Saturday, June 13, 2009

Zaid Ibrahim: Out of Umno, Into PKR

13/6 Former Minister in PM's Dept Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has joined Parti Keadilan Rakyat, says party adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim/STAR
No more Mr Maverick. In Umno, Zaid Ibrahim was perceived as a "maverick politician". He was regarded generally to be independent in thought and in action compared with his colleagues in the party. Shahrir Samad is another maverick in Umno. Musa Hitam was a young maverick politician. And Dr Mahathir Mohamad, of course.

Some mavericks stay in Umno while others left for Semangat 46 or for the ordinary life away from politics.

Zaid has decided -- finally -- to join Anwar Ibrahim's PKR. In his new party, the former Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (when Pak Lah was the PM) won't be a maverick anymore. He will be part of the herd, and he would be right up there in the top echeleon of the Opposition party to the ruling coalition, BN.

If anything were to happen to DSAI, Zaid Ibrahim would be the most experienced and respected Malay politician to take over as leader. Yes, Anwar now has a potential worthy successor. Like Anwar, Zaid was sacked from Umno, is smart and eloquent, and extremely popular with the Pakatan Rakyat supporters. He has also accumulated quite a bit of fortune when he was an Umno member, although not all of his wealth is owing to the party or his position in the party back then.

After this, Zaid only needs to win an election if he wants to legitimize the claim to be a worthy successor.


  1. Anonymous6:09 pm


    Very astute observation. Come July we will know if Anwar will remain or will be history. Since Anwar's earlier conviction of sodomy was turned over by the Appeals Court, this could be his 'first' offence, kalau guilty lah.

    For "first time" sodomy offenders, it is at least six years jail. That will be the end of Anwar Ibrahim. My gut feel tells me that Anwar will flee, just like Raja Petra Kamaruddin. Siapa nak masuk penjara enam tahun bro?

    My feeling is Anwar may seek political asylum in Turkey again. Why Turkey? Why not? Turkey has a lot of 'Turkish delights' for men. Here we only have Kelantan Delights, which is a restaurant in Sentral run by a Kelantanese.

    When that happens, Zaid may turn out to be a worthy successor to Anwar. Zaid may even lead PKR - take over from Wan Azizah.

    But what will Azmin say? Or Saifuddin Nasution or Syed Husin Ali? No one likes the parachutists - who just drop in out of the sky to the top job.

    I see Zaid as a plant. He will come back to UMNO at some point in time, totally embarassing PKR. If Anwar is found guilty of sodomy, it will be the end of PKR. Zaid will not hang around anymore. If Zaid hangs around PKR, he will become a vegetable.

  2. Anonymous6:09 pm

    For now this announcement is good and welcomed by the Pakatan supporters. But in the years ahead, we shall have to wait whether he's another Mahathir in the making. This Nation cannot afford to go through those years of racial divide and segregation in any form or manner anymore. While we could have been 10 times ahead of Singapore, we are now 20 times behind. And who's standing out to be counted to disagree with my statement?

  3. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Good Riddance finally!
    Pls don't hop back to BN. Syukur. Allahamdulillah.

    Syed Mahmod

  4. Anonymous6:41 pm

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. "As a result, however, the group’s shareholders’ equity as at March 31 has turned negative RM458mil, hence triggering the criteria of being an affected listed issuer under PN17.

    “Technically, we are a PN17 company but we have obtained a PN17 waiver from Bursa Malaysia up to end of this year as we have a strong cash balance of RM3.8bil,” Idris said."

    Hi bru, can somebody ask this Jala where does RM 1.68 Billion gone too because MAS cash balance was RM 5.25 billions.

    He is making an ass of himself !!!

    More details here:

  6. Whats wrong with being a maverick? IF being a maverick and you are with UMNO that means you have endeared yourself whereas behaving and saying the same things as before, except now you are in DAP or PKR, you have joined the herd! And that somehow stinks is it? Somehow you associate the word herd with a bunch of animals or people behaving in a way that is not exactly kosher. There is some unruliness about it. Right? He says the same things as before except its noise to you now, when previously it was the sound of music!! Am sure some of what Zaid may have said before and written about here in Rocky's Bru would have been lavished with praise. Funny isn't it? We bloggers!!

  7. This maverick is a rich man like Khalid Ibrahim who joined and gave position in PKR because they are filthy rich. If Ezam is rich like them, of he had been MB of Seloangor instead of Khalid

  8. Star's Jossie must be reeling that she didn't come out with a twist like this first. But never mind. From such consummation of blog and msm breeds are real thoroughbred mongrels born.

  9. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Good riddance to smelly, putrid garbage.

    This guy whose name is not even worth mentioning, is the ultimate scum who brought the BN into disrepute with his showman antics, high moral ground grandstanding, and his public displays of hypocrisy by his blatant courtship of the opposition.

    Having made his millions by first mortgaging his so-called principles, this born-liar was just like the pariah mongrel who bites the hand that fed him. Anyway, he has good company as he is joining a party teeming with pariah mongrels like the khalids, the wan azizahs, the azmins, the saifuddiins, the anwars., et al...well-known Malay pariahs who made their name in UMNO and had a simultaneous flash of epiphany to lick chingkie arse, clean chingkie twat, suck hindulen cock and gorge on chindian cum to get their kicks. Morally depraved cretins and intellectually vacous morons who are willing to sacrifice their race and religion for the money, the power, the gals.

    This bastard will keep the turban kafir Nikki Lee Aziz and the Hugo Boss suited infidels like Ngee Char and Husam good company but his doggone god forsaken mien when he heard Hadi spout might have sent shivers down his spine and shockwaves through his crotch.

    Now, I challenge this maverick to give his pronouncements on PAS' latest moves but i guess for a cockless, spineless. cunt freak and arse prick, he will keep a low profile and affect ignorance.

    The bastard was brought to the fore by a fuckedup sleepwalker bent on obliterating his own party for the perceived slight, his tribe received in 1988. That vengeance still flows within certain veins whose careers were neutered by their own hands and the poison will only be removed when this bunch is purged and jettisoned from the ramparts or when scum like this leave on their volition once their duplicity is exposed .

    Now the Ibrahim clan in the opposition is officially complete - the local pentagon who will implement the Unbridled Satan's hidden agenda. I wish this pa buggered, cock challenged, cunt licking political whore of a bastard the worst in life and may his political career die a painful and humiliating death.

    P/s : you are being charitable when calling anwar and Zaid leaders, rocky. They are nothing but pig breeders and arsecunt diggers...hahahaha LOL

    Warrior 231

  10. Anonymous7:56 pm

    Of course Rocky has joined the herd the dark side by taking the money dangled in front of him by BN. Now everywhere Rocky turns, he sees Jalan Sehala.


  11. Husin Lempang8:12 pm

    Zaid will be a worthy opponent. He is agile, able to duck & retaliate quickly and can throw potent uppercut as good as other politician.

    He'll be the Evander type who will not be throwing punches below garter belt and much less bite the ear off his opponent like some other dirty politician.

    Welcome to the ring Dato' Zaid.

  12. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Who is this Zaid? a nobody even in UMNO. Just another rich guy who has plenty of time and money to play around in politics.This time with PKR.

    Good riddance to this fat slop!!


  13. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Dei Malsia126

    You cant even spell, MALAYsia right and you crow about some readymade 2m X 2m piece of sand bequethed with roads, railways, airports and a thriving port and arich hinterland to tap into.

    I guess, you are one of those chingkie bastard arse digging whore who thinks that the Brits under Raffles et al, anchored their skiffs, built some hovels and slept their lives away in their mosquito infested purgatory of a territory plundered through deceit from some blinking, blithering local chief to be awakened by the drones in 1965 to see a thriving entreport, a regional business hub with Jardines, Hutchinson Whampoa, HSBC, Stanchart et al emerge before their very eyes.

    You must also be a pa buggered, mafucking brat who has wet dreams about Albert Winsemius being nothing more than the resident butler tasked with arse licking and cocksucking Goh Keng Swee, Lee Kuan Yew et al during their breaks as they spend their daylights and nightimes figuring out schemes to propel Spore to the next level.

    You must also be some shit munching, urine swilling chingkie moron who spends his daylights imagining that the "benevolent" tyrant LKY spent his whole life squashing rebellions, bloody uprisings, violent insurrections mounted and fomented day in day out, sun up, sun down, moon rise, moon wax by his Chingkie populace throughout his almost 40 years of iron -fisted rule.

    You must also be a twat cleaning, cuntwhore who thinks that Spore 100% produces and exports its own stuff while at the same time being the good neighbour it is pay dirt for water, block off access to the neighbour's port and generally poach its citizens while making fun of its education system.

    Finally, you must have been holed up deep in your momma's rock-blasted cunt, exploring her smelly innards while Temasek squandered RM 100billion buying worthless US paper and Spore got almost 15% lopped off its growth figures.

    wake up man, scramble outta your momma's flea infested wormy cunt ala Raffles and his friends and get a life and read some history.

    Spore was put set up for a reason, a friendly nation to police the China-Suez route, a nation of fleeing chingkies set up to mimic Hongkietown so that the West can forever have a foothold and a friendly port of call for the navy in the resource rich, strategically important SEA and of course, an offshore Switzerland where Chingkie gangstas, robber-barosn like the kuoks, Lims et al can launder their illgotten wealth fresh from plundering the hinterland. Who did Spore run to for military advise on independence in 1965? China! no trannie it was Israel.

    You talk too much for a bastard. Lets see whether you still got them cock muscle to read this first for 101 before shooting your pig snout:

    "In the 1970s, Singapore was upgrading its industrial capacity to use higher technological methods, including electronics. He personally went to persuade large Dutch electronics companies like Philips to set up production plants in Singapore. He also proposed that Singapore could be developed as a financial centre, as well as an international centre for air traffic and sea transport. Over the next twenty years, these predictions proved to be accurate."


    See, I purposely put that there when normally, i cant care less so that you and your fellow chingkies can no longer mouth thru their arse the forever lie that GKS was the Spore economic architect. Not bad for a Dutch butler, eh??? hahahahahaha......LOL.

    You want more..I am waiting. Now scram outta here and go suckle momma's sagging titties, gams whatever.....idiot!

    Warrior 231

  14. "If Anwar is convicted, it's the end of PKR"

    - This is Tun Dr Mahathir's thinking.

    We opposition supporters are looking forward to Anwar's conviction. In March 2008, Permatang Pauh majority 12,000. After Sodomy II, the majority increased to 15,000. If Umno manages to secure conviction, the majority in the next election could be 20,000.

  15. well done to Zaid. we need more men like him who can bring together people instead of being a racist to garner support. yes he is high profile compared to others in PKR but hey better have him in PKR then others. Azmin is another good smart leader in PKR and with Zaid both of them can help PKR forward more so if Anwar is back in jail.

    well shall Anwar will flee but I'm more keen to see if the trial will be fair.

  16. Anonymous9:18 pm

    Whoever in control is not a top priority in this nation as one sees it.

    All we need is a strong opposition
    let it be Pakatan ,Umno or any so called unity party in-charge.

    Someone has to to be there to make some noise to check complacency and injustice.


  17. Anonymous9:27 pm

    If Anwar gone.. there is no replacement...
    It will be a joke.. if someone were to ever say Zaid can take over..
    He has no popularity at all amongst Malays.. he only has managed to put the PR supporters to dance, but still has pissed PAS supporters.

    He holds nothing that Malays pride for nor the Islamists of PAS..

  18. Anonymous9:31 pm

    No big surprise because PKR is a party that collects all the shit from UMNO and all the immoral person that has no place in UMNO.


    HE HE HE

  20. Rocky,

    Noun - a person of independent or unorthodox views
    Adjective - (of a person or his or her views) independent and unorthodox

    Noun - (Often disparaging) a large group of people; a crowd especially of ordinary or undistinguished persons or things

    Did Tun Dr. Mahathir turn into an ordinary or undistinguished person when he rejoined UMNO? Granted that Musa Hitam, Shahrir Samad & Zaid himself faced opposition in UMNO for being independent and/or unorthodox. But why can't Zaid be a person of independent or unorthodox views in PKR? Do you believe that PKR is very much like UMNO? How so? Please explain.

    Zaid Ibrahim may indeed turn out to be "part of the herd" in Pakatan Rakyat, but I would prefer to make up my mind after seeing some evidence.

    Two more questions for you, Rocky: is this post of yours another example of spin, i.e. interpreting an event in a particular way so as to manipulate public opinion for or against a certain organization or public figure? If so, is this what we can expect to see in the pages of the Malay Mail under your leadership?

  21. Dear Old Fart,

    What's wrong with being a maverick? Nothing, of course, and that's why it would be sad not to be able to describe Zaid Ibrahim as a "maverick politician" anymore. For in the party he has just joined, almost everyone shares Zaid's views about almost everything. Unlike when he was in Umno. Remember, you can only be a maverick if you are, according to the definition I found in as:


    1. An unbranded range animal, especially a calf that has become separated from its mother, traditionally considered the property of the first person who brands it.
    2. One that refuses to abide by the dictates of or resists adherence to a group; a dissenter.


    Being independent in thought and action or exhibiting such independence: maverick politicians; a maverick decision.

    Old Fart,

    My choice of the word "herd" is not to hurt.

    As has it, "maverick" may have originated from "Samuel Augustus Maverick (1803–1870), American cattleman who left the calves in his HERD unbranded".

    Thank you.

  22. Anonymous10:02 pm


    He was the by product of Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Ipoh
    the Kibbutz of Malay Egalitarianism and Meritocracy.


  23. Apa lagi pilihan yang beliau ada kalau UMNO masih tidak mahu berubah. Hanya cakap saja hendak berubah tetapi tidak ada tindakan.

  24. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Warrior 231 is just an UMNO asslicker wearing pink underwear, and I am shocked that Rocky should let this foul-mouthed uncouth bastard (who obviously has no religion) to post here.

    Rocky, by condoning this sort of language against Pakatan Rakyat and the icons of Singapore, it clearly shows where your loyalty lies. Shame on you. I hope you at least have your religion and not like the idiot who hides behind the extremely uncharitable name of Warrior 231.


  25. Hi Warrior 231,

    Not really picking a fight with you, anyway I not in your league but why the venom?

  26. Anonymous11:30 pm

    I see alot of sour grapes when Zaid joined PKR.
    Well he did'nt rush head long did he?
    Also who says Anwar is going to jail?Wait for this interesting case.Well TDM tried but failed so can we expect Najib to succeed.?Oh!yes we forgot the hanging judiciary but never , never test the will of GOD as they say.
    We have to admit now that PR has now better quality people to run the opposition or maybe a new government comes next GE.
    All the best to Zaid!


  27. wandererAUS11:41 pm

    This guy happens to have the balls to disassociate himself from the rubbish UMNOputeras for what they are worth...2 fucking cents!

  28. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Warrior 231, youch! Kasi sama dia betul-betul. Where were you man? For further "national" service contact someone (you know who lah) and leave your contact no. There is an urgent opening coming up soon for a hatchet man. Serious dude.

  29. Shariff11:59 pm

    I got a bit lost with Warrior231's venom.
    Not sure what his issues with Zaid Ibrahim is? Is it because the Zaid can formulate an argument and policy with intelligence? Or is intelligence and the wish to reform and improve our politics a crime nowadays; especially in UMNO.
    I am now Anwar fan - but I think he has won the perception war amogst the people that counts - the voters.
    As noted earlier he increased his majority in Permatang Pauh - and with Sodomy Part 2 he has already won the battle of perception there as well.
    I think for those UMNO die-hards here to say 'good riddance' to Zaid miss the point. The public whose vote you need to win elections have sent a clear message at every election since March 2008 - "reform and change or we will change the government"
    And you need every single vote - whether it is Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Dayak and so on...

  30. Anonymous12:02 am

    Warrior 231, you are not my time to respond with my reply for stooping so low to use foul words. Play your game with your type of scums and idiots.

  31. Anonymous12:11 am

    rocky,what ever PKR do wrong. you are truly and deeply with umno. oh ya, they give you position!!!

    hidup umno

  32. The Anon who used the nick Godfather wrote:

    "Warrior 231 is just an UMNO asslicker wearing pink underwear, and I am shocked that Rocky should let this foul-mouthed uncouth bastard (who obviously has no religion) to post here.

    Rocky, by condoning this sort of language against Pakatan Rakyat and the icons of Singapore, it clearly shows where your loyalty lies. Shame on you. I hope you at least have your religion and not like the idiot who hides behind the extremely uncharitable name of Warrior 231.


    11:02 PM"


    Dear Godfather,

    Not so good at taking, eh? I am surprised.


  33. Anonymous12:36 am

    Rejected item? reject by who? a bunch of corrupted barbarians?

  34. Anonymous12:46 am

    PKR is getting more and more intellectual,yet UMNO is still full of perutual.


  35. 1. Zaid a "leader" Bro and he needs to be offered a Supreme Council Post by Anwar before he joins PKR?
    I think being a parachuted PKR leader, Zaid will only cause disharmony in the already established top ranking leaders in Pakatan namely Azmin, Khalid and Saifuddin. PKR will have enough troubles after the Anwar sodomy trial in July 2009 and Zaid's presence will definitely not help but interesting to see how Azmin being Anwar's favourite leader reacts to Zaid.

    2. Bro Warrior 231 your choice of words are truly succulent, your artillery barrage posting has taken the breath out of Godfather and Malsia126 reducing them to a whimper so to speak. Enjoyed every paragraph. TQ.

  36. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    Having had the opportunity of knowing both men, I dare say they are made for each other.

    Anwar and Zaid are both liberals -- men of the world.

    Zaid is certainly well suited to succeed Anwar as PKR leader. Both are well-liked by the liberal Malays and the non-Malays.

    And both have deep knowledge of Umno from the political and financial points of view.

    Both created their wealth through their association with Umno and the government. Zaid was one of Umno's lawyers and dealmakers.

    We're seeing an exciting future for PKR with Zaid's entry. The leadership of the party may see change in the immediate future.

    Ambition is Zaid's second name.

    Thank you.

  37. Anonymous1:24 am

    `he cried when singapore separated from malaysia'

    kah, kah, kah...

    that senile old man.

    the fact is you cheat, manipulate from the people of tanah melayu.

  38. Anonymous1:48 am

    Yeah eddy? Reduced to a whimper? With the like of Warrior 231 and his language, pray tell me -
    Is it surprising Barisan (I mean UMNO) lost 5 States in the last GE? And they had to resort stealing 1 State back in desperation?'
    Keep up with your tone. And lose all 13 States in the next GE. Both of you are welcome. Be my guest.

  39. Hey, our resident Tourettes Syndrome & Tj. Rambutan escapee is back to entertain us.

    Lighten up Godfather, malsia1206, and others... whorio231 a.k.a. Syamil helps serve our purpose by giving a bad impression of BN/UMNO people. This person cannot debate for shit... it can only take out of context and/or spew nonsense. A very good indicator of the continued decay of intellect in BN.

    And that's one reason why the score is now 5 to 1.

    Imagine if ManU kept losing 5-1 to teams like Bristol City, AFC Blackpool, Deeping Rangers, and other lower tier teams... Alex F will sure be sacked already.

  40. As for Zaid. He's an excellent add on to KeADILan & PR. No wonder I heard a collective "OH SHIT!!" coming from the UMNO building in downtown Georgetown today.

    Go get 'em Mr.Z!

  41. Anonymous2:13 am

    Warrior231 has an unhealthy obsession with Chinkie twats and asses. Sigh, so do I.

  42. Brunt Council4:00 am

    Rumours in JB is Shahrir the Maverick jumping party. Excuse is he is ignored after living MInistership.

    Not much heard of his next plan. He could join Khalid Samad or Anwar Ibrahim. His only common factor with Anwar is MCKK. Or form his own independent party?

  43. Anonymous7:36 am

    This is the best news since Beckham join LA Galaxy! Now PR form that long awaited Shadow Cabinet...!

    Beck Rules

  44. Anonymous8:42 am

    Rocky bro:

    There is not a racist sinew in me that allows me to use foul language against a race or group of people. I don't even know what similar term to describe Malays that the racist bastard used on "chingkies". All I know is without the chingkies, the racist bastard will still be in his kampung, wearing his sarong, and smoking his home-made joint.


  45. Anonymous8:43 am

    Accepting to go to the dark side must have changed your principles. Perhaps the Malay Mail is now free to use whatever words in the English dictionary. Good luck !


  46. Anonymous10:24 am

    PKR is going from strength to strength and by the time 13GE it will at pink of health. Great to observe the sinking of UMNO in my lifetime.

  47. Anonymous11:01 am

    Comment moderation is sadly lacking on this blog. In fact, it's zilch. It seems the webmaster of this blog who is holding a responsible position in MSM thinks nothing of allowing some lowlife like warrior 231 to exercise his limited vocabulary. In the blogosphere decent bloggers follow certain protocol and ethics, comments are moderated. No, this blog is a no-holds bar site. So that it continues to attract loads of visitors including morons, racists and some low-lifes? How does that reflect on the owner of this site? A responsible editor of MSM or something else? Angels or Demons?

    W. Nelson

  48. I share Rocky's observation on Zaid's role to replace Anwar and family at the helm of PKR.

    This is my observation from this coincidences. Zaid announced his expected jump to PKR right after Lee Kuan Yew's visit.

    Zaid Ibrahim & Co (Zico)'s Malaysia's operation is expected to suffer but Zico is now more reliant with their Singapore's opertations.

    Zaid is not Singapore allergic as most UMNO leaders. He was Pak Lah choice as recomended by KJ. Pak Lah is not Singapore allergic and KJ is Singapore centric.

    The association is scanty but depending on the numerical system, 1 + 1 could equal 2 or 10?

  49. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    This proved something, right? A BAD judgement by our former flip flop PM by appointing an enemy thats destroy their own colony from within. People like Zaid character should not join any other political party but be an independent person, who is able to do a check and balance regardless of their political believe.
    Some times we saw an opportunistic right infront of our eye balls but since we dont have the wisdom we pick them up to back step us immediately. Blame Tunlah

    Tunlah is our ever sleeping beauty pee eeem said.

  50. Rocky,

    You can do without Warrior 231. Just leaves a blemish on what might already be a fading chalice, what with you now having got a full time job! (Hope I am wrong about the fading chalice though). I would imagine that if Warrior 231cannot prove that Zaid is in fact a bastard as he has claimed here by calling him one, you also get unnecessarily entangled in a fight you don't need nor want.

    Now, I don't know if your friends in UMNO would like to be considered branded! Obviously they too, like a herd do what others in the herd do. They moo of course. And it is only the occassional calf that is given up to slaughter or sacrifice when it gets out of line. Otherwise when all are eating away at the grass that is to be kept for winter, its perfectly alright. Isn't that the problem when they are unable to even act on anyone until now on the Port Klang Free zone scandal. Does that explain why it was not possible for them to see that when one amongst them builds a "palace" in the midst of poverty on a land that was alienated through means that would be short of kosher, that there should be censure and yet it was nott forthcoming. When one amongst them is charged in a foreign country with money he could hardly account for and yet he is given a ministerial position after some years. Is that what belonging to a herd all about? I suppose to this herd when one amongst them gets found out about a scam and is given much publicity it must be such an inconvenience!

    I think when God made you and I in His image, he really did not intend us to be part of a herd. In our own right it would seem like he would want us to be Mavericks.

    But you might be right in that in PKR, there might just be so many like minded mavericks that he might lose that title and that name. But then so what? I would rather, and I do believe you too would rather be the person that you are, unique and true to yourself than be part of a herd. And really, in the herd, that is UMNO, it is so easy for one to be a maverick. Does not take any skill at all. Just be true to yourself. I guess in this UMNO herd, to be part of the herd must be so much more harder. You got to remember so many lies. and it is harder to remember lies. Truth that is easy.

  51. nstman12:36 pm

    Zaid is a true patriot who should be admired for his sacrifices. I think he is PM-material. Long live Zaid, long live democracy. Continue the struggle against oppression, Umno lies, deceit, treachery, idiocy, stupidity, racism. Truth will out, and we will triumph in the end. To strive, to seek, and NOT TO YIELD. Long live Keadilan.

  52. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Warrior 231, the Chingkies played
    you ?? Mate you sounded very Vulgar, carefull of burst vessel.

    Ziggy, NZ

  53. Anonymous1:54 pm

    I bet warrior 231 is Deminegara @ kijangmas at

    bahasa, gaya dan carutan adalah sama!!

    TJ Hooker

  54. Reject the drama king and make Zaid the president of the party and hence the candidate of Malaysian PM

  55. Anonymous3:34 pm

    (Part 1)

    The Godfather
    a name immortalised in cinedom by Francis Ford Coppola's celluloid magnum opus straddled over three gripping films of pure cinematic grandeur.....

    Godfather ( Rocky's Bru blog's ertswhile commenter)

    a fawning pakatan pundek kalathai who has no qualms of branding mr blogmaster as having embraced the dark side but who bristles with hurt when his idols of the sewage hole are blasphemed by the curse of the downtrodden.

    This kuthi nakara chow chee bai lowlife jawbones as if he is the paragon of virtue, the keeper of morals, the guardian of the faith. Yeah, he is God's father after all(you had a good fuck with godmother to beget god). Only through his permisssion, can the son deign to permit anyone thru the inner sanctum.Pray, what gargoyle you are supplicating to, cunt-licking, dog-arse shafting, rabbithole dicking son of a gun. Hey bastard (lest some old, sagging-arsed constipated piece of shit twists otherwise, Bastard as in : Slang. a. a vicious, despicable, or thoroughly disliked person:

    I was minding my own lager but you couldnt resist taking a potshot at me with with your Luger, eh? You missed bad, arsehole and everyone in the Armed Forces of Malaysia circa 1980-1999 know that when you miss bad against Warrior 231, you pay big-time. Now sit back and enjoy as I pump your arse and cock to shreds with my ...........

    Can you prove that I am card carrying UMNO life-member. What if I say I aint, that would be bad isnt it?It would throw u off the kilter, wouldnt it if i prove myself a neutral! For in your warped, zombiefied thought sodomised universe, it must be either us against them just like your darthvader/hans solo strewn universe of darksides and bright lights. Shove your predilection of the dark side up your arse for a change, step away from the blinding bright light and see things from a different perspective. It will give your cum splattered synapses, urine flooded cranial cavity and shit clogged conscience a draught of fresh air and anew take on things.

    Even worse, I see you have a fetish for straight normal guys who in your fuckedup, semen clogged, wanked brain, are walking around in pink panties. Seems like you take after your idol, Adam Lambert who had a unsatiated fetish for his straight and happily married rival. You go around ripping up other guys trousers to peek whether they have more trendy pink thongs than yours, you arsehungry, butt fucked pervert? Watch it trannie, for one of these days some machosexual is not going to take kindly to your unsolicited advances and is going to thrust a steel dick into your mouth instead of your preffered hard-on fleshy dick and blow your brains to high heaven where you can meet your son and counsel him on religion, morality, philosophy and Fakatan.

    You mouth like some freakin cult fiend who wears his religion on his turban know like that Turban kaffir Nikki lee Azeeez hahahaha....LOL

    What if I tell you, I go around without an underwear beneath my trousers? and my hard-ons plastered against my bursting crotch can give Jolie the gold..oops...blood rush.

    U still interested to give me a blowjob while i dine with the fishermen at the Wharf or while I catch the cool breeze with my Ballantine at the Rooftop?....

    Warrior 231

  56. Anonymous3:35 pm

    (Part 2)

    U are nothing more than a hypocritical bastard (slang) bapok who is a devotee of the Church of GAYs( Gabungan Anak Yahudi)who is trying to show off his so-called morals. Why dont you preach the same to RPK? You dare not do that for you will be fobbed off and ostracised for keeps.So you take it out on a patient Rocky ( hats off bro, for putting up with this slimeball)and what you say is tantamount to Fitnah/calumny...u know ur rubbish about the dark sidelah, crossing overlah blah5 is getting a bit tiresome and irksome to the other readers.

    Yet, i dint bother to engage you since I know you have only clogged semen between them earlobes...but the moment i touched your pigshit splattered idol, all hell broke loose. (a total of 3 ripostes directed at me ..maybe under other nicks as well)U implored, berated, chided the Blogmaster for living up to his blog credo and to make it the more the merrier, canvassed your acolytes to send anti-warrior comments here.

    Intention = to get me banned for exposing earth-shattering facts, to cow me into silence, to compel Bru to kick me out so you can have this place for yourselves to frolic in the pool of ur asinine comments as MT is no longer attracting the maggots and faggots as it used to. Moreover, at 10.7million, this blog is drawing them readers by the a rate of almost 25K a day.

    Now get this straight, sow-cunt.
    1. I am not fazed or cowed by you or anyone else here.

    2.i dont give a damn about what you sewage worms think about my writing.

    3.I write on my terms, you dont like it, you fuck off and stroke yourself elsewhere.

    4. I dont owe any Chingkie anything. You seemed worked over by my Chingkie dont seem worked up equally as that when it comes to them bastards spewing vulgarities at us malays in MT, why? Chingkie yourself? Chingkie lovva who licks unwashed wormy Chingkie arses and sucks semen stained cocks after being buttfucked to put food on the table?

    5. If your bastard tribe hates the BN side real bad, you think the BN side cant hate you 10x as bad.Think about it, SOB

    i am speaking as a neutral, "god forsaken father". The people who dragged race and religion into this quagmire are the chingkie backed PR scum. Anything went in their game..the malay culture, language, malay rulers, rights, Allah, the Prophet, his Family, the name it you bastard whores have demeaned it and yet we have not moved to burn down your churches, tear down your temples (xcept illegal gargoyles set beneath every banyan in Malaysia),blast away your caves, close down your schools, ban your public processions and shows of sadomasochistic bravado, prohibit you from dressing up like mad Goths or drinking black coffee etc or walk around carrying candles while towing little uns along for post-vigil shagging orgies.

    You better tell your folks to stop playing games as many of the wayward Malays are returning to the fold and patiently awaiting the moment and when it comes, take it like a man not a pondan/ trannie.

    I doubt you can take it as you cant even take it in cyberdom when the tables are turned as the blogmaster succintly put it. So beware before you respond for this is no game for pondans. You can play with your plastik pendekars and pink pantied/thonged barbie doll with girls like BE who knows nuts about anything.

    Now scram outta here, arse fucked, shit licking, semen guzzling, throat-shafted, dog-dicked, pig shagging, camel humping and chicken fucking moron of a Godfather and tell ur god to have better fathers in his next reincarnation. Pundek kalathai, thai oli, niama chou chee bai, lanchiau!

    Warrior 231

  57. Anonymous4:34 pm

    I pray one day Zaid will be PM. We need more of these foreign educated people to run this country. even you can see Najib is so different in tone from the previous Prime Ministers particularly the last two. You can see they are of a different breed when tackling various issues. I think i am sending my children overseas particularly england. there they wont turn my children into racist pigs.

    Damned the Racist Pig PMs

  58. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    You better have a heart-to-heart talk with that lousy warrior. He stinks from head to toe, inside out. I am starting a drive to ask my students and friends to stay away from your blog because of that man. There is no semblence of a human being at all in his vocabulory. Guess he must be using a dicktionary! He is hopeless. I believe he is harming his mother by insulting every other mother with unbridled filth. Even God (or Allah to him if he is Muslim) will find it hard to forgive him. Warrior, for a start stop bringing in our revered mothers in this filthy blog lest you wish to earn the wrath of the Almighty. Keep it within the blogging community. May God make you see the light.


  59. suaramalaysia4:45 pm

    For a longtime I prayed and looked hard for a politician I could respect in Umno. It was like searching for a hamster in a virus-ridden rat hole. Zaid Ibrahim had always been a thorn in Umno's racist and fanatic hide.

    And the rats hated it all the more. They hated his sense of forward thinking, his stand against the "us against them" ketuanan and religious chauvinism, they hated his desire towards justice and accountability.

    Maverick? I would call him Magnanimous. It takes a determined man to swim with recalcitrant anti-Semite sharks, 'hatchet Bagindas', sultans of sin, Mongolian delights and not get devoured.

    There is an old Arab proverb that states, "if every person were to sweep the front of his house, the whole road will be clean". The Barisan house is one that celebrates its uncleanness. The word "haram" does not even begin to describe its veneered hypocrisy and moral decadence.

    Last week Jais was busy hand-cuffing some Malay men in a four-digit shop. What these officers will never dare do is to arrest big name datuks who's cars are parked outside posh brothels not far from Jais offices. And the beat goes on...

    It is a culture that was taken to deeper pits by Mahathir when he emasculated the judiciary and the Constitution. We have a police state, armed forces and other institutions that act as jihad gang agents of the Barisan. And the Barisan politicians can literally get away with murder.

    So, when a politician like Zaid is prepared to stand up to over-fed rodents masquerading as religious saviours of the Malay race - it is something even non-Malays can drink to. It is heartening to encounter a Malay politician that refuses to communicate with his testicles or a keris.

    Rocky, if you must read your pathetic Barisan paranoia paradigm into Zaid's decision to join PKR - then do it in the unashamed Umno tradition.

    Do it like it was your calling from birth to demonise any politician that dares to reject Umno as the only party Malays must be hamba to. Go on Rocky, shake lose that long curly hair and let it fall in place and be that nice institutionalised Barisan puppy journalist that feeds on those choice morsels.

    After all, the Malay Mail is set for sail and the waters are filled with poisoned fish.

    It astounds me why we have so few men and women who are willing to go against the flow. I choose to be optimistic. Zaid has what it takes to take PKR or any other political party beyond "ketuanism".

  60. One of your bloggers commented that PKR absorbs all the shit from UMNO. Hmm, I wonder if it's not the other way round - think back only as far as the Perak debacle.

  61. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Warrior 231,
    You got em! Ha!Ha!


  62. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Come to think of it,

    PKR - People Kene Reject.


  63. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Zaid is a traitor....what makes the opposition think this moron is going to bring any good???come on internet people!!!let not vote for all those unprincipled opportunist politician....

    old fart fan says

  64. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Dear Rocky,i think this statement is absolute wrong,
    "He has also accumulated quite a bit of fortune when he was an Umno member, although not all of his wealth is owing to the party or his position in the party back then."-
    boleh menguatkan lagi momokan umnoputra, jgn kaitkan kekayaan ahli umno dengan keahlian dlm umno,ok..

  65. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Dei pundek kalathai godfather

    I am on the hunt now and no place is safe for you to hide in except your momma's cavernous arsehole but that's a pretty shitty place to cower in what with all that constipated shit releasing its methane splashing around and rotting stale air swirling about waiting to be farted away in angst as old smelly fart hahahahaha LOL........

    hei lanchiau shafting idiot, what is with you not having a racist sinew as in:

    "There is not a racist sinew in me that allows me to use foul language against a race or group of people. I don't even know what similar term to describe Malays that the racist bastard used on "chingkies". All I know is without the chingkies, the racist bastard will still be in his kampung, wearing his sarong, and smoking his home-made joint."

    You got some witch doctor to lope off every damn sinew in your body including the one that props up your wee pecker. Dont patronise us with your shitlah, arsehole, for 24 or so words later you do the wordtwist to depict us as being village denizens capable of only enjoying our dadah fix. Your condescending take is as foul smelling as ur unwashed arse, fuckhead, cuntwhore.

    Hei SOB, you better watch your words, rabbit humping, chicken fucking beast. Your estimation of us and our capabilities is reflective of the racist swill that flows thru your goddamn veins. No matter how hard you try or how sly you scheme, it will show through in the end, the perpetual chingkie bastard's notion that:

    :"we natives were helpless creatures, incapable of progress, fixated on our ganja in as we lie comatose and brain dead in some hovel out in the boondocks"

    why not u check to see whether a chingkie was ever involved:

    than come and talk about "indolent natives" and hard working pendatangs

    Yeah,the very same idea nourished by them bastard Brits and resurrected now to be brainwashed into thought vacuumed, zombified scums like you by the Fakatan Axis of Evil.

    Why not you speak about the great Chingkie nation circa 1840-1980 when it was mired in a century of opium addiction, civil war, rebellions, revolutions when chingkies were slaughtered as game animals and the Japs thrust their jackboots up chingkie swine arse and raped the female sows senseless as comfort women so much so they had to leave in tongkangloads for these parts, arsewhore.

    Galling eh godfather which even your son could do nothing about since he was nothing more than some copperplated wispy bearded sliteyed, mandarin hatted corpulent bum of a tincan placed on the family altar to have his once shiny mien defaced by incense smoke, burnt offerings and paper money bonfires as some petrified duck or hapless chick or unblinking pig sat staring at the goingson from their platter.

    Suttu nakara idiot, its time for you to scram these parts and take your racist pals with you. Fakatan is nothing more than a chingkie dominated triad mafia peopled by racially, culturally, linguistically and religiously disembowelled Malays eunuchs dedicated to realising the Chingkie vision of "Malaysian (read:Chingkie) Malaysia"...Hei!,.that is not too distant an echo from this "Malaysia for Malaysians" propagated by the PAP in 1960s and of course Chin peng in the 1940s.

    Warrior 231


  66. Anonymous6:19 pm

    (part 2)
    No wonder LGE had to issue a statement clarifying that lest the visit of LKY is misconstrued as Spore's stamp of approval of turning Tanah Melayu into the new offshore Nanyang (the cat would be outta the bag). You think we are as stupid as you, Godfather. You can sell that to the arselicking, cockshafting, cuntbusted, buttfucked, dogshagged , pighumped prostitutes who helm your party but never to us, the enlightened Malays. You need proof:

    1. LGE berates Zahrain- Zahrain eats humble pie

    2. LGE chides Johari = Johari squirms like a mouse

    3. LGE upbraids fairus = pronto the chicken commits political harakiri

    4. Selangor's Teng - declares himself as judge, prosecutor, executioner...not a pipsqueak from PAS or PKR

    5. PAS resolves to ban SIS - a cacophony of protests from who? DAP led by teresa Kok, karpal singh et al

    6. PAS talks about meeting fellow Muslims of UMNO for ummah unity; Howls of despair from DAP who ironically support the chingkie twat+ arse loving erdogans and the Turbaned Kafir Nikki Lee azeez ( you become a murtad when you willfully impede Muslim unity, there are several verses and hadiths for that)

    7.Ngee Char parcels out mindboggling 999 year leases at someone's behest. the first millenium leasehold..hahahaha LOL

    I can go on, and on and on..but i would better off shagging my Malikka and have a quiet Connemara after that than wasting my evenings engaging a "braindead" eunuch

    Warrior 231

  67. Anonymous6:19 pm

    (part 2)
    No wonder LGE had to issue a statement clarifying that lest the visit of LKY is misconstrued as Spore's stamp of approval of turning Tanah Melayu into the new offshore Nanyang (the cat would be outta the bag). You think we are as stupid as you, Godfather. You can sell that to the arselicking, cockshafting, cuntbusted, buttfucked, dogshagged , pighumped prostitutes who helm your party but never to us, the enlightened Malays. You need proof:

    1. LGE berates Zahrain- Zahrain eats humble pie

    2. LGE chides Johari = Johari squirms like a mouse

    3. LGE upbraids fairus = pronto the chicken commits political harakiri

    4. Selangor's Teng - declares himself as judge, prosecutor, executioner...not a pipsqueak from PAS or PKR

    5. PAS resolves to ban SIS - a cacophony of protests from who? DAP led by teresa Kok, karpal singh et al

    6. PAS talks about meeting fellow Muslims of UMNO for ummah unity; Howls of despair from DAP who ironically support the chingkie twat+ arse loving erdogans and the Turbaned Kafir Nikki Lee azeez ( you become a murtad when you willfully impede Muslim unity, there are several verses and hadiths for that)

    7.Ngee Char parcels out mindboggling 999 year leases at someone's behest. the first millenium leasehold..hahahaha LOL

    I can go on, and on and on..but i would better off shagging my Malikka and have a quiet Connemara after that than wasting my evenings engaging a "braindead" eunuch

    Warrior 231

  68. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Wah...two fellas declined, PKR, were called traitors, and dirty. Accused of being on the take, basically money politics lah....

    Then they want Ali Rustam to also get hanged for money politics lah....
    (if that is th case, we should and must punish all of them found guilty)

    Raja Paper Kutuk

    Then, PKR takes this man who was also found guilty of money politics...What talk PKR ???

  69. White Knight6:40 pm

    Warrior 231,

    You've got a problem mister? Been a loser all your life that you need to take it out on others?

    Pity your mother, your wife, your sisters, you daughters. You have no respect for them.

    Shows you have no respect for yourself and others.

    For Rocky to allow this piece of garbage, reflects not well on Rocky.

  70. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Yeah Praise the Lord

    Another shit jumping to the shore.


  71. press watch6:45 pm


    How could you ever think of someone who corruptly paid off judges to solve a judicial problem???

    Known to many, he was pretty much involved in money politics at the UMNO Bahagian Kota Baru level.

  72. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Dei Chibai Old Fart

    You some enforcer wallah who patrols these parts prodding Rocky on who to accept and who to ban. Must be your vacillating PR mindset (u know about that chalice thingy) that sort of jams your brains up, shuts your systems down and keep all that shit hemmed up in your rotting bowels. Result; old shit releases old, putrid stale gases that are then released as old fart much to the discomfort of others. Keep that for wifey or mistress or whore whoever to savour with her goddamn nose in private when she arse-licks you to ecstacy, provided you engage in that type of foreplay…or your anus come into close contact with her nostrils in a 69 ;) hahahahaha LOL.

    Hoi bastard (Slang. a. a vicious, despicable, or thoroughly disliked person) lest you twist the word with the aid of your cunt hunting, arse kissing Fakatan wakil wallah liars and issue me a 30 page subpoena that even Minah would hina, get a few things straight:

    1. I am execising my right of reply as I was mentioned in certain unsavoury terms in your comments.

    2.Without prejudicing my right to civil restitution, I wish to emphasis the following in categorical terms:, Old Fart, have no right to impede, hinder, block, censor or seek to impede, hinder, block , censor the posting of my comments in this blogspot, the proprietorship of which is solely vested in one, Mr Ahirudin bin Attan aka Rocky’s Bru.

    b.The aforementioned blog-owner reserves the right to accept, delete, post, prohibit, bar any posting which he deems to contravene the terms and conditions of this blog and he does so solely at his discretion.

    c.Once an application is made to bar certain comments, the right to peruse, consider and weigh the merits of the application is only vested in Mr Ahirudin bin Attan and no other party least of all complete strangers, can inveigh, instigate, cajole, persuade, influence or seek to exercise pressure or undue influence to compel Mr Ahirudin to act contrary to the rules of fair play and natural justice.

    There, that will do! Now get outta my sight for I don’t want to smell your rotting cockle and mussels laced old fart, Old Fart. Now Malikka get the Connemara and lets do the slow dance

    P/S : Ziggy, this is nothing compared to the days when I was sitting in a trench in Betong, Pengkalan Hulu etc and sometimes watch, my fellow commandos’ legs or other parts by the chingkie commie’s landmines when on foot patrol. Chin Peng will pay for this if he dares to set foot here…….

    Warrior 231

  73. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Dei Chibai Old Fart

    You some enforcer wallah who patrols these parts prodding Rocky on who to accept and who to ban. Must be your vacillating PR mindset (u know about that chalice thingy) that sort of jams your brains up, shuts your systems down and keep all that shit hemmed up in your rotting bowels. Result; old shit releases old, putrid stale gases that are then released as old fart much to the discomfort of others. Keep that for wifey or mistress or whore whoever to savour with her goddamn nose in private when she arse-licks you to ecstacy, provided you engage in that type of foreplay…or your anus come into close contact with her nostrils in a 69 ;) hahahahaha LOL.

    Hoi bastard (Slang. a. a vicious, despicable, or thoroughly disliked person) lest you twist the word with the aid of your cunt hunting, arse kissing Fakatan wakil wallah liars and issue me a 30 page subpoena that even Minah would hina, get a few things straight:

    1. I am execising my right of reply as I was mentioned in certain unsavoury terms in your comments.

    2.Without prejudicing my right to civil restitution, I wish to emphasis the following in categorical terms:, Old Fart, have no right to impede, hinder, block, censor or seek to impede, hinder, block , censor the posting of my comments in this blogspot, the proprietorship of which is solely vested in one, Mr Ahirudin bin Attan aka Rocky’s Bru.

    b.The aforementioned blog-owner reserves the right to accept, delete, post, prohibit, bar any posting which he deems to contravene the terms and conditions of this blog and he does so solely at his discretion.

    c.Once an application is made to bar certain comments, the right to peruse, consider and weigh the merits of the application is only vested in Mr Ahirudin bin Attan and no other party least of all complete strangers, can inveigh, instigate, cajole, persuade, influence or seek to exercise pressure or undue influence to compel Mr Ahirudin to act contrary to the rules of fair play and natural justice.

    There, that will do! Now get outta my sight for I don’t want to smell your rotting cockle and mussels laced old fart, Old Fart. Now Malikka get the Connemara and lets do the slow dance

    P/S : Ziggy, this is nothing compared to the days when I was sitting in a trench in Betong, Pengkalan Hulu etc and sometimes watch, my fellow commandos’ legs or other parts by the chingkie commie’s landmines when on foot patrol. Chin Peng will pay for this if he dares to set foot here…….

    Warrior 231

  74. Anonymous7:57 pm

    Rocky why do you link and even highlight articles by Parpukari who lies and twist so much on his own blog.

    I can respect your views but your links and highlights means you are not apolitical but have an agenda just like any other blogger. It is obvious from your blog that you have a soft spot for Dr.M and dislike Anwar. That's ok but you should just admit that rather than maintaining a veneer of neutality.

    Revealing Links

  75. Anonymous9:22 pm

    Warrior 231,

    It seems to me that certain species cannot even handle the "war of words". How else can they be told the truth about themselves???

    Their games are now exposed by you. You may not know how many of the silent majorities are with you.Keep it up with your comment. We want to know the truth about the species.

    Maybe these species thought 99% of visitors to Rocky Bru are the non-Bumi.One thing for sure the Malays are going to be united whether the species like it or not.


  76. @ "Godfather" (anon 8:42 am),

    You say that there is "not a racist sinew" in you. Indeed, to your credit, you haven't used foul language against a race or group of people here. Yet two sentences later you use racial-ethnic stereotypes, i.e. an oversimplified set of beliefs about members of a race or ethnic group, which often forms the basis of prejudice. So, aside from warrior321's foul language, how are you any different from him?

  77. Anonymous10:47 pm

    I don't blame the uncouth idiot called Warrior 231. He is wearing pink undies, and walking along Orchard Road in Singapore drinking his beer, and trying to find fault with Lee Kuan Yew.

    I blame Rocky Bru who after taking money from the dark side is now prepared to tolerate utterly disgusting and foul language from a juvenile. He even said earlier that he was surprised I could not take the stench of this juvenile commentator, but I ask Rocky: Have I ever used any profanity against BN or against your Dark Lords in your blog ?

    Your Emperor the Mamakthir will be proud of you, Rocky. You may think that such profanities can win you back the states currently ruled by PR. Let's just wait and see. Let's start with the Malay Mail.


  78. Anonymous10:54 pm

    When PKR or DAP fellas jump into BN, they will be labeled prostitutes and many unthinkable other descriptions.

    So, Zaid bashing is equally expected.

    Let's put all the bashing aside and do some rational thinking.

    Zaid made enough money through UMNO and also spent a lot in his political manouvres. Seeing limited future in UMNO, he feels that by joining PKR may make him Prime Minister one day.

    But, PKR has to be careful with this two timing intellectual, especially in keeping party secrets.

    Anwar needs some one to trust. Anwar cannot trust anyone from DAP or PAS. He also cannot trust his own PKR boys. That is why he gets his family involved.

    Zaid fits in well. He knows many secrets and can trade that with PR.

    Ah, but when his pocket runs dry and the taxman knocks at his door????

    He will probably run back to UMNO.

    The above is only a theory and not to be taken seriously.

    Politics is a dirty game, played by dirty players.

    So do not lose sleep over this.


  79. Shariff1:25 am

    Warrior 231,
    If you took out the venom, the arse licking, chibai, Chingkie stuff out - we may know what the heck your point is?
    I for one am completely lost - and frankly I am not sure if you are an UMNO supporter or not - because what you seem to say is going very much against what the Najib is trying to formulate for BN to stay in power...
    The reality is that now all votes count - whatever the ethnic slant.

  80. Anonymous2:29 am

    how come zaid kaya arr?.. from UMNO ka? those project in iskandar, ecer etc, who arr lawyer firm involved?..just asking .. i'm no good in english zaid also like to jump arr..?

  81. Anonymous3:07 am

    sapa-sapa ada terjumpa BUDAK tak berapa sihat disini?

    tula aku dah cakap masa kelas sivik/agama kak sekolah dulu jangan ponteng.

    kesian sungguh.. dah la tadak mak bapa untuk memberi kasih sayang serta tunjuk ajar yang baik, sekarang jadi Nazi pulak..

    -123 doremi

  82. Anonymous4:51 am

    Dei Pundek Kalathai Godfather

    Now2 dont act like an offended small boy with a small cock who is chafing now that his arse is torn to shreds and whose cock is nothing but a limp bizkit. still trying to have ejected via your backdoor way (ur a typical arsewhore). You have been a bastard (slang) all along taunting Rocky with asinine unproven calumny.You know the type delivered with the "knowing" sarcastic tone. Now learn how to take it like a man, but then again you aint a man, but an arse digged, mouth fucked, pabuggered, dograped dude.

    Your mafucking days of leveling unsubstantiated charges, your arrogant racist comments against others and your condescending attitude towards the Malays are well and truly over.

    You have been so arsedigged and mouthshafted in real life by them chingkies, ( L.. included for probably he had a tryst with you during his mad peninsular dash), that your fetish for donning pinkie thongs and imagining that others do the same is ingrained irrevocably in your psyche. suffering from transference?:


    Poor Godfather, probably got pa buggered when he was a toddler and never grew out of his infantile stage. That's why folks, he is obsessed with the star wars moral universe of bright lights and dark sides and probably walks the Lorongs haji taibs dressed in a pink tutu with matching pink thongs and bra + face daubed in pink mascara and a pink wig and pink galooshes to boot drawing the awwwwwwws from other washed up pondans that inhabit skidrow like malsia126, W.nelson, BE et al. What a bunch of losers whose idea of Saturday Night Live is to gape in wonder while some PR polly lowers his arse onto their mouths to shit his angst away...

    Dei worthless bastard (slang), it wont do calling others juvenile when you are still acting out your little boy fantasies and what about the laughable nick, to puff your limp ego which is just as deflated like your shrivelled cock! Now arsefucked whore of a boy, dont try to act like some fedora-hatted don for you are only qualified to lick a don's arse and take buttfucks and mouthshafts.

    Dont bullshit us into believing that you dont have a racist sinew, god's father? well i just proved that you are a racist bastard and pronto you affirm me and Malaysian heart with your mamakthir epithet.

    Calling another names, ridiculing a respected statesman, bandying the mamak epithet about is part of your high moral universe, eh hypocrite homo scum of a racist bigot? And ur lowlife is lived blaming the world for your misfortune with Rocky now being the fall guy. Your penis envy showing now that he is doing well on his own efforts as a professional journo ( hati mesti baik, understand god'father).

    You cant take it,trannie so you lash out at imagined enemies. I guess you and your pals here (which you brought by the carload) are just born losers huddled in some 2m x 2m room desperately trying to jerk yourself into existence (in BE's case to finger) but alas its will never kick into life.

    Now, ur are issuing threats of boycotting the MM, of Ge13lah blah3...yawn. Hei, scum! MM doesnt need your readership. Anyway, i dont think you have the money to buy one.And since you are god's father just tell your son to legislate a PR government NOW..selesai masalah..... but I thinks he knows better than to follow your crackpot shit.

    Switch off that wankedup darth Vader/han Solo universe of yours, quit dressing up in pink like a girl (leave those stuff to BE who must be pretty crossed with you), wash your arse, take a bath, stop spouting calumny, get a job, find a 34-24-34 broad, quit the PR skidrow and learn to live like a man lest you end up with a Luger in ur mouth in some dark alley with a pink panty stuffed down your throat for good measure. You know a personality like L..has to cover his tracks, get it pundek kalathai road porikee...

    p/s :oh, i forgot...quit playing god's father as the son will be so cheesed off that he will bolt!

    Warrior 231

  83. Anonymous7:14 am

    *All I know is without the chingkies, the racist bastard will still be in his kampung, wearing his sarong, and smoking his home-made joint*

    Wow, you really give all the credit to chingkies ah? So innocent is this race, such angelic creatures like yourself ah?
    Also what's wrong with wearing sarong and smoking home made joint? Ah..but you've only revealed your true self - you must be the Godfather of all Bigots then?

  84. J Ooi7:23 am

    I think I may make some money suing Rocky for criminal defamation on a racial basis. Thanks for the opportunity.

  85. Anonymous7:30 am

    Warrior 123,
    You go man!!! MT is screwed, no where to go, now this PR supporters come clogging Rocky's blog. See how screwed up their thinking really is. Its ok to Malay bash and use foul language in MT you see. Then these hypocrite want Rocky to ban you?? Nice, now each one of them showing their true selves. Way to go Bro!

  86. Anonymous10:00 am

    You don't have any worries, Rocky. All this racist sh!t won't affect you because you are now MAINSTREAM. You are now a valued member of the Dark Side. You will be protected by the PDRM, the MACC, the judiciary because the Dark Side stays together.

    Well done, Rocky. You know which side of your bread is buttered.

    As for the ranting idiot, he is still walking down Orchard Road with a bottle of Heineken in his hand, wondering how come LKY can make Singapore into what it is, with a per capita income 4 times that of Bolehland. Keep scratching your head, you uselss scum of the earth.


  87. teo siew chin10:09 am

    Warrior 231 totally HATES the non-malays.
    Does it mean he loves the malays?
    Sooooo... what is he doing FOR the malays other than injecting them with his own venom?
    hmmmm....i guess he being a 'warrior', he knows better to make war than love. or both. watever.

    and btw one has to admire his command of english even if it's a tad vile. but as has been said - there are times when profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.

  88. Anonymous10:23 am

    I think this Warrior's mother brought him up by making him sleep with the pigs in the pigsty...which is why he is so fixated with pigs. Tell you what, Warrior 231, no matter how much you try to deflect the stench that is on your body, you can't succeed. It's already in you.


  89. Anonymous10:29 am

    Poor Godfather, Old Fart, malsia1206 all they can answer is with with a whimper against the mighty WARRIOR.

    Really pity u guys.

    Tell u what, just don't answer him anymore. Your feeble attempts to answer him are very comical to say the least. Better still go to some other comment thread or some other blog to say your piece, maybe the WARRIOR is not there, and maybe you can have some of your twisted fun, ok?

    Awww, dont cry ok?


  90. Anonymous10:44 am


    That is why your boss Najib's 1Malaysia isn't going to work. 1Malaysia will have this racist pig-faced bastard called Warrior 231 writing profanities and cursing at other races but he won't be charged with any offence because "he is defending Melayu". Yes, he shows his racist colours, but he won't be charged. We are supposed to forgive him, and accept him under the concept of 1Malaysia.

    Tell your paymaster Najib to carry on dreaming.


  91. artchan11:29 am

    Dear Rocky..

    I am against censoring..and would agree that expletives may needed to give a powerful message..or deliver the message with "venom" but allowing Warrior 231 is to discredit your blog every sentence from warrior is peppered with foul language. Is Warrior so incapable of discourse minus the foul language?

    You are the owner of your can decide who can come in.

  92. Anonymous11:52 am

    Bro Warrior 231..

    Good to know you're back..

    It seem even the 'Godfather' also wanna have some piece with u..hahaha..this pathetic guy is in his self wet dream thinking he is some mafia honcos or mana ada identity sendiri kan pendatang mali....cakap pun extract drpd movie line, nampak mcm bagus, do you produce anything original yourself?..shame on you..such a pathetic pretender..

    Why typical people like this godfather always need to resort being a pathetic looser asking the blogowner to ban some names who they tagged as racist when they themselves also racist but pretend not to be, especially when they got facts smashed straight to their fucking faces..?

    takdak maruah ka nak lawan balik? Don't further confirm to me that you pigbrain chingkies are so damn lowlife idiot compared to sus-barbatus. Warrior 231 was just using communication protocol suits people like pendatang racists, but he stated the facts , displayed them very loud & clear with people yourselves are so fucking selective..why cannot select the facts this time? buta ka atau saja buat2 jadi babibuta?

    Ini Rockybru's blog lah, bukan RPK, Haris or the PR lancaus like where you pigbrain can listen to what u wanna listen and choose what u want to listen.. there you can happy-bashing the malays and get away scottfree, but not here ok, racist pukimak bodoh...? kah..kah...

    Fuck that Zaid fucker..a lowlife deserve to be drowned inside a septic tank..pukimak tak sedar diri..naik pun sebab polisi MARA dah bayar abis belum? kalau tak kerana NEP firma guaman Zaid hanya layak jual puki saja..he is just another example of a melayu pariah..plenty more to where this asshole going to..hahaha..

    P/S: RockyBru.. u are indeed the icon of hero for freedom of speech! Nobody can ever do it more like u do..I salute u for that..In the name of freedom of speech (not selective like PR bastards' blog)you've given us the opportunity to retaliate..its all that we need..

    Ok bro warrior 231 & my brethrens..let's kick ass..bros.. let's make things merrier here... shoved our boots really hard inside these pigbrain racist pendatangs' asshole..get them further exposed & humiliate themselves with the truth (especially the arrogant chingkies)..they can't even handle it.. its payback time..!

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  93. Anonymous12:10 pm

    just imagine this...

    1. Najib allows all kinds of comments on his blog without moderation

    2. Che Det does the moderation on in-coming comments

    3. Kit Siang, also no moderation

    4. Obama also no moderation

    and so on...

    Geez, warrior 231 will have a field day with dirt cheap expletives and profanities and a lot of other bull shits!

    What respectable editor would allow this on his blog?


  94. Anonymous12:13 pm

    smart alex eh?? fuck you and your crap!

  95. Anonymous12:55 pm

    Guys, take all the profanity in good stride. At least we now know the big difference and where we draw the line between decency and senseless comments. Let them stoop so low to continue falling into the pits and be cast unto the swine. How I wish the MM would allow the same profanity be put on print on their media as in this blog. Then again, we know how a blog may not sustain its readership if not for this profanity profusing in every other line from some of the comments. At least Rocky deserves some (undeserving) commendation for the alluring appeal of this blog albeit for the wrong reasons.

  96. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Hidup warrior231.Sekarang baru depa tau. Depa ingat depa saja yang terrer. Teruskan membantai puak kapik yang tak sedar diri tu.

  97. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Hidup warrior231.Sekarang baru depa tau. Depa ingat depa saja yang terrer. Teruskan membantai puak kapik yang tak sedar diri tu.

  98. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Anon 12:13... Haha... hahahahaHA.... Harghhh hah hah ha ha... what'd you say? Ha ha haha... Godfather?malsia?oldfart?nicollette?now you? Ha ha ha ha. Please don't comment like dat laa. Is that the best you can do? Soo funny ar. Ha hah ha hah hah ha....


  99. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Dei Godfather pundek

    You dont faze me a bit your pathetic chingkie arsewhore son of a sow. Who are you calling pig, Fuckhead? Gaze into the mirror and you will find your snout nosed flappy eared, shit stained urine drenched unshaven reflection staring back at you, sus barbatus. U have spent so much time wallowing your dick in chingkie arse that your shitsoaked, dogshagged, arsetorn, mouth stuffed with pig cock self cannot conjecture your own reality.

    Keep your eyes transfixed on the bright lights like some demented pig about to be another roadkill and reality will soon pass you by as you mumble paeans to the holy of the holies in Hans solo's make believe universe. a chance to counsel son about the vagaries of life and viccsittudes of know give him something about transmogrification, existentialism and other heady metaphysical stuff.hahaha LOL. i bet he will zap u into ashes having a tampon for a father!!

    U bring my mum in, u are gonna pay big time, son of a now spayed menopausal bitch who defected you into some toilet urinal after constipating on you, useless piece of shit for 9 bloody months and has ever since regretted her cock-hungry moment while Pa gnaws at his fingernails to the bone in memory of that cunt-starved wasted dickminute and all that wasted cum.

    LKY? fuck you man, dont tell bull shit stories here. Munch on the bullshit and cowdung and keep it jammed up in your bowels but dont give me shit about LKY or any goddamn lying, thieving chingkie bastard building up spore. Since you are very religious, why not google this name : Albert Winsemius and burn your chingkie paper money for him + plus put a petrified pig on his altar and some samsu for liquor for him to partake for he fashioned Spore into what it is today building on the scaffolding the Brits had put in place earlier.

    You are laughable, you whore's douchebag. I am right in front of KLCC now admiring Tun's handiwork come true as within its elegant glass facade, the most profitable company in Asia (run solely by Malays) plots the next black gold strike that will spurt right up your chingkie arse and leave u all senseless drenched oily and messy with reality goo. and i dont guzzle Heineken as my beverage, its Carlsberg,the official sponsor of Liverpool, a straight, normal machosexual's club!.

    Now, pigdog shagged runt, get this straight into your brains now lodged in your sagging, torn butt drilled thru and thru by LKY's pet bull mastiff and rottweiler:

    1. Dont threaten me with PDRMs, MACCs et al. Where was your better sense when Namewee, RPK, Zorro unmasked with his animal caricature melding and mickey taking of our nation's leaders in full swing.Washing god's backside with godmaother, screaming orders into your beetred flappy ears on how to tie the nappy and hold her teats firm for god to suckle! Dont be a arsepricked, cuntlicking, mouthscrewed moralist now or ever again when you have lost all credibility with your false nambypamby asertion of " not a racist sinew...." cuntlicking,twat fingering, arse smelling racist boar.

    2.Dark sides /bright sides about Rocky is getting a tad to boring, mafucking bastard (slang). what your brain has been deepfried by all the power beams focused on you bald pate while you were busy scratching your arse for more shit to munch for serotonin for them cum swamped suffering synapses and semen clogged

    3.As for swine, they come with ur territory and your pathetic attempt of ascribing them to me is laughable. it shows you are deeply mired in transferance, you want that appellation real fucking bad, have it by all fits you well, pig aka sus barbatus.

    Now do your ballet goosesteps in your retrofit tutu, pull them thongs tight, put on the wig, paint them lips pink, touch up the makeup, puff your puny chest out, wiggle your butt sideways and walk nambypamby to the door for the arsewhore Malsia 126 is waiting for his favie butt...Why not call up OF for he can give you some nostalgic aroma while the three of you indulge in a roundtable arselick.

    Warrior 231

  100. Tehpoyo2:16 pm

    WOI !!!!!!!!

    Brother, Its becoming like Pasar lah your "rocky bru" hehehe

    Manyak Carut leh, maki sana, maki sini ... Its so muhibbah to see warrior 213 godfather mengamok ...

    Why don't those umno and PKR take a swipe eachother with their respective "Keris" and "Loudest-Fart" ?

    Hehe. Umno and their little pecker brandishing their "Keris"

    Rocky dan "Jeans" = totally Liberal? Nyahahaha.

    Oh kalau join party lain dah confirm tak "Maverick" !? hehe so label nya skang = Follow the "HERD"

    Alahai Rocky, Go on bro, "Cocky" somemore push that "button" more and more ...

    Once in a while, watch over your shoulder ... you MAY think your floating as a butterfly and "wearing the right LEVIS jeans"

    Hehe. Rest assured the Other "Big Bro" is watching closely ...

    Rocky the Cocky the Great!

    * applause everybody * Kudos*

  101. Anonymous2:23 pm

    P/S: RockyBru.. u are indeed the icon of hero for freedom of speech! Nobody can ever do it more like u do..I salute u for that..In the name of freedom of speech (not selective like PR bastards' blog)you've given us the opportunity to retaliate..its all that we need..

    100% setuju, Bro antiwhatever and good for you Bro, for u know to read the stuff + ur ripostes are classics.

    Yes lets kick butt and squash the vermin into the pavement stones and splatter the wall with their innards, hypocritical bastards, each and every one of them. Kalau hina kita boleh, when we start firing back, they scoot helterskelter like demented sus barbatus.

    You wanna a ceasefire, godfather, malsia et al...raise the white flag by apologising for past misdeeds and promise of no more. And since you have demeaned my faith and my Prophet, I am now contemplating trundling out my heavy artilerry, yeah stuff like the M109 Paladin, the Panzerhaubitze 2000 and other MRSI systems that will bring Christ, Buddha, Lao Tze, Confucious and all the chingkie petrified wispy bearded corpulent washedup wankers , the sexy looking Kwan Yin bitch and of course the Indian gargoyle pantheon into range.For in this war, anything seems to go and I wanna turn this into our cyber Mullaitivu....hahahaha LOL

    Escalate further , i step on the octane and bring out my heavy artillery or white flag, I crank down the artillery, the choice is yours.

    Warrior 231

  102. Dear Rocky

    In principle I'm againstcensorship.

    But young children and schoolkids may read your blog and come acroos Warrior 231's racist, obscene and vulgar language.

    The standard you should apply in comment moderation should perhaps be 'Would I allow this to go into print in my Malay Mail'.

  103. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Zaid is a drinker. A muslim who drink to be your next leader? PKR diehards will definitely say "Why not?". We had a s******, no problem!

  104. it saddens me to read comments like "Warrior 231",

    "well-known Malay pariahs who made their name in UMNO and had a simultaneous flash of epiphany to lick chingkie arse, clean chingkie twat, suck hindulen cock and gorge on chindian cum to get their kicks."

    not only because it neglects the general put down on Malaysians of all races working together with Malays every dat for everyone's good, but also if that's what you feel about it, then what do you think about Najib's visit to China, practically "kissing Chinese butt" to get our economy back on track?

    oozing nostalgia to yesteryears when his late father visited China soothens the blatant kaw tow in desperate times a bit, but nonetheless kissing Chinese butt. for their money, for their money, for their money. nothing less.

    irony, isn't it?

    not anonymous

  105. Anonymous3:34 pm

    The no brain and second class brain is back after some therapeutic sadomasochism? Being the usual drivel of a self-obsessed dimwit of an ignoramus suffering from a clinical condition of unmitigated gall, perhaps now is the good time for both of you to get some brain treatment, unless of course it is genetic, then you have our utmost pity.

    Hey no brain dog, you need some stimulus arse licking from your same kind, it help. Go go go.


  106. Anonymous5:29 pm

    You know what.....Now, Mahathir is really pissed......I bet he must have been humiliated big time in NUS oops! University of Malaya, Singapore

    Rocky Bru,
    Sikarang, itu Mahafiruan sudah cakap. Apa macam! Kasi buat Tarian Indian Chief lah....

    Forget about Warrior231! This sucker is good for nothing......Must be Chee Soon Juan's partner.......I bet he would not dare to set foot in Singapore......
    He might be languishing in Changi Prison. Heard many such low life folk kenna locked up for good. Not exile to Pulau Belakang Mati, sorry sudah bertukar kepada Sentosa island.
    Dei, property manyak expensive tau tak.......

    I am expecting incoming from that low life sucker Warrior 231.......Lets have fun.......Make his blood boils till dia mampus......

    Wahai orang2 melayu,
    Kamu memang ada otak. Pikir dengan semasak2nya. Jangan sekali-kala diperdayakan oleh gerombolan2 UMNO yang suka mengC4kan orang


  107. Anonymous5:38 pm


    For you info, Zaid tu local graduate ie LLB External degree from ITM.So, he was not an overseas graduate. Jgn lak nak berlagak macam bagus aje !

  108. Anonymous5:47 pm


    You write, "If anything were to happen to DSAI, Zaid Ibrahim would be the most experienced and respected Malay politician to take over as leader. Yes, Anwar now has a potential worthy successor."

    Oh no, ZI is nobody if to compare with DSAI. He is not even a leader, but just an opportunist.

    BTW, almost all politicians are just opportunists, fighting first for their own interest, second for their own (again) and family's and only then, for the people (if any).


  109. Anonymous5:56 pm

    While I don't agree with Warrior 231's language, sifting though his post one can find some good points. The main being that racism is rife everywhere even in those who claim not to be.

    Enough of the ethnic silos. We need to pull together. I look at the economic challenges ahead and I can't see a very prosperous for Malaysia in a generation or two unless we all pull in together.

    That means giving help and consideration to those who need. Giving those in rural areas better access to eduction. Having more diversity in the workplace (and yes that also means an end to "mandarin speakers only" job adverts) where everyone has a good chance to progress. Govt needs to reflect the country more but so do all those business's that right now seem to be dominated by one group or another.

    But most importantly it means that anyone, anywhere in Malaysia can aspire to the best of his abilities without barriers.

    It means Ali, Ah Chong, Muniady and everyone else giving someone irrespective of ethicity a chance, not just Ali giving him a chance but Ah Chong not doing his Mandarin Speaker thing and vice versa.

    I speak to a lot of people and almost anyone I know is racist. Shit I have to tell off even my own family members off.

    Do you treat everyone equally in your mind? or do you still conform to stereotypes that have formed over the lst 2 generations? Everyone is responsible, no one can escape blame.

    I can imagine still going through all this crap 20 years from now. Come on, we need to step up to the future.

    Revealing Links

  110. benedict7:03 pm


    Some of your looony commenters so quickly to condemn you for letting thru comments by warrior231 becos he is so anti-Pakatan and anti-Anwar....

    They say you very bad weblog operator. HAHAAA.

    Listen to them!

    The very people who abuse other people (read: non pro-Pakatan or non-Pakatan/anwar supporters) are the ones ranting about YOUR lack of care in allowing for warrior's comments!

    You let their comments thru! What the crap-lah these INTOLERANT Pakatan supporters!

    CRAP and BULL!

  111. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Part 1

    Excerpted from Nicolette de Toilette - by Wilhelm Shaikhspeer: a 1Malaysia Production

    Stage direction: (In the garden of Gethsemane, enter the Gladiator)

    (soliloquy to the strains of the old chinese lyre, flute and cymbal music-played by the chingkie bangsawan ensemble))

    ahhhhh nicolette....the sweet strains of omelet so lilting on the tongue, thy art an object of beauty, thy body the hour glass of perfection, thy silhouette from wonderland, thy face the porcelain of china...urrgh

    (Nicolette enters, dressed in a see-thru negligee, she stomps towards the gladiator, hands upraised, , face flaming red, eyes afire)

    Nicolette: How dareth thou speaketh such evil words against my hamster? (sobs)

    Gladiator: Ma cherie, Oh woe upon me, how am I thus framed by evil. oh sweet dearie, my cherie amour..believe thy not such wretched lies. Drinketh not the poison of others. Miserable am I of thou unbridled anger. Oh wretched knave, thou have indeed calumnised me, villainous godfather.(gnashing his teeth): godfather, I swear, thrust will I my scabbard up ur ar.....(Nicolette turns at him)....oh nicolette...whither do i wander in a desolate world, forsaken by thy love, forlorn in my heart as thy soul is emptied of me

    Nicolette:(she gently nudges aside her shock of hair covering her breasts...gladiator licks his lips..his eyes mesmerised by something. swallowing hard, finally she relents and smiles, he advances slowly to nicolette, grabs her by the waist and gazes directly into Nicolette's eyes, passion kindling passion, In that Rhett Butler-Scarlet o’ Hara moment, the gladiator's rich baritone rises above the smoldering flames)

    : I am a gentleman par excellence, a troubadour to soothe your broken heart, a musketeer to rescue thy self from the cluthches of the evil Pink Don. Never will the dewy droplets of Sleep prevent me from protecting thine honour from perfidious Profanity. With scabbard drawn, will i slay,with my rapier thrusts, the brazen advances of monsieur Cuss. Hark do I hear the wind swear in despair. Fie on you evil wind, take this for your curse (cuts the air with drawn rapier ; ouch! the wind cries..(weeping it mumbles): cursed am I for bearing the fragrance of old fart)

    Gladiator(addressing Nicolette again): Oh what will I not do to protect your fragile lobes from the boneless tongue....Oh Nicolette woe me, my verse is just vulgate with no etiquette born as I in the village of Bartlett.

    (Godfather passes by that instant) , Gladiator releases Nicole, blocks Godfather;s way

    (beats from a rebana ubi to the accompaniment of the nafiri)

    Hark, Godfather draw your scabbard!,liar!
    say your prayer for today is your pyre
    you son of darkness, the shadow of fire
    how dare you intrude my eyre
    to steal my sweet nicolette lyre
    and throw me into thy infernal gyre

    (they fight and Godfather dies, shitting through his armour in the process, the Indian nagaswaram plays the last Post)

    (gladiator to Nicolette):let me coo sweet nothings into your ears and nibble gently on thine lobes as my arms encircle that 24in waist and as my dettoled tongue flicks down thine porcelain nape to encircle thy nipple, your breathy oohs and aahs to arouse my manly desire, stoke my passionate fire. Ma cherie...if you desire a manly arm cradling you tight against a muscular chest on a cold chilly night while the last sonata plays in the background ...look no more and if you desire those comely loins to be heated by the fires of passion ......

    nicolette : please let me go...u wretched murtherer..u killed the godfather, whither now his son to weep, counsel to dare you slay the wind that the bore the fart that came from the (blushing) arse that was plugged with. unchewed cud that was gorged in.... (suddenly she breaks down crying)...leave me alone, gladiator…seek someone better with less pallor

    Gladiator: oh my oh why?

    Warrior 231

  112. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Part 2

    Nicolette: Cause I am nothing more than a spayed. bitch... a post menopausal M--F(flings away her false silicon titties, face masks and an old hag comes into view. (she strides slowly centerstage as the stagelights are dimmed and a sole spotlight shines on her hideous face) I hid behind those to face the world, my darkside shielded by my Brightside. Never true to myself was I, always bitching others to hide my imperfection . (pointing to the corpse of Godfather shit still streaming from its arse)) that man there lived a different lie, using the frontside to mask his backside. Oh how he calumnised the innocent to affect his importance but for all that died for his arrogance…now nothing more than a bloated corpse to be feasted by lowly maggots, to be divested of his robes of flesh and sinew , his naked bones to be pecked clean by vultures…his skull to gape like a monkey till kingdom come . oh we reached high for superiority but were brought low by inferiority. Never aware of our station in life but made aware of our ration of time on this vast stage we call the world…. How we mocked the others to be mocked by own selves…….wretched are we who doomed ourselves with our own hands

    Gladiator: now you yelp like a whelp! ah singed is my heart by thy falsity, aghast am I by thine duplicity, nothing more than imitation beauty and plastic surgery. Ah..the world is naught but a temporal shell, to be cast away when our spirits thy Almighty infinity seek. Such are the vain fancies of trannie like Godfather and his ilk, to be swallowed by time and forgotten by space….. adieu Nicolette, a sonnet to remember you for eternity. (beckons to the jester); deliver it my knave……

    Enter Feste the Cllown with the poem and reads it aloud

    oh the Nicolette of my dreams
    the chocolate of my screams
    the omelet of my whims
    the couplet of my schemes
    the toilette of my shit...hahahaha LOL

    Dear Nicolette

    You have no inkling as to what commenting is all about. Profanities are part and parcel of life and try as they might to keep the lives of their loved ones sanitized, hypocritical adults can never ever swat every four letter that is spouted over an uncensored video, block every expletive that crawls across the computer screen or shoot every vulgarity that flies to and fro during a heated conversation under the bed quilts on a frosty morning or in a kitchen teeming with kids in the gathering dusk. It is the price that we reap for being undiscerning consumers of liberal pop culture.

    Expletives are like table salt, you can have a spoonfuls of it, a little of it, a pinch, a teeny weeny bit but never live without it. It garnishes your palate, tempers any residual sweetness, and teases away the blandness of existence. More importantly,it jars wanked up brains from self induced stupor, indolence, a sense of arrogance to humble and reawaken in these forgotten souls that the nature of hubris does not differentiate between great and small, infecting the unsuspecting with equal measure.

    Moral : Live ur life here in accordance with your true self and be grateful with what you have for your forefathers landed here shirtless, penniless, homeless, foodless, citizenship less and you have no right to expect more than what you have now.

    Warrior 231

  113. Anonymous8:24 pm


    Me thinks no la, we let you guys handle the pigs as you're the expert when it comes to this animal:) Also you know what they say you are what you eat. And then you have some who even look like them.


  114. Anonymous8:59 pm

    I'm outta here...bye...

  115. Anonymous9:05 pm

    dear bro,

    zaid is trash,ex umno waste,,his behaviour is deplorable,,

    not a lost at all.

    thick madam

  116. Shariff, Ayo, Nico, Godfather, etc... If you dudes/-ettes wanna know more about this warrior guy, feel free to access his blog at

    I've gotta thank a fellow blogger who passed me this info.

  117. Anonymous1:32 am

    Go Warrior Go !

    We are with you. You just give one smack and they all cowered against your mighty might. The likes of malsia, godfather, BE etc ....all suddenly become 'bapok', ...haha serve them right ...

    Warrior is DA MAN...

    - In Love With Warrior 231

  118. Anonymous2:12 am

    Part 1 of 4

    Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Brother Shariff,

    I apologise for being late in addressing your concerns as I had to take care of a few imbeciles who don’t even possess a sliver of human decency when launching unsolicited ad hominem broadsides against yours truly. Such was the vulgarity of their tirades that I had to expend a considerable amount of time defending my hitherto unblemished reputation from being torn to shreds by a pack of merciless canines and brought into public odium by a bunch of uneducated and uncouth street urchins schooled in cunningly bombarding my person with a barrage of unoriginal and apparently thought copied diatribes. Tirades calculated to cow me into surrender and drive me away from the free and invigorating expanses of this blog which once thrived with bountiful harvest of insights but has now been reduced to a self-gloating PR piranha pond.

    Anyway, I survived the onslaught virtually unscathed and would like to engage in a civilised discourse with a brother Malay Muslim which inshallah will not degenerate into an abusive exchange of vulgarities and uncivilised behaviour. It is indeed amazing that the culture ingrained into us by our forefathers and the religious decorum instilled in us by the teachings of Islam allows two Malay/Muslims to engage in an intellectual discourse bejeweled by refined language, sublime mannerisms and civilised behaviour. This is truly a gift from Allah and a legacy of our forefathers which we should strive to protect with civilised zeal and impassioned fervour. Indeed, in my many travels through many lands and my many sojourns through the leaves of many a tome, I have discovered that such refinement in manners, such elegance of thought, such perspicuity of observation is MAINLY found among us, Muslims.

    It is sad that such behaviour and norms do not extend into the realms of the infidel schooled as they are in rough, uncouth and vulgar speech, an inability to reason with facts and logic and a stubborn obfuscation of truth allied to a pig-headed non-acceptance of mainstream views which are blasely dismissed as propaganda not realising that they are victims of propaganda themselves..

    Such depraved behaviour is PARTICULARLY apparent among the Chinese and Indians who blinkered by ignorance, arrogance, feelings of cultural and racial superiority are often wont to mock and taunt the cultured and accommodating natives. In fact, this socio-cultural sickness, as Ibn Khaldun, the father of modern social science, once presciently observed stems from an inferior socio-cultural construct, a blind adherence to pagan belief systems and superstitions (remember: only Islam is the Deen, religion) propagated over many generations and adhered to unquestioningly by the inherently imbecile Chinese or Indian rabble.

    Hence you have a proclivity amongst these yahoos (swift’s term for “human chimpanzees”) to indulge in caste or clan/familial internecine squabbles while in the general populace, these are the degenerates who destroy societies and public harmony with their unbridled demands, unreasonable requests and perfidious threats. Historical evidence and contemporary factual accounts considerably substantiate my observations. This forum is too limited a place to enumerate them but a few would suffice to illustrate my point; the anti Chinese riots in Preanger-Ceribon, Batavia in the Jawa in the 1740s and later during Dipo Negoro’s revolt in the 19th century, the secession of Spore in 1965; the anti-Indian Fijian revolt of 1987, the anti-Chinese pogrom in Indonesia in 1998, and recently the Papuan uprising of May 2009 are the outcomes of unreasonable exploitation of native hospitality and accommodation in a brazen attempt to satiate insatiable appetites for wealth and power.

    Warrior 231

  119. Anonymous2:16 am

    Part 2(a)

    (Part 2)
    The fact that several culturally, racially or religiously disemboweled natives have joined these pendatangs and imbibed their ways in an insane quest for power is indeed sad. Little do these gullible gulls realize that they will be the first to be slaughtered after having served their purpose of facilitating the pendatang to seize power and commence their reign of ethnic cleansing, cultural genocide and religious pogroms. Visions of this ghastly future was already played out by the Bintang 3 in 1945 and further prophesised by the attempted secession of Penang in 1948-1951, the Emergency 1948-1960, the secession of Spore in 1965, the neutering of the Spore Malay, the pre-May 13 victory marches and racist taunts in 1969 which all inveighed that the natives be subjugated .(In fact, the master-slave narrative is being subtly introduced into the local political discourse by the domineering tone assumed by the DAP in Penang, Perak and to a lesser extent Selangor and on the national platform through the DAP’s calculated strategy of steering the PR agenda by trumping PAS and PKR at every opportunity).

    Each time, the Pendatang was humiliated (except Spore) and blanched in the painful knowledge that he needed to cultivate indigenous support to achieve his aim. For 30 years, the pendatang probed and stabbed for chinks in native solidarity and found none. Then, the doors to purgatory was thrown open by a power-hungry usurper in 1998 who had no mettle to rule much less the intelligence to fathom the plots, the pendatang were scheming around him. For 6 years as he remained incarcerated, the Pendatang and their fellow schemers wandered in the wilderness, indulging in fratricidal warfare, tormented souls trapped in the selfsame purgatory but with discordantly incompatible interests.

    Then the jailbird was sprung by a blithering idiot of a sleepwalker who continued his siesta with his long lusted after dreamland wonderland while the ex-con plotted with the Pendatang to wrest powr. Pray, why anoint a failed leader who cant even properly manage an economic crisis? Why not Hadi or Kamaruddin Jaafar or Wan Azizah ? Because the anointed had a supposed charisma that could provoke the masses to do his bidding., a wronged “Christ” figure who had supposedly paid his dues by ascending his Cavalry, a sizeable following of imbecile, unthinking and unquestioning morons, a burnished image as an intellectual ( when he knows zilch about foreign policy, economic matters etc) privileged access to world Jewry of exploitative bankers, neo-con thugs and the inner sanctum of the White House ( as part of being a member of GAY=Gabungan Anak Yahudi). Besides, who else could better fit the Uncle Sam’s bill than a seemingly liberal democrat hiding an authoritarian, demagogic streak who does not tolerate dissent to his antiMalay/anti Islam world view and that sits fine with the “war against terror” doctrine, besides he having the plus point of being a firm believer of Manifest Destiny and the dumbing down of anti American, anti Jew rhetoric. In short, a man that no Ahmadnijad, Hassan Nasrallah, Mahathir Mohamad could ever be.

    Warrior 231

  120. Anonymous2:21 am

    Part 2(b)
    More importantly a man with limited education and excessive baggage who can be easily manipulated as a marionette by the regional power, Spore and by the US from a distance. But now, as his anointment is seemingly imperiled and they needed a clone and they got the perfect match in a glib-talking, suave lawyer affecting intellectual poise when he has none and who will burn his principles in a jiffy in the altar of expediency. What a clone!!

    Bro, Syariff, there is another unexpected variable, the intense soul searching in PAS that has led to schizophrenia. One half bewitched by the charismatic’s persuasiveness and the sudden surge in seats that gilded tongue wrought ( but numerically stagnant in terms of popular vote) drank from the poisoned chalice and murtaded itself for worldly gain. This group led by a Kelantan turbaned heretic has actually exited the pale of Islam-Addeen by its strident opposition to attempts to unify the Ummah.(the hallmark of a kafir is dissension and opposition to unity amongst the faithful) The other half is stuck in an existential cul-de-sac fearing and doubting that its efforts at rapproachment will fail and forever condemn it to the scrapheap of PAS history.

    Part 3
    Given this circumstance, it would not be surprising if the PKR, DAP game plan is to ally themselves with the heretic turban lollipop’s rump grouping from a splintered PAS and fish for more crossovers from UMNO, MCA and GERAKAN. With regard to UMNO, the strategy would be to bait disaffected ex-Semangats to defect. The very lemah Semangats who had always chaffed at the debacle of 1988 and who harbour vengeance at the reconstituted UMNO ( they can never ever accept that they were trumped by our one and only ace statesman, Tun Dr M- a peek of his prowess vis-à-vis Anwar will be revealedin part 4) would be easy prey. This group of wandering spirits will probably make the exodus individually (like the bow-tie from Johore) or in groups culminating with the Sleepwalker and his Silhouette exiting the portals when the time is right thus seamlessly effecting a “democratic” coup d’etat. Hence GE 13 would be academic and the pendatang would have achieved their aim of grasping the cudgels of power and subjugating the natives. Depressing for us Malay Muslims but this is the game plan now, unless the military steps in, put a stop to all these plots, throw the conspirators into jail, massacre a segment of the population to bring them to heel and run the country through a junta. In short, enacting a Fiji 1987 solution. Come to think of it, that would be a whole lot preferable than to be ethnically cleansed and religiously murtaded by a vengeful horde! Am I being paranoid wuth all the historical evidence staring stark naked at me? You decide as I pour myself a Connemara....

    Warrior 231

  121. Anonymous2:32 am

    Part 3


    The narrative for this new order is being subtly prepared. Briefly, it centres around the following:

    1.The central construct being the resurrection of the Malayan Union (MU), the anti-thesis to the 1948 and subsequently 1957 Constitution and social Contract . It should be noted that the non-malay holds a special attachment to the MU cos; provided him easy access to citizenship ala jus soli without the constraint of being tethered to the social contract. effectively neuters all malay privileges and institutions that essentially defined them as the sons of the soil. These include the sultanate, islam as the official religion, the status of the malay language and all the other privileges as enshrined, protected by and agred upon by the UMNO=MCA- MIC alliance in 1957, this unwritten pact being termed social contract

    This obeisance to the MU, is clearly indicated by the several political narratives that valorize the following:

    a.Dr Syed Hussein’s claim that PR are the true inheritors of the PUTERA-AMCJA alliance. Unmentioned by him is that this alliance of 1947 among others advocated the immediate imposition of the Malayan Union and constituted the main local impediment to the UMNO led opposition to the MU

    b.the valorization of the CPM as a nationalist movement and Chin Peng as a freedom fighter. Why? Because it the socialist left wing that dominated PUTERA-AMCJA were primarily infiltrated Communist cadres seeking a political role which the Brits had denied CPM. Any surprises then, prominent PUTERA cadres like Rashid, Shamsiah et al were to join (rejoin?) their CPM counterparts in the 1948-1960 emergency. And why did the CPM reaccelerate the ante in 1948? The answer lies in Malayan Union's rejection and the closure of the political route for Chinese hegemony in local politics.

    c. If you study carefully the local political dynamics of the 1945-1948 period: 2 distinct strands emerge. UMNO as the standard bearer of Malay nationalism wedded firmly to the rightful belief that the malays were the sons of the soil (a fact even acknowledged by the British in several instances as early as 1913, I will give proof in P 4). The second strand was the Pendatang inspired notion that Malaya were for Malayans credo, a cover to cement/legitimize their much sought holy grail of equal status with the indigene, thus forever obliterating the Pendatang tag which will indirectly facilitate eventual political hegemony. Now who were the heirs to Malaya for Malayans other than PAP’s “Malaysia for Malaysians and the DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia and now other copycat mushrooms like Anak Malaysia, Anak Bangsa Malaysia.....see the echoes + why canvass for an ailing Chin Peng's return unless to leverage on his symbolism as a socalled Anak Bangsa Malaysia who fought the British (the ultimate myth) and in return rally more Chinese to the PR cause. That PAS can deign to accept this Muslim killer is mind numbing to say the least!

    Warrior 231

  122. Anonymous3:32 am

    Part 3b

    Part of mythmaking is creating history anew from the ashes of a lost collective memory. Such a newly spun historical narrative would of course valorize certain socio-historical paradigms that would serve to scaffold prevailing political philosophies.It is also an extremely useful weapon to undermine the foundational credibility of the opponent's cause, a weapon to blast away his moral standing....

    The Fakatan people are smart, they are building multiple narratives that are slowly subsuming the actual realities of 1945-1948. In the process, the UMNO struggle is recouched as a colonialist project of implementing a local comprador class hegemony over the rabble, that AMCJA-PUTERA were the ketuanan rakyat progenitors and their legacy is the one truism that should hold.That the Commies were part of this great proletarian struggle and their "sacrifices" should be honoured/

    Slowly but surely, this new post-Fordian and post-modernist interpretation is gaining credence amongst the young who are essentially “buta sejarah” (a danger I have alluded to numerous times in the past)and are thus a gukkible cohort amenable to thought manipulation, the very same tactics that Lenin, Trotsky et al, Goebbels, Mao, the israelis etc used to devastating effect to capture public opinion and coral their sympathy. What are weapons the PR is using to inject this history illiterate rabble with their venom?

    Virtual and real-life initiatives led by a dedicated corp of selfstyled intellectuals. lawyers, exjournalists etc who with a string of degrees and drs (Malaysia – one of the few countries sadly afflicted by obsession titles not substance) in front of their moniker are seducing the young with their take through projects like the Anak Bangsa Malaysia initiative, the online Project Malaysia, dedicated web portals like Other Malaysia, books like “from majapahit to Putrajaya, May 13, films like “the last communist” etc, infiltration of virtual newmedia like MK, MI, the Nut Graph, articles, pamphlets, talks, speeches, plays that are all slickly produced and packaged propaganda products presented as alternative history…..note the trendy slant- alternative music, alternative media, alternative theatre and now alternative history to hook the young, the cool, the hip, the trendy

    Note the nifty advertising,to mask the harsh reality that they are pernicious thought literature, the kind designed to seduce and imprison the mind and keep one wedded to the central idea revolving around Malaysia for Malaysians (now repackaged as ketuanan rakyat to make it more palatable for some leery PAssites who may have long memories of the 50s and 60s).

    And long memories of the past are what the current young generation do not possess to enable them to separate the wheat from the chaff, to avoid the Santayana truism as Sejarah has been kicked into touch. (In one of his recent articles,the American economist and Nobel laureate Paul Krugman noted that part of the dangers in confronting the current crisis lie in not studying and applying the lessons learnt in 1930s while another economist, Galbraith, once observed, the strange cyclical nature of political and economic history).

    Our kids don’t even know what happened in the 1990s what more anything from the 50s and 60s (xcept maybe elvis, the Beatles) to enable them to understand why LKY made his recent mad dash to even shake hands with Nik Aziz bin Nik Mat…

    LKY? Ahhh...his role in current affairs is another jigsaw to the whole puzzle I am about to unveil

    Warrior 231

  123. Sommers7:26 am

    "I bet warrior 231 is Deminegara @ kijangmas at

    bahasa, gaya dan carutan adalah sama!!

    TJ Hooker"

    - Hey TJ Hooker, you are dreaming or what? why do you think that Warrior 231 is KijangMas of Deminegara? Please elaborate. Show us some examples.

    Just for info here, Warrior 231 IS NOT KijangMas and KijangMas IS NOT Warrior 231.

    They have different styles of writing, any smart people can see that. Btw KijangMas does not use the 4 letter words freely like nobody's business. He has never used word like "Hindulen" ...

    As someone who goes to DN often, I should know that they are not the same person.

    Thank you.

  124. Anonymous9:07 am

    Rocky's Bru
    Sad to see you bend to pressure and delete my 2pm or thereabouts bazooka against the Godfather. Put it in on bro, and lets see what the bastard is made off especially after he dragged my mum into the fray, the bloody pink coward.He would have begged you to ban me considering that he is already prodding you against the wall on that regard with his evil coterie in tow.Moreover, he knows he had walked into trouble bigtime when he came after me and couldnt take the bombardment so the subtext is hollering : "Rocky, please get me outta this, I beg you for i landed myself in something deep..oh rocky..please if you ban him, i will shutdown the darkside forcefield forever more...I promise"
    while the backup subtext (10.00am + 10.44am)directed to the authorities is a classic use of reverse psychology that screams: "I know you wont collar this guy but I sure hope you will"

    Dei Godfather pundek kalathai, u have used threats and persuasion(to Rocky)+ reverse psychology (the authos), what's next up ur pink panty? send your goons after me..ah' would be mighty pleased to welcome them with my licensed Colt.Try me!

    2.As for my comment supporting my brother in arms, was nothing more than:

    a. my show of support for Brother Anti-Whatever...

    b. my future plans regarding the use of heavier artillery directed at the fakatan racist, extremist bastards

    I can see the reason why as you must have construed what i wrote in the addendum regarding my future plans for the fakatan scun as incendiary and can live with that but i can sure tell that my M109-Paladin, Panzerhaubitze 2000 are itching for action.........

    3.BrightEyes said...
    Shariff, Ayo, Nico, Godfather, etc... If you dudes/-ettes wanna know more about this warrior guy, feel free to access his blog at
    I've gotta thank a fellow blogger who passed me this info

    Reply : It wont do to bother, brother revert with your crap. But you can try him and live to regret it...hahahahaha...LOL (a signature laugh, he picked up too). Those not in the know about how Revert came into the picture, just need to read my exchanges with a certain (Baltha)Shar in January 09 here in Rocky's lair.

    As for the blogger friend, a group of us sleuths have got enough shit on the lawyer (both personal + professional) to destroy him once and for all....but we are gonna dribble it out slowly to make sure its a slow painful death. So girl, tell him to lie low as he is doing now, will ya when you flash ur cunt at him..hahahahaha LOL. Must be tough these days at the technical section, eh girl?..what with idle capacity logging up...hahahahaha LOL

    Warrior 231

  125. Anonymous9:11 am

    Rocky bru

    Thanks bro, its up now.You are Da Man

    Warrior 231

  126. Anonymous9:13 am


    "That is why your boss Najib's 1Malaysia isn't going to work..."

    So wadahell are you waiting for? Cant wait to see you go. Don't forget to take all the pigs with ya now,thanks.

  127. Anonymous10:33 am

    The William Shakepear piece is Brilliant! I still can't stop laughing. It's like the characters are like that in real life!

    Brilliant absolutely brilliant!

    Now let's see what pathetic comments they want to write next.

    Allooooo 'snicker!' Godfather? hmmmphh... malsia? hah ha ha.. 10xshatecapable? he heha hah ahhahha Nicollette?? other Anons??? Still here? Better leave la. Stop making fools of yourselves. Of course you are already fools to begin with.

    If there's ever a blog that says it as it is, it's Rocky's.

    Hail Mighty WARRIOR!.

  128. Mapuh Mung10:52 am


    Kudos Warrior 231!!!

    About time for someone to speak out the minds without bull-shitting and apologizing like sotongs with no back bone at all.

    It has been too long that these anjing-anjing kuraps berkeliaran in this country. A good knock in the head with belantan by Warrior 231 is long over due!

    Warrior 231 should be the Mentor Minister, whip-lashing those sotongs lembik who only know to apologize rather than to listen to the cries of the patriot like Awang Selamat, Ahmad Ismail and all.

    Hidup Warrior 231!!!!

    - Mapuh Mung

  129. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Bro Warrior 231..

    Really value your support bro.. u are indeed my blood brother...

    Just see them all one by one got their head shoved into the ground to have their faced soiled with shits under the feet of the sons of the soil...have the taste of their own medicine..hahaha...

    For the time being let us be in our armed mode..quite heavy artillery bombardment over here..hehehe..continue probing for piggybrains activities in this blog..

    hmm...maybe we can spare those sissy piggy-pom-pom-pingkie-chingkies for desert like BE & huhahuha after we have through with the main course from the people like godfucker,mcmsia1206, nicolet et. al. and all the anons chingkies mafuckers.. as usuals these piggy-pom-pom chingkie pondans got nothing worth of substance coming from their useless chingkie pigbrains.. got no pecker to do the whacker, where's your stuff mafucker? Too afraid to engage in direct battle.. ? we can give them each a special cum swallowing training session on how to engage in real battle after buttfucking their brethren..kesian bapuk2 mcm BE & huhahuha tu..membazir kilobyte je dlm blog ni..setakat pandai cucuk angin..bila dah kena sekeh, terus lari sembunyi menceceh, kencing turun meleleh dari puki apek yg pepeh..kah..kah..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  130. You guys can't win against the Warrior. Just admit defeat.
    My head is still spinning after the Shakespeare bit and I've yet to finish reading the Shariff part.
    Great stuff.
    Youda man, Warrior.
    You can take on anyone, anytime.
    Pejuang Bangsa dan Negara.
    Let's take no crap from them ya. It's about time they found out not all of us can be pushed around and belittled. Dia jual, kita beli.
    And as for Zaid, come on...was it that big of a surprise that he joined PKR? That party is full of disgruntled people. Not surprised at all.

  131. Anonymous1:12 pm

    To Nicolette: You yourself said Najib, Che Det, Kit Siang, Obama also no moderation. What respectable editing are you talking about?

    To W. Nelson: Ditto

    To Lecturer: "starting a drive to ask my students and friends to stay away from your blog because of that man"? Didn't you read the Warrior's statement that he was minding his own lager when the so-called Godfather used his Luger? The form he chose to hit is his own business but you should see the substance of his comments before the Luger fellow pressed his trigger. You didn't even read properly. If you are what you say you are, you should resign. No lecturer worth his salt should contemplate starting such a drive. Shame on you.

    To Anon 4.34 pm: You "damned the racist pigs PMs" and want to send your children to England. Why don't you live there yourself in order to realise that they may not be as liberal as what you think.

    To Godfather:

    Are you really a gangster like in the movies? You said, "There is not a racist sinew in me that allows me to use foul language .." But in the very next sentence you used the words "the racist bastard".

    Then you said, "All I know is without the chingkies, the racist bastard will still be in his kampung, wearing his sarong, and smoking his home-made joint." Now, aren't you not being racist in the extreme there? Implying that the non-Malays were responsible for the Malays to come out of the kampongs? Not knowing history and making a highly racially offensive conclusion? That's the trouble with people like you. Warped thinking, demented mentality. No wonder the Warrior went fuming mad when you took a potshot at him. He was expressing his opinion at the fellow Zaid Ibrahim, with reasons given and you started using debased words at him. You deserve his wrath!



  132. Anonymous1:18 pm

    PART 2


    Learn some history, man. Despite the fact that the bloody British colonialists gave all sorts of help to the Chinese to do business and built sufficient primary and secondary schools in the towns where most of the Chinese lived and benefitted, the Malays struggled against all odds in their own country.

    British colonialism was the result of the Hai San Secret Society Kapitan China in Larut (any relationship to you, "Godfather"? -you like that name don't you?) and 44 of his gang members signing a petition to the British Resident in Penang to help them recover their tin mines from the Ghee Hins. With the British help, the Chinese were far ahead economically and educationally before Merdeka. At Merdeka the non-Malay leaders agreed on the special position of the Malays and the Malay leaders agreed the non-Malays, who were stateless at that time, be given citizenship after Merdeka.

    Now, if you imply that without the Chinese, the Malays would still be in the kampongs, do you not realise that without the Malays' kind heartedness you would still be stateless and not enjoying the riches of this country as citizens? Adjust your thinking, man. Don't be bloody selfish. Think about others, too, from time to time. Don't take potshots at people or ride rough shods over the Malay race, yet call others racist.

    And don't try to change the facts of history. For example, Chin Peng and MCP were simply communist terrorists, not nationalists of any kind.

    You try to answer him point by point lah, man. Not keep crying to Rocky to ban him. You no substance ha, only tembak sana tembak sini, ha? Apa ini macam punya orang? Bikin kacau saja.


  133. the bee2:18 pm

    Rocky, please don't bow down to pressure from anti Malay anti Islam subversives here. Please publish ALL Warrior 231's comments.

    They are talking about censoring this and that to you but do their beloved blogs/portals like MT, Mkini, M'sian Insider, Zorro, PP etc do that?? There, these anti Malays anti Muslims INSULT and DEGRADE us like there's no tomorrow...Sometime I wanna puke just by reading some of their comments.....Censorship my foot....

    Again, please publish Warrior 231's comments in yr blog. Txs.


  134. Anonymous2:33 pm

    "So wadahell are you waiting for? "

    I'm waiting for pigs to fly. I'm waiting for you guys to start keeping pigs as pets - that's the first step, the rest is up to you.


  135. Bro

    The mercury in the thermometer of comments posted has reached boiling point and will soon explode.

    I have rarely comes across such racist and one-sided comments elsewhere, but that may be due to my not being able to read all the blogs out there.

    I am not suggesting censorship at all. Far from it.

    What puzzles me though is why all thes Warrior 231 and Mapuk Mung and others need to come to your blog and shit? I mean if they have so much to say and so much vitriol and so much anger in them, why not start their own blogs? Why hide here and be mere anons?

    Or have they? Perhaps you know of it and would care to publish the url's so we can check it out.

    I could be wrong. But I think these guys or gals keep posting these same commenst all over blogosphere and I have seen the same words in your comment area before.

    What gives?

  136. Anonymous8:33 pm

    I have always thought of him as one of Anuar's boys even when he was still with UMNO???


  137. Anonymous9:53 pm

    For patriots like Warrior 231, Ahmad Ismail, et al: a simple question - what do the advanced countries in Asia (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong) have in common ?

    Nah, it's not that they all eat pork or that they all use chopsticks. They put corrupt people in jail, including their corrupt political leaders.

    That is why you fail.


  138. PARPUKARI2:07 am



  139. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Warrior 231, you're the man! Keep it up, and sink all these PR pondans..


  140. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Warrior 231, you da man ! You go extinct because you believe in in-breeding.


  141. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Dei Pundek Godfather

    Hahahahaha..thats my take on your latest infantile jerk at reality. Still not cumming. eh?deadcock, arselicker. Say what why dont you check this out and this only the tip of huge shitberg that holds up all chingkiedomm, fuckhead. Mafucking, pabuggered, shitworm eating vermin whose world revolves around chingkie arse, whorecunts. pigcocks and dogdicks would certainly will not have time expanding his cumswamped, semen jammed, menses clogged brain. Get a lifelah arsehole, son in being fucked big time by a stupid father. Ok here pigdoggie, some pig arsemeat to chew on for starters. Got the cockmuscle for truth, liar?:

    1. Why did Ong Beng Seng, owner of HPL, offer the units, and presumably the discounts, to the Lee family?

    2. even better, read this, 10 years on:

    Now remember father, god is going to be pissed off seeing all the swelling on your arsehole after the 2 cyberants i have released finish dining on your arsepit. What a stupid father for a tin-god ingot to have, son must jerking away like u in angst...hahahahaLOL

    Donplaypuks Pundek kalathai

    every toddler knows what puks is, idiot! so dont talk morality here.

    put the vowel "i" between k and s and read that aloud to your cuntblasted woman and kids at home and see their reaction, idiot cuntwhore, arseshit.U think your name is so holy that kids cannot see the imputations, stupid fella. Next time, clean up ur cumplugged brain before commenting for you sound like some patronising, high-moralising fuckhead, you stupid arsedigged idiot scum.If it is being posted all over the net, so be it for i aint gonna stop anyone from lifting and reposting it. To me, this is a war started by you prats and now if you wanna me to stop, read the ceasefire conditions i have laid down first. Get it, slimebag.

    Warrior 231

  142. Anonymous5:42 pm

    I'm waiting for pigs to fly. I'm waiting for you guys to start keeping pigs as pets - that's the first step, the rest is up to you.


    We already had pigs like u living with us here for 50yrs..we already had enough living with u fucking filthy animals... You are what u eat..pig! kah..kah..

    now scram to hell piggy mafucker! If you still cannot fly piggy, let me give u a nice buttkick to sky high..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  143. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Part 1


    Thanks for da support, man.The gangsta though he could ride roughshod over the other races just like his Ah Beng pals think they can do in real life and the western educated ones like to imagine with their snootty patronising attitude.

    Fact of the matter, my malay bros and sistas, the chingkie and hindulen are overhyped scumbags who think just because they have all those wealth, the "As" etcetra they are smart. Truth of the matter is, this is as hallow, ill-educated, parochial pretentious fuckedup race with an attitude problem caught in its own timewarp of superiority.

    My 2 gals who pursued their medical studies in in topnotch UK and Ireland medical schools on my financial support, tell me the same tale. Even over there, they tend to look down on Malays but dare not pull the same trick with the gwailohs for they will be fucked real bad.

    My personal tangles with this kind has inured me to the fact that these lying, thieving corrupt bastards are in general reluctant in going against you in a logical, factual, impassioned manner for they cant do it. It has always been a case of menegakkan benang yang basah when confronted with truth.

    Typical chingkie evasive strategies are :

    1. Propagating outright lies on their perverted assumption that not everyone will notice. The classic example on this thread would be Winsemius' role in spore's development.

    2. accuse one of quoting out of context, selective lifting etc when nothing of that sort has been done. What these babis dont say is that the arguments in that direction was commenced by them and upon seeing that their fallacy is about to ram into a brickwall, they come out with their selective shit crap.

    3. Throw canards, red herring to divert the issue once they can see what the outcome is going to be.

    4. Stir shit and run away and never respond, Bro anti and me have frequently come across this type...which we know is skulking around sniffing the air for shit. Come show know urself better!

    5.Seeing things are about to slip away, they switch to a different modus operandi. Come on an organised missive to start bombarding these parts about their moral concernlah,their concern for the kidslah, the socalled devaluation of this blog, religion or the lack of it blah2 just to badger Bru, to throw the book at me. depa buat kat MT, the youtubed Namewee anthem, the surin website on the prophet and islam..itu bolehlah cos that is the swill of their puny lives but the moment you fire back they carp like sick old bitches,humbug and hypocrites, them all.

    Warrior 231

  144. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Part 2

    6. the final strategy is to issue asinine thraets, MACClah PDRMlah, boycott the MMlah and the funniest one no more voting Bnlah as if they were voting Bn in droves in 2008. no amount of fence-mending is gonna bring the chingkie back. he is set on his course of resurrecting those Putera-Amcja days when he reigned supreme. His biggest fear however is that the malays will unite again starting with PAS and UMNO.thats why the Chingkie side (DAP) is going full throttle to strangle it and he has got the online press MK, MI, NG etal to do their utmost + he has got plan B up his sleeve. LKY? to dangle the carrot and provide moral support if not why must you have the finance, infrastructure et al people in his entourage to kelantan. It is to keep Nik Aziz enthralled and angle for a splintered PAS which is part of Plan B ( as i outlined to shariff).the worse nightmare for the chingk and the hindulen is a malaysia split along a racial fault line demarcating the Bumis from the non-bumis. If such a scenario were to happen, the Chindian would be left with no choice but to come back with his tails between his arse but on OUR TERMS...

    I may not be the perfect Muslim, for i cuss here, i enjoy a tipple but i know where to draw the line. If its about unity, it is an imperative that no one subscribing to the syahadah, warts and all, would oppose. Well, Nikki Lee opposes and I called him a murtad in MI as did his fellow disciples. Of course, people wouldnt like that but then a spade is a spade and thats how i operate wherever it may be.

    And if a chinaman thinks i am going to be a squid, be contrite and exfoliate like a fragile flower into an apologist, he better look elsewhere for i know his race inside out. I take no prisoners and make no apologies for I think my race has gotten itself into this mess cos we were so primed into "menjaga hati orang". Its good, its high culture to be so ( dint i say umpteen times , we are refined, peaceful folks) but if the orang (the Other) is a babboon, its better to empty the Luger into the beast than placate it with soft words but keep the hurt dammed up in our hearts till it either kills us insidiously or explodes in demonic fury. Ever knew, the Brits were perplexed by those outbursts, that they had to coopt amuck into their lingo for want of a better word to describe it!

    To all those who have written in support, my heartfelt thanks. it is not a matter of gloating, i will try my best for you all, brothers and sisters. its a role i accept humbly and sincerely apologise for not writing to thank each and every one of you. It would be nice if more of you come abroad in the biggest, freest,unbiased blog in Malaysia. Thank you bro, for keeping this avenue open to us to protect our MARUAH. You are DA MAN.

    p/S : Hindulen? the word lackey and lalang describes it all. For this type, the hockey stick and the pesticide would do...hahahahahahaha LOL

    WARRIOR 231

  145. Abdul Karim bin Mustafa11:29 pm

    Warrior 123 is what happens when the tradition among a certain people to practice incest is uncurbed. These mat-rempit anjing rogol would not blink an eye to rape their 6 year old kakak, whats more his obsession with twats and arses and holes and licking and sucking. These are the types that hijack non-malay woman in their cars, to rape them and dump them in some ditch and burn them after they have had their gratification.

    And what do u have after the anjing rogol rapes someone.... well he becomes a wira hero melayu of course. cos thats what he has been indoctrinated to do since birth.

    Rape and kill the non-malay woman cos that is the purpose you were born a superior race. And of course you will have forty bumiputra lawyers to korek for you some korek kok story to make sure your rogol was for Bangsa dan negara. Whats more you have forty virgin houris waiting to get laid if you would kill someone, for religion ofcouse...

    You pathetic low life scum piece of pig dung... u are not even worth a bucket of spit. go jump in a pool of pig dung and find a female warrior swine to mate and pass the ah1 virus to your descendents. May you perish in your filth and degradation!

  146. Anonymous12:59 am

    Anonymous said...

    For patriots like Warrior 231, Ahmad Ismail, et al: a simple question - what do the advanced countries in Asia (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong) have in common ?

    Nah, it's not that they all eat pork or that they all use chopsticks. They put corrupt people in jail, including their corrupt political leaders.

    That is why you fail.


    Hoi Bapak Tokong!

    Sapa kata Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong tu takda korup?

    Kamu ni dungu ke? Kamu ingat dia orang bersih sangat ke? Advanced countries konon? Pak Man Telo pun ada kat N York la?

    Tongong punya bapak tokong!

    - tukang perati

  147. Anonymous9:52 am

    Anyone believes the attempt to be impressive from a multiple dogality that cut out profanities and racist remarks would turn out to be a readable script? The content stay put with the typical style of bull shitting, selective pasting, verbosity term, dumb statement, and lackadaisical assertions ignoring wider social-economic, historical and political context. The worst part is, it is soooooooooo booooooooring and monotonous. Dey, look out for a more innovative thesaurus to help you re-write the whole piece of junk, please!

    Eagerly awaiting the next trash to unveil LKY. Of course deliberately again pay no heed to the proven assessment from world established institution and presents it from the viewpoint of a predictable absurdity mind.

    PS/ Inferiority complex is a curable sickness, what you need to do is persisting on the enlargement of your dog hole until the square pig could slot in.


  148. Anonymous11:29 am

    I'm waiting for pigs to fly. I'm waiting for you guys to start keeping pigs as pets - that's the first step, the rest is up to you.

    This fuckhead arsehole dipstick actually received his cybertrooper training at forums like these:

    kill all malay pig in malaysia at

    these cybertraining camps are littered all over the net even in jurisdictions beyond our pale.Here, dedicated chingkie, keling and chindie lovvas cadres receive systematic training in cyberwarfare training in virtual war stratagems that mimic real war tactics and equipment use.

    For instance, the equivalent to sniping in guerilla warfare (real war) is personal attack(ad hominems) in cyberworld.

    MRSI systems (real life war) = Concentrated barrage on a specific target by different commenters (cyberwar) and the list is endless as to the equivalents

    Of course, no war would be complete without psywar, so cadres trained on playing with morality, religion, the need to protect kids are deployed.These soft psywar strategies are interspersed with hard psywar approaches, like threats, the use of reverse psychology, running down the blogmaster;s moderation or lack of it etc being examples that are being brandished at will.

    There you have it folks, the new approach adopted from commie annals by the fakatan fuckedup, butthungry, cumthirsty, cuntswiping bastards dickheads and cuntshit. Classic commie style guerilla approach. Remember the days when the commie cadres used to fan out of their camps in the jungles to either cause general mayhem or melt into the population to infiltrate their organisations, well now the modus operandi is the same, only difference being no more mosquito infested, shit strewn, pigroaming, dog scavenging hideouts in some deep jungle in them bukits but Malayhating dedicated websites, forums that provide training at the touch of the keyboard while nestled in comfy chair, chinese samsu and bahkut teh at hand.

    You cant blame these lowlifes alone, the ultimate blame should lie with their handlers, yeah the selfsame bastards (slang), who helm the boardrooms of the 3 "pimp" organisations (Can't fail to note the Bintang 3 symbolism)that make up Fakatan. Yeah, Chingkie arse whoring, cockhungry, twatlicking, mouthshafting pariah malays have joined this scheme, the true inheritors of rashid maidin, shamsiah fakeh, musa ahmad legacy. laknatullah shit them all.

    Any surprises brothers and sisters, as to why Chin Peng is being idolised, the AMCJA_PUTERA alliance of 1947 being resurrected and the Malaysian malaysia is being breathed with new life.Once, power is grasped, watch how these scum unleash their death squads to exterminate any opposition, a killing field ala PolPot's Cambodia is about to unfold with our top turban kaffir laknatullah being the new Kurtz while the Ibrahim clan, the Lim gangstas, the singh thugs, the female sluts pillage the country dry.

    Warrior 231

  149. Anonymous11:49 am

    Mungkin ada yang tidak mengetahui bahawa tindakan telah di-lakukan oleh kerajaan Singapura untuk....

    "menghilangkan sejarah" yang nenek moyang mereka antara lain bermula dengan professi "angkat tahi"{night soiled carrier},pelacuran dan mengambil nasi busuk dari penduduk untuk makanan babi mereka....dan banyak lagi penyakit sosial.

    Masa'alah orang kita mereka terlalu pelupa.

    Kebaikan,kemesraan adalah topeng harian bagi kaum ini. Bangsat adalah perkataan yang terlalu ringan untuk mereka!


  150. Anonymous11:49 am


    Hey bro anti-whatever, remember the above shit you blasted as nothing more than an arsewhore after he tried splitting us back then by trying one off the other..typical chingkie unwashed arse style.

    well, after 2 weeks of nursing his torn butt, he is back after hopping on his kapchai and getting a thesaurus plus busy cutting and pasting discordant sentences or maybe he hassled his tuition teachr to write it out for him..hahahahahahahahahaha LOL.

    U know brother, I am done with this shit who admitted his own language deficiencies before, to all and sundry. I advise you to do the same and let him rant like the pigdog he is. Oh, I forgot, he is trying to get his hole dug deeper so a pig can walk into it and drink the swill, poor butttorn, arselicking, cum guzzling, cockdead, mafucking, pa buggered, dogdicked, pigcockrammed trannie of a bitch. Bet its ma and pa are regretting every second of their cunthungry dickstarved moments. What a colossal waste of sperm and egg

    Warrior 231

  151. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Warrior 231,

    I consider myself to be a 'liberal', modern Melayu, and I was a one time UMNOputera too.

    No, I did not join UMNO to get contracts, or free sahams etc. But kerana kesedaran. Of course when I said this during Persidangan UMNO Shah Alam 20 years ago, they laughed at me. But UMNO Shah Alam is kaput now.

    I, and a few friends, used to be active in Sangkancil, one of the first and most popular socio-political egroups, some 10 years ago. And we moved on to other sites as we go on.

    Of course we started by fighting the AlJuburi supporters. This was quite easy. We had a lot of fun.

    Then, when PKR tide was low, we bashed PAS and the oxygen deficient self proclaimed ulamak. This was also easy as most of them hardly knew how many chapters are there in the Quran.

    And then we fought the dark slumber and sleepy forces. And as they say, it's history now.

    But in between we have to fight the anti Melayu racist bigots of godfather type. To them nothing is right about Melayu. And when you argue back and point out their weaknesses, as you correctly pointed out, you are nothing but a racist!

    And now we have you, and your friends. I wish I know who you are. Keep going brother..


  152. Anonymous5:06 pm

    For patriots like Warrior 231, Ahmad Ismail, et al: a simple question - what do the advanced countries in Asia (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong) have in common ?

    Nah, it's not that they all eat pork or that they all use chopsticks. They put corrupt people in jail, including their corrupt political leaders.

    That is why you fail.



    As usual pigbrain always short of words, long on rethoric but again short of substances...

    Japan - the accused normally commit suicide before been caught..easy for the need so much prison facilities.

    HongKong- The Brits already developed the land for 99yrs for the chingkies to skulk in when they're gone..similar to Singapore..just like typical thickskin piggy..the chingkies just claim credit for it..

    Korea & Taiwan - They faught with chairs in their Parliment among one need to throw chairs at pendatang MPs and being accused as racist. Nobody complained being fed with dogfood in prison..coz they even eat dogs as food..

    Singapore - the best, put all opposition into jail or make them go bankrupt.. LKY style..anything from oppositions are all corrupted.. only PAP is clean to do the so-called cleaning.. wtf! They throw their rubbish here!

    Anyhow...If compared between Mahathir & LKY..both are deemed democracy dictator, but Mahathir anytime out-classed LKY...

    coz Mahathir still can do the work with the oppositions around, while LKY cannot even face 'differences'

    ..people go inside ISA (temporary) but not go bankrupt under million dollar suit by the ruling party which also control the judiciary like ours(wow..permanently removed from politics!)..

    wow.. nice kandang cleaning method.. Najib should adopt that..but with extra.., we must also eradicate all the vermin swineflus things..

    LKY only keep tame domestic pig.. not babi hutan like what we have here in malaysia...babi hutan cannot behave, by default always have opposite minority view, talk too much & greedily demand alot..muhahaha....

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  153. Anonymous9:31 am

    Warrior 213

    I wrote bad English because I don’t get any “subsidise” to further my study in any first-class English language UK University. As my field of interest is inferiority complex hence I believe Malaysia is the most excellent region to conduct such research. Give you a case in point, our colonial master never appreciate the needs to declare “on my financial support” as this is deemed an accepted norm of society but we Malaysian know well the cause of such pronouncement. So what is the point go UK? The second reason is that I have no intention to find out the variation of orgasm derived from a white prick and a short dick, like one belongs to dog. Glad you did that. Please send my regards.

    PS// Seek your bro support again? Or shall I write in a less acerbic way the next round?


  154. Anonymous12:21 pm

    My head literally spun after reading all that garbage that has been going on in this feedback column. It's amazing to see how a post about Zaid has stooped to something I won't wrap anything in (if the same came out in print) simply because of how it has nothing mature about it- merely mudslinging and that too of despicable racial tones.

    Grow up!!I don't think I'll ever dare read this section and may very well dissuade others from reading Rocky.

    Speaking of whom, why can't you propogate the need for mature comments in your blog? Childish and cruel things like the things Warrior has been coming up with, tho i'm all for freedom of speech, should be deleted. Simply because it stokes hatred for others. You deleted some of Godfather's if I'm reading correctly- so I don't understand why the double standards here?


  155. Anonymous12:49 pm

    I wasn't the one who started it here. I complained to Rocky at 11.02 pm about this clown's use of abusive and racist language. Know what ? Rocky Bru replied at 12.32 a.m. and I quote him:

    "Dear Godfather,

    Not so good at taking, eh? I am surprised."

    Of course Rocky condones such language, but then if so, why are some of my postings deleted against this fascist pig ? This is the spin of mainstream media now that Rocky is in charge of the Malay Mail ? Selective prosecution a la UMNO-style ?


  156. Anonymous5:29 pm


    Hey bro anti-whatever, remember the above shit you blasted as nothing more than an arsewhore after he tried splitting us back then by trying one off the other..typical chingkie unwashed arse style.

    Bro 231...
    You know how much this pig really wish he was a sheperd dog.. just like in the movie BABE..he love talking doggy thingy describing it with details description like hole digging obsess..he owned one and want to be like one..unlike our hatred towards the filthy pigs..we generalized the thing we hate..

    Pity him.. stuck in his own identity crisis problem..some sort of inferiority complex disease...the filthy pig wish he was something else..just like the case of a piggy-JOM thinking pig equal to golden goose..

    i did fell off my chair laughing at it..kah..kah..kah...

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  157. Anonymous7:16 pm


    You walked into a wellset trap, pig. You just affirnmed the unsaid but whispered fuckedup shit perpetrated by chingkie arseheads who cant write a sentence of proper English nor speak a word of proper English without an 'r' rolling off their filty twisted tongue like an 'l'.

    But when they dont get it, they wail bigtime like pig arse faced bastards raising a hue and cry about the unfair world blah2.It was damn fair when the Brit had you as his shaggy haired terrier to coral them pigs and to eat his shit, fuck his chingkie amah and swill up his kids urine, wasnt it so, pig dog bastard?

    So i put it there on purpose to tease out the unsaid and you fell slamdunk into my trap like a drunk assfucked, mouthdriven cum splattered pig. Confirms my thesis that a bastard pariah arsefucked mafucking chingkie boy can be "read" a hundred KMs away without even our eyes needing to set sights on his ugly snout or our nose sniffing his unwashed pig stink wafting through the air. hahahahahaha LOL. the rest of your diatribe can be best shoved momma's cunt as she is thirsting for some fingering, go give it to her inferior pariah pigdog

    Warrior 231

  158. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Again, not so good at taking huh?
    We don't need to know nor are we curious, whatever it was you wrote, must be something really filthy than what can be found here, knowing your hate for anything Malay. Aw, and you thought you can tell Rocky what he should or should not do in his blog.

    I think you saw how your colonial masters *love* you guys so much in the UK and quickly pack your bags and head back. An *accepted norm of society*? - sure when chingkie lick white ass all the time then they love it. Why didnt you try Papua or Fiji etc ? Oh yes, you are right, here you can still practice humiliating the Malays, calling them all sorts of names and get away with it... for now.


  159. Anonymous7:33 am


    I have to remain in Bolehland because people like you will die out due to inbreeding. I have to educate your sisters not to allow themselves to be screwed by you or Warrior 231. Otherwise your gene pool is getting smaller.


  160. Anonymous11:37 pm


    why are you allowing postings by warrior 231?

    aren't arguments made proper to a certain extend that parties do not insult each other?


    you want respect? disallow postings by warrior 231. it would be a helluva lot better blog without him around.

    his pigdogs and fingerings does ring the bell. so, please, please!!!!

    get that pugpuppy out of here!

  161. Anonymous11:46 pm

    i dont really write good english either.

    my vocabulart is limited. nevertheless, i read daily to make improvements in the english language.

    when i took a look at the comments posted in here, i see various types of comments coming from various angles. some are coming from the north, others are coming from the south, east and west. fair enough. all of you had fair share of your comments.

    now, this is what i want to comment on. to begin with, i rather not indulge in racism. some are, others, i don't know. i practically could get sick over sulking comments made by several parties, including pahlawan dua tiga satu. warrior, what do you get from making these comments? tell me? gaining fame and glory. sorry to say this. your vocabulary stinks to the heavens. no wonder i didn't bother to take so much of my time to read your comments.

    having read what he had written earlier, it shows that it's more of a cut and paste job. no one would ever write something like this, unless he is muffed with diversification in his oblonged membrane. witherto to the tip-toed noetic faculties of his, i can't be asked. and why? because i wasn't trained to speak nor write in that fashion. it's as though the he is writing with a certain degree of instructions coming from certain parties per se. although it may seem silly for me to say these things in the open, i believe he gets paid. how true is that? he knows it better.

    however, resisting oneself from writing nastier things, one should make the block. that bloke needs to correct his vocabulary so that it remains verbatim with proper mannered english, shall i say.

    anyhow, rocky should know better. am i right? tell me about it because i whimsically want to learn english for the english-trained journalist.

    thank you

  162. Anonymous12:31 am

    Rocky, please do not listen to Pakatan's whores and whoremasters, that you should ban Warrior 231. No, we want Warrior's comments to be here.....We don't want Warrior to be banned from Rocky's blog. Come on, your blog is the only blog where Malays can defend themselves against the insults of these Pakatan's scums. Who cares if Warrior uses cuss words or not, what about the other side, like MT, M'sian Insider or Mkini? It's our dignity that we're defending, Rocky.

    Long live Warrior 231 and Rocky.

    - Ferrum Magnesia

  163. Anonymous11:18 am

    So I put it there on purpose...Ya ya ya so true.

    I thought only loser look for excuse? I am wrong. Warrior did the same.


    PS// Zack, you don’t read or comprehend very well. Go and take a tuition before posting your comments here.

  164. Anonymous7:51 am

    Children of incestous relationships and worshippers of the UMNO den of thieves:

    Stop your delusions now, and jump off the top of the your condominiums. Do not attempt to breed with your brothers or sisters. Let your gene pool die out rather than produce even worse offspring with pig-brains.


  165. Anonymous5:17 pm


    Well I guess who better to seek advice from when it comes to sisters and that genre from if not your race of baby killers yeah :)))

    Still dont get it huh, same sex cannot breed la.