Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Enter the Malay Mail bloggers

First day back at the Mail, first visitors. I had a meeting with the reporters and editors in the afternoon. Gave them their first two assignments:

1. Buy a pair of jeans
I'm allowing jeans in the office. The idea is for them to be relaxed. Feel free and liberated. But I also reminded the reporters that there are places, such as the Parliament and the courts, where jeans aren't allowed. Yes, we are going to promote free press but like jeans and everything else in life, there are limits to what we can do.

2. Start a blog
Only a handful of the reporters have blogs, I learnt during the meeting. So with great pleasure it was that I gave all the Malay Mail reporters, sub-editors, and editors one week to start their blogs. They can blog about anything at all - politics, football, cosmetics, pets, their work, their editors, etc.

Why blogs? I want them to feel the freedom of writing blogs. And the responsibility of moderating comments, testing the limits, and engaging others in useful discourse.

And as the oldest newspaper in Malaysia goes on-line - which is what I plan to do with the 113-year old paper - the journalists working with the paper need to know what makes blogs and bloggers tick, and what the New Media is all about.

The Mail has about a hundred staff.

After the meeting, I received my first visitors at the Malay Mail. These two young ladies are from India and in the country to do a film project on Internet censorship and blogging. They will also interview Nathaniel Tan and YB Elizabeth Wong for the project.


  1. laksa sarawak9:15 pm

    salam bro rocky

    welcome back to malay mail

    bagaikan sireh pulang ke gagang am so happy for you

  2. New mgmt, new styles...
    New feelings and new readers...

    Good luck bro!

  3. Alhamdulillah and Congratualations!!

  4. Anonymous10:14 pm

    rocky tahniah .. sireh pulang ke junjung... mesti ongkos nya banyak sih...bila nak belanja xmc kat press club lagi...

  5. "These two young ladies are from India and in the country to do a film project on Internet censorship and blogging. "

    Tell them India is so fucked up that no amount of censorship or press freedom can do it any good.

  6. Anonymous10:18 pm

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  7. Temasek10:19 pm

    Kalimullah didn't sent you any flowers?...

  8. Welcome and bring back the glory days.I still remember that I got my first job from the Malay Mail's advertisement.

  9. Bro Rocky,


    I had waited for you to tell us you are back to MM.

    Nice to read this confirmation.

    I hope you can still find time to drink teh-tarik with us.

  10. Anonymous10:31 pm

    congrats. What is your post at the MM?

  11. bro rocky. congrats! how come you always get the babes, huh?!

    ehh, what about my email query? i am heading up eat coast in a couple of days. but i wont be there on time for manek urai, though. cheers!

  12. Anonymous10:47 pm

    You should have let other younger guy to take the post. You should move on. Imagine if every "retired" editor pulang ke gagang. Imagine if Dr M returns as PM. Imagine Syed Hamid returns as Home Minister. You should have let go and start another career. You have been there before. Your readers then have already moved on. They are seeking something outside their comfort zone. Why must you return to the place that you have left? Why dont you let other go thru what you have gone thru? What you are doing is retro la, brother.


  13. Anonymous10:48 pm

    I used buy and read the Malay Mail until it became an entertainment paper with worthless news. Hope you can guide it back to its former glory and I will be able to add it back to my daily doses of English newspaper.

    - ex MM reader

  14. Anonymous10:49 pm


    Congratulation. I hope Rockybru Blogs will continue to churn out those witty issues, despite you going be busy schedules. May the Malay Mail have more punch after this. Please put balance on urban issues. Malay Mail is to focus on urban tamils issue. Forget not that there are also issues of underclass urban malay need to be highlighted.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  15. Anonymous11:00 pm

    It must be deja vu, bro! Congrats!
    Can see you're focussing on bringing the MM online.
    You have to create a business model if this is the case..the one thing you can develop further is to make the classifieds online.
    That will give the Star a good run!!

    George Dragon

  16. Bro

    The Sleeping PM also tried to allow Jean to the office. It didn't work well for his career! Lol.

    But good luck. Hope you bring back the glory days of MM.

    As for working Journos blogging, I'm not so sure. Their time would be better spent snooping for stories and breaking news.

    What you could do for bloggers is to have a daily column both in the hard copy and on-line MM versions with extracts from selected blogs and comments, both pro and anti Govt. At least this will give some Ministers who don't know what's happening at ground level - like Englsih being not compulsory for passing SPM - a clearer picture of what the masses think of them in their ivory towers.

  17. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Congrats and welcome back to your domain, bro ...

    First thing first. The oldest newspaper in the country (113 years young) is without the definite article.

    Malay Mail is definitely more 'lembek' than THE Malay Mail. Why so shy and apologetic?

    Bring back the definite article and in all caps please but smaller point size lah.

    When asked who? You don't want your reporter to say "Malay Mail" in a pipsqueaked manner. You want them to say "THE Malay Mail" like they mean business and don't push us around!

    I already like the look on the online version (you got anything to do with it?). Put back some rustic-ness into the THE Malay Mail. When it went 'pretty' that's when the wrist-limping begins to show, and starts to pervade. Not good at all.

    All said, THE Malay Mail is the people's paper with balls. Not like the one 'in heaven' who usurped the tagline and whimps all the way.

    Hmm, i like the feel and the smell of THE Malay Mail in my hands already.

    Congratulations, once again. Where's my teh tarikh?

  18. iCofee11:16 pm

    Pak Lah gone...and back at Malay Mail. I guess mission accomplished...and I have no more reason to read Rocky Bru. Adios.

  19. Wah! MM Blogger?

    Ini macam tak boleh cari makan lah. :)

  20. congrats bro rocky! WELCOME BACK! DON'T FORGET! YOU JUMP, I JUMP!HE HE HE

  21. Hello bro rocky,

    welcome to new home bro`. Hopefully you can fulfill your dream to be as free journalist. We will support you.





  23. Yeah, great that you are back. Can't wait to see the changes on the paper. All the best.

  24. Salam Bro Rocky

    No Pain
    No Game
    No Fame

    Keep up the good works

    Good Luck Boss

  25. Denim_at_work11:58 pm

    er, Rocky, not sure if the reporters dressed up for you, but Malay Mail has always allowed jeans...

  26. Good to see you back at the Mail! MM has done well, but more need to be done. Hopefully things will be better now.

    Also good move to get the reporters blogging. But first, do get Yushaimi on FB first! :)

  27. congr bro...
    sport section at malaymail are the best i ever read :)

  28. Anonymous12:07 am

    Rocky, all eyes on you now. And that includes your team. It's either brickbats or roses, and there are no two ways about it. Tip No.1 - never succumb to the whims and fancies of your Boss or anyone else in the political arena. And go get a good night's sleep when all is through and done, with your good conscience speaking for the rakyat. Time will tell which Master you hold out to serve - the truth, or in its distorted form. We have eyes and we shall know what you did last summer, sooner or later. Congrats and take the bulls by the horn.

  29. Rocky,
    Buat la kenduri doa selamat untuk Malay Mail. Lepas tu jemput la aku dan yang lain-lain, lagi UMNO lagi baguih macam parpu kari kaa, big dog kaa.

    Tapi kalau tak nak orang mengutuk MM kata Najib sponsored ke apa ke ajak laa sekali Jeff Oii kaa, Husam ka ok lah tu.

    Lepas kenduri doa selamat, kenduri lain pulak laa...

    Tapi itu cerita lain la.

  30. Aha, good news. Lets rock the MM.
    Hopefully this surat melayu will reach all Malaysians.

    Anak Malaysia.

  31. Congrats Rocky! Really happy for you.

    I guess i'll just have to resort to the online version la kot.

    No chance to subscribe from Perth ka?

  32. Congrats Rocky, Good to see u back at MM.

    Umah Papachan

  33. Anonymous2:31 am

    And now the fun begins...

    Crow Jane

  34. Anonymous2:32 am

    Congrats. Ada kerja kosong? Huhu


  35. Anonymous2:40 am

    Congratulations Rocky.

    Just what to put the following on record.

    Anthony Francis, Frankie D'Crus and Bill Tekju almost put the Malay Mail to sleep.

    As for Frankie D'Cruz, this is the second paper he almost put to sleep. He killed a paper called Leader many years ago.

    As I said, this is for the record.

  36. Congratulations, bro. I've actually started buying MM again :D

  37. Ini analisis dari syurga untuk Najib dan Tun Mahathir;

    During the tenure of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, there was a general consensus that the Prime Minister was dominant, and he decides everything almost like a dictator. Any voices of dissent will be dealt with and horrible consequence shall await anyone who go against him.

    This was inherited from Mahathir's 23 years, given that Mahathir clashed with a number of deputies and still remained almost unscathed. The Anwar Ibrahim fiasco was the worst, yet still he was silenced and forgotten. The "4th Floor" took this consensus for granted and ignored the noise from the ground during Abdullah's reign. UMNO members during Abdullah administration assumed the "status quo" as during Mahathir's time, and sided with the Prime Minister, perceiving that was the safest bet given your 23 years.

    There was a X-Factor before 2003, and that factor was Mahathir's presence in UMNO as UMNO's president. The Prime Minister's position is extremely fragile in Malaysia, and your tenure as the Prime Minister of Malaysia is an extreme outlier rather than a norm. Every Prime Minister before Mahathir was kicked out due to conditions in UMNO, and it is not a mere coincidence that any Prime Minister who stood against Mahathir fell in no time.

    Abdullah Ahmad Badawi managed overstay his welcome because he had support in UMNO due to this "consensus". Abdullah eventually had to leave even though his boys was neutralizing Mahathir moves even in ways that Mahathir have yet to realize. With the exit of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, this consensus has been broken, and there is no more stigma that the Prime Minister is "King". If this "consensus" did not exist, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would likely to stay only a few months after the start of Mahathir's attacks.

    If you plot a bar chart with the 1st until 5th Prime Minister on the x-axes, and their tenure on the y-axes, even a layman can figure out the correlation of a Prime Minister's clash with Mahathir on his longevity in office.

    Abdullah came into office "clean", and left with numerous scandals. UMNO sided him given the earlier consensus. None of the scandals or evidence from the scandals took him down, it was the disgust of the Rakyat to his Premiership that led to the March 2008 disaster. UMNO realized it needed to act then, hence Abdullah was removed.

    Najib doesn't enjoy the any consensus like Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. UMNO members realized that the "rakyat" decides their future, and the Prime Minister can come and go as the conditions decide. Like Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, no evidence of scandals from Singapore can convince UMNO to kick Najib out, only if Najib acts like Abdullah shall Najib be kicked out. Najib exit shall be must faster due to the absence of this consensus.

    Najib should reshuffle his cards fast, Omar Mustapha Ong and Singapore is taking him for a ride. Deep down inside UMNO members know Najib was deeply involved with Altantuya, but they don't care, as long as Najib can set things right.

  38. Anonymous5:51 am

    Rocky are you sure you only got two request? You are in the Mail with biggest objective of spinning news for Najib and UMNO, you didn't mention it but this is an open secret.

    You want them to start a blog so that you can divide the pro-Anwar away from the pro-Najib, read through your peanut size brain.

  39. Allow FREE commenting without censorship in the online MM.

  40. Rocky sir,
    What traits do you find in a person to become a journalist in Malay Mail? Thinking about applying to be one.

  41. Anonymous8:49 am

    All d best bro!

  42. Bro,

    I will include Malay Mail again in my daily subscribtion.

  43. u rock 'em, rocky! ;D

  44. Anonymous8:59 am

    May Rocky bring fair reporting to the press. Congratulations and good luck.

  45. Hi Bro' bru,

    Congrats on Balik ke pangkuan cerebrations, even that so far you go.

    Pak Lah's famous words...Work with me not work for me.

    Can you tolerate if your MM staffs start to blog something on you totally different from what you think, will you able to swallowed it, or you'll just isa them...

    To what flexibility the freedom of speech allowed by you.


  46. to paraphrase the OTHER Rocky(y) - and FINALLY, The Rock has come BACK to the Malay Mail!

    Best of luck dude. The paper is good, your ad sales team need to work together with your editorial to create creative ad buys to boost ad revenue.

  47. Anonymous9:49 am

    Wah! Bru Rocky.

    No wonder MM is such a stoid and dull paper. No blogging reporters?
    How do they get information.

    Way to go. Blogging editor. Go after the real news. Lift up the underwear of our politicians and expose their unsavoury activities.

  48. Anonymous9:53 am

    Congrats Bro..
    btw since u r bringing the MM to the net..ade keje kosong.? hehe


  49. salam master bru (LOL! O% alcohol... :))

    welcome home and good days in the Malay Mail. thot u might like to have another perspective on the "revealing of a blogger's identity" issue.

    debatable that the ad hominem angle is in the case of RPK, but then again...

    God speed bru

  50. oops, so happy to see you back forgot the link:


    God speed!

  51. we shall see how you maintain press freedom in malay mail bro rocky.

  52. Congratulations bro.

  53. Anonymous10:25 am

    Interview Eli Wong is akin to doing the XXX-casting couch. Wonder what would become of the Eli's threesome interview with the 2 young reporters from India?

    The title would be Terminator- Saliva instead of Terminator-Salvation. LOL

    Deep Throat

  54. Anonymous10:34 am

    look forward for a punchier MM, bro


  55. marimuthu veloovaran10:36 am

    dei...jeans ok la..but dun force people to blog la.

  56. Anonymous10:37 am


    Good Luck Rocky...
    I know its hard for you to do but try not to be too Onesided Eh?

    Joe Black

  57. dani"el kannan10:57 am

    Dear Roc,

    “The smarter the journalists are, the better off society is.

    [For] to a degree, people read the press to inform themselves-and the better the teacher, the better the student body.”

    Warren Buffett

    follow your HEART bro, all the best

  58. Anonymous10:58 am

    Congratulations on your return to the Malay Mail.

    Hopefully, your experience in exile has made you a better man for the job..

    BTW - what will happen to Yushaimi, Frankie D' Cruz and Slider?

    Bru fan V6.0

  59. congrats rock.. give em all!

  60. Anonymous11:36 am

    First on my wishlist is that MM must hantam DBKL hard as KL is full of rubbish, very dirty, smelly city. You helped to get rid of Pak Lah. Your second tour of duty is to get rid of useless DBKL top guns. And yes, never take your eyes off KL MPs too, make sure they do their job, instead of them going going places like Terengganu and Penanti to campaign, campaign, campaign. Make sure Teresa, Khalid and co. tour their areas regularly, instead of just sending their "officers". Yes, Rocky Can, MM Can!

    Putri Gunung Baling

  61. Anonymous11:39 am


    Tolong minta buat satu article on "Proses Pembahagian Harta Pusaka" sikit?

    Year after year they will claim RMbbbb harta pusaka telah tidak dituntut?

    Problem is, kita buat tuntutan, segala yang perlu dimajukan, but their proses is VERY strange?


  62. Anonymous11:39 am


    Only five professions are blessed by the Almighty, because they speak and write the truth;

    1. Professor/Lecturer/Ustaz/Sifu
    2. Ulama/Priest
    3. Judge
    4. Journalist
    5. Blogger?

    Hj. Sulaiman

  63. Anonymous11:42 am

    Congratulations bro!

    Firdaus Abdullah
    Kota Baru

  64. Anonymous12:20 pm

    I think you better be the champion of the underclass malay since they are the ones being most 'used' and never really enjoy their privelges.
    tell us why so many malays are still poor 40 years after the NEP was implemented. where did the money that should go to them go????
    The MALAY MALAY Mail, now you know what's your real duty is. Of course lah other races also have their problems. look into all aspects and find a cure, like you would for the MALAY MAIL.

    Tongkat Ali

  65. Anonymous12:21 pm

    The blind faith of some blog commenters and charlatans is just laughable. Give it 100 days and then say your piece. BTW, I sell jeans, any buyer?


  66. Anonymous12:32 pm

    I heard today media prima will announce the appointment of Dato Mat Talib as the executive director and Zainol Aripin as new GIEC for NST. I also heard Ashraf Abdullah will be made dep GE. Any info Rocky

    Is this true.

  67. Congrats again on your return to the Malay Mail.

    That journo on the left looks familiar, could it be...?

  68. Anonymous1:06 pm


    seems have to allocate budget for MM again.


  69. Non-partisan1:15 pm

    MM was my favourite reading and dearly missed it when it was taken out of the print.

    Now it is given another lease of life. But unlike those yesteryears, it will be up against stiff competition both from the electronic and print media. And many would like to see it fails for reasons best known to them.

    With you as the captain,however, and as long as the readers are being presented with a myriad of interesting issues devoid of blatant propaganda materials,I'm confident in no time MM will outshine them.

    Salam Brother Rocky.

  70. rasupal1:31 pm

    Let me put it this way. You are actually following the style of Tony Fernandez. Nevertheless, I wish you all the best and like Tony you too succeed in your effort. But only if you wish for free media and not UMNO media.

  71. I want to go home!!! :-)

  72. Anonymous2:11 pm


    aku salah seorang yang tak berenti beli malay mail tak kira di zaman apa malaya mail berada. memang malay mail best zaman salehudin dan juga zaman ko. lepas tu mcm kureng sikit. tapi aku tetap beli for the sports news.

    so pls be fair to org macam aku ni. byk malay mail nak kena improve and salah satu cara pls bring back rizal hashim dan find someone mcm fauzi omar utk tulis ruangan pojok.and the entartimant department tu kena byk sikit cerita juicy and terbaru. aku tak mahu cerita yg dah seminggu keluar utusan baru le malay mail nak keluar.

    gaya penulisan blog yg bebas patut di bawa ke malay mail tapi aku faham juga kita ada KDN.

    welcome back din. jangan sampai jeans tu bagi staff you jadi malas dah le din.

    way to go man ...


  73. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Ah, Rocky is now being officially paid by the dark side. Welcome Rocky...the Emperor Mamakthir is very pleased for you.


  74. Congrats Rocky,
    Suggest annual MM Treasure Hunt like MM Walks.
    Drive Holiday encourage domestic tourism.

  75. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Twenty years ago or so, the Malay Mail was a 'must read' item during lunch break. There used to be interesting, sensational, current and entertainment news, the S.H. Tan column and investigative issues, which was on most office tables.

    Perhaps the market was small then and the internet was not available back then.

    Times and things have changed, along with the readership.

    A rebranding of the afternoon daily is necessary if the Malay Mail wants to be relevant once again.

    Old products can be repackaged to suit the market needs.

    Some successful rebranding include products such as Dutch Baby to Dutch Lady as the baby grew to become a new mother.

    Perhaps an intensive market survey should do the trick for a turn around and this is where many local products fails badly.

    Many think that research, surveys and marketing are a waste of expenses, especially the accountant.

    News alone cannot sell a newspaper these days because the internet has taken a big bulk of traditional readers away. Similarly, cinemas are not doing well either because there are many other alternatives, as opposed to a monopoly market.

    Anyway, best of luck to you and if you can get me to buy the Malay Mail once again after more than 10 years, then consider your efforts a partial success. Because the main target audience today is the 25 to 40 age group, and the advertising industry needs them badly.

    Best wishes.


  76. You better cross your fingers by the time your children grow up, there will still be significant number of the populace that understand English ...


  77. Anonymous3:28 pm


    We all need to rock and roll
    Rock the world and we will rock with you
    We all need a good rock number

    Here's to Rocky's Bru

    Syed Akbar Ali

  78. Sick&Tired3:54 pm

    Finally all the ball licking has paid off. I hope that you will take a moment to think of all the people you stepped on/back stabbed and screwed to reach your goals. Adios Amigo! This will be my final post.

  79. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Hi Rocky,
    Not Bad, after VSS can still come back. I think those receiving RM699,000.00 will also be going back to MAS too - Malaysia Boleh...
    No wonder you change color so fast. But that comes with good reward, Bravo Rocky !!!

    Orang Sabah

  80. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Bru, spare a column for me to write something in MM will ya... in the name of freedom of speech..but don't exposed me for a deal, can ya..? i'll filter my selection of words..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  81. Tahniah Sdr Rocky , saya doakan kejayaan Sdr dan The Malay Mail.It's a tough job and admire your courage. My regards to your team. Cheers.

  82. Anonymous5:52 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I am one of the reporters to have missed the briefing yesterday (ada assignment waktu tu). I already have a blog of my own but I keep it anon for privacy reasons (it's more of a diary of sorts, that's why). I was informed by a colleague that we all must have 'proper' blogs that have our names on them discussing about issues and stuff? Can you explain? I understand you want us to familiarise ourself with this new medium of communication but I've been blogging forever, long before the term 'blog' even came about and when before the days of Blogger, there was an online 'diary' platform called Diaryland - remember that? Do I have to go and get a new blog just for this exercise then?

  83. Anonymous6:05 pm

    YEAY!!!! Rocky is back!!!

  84. Anonymous6:07 pm

    YEAY!!! I'm glad ROCKY IS BACK!

    Good luck bro!


  85. skilgannon10666:16 pm

    Hi, Pak Rocky

    I know that we have some opposing viewpoints, but congrats anyway on your appointment as the head honcho of the Malay Mail.

    Let's hope that you get the right people in (meritocracy, remember?) to restore the MM to it's glory days. And that your people will be able to report and analyse without fear or favour and without having to look over your shoulder at the powers-that-be or the wannabe insiders, rent seekers or political hangers-on.

    Get the facts out there and let the rakyat be the judge. And never let the elected politicians and non-elected bureaucrats forget the fact that they are accountable to the rakyat, not the other way around.

    Is that too much to hope for?

  86. Hey Rocky, good to know you're back, maybe now the paper can go somewhere. All the best to you and your new team.

  87. Anonymous6:17 pm

    i know you love to wear jeans...so rather than you follow the malay mail dressing code, you asked the malay mail to follow your dress code..whoooaa you so powerful ma..!


  88. Anonymous6:55 pm

    bro congrats on your return to malay mail

    i agree please run after dbkl and all the wpkl mps and all the selangor adun. plus all the selangor exco.

    there is a lot of hanky panky in kwp and dbkl now. check out the new minister lah. i heard he has approved the building of more tune hotels in kl which is a project by his nephew. also it seems all government programme in kl now must invite umno leaders as the new minister wants to increase his support. a pas leader told me this so maybe you can check on this

    at the same time, please concentrate on the malay mail entertainment and politics desk. bring in some experienced people lah. the malay mail entertainment now sucks and zainal epi who writes politics too old lah bro, find someone young lah or pinch someone from star or new straits times

  89. mat mamak7:32 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Even if you drop a free copy of your MM at my door step every morning I would treat it as thrush.

    Why don't you turn MM into a cow farm and supply us milk instead? That would be a contribution to our country.

  90. sesat7:50 pm

    Congratulations Rocky, good luck with the new job.

  91. Congratulations.

    Some people never change. Every one else is faktap `cept for themselves, see below

    Anonymous LOL said...

    "These two young ladies are from India and in the country to do a film project on Internet censorship and blogging. "

    Tell them India is so fucked up that no amount of censorship or press freedom can do it any good.

    10:15 PM

    Anyone who says this lines surely must be fucked up themselves

  92. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Rocky are you sure you only got two request? You are in the Mail with biggest objective of spinning news for Najib and UMNO, you didn't mention it but this is an open secret.

    You want them to start a blog so that you can divide the pro-Anwar away from the pro-Najib, read through your peanut size brain.

    5:51 AM

    waaahhh!! Who needs med school when we have brain surgeons giving comments!!! RFOL

  93. Anonymous9:16 pm

    Congrats Bro.


  94. Anonymous10:47 pm

    anon 6.55

    gua setuju lah beb

    what is the ft minister doing lah, promoting himself among umno circles ah ha ha ha

  95. Mat Jerman11:13 pm


  96. Congrats and start enjoying regular incomes as before, but please....with full of responsibility to the nation

  97. Anonymous11:37 pm

    Once upon a time i read the malay mail.

    i feel so disgusted the way your reporter by the name of tony mariadass and johnson Fernandez cover a football match.

    When Selangor win ;
    they potray P.Maniam and other hindraf player (ken worden the coach then) as the hero, saviour, crusader or senang cerita....... champion,world beater of Selangor la.

    But when Selangor lost;
    All player (except P.maniam,other hindraf player) were condemned to the core.

    See how racist overtone creep up in sports journalism?

    In Belum cerita pasal cheating in environment , social life , business, politic or the senile Lee Kuan Yew looking a burial plot in Malaysia....

    Anyway just a thought, pity to Selangor fans and no i am not a supporter of the badut mcdonald.



  98. MM insider2:20 am

    To BLONG (Anon@10:47PM)
    You said to Rocky:

    "You should have let other younger guy to take the post. You should move on. Imagine if every "retired" editor pulang ke gagang. Imagine if Dr M returns as PM. Imagine Syed Hamid returns as Home Minister. You should have let go and start another career. You have been there before. Your readers then have already moved on. They are seeking something outside their comfort zone. Why must you return to the place that you have left? Why dont you let other go thru what you have gone thru? What you are doing is retro la, brother."

    How old do you think Rocky is?
    And didn't anyone tell you that Rocky was made to leave by Kalimullah becos Malay Mail was a threat to the new NST tabloid...so Kalimulah decided to emasculate the Malay mail by turning it into a stupid college paper and thus the decline fo the Malay Mail.

    Malay Mail was suspended for publishing sex-y stories excessively. When it was "re-launched", Kalimullah (assuming powers given to him by Pak Lah) instructed the new management NOT to re-hire Rocky at all costs.
    Kalimullah was going to destroy Rocky and make a bankrupt of Rocky (with the NST law suit). He wanted to fix Rocky real good becos -- as everyone knows -- Rocky wa the only ONE at NST who gave NO SHIT to Kalimullah and YES Kalimullah was and IS STILL damn scared of Rocky.

    So -- back to why the new Malay Mail taikos want Rocky -- because the guy can do it.

    BLONG -- you dont know Rocky or if you do, then you're probably one of those who is fuming at his comeback.

    You think he wants to go back to Malay Mail, knowing that the paper is making losses?

    Your analogy of a retiree/pensioner making a return is off the mark-lah.

    Rocky is no pensioner. You know that. He RAWKS!

    And he can make it happen.


    So, don't be aparty-pooper or a sour grape-lah!

    And to you who said Rocky is being paid by the dark side -- haha....better the dark side than the DARKER side!

    And to you Malay Mail reporter anaon@5:52PM -- what part of his request do you not understand?????

    Youa re a personal anonymous blogger and have been blogging quietly for donkeys years, as you have claimed...

    so..now have a known blog-lah with your identity. Make a difference-lah. At least try to. Blogging the way you have been doing, is simply like writing a diary. Exactly! No impact-lah.

  99. Anonymous2:25 am

    congratulations on your appointment.

    if there is anything i can assist with or contribute to, do keep me in mind. always in need of any extra work.


    - HITMAN -

  100. Congrats Rocky! I'm truly happy for you.

  101. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Finally u are back to the Darkside, happy ruling the Bolehland with your UMNO boss

  102. Anonymous7:24 pm

    To me the only person who can help you get going is Aziz Hassan.he knows everything there is to about the MM. Tony Francis in the first place was the wrong choice. dato ibrahim should have brought in aziz at that time.
    he has all the qualities as he is a good writer, analyst and sharp business acumen.
    he will not only give you all you want editorial-wsie but will also get you the revenue.

    before you go as a free paper give him a chance to up your circulation.

    what say you, aziz in favour of yushaimi? i.e. if yushaimi is still in your team.

    in fact what i hear is nst is keen on aziz, so you better poach him before they do.

    this is fun isnt it? kind of like the epl transfer market. you planning on a clear out? going to do an arsene wenger by depending on juniors?

    i suggest keep aziz at holding position to keep things in place. your backs should be the senior, more experienced chaps. let the juniors roam forward.

    malay mail took one title under tony francis. let's see you go for all, now that you will be in the main league.

    -- fergie

  103. hope MM will revert to reporting sensational news, yet educational to the citizens. bought a copy yesterday. good stories esp on consumer rights. however, too little reading materials. all the best to you.


  104. Anonymous9:23 pm

    bro i tak setuju sama fergie lah. wah dia banyak lobby sama itu aziz lah. for all you know aziz sendiri was behind that post ha ha ha

    bro yushaimi pun out lah has lost the zest fail to deliver. i suggest you take muzli lah, he is good young and energetic. maybe he does not have the experience but that thing you can guide him lah. muzli very good choice lah

    btw what is wrong with zainal epi,. read his story today aiyoo out lah out out, u need young reporters lah. i suggest why dont you take sajahan from nst lah. he is good and young, am sure he can do better than zainal epi lah

  105. CEO dakwat biru10:35 pm

    Don't force people to blog lah..mentah mentah lu president bloggers...

  106. Anonymous9:01 am

    Congrats bro

    Back where you belong ! Now I'll start buying the malay mail again. Don't let us down ....and may the force be with you....


  107. Hey, if thats the dress code, got a job for me there?

  108. Anonymous5:30 pm

    Keep Malay Mail away from cheap "scandals" and "tabloids: or "exposures" it will lose its credibility!. Get facts!

    If people really really want to read hot news, then maybe MM can put under one gossip section. GOSSIP - meaning it could be true. It could be not. Its gossip! You know what.. i think im gonna start a blog called gossip-gossip.com So that it can balance out the so called 'truth'! (OR THEIR TRUTH).


  109. Anonymous7:46 pm


    Looking forward to the online edition.


  110. Salam boss


  111. Anonymous5:31 pm

    shukur Alhamdulilllah........


  112. Anonymous11:42 am

    Congratulations Rocky!!

    It's good to know that you are back at MM. My fervent hope is that you shall steer MM to achieve the success that it deserves.

    The job entrusted to you carries huge responsibility and accountability and I am certain that you shall execute your duties well.

    My best wishes to you!!

    ex NSTP Ad GM

  113. Congrats...Bagaikan Sireh Pulang Ke Gagang...

    Hope u will bring back the wonderful era of MM...perhaps u need clear the mess...by NSTP...which have destroyed the brands of the century...by kicking out good former editors...due to political agenda's!