:49 PM

    Warrior 231,

    You are a typical UMNO BABI HUTAN of the worst type, who condemn the Chingkie bastards, but when UMNO Melayu bastards of your type run into trouble with your business deals because you are more deeply tainted with corruption, who do you think you will turn to?

    The chingkie bastards of course!! Why because your fellow UMNO Babi Hutan Melayu bastards don't want to lift a finger to help you! They prefer you to stew in your own juice, because if you go to the dogs and pigs, they will have one less greedy UMNO Babi hutan bastard to deal with! You are typical munafik of the worst UMNO babi type!


  72. Anonymous8:51 pm


    D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

    You are nothing but a pendatang haram from Java like Khir Toyol! Swim back to where you come from otherwise we report you to the rela and they string you upside down by your balls.


  73. Anonymous9:04 pm


    Please come to the point that you want Omar Ong appointed as member of Board of Directors Petronas mainly because he's your son, right? No matter how much you try to disguise this and beat around the bush, you still give yourself away. They made it clear they don't want ex-employees but the bottom line is that your son who is aligned to Khairy is not wanted because Najib does not want Khairy and is weeding out all his kakis, cronies, those 4th Flr boys. Still there is no harm for you to plead to Najib to take him in, on the basis that he was once Najib's pol sec or something. But expect a lot of Najib's people will object as I think your son has made more enemies than friends in the rough and tumble environment of UMNO. Good luck Mustapha Ong!


  74. Anonymous9:37 pm

    "Never heard malays diaspora having much trouble else where in this world even in Sri Lanka, South Africa & Australia? Why??"

    Ever heard of the Origin of Species ? Your species died out lah, from inbreeding.


  75. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Hallo Ramamoron...

    Like my brother warrior 231, we are from the North..My skin tone is different from Khir Toyo..far near yours..we exist here & built civilization milenniums before you mafuckers ever set your filthy fucking foots here, ok mafuckers..

    Now, listen u pariah..scram the hell out the here before we deport u to Sri Lanka.. they know how to handle a pariah like u very well..

    Now fuck off..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  76. Anonymous6:54 pm

    Dei pundek kalathai. First who are you addressing a babi hutan. You got manners bastard, assfucking, cuntlicking, shit swilling , grandmafondled little pansy shit. you have got evidence to back up your ma fucking assertions or you are jst a new arrivedesta who thinks he is some gift to the world of profanity.

    Each time a chingkie does a business investment, he taps into infrastructure prepared and provided by the Malay government and exploits tax holidays,incentives, low interest bank loans, a stable exchange rate.....the list goes..all put in place by the Malay dominated ruling government.

    And prior to 1957, the chingkie had a field day raping and pillaging Tanah melayu's resources the profits of which were repatriated to build his fortune in Hongkong, Fujian et al and to finace his bastards revolution (remember Sun Yat Sen)...Enuff now, and scoot pink pantied, arselicking, cockshafting, mouthrammed, cum guzzlinng, pig shagging, dogfucked half dead chingkie boy!

    Warrior 231

  77. Anonymous7:22 pm


    Ever heard of hybrid species? Your species is the DNA hybrid between homoerectus and sus-barbatus..

    walla..we have a new species called chingkie!

    They look like pig, smell like one, eat like one, piss like one and shit like one.. so uncivilized like fucking savage tribe and filthy animal...they even eat one..cannibals..

    With the recent rising WHO level to pandemic alert..its about time we carry the obligation to put your species to extinction , you mafucking swineflu species..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  78. Anonymous10:19 pm

    For my malay brethren: the kind of visceral hatred and shit we are bound to face from those without a racist sinew thanks to our chingkie lovva leaders, the fakatan/Pas arselicking, cuntslurping, mouthshafting, pigswilling male and female crowd. Read calmly BUT Remember always what they think of you> Fear not brethren, for some of us will die for you, push comes to shove

    Malays in sri lanka
    1. The present population of Sri Lankan Malays counts only a 5% of the Muslim population, which is also an 8% of the whole population3) of Sri Lanka. Except for slight changes in numbers, the percentage of the Malay population remained unchanged. While the present number of Malay population stands at 60,000 persons, one third of them live in Colombo, others are scattered out in several districts of Sri Lanka. Among them, the largest number is 1% of the population of Hambantota district in the southern Sri Lanka.Despite its small size in number, the Malays have maintained their language, and culture distinct from other communities such as Sinhala, Tamil and Moors of Sri Lanka. They have also contributed joining hands with other communities towards the nation building of a united Sri Lanka. One time they had represented in the National Council, Parliament including in the first cabinet of Independent Sri Lanka and engaged in wider range of professions including Public and Educational service, in the armed forces, judiciary, medical and engineering etc

    South Africa
    2.It is estimated that there are about 166,000 people in Cape Town who could be described as Cape Malay, and about 10,000 in Johannesburg. The picturesque Malay Quarter of Cape Town is found on Signal Hill, and is called the Bo-Kaap.

    3. The Malay involvement in the struggle against Apartheid is told through the efforts of Omar Cassem – an Arabic scholar, anti-apartheid campaigner, calligrapher, interior designer, poet and angler – who played a large part in getting South Africa banned from the Olympic Games during the Apartheid regime and in encouraging Muhammad Ali to cancel his South African tour.

    As of 1996, there were 76000+ Malays in Australia....

    Godfather Fuckhead and your ilk, I pray and hope you die a painful death with your throat slit and your cock sliced away. I really hope you do, arsewhore!

    Warrior 231

  79. Anonymous12:35 am

    Rama parian

    you speak like a chackilian uncouth, fuckhead, mind your manners about us natives and dont try to show you "heroness" trannie whore, arsehole. We will string your cock and give you a mighty spanking before stuffing a bicycle pump up ur arse for good measure uncouth dickhead. Get outta here and better hide deep, shithead

    Warrior 231

  80. Anonymous1:07 am

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Chingkie bastards contribute no more than 20%........

    Warrior 231

    7:49 PM

    Warrior 231,

    You are a typical UMNO BABI HUTAN of the worst type, who condemn the Chingkie bastards, but when UMNO Melayu bastards of your type run into trouble with your business deals because you are more deeply tainted with corruption, who do you think you will turn to?

    The chingkie bastards of course!! Why because your fellow UMNO Babi Hutan Melayu bastards don't want to lift a finger to help you! They prefer you to stew in your own juice, because if you go to the dogs and pigs, they will have one less greedy UMNO Babi hutan bastard to deal with! You are typical munafik of the worst UMNO babi type!


    8:43 PM

    Jom Bodek Besar!

    Kamu ni tak pandai ke nak tengok yg DAP, PKR & PAS itu jugak bayak korup?

    Tuan kamu tu Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI)! Bapak segala babi!

    -tukang perati

  81. Anonymous11:35 am

    These Malays allow a Kerala Indian to rule them for 22 years, a Hainan Chinese to rule them for 4 years, and they still call names like Chingkies and Pariah.

    Warrior 231 is simply a product of inbreeding because his father screwed his sister and produced this pig-faced idiot.


  82. Anonymous12:57 pm

    "Ever heard of hybrid species?"

    Sure. Like you with your brain in your ass, with an asshole for your mouth. All because of inbreeding. Ask Dr M. He's a medical doctor, he knows what happens to a species when it is inbred.


  83. Anonymous2:48 pm

    D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-
    Warrior 231,




    So Warrior 231 dan D Muhahaha, the more you hentam chingkie, the more it backfires. In the end, you are forced kneel down before chingkie,ask their forgiveness, even lick the chicken shit from the soles of his shoes. You know that but you too MALU to say publicly.

    Warrior 231 and D Muhahaha, balek lah kubor babi hutan kau di PWTC, jangan kacau2 dalam Rocky bru, because in the end, you get hurt. Better for you to put your faces i in the jamban to drown out your anger. Keh Keh Keh, MALU TERSANGAT, babi hutan UMNO!!!!


    PS my sincere apologies to Rocky bru, I do not normally use such crass and foul language on people, but in the case of Warrior 231 and D Muhaha who are clearly UMNO agent provocateurs, I make an exception. I hope you understand Rocky. Thank you.


  84. Anonymous12:06 am

    And since, father screwing sister is game now. why not i take it further to wreck my own form of vigilante justice on a pinkthonged don who is on the verge of a breakdown what with him slowly willing us to spill the beans on his ancestry.

    You are the end result of your psychotic ( grandfather and down syndrome brother fucking and buttrearing your chained sow of a mother to shreds in some Fritzlstyle dungeon (

    Now tell, your son the degenerate truth so you can close that horrendous past regarding of your dark origins, butt fucking, arselicking, dogdicked, pigshagging playpen mafia scum and come to terms with yourself so son can quit his megalomania that he is the son of god. Runs in the family..this psychosis, dont you all think so folks? what with father adopting 'godfather' as his sobriquet. I guess that nails what happened in that dungeon...hahahaha LOL

    Folks, the white flag has been clearly waved with the father of god lapping up his worminfested, urine laced shit. For you see, the much derided statesman,Tun M
    (remember the don's vile epithets of him) is now the face saviour, pathetic is just the word! hahahahahaha LOL. hei, father of god, i thought the Great statesman was from the Dark Side, a dark lord (in your words), ran out ghosts to apportion in the bright side? how sad, maybe you should slid them thongs, trannie gear and all and walk the lorongs to find one or is the psychosis + down syndrome thrown your semen clogged brains off kilter.....hahahaha LOL

    Anyway, you displayed a touch of reality about the one-term failure.Yeah good to know we had our little experiment with a Hainan chingkie scum 9 ur own words)and he just proved to all that he could sleep better than he could ever rule, and chase old skirts better than he could ever coral a rock in Johore .Prove enough of chingkie failure, dont you think so, don? what more does your moron spastic brain need for proof, you aphasia ( infested skunk of a runt...hahahaha LOL. Thank your lucky stars for living under Malay premiers for all but 5 dark purgatories of your existence.......and looks like there is a bit of hope for you now you are slowly coming to terms with your chingkie reality.Quit these parts and work at it with your theraphist on that couch...son desperately wants you too!

    Lost it bigtime eh, little thumbsucking, cocktwiddling, cheap plastic nappie clad teatsucking down syndrome bastard. No wonder ma, with her unwashed gams swinging wildly was looking for her wee chingkie porky pinkie all over the place with her straddle gait masking her pigshagged cunt, pitiful sight to behold. Ask the guard at your local Tesco for further details once you are healthy and sane enough to dribble a few legible stuff from your piggy snout and learn to control your nasty habit of public shitting in them pants.

    You want to respond, try getting your facts right, you cant even rebut what i said (baru jentik sikit) and just like the dildoed, pink stilleto butt rammed don, you have to resort to profanities (kiddie stuff not the real deal, mind you) to save face. Sad but true, u failed even on that score and talking about us kowtowing to chingkie unwashed shitarse, dream onlah,trannie of a spayed bitch.

    For folks, drum roll please, he just melutut in public to a Melayu asking for forgiveness for being such a naughty fuckedup, arsedigged, cockshafted toddler:

    " my sincere apologies to Rocky bru, I do not normally use such crass and foul language on people, '

    what more self-incriminating proof you need in the court of public opinion or any court for that matter.It came from your own keyboard!!

    As they say, PR no maruah, perangai barua. Need i say more!!

    Warrior 231

  85. Anonymous10:17 am

    WTF Jom...its that what a PR pigbrain like you can come out with to the front line? kah..kah pathetic and lowlife can you people be.. what backfire? can't even rebut a shit of any of my arguments.. babi already got barbequed..why need to be on CAPS, moron? pity u piglet..forgot it is u the one that on fire...i can easily backfire from my ass for piglet like u..

    you are a pig coz u eat pig..why need to call other who do not eat pig with your filthy mouthwatering delicacies, hah?? Call lah lembu ka, kambing ka, ayam ka or even ikan... cina fuckatan ni..mau gaduh tapi bodoh..tak malu ka maki org dgn makanan sendiri? Babi pun kalau ada akal mesti malu dgn babi yang maki org lain babi... :D hahaha..

    PR goons..such a hotgas..nil substances..

    Fuck, now a pig dreaming to be a goose..? identity crisis as usual...kah..kah.. you chingkies can be pig-leeches or pig-fleas..suit your nature..simply parasites, sucking blood from the HOST..stupig! hahaha..


    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  86. Anonymous11:08 am

    :D muhahaha

    I'll give you the ignoramus a tip - start eating pork. Your brain will then start moving from your ass upwards and will eventually reach its right destination. Don't stop eating until it reaches the right place, otherwise your brain could simply stop at your prick - and that would disappoint your UMNO masters.


  87. Anonymous1:53 pm


    Yes mutated piggy-freak pigbrain..good tip..i'm waiting for you to eat yourself first starting from your ass up..not to mention the amount of your own species already in your intestine including their shits which you had ruminated earlier..

    but like you'd said , it still ain't do need it more than i do, coz pork is the fuel that drives u, the demand is too high if you want to sustain your caput fucking pigbrain..boleh bankrupt kandang babi ini macam..kah..kah..kah.. fucking funny..

    A pig asking a non-pig eater to eat pork? what the fuck..!
    for once spare us your self-humiliation pls, u pig-freak..shit..your species further evolved into cannibals pig..

    wa sulah manyak takut ini mcm..nanti ada virus baru shit! Get me a sub-machinegun pls.. WHO red alert!!

    If a pig can think , how much it would feel so fucking ashamed of you, his own sad can it be seing a pig calling a non-pig fucking stupig!

    hoi babi lupa diri..
    here's my ignoramus tip:
    Get a mirror, pigbrain..


    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  88. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Ho ho ho Warrior 231 and D muhahaha,

    Did what I say which was merely the tip of the iceberg prick what little conscience you stinking UMNO Babi Hutans have - to the extent that you are displaying even more severe signs of SWINE FEVER than what we currently have in H1N1. Tsk! Tsk! I can see you two,or 3,(never mind how many) UMNO Babi Hutans frothing at the mouth about to explode in the latest bout of DEMAM BABI only exclusive to UMNO types like you! You rightly choose to display symptoms in your kubang babi UMNO in PWTC where you want to borrow the keris from you TAIKO BABI HUTAN, the Kerismuddin...then go on a rampage...pengamok..As your other top UMNO Babi Hutan Mamak Mahathir point going on another May 13 rampage, because now most of the High buildings in KL now belong to you UMNO Babi Hutans..and if you disregard the nasihat of that Kerala UMNO Babi Hutan, well, as he said, you will end up burning your own pig sties or kubang babis...the chingkie apek or mata sepet whom you hate so much, yet when you are in trouble, you tolong them to help you because your own Babi Hutan UMNO refuse.. are now all gone..taken their money back to Tongsan, Taiwan, HK..Why do you know that when LKY visited your biggest Najis, he openly tells you UMNO babi hutans straight in your face (padan muka) that the money which the Chingkie Apek "steal" from your bolehland, are safely in the banks of Temasek...and what can you do about it? Sure you can demo against LKY, but as I say, and I say again and again, the very people among you UMNO Babi Hutans who demo against him and Temasek will quickly kneel down before them to "minta sedekah" when you become bankrupt like how you became in Asian Financial crisis of 1997.

    So my advice to you Warrior 231 and Dmuhahaha, stop ranting and raving at the chingkie apek, because next time, he will no longer help you...because he no longer needs you....

    I notice that you 2 UMNO babi hutans - warrior 231 and Dmuhahaha - have literally gone beserk, oinking and oinking and frothing at the mouth....mana keris...sori lah boss...all chingkie apek in the area have one for you to pengamok..

    It is only a matter of time before you UMNO BABI HUTANS like Warrior 231 and D Muhahaha self destruct because your demam babi will reach the 200 degree C mark...Very simple...beside PWTC is Klang River...go jump into it and let the buaya there eat you up...if not, then hop onto DAP rocket and shoot off to the moon where PAS will beat the shit out of what tok Guru is going to do to your Najis and Mustapha Apek in Manek Urai...

    Ha ha ha...semua bodoh ni Warrior 231 dan D Muhahaha....ha ha ha...padan muka....


  89. Anonymous2:34 pm


    dont bother about this fuckedup,downsyndrome son of a Chingkie whore who flashed her cunt at every journeyman sailor out gallivanting for a free fuck as his skiff berthed awhile at its port of call. You cant expect any thing more intelligent from a moron whose ancestry is as shitdrenched as his very self, Imagine being the issue of a psycho old fuckhead and a down syndrome arsedigged, throatfucked brother. Must be pretty bad.Have you noticed it doesnt care to debunk but has descended to a level which it once boasted that it was morally above.

    See, I told you, the pigflea, dogshitworm, dog arsetick chingkie's will anyhow eventually reveal its true character. Put it under pressure and it goes berserk as all its false trappings of self-control vanishes in a minute and it reveals its true chingkie self. This holds true for practically ALL Chingkies with the odd exception. Whetehr they are clad in designer haute coutere or simple street rags, their behaviour is the same.

    They affect a false persona, the bastards and that is why they are the Malaysian schizophrenics. Educated or not, they nurture 2 personalities. A false front and a true backside. That is why the chingkie is the ultimate doublefaced cheating, lying, thieving scum. The type who will keep two ledgers to evade tax, open false accounts galore, launder his money thru legal means et al....see the double symbolism in all that.

    Be warned, my brethren for the china babi is the worst of all mankind and that says something doesnt it, for we used to believe nothing could top the hindulen pariah....hahahahahahaha LOL

    Warrior 231

  90. Anonymous3:20 pm

    PS my sincere apologies to Rocky bru, I do not normally use such crass and foul language on people, but in the case of Warrior 231 and D Muhaha who are clearly UMNO agent provocateurs, I make an exception. I hope you understand Rocky. Thank you.


    2:48 PM

    1. See who is behaving pretty boy up there.

    2. i thought the babi is synonymous with the Chingkie bastard till the star had to change Swine flu to HINI to jaga hati its own kind....So the chingkie who literally eats, sleeps, shits and fucks with his favie beast must have gone mad linking the non-kosher beast to Malay/Muslims. That comes from too much bah kut teh, pork trotters, roast pork NO matter what u say, it will not erase the fact, chingkie pee wee little porkie but that is is in keeping with your bastard,arsefucking, mafucking, pabuggeing and grandpacumshowering, granmacuntlicking Chingkie nature, aint it? "Erase facts and plant lies" must have been Confucious' first credo.

    Warrior 231

  91. Anonymous4:33 pm

    u r right bro warrior...

    I can only see diarhoea pigshits everywhere coming from this "fuckedup,downsyndrome son of a Chingkie whore who flashed her cunt at every journeyman sailor"..
    Tainting this blog with his pigshits..

    sorry for Rockybru..
    lowlife cheap pig like this one only produce low quality meat..tak syiok aa main dgn depa..i do miss skillmoron..

    No substance.. just let this pig self-humiliate himself in this 10mil worth of high traffic blog...

    Let everbody in this world see & know how much a kilo of this kind of chingkie pig in Malaysia market value.. LOL!

    Pity for the same babi but with brain out there, they'll sure feel so ashamed for their own brethren here... hahahahaha LOL..!

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  92. Anonymous7:31 pm

    Bro anti

    Lets see whether they have read this or have the pigcock to do so ( a scholarly article):


    Patience, brother anti, I will soon bring out the first piece of heavy artillery and start firing at their culture and religion.Let's see what they are made off when the facts splatter on their snouts.

    Warrior 231

  93. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Can I confirm with you whether there are new H1N1 cases in Malaysia? They seem to be thriving in your blog. Warrior 231,D Muhahaha, anti and others are displaying these signs...more serious than the demam babi that these UMNO types are suffering from...I think it is high time you quarantine them in Sungei Buloh..ha ha ha....


  94. Anonymous12:36 am

    The two pig-faced mutts known as Warrior and Muhahaha are products of the incest system promoted by UMNO. They have been sitting on their brains all this while.


  95. Anonymous1:40 pm

    In general, courtesy is a very important aspect of Malay society. Most of their groups are loosely structured, their commitments are not strong, and loyalty to a group is not as important as being courteous. The "pure Malay" is considered to be kind towards women, children and animals; introspective; polite; slow to speak; passive; and indolent. Yet, when angered, a Malay may lose all self-control and get into a frenzy. Of course, there are many variations of what a "true Malay" is, depending on the countries in which they now live. Cleanliness is typically a feature of most Malay homes.

  96. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Well..well..make my day..did someone mention vaccine?

    Do u know how they make vaccine?

    They used a weakened this case the virus is the swine- chingkies.. witness & compare their state of being before WE came in..hahahaha.. can change the names from swineflu to H1N1 or whatever shit..but still u cannot change the world known fact & origin that 'chingkie = pig'..its a constant..not a variable parameter, ok start eating yourselves ass up to throat that custom humiliation caste upon ur species..kah..kah..kah..

    Objectively..that's what myself & warrior 231 had done and had successfully achieved.. we weakened the chingkie pig swineflu virus in the cybersphere...the more we get the sane malays to visit this 10mil hotspot..the more we can immunized them against the chingkie swine vermins infections..

    The first outbreak happens 30yrs ago (1969)..but our forefathers only treat the symptoms..neither developing proper immunization against the virus and nor taking stern action to eradicate the remaining virus nice of them..that's why we suffer a secondary outbreak now..!

    Now, after 30yrs incubation period, the virus RNA which quitely hidden inside the chingkie pigs has mutated and replicated rapidly it can even infect non-pig eater i.e among the malay....cross species transmission....all that virus cultured in a vault called Puckatan Riot set up by the madhomo PKR Al-Juburi with the help of their DAP microbiologist and PAS serving as their lab baruas & lab rats..kah..kah..kah..

    some people like example that 'mazlan' guy to be precised are unhelpable since the infection already very acute & critical damaging his cure for him..better to be exterminated to prevent further outbreak..his corpse should be properly incinerated and his ash put inside chingkie's nirvana memorial lubang jamban..

    So fucking vaccine..u are the source.. now spread your legs and let me do this nation a favour..let me jab your asshole with M16 muzzle to blow your swineflu pigbrain out..shitass filthy..hahaha...

    When r u going to migrate to singapore? I heard pretty soon they need to adopt the inbreeding method or else face extinction..

    New art of survival to boost the population of the chingkies there having -ve growth?

    Negative? Now i really doubt, can the chingkie really fuck? So the myth about the chingkie puny pecker really is a true fact..

    So it must be the male sus-barbatus that took over the job from the male chingkie for breeding all this while? Now that's explained the type of cross genetics offspring it produce like what we can see here in this cyberspace.. hahaha

    Prepare to fuck you sis, godfucker..before that let me feast her first and pass her down to the mat rempit as our warm gesture of appreciation before you leave to singapore..hey, at least we help u breed in advance..

    now heed my advice: go become eunuch like the chingkie in the old days..why spare something functionally a waste? The sus-barbatus's is way better in size than yours...hahaha

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  97. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Yeah Warrior 231

    if you go by their claims, Melayu kueh is 'Nyonya Kueh'

    even pizza was claimed to have originated from china

  98. Anonymous4:00 pm

    tall and good runners

    hhmmm makes a good animated movie title - fictional that is

    recycled water leads to poor health in the long term

    a famous Hong Kong actress once declared she was glad that she need not live in singapore as she would have to drink sewage water

  99. Anonymous4:15 pm


    the anti-chinkies and anti-hindulen are WAY above in terms of linguitic and debating abilities

    WAY above too in the wit department YEAH .....

  100. Anonymous1:42 am

    Brother Anti-whatever

    That vaccine thingy was simply fantastic. You are my blood brother and we aint gonna let any chingkie pig scoot away scot-free after rustling the leaves and beating a hasty retreat. Yeah, not one will run away without its arse being shredded to bits by our shotgun pellets.

    Warrior 231

  101. Anonymous7:40 am

    Warrior 231 must have been a cross between a dog and a pig. That's why he goes around like a mad dog sniping at everyone's ankles - but like a pig, he can't go very far.

    I'm staying at Bolehland because I am committed to removing your UMNO masters from power. Being he mutt-faced pig that you are, I gotta make sure you are barbecued in 2013. I gotta make sure your narrow gene pool is extinguished together with UMNO.



  102. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Lame excuse: "I'm staying at Bolehland because I am committed to removing your UMNO masters from power. "

    Real fact: "but like a pig, he (?)can't go very far."

    Words manipulation ends up with self description..

    Woo..kandang babi sudah bankrap!

    I like that boom boom pow
    Them chickens jackin' my style
    They try copy my swagger
    I'm on that next shit now

    Bro 231.. enjoy the feast!

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-