Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blogger Pahit Manis is editorial supremo

Changes at Media Prima, NSTP. Veteran journo Ahmad A. Talib, who was squeezed out of NSTP in 2005, returned to the group as Media Prima's Executive Director. He will be in charge of the four TV stations under Media Prima, its website, and newspapers under the New Straits Times Group. Ahmad, 57, runs the blog Pahit Manis. He was Group Editor of NST when Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan was appointed by Pak Lah as his media head-honcho in 2004.

Zainul Ariffin (pic) came back from the cold to head the three newspapers under the NSTP, namely New Straits Times/Business Times, Berita Harian and Harian Metro. Zainul, 47, was Business Times editor before he was sent to "Siberia" when Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan ... (same as above).

Read the announcement to the Bursa here.


  1. Anonymous8:15 pm

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  2. Bro Rocky,

    Glad all the gang is back in action! Tapi jangan lupa sama`saya bro! muahahahaha

  3. Anonymous8:58 pm

    alamak.... why must UMNO always uses the recycle garbage !!!! There's nothing great or good about all these personalities.

    don't they have any better persons to run their media empire or 'new blood' to take over....the recycle garbage's will only recycle back the same old shit back to the media !!

    Like that not cool lah , Rocky !

    This is what we can 'incompetence at all level'.. UMNO style !!


  4. Anonymous9:17 pm


    Today and the next few years will be a period of bereavement for NSTP and Media Prima. Both organisations should hoist their corporate flags at half mast following the arrival Ahmad Talib and his band of apple polishers.

    In fact it will be a death knell for NSTP and Media Prima. Ahmad Talib was never a worker and his appointment is a testimony of Najib's poor judgement.

    Everyone in NST knows who Ahmad Talib was. How he ran NST. How he went AWOL with his holiday trips disguise it as official trips and he will befriend every politician under the sky.

    He is not known to be a loyalist. He is a Mahathir supporter, a Pak Lah supporter until Kalimullah beat him to the post and now Najib. He is a Muhyiddin supporter, a Ghani Othman supporter and a supporter of everyone.

    As for the paper and NST staff, wish you all the best. Back to old days, guys. Jesus save the paper.

  5. Anonymous9:40 pm

    nstp & media prima patut buat kpi untuk ahmad talib dan geng2 yg dia bawa masuk.

    6 bulan punya kpi. kalau prestasi teruk, buang saja ahmad talib dengan geng2 dia sekali.

    kalau menteri pun ada kpi untuk 6 bulan, salahkan ada kpi untuk ahmad talib. kan sekarang ni zaman prestasi diutamakan.

  6. Anonymous10:19 pm

    selamatlah nst bawah mat talib. balik zaman kuno lah nst

  7. Jango Ang10:25 pm

    This is the day every journalist in the country dreaded. This is journalism's day of infamy. Ahmad Talib and Zainul will only hasten the demise of hitherto the most widely read English paper in the country. NST has reached the end of its tether. NST has no more strength left. NST has been robbed, pillaged, buggered, raped, abused. NST's circulation apparently has dropped to 90,000 since rumours about the impending board changes. Clearly this is a sign that the reading public has no faith in the sweeping changes at the top. If Najib and his bumbling press advisers think they can change NST's fortunes with a dose of medicine, they are sadly mistaken. Must we wait for the NST's circulation to dwindle to 10,000 before the company admits its mistakes. So long, farwell, my beloved NST.

  8. nstman10:27 pm

    The day has finally come. NST is officially dead. The mourning period for NST began yesterday. Pse send all wreaths to the NST old folk's home.

  9. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Hip hip hooray for the bloggers now coming back in from the cold. This is good news?? From where I have been sitting for the past 11 years this is bad news in the extreme. One advantage though, which you have yourself exposed, is that we now get to know these punters better than in the past. Am I right in thinking that they, you also, are all Mahathir lapdogs. And what innovations will they bring to the press in this third world country - jeans, blogs who knows - what about independence, freedom of expression, not being cowed, bought off by any political agenda.

    Just because someone has 'been around', is known in 'the game', does not mean he is going to be any good at it - that was half the problem in 1998. People were shit scared of Mahathir, of UMNO, chinese warlords - by today its not any better - it has recently been pointed out that orders to the press are being given by Najibs people, but how official they are is any ones guess - having 'old lags' running the ship is not going to make it any better. What you should be saying is that these are safe and predictable appointments.

    Mahathir talked plenty about vision, smart this smart that - but at the end of the day he played one of the worst political hands of any politician in history. The fact that people like you/them (wait and see...) don't get it beggars belief - see if I am worng by tomorrow, when your own blog is consumed in mail like this from the pissed off man in the street.
    Thanks anyway and don't get your hair cut, yours Rahim.

  10. nstman10:33 pm

    Ever since Kadir and Ahmad too over NST and began the reign of terror 10 years ago, I have never stopped crying. Today, there are no more tears left. Because today, NST died. Because today, journalism also died. Because today, journalism is engulfed in a dark chapter.

  11. Anonymous10:43 pm

    recycle ayam pencen daa
    baru punya ipoh mali tadak ke?

    ..overheard from a prostitute den somewhere in bangsar.


  12. anak jantan10:51 pm


    i feel so sorry for you and my heart goes out for u. if you feel so sad, then why bother staying on in nst. just leave nst lah at least you would be happy working somewhere else. or is it taht no one wants you ha ha ha. look at it this way, if you stay on, you might land up having heart attack. so tunggu apa lagi blah lah

  13. Anonymous10:59 pm

    finally, ahmad talib and zainul are in

    but this changes have no meaning if the people on the newsdesk are not changed. i mean the newsdesk editiors are important as they run the paper on day to day basis. what much can ahmad talib and zainul do when the racist ah chai is still around along with the highly intelligent lionel and the brilliant chandra

    so ah chai how lah when are you leaving, heard u taking the optional retirement,

    rr ur turn when lah

    and to all ah chai machai, time to find a new boss to bodek lah. ah chai is still on the desk but he might not last till the end of the month better you all ditch him now and run to someone else and dont wait for ah hai last day as then too late loh

    regina, leslie, eve, jenniffer, david, run run faster at least if you run away from ah chai now, you can still bodek the new boss ha ha ha

    by the way, eve and regina are no longer the favourites of ah chai and their place have been taken over by kaylee

  14. Anonymous11:07 pm


    Hear, Hear, Hear.

    I blame Najib for killing NST today.

  15. Lama Baru11:24 pm


    The NST has hit rock bottom under Kali and gang. It can only bounce back.

    Zainul should stay focused on first NST and then Berita Harian and Harian Metro.

    Cik Mat should let Zainul run the show at NSTP and stay focused on the television stations. Much work to do over there.

    Good luck to the two. Don't screw up like Kali and gang did. But then, it's almost impossible to screw up the way they did.

    There should be a book on that period of time in NSTP.

    Thank you.

    Orang Lama, Semangat Baru

  16. Anonymous11:27 pm

    saya dengar mat talib nak bawa meor kamarul shahid balik. mari lah kita sama sama kapan bh dan nst

  17. Anonymous11:28 pm

    NST will become official paper of Yayasan Salam.

  18. Anonymous11:33 pm

    the very efficient malaysian insider does not have the story on ahmad talib

    why lah why why

  19. jango ang11:38 pm

    They say anyone can fly in Airasia. In NST, any monkey can become head honcho.

  20. Jango Ang11:47 pm

    The Night of the Long Knives will begin soon. Ahmad Talib has begun his second reign of terror, the only difference this time is he will operate without his god Kadir Jasin. But he will have an able assistant in Zainul. All their cronies will replace the old regime. There will be sweeping changes in the news and subs desk. If you want to survive, better lick the boots of the new masters. I predict the NST will suffer a deep slide in circulation. The slide will be so bad Najib will throw out Ahmad. I give Ahmad a year before he gets overthrown for incompetence. It is a matter of time before his stupidity is shown up.

  21. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Ahmad Talib bukan recycle bro. Expired goods. Anyway, expired goods is good for expired NST

  22. Rocky!

    "Tak dapek den nolong doh!"
    A famnous quote from the late Taunku Jaafar after listening for four hours to Yang Berhormat Brader Anwar Ibrahim at Istana Seri Menanti when he was pouring out his heart to the ruler about how TDM was going to bury him alive for being a bad boy!

  23. Brother Awang Bin Ismail12:29 am


    Apa sebab dia orang marah-marah dan maki-hamun sama you bila you panggil itu orang Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim?

    Sangat manis bunyiknya panggilan tersebut.

    Kalau you panggil saya Brother Awang bin Ismail, saya pasti suka.

    Dan itu Datuk Ahmad dan Datuk Zainul, saya dengar dua-dua pun dari dulu meluat sama Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim.


  24. To a better NST & BH!

    They can only get better under AAT and Zainul!

  25. Rocky,

    I am so proud two of your NST comrades, were appointed to those positions. As the Malays say it, "Sirih pulang ke ganggang". And you are part of that pride, as well.

    The MSM badly needed to be beefed up, so that public confidence on quality news is returned.

    Of course, Leadership should seriously consider previous journo supremos such as Dato' A Kadir Jasin and Dato A Reejal Arbee roles in re-instating MSM, to its previous stature in public news source.

    At a personal level, I am so proud of the appointment of the three of you.

    Biggum Dogmannsteinberg

  26. Anonymous2:11 am

    Bru, Its not going to be easy for Ahmad Talib and Zainul and whoever else coming in. Just like you in MM. The people during the previous regime have kicked out the good journalists, or were made to leave. Thats why the NST/BH flopped. The likes of Ah Chai will soon leave, just as Chandra and Lionel and Rehman and few others. They know they were promoted because they were obedient to their masters, and not because of their good, proven work. Look at Lionel. He did well as crime editor MM. Period. And then made CNE of NST. Something not right here by any reckoning. Ah Chai? Read anything outstanding from him? Nah...he won't put his name on any opinion on anything. Where got spine? Chandra? Speak to any journalist outside the nst whether they know him. Unlike Brendan. At least the guy has worked as a journalist and written many pieces.

    So Cik Mat, stay focus and do what you must do. Stop being a nice man. Kick some arse or risk being kicked! Many will stand behind you in this office.

    Zainul, be careful of the knives being sharpened. You are in the bigtime now.

    S and H

  27. Anonymous4:32 am

    Anak Jantan

    i feel so sorry for you and my heart goes out for u. if you feel so sad, then why bother staying on in nst. just leave nst lah at least you would be happy working somewhere else. or is it taht no one wants you ha ha ha. look at it this way, if you stay on, you might land up having heart attack. so tunggu apa lagi blah lah

    Anak Jantan, you are like most of the commenters who don't even know the inside story to pass such a comment that is baseless and utter fiction. FYI, Nstman does not work at Balai Berita anymore. He quit a couple of years back. From what I learned, he's enjoying life in Tanjung Rambutan.

    Crow Jane

  28. Anonymous4:37 am

    What a shambolic situation here! People are just talking c..k here whether they are for or against the A and Z.


  29. Anonymous8:38 am

    Lets see who ahmad and zainul will send to siberia. new broom sweeps clean. so expect people like kamarul, ah chai, lione, chandra to be sent to siberia. so whoever is the head honcho is the same. they knief others.

  30. Anonymous10:16 am

    tok mat, u r most welcome to bh. bh needs reform. bring back the glory. get rid off manja n his gang. bring on new blood to run the newsdesk or bh will remain as it is now.we in bh are ready to work under u provided u change the editorial team.

    bh editorial team

  31. Anonymous10:43 am

    finally the people with knowledge and experienced are back in prima was running under some clowns from royal indian circus and ad agencies...
    when tv3 audience share was 48% in 2002 became 32% in 2009 .. after what you call 'economic of scales' my foot ... i wonder why you need to operate NTV7 and 8tv if its not bringing in revenue ? and do you think the 2 channels are in the right position as far as branding and content concerned - you are up against astro - ... the ad agencies were calling the shoot under the small boys management ; people are not paying attention to your news and current affairs anymore - advertisers do . so again the timing is RIGHT . arrival of the new ED is most welcomed.... sri pentas2

  32. Anonymous1:31 pm

    The appointment of Ah Chai to head the news desk is one of the biggest blunders made by NST. Under him, the standard of news gathering has degenerated to a level that any pros would feel shameful. We hope the new regime will remedy this situation created by the idiosyncratic sense of news propogated by Ah Chai.

    Keen Media Observer

  33. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Tahniah to Dato Ahmad,Zainul and Rocky on your appointments. But the fact remains Media Prima, NSTP and Malay Mail needs lots of new ideas to push these three media icons to the hearts and minds of the people in Malaysia. They must display not only good journalism management but also astute business acumen to make the media houses appealing to the business sector for commercial purposes. Withe the current gloomy economic climate, all three particularly Ahmad should look into tapping and bringing back former journalists who not have good journalism vibes but excellent business ideas which can benefit the organisations. There are many ex-journalists from Jalan Riong who had left NST in good terms to venture into media-related businesses to be considered. In them, Media Prima can tap these former newsmen to joint forces and bring back the good old days of Balai Berita and TV3.But first of all, they need to clean up these stables which seems to be occupied by mediocre individuals who chose to stay because they are either not wanted outside or cannot think of any business idea to venture. So Dato Ahmad and Rocky, its time for you guys to look around for these ex-journalists whom you think will be asset to Media Prima and Malay Mail. Cheers Bro.

  34. Anonymous2:45 pm

    whoever heads nst should not be the issue.
    what is important are the results and performance. the paper has got to improve both in terms of being once again authoritative and in sales figures.
    congratulations to the both of these gentlemen.
    2 people cannot make a difference if the entire organisation does not work in sync. this is also an important ingredient.

  35. Rocky, why is Johan Jaafar is still referred to as executive chairman of media prima?!
    He was specifically told by Najib that he was appointed as chairman and not executive chairman!!

  36. Mutakhir Akhir7:23 pm

    I think Zainul will do a good job as the MGE of the NSTP Group, though I can't say the same of Ahmad Talib.

    So this is my short advice to you Zainul - when you assume your office as the MGE list down the names of the people who you think can work with you.

    Surely you can remember who can deliver or of whom you may have had a thought or two that they can work objectively for the company.

    What NSTP, largely NST though, lacks is intergrity in editorial policies and respect for objective reporting. Look into these two areas.

    Zainul, certainly you, in your previous capacities in the group, have identified people who have put in the good work despite the low morale.

    Get this people on board if they are still with the company. They may be hidden somewhere now, slugging on run of the mill stories.

    Check the bureaus especially. There are many good and experienced reporters there.

    Alrite, hope the best for NSTP, especially NST, under you Zainul.

  37. Anonymous1:39 am

    Brother Rocky,

    Ahmad Talib never got a real chance to "lead" NST. He always had a boss above him, some like Abdullah Ahmad (Dollah Kok Lanas) were nut cases. So I don't think anyone should go about blaming Ahmad Talib for what happened to NST in the past.

    All blame should go to Kalimullah and Brenden Pereira. They not only brought the NST circulation down to 90,000, but also ensured that Barisan Nasional lost its two-thirds majority in the last general election.

    That was their mission given to them by the Singaporean Government. Mission accomplished.

    If anyone can save the paper, it can only be Ahmad Talib.

    Congrats Brother Mat!

    Mat Speed!

  38. Anonymous8:42 am

    Sedih bila membaca komen-komen yang diutarakan, banyak yang berpandangan negatif. Masih ada di kalangan kita bersikap suka memburukkan peribadi seseorang apabila mereka diberi peluang kedua untuk membawa semula kecemerlangan sesebuah organisasi. Pada saya, kegagalan buat kali pertama tidak semestinya akan berulang. Renunglah sejenak...CSWK

  39. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Thank god! thank god those up there decided on Ahmad Talib and not another moron like the Kalimullah fella'.
    Ahmad Talib might not be carrying 5or 10 datukships on his shoulder but he sure is a loyal Malay and Malaysian.
    Ahmat Talib is the right person and I thank Najib for his wisdom and guts ( for not being easily swayed by Mullah's cybertroopers and some other equivalently moronic bastards).
    We need people like Ahmad Talib, Zainul and others who truly love this country in our media, not bastards who will sell even their mother for a few Singapore-dollars more.
    I welcome the return of Dato' Ahmad Talib to the main stream media, esp BH/NST/Metro/TV3.

    semambu striker

  40. Anonymous1:40 pm

    nstman is a disgruntled arsehole! he should just join MalaysianInsider and trade his bitching skills there. wonder why he even bothers abt the NST when the paper is, according to the arsehole, dead. If nstman is indeed a woman, i'm sure she needs a sanitary pad to cover her mouth.

    p/s heard MI's insider rats in NST/BH are running helter skelter. MACC is also looking into Machai's mocome?


  41. Anonymous1:48 pm

    JangoAng is a former crime reporter currently selling nasilemak in Kl Sentral area. His nasilemak business needs old newspapers, so he thinks he is a newspaperman thus seeing it fit to ditch out serious advice about who should lead NSTP.
    ha ha ha .. what a world.
    go get a job la jangoAng or get a room with nstman and screw each other. - WINGMAN

  42. Anonymous1:56 pm

    dear zainul

    -kalau semua melayu 'kayu' macam kamrul, khinzir pun akan jadi tuan.


  43. Anonymous2:38 pm

    though MM is a different entity now, i'm sure ahmad talib and rocky could form an alliance. lets get together and work for the people, while whacking the shit out of our doomsayers.


  44. Anonymous3:33 pm

    ahmad talib will be a clown in 100 days, both in nst and media prima. the same goes with his men

  45. Anonymous4:29 pm

    brader, saya fikir NSTP dan Malay Mail harus berkerjasama untuk menjadikan lawan sebagai kawan, dan menghancurkan mush dalam selimut Malaysia.
    selamat kembali dtk ahmad talib. semoga kembalinya dtk akan mengembalikan semula maruah dan semangat yang hilang semenjak pengkhianat dijunjung sebagai pemimpin di nst dan bh. kami di nst,bh,metro amat rindu kan nstp yang kita sama-sama kenali dahulu. usah risau dtk, sama-sama kita boleh pulih dan martabatkan nstp seperti diwaktu lampau.

    Pang Joo Chan

  46. nstman6:11 pm

    Ahmad and Zainul: NST has no confidence in both of you. Pse do the honourable thing. - Please leave. Your presence will only destroy morale, and ultimately, destroy the paper. NST just cannot survive with you two around. Pse leave.

  47. Anonymous12:54 am

    The venom spewed out here is deadly poison of the first order. It creates a nauseating effect that is beyond redemption. Jealousy, revenge, uncalled for accusation, racism, blood-letting, fiction, and more...they are all here.

    El Lobo

  48. Anonymous1:52 am

    dear nstman,

    accept the fact that you're nothing but a sad soul in a sorry state. i pity you man.
    if indeed you're in nst, just do your job or get your lazy arse out.
    a scumbag like you should fit well into any asylum, including that in sentul.


  49. Anonymous11:10 pm

    sedih aku tengok kau orang. Yang hentam ahmad talib ramai, yang defend ahmad talib sorang aje. aku buat trace guna search engine, yang defend ahmad talib datang dari satu IP saja. orang yang sama tulis kat sini berulang kali defend ahmad talib. kesian kat kau. semuga ahmad talib balas budi engkau. amin

  50. Anonymous12:21 pm

    cybertroopers unleashed - against ahmad talib, rocky, zainul.
    cybertroopers funded by kalidog.


  51. Anonymous8:03 am

    Tahniah Khairi Jamaluddin, tidak sia-sia org2 lu pegang tampok Media Prima dan NSTP. Cita2 lu jadi PM pasti tercapai kerna peranan mereka 'resuscitate' (bak kata Big Dog) kerjaya politik lu sudah pun terserlah. Najib dan Muhyiddin tak boleh marah sama lu nanti!


  52. Anonymous10:15 am

    The appointments of Ah Chai and Lionel to the newsdesk was probably one of the greatest blunders in the history of journalism. For one, Ah Chai has no news sense whatsoever and is probably trying to squeeze out every cent he can make from the company prior to his retirement. He shouts and screams for no reason and sad to say, is just an idiot. The great Lionel on the other hand does not even know what is an MP and ADUN. He was put there merely as the great Brendan's lapdog to keep him informed of whats going on in the NST.He has no prior reporting whatsoever and overall has a minus million intelligence level. I agree with what some bloggers have said here that there are still many credible, hardworking reporters who did not resort to kissing ass to go places. My humble appeal to Datuk Ahmad and Zainul is to take note of these reporters and for god's sake and for the sake of the NST, please please get rid of the two idiots on the newsdesk. We wish you all the best and hope you will do what is right and work wih those who still love the NST to bring back the glory days. Thanks


  53. Anonymous9:31 pm

    pls dont waste NST's money and offer VSS to deadwoods like ahchai. he's aiming to make money from the company and enjoy his mocome or wantan mee. heard the ahchai is busy lobbying the CEO for unknown reasons.
    - pls just keep an eye on the snake, and other equally stupid but dangerous reptiles.

    semambu striker

  54. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Perhaps MACC should look into how the Mocome, Wantanmee whatever crap was awarded in the first place huh?